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though i am not incest i like to read it.
My mom’s tailor

Hi, my name is ramesh kotari i am 19 years old and i live with my parents my dad’s name is rajesh and he works in an indian company and my mom's name is sunita and is a housewife. We stay at pune. This incident i am going to share is when i was 14 years old. One day during my summer vacation i was watching tv when mom called me and said to accompany her to the market. Mom was wearing a red colour saree and a matching blouse. Now to describe mom looks, mom was 38 years old at that time and her figure was 34-30-36, she is 5.5 ft tall, she has fair complexion and has a cute face. She is slightly on heavier side. Mom always wears saree above her naval. She is conservative in nature but she also bit submissive.

After going to market with my mom and doing the shopping, mom said to me that she has given a new blouse for stitching to a new tailor. So both of us went to tailor’s shop. Tailor’s shop was on at the far end of the market. It was a small shop. Tailor looking at my mom smiled and said hello to her. His name was ansari. He was around 45 years old, 5.9” tall, medium built, clean-shaven. He gave my mom her new blouse and when my mom opened her purse to pay him. He said, “ why don’t to try the blouse first and see if it fits? ”. Mom replied, “ ok, but where will i change?” Ansari opened the door behind the counter and welcomed us in. The room was not well lit just little light coming from the door we had entered he told my mom to go behind the partition and change. The partition was nothing but a curtain hung on the wall. There was zero watt bulb on the wall behind the curtain, which was off. Ansari switched on the light and mom went behind the curtain. What mom did not realize that because of the light we could see her silhouette? Mom first removed the pallu of her saree and let it fall on the ground and then started unbuttoning her blouse. I looked at ansari and he was rubbing himself over his pant. There was a weird smile on his face. When i again looked at my mom’s silhouette she was wearing her new blouse and it looked like she was having a difficulty in buttoning her blouse. Mom spoke from behind the curtain to ansari, “ the blouse is very tight and cannot button a single hook”, ansari said, “ really, that’s not possible i have stitched the blouse according to your old blouse’s measurement, why don’t you come out and show me how it is not fitting? Mom replied “ out there” somewhat shocked at ansari’s comment to parade her in front of others. Ansari said, “yes, that's ok no one out here except for your son and myself and i will also close the door so that no one passing looks in”. Mom said, “ok, close the door first”. Ansari quickly closed the door and mom came out from behind the curtain. I was shocked looking at my mom. She was holding the pallu of the saree in her hands and the pink blouse was open and her big white bra could be seen from the gap i could also see her little cleavage. She came in the middle of the room. Ansari was also looking at mom breast area. He went closer to mom and said “ you are wearing a large bra, you should were the small bra with this blouse and it will fit perfectly”. Ansari went to the steel cupboard in the corner and after searching for sometime removed a very small bra. It was a pink colour bra and had just two small triangle piece of cloth and the straps were more like thick strings. It was not brand bra but a stitched one. He handed the bra to mom and told her to try blouse again.

Mom went behind the curtain and dropped her pallu and removed her blouse and unhooked bra. I could see mom breast silhouette clearly. I looked at ansari and again he was rubbing himself and also licking his lips. He looked at me and winked. I felt disgusted looking at him but at the same time i was getting an erection. I looked at the curtain again and mom finished putting her blouse. Mom spoke from the behind to ansari, “the blouse is not fitting properly i am not comfortable in it and also the neck is too wide”. Ansari replied, “ can you come out and show me the blouse again”. Mom said “ ok”. Mom came out from behind the curtain. I was again shocked looking at mom she was wearing the pink blouse and it was showing too much of her cleavage. The blouse had only three buttons. Mom looked flushed. Ansari was leering at mom. He went close to mom and said, “you are not wearing the bra properly”. Mom said, “how do you know that?” Ansari said, “i can show you that.” And he went closer to mom and started to undo the blouse hooks. Mom was taken by surprise by this but before she could say anything the blouse wide open. I too just kept looking at mom breast that were just covered by the small bra and it seems like they are going to spill out any moment. The bra was bit transparent and i could see mom’s nipples slightly. Ansari meanwhile was taking a good look at mom’s breast. Mom was clearly embarrassed by this but she was just not saying anything to him yet. Mom was about to open her open mouth to say something but ansari cut her off in middle and said, “i told you, you are not wearing the bra properly”, he continued pointing at mom’s breast, “ you see this small bums on the bra?” Mom after looking down said, “yes” tailor continued, “ your nipples should be in these bums for better hold of your breast”. I could clearly see mom’s nipples were at different angles. Mom was about to turn and go back behind the curtain when ansari caught her arm said, “ let me show you” mom was about to object but ansari caught hold of mom’s right breast with his left hand and pressed it. He then with his right hand adjusted the nipple; he repeated the same procedure with her left breast. Mom was clearly shaken by this act. Ansari then hooked her blouse. I was completely aroused by this whole act and so was ansari. I could see a bump in front of his pant. It took mom some time to come out of the shock.

Mom put her pallu back on her shoulder and acted as if nothing big as happen. Mom told ansari, “but still the blouse is showing too much”. Ansari replied, “ you wanted me to stitched the blouse according to latest fashion and you look great in it” mom blushed slightly. Ansari took my mom towards the steel cupboard, which had a large mirror on its door. He made mom stand before the mirror and he himself stood behind her very closely almost touching her body. He then removed the pallu from her shoulder, circled his arms around her a kept his just below her breast slightly lifting them and said, “ look at yourself, you can turn any man on” mom blushed at his comment. He continued, “ you should also wear your saree below your naval”. And before mom could say something he moved both his hands that were resting below the breast to her belly and then slipped his fingers inside her saree and pulled it down till her naval was clearly visible. This was the first time i had seen mom naval. It was big round and deep. Mom was now just breathing heavily. I could hear her clearly. Ansari after pulling mom saree below her naval started fingering her naval with his right hand and placed his left hand on her left thigh very closed to her vagina. Mom told him, “ i will take the blouse and bra” now mom wanting to get away from him before things get out of hand. Mom asked him, “ how much for the blouse and bra?” Ansari still holding mom at the same position said, “for you its free”. Ansari was now pulled mom towards him closely and was grinding his bulge into mom’s butt. Mom wanted to free herself. Ansari said, “you also want this”. He was now kissing my neck. Mom said, “ no”. Ansari replied, “ you are just feeling shy because of son’s presence but it seems like you have turned him on too”. Both of them looked at my crotch area and i was posing a tent in front of my pant. I was wearing a track pant and loose cotton under wear therefore the bulge was more visible.

Ansari now had his both hands near the area where the saree was tucked in. Mom was looking at my crotch shocked that she had turned me on. She did not realizing that ansari had pulled the saree out of her petticoat and was now undoing her petticoat knot which holds the saree. Mom suddenly realizes what was happening and caught her saree and petticoat with her both hands. Ansari left my mom from and quickly came stood in front of her. He then placed both his hand on mom’s neck and below ear and gave a long smooch. Mom stood stiff and did nothing; i was too shocked with this turn of events. Ansari then using his right started undoing mom blouse and when it was open he started pressing her boobs over her bra. Mom was still stood motionless. Ansari left my mom’s lips and brought his mouth on mom’s breast and started sucking her boobs over her bra. At the same he pushed mom’s hand that were holding the saree and petticoat. Mom eyes were now closed and she let her hand go. Somehow the saree and petticoat were still clinging on her body. Ansari still kissing and sucking mom’s boobs pushed the saree and petticoat to the ground. Now mom was standing in her open blouse and bra on the top and big white panty. Ansari was now kissing and sucking mom’s boobs and was cuddling mom’s ass. Then he looked at me and pointing his index finger called me to join him. I followed his instructions and went stood behind my mom. Mom’s eyes were still closed. I placed my both hands on mom’s shoulder and slowly removed her blouse and unhooked her bra but could not remove it completely because ansari was still on mom’s boobs. I looked down on mom and ansari had removed her panty and was now cuddling mom’s white naked ass with one hand and with other hand rubbing her vagina. I could not see her vagina as i was standing behind her. Ansari now moved below towards mom’s naval and started licking it. I looking at mom thought i should also participate in the act. Mom looked bit tried because she was standing for long time, so i brought the chair kept on one side of the room and made mom to sit on it. Mom opened her eyes and looked up to me. I could not control myself any more and kissed mom on her lips. I was kissing her and with my right hand removed her small bra that was just hanging on her breast. I looked down on mom’s breast for the first time. They were round, slightly sagging down but had nice black nipples that were erect. I moved towards mom’s boobs and took her left boob in my mouth and started pressing her other boob. After some time with both her breast i went down and started kissing her naval. I was kissing and licking her naval and at the same time pressing her boobs with my left hand and my right hand was fingering her hairy vagina. Her vagina was already wet. Ansari meanwhile started undressing himself. After i was satisfied with kissing and touching, i looked at ansari who was naked and was sporting an erection. He had circumcised dick and it was 6 inch long. He then rolled a condom on his dick. I stood up and he took mom to the mattress made her to lie down on it. Mom was just obeying him. He made mom to spread her legs and then directed his dick in her vagina and slowly started fucking her. Mom was moaning and ansari was picking the speed. I started undressing and when i was naked i took a look around and on the table ansari had kept the condom box. I took one condom and rolled it on my dick. Ansari meanwhile was fucking mom harder and i could hear his balls slapping against her ass. Mom was moaning a bit louder. Ansari at the same time was pressing her boobs and kissing her lips. Ansari suddenly announced that he was going to cum but mom spoke for the first time to delay it. But it was too late and he was already cumming. Ansari got up and i kneeled down between mom’s legs. Mom all of a sudden caught my hips and pulled me towards her. Mom spread her legs wider and i slipped my 5 inch dick in her and started fucking her. I too like ansari started pressing her boobs and kissing her lips. Mom was again moaning and then mom wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her arms around my shoulder. After sometime mom had intense orgasm even i could not hold on and started cumming. I got up after some time. Mom was breathing heavily. Ansari was already sporting one more erection. Ansari then told mom to get on all fours. After mom got on all fours, he kneeled behind mom and caught her hips and entered her. Ansari kept moving in and out of mom. I discarded the used condom from my dick. I then went in front of mom and started kissing her lips and pressing her boobs. Ansari told me to put my dick in her mouth. I kneeled down so that my dick was levelled to mom’s mouth. Mom did not take it in her mouth. Ansari saw this and slapped her thigh and shouted her to take it her mouth. I pushed my dick towards mom’s mouth and she wrapped her lips around my dick. Now ansari stop moving in and out of mom but he pushed and pulled mom. All i had to do was kneeled and mom’s mouth was going back and forth on my dick. Ansari came after sometime and pulled himself out. Mom stopped sucking me and i was not happy with this. Mom lay down on her back and told me fuck her. I quickly got on my feet and took a condom, rolled it and went near mom and entered her. I started again fucking her and came after sometime. Mom had not cummed yet and after i pulled out, she started fingering herself. I knew what mom wanted and i went near my mom and started licking her vagina. I found her clitoris and concentrated all my attention to it. She came after 5 minutes.

Ansari was looking at us and smiling. We all got dressed up. Ansari kissed my mom for the last time and said us to visit him again. Mom and i did not speak the entire journey back to home. After mom and i reached home, mom turned towards me and said, “ you should not mention this incident to anyone and whatever happened today will not happen again” i was sad hearing this. Mom saw the look on my face and said, “ you wanted to do it again” i replied, “yes mom i love you”. Mom said. “ i love you too and i really enjoyed your licking me,” she continued, “ what i meant by not repeating the incident again is we will not involve ansari again”. We went towards her room and started undressing and had bath and sex together in the bathroom.

Our relationship still continues till today. We have sex whenever we are alone.

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Your story is a bore . You are barely educated and your English is simply poor. Is this an attempt to exhibit your ignorance?

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You ass hole... Copied from" i want you so badly... Mom"

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i too love tom fuck your mom please enter your adress

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