The accidental rape of a mans little girl
This is a small tale of how I accidentally raped my own daughter in a gang-rape at a party.

It started the Monday before the weekend. Mandy got home from school and asked if she could go to a party. I asked her where it was and she gave a very vague answer so I knew there would be alcohol. I told her an eight-year-old should not be drinking alcohol under any circumstance and her mouth dropped for a second as if to say ‘How did he know’. So I answered that unspoken question by saying dads always know what their daughters are thinking. Then I told her to get her homework done and not to think that of her teacher. ‘Daddy, stop doing that’ she chastised me. Her teacher had rang me and told me she had been very bad at school and I told the teacher to give her a lot of homework and I would deal with it when she got home, and this was my way, making her think I knew what she was thinking. Apart from that the day went as usual. I put her to bed half an hour later than usual saying that she had done well to get her homework done so quick. I also knew what homework she had so it was easy to make her think I could know every little thought she had.
During Tuesday Mandy got into more and more trouble at school and I had to give her six of the best on her bare arse with my hand. Don’t get me wrong I never get off on punishing Mandy, physically, but it serves a purpose that helps development of the child. I noticed though that when I spanked her it made her pump her hips.
Wednesday she was worse and I ended up spanking her bare arse again, this time giving her twenty five good hard slaps on her bare arse. By the time I had finished she was positively humping my knee. I asked her if she liked being spanked and if that was why she was playing up. She looked at me all coy and slightly nodded her head. I told her if she was well behaved for Thursday I would give her a batter spanking than I’d ever given her. To my mind if a child likes something you use it to get them to be good. This shows rewards for good behaviour, not bad behaviour.
On Thursday Mandy was one of the best behaved eight-year-old girls you could ever hope for. As promised I gave her arse the hardest and best spanking I had ever given anyone. By the time I had finished Mandy had jammed three fingers into her own pussy.
Friday morning came round and Mandy was stood at the edge of my bed, naked, with a branch off a tree ‘Daddy, please use this today’ she almost pleaded. It was at this point my brain went click. I asked her where she got this idea from and she told me that her friend showed her a site on the internet that made her feel all funny inside in a good way. I asked her to show me this site, which she did, and as I looked at it I told her to get dressed. While she was out of the room I logged onto the site and it was about fathers who punished their daughters and got off on it. Some of the girls and boys on this site were just three or four years old. I added it to my favourites, called my solicitor, and got a deal with the police to close the site down and I would not be named. By the time Mandy got back from school, with a glowing report from her teacher, I was almost ready to go to my buddies for our monthly ‘get together’. We just roast some chops, have a few beers and one of us bring along a girl for all of us to go through. I had arranged a baby sitter for the night(Mandy’s mother would be out of town with her new man). Oh year we divorced about three years ago, give or take a month. The fact that I got custody of Mandy seemed to craw at her.
Sherri is the eldest daughter of Guy Mathews, one of the lads from our ‘get together’ group. By eight I left Mandy and Sherri and walked the three blocks to tonight’s venue.
I took a detour to the shop to pick up the beer, my price for never hosting the parties, I get the beer, and arrived at Guy’s house an hour later. I walked in and there on the table was a figure covered in sheets with holes in just the right places. ‘Your turn to go first dude’ Frank beamed at me. I was already turned on just thinking of getting my cock wet after over a week had gone by. I walked over and placed my cock at the entrance to the bald pussy. It looked kind of small but I thought ‘Eh, why not’. I pushed in and felt a hymen break with the end of my cock. This just tipped me over in the brain department and I turned into a rutting animal. I fucked this virgin no more so hard that I could hear muffled screams from under the sheets covering her face. Eventually I came deep in her pussy and collapsed on top of her. When I got my breath back I moved away and the rest of the twenty three guys all took turns to fuck that sweet juicy pussy. Now this is what we do every month. While we’re not fucking the chosen covered girl we sit around drinking a few cans of brew, discussing our kids and making plans for the future.
By the time the last guy was finished I was ready for another go so I stepped up to the girl again and pushed my cock into her spunk filled pussy and fucked her for all I was worth. Even after having taken twenty three guys already she felt tight still and this just felt too good. I must have lasted for almost an hour that second time and I finally came in her tight cunt. When I pulled out again a few after squirts shot over her pussy mound and I couldn’t help but bend down and clamp my mouth over her pussy and suck all that cum out of her. Something I have done a few times. When I pulled the sheet down there lay my daughter, her face streaked with tears and a gag over her mouth. I shock I pull the sheets off her body and she is tied to the table like some slave. ‘NOOO’ I screamed. Grief over came me and I collapsed. In the back of my guilt filled mind I can hear people asking dumb questions like ‘What’s the matter Jon?’, or ‘Who brought her here?’, or ‘Jon are you OK?’.
By the time the police let me go three days later they had charged one of my ‘buddies’, if you can call him that, with kidnapping, rape of a minor, and causing the rape of a minor.
I later found out that it was because I had pulled his sister when I went to a bar a few weeks ago and took her back to mine and fucked her brains out. The next morning she could hardly walk as she left mine. Apparently this was an insult to him as if he owned her. It had also come out that he had been having sex with her since she was only six and he was fourteen.

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So hot! Not gunna lie in the slightest! - femfatal

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2013-01-25 04:01:07
Oh that poor girl! I was sort of turned on and all disgusted at that. I can't believe that guy kiddnapped her, what a bastered! If I were there, I would have knocked his block off, and then some! Stupid cunt!

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2012-10-15 17:13:06
I'm 23 and I really want to come on to my Dad like the old days. What should I do to really get him going? What should I say?

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2012-10-15 17:11:06
My daddy messed around with me when I was very young.. Now, I get off to incest child porn all the time. I've even eaten pussies and ass holes of other little 7-8 year old girls before as well. They're so innocent and listen to anything you say. I wish I was young enough for my daddy to fuck me again :'(

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