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A guy has spent a long time out on the range and decides to head into a small town nearby. He's very horny and decides to stroll into the local bar and ask someone where he can find some available women. The bartender tells him that all of the men in town use the local pig pen and that is all they have. This disgusts the guy and he decides to leave the area.
After spending several more years out on the range and starting to get horny again, he decides to give the town another try but is informed again that all that is available is the local pig pen. Not having any other options available to him, he decides to give it a try. When he is finished, he notices everyone looking at him and when he approaches, they all start running away. Finally he catches up with an old woman who is too slow to get away from him, and he asks her, "what's wrong? Why is everyone avoiding me when everyone else is using that same pig pen?"
"That was Johnny Ringo's girl," replied the old lady.
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