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i am an indian .i hop u understand our cloths names.
Due to my fascination and attraction with female body, I became a ladies tailor and opened a shop in a garrage in a upper middle class society in south delhi. First few days, I was very gentleman like with all my customers. As I was new, most of the time young ladies and girls were accompanied by their husbands or mothers or other relatives. I used to take measurements in hurry without making any bold moves. Very soon I won over the confidence of the society there. All these days, I was really attracted by 3 ladies, Jyoti(36-24-36), Sonia(38-28-28) and Narayani(34-24-36). Narayani was the only unmarried. All 3 of them were very fair and with wonderful silky skin. I wanted to play with all 3 of them sometime or the other.

One day Jyoti came for a new blouse stitching. She was alone and looking gorgeous in pink saree and pink blouse which was stitched by me 2 months back. This time the blouse cloth was black. I said "Madam, let me use the same measurements as I used for this pink blouse (looking at her chest)". She said "No, please take a new measurement as this has gone tight". I said "OK Madam, please come inside". As soon as she entered, I pulled the curtain. As the garrage is small, there is not much room for 2 people with all the clothes and machine. She was standing very close to me facing me. I could smell her lovely perfume and was already hard inside. I said "Madam, Pallu nikaliye". Wow, the boobs were jutting out from the blouse as the blouse was really tight and a bit of cleavage was also visible. I said "Yes this is really tight. I am sorry I didnt make it right last time (still looking at her melons)". She said "No Masterjee, its not your fault. It was OK 2 months back". Saying this she smiled slightly in embarassement. I said "OK Madam, please spread your hands".

As I bent forward to take my measurement tape to her back, first time in this society I made a bold move and pressed my chest hard against her chest. As I came back and saw her face, she was looking nervous and looking upwards. I was really scared as to how would my move be taken by her. I delicately pressed the tape on her melons and said "Madam, it is 37 now and last time it was 36". She didnt say anything. I wanted her to speak so that I could judge how is she feeling. When I took the measurement of her chest under the breast, she still stood silently looking upwards. I asked "Madam, shall I keep the sleeves and neck like before". She said "What do you suggest, Masterjee". I was relieved that she was normal and infact got very happy that she was asking for my views. I wanted to use this oppotunity to the maximum so that this lovely looking Jyoti opens up with me a little. I said "Madam, sleeveless with deep back will really look nice". She asked "why?". Showing artificial shyness and a bit of smile I said "Madam, your sking is very fair and silky and with black blouse it will show up very well with deep neck and sleeveless". I expected her to blush and she did. But said "OK but keep the front neck high and not deep". I wanted to continue this discussion so gathered courage and asked "Why Madam, with deep back front would also look better if its deep". She said "No my husband would not like it". Saying this she picked up her pallu and turned towards the curtain. I said "OK" and while pulling the curtain open for her to go I brushed my crouch slightly with her lovely ass to give her a bit of my hardness. With my experiences with Mamta and Sweety, I knew ladies generally like some of these unintentional looking advances by people they know a bit.

As Jyoti was going out of the door, I noticed some nervousness in her walk. She turned to face my counter and said "Masterjee, When should I come to collect". I said "Madam, it will take a week at least". Jyoti said "No masterjee, I need it tomorrow only". I also wanted to see her soon but still showing no eagerness from my side, I said "Madam, tomorrow is very tough and I will have to annoy someone to give it to you tomorrow". This time I looked at her chest while she was looking in my eyes. I wanted her to know that I like her melons and also wanted to see how she reacts at my open and bold glance. She didnt feel bad at my glance on her boobs and said "Please masterjee, I need it tomorrow for a party in the evening". I smiled looked in her eyes and then looking at her chest again and said "OK Madam, let me see what can I do for you". She said "Thanks masterjee, please try you best" and gave me a wonderful smile. She turned and walked away swaying her wonderful back. I kept staring at her. I wanted to see her boobs again so deliberately called her "Madam, just a minute". She turned and started walking back to me. All this time I kept staring at her face, chest, waist and pubic areawhich were looking great during the walk. In between she also looked at me but I kept staring at her juicy areas. I wanted her to know that I am doing it and see how she reacts when she talks to me. As she came near to counter, looking at her eyes, chest and pubic area, I said "Madam, give me your number so that I can let you know the status tomorrow". I had the number already but I wanted to see her more and her reaction to my open glances. She smiled and said "what Materjee, I gave you the number last time" I said "OK I will check my records". But she said "anyways take it now also". She gave me her number. All this while I purposely made attempts to look at her juicy areas. I was really getting excited as she was making no attempts to show me her discomfort. I gathered more courage and said "Madam, I really feel deep neck would suit you better". She was kind of surprised by my unexpected untimely comment but smiled and said "Masterjee, I know but my husband may not like it". I said "Madam, I will do it in such a way that he will not notice it much. If you come inside for a moment, I will show you exactly how much deep I am talking about". I was a young and handsome man so knew that this lady also is attracted to me but is slightly hesitant and I wanted her to shed this hesitancy a bit today. I wanted someone like her with whom I could talk dirty and play sex with. She said "OK, please show me soon as I have work at home". I knew now this cat is almost in my bag.

As she came inside, I pulled the curtain and went near her. I said "Madam, please remove your pallu and let me see how much you can show your cleavage so that your husband does not notice it but others could". I knew that I was dropping a bombshell here. If she is really a "sati savitri" type she will object to my this statement and would walk away from my shop saying she does not need any deep neck. But by now I had some sort of hunch that she would not. She removed her pallu without saying anything and that gave me enough confidence and jerk in my dick. As she removed the pallu, her melons, wrapped in white bra and pink blouse, were in front of my eyes and I kept staring at them without saying anything for some moments. She was also feeling the silence in the shop and felling embarassed but kept looking down at her melons, trying to avoid eye contact with me. I wanted her to see me looking at her wonderful chest and navel. She was having droplets of sweat on her forehead. So, I said "Madam, would you like some water". She said "No masterjee". Now she looked at my eyes and immediately I shifted focus to those melons and said "Madam, please open the first hook of your blouse as I need to see where your cleavage starts showing". She opened the first hook and as the blouse was tight, immediately I could see more bulgy portion of her chest and bit of cleavage too. She lifted her face shyly but I played normal and took my too hands to her upper portion of blouse and parted them more so that I could see the cleavage clearly. In the process I kept brushing my finger tops with her boobs and said "Look madam, we will make it deep by 1 inch which will be just enough to show this much cleavage". While saying this I inserted my forefinger top to the upper portion of her cleavage. She stuttered and sighed very softly. This was enough for me to hold my patience and I hugged her instantly. She did not revolt forcefully and melted in my arms withing 2 seconnds.

Jyoti Madam was in my arms, melted. I knew now that this lady will will give me a lot of pleasure in my whole stay in this society if I play it carefully. So, I decided to milk her juicy body with caution and patience. She had her face embedded in my chest and arms around me. I was gently massaging her back, feeling her bra straps, feeling her silky bare waist and then finally reached the firm but soft globes of her ass and started massging them whille pushing them in towards my fully erect dick. She was liking it as she was adjusting her body as per my actions. I wnated her to look in my eyes while in my arms so said "Madam, please give me your lips. I want to drink them". She didnt say anything but didnt raise her head and just noded in "no". She was really feeling shy but was surely enjoying the feeling of my erect dick in her pubic area as she never tried to get away even after I took my hands away from her ass. I was afraid that someone might come in the shop and also wanted to leave her high and wet so that she longs for me while at home, so I said "Madam, someone might come". To my surprise, even after listening this she was not ready to leave my body both due to shyness and pleasure she was getting I guess.

Now I forcefully lifted her head from my right hand while massaging her ass with my left hand. She closed her eyes. I said "Jyoti (first time not saying "Madam"), please open your eyes". She opened the eyes for a moment, smiled and again closed them. I traced her ass crack with my left hand's forfinger and quickly started smooching her. First she resisted but then opened her lips and allowed me to drink them at my will. I was in heaven. Her melons stuck to my chest, my mouth dring her lips and my both hands exploring each and every part of her back thru her chiffon saree. In between I traced the lining of her panty and even pulled the elastic to let her know that I want to do more intimate things with her. Now throwing caution to the winds and leave scope for future, I separated her from me, lifted her face from the chin and this time she looked at me with all shy and smile. I said "Jyoti, I will give your blouse tomorrow, now pick up your pallu". She had totally forgotten that she was in front of me with one button of her blouse open and pallu down. She embarassingly picked up the pallu and started to go when I said "Madam, please hook your blouse". She again stopped with her back towards me and started to hook her blouse. At this time, I again took her in arms from behinnd and said "Madam, you are very beautiful and warm" while starting to kiss her neck. She was burning even now as I massaged her bare belly. I cupped her melons from behind, one in each hand, and started massging them gently. She sighed and lifted her head in air in excitement. While keeping my left had to do the massaging work on her boobs, I traced her front from boobs to her pubic area with my right hand. I stopped at her mound at pubic area, very gently mnassed there and asked "Madam, I can feel the wetness even above the cloths". She just sighed and pushed her pubic more towards my probing fingers of right hand. My dick was pressing her ass globes, my left hand ,assaging her boobs, my lips drinking her neck and cheek, my right hand massaging her choot and her bothe hands were on the counter doing nothing. I wanted to start talking in my original dirty hindi so I though this is the right moment to amke the beginning. I said "Jyoti, mast jawani hai teri". She kept silent and kept enjoying my massages and kisses. I said "Aaj apne husband se chudwate samay mera khayal karna". Listening this she separated herself hurriedly as she came back in senses suddenly, gathered herself and her saree properly, pulled the curtain and just walked away quickly without saying anything.

I thought she was really angry with herself and me and kept thinking about the consequences while stitching her balck blouse thruout that day and night. This was around 8PM when my mobile suddenly rang and it was her. She said "Babbooji (First time she took my name), I am really sorry for my behaviour today". This was unexpected. She continued "I am sorry that I ran away suddenly even without saying you a word". I kept silent. She said "I was nervous and didnt know what I was doing. It will not happen again". I was relieved and said "No problems, Jyoti-ji". I said I was stitching your blouse only and it will be ready in an hour. She got very happy with this and said "You are so nice, I ......." She stopped in between. I didnt force her to complete and asked "When would you come tomorrow". She said "As there is party in the evening, could you please drop it at my home in the morning". I said "OK, I will at around 11AM before opening the shop". She said "Thanks". I said "Jyoti-ji, please remember my last statememnt which I said you before you ran away". She giggled and said "You are very naughty. OK I will try". We disconnected and I was in heaven.

Next day I reached her house at 11AM and rang the bell. A man opened the door, probably his husband. When I told that I am the tailor, he called Jyoti and asked me to come in. Jyoti came and I gave the blouse to her. From the way Jyoti acted with me I knew that it was his husband. As soon as I started to go, her husband said "Jyoti, why dont you try it now and see if its OK otherwise it might be too late for the party". She said OK and went inside. I kept waiting while her husband went inside to some other room. She came out and said "Masterjee, its slightly loose from the bottom side". But she was not wearing the blouse so I asked "Madam, how much loose is it". Her husband came out and said "Jyoti, why dont you show it to him and I am going out to get some cold drinks for the evening". Before he left, he asked me to wait while Jyoti went inside to wear the blouse and show it to me. It seems her husband had too much confidence in her. When Jyoti came out she went to the door and latched it from inside. When she turned she smiled freely and said "Dekhiye kitna loose hai". She was looking gorgeous in black saree and black blouse. I went near her looking at eyes and removed her pallu. She didnt say anything. Wow, the view was great. The cleavage was showing and the bulge of upper boobs was really tempting. Actually the fitting was perfect and it was not loose at all. I inserted my too fingers from the bottom of the blouse and said "Jyotiji, kahan se loose hai".

By this time, I was jumping with joy and excitement within myself. This beautiful and sexy housewife standing in front of me, all ready to be seduced by me, the ladies tailor. Her husband has just gone out for some local market and she is ready for me to explore her. My two fingers were touching the bottom of her boobs thru the bra and she was looking down trying to avoid eye contact with me. I knew that today the time is short so wanted to cover more without going into a full session. I traced my fingers all thru her from from first boob to the second one and said "Jyotiji, its only loose to take my fingers in". She smiled but still kep looking down in shyness. I decided to take another bold step and took my other hand to his pubic (cunt) area and massaged there gently over the saree and said "Your blouse is as loose as your this area, just to take my 2 fingers in". She smiled and in a rush hugged me in shyness. I started massaging her back and fel his ass cheecks and crack at will. Her boobs were pressed deep in my chest and she was breathing heavy as I was rubbing my Lund into her Cunt and my fingers and palms were probing is throbbing ass.Jyoti was enjoying the massages of the tailor on her back and was feeling her dick's hardness and length while she was stuck to his body. Suddenly the doorbell rang and both of them separated in a hurry. Jyoti gathered herself and her pallu and went to open the door. Tailor opened his bag and started acting to look for something in it. To the relief of Jyoti, it was her neighbour, Sonia. The tailor eyes got lightened see one of his other targets. Sonia also noticed Babboo, the tailor. Babboo was staring at her sexy body. 38-28-38. She was wearing a green saree with a blowse stitched by tailor itself. They were talking in low voice so Babboo could not hear them but it was sure that Jyoti was explaining Sonia as to why Babboo was here. Babboo was sure that Jyoti did not tell her anything about their relationship as she was looking normal and left soon.

As soon as Jyoti latched the door again, Babboo while winking his eye said "Jyotiji, please call up your husband and ask him to bring something important so that he takes another half an hour in the market". Jyoti also smiled and called her husband and started talking to him. While she was talking to her husband, Babboo came behind her wrapped his arms around her bare waist and started massging it gently. She hesitated for a while but then became normal and kept talking to her husband while enjoying the massage of her tailor on her belly. In between, Babboo took his hands to the bottom of her boobs and massged there also. He was not believing his luck that this fairy angel is in his control and making a fool of her husband to get seduced by him. Thinking this, he got more excited and not started massging her cunt area above her saree. She was trying to talk to her husband normally but it was getting more and more difficult. She kept the phone down while telling her husband that the tailor is waiting for her to give the blouse.

Babboo was really excited and now wanted to come to his dirty hindi whith this cheating wife. He said "Kyon jyotiji, Gilli ho gayi hai kya". Jyoti didnt say anything but kept her eyes closed while resting her head on his chest and enjoying his left hand on her cunt and right hand on her belly and boobs. He wanted her to talk while he was talking dirty. Now he started to massge her boobs and cunt more vigorously and said "Jyotiji, aap bahut mast hain, kya main aapko 'rani' keh sakta hoon". She nooded her head in affirmation. He smiled and kissed her long neck while continuing the vigorous massage of her her cunt and boobs and said "Jyoti Rani, Batao na, ab to gilli hui ya nahi". She was trying to act innocent and said in heavy voice "Kya gilli hui?". Babboo was looking for this opportunity only and said "Aaapki 'Fuddi, yeh jiski main maalish kar raha hoon". He said this while tapping her cunt. Probably she knew about this word 'Fuddi' as she kept her eyes closed and kept enjoying the massage and taps and just nodded her head in affirmation.
Babboo was now fully excited and wanted to take her rightaway but he knew it would not be fun doing it in a hurry. He kept massaging Jyoti's cunt and boobs over her clothes while his fully erected dick was rubbing her ass. She was breathing very heavy now her hands were wrapped around his neck. She was licking her own lips but kept her eyes closed. While moving her pubic are with his massage, she finally said something "Oh masterji, what are you doing, you are driving me crazy, please...... he is about to come back". But the way she was making erotic breathing sounds and moving her body in rythm with his massage, it was clear that she wanted him to continue. He pressed her right boob little hard and then slipped the hand inside her blouse and bra to toch her bare boob and started pinching her nipple and the said "Rani, This is just the beginning, I will show you some other day what can I do with your beautiful body".

She kept moaning and moving with his massge. She was really liking the touch of his artistic hand on her bare boob and nipple. She was really wet down there and was about to explode. She said "Babbooji, please leave me for now else we will be caught". She said this but never made any physical effort to get away from him. He knew she is on the verge and hence started to massage her cunt more vigorously. He wanted her to explode before her husband comes back. She made a final big thrud to her body and suddenly turned and hugged him very strongly. She was pressing her pubic area to his dick and was breathing heavy. Her boobs were giving a wonderful feeling to her chest. He now started massaging her ass and helped her to feel his dick more by pressing her ass towards him.

When he didnt see her getting separated and being motionless in his arms, still massaging her round ass globes and in between feeling her panty lines, he asked "Jyotiji, are you ok, please get normal, your husband would come anytime". Instead of getting apart, she hugged him stronger and just nodded in no. He smiled and said "Jyotiji, I know you are raining down there, please go and wash yourself before your husband happens to see your panty or smell your wetness". This had some impact on her. She got separated, gathered herself and her pallu and ran away to her bedroom and latched from inside. He kept smiling and said "Madam, I am waiting for you to give me the blouse" and he saeted himself on the sofa again.Jyoti was inside and sine her husband did not arrive yet, Babu opened the latch of the main door so that her husband does not suspect anything wrong at all whenever he arrives. After sometime her husband arrived and gave a smile to Babu and called for her wife. Jyoti opened the door and handing over the blouse to me, she said "Masterji, Could you please bring it back before 5PM today?" Babu said "OK Madam, I know you have to wear it in the party". Saying this he winked at Jyoti as her husband was busy keeping the stuff on dining table and was not looking at them. She acted very normal and ignored Babu's naughty winking and smile.Babu picked up his stuff and went out and winked at Jyoti again when she came after him to latch the main door.

She was still feeling very very wet from inside and had changed to a new panty which was also getting wet. She had put her old ove-juice soaked panty in water so that her husband had no chance of seeing or smelling it in its original form. She was still not believing her that she is getting into this extra-marital sex cum love relationship with this handsome tailor just after 6 months of her marriage. She was getting well pumped and physically used by his husband in the night during these 6 months. Even one day had not gone by without having sex with him. Actually being a housewife and statying at home whole day alone at home was the reason behind getting attracted and seduced by this handsome and sexy tailor. She was getting into a love kind of relationship with him. She was felling guilty also about her act and wanted to make it to her husband now. So she decided to try and make love with her husband right now. She thought it would help her to satisfy her already wet cunt to get wet again and get satisfied.

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Hilarious; Truly a nincompoop.


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A good beginning,BUT,please,please, proof read your work..You
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