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This is a fictional story that is in no way true. If you are offended by
gay teen and preteen boys in sexual situations and acts then stop reading
and leave now. If you like that then read on. This is a story I have been
kicking around in my head for a while. I drew parts of it from a lot of
different things lets see if you can figure what they are. I kind of like
to set the theme for the story and get it going first before I get to the
good parts with the boys. Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you like
the story.

Chapter 3

Some days went by much the same as it had, us hanging around our hide out
and surviving on the food we scavenged from tow. Soon we would have to
make a trip back to town for food since there was no reason to let the
food in the grocery store go to waist. We knew at some point we may have
to start trapping food, but that time wasn't now. "Hey Chris how about we
make a trip down to the store and restock our food supply." I suggested.
Chris was in full agreement and even had a good idea. "Sure, but why
don't we bring a big cooler back with us this time. We can keep stuff
cold that way. And we can have meat and stuff then to." He said. Damn
good idea I thought. We decided to leave around noon so we could get the
trip over with before night fall. We hadn't heard any sign of the aliens
I a few days so we figured it was say for now, but for safety sake we
both took a gun with us just incase.

When we got into the towns limits we decided to check around a little
more for any signs of life. We checked a few houses on the way to the
grocery store being as cautious as possible. We proceeded into each house
with guns at the ready. In the end we checked out 4 houses from top to
bottom and found nothing. No life at all, not even fish were still in a
running fish tank we found. We then proceeded on to the store for out
provisions. As soon as we entered the store we were overcome with a
stench of something that could only be described as dead. "Oh my god!
What the hell is that smell?" Chris asked pinching his nose shut. "I got
a good idea but I'm not positive yet." I told him. I went on towards the
back of the building with Chris following close carrying the 22 rifle.
When we got to the area where the coolers were my theory was confirmed.
"Oh fuck! That fucking stinks!" I said almost gagging from the smell. It
was the rotting corpse of the alien we had found in the cooler days
before. He was starting to decompose and the smell proved it. "Fuck we
have to get him out of here. We gotta do something with him. We sure
can't just leave him laying in here. We'll never be able to come back
here if we don't. This place will reek bad if we don't get him out." I
said taking shallow breaths so I didn't puke. It took us a few minutes to
figure out how to get him pout of the building. We wrapped a rope around
its neck and dragged it out of the back door. Surprisingly it didn't
weigh a whole lot for its size. "Let's burn it." Chris suggested. "No
way, if any of those things are around here they'll see the smoke for
miles around. If they see smoke they'll know where to find us. Lets just
get it up into that dumpster and we'll just close and seal the lid tight
on it." I said. Soon we had the monster in the dumpster and we shut the
lid as tightly as possible to keep the smell contained. We then went back
inside to gather up supplies and food to take back with us. This time we
gathered 2 full carts of food and amenities to bring to the mine. "Ok
let's leave it by the door like last time and we'll go to wal mart again
and get a few things. We need to snatch a few big coolers." I said.

Chris seemed to be a much brighter kid than I gave him credit for. He
proved this when we went to wal mart for the second time. "Hey I got an
idea. Lets go to the electronics department and grab a few psp's (play
station prtables) and some games for them. I mean like you said nobody's
going to miss them now." He suggested. I smiled and was in full agreement
to his idea. It sure would pass the time a bit faster to have the games.
The only obstacle was that there would be no way to charge them back up
since the electricity was knocked out by the aliens. That's when we came
up with the idea of using a car battery and power inverter to make the
chargers work. Then we realized that if that would work for the psp why
not use it for powering other things. The possibilities were endless as
long as the battery held out. But for now we got what we origionally came
for plus the games and a battery to keep us occupied. We piled 2 large
coolers in the back of the atv and went back to the grocery store. We
raided the bread isle and grabbed several loaves of bread then we were
off to the coolers. We grabbed a few packs of lunch meat that were still
chilled and packed them and the bread into the coolers and poured what
ice was left in the freezer in as well. We packed our supplies and the
coolers back on the atv and headed back to our mine to safety.

On our way back to safety we heard what could only be explosions in the
far distance. We looked up to see a trail of smoke rising into the sky.
"Holy shit do you see that?" I asked surprised. Chris nodded yes. "That
looks like its coming from over near St. Louis (Missouri). You think the
army is fighting them or something?" Chris asked. "I don't know. I just
hope they don't piss them off then they head back this way." I said. We
watched the smoke rise for a few minutes more till I realized how late I
was getting. "Shit it's almost 6 o clock. We need to get a move on." I
said knowing we were still miles away from the mines. We decided to take
a slightly different route back to the mine each time so that we didn't
leave a noticeable trail back to the mine from town. About a half hour
later we arrived back at the mine entrance and backed the atv inside to
hide it. As I backed the vehicle in the mine I noticed it was low on
fuel. "We'll need to fill this thing up the next time we go to town." I
told Chris. We unloaded the heavy coolers and dragged them into our room
and stowed them off to the side. We were starting to get a good base of
operations going to survive. We had food, clothes, supplies, and
protection to last us a few weeks now. Chris and I had gotten to know
each other a little more over the last few days. I found out he had a
younger brother that was 9. He found out how I avoided death by hiding in
the furnace when the invasion happened and other minor personal things
about each other. The 1 thing that ate at both our minds was if the other
really liked other boys. I had known for years now that I liked other
boys. I just wondered if Chris felt the same way. When he undressed I
couldn't take my eyes off him and he seemed to think the same about me.
Neither of us said it out right, but we both had an idea of each other. I
loved the feel of his nude body sleeping against mine. I also loved to
bathe him when we needed it. Bathing wasn't much for us so far, just
using a wet rag and soap but I enjoyed it none the less. For what the
situation was in all its form I didn't mind being with him. I tried not
to think about what may happen or what has happened, all I tired to think
about was surviving and living with my new room mate so to speak.

While we were unpacking the supplies Chris held up a small jingle bell
and a spool of fishing line. "Whatcha got there?" I asked. "An alien
alarm." He answered. At that point he had me stumped. "I'm going to
stretch the fishing line outside the mine entrance down the path a bit
then back into the mine and attach it to this bell. That way of something
comes near here we'll know it before they're right outside the door
here." He said. "That's a damn good idea." I told him with a smile. While
there was still light left outside we rigged up our early warning alien
alarm. We set it as a trip wire that was a few inches off the ground so
it wouldn't be very noticeable. We then stretched it into the mine and
into our room and attached the bell to it. "Ok burglar alarm set." Chris
said with a giggle. I checked my watch and it was now at the brink of
night time. It was 8:30 pm ad I was starving. I grabbed a loaf of bread
and laid out a few slices and grabbed the jar of peanut butter. "No way I
want a peanut butter sandwich to." Chris whined. I made us both 1 and we
nearly swallowed them whole we were so hungry. After 3 sandwiched each we
were full and Chris let us know it with a huge belch. I then decided to
rig up the car battery we swiped and the power converter so that we could
charge up the batteries for our newly acquired video games. I figured
they would be ready to o by tomorrow so we let them charge over night. By
the time I figured out how to get everything holed up right and the
batteries were charging it was almost 10 pm. I decided to strip down and
get cleaned up for bed. I dimmed the lantern slightly so that we had just
enough light to see how to move in the room and I stripped my clothes
off. While I was cleaning myself off with a soapy rag Chris' eyes never
left my nude body. I told him to come here and he stood up and walked
over to me. I sat the rag down and helped him get undressed. When he was
naked we both had raging hard ons going. By now I hadn't jerked off in
many days due to our present situation, and I didn't think I could take
it much longer. With out even washing him I took his small 3 inch boner
in my hand and began to message it. He closed his eyes and stood there
loving the attention I was giving his dick. Soon I had a rhythm and
stroke going so that I was slowly jerking him off. "Lay down and spread
your legs." I told him as I gently stroked him. He did as I said and I
got between his legs and extended my tongue and licked his cock from his
small tightly drawn up balls to the tip of his small mushroom cock head.
That sent a shiver of pleasure through his body. I then sank my mouth
over his small boy cock and began to pleasure him the way I wanted to be
pleasured myself. "Oh god that feels good. I always wondered what it
would feel like." He moaned quietly. As I slowly went up and down on his
3 inch shaft I wiggled my tongue at the tip of his cock. He loved this
and moaned every time I did. While I sucked I managed to work the tip of
my finger into his tight rectum. There was only a bit of resistance at
first, but as he loosened up I inched my finger in a bit at a time till
it was all the way in. once inside him I began to slowly fuck his ass
with my middle finger as I sucked him. That seemed to make him go into
overdrive. I felt his hands come to the back of my head forcing it down
onto his cock every time I went down on it. A few strokes later I felt
his sphincter tighten around my finger and his whole body went tight and
stiff. I knew he was having his happy moment. So I kept the rhythm going
until he was done. A few seconds later he began breathing heavily and his
body went limp and his hole released the grip on my finger. I knew now he
was coming back from orgasmo land. I pulled his cock out of my mouth with
a slurping popping sound as it slid out. "How'd that feel?" I asked as I
scooted up next to him. "Oh gosh! I loved it! I never knew it would feel
that good!" he responded through his heavy breaths. As I lay next to him
while he regains his composure I was rubbing his tight little tummy.
Several minutes later he was almost back to normal and he turned his head
to face me. Then he caught me completely off guard. He leaned in and
kissed me tenderly on the lips. "I loved that. We need to do it more." He
said softly. Being the smart ass I was I said, "Well no what do I get in
return?" "What do you want me to do?" he asked. Me being smart again I
told him, "I want to fuck your brains out." "Ok just don't hurt me." He
said which totally amazed me. "Wait, you're going to let me fuck you?" I
asked in anticipation. He smiled and nodded yes. Knowing this would be my
fist time fucking I couldn't wait. At first I lay down on my back and
instructed him to slowly lower himself onto my rod till it slid into him.
Since his hole was stretched out by my finger already and my cock not
being so huge I slid into him with no problem. He was sitting on my mid
section with my cock buried in his ass till his small ball sack was
resting on my belly. With my hands on his hips I slowly began guiding him
up and down on my cock. The feeling was unbelievable. The tightness, the
warmth of his love tunnel I knew I would make this last as long as I
could. Without instruction he began to speed up the pace now riding my
cock like a cowboy on a horse. The faster he slid up and down on it the
better it felt. Soon I was moaning and knew I was close to orgasm. I
wrapped my fingers around his now hard again cock a stroked it as he
bounced up and down on my dick. He was moaning more now than I was. It
seemed he loved getting fucked more than I liked fucking him. "Oh gosh I
think I'm getting the feeling again." He said as he bounced. A second
later he moaned loudly and I felt his hole clamp down on my cock like a
vise grip. Felling the increased tightness on my cock as he slid up and
down on it sent me over the edge. "OH GODDDDD!!!! YESSSS!!!!!" I moaned
as I felt spasm after spasm shoot through my body as I had my first dry
orgasm inside of another boy. Just as my orgasm was ending he collapsed
onto my chest losing muscle control as he was also coming down from his
orgasm to. We embraced and hugged and kissed in a sweaty heap while my
cock was now deflating in his hole. He slowly slid my cock from his ass
as he sighed in a comfortably way as it came out. "That felt so good." I
told him in his ear. "I know it felt so good to have it in there. You
kept rubbing this one spot that felt great. We can do this again any time
I love it." Chris responded kissing me again.

We lay there like that for a while longer just relaxing and holding each
other as we regained our strength from a first for both of us. His very
first blow job and being fucked, and my very first time fucking some one.
We fell asleep there like that in a sweaty dirty pile. I laying on my
back with him on top of me. We slept for a short time and I woke up a
short time later to the glow of the lantern still glowing. I tried to
slide him of top of me so I could get up to turn the lantern off, but
woke him in the process. "Oops sorry, didn't mean to wake you." I told
him. "No problem. Hey you wanna go again" he asked. It seems that my
little friend is a real cock whore now. "Sure let me turn this thing off
and we'll use the flash lights." I told him. In no time I had the lantern
extinguished and the flash light on. "Ok how do you want to do it?" I
asked. "I want you to do me again, but doggy style this time." He said
with an evil smile. I was happy to give him what he wanted. He got on his
hands and knees and I positioned myself behind him. Slowly with the light
of a flash light I positioned the tip of my cock at his boy hole and
began to push in him. This time I had a bit more resistance. "Relax your
hole." I told him. He seemed to relax a bit and the head of my dick slid
in him with a gasp of pleasure from him. "You ok?" I asked. He nodded yes
so pushed a little more. A minute later I was all the way in him with our
ball sacks rubbing against each other. I began to slowly pull out then
push back in as he sighed and moaned in pleasure. "That's it right there.
That felt great." He moaned as the head of my cock rubbed against his
prostate. Before long I was banging his hole at a good pace and we were
both loving it. All o f a sudden we he heard something that brought us
back to Earth from orgasm land at the speed of light. The jingle bell
alarm started to ring.

Chapter 4

The sound of the bell brought us instantly back to reality from orgasm
land. "OH MY GOD THEY FOUND." Chris began to say before I covered his
mouth with one hand and put the index finger of the other to my lips to
shush him. I slid my hard dick out of him quickly and ran to the door to
grab the gun propped up next to it. Chris lay still in our make shift bed
shivering being terrified. I dowsed the light of the lantern turning the
room black and stood next to the door with the shotgun ready to fire. A
heart racing second later we heard breathing sounds outside the door to
the room. I pointed the gun and took aim at the door the best I could in
the dark and waited to end the life of what ever was on the other side.
At this point we thought it was an alien trying to get in to kill us. I
then heard a sound that sounded like sniffing coming from the bottom of
the door followed by a scratching sound. What broke the silence next
filled Chris and I with relief, anticipation, and disbelief. We heard a
"woof woof" sound. We then knew it was a dog. A dog had evaded the
hostile take over of our area by the aliens and had found us. "Chris turn
on the flashlight and go open the door, but do it slowly. It sounds like
a dog but he might not be friendly." I said. Chris fumbled around feeling
for the flashlight in the dark then made his way to the door. I again
readied the gun just incase as Chris opened the door. There stood a solid
black Labrador retriever. At first he stood his ground and looked at the
light. I then took the light from Chris as he relit the lantern. Once the
dog saw what we were his tail began to wag instantly. We then knew he was
friendly. "Call him in Chris." I said still holding the gun at the ready.
He called the dog and it went straight to him wagging its tail. It
appears now we have a found another survivor of the invasion and a new
pet. I resecured the door to our safe room and we fed the hungry dog and
played with our new friend for a while. The dog must have not eaten in
days since he devoured our lunch meat. "What should we call him?" Chris
asked. "Hmm good question. How about lucky? Cus he's damn lucky he lived
without the aliens finding him." I suggested. Chris agreed it was a good
name so it was decided. The younger boy and I lay down on our bedding as
our new friend curled up at our feet on the extra blanket. Chris lay
there with me naked as the dog then he slowly drifted off to sleep.
Myself I lay there just thinking trying to get my mind to disconnect for
the night so I could sleep to. Finally after about another half hour I to
was asleep.

The next morning I was woken up by our new alarm clock. Lucky was licking
my face and whining. I rubbed my eyes and grabbed the flashlight to light
the dark room. I checked my watch and it was only about 6 am. I then lit
our lantern only enough to dimly light the room but not enough to wake
the smaller still sleeping boy. The dog went straight to the door and
started to scratch at it. I figured he needed to go out to use the
bathroom. I stood up and let my piss hard on lead the way to the door for
me. "Gotta go out boy?" I asked making the dog whine more. I grabbed the
flashlight and headed out of the mine still naked. By the time the dog
and I made outside of the mine entrance I wished I had at least put on my
shoes. Lucky ran right over to a tree and unloaded a stream of yellow on
it. Needed my piss hard on to be relieved to I joined him I stood there
and let the urine fly as the dog sniffed around. Once my tank was empty
my hard on began to go down some. As I stood there stretching and waking
up fully I felt the cool morning breeze flow over my nude body. This was
actually the first time I had just stood out in the open naked like this
and I was enjoying it. Not having to worry being seen by anyone or being
punished for it was actually kind of fun. But as I stood there I realized
why it was better be clothed in the environment I was in, a pine tree
poked me in the but. Ouch, next time clothes and shoes on outside the
mine. I called to the dog and we re entered the sanctuary and made our
way back to the safe room. Chris was still sleeping peacefully curled up
in a little ball. I pulled the blankets up over him, but in the process
woke him. "morning sleepy head." I told him. Once lucky saw him moving
the licking session was on. The dog licked the cute little guy all over
his face making him giggle in a fit. Once he calmed down he raised
himself from our bed and then I noticed he had the same problem I had
earlier. "Nice. Looks like you need to go pee." I said chuckling. He
looked down and saw his rock hard pecker sticking out in front of him.
"Go ahead outside and take a leak. I went out naked with the dog. Try
it." I suggested. He smiled and walked his smooth naked ass out of the
room heading for the exit. A few minutes later he returned walking
tenderly." Why didn't you tell me I was gonna step on those rocks and
stuff? It hurts." He whined. Trying to keep a straight face and not laugh
I apologized. "Sorry. I just thought you'd like going outside naked like
that, I forgot about the rocks and stuff." He stood there on one foot
running the other one as I walked over to him. He looked up at me as I
stopped right in front of him. "What?" he asked. Instead of answering I
wrapped my arms under his waist and picked him up and carried him to our
bed. "I think we didn't get to finish something last night." I reminded
him. "Oh yeah. Hehehe. Lucky did kind of interrupt us didn't he." He said
giggling. By the time I had laid him back on the bed my cock was alive
again and his was stirring to. I kissed him gently on the lips and slowly
slid down his body with my tongue stopping to pleasure his left nipple. I
licked and sucked it for a few seconds till he couldn't take any more.
"Oh, god suck it Derrik please." He moaned softly. I worked my way down
to his throbbing little cock and slid it through my lips. He instantly
sighed in bliss from the feeling he was getting from his little dick. I
wiggled my tongue around the tip of his little head driving him wild, "Oh
yeah that feels soooo good!" he moaned. I then sank down on him till I
had him all the way in my mouth and began sucking like no tomorrow. He
began bucking his hips up and down forcing himself deeper into my mouth.
It didn't take very long until I felt his small cock flex on my tongue
and his body went rigid as he inhaled sharply and held it. I knew he was
having his orgasm and loving it. A few seconds later he let out the
breath and his body went semi limp as he began to breath shallowly but
deeply. For good measure I gave hi one final good hard suck as I slid his
cock from my mouth. That made his whole body jerk violently, one final
thrill for him. "How'd you like that?" I asked as I slid up next to him
on the bed. "Oh my gosh I loved it. I never knew getting sucked feels as
good as you make it feel." He said with a smile. "Glad I could please." I
said grinning. "Not to ruin your moment, but I think my little friend
down there needs some attention to." I told him. He looked at me and
smiled and then got up and sat on my belly straddling me. He bucked back
and forth on my stomach smiling at me as he teased me. He then slowly
slid himself downward towards my dick as he lifted himself off my body.
Once he was in position he spread his cheeks and I aimed my cock for his
young love tunnel. He lowered himself slowly so that neither of us got
hurt or felt any pain. At this point my cock was still small enough when
it was hard to almost slide right into him. He lowered himself onto my
rod as it slid in with very little problem. He slid all the way down it
till he was again sitting on my midsection, but this time with me inside
him. Next he positioned himself to ride the bronco. He leaned forward and
placed his hands on my shoulders propping himself up. His knees were at
my sides with his feet next to my thighs. The classic jockey riding
position. Riding is exactly what he started doing then. He rose up on my
pole then sank back down slowly. The feel of his tight tunnel drove me
wild. "Come on Chris bounce on it. Ride it hard! Ohhhh!" I moaned. He
then increased his pace as his tight smooth buns started to bounce up and
down faster and faster. Before I knew it I felt my orgasm building, but
just before I was ready to tense up I felt his small hole clamp around my
cock as he began to tense up again and moan loudly. "Oh my goshhhh!!!" he
almost screamed. At that exact point I felt the rush hit me like it had
at no other time in my life. "oh my god! Oh Yes! Ride it! OH!" I screamed
as he was having his second orgasm with out even having his cock touched
since the first one at the same time I was having mine. As second later
he literally collapsed onto my chest in a heavy breathing heap. I still
had my cock I him so I pumped it in and out a few more time to get that
final little bit of pleasure. Now we were both flying high in the clouds
enjoying the warmth and feel of each other. We were also a huge sweating
mess now. Minutes went by as he just lay on me with my rapidly deflating
little cock in his ass. We were both enjoying the moment as he finally
lifted his head from my shoulder and with a huge smile kissed me deeply,
as deeply as an 11 yo could. "I never felt nothing like that before. It
felt sooo good!" he said softly. "I agree. You got off that time and I
never touched your dick." I said as I slid my now limp cock out of him.
"I know but it felt so good when it was in me. When ever I went down it
hit this spot in me that just felt so good." Chris explained. We lay
there just cuddling and kissing for a short time. "Ok you great fuck you
lets get dressed and cleaned up then go explore the area for a while." I
told him.

About a half hour later we were dressed and leaving the mine to check the
outside world. We brought 2 guns, some food, a couple flash lights, and
some other possible necessaries we might need while we were out. I tied a
make shift leash around the dogs neck and we were off leaving the mine
for now. We decided to go further up the mountain to see if there was any
thing possibly to find up there. We walked for hours being as quiet as
possible as the dog seemed to piss on every other tree that we walked
past. Close to 1 pm we came across a truly beautiful site. One of those
sceneries you would see on a post card or something like that. It was a
small waterfall collecting into a small pond at the base of a cliff. "Oh
man check it out." Chris said in awe. "check it out is exactly what I'm
going to do." I said as I handed him the gun and the leash to the dog. I
ran full speed towards the water stripping off my clothes as I went. By
the time I got to the pond I was but naked and jumping through the air
into the water. Chris stood hold the guns and restraining the dog and
laughing at me. "Come one I know you want to get naked to." I yelled to
him. He walked over to the edge of the small pool and set his back pack
and the guns on the ground. He let the dog go and it jumped right in the
water with me. We both laughed and Chris then stripped off and jumped in
to. We frolicked and played in the pool that was only about 4 feet deep
long enough to relieve us from the mid day sun. As we played I thought I
heard something off in the distance. "Shh Chris be quiet for a minute
stop splashing." I ordered we stood there in the cool water and I heard
the noise again. "Oh fuck you hear that? It's one of their ships. We need
to find a place to hide NOW!" I said excited. We got out of the water as
fast as possible and grabbed our clothes and supplies then grabbed the
dogs leash and looked for cover. Only problem was there was none close.
"What are we going to do?" Chris started to cry. "Quick lets try behind
the waterfall." I said as we raced towards the cliff face. Behind the
falls was a small ledge that led back into the side of the hill. "Look a
cave get inside." I told him. We entered and squatted down inside as we
heard the ship getting closer and closer. Pretty soon it sounded like it
was right over us. It was so loud it shook the ground and made our ears
hurt. E then looked through the falls to see what seemed like a bright
blue light sweeping over the whole area. We sat there holding our ears as
the sound of the ship vibrated our naked bodies while the light swept all
over the place outside. The dog was surprisingly quiet and still during
this whole time. A few minutes passed and the ship passed on leaving the
area as the sound dissipated. "Shoo. That was a close call. They almost
found us." Chris said. "Yeah there's gotta be some thing about the rocks
or caves around here that they can't scan through. I mean when I was in
the basement at school they found everyone in the bomb shelter, but they
didn't see me in the furnace." I said. We stayed in the cave for a while
as the water falls roared by for a while longer making absolutely sure
that the aliens had left the area. We got dressed and had lunch in the
cave. We found out that Lucky loved cookies since Chris was feeding them
to him. Nearly an hour later we decided to chance leaving the cave. I
would go out first with the shout gun then call to Chris to come out if
it was safe. I exited the cave and held the gun at the ready sweeping all
around looking for any trouble. Once I was satisfied I called to my
younger friend. "Ok Chris come on out its cool." We decided to get out
of the open and into some cover to decrease the chance we might be seen
so we left the falls and headed to the trees. We made sure to keep the
sun on our left so we didn't get lost in the woods so we could find our
way back to the mine.

We trudged through the brush and trees for about another few hours and
decided to turn back. Just as we were about to make a U turn the dog went
goofy on us. He nearly pulled me down as he pulled on his leash with all
of his strength. "Damn it Lucky where the hell are you going?" I said
getting mad. The dog pulled me further sniffing at the ground seeming
hell bent on getting to what he is smelling. "Chris get your gun ready I
don't know what the fuck he's dragging us to." I said. The dog pulled for
about another fifty feet then stopped and sniffed around a large hole in
the ground. "Crazy fucking dog. Must be a dead animal down there or
something. Come on lucky let's go!" I said getting angry. We walked about
three steps away and I thought I heard something. "Wait, Chris give me a
flashlight." I took the light and headed back to the hole. "Anything down
there?" I said. I then heard it again a very faint "Help me" came from
the hole. "Holy shit! Some one's down there!" Chris said in excitement.
"Hello can you hear me? If you can I'm coming down there." I yelled into
the hole. I took the rope from my pack and tied it off to a tree close to
the hole. "Ok Chris I'm going down there. Keep your eyes and ears open.
And keep a tight grip on Lucky." I said before entering the hole in the
ground. I slowly slid down the rope so not to burn my hands on it. As I
neared the bottom I shined the light down to see where I was going. There
I saw a boy around 12 yo laying on the ground at the bottom. I slid the
rest of the way down until I was at the bottom. "Can you hear me? Are you
ok?" I asked. "Please get me out of here. I can hardly move. I fell down
here when the things chased me." The boy said quietly. "Holy shit that's
been days now. You haven't eaten or anything?" I asked "No he said lowly.
"Are you hurt anywhere?" I asked. "My ankle hurts bad." He said not
having much strength. I shined the light down at his leg and I saw that
it was swollen severely and very red above his foot. "Dude I think you
might have a sprained or broken ankle. We need to get you out of here
fast. What's your name?" I said. "Josiah" he squeeked out. "Ok Joe we're
going to get you out of here." I said. I then yelled up nearly 60 or so
feet to Chris o the surface. "Chris there's a boy down here and he's
hurt. Tie the other rope to the tree and through it down to me. I'm gonna
climb up then we're gonna have to pull him out." I said. A minute later
the other rope fell next to me. "Ok Joe I'm gonna tie this rope around
your chest under your arms. I'm gonna climb out and me and Chris are
gonna pull you out of here. You have to stay awake and help us get you
out. It might hurt but you have to hang in there." I told him before I
started to climb out. I started m ascent back out of the hole to the
surface so we could extract the injured boy from the depths. It took me a
few minutes but with Chris' help I managed to climb out without hurting
myself. "Ok get ready we're going to start to pull you up." I yelled into
the hole. Lucky was whining in anticipation of what was in the hole to
come out. Chris and I pulled the rope bringing the boy to the surface
with little difficulty. Not long after we started to pull we could see a
patch of short dirty brown hair on top of the boys head coming into the
light of day. A few more tugs and we could see Josiah hanging from rope
and trying with all of the strength in his body to help us get him out.
"Ok Joe I'm going to tie this end of the rope off then we're going to
pull you the rest of the way with out it so hang in there." I told him
seeing the definite signs of pain and sadness in his face. Chris and I
each grabbed one of his arms as he dangled from the rope and gently began
to pull him upward. As we dragged his torso out of the hole his feet
began to drag along the sides of the hole. "OWW! It hurts!" he cried out
softly. We did our best to bring his body the rest of the way out until
he was totally free. Now that he was in full day light I inspected his
injuries a bit more. His ankle was definitely swollen but he could still
move it so I guessed it wasn't broken. He had several cuts and scrapes on
him that I judged to have happened as he fell into the deep hole. The one
injury that definitely stuck out now that I hadn't noticed was one of his
fingers was crooked. "Holy shit! I think you have a dislocated finger.
It's crooked at the knuckle. Dude I'm sorry but we definitely have to get
it back into its right place. Josiah I'm not going to lie to you, this is
probably going to hurt like hell, but it will only get worse if we don't
fix it." I told him as I prepared to straighten his bent finger. "Ok
Chris I want you to hold him still while I do this. It's going to hurt
bad so we need him to keep still." I ordered. Chris moved into position
and held the boy by the shoulders as I gently took hold of his hand with
one hand and his finger with my other. "Ok I'm going to count to 3, and
on 3 I'm going to set it ok." I said getting a nod from both boys. I
counted "1,2," then before I said 3 and Josiah tensed his body knowing
what was coming I sharply pushed his finger back making the poor boy
scream out in agony. He cried as I consoled and apologized for hurting
him, he cried nearly to the point of passing out. "Hey keep with us bud.
Don't fall asleep. You're going to be ok now." I said to no help. He
slipped into an exhausted sleep. "C'mon Chris we have to get him back to
the mine as fast as we can" I said scooping up my back pack and slipping
it on before picking the nearly lifeless boy off the ground up and
carrying him away. Poor little Chris definitely had to bare the burden of
the hike home. He had to carry his own back pack, both guns, and manage
the dog to.

It took almost till sundown to reach our hide away, thanks to getting
mildly lost on the way back. All the way back I couldn't help but to look
at the hurt boy I was straining to carry now and admire his beauty
through the filth that covered his body. He reminded me kind of what
could be a brother to Jimmy Bennett an actor I liked before the world
ended. His short brown hair, his cute boyish face was causing me to
imagine what our friendship will be like in the future. "Derrik! Hey the
mines this way. It's up that hill I remember where we are now." Chris
reminded snapping me out of my day dream as we trudged back home. Minutes
later we arrived at the entrance to our mine. "Quick Chris go inside and
bring a lantern out so we can see what we're doing." I told him as the
sun had just set over the peak of the mountain to the west. It would be
getting dark out here really quick and we needed to get inside for the
night. In a flash he ran inside and emerged with a lantern burning
bright. "Turn that thing down lower. We don't want to be seen out here."
I told him making him turn the brightness down to a low dim. "Ok we need
to get these nasty clothes off him before we go inside I think he pissed
himself in the hole. They really stink now and they're filthy." I said as
I unbuttoned his shorts. Chris and I gently pulled the shorts off him
being extra careful not to aggravate his injured ankle. Just as I had
thought he did piss himself in the hole was proven by the yellow stain on
the front of his briefs. We also gently slid those down of his body
exposing his small hairless boy cock to the world. He looked to be no
bigger than Chris in his cock size which was perfect to me. We then slid
his t shirt over his head and off making him completely naked now before
we carried him inside. I scooped his slender nude body up and carried him
to our safe room as Chris led the way with the light. Once inside our
room Chris turned the lantern to full brightness. I lay the naked
unconscious boy on a blanket we spread out for the dog so he didn't cover
our bedding with filth off his dirt body. "Chris stay with him. I'm going
outside to pick up the clothes we took off him and bring the dog in so
there's no evidence outside." I said. A short time after I returned with
his filthy clothes and Lucky by my side. I placed his clothes in a
plastic bag we had and tied it shut to seal the stench inside. He was
still out cold as I checked him over a bit closer. He had a few open
wounds and scrapes on him so I decided to take care of those first.
"Chris give me the first aid kit and the bandages we robbed from wal mart
please." I said. I cleaned the open cuts and scrapes as best I could then
covered them with clean bandages. While I was tending to his wounds Chris
was preparing an extra bed for him right next to ours. Once I had al the
minor injuries handled it was time to bathe him a little. I took a gallon
jug of our bathing and a clean rag and a whole lot of soap and went to
town cleaning his dirty smelly naked body. The dirt seemed to dissolve
from his face revealing a truly beautiful angle in disguise to us. "Wow
he is cute isn't he?" Chris said admiring his looks. "He sure is. Got a
nice pecker to don't he?" I responded making Chris smile evilly. As I
washed him more it was apparent he must have been a truly beautiful boy
making any one who saw him envious of his looks. The small cut on his
cheek didn't even subtract from his beauty. "Where do you think he came
from? He didn't go to our school." Chris said. "I don't know. I'm sure
we'll find out soon enough though." I answered. Just as I got to washing
the best feature of his naked ness he began to stir. Just as I started to
wash his limp 2 inch dick he opened his eyes. "Wha, what are you doing?
Where am I? Why am I naked?" he mumbled quietly. "Just lay still bud.
You're hurt and dirty. We needed to get you cleaned up and get your
wounds taken care of. Don't freak out because your naked ok, it's kool
with us. We had to get your old clothes off they were nasty and they
stunk badly. Trust me you've got nothing to be embarrassed over." I
reassured him as he regained more of his wits. "Ow god my foot hurts. And
my fingers to." He said as he began to whimper. "It's ok dude trust me. I
know it hurts now, but you're going to be ok now. You're safe here. We're
gonna take care of you till you're better." I said trying to comfort him.
He then smiled through his tear soaked cheeks. "I'm afraid I gotta make
you hurt just a bit more to make you all better ok. I need to put your
fingers and your ankle in splints so they can heal. I'm sorry if I hurt
you but we have to do it ok." Knowing I was right and only trying to help
he nodded in agreement. I took one of the large wooden pop cycle sticks
from the first aid kit and placed it under his finger that was hurt. As
it flattened his finger out straight he grunted in agony but never let it
out. I could tell it was great pain for him though. I wrapped it as
quickly as I could tying it together with the next finger over to
stabilize it. When I was done with his finger he was breathing heavy and
had soaked cheeks. "I'm so sorry dude. I didn't want to hurt you, but it
would ever heal right if I didn't." I said feeling bad for hurting him.
"It's ok. I know your helping." He said through his sobs. I didn't really
want him to cry much since I knew he was dehydrated from being in the
hole for so long with no food or water. "I whipped the tears from his
cheeks and he tried to half smile at me. I looked to Chris who was also
teary eyes. "What's wrong with you?' I asked. "It's just seeing him in
pain like that sucks. And everything that's all happened to us. It all
sucks! It fucking sucks!" he said as he broke down in full tears. I
draped my arm around him to console him in his time of need. "Bud I know
it hurts. We all lost everything we had. But now we have each other and
that's better than nothing. You have to go on with life. All we can do
now is survive. I'm here for both of you guys, and you're both here for
me to." I said trying not to cry myself. Both younger boys needed to hear
exactly that right now. They both stopped their sobs and smiled a bit.
"Now come on lets get him well so he can have a chance to live to." I
said rubbing Chris' back. I continued with splinting the boys foot then.
Really it was just some tent poles and a lot of medical tape to make his
foot stay I position. I then took some ice that was left in our cooler
and put it in a bag and placed it on his ankle.

Minutes ticked by like hours as I cleaned and attended to the injured boy
I found today. I tired my best to keep him awake by making small talk and
tried my best to avoid staring at his perfect boy cock. I learned he was
an only child and lived in the next town over from us. He said the aliens
attacked his town and he ran to keep from being killed by them. He told
me they chased him into the woods in the dark and that's when he fell
into the hole. He didn't even know how long he had been in there and was
shocked to find out exactly how long. He was so weak and dehydrated from
the summer heat that he had little energy to do much. I checked my watch
and it was now nearly midnight. Chris was looking like he was about to
fall asleep sitting up. His eyes were droopy and I could see him starting
to doze off. "Chris bud go ahead and go to sleep I know you're tired.
I'll stay up with Josiah for a while." I told him. With out a word he got
up and stripped naked the crawled into bed about 3 feet away from where
Joe was laying. Josiah couldn't seem to take his eyes off of Chris when
his clothes came off. I even noticed his exposed dick seemed to twitch a
bit. My guess was that he was too weak to do more than twitch. "Are you
ok with being naked like this? I mean I'll cover you if you're not." I
asked. "No, it's ok. I'm just not use to it is all." He said. "Oh my god
dude I didn't even think to feed you I'm so sorry. I know you have got to
be starving. I would be if I didn't eat for days and days." I said. He
nodded yes. I went to our food stock and named off what we had. He seemed
to like it when I said chicken noodle soup. "Good choice. But you have
to eat it cold we don't have a microwave." I told him laughing. He smiled
big then and he truly was hot when he done it. I opened the soup and sat
next to him and spoon fed him the whole can. He asked for more so I
opened another and he killed it to. And for a real treat I cracked open a
pepsi I grabbed from the grocery store and had been keeping it on ice.
"Oh my god a cold pepsi?! You are a true friend." he said quietly. I
brought the can to his lips and he sipped as if it was like a life giving
orgasm in a can. He did choke a bit on one drink but he was ok. He smiled
after we drank the can dry. "Thank you for everything. I'd be dead if it
wasn't for you." He said. "Actually you got Lucky there to thank he
dragged me to the hole where you were. I think he must have smelled you
or something. I know I sure did when I got in the hole with you." I said
giggling. He to tried to laugh but coughed instead. "Hey easy don't over
do it you're still really weak. Lets try and get some rest now. Maybe
you'll feel better tomorrow. Here open your mouth and swallow this." I
said as I placed a pill on his tongue. "What is it?" he asked as he
opened his mouth. "It's a pain pill I swiped at the pharmacy at the
grocery store. It'll make you feel better and sleep." I said. He
swallowed with no complaint. Felling the days events take a toll on my
own body now I stripped my clothes off to and faced away from Josiah so
that he wouldn't see my stiff 4 inches. I grabbed a flashlight then
turned the lantern off for the night. I flipped the flashlight on and
made my way back to the bed are. I pulled the large blanket up over
Chris' nude body then another over Josiah's. I told him good night as he
closed his eyes and smiled. I then pulled the blanket over Chris up over
my own body and flipped the light off. Sleep would take hold of me with
out a fight tonight. I lay in the middle between Chris and Josiah with
our fierce guard dog Lucky at our feet. The room was quiet except for the
sounds of lucky and the other boys breathing. As soon as Chris felt the
warmth of my body near him he scooted back against me and nestled in for
the night. I draped my arm over his chest and the next thing I knew I was
in dream land.

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