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Introduction: Be forewarned, this story is probably pretty long, and the sex does not come until about midway through it. If this is not what you are looking for, don’t bother reading it. If, however, you like your sex stories with depth, background, and, GASP, a story, by all means, enjoy. Also, bear in mind that this is a STORY. It’s not real, it’s not a true story hiding behind the illusion of fiction, it’s just a story. Just because someone writes about something doesn’t mean they necessarily practice it. Fantasy and reality are two separate things, and one would do well to remember that fact when reading such stories as are present on this site, so by all means, please enjoy the story.
Alison Barnett, or Alley as her friends and family called her, entered the house after school one afternoon in a particularly grumpy mood. One of the girls at her high school was really getting on her nerves and stressing her out. Pushing a hand back through her light brown wavy hair, the seventeen year old girl looked around the kitchen in abject gloom. She decided she was thirsty, so she opened the refrigerator and rummaged through it until she finally found the soda she’d put in it the night before.

As she unscrewed the top and took a long, healthy drink of the soda, she frowned, wondering where in the world that stuck up little bitch Nicole LaFrain got off giving her grief. The girl in question was the typical high school rich kid snob. She had money, she was actually beautiful, until you got to know her, and she was extremely popular. She was in every cool club at school, and she was a cheerleader. The sun rose and set in Nicole LaFrain’s ass, it seemed, at least according to her peers. The girl was nasty to everybody and all the other kids her age just seemed to accept it.

Alley was beautiful, with long, wavy brown hair shot through with mildly blonde highlights, startlingly bright gray eyes, and a killer figure, despite her tiny stature. Alley was only five foot three inches tall, but she had a body that more than made up for her lack of height. Her figure was solid and perfect at one hundred ten pounds, and her breasts were full, round C cups, which were a size larger than Nicole’s. That little bit of information never ceased to bring a smile to Alley’s lips, because the guys at school certainly noticed her ample cleavage, over Nicole’s dramatically smaller one.

Nicole’s abuse of Alley stemmed from a lot of sources. First, she constantly looked down her nose at Alley because, unlike Nicole’s family, Alley’s family wasn’t rich. Alley’s mother had died several years earlier, when Alley had been only eight, and the medical conditions she had had were what had drained a lot of the Barnett family’s money. After her mother died, it had just been Alley and her father, Rob. Her father had taken her mother’s death quite hard, and was unable to work for a while afterwards. When he was finally able to return to work, they’d been so far behind on bills that they were just now starting to catch up a little.

So, as a result of having little money, Alley had gotten a job when she’d gotten old enough to work to take some of the burden off her father. She earned her own spending money, and she contributed to the household to help out her dad, who had taken such wonderful care of her, by himself, after her mother had died. Since Alley worked after school most of the time, she couldn’t participate in all the cool clubs and couldn’t be a cheerleader like Nicole was. Nicole, who had never had to work a day in her life, didn’t know what it was like to really need anything. She didn’t know the value or the satisfaction of working to get her own stuff.

One of the things that really irked Alley more than anything was the fact that Nicole not only trash talked her, but also her father. Rob had never remarried after his wife had died, and had not even really dated much. He’d seen a woman or two a few times apiece, but they never lasted more than three, maybe four, dates. Nicole talked about what a loser Rob was, and that he was a pathetic father not providing more for his daughter, and keeping her from having to work, and so much other stuff that Alley wondered how she kept from killing the other girl sometimes.

Nicole had always been a real bitch, even in elementary and middle school. High school only made her worse. About the time she and Alley were both about fourteen, Nicole really started laying the insults on hard, especially where Alley’s father was concerned. She even alluded to maybe Rob hadn’t remarried because he had all the pussy he needed right there at home with his slutty little daughter. That insult hadn’t been hurled but a couple of times, because Alley promptly punched her in the nose and broke it when they were fourteen. After that, if Nicole insinuated something about Alley and her father being sexually involved, she made sure it was very vague, for fear of getting her ass kicked again.

Alley, of course, had been suspended from school for violent behavior and had to see a counselor about the outburst. It annoyed Alley to no end that Nicole seemed to get off scott free for what she said to provoke Alley, but Alley had to endure counseling, social workers looking in on her, and that sort of thing. Alley had later learned that the social workers and such had looked in on her and her father because they were checking for signs of sexual abuse. All because Nicole had said it, they were required, they said, to investigate. There were even threats for a few weeks of Alley being taken from her father and put into foster care. Alley’s dad had been furious, and so had Alley. Finally, though, the Department of Human Services saw just how stupid and insane such an allegation was, and they finally had left them alone. The last social worker came to their house a week before Alley’s sixteenth birthday. She’d had to put up with that for right at two years.

After that incident, Nicole mostly just called her derogatory names, like poor white trash, slut, whore, and the like. According to Nicole, Alley would fuck anything that moved, and often did, several at a time, even. She wasn’t brave enough to suggest that Alley was having sex with her father again. She didn’t want to have her nose broken again, or worse. Nicole was stuck up, a little rich bitch, and an idiot in a lot of ways, but she wasn’t completely stupid. Nicole had never done anything for herself, where Alley had learned to fend for herself, and to help her dad out with a lot of things from a fairly early age.

Alley laughed darkly to herself as she thought about Nicole, and the bullshit she said and did. Nicole had a lot of nerve calling her a slut and a whore, she thought. Alley had had sex a grand total of three times in her young life, with two different guys that she dated, briefly, at different times. She wasn’t sure exactly what was wrong, she just knew they didn’t add up. They weren’t the person she wanted to even consider spending her life with someday. She had liked them, thought they were cute, the whole nine yards, but eventually, she looked at them, and found herself wanting to move on.

They’re nothing like Dad, she thought to herself as she sipped the soda and leaned back against the counter. I guess its true, all little girls compare their men to their father, and the guys I’ve dated just don’t stack up. Why can’t I find a guy like Dad? Her thoughts were growing more and more tumultuous as she let the random thoughts fly through her mind about Nicole and how much she couldn’t stand the perfect little blonde cunt.

Now, Nicole on the other hand, that was a slut and a whore, Alley reasoned. She had had sex at least thirty times, according to stories guys told in school, and even some of her own when she thought Alley wasn’t listening. Not only that, but she’d slept with half the football team, and came onto a couple of their teachers on a regular basis, wearing little low cut tops and sweaters that showed her cleavage almost to her nipples, wearing skirts so short they looked more like wide belts, and even wearing skirts with no panties a time or two. The more Alley thought about that, the more enraged she got. Where did she get off calling Alley a slut and a whore when she acted like that?

Her thoughts wandered back to her father again as she tried to calm down. He’d always been there for her, and had taken such great care of her after her mother had died. People had tried to get him to let Alley go live with her aunt and uncle or something similar, but Rob wouldn’t do it. She was his little girl, he said, and he was going to take care of her, or die trying. Nobody was taking her away from him, not even temporarily. Her lips curved upwards in a soft smile remembering him saying that on a couple of occasions. Sure, it’d been rough in places, but they’d made it, and that was the important thing.

The memories of the accusations that Nicole had started about her father having sex with her popped into her mind again, and she remembered how furious she had been when she heard it. The thing about it that pissed her off the most wasn’t that Nicole was accusing her of having sex with her dad, but that he would make her do it, or violate her in some way, she discovered as she sat down at the kitchen table, thinking about it. Where did that come from? she asked herself silently, chewing on her lip. She could feel her pussy growing wetter as she sat in the chair, her father’s chair, thinking about it.

She clamped her thighs tightly together in an effort to make it stop, but it didn’t. She could feel herself growing more and more aroused as she fought desperately to stop thinking about the sudden, forbidden desire she found herself experiencing. Her thick nipples stood out hard and erect behind the thin fabric of her shirt and bra. Her pussy was soaking through her panties into her thin shorts. Her stomach was quivering in anticipation and desire, and she felt her breath catching in her chest.

Okay, Alley, get a fucking grip! You’ve got to stop thinking about this! she screamed at herself mentally, trying to force her body to stop reacting in this manner. She was losing the fight though. She could feel herself slipping into forbidden lust, and it terrified her. Another voice in her mind, her own, but not at the same time, whispered to the part of her mind that was screaming, He’s a hot looking guy, whether he’s your father or not. He’s just going to waste without someone to love him like he needs to be loved. What better person to love Daddy than Daddy’s little girl? Nobody could love Daddy like you do. She was arguing with herself, having the angelic side versus the devilish side argument, just like you saw in the comedies and in commercials. If it hadn’t freaked her out so bad, she’d have been laughing her ass off. Right now, she was anything but laughing.

What tormented her so badly was that she did think her father was very handsome, even to the point of saying he was one of the hottest guys she’d ever seen. All her girlfriends had marveled at how good looking her dad was, and all of them had made jokes, half serious, about being willing to fuck him senseless if he’d let them. Alley knew they were probably more serious than they’d let on. Worse, to her secret shame, though she protested and told them how gross it was, them talking about her father, she had secretly agreed with them. She’d even found herself unable to sleep at night when her friends would stay over because their words would be ringing in her mind over and over, and she couldn’t rest until she masturbated. Alley had a healthy sex drive, like any teenaged girl, but she couldn’t get herself off fantasizing about actors and singers and athletes like she usually could. No matter how hard she concentrated trying to keep it out of her mind, she always wound up masturbating to thoughts about her father, and the orgasms were incredible. She’d literally squirted more than one night, and actually came so hard one night in particular, her juices squirted across the bed and landed on her friend Marcia’s thigh, where they’d been lying side by side.

Ironically enough, Nicole also blasted her because she wasn’t out and dating like she was, seeing a bunch of different guys, and “getting herself out there in the public eye,” as she called it. Alley wondered yet again how she could be this terrible slut that Nicole accused her of being, when she also called her basically a wall flower because she was never out there dating, because she was either at work, or at home. It didn’t matter, though, she knew. Nicole was the popular, rich girl, and Alley was the underdog. It wouldn’t matter what she did, Nicole would find a reason to snarl up her nose at her.

Now that she thought about it again, she realized that she stayed at home whenever she could because she liked being around her dad. Of course I like being around Daddy. He’s my father. Why wouldn’t I like being around him? she asked herself as she rubbed her palms up and down her thighs, back and forth slowly. She was getting antsy, she knew. She felt like she was drenched in sweat, which wouldn’t be a surprise with it being as hot as it was, even while school was still in session. But she knew it wasn’t the heat that was giving her the feeling of being drenched between her thighs, or at least not the heat of the weather.

Her nipples felt like they were going to explode, they were so hard, as she got up and put her glass in the sink, and ran upstairs to her room. Pulling open a drawer, she pulled a bikini out, and undressed quickly, glancing at herself in the mirror as she did so. Her body was lean, curvy, and pretty much perfect. At least, that’s what her two former boyfriends had told her when they’d each seen her naked in all her glory. Her breasts rode high on her chest, were large for her frame, but not too large, and were full and round. The dark areolas on each of them were nearly the size of her palm, with a nipple as thick as a finger in the center of each. Her skin was a soft, smooth light brownish tan color, and it was as soft as silk to her touch. Her sparse pubic hair was kept neatly trimmed in a sort of V shape, cropped close to the skin, leaving it only slightly wispy.

Finally getting into the bikini, she grabbed a thick beach towel, and headed back downstairs. Seeing her dad wasn’t home yet, she went out the sliding glass doors and to the pool, laying her towel on a chair. Leaping into the water, she swam across the pool and surfaced, pushing her hair back from her face. The water felt good on her skin in the late spring heat. Soon she’d be out of school, and wouldn’t have to worry as much about Nicole LaFrain and her stupid self, she thought, swimming around the pool in random patterns.

Rob Barnett worked hard, and he liked to enjoy his time off work at home as much as he could. He pulled into the driveway of his house, and got out of the car, opening the door and entering the house wearily. He’d been working on a heavy project for quite some time now, and he was exhausted, physically and mentally. He needed to unwind and relax, he knew, so he opened the refrigerator and grabbed a beer, opening it and sipping on it thoughtfully.

Looking in the sink, he noticed the glass and figured Alley must be home. He smiled at the thought, because if she had been home, she probably hadn’t had to work that night, and would actually be home. Rob enjoyed spending time with his daughter, despite the fiasco a few years before in which some nut had suggested he was fucking Alley in some sort of incestuous affair or something. While he knew his daughter was exceptionally beautiful and attractive, sometimes too beautiful and attractive, he’d never laid a hand on her in a sexual way.

He’d been absolutely furious over the accusation when it’d been presented to him, but he had nothing to hide. He never said or did anything untoward to Alley, and not only would Alley tell them that, he would show them during the many times they had themselves stuck up his and Alley’s asses, trying to find proof the incest was going on. Unfortunately, since then, when he thought about it, he still got mad, but then he’d find himself imagining Alley naked, or peeping on her when she was in the shower, or swimming or something. His cock would get as hard as steel thinking about or watching his daughter, and it would ache to be inside her tight, hot, wet little pussy, or her mouth, or her ass, or anywhere he could get it.

The harder he tried to get the thoughts out of his head, the more they’d come unbidden. It was like Hell itself coming to greet him, because she’d come sit with him on the couch and he’d be staring at her, or even just parts of her, and his cock would rise to full erectness, and he’d have to mumble something about the bathroom while running upstairs to try and get himself under control. It didn’t even have to be anything sexual, which confounded him even more. Just watching her hands, or staring at her feet and ankles as she had them propped up on the coffee table would get his prick standing at full attention. It could literally be any part of her, it didn’t matter. All he had to do was see skin, and he had an instant erection.

He had to get these thoughts out of his head, he knew. He could slip up and actually say something to Alley, or worse, he could touch her in some forbidden way, and there’d be no taking it back. He had to get control of himself and quick. He looked around and didn’t see her in the house as he walked from room to room. Good, he thought to himself as he ran back up the stairs. That means I can take a quick cold shower, and sit on the couch and lose myself in the TV for a little while, so I’m good and limp when she gets home.

Heading towards the bathroom, he passed Alley’s door after he exited his own bedroom with towel in hand. Her door was open, and there, on the floor, was a pile of her clothes. It wasn’t like Alley to leave clothes laying around like that, he knew, so he wondered if she’d been in a hurry. Despite his willing himself to the bathroom, he went into her bedroom and picked up her panties from the pile. They were fairly skimpy, and sexy without being slutty. A strong smell struck his nose as he held them near his face, and he smiled, bringing the crotch of her panties closer to his nose and face. He inhaled deeply, smelling the smell of his little girl’s hot, aroused and leaking pussy. His cock stiffened instantly, and he felt it jump freely where he was standing there naked, towel in hand, prepared for a shower. He couldn’t believe what he was smelling. He knew the scent of a horny pussy, and the smell alone told him that his baby girl was incredibly horny. What was more, the crotch was soaked and wringing wet half way up the ass of them.

He smiled to himself and held his head back, twisting the panties over his open mouth. Sure enough, thick juices of female arousal dripped from the panties into his mouth. He rolled them around on his tongue for a moment and then swallowed, feeling his cock grow even harder, so hard the red head was turning purple. Even tainted by the fabric of the panties, Alley’s juices had tasted heavenly. They were the best tasting pussy juices he’d ever tasted in his life. Balling up the panties in his hand, he took them into the bathroom with him, and got into the cold shower, hoping desperately to calm himself down before Alley got home. He wasn’t sure how he was going to look her in the face, having smelled her panties, and knowing that someone had gotten her extremely hot and bothered.

It bothered him, the thought of his daughter getting that aroused by someone, but she was seventeen. He knew she was going to get interested enough to try sex sooner or later, and he knew she was smart enough to take precautions and to be smart about it. They’d talked about it a lot of times over the years, but it’d gotten increasingly hard after the whole accusation of incest thing.

He wondered if she was with the boy that had done that to her right then. Her car was in the driveway, but he hadn’t seen her or heard her. If she’d been swimming, he figured he’d have seen her through the sliding glass doors while he was walking around back and forth through the living room. His cock was dropping some, because of the cold water raining down on him, but at that thought, it stood back up, nearing its full hardness again. Sighing, he turned the water to the coldest temperature he could get it to, and his dick went promptly back limp.

After soaking himself long enough to make sure his cock wouldn’t just pop up by itself anytime in the immediate future, he got out and dried his hair a bit, wrapping up in the towel, and heading downstairs once again. Parking himself on the couch, he turned on the TV and flipped through channels. He had to admit, it felt good, being able to sit here and relax, wrapped in a towel, without having to worry about getting dressed for the time being in this ungodly heat.

Meanwhile, Alley had been swimming around the pool, most of it underwater, in an attempt to work out the energy she had built up before coming outside to the pool. Finally, her muscles started to ache, and she slipped out of the water, and went into the small changing shack, taking her towel with her. She slid out of her soaking bikini, and put it in the hamper to be washed that they kept outside for the swimsuits and such. Drying herself off a bit, she wrapped up in the towel and headed for the door. She slid the door open, and entered, closing it behind her, and walked towards the couch.

She stopped dead in her tracks. Her father was sitting on the couch, wrapped in a towel, watching TV. Apparently, he hadn’t heard the sliding glass door open and shut in the next room, or her soft footsteps on the carpet coming into the living room. Her nipples sprang to rapt attention, poking against the soft, fluffy towel, and her pussy began spasming so badly, she was sure she’d end up falling down. Choking back her shock and surprise, she smiled, and tried to play it off as naturally as possible, “Hi, Daddy. Mind if I sit with you for a while? Its really hot, and I’ve got a monster headache.” Her eyes traced her father’s body, admiring his older, but sexy, physique. He was every bit as firm and muscular as a guy her age, she decided, and he had a lot of experience under his belt.

Rob was surprised to hear his daughter’s voice come over the sound of the TV. He jumped slightly, and looked up, seeing Alley in her towel and swallowed. His cock was rising as his eyes moved over her neck and shoulders, the shape of her breasts under the towel, the points of her nipples poking out against the towel, and her sexy legs under the hem of the towel, which just barely came to mid thigh. “Oh, hi, baby girl,” he replied, trying to make himself sound as normal and casual as he could. “Not at all, come sit down. If your head’s hurting, sweetheart, why don’t you take something for it, and take a nap?” As much as he hated trying to get his daughter out of the room, he knew she’d see his towel poking up like a high rise circus tent because of his hard cock under it if he didn’t do something.

“Thanks, Daddy. I took some Tylenol when I got out of school, hoping it’d have kicked in by now, but so far, no luck,” she said as she sat down very close to her father, but not quite touching him. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see his dick poking up under the towel. Did I catch him watching porn or something? That can’t be for me, can it? she asked herself silently as she felt her pussy getting even wetter. She could only guess at how big it was, from looking at it under the towel, but though it didn’t look like a monster or an old oak tree trunk, it didn’t look like it’d fail to please, either. It looked more than adequate to please her churning desires. “A nap sounds good, Daddy. Can I put my feet in your lap so you can rub them like you used to?” she asked, already moving to lay down with her head at the opposite side of the couch.

Rob swallowed hard again. He hadn’t counted on her wanting to take her nap there, on the couch, with him. At least she would have her head far away from his burgeoning cock, where he couldn’t fantasize further about slipping it between her sexy lips. He patted his thigh rather off rhythm, and smiled weakly, “Sure, baby girl. Just lie down, and put your feet up here, and Daddy will rub them for you. It used to relax you when you were little.” His hand rubbed softly over her lower calf, caressing it gently as his hand worked closer to her feet. She shifted a bit, and her feet were squarely in his lap, just hairs away from brushing her soles against the head of his enormously swollen cock.

“Anywhere you rubbed me made me feel better, Daddy. I loved it when you rubbed my feet, my back, my forehead….anywhere you rubbed felt much better. Still does,” Alley said, situating herself and squirming a bit, trying to hide that she was clenching her thighs tightly down on her pussy to keep it from throbbing madly inside her. His gentle touch, always so perfect and soft, didn’t help her arousal any. She grew hornier and hornier, and more and more aroused, with every passing second. She could smell her sweet, musky scent thick on the air already, and prayed her father couldn’t.

Rob glanced down at his young daughter, and saw the hem of the towel move up her thigh a couple of inches, giving him a very nice peek at her ass cheeks and the bottom of her pussy. His cock grew even harder, and he moaned softly, feeling his erection nudge the edge of the towel higher up his thigh. Thankfully, her eyes were closed, and she seemed at peace. Apparently, she’d already fallen asleep with him rubbing her feet. Struggling, trying to control himself, he tried to focus on the TV, but Alley’s towel parted a bit more, and he could see her wispy pubic hair, the curve of her soft belly, and the bottoms of her nice, round tits. His cock was throbbing so hard he thought he’d pass out from lack of blood in his head.

Alley had fought the compulsion to sleep, and managed to stay awake, but fake being asleep. She felt the towel she wore edging apart, and giving her father a hell of a show, and waited to see what he’d do. She didn’t dare open her eyes enough to peek, but she heard him moan softly. Pretending to shift around a little in her sleep, her feet brushed the towel he wore up and her feet slipped under its edge, to come in direct skin to skin contact with his cock. Her eyes nearly snapped open when she felt the hot, quivering length of his cock against her smooth foot. It had already been as hard as a rock, but when she touched it, it got even harder, and pulsed like crazy. She brushed the tops of her smooth toenails along the top of the thick member, and then managed to squeeze it between her feet, gripping it a little with her toes. She stopped, and lay still for a few moments, pretending to still be asleep. Her father was throbbing like crazy against her feet.

Rob’s breath nearly left him when Alley’s feet slipped under the towel and teased against his mightily throbbing shaft. He felt the head swell to what must be a thick, purple knob, and he almost came right then and there. He raised his hands, and tried desperately to find someplace to put them where he wouldn’t be touching Alley. He knew if he touched her, he’d be stripping the towel off her, and his mouth went dry at the very thought of that. Alley groaned softly and stretched, reaching over her head to stretch her shoulders and turning more onto her back, which had the effect of popping the towel off her body, revealing her firm, round breasts, smooth belly, and thick, pink pussy lips lightly covered by a thin, sparse, wispy crown of pubic hair to his eyes. He could smell his daughter’s pussy, the scent thick on the air, the most heady perfume he’d ever imagined, and could see her pussy literally glistening with thick fluids slowly running from her entrance.

Alley’s movements also had the effect of stroking her feet up and down his mercilessly throbbing cock, jacking him off with her feet a couple of strokes, while she got situated. Further, her feet successfully kicked the fold of the towel completely off his lap, revealing him completely to her eyes if she had them open, which she wished fervently she had. Her Daddy’s cock felt bigger than either of the guys she’d been with. It wasn’t as big, she knew, as some she’d seen in porno movies, but it was definitely a pussy pleaser. She lay still for a few more moments, and then began twisting and turning a little, making sure her feet moved up and down his hard, lusting cock.

Rob couldn’t believe what was happening. It was like something out of a wet dream, only it was real, and if Alley woke up, she’d probably scream her head off, and run from him, he thought. Of course, he had no way of knowing that Alley couldn’t believe it was happening either, and she was afraid he’d never talk to her or look at her again if he knew she was awake. It was her deepest, most secret fantasy, even secret from herself, she realized, to fuck her father. She wasn’t exactly fucking him, but it was definitely sex of a sort. Her feet stroked his cock slowly, and she could feel the massive surge running through the thick man meat. She was glad she’d kicked the towel completely off. She wanted to watch when he shot off. Alley knew Rob wouldn’t be able to focus well enough to tell if she was watching or not.

Rob’s breath was coming in ragged pants, and his cock was getting harder and thicker all the time. His hips thrust up from the couch a few times, trying to fuck her sweet, sexy little feet as she rubbed her feet against him. He bit his lip because he knew, without a doubt, he was going to cum, and there was nothing on earth that would be able to stop that. His daughter’s feet, so incredibly sexy and hot, stroked his cock more and more, faster and faster. He’d never been attracted to feet in his life. He’d appreciated a nice looking pair of feet before, but never had feet gotten him hard, not before Alley’s did. He pumped his cock uncontrollably between his daughter’s sexy toes, and he had to bite down to keep from crying out as his body went stiff and shuddered, and his cock exploded, sending a geyser of hot, thick, burning cum all over his daughter’s toes and feet. Cum ran thick over her toenails, and between her toes, and Rob’s breathing raced still, along with his pulse, as his cock kept twitching, gushing out little squirts of cum after the big one.

Alley’s eyes opened fully when she felt her father getting ready to cum. When he did start squirting those thick, hot ropes of cum over her feet, she felt her pussy spasm, and she moaned softly, which thankfully was lost in the rush of Rob’s breath and his own groans of pleasure. Cum seeped hot and wet out of Alley’s pussy as her Daddy’s cum ran between her toes and blobbed over her instep and toenails. She prayed he hadn’t noticed her moan, and the smell of her sweet, hot, juicy pussy getting even thicker on the air. She wanted to lick her father’s cum from her feet, wanted to scrape every last drop of it off her feet and swallow it, and then take her father’s cock in her mouth and clean him completely, then suck until he got hard again. But, she didn’t dare try it. She knew in her mind Rob didn’t stop her because he couldn’t stop her. She’d gotten him too aroused, and after a certain point, cock takes precedence over mind. As she thought about it, she wondered if she could get him so aroused that he’d have no choice but to fuck her. It was something she wanted to try desperately.

Rob collapsed against the back of the couch, sweating and panting like crazy. His cock was still twitching, even though it’d squirted its last rope of cum a couple of seconds before. The head of his cock was still swollen and purple, and the vein on the side of his dick pulsed visibly. He couldn’t believe what had happened. His daughter had just masturbated him, in her sleep, with her feet, no less, and it was the best damned sexual experience he’d ever had! He couldn’t decide if it was the fact it was feet that had gotten him off, or if it was because it was Alley’s feet, that made him so euphoric about what had just happened. His daughter’s feet were better than every pussy he’d ever had, including his wife’s, and he’d loved his wife’s pussy more than anything. He didn’t know how to feel about that, or what to think about it. All he knew is that everything about his daughter beckoned him like the call of a siren, luring him in, making him crave, demand, lust for more.

This couldn’t go on, he knew. With any luck, Alley would never know what happened, and he could never tell her. Then he thought about the cum all over her feet. What’s she going to think when she wakes up and her toes are sticking together? he thought frantically. What’s she going to think when she smells cum on the air and on her feet, and she’s had her feet in my lap? I’ve got to think of something, and fast! his thoughts raced as he looked around the room like a cornered deer, surrounded by a pack of wolves. Lifting up, he pulled the towel out from under his ass and gently cleaned up her feet, making sure to get all the cum off them, especially from between the toes.

Alley pouted in her feigned sleep. She’d wanted to scoop it up on her finger and suck it off, so she could taste her Daddy and his cum. When Rob finished with her feet, she decided it’d gone that far, it could go a bit further. She was now determined to give herself completely to her father. She could tell he wanted her. She never suspected he wanted her in her wildest dreams, but the volcano of cum all over her feet, and the incredible hardness of his cock told her without a doubt that he wanted her probably as bad as she wanted him. Her pussy churned just thinking about it. She knew it was wrong, so wrong, but it felt too right not to try it. It was a huge risk, she knew. She could destroy the bond and relationship that meant more to her than anything, but her desire was uncontrollable and it wouldn’t be denied.

Right as Rob put the towel back down, he started as if to get up. Alley immediately groaned and held her head, raising up on an elbow with her eyes still closed. Rob froze in place, not sure what was about to happen. Could she be about to confront him about fucking her feet while she was asleep? Was she going to freak out from the stickiness on her skin that was his cum? Had the throbbing of his cock against her feet woke her up? So many questions flew through his mind.

Alley groaned again, long and low, and turned where she sat on the couch, and lay back down, this time with her head deep in her father’s lap. Rob’s chest caved in, his breath rushed out of him so fast. Her shoulder was against his thigh, and her neck was across it, leaving her head supported by the other thigh, and her nose and mouth hovered right over his cock. There was no towel to protect it now, and her own towel was crumpled on the couch, left behind in her sleep maneuvering. Rob moaned, feeling her breath wash over his thick cock and lower belly. Immediately, his cock began stirring, and rose through her thick, wavy hair to brush against her cheek. He hissed, holding his breath, desperately willing his cock to go down, but to no avail. If anything, it got even harder.

As Rob was cursing himself, Alley felt the thick shaft brush against her cheek. It was hot, and the blood flowed so hard beneath the thin skin that she could feel it almost rushing against her skin. She shifted her position a bit, pushing against the back of the couch, and moved her head back, in order to give his cock more room to rise. It had started to hurt, pressing into her jaw like it had been, it was getting so hard. Her mouth dropped open, as she pretended to be deeply asleep, and breathing through her mouth. This had the effect of making her breath wash even more over Rob’s ever hardening cock, making it stand even higher than before.

Alley’s father was beside himself, wondering how in the hell he was going to get himself out of this position. The slightest movement, and she was going to wake up and find herself eye to piss hole with his cock, and maybe even just in time to watch it squirt all over her face. He couldn’t control himself, and that scared him more than anything. Alley’s body was fully exposed to his eyes right now. Her thighs were parted wide enough that he could reach between them and push a finger inside her tight little pussy. Her generous, firm breasts were almost pressed against his thigh, since Alley had arched her back somewhat when she shifted position. Her tight, firm ass was just on the couch, nearly hanging off, and close enough he could grab it and squeeze the firm cheeks in his hand until she moaned with pleasure. Worst of all, if she moved just slightly, at the angle his cock was pointing, and the angle her head could easily move to, the head of his cock would push right into her mouth if she shifted just right.

These thoughts raced through Rob’s mind as he stared in horror at his little girl. He wanted to caress her head, brush her hair back with his hand, but he dared not. He knew that in his incredibly turned on state, he’d grab her head and start fucking her mouth, and that was not a good thing at all to even allow to be thought about, in his mind. Why does she have to be so incredibly beautiful and fucking hot? There’s not a man alive that could resist the temptation to take her, not even me, her father. Especially not me, he lamented to himself as he thought desperately to find a way to extricate himself before something truly unthinkable happened.

Even as he dreaded it, Alley’s devious little plan went into stage two. The amazing thing was that she hadn’t consciously thought about what she was doing now, and planned to seduce her father in such a subtle fashion. Alley herself had rebelled against the actions her body was taking of its own accord, so it seemed. She knew she found her father attractive, knew she wanted him, desired him, and lusted after him, but she never thought she’d actually get brave enough to try to seduce him. Yet, here she was, doing just that. It was like watching someone else’s actions, she decided, yet it was deliciously her doing it.

Her mouth opened a little wider as she made a pretense of yawning in her sleep, moving a bit and settling once more. Once she quit moving, her lips wrapped softly around the head of Rob’s swollen cock. He felt like he was going to have a heart attack, so intense was the shock. Her lips were relaxed, and they just barely fit around the head of his cock. He never realized Alley slept with her mouth open so wide, but apparently she was more tired than he thought. He dared not move, lest he start moving his hips and shoving his cock deeper into his daughter’s warm, wet mouth.

Alley groaned softly, and Rob was sure that she was waking up, and was going to discover his cock in her mouth. However, Alley didn’t open her eyes or raise up. Instead, her lips came to grip around his cock firmly, and her tongue laved under the head of it a moment before she started suckling at it, like a baby at a bottle. Rob’s mouth hang open, and he dared not breathe, let alone move. His cock twitched and throbbed in her mouth, pushing against her lips and tongue and he could feel precum oozing out the head into her mouth. He knew any second, she was going to taste the bitter taste of his precum and wake up, wondering what in the hell was going on. Rob couldn’t believe his daughter reverted to the natural suckling action of an infant in her sleep. Apparently, she just needed something stuck in her mouth, part of him thought lewdly.

Despite his focused attempt to control himself, the want, the need, the desire and the lust for his daughter got the best of him. He began to push his cock slowly in and out of her mouth. The head slid back and forth over her lips and tongue as he pushed a little deeper and a little deeper again every few strokes. He kept things slow and easy, because he didn’t want to wake her up, though he was amazed she hadn’t woke up yet. For her part, Alley continued to pretend to be asleep, though she was amazed her father was still falling for the act. Or was he? Maybe he knew she was awake and was just playing along? Alley didn’t know for sure, but she wasn’t taking any chances. When Rob started to slowly fuck her mouth, she smiled mentally, and subtly began sucking harder, and using her tongue more. Her father was so turned on and into it, she doubted he realized his daughter was actively sucking his cock.

Alley was right. Rob’s cock was doing all the thinking at the moment. His mind had totally taken a back seat, and was out of commission. The member swelled even larger, and his hips moved it back and forth a little faster. His hands automatically came to her head, stroking her hair, and holding her head gently, keeping her mouth firmly wrapped around his burgeoning prick. More precum oozed into her mouth, and she swallowed it greedily, knowing that the cum that was soon to explode in her mouth would be a lot tangier and sweeter. Her mouth started to really work on his cock, sucking it harder and harder, and she moved her head up and down the length of it, occasionally taking it out of her mouth to let it slide over her cheek while she deviously licked up and down its length before taking it back in her mouth. Here she was, actually giving her Daddy a real blow job, and he apparently had no idea she was awake and voluntarily sucking his cock.

Alley’s oral skills, which she’d practiced on the two boyfriends she’d had several times each, though she’d only had intercourse three times between the both of them, came in handy. Rob was lost in a universe of sensation as his daughter’s sweet, young mouth sucked and swallowed his hard cock over and over again, and her tongue, talented and limber, swirled and teased over it. All Rob knew was that the impromptu blowjob was even better than the foot job, and as far as he knew, Alley was still asleep. He had no hope of thinking in any way even remotely resembling clearly, not with Alley’s lips and tongue wrapped around his quivering dong. His hands tangled in her hair as he pushed his cock even deeper into her mouth, pressing his balls against her cheek as she swallowed his entire length.

A slight gagging sound snapped Rob out of his oral heaven, and he froze in mid stroke. His cock was rammed all the way down Alley’s throat, and his pubic hair was tickling her nose and lips. His fingers were curled tightly in her hair, and his entire body was stiff. Alley swallowed, pulling at the head of his cock with her throat, and that was all it took. Moaning loudly, he hissed in what he hoped was too soft for her to hear, “That’s it baby, swallow Daddy’s cum. Eat all of it, you sexy, hot little thing you. God I want to fuck you so bad I can’t stand it!” The tensions had been mounting, but as he finished the little whispered hope, Alley stroked her tongue fully along the bottom of his cock and swallowed again, sucking hard. He yelped and pumped his hips, exploding in her hot mouth, filling it with his seed, as his cock squirted great gout after gout, squirt after squirt, in her waiting and eagerly hungry mouth.

Alley came, and hard, when Rob whispered, hoping she was too deeply asleep to hear it. There was no disguising she was awake now, not even to Rob in his lust ridden consciousness. The teenage girl swallowed convulsively, eagerly taking the next mouthful as her father’s cock twitched crazily in her mouth. Her hand came up to stroke his cock, making sure to milk each and every last drop into her waiting gullet. She placed her left foot flat on the couch, which had her left knee raised up like a triangle with the couch cushions, and humped her hips towards her father madly. Taking her hand off his cock, she grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand down between her thighs, pressing it against her pussy and humping against his hand. His fingers felt the thick, slick wetness of her pussy as she exploded, cumming against his fingers, trying to get him to push one or two of them inside her. She moaned around his thick cock and opened her eyes, looking up at her father with her startlingly beautiful gray eyes. Her other hand wrapped around his dick from underneath, and stroked it, while keeping the head firmly trapped in her mouth.

Rob was so deeply in shock, he wasn’t sure what to do. He knew that he’d just fucked his daughter’s mouth, possibly even raped her mouth, except that she’d woke up and started sucking voluntarily, and even milked his cock into her eager mouth. She was also trying her best to fuck his fingers, trying to get them inside her. He was confused, and didn’t know what to think. His mind was deeply clouded by shame, desire, want, need, love, lust, so many things he couldn’t think straight at all. His cock was twitching, leaking its last few dregs of cum into Alley’s waiting mouth. He could feel her swallowing it all with his cock still in her mouth, and despite every attempt, he was still twitching in desire, even as he deflated.

More startling than anything else, instead of seeming repulsed, and looking like she was going to run screaming, Alley seemed aroused and like she wanted to suck his cock, and probably more. He remembered his whispered rantings a moment ago, and felt himself sink even lower. If she’d been awake, she probably heard him. What would she think of her father then? Hell, for that matter, what did she think of her father now? He was torn between his love for his daughter as his daughter, and the love a man has for a woman, which includes the desire a man has for a woman, and even the lust a man has for a woman. He was conflicted in every sense of the word, and was definitely unsure of what to make of Alley’s behavior and attitude. What he was raised to believe was inherently wrong was at war with what he was feeling, which felt so inherently right.

Licking his lips, he shifted back against the back of the couch as far as he could, trying to slip his cock out of his daughter’s greedy mouth, but the head remained firmly lodged between her lips. “Alley,” he began, unsure of what really to say, but knowing he had to say something. “I…I don’t know how this all happened. I just….God, how do I even try to explain this? I’m sorry, baby girl. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen, not in any way. I…its just been so long….I was weak, Alley. Forgive me. Please. I beg you, sweetheart.” The incongruity of Alley still sucking avidly at the head of his cock didn’t seem to penetrate his mind, but then again, logic usually does under the weight of the emotions of the caliber Rob was now carrying.

Alley finished cleaning the head of her father’s dick, and slowly sat up. She leaned across his lap, and moved closer until her nipples grazed his chest, and her eyes were just inches from his, as were her full, pouty lips. Her tongue still tingled with the taste of his scrumptious cum, and her throat burned, wanting more. She reached up with her left hand and laid her fingers flat, gently, across his lips. “Shh, Daddy,” she began, looking him directly in the eye. “It’s all right. Really, it is.” She gathered herself for a moment as Rob stared at her, and then she crawled over to straddle his lap, wrapping her thighs around his waist. “I…I have a confession to make. I wasn’t really asleep. I knew what was going on. I wanted it to happen.”

Rob’s expression grew harder to read as she spoke, but he didn’t say anything. She figured he was probably too shocked to, and maybe too repulsed to. She felt her face redden, and her pussy grow wetter, with it pressed against the top of his cock as it was. “I didn’t plan this to happen, Daddy, I swear I didn’t. It just…happened. I got to thinking about things today, and Nicole and her bullshit, and you popped in my head, and I thought about how hot you are, and how much I love you, and I got wet thinking about you, and I couldn’t calm down, so I went for a swim, and when I came out, here you were, and it just…it just happened.” Her words came out in a rush, all piled on top of each other, and she started to cry, sure that her father would never speak to her again, despite the fact he’d enjoyed what had happened. Of course he had. He couldn’t help it that the sex drive is often stronger than intellect.

Rob listened to Alley in amazement. He couldn’t believe that she’d been awake even through the “accidental” foot job. When she called him hot, and talked about getting wet thinking about him, his male pride swelled a bit. It’s not every day the most secretly desired woman of your fantasies tells you, for real, that you’re hot, and that she gets wet thinking about you. “You wanted it to happen?” he asked, stroking her cheek and pulling her to his chest to hold her when she started to cry. He hated seeing her cry. He always had. He kissed her forehead softly, wiping away the small tears that were standing on the tops of her cheeks. She nodded at his question, as he cupped her cheeks in his hands and continued, “I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t want it to happen. Besides, if you were awake, you felt how much cum I pumped all over your feet and then again in your mouth. But its much more than just wanting to have sex with you, Alley. I’m your father. I love you. I’m supposed to protect you, to watch over you, not to do things like that to you. I was weak, Alley. I’m sorry.” The shame and the fear had returned, and his upbringing was trying to reassert itself, now that his mind was working again, at least marginally.

“Oh, Daddy, I know you love me. You do protect me, and watch over me, and help me, and all that,” she said, wiping her face a bit, and sniffling. “I’ve watched you for so long be alone. I’ve seen you suffer silently all this time. I’ve watched you end relationship after relationship. Sure, they weren’t right for you, but that’s not really why you ended them. They weren’t Mom. Nobody could ever be Mom, or close to Mom.” She could tell by the look on his face that she was right. She paused, and then whispered softly, “Except, maybe, me. I could be close to Mom. I know how Mom felt about you. I know how she saw you, how she made you feel, how she completed you. I could come closer to giving you what Mom gave you than any other woman in the world.” She stopped talking for a moment. She was aware that her emotions were getting the best of her. She was sure that she sounded crazy to her father’s ears. Maybe she was crazy. But if she was, she was crazy in love with her father, and had been for a long time. It hadn’t been until today that she’d realized that was the truth of the matter. She knew it the first time he came for her. She hoped her father didn’t think she was crazy, but the weird tornado of emotions inside her was threatening to lay everything to waste. It was so strong she couldn’t contain or control it any longer. She really hoped he felt the same way she did. She didn’t know what she’d do if he didn’t.

The older man frowned slightly as he listened, holding his little girl in his arms, comforting her from crying. As she spoke, he wondered if she was maybe hysterical. She wasn’t overly rushed, but he could feel the incredible emotion behind her words. What really startled him was how much her words made sense to him. Was he maybe losing himself to whatever madness possessed him to do this with his daughter? He honestly couldn’t say any longer. He’d lost that objectivity necessary to say one way or the other. “What are you saying, Alley? You’re right about your mother. I loved her more than anything in the world, well anything except you. Your mother completed me, yes, and made me feel like I could do anything. You were right about the others. Nobody else could make me feel like that. Nobody else could be what I needed them to be,” he said, stroking her hair still, looking into her eyes. “You are so much like your mother, and you’re so much different than she was. What just happened…..I….I don’t know how to say what it is that I felt, or feel…” The words I think I’m in love with you. I think I’m in love with my daughter paused behind his lips, unspoken. He couldn’t bring himself to say them aloud. Even so, he still felt that way. He was taken totally by surprise, he was shell shocked beyond belief. He searched her eyes, hoping for some sign as to how she felt, so he’d know how to continue. They couldn’t undo what they’d done. It was over. They’d had sex, even if it wasn’t intercourse. They’d committed incest. But as terrible as it was to the ear, and the mind, it felt oddly right to the heart. The heart didn’t care who you were in love with, it only knew being in love.

Listening to her father, Alley decided to lay it all on the line. She swallowed, gathering her wits for what was to come. She was taking a big risk, a big gamble. If her father didn’t feel the same way she did, she ran the risk of losing him forever, because it was possible he’d never want anything to do with her ever again. She knew what they’d done, and she knew what the beliefs both of them had been raised with said about it, and how terrible it was. She leaned forward and kissed him fully on the mouth, passionately, for long moments. It wasn’t a kiss of lust, this was different. It was a kiss of emotion, of love. This was a kiss a man and woman who love each other enough to share their lives with each other for the rest of their lives shared. When the kiss broke softly, her eyes fluttered open, and she brushed her fingertips gently down his face. “I’m….I’m in love with you, Daddy. Its more than just wanting you sexually. I want….I need you,” she said in a bare whisper, looking into his eyes. She hadn’t risked their relationship and everything they shared to simply scratch the proverbial itch. It hadn’t been a moment of unguarded lust, which they’d promptly return to normal after indulging, or even share moments of lust with each other throughout their lives while still being with other people. Her emotion was pure, simple, and true. She knew her heart, how she felt. It was bad enough to want to fuck her father. Could it really be much worse to not only want to fuck him, but to be in love with him as well?

If he were to tell anybody, he knew they’d say it was corny as all hell. Assuming they didn’t want to burn him at the stake for committing incest. The whole talk about love and being in love with each other, it was what others would call corny, aside from yelling to string them up for being incestuous. Even so, Rob couldn’t deny what he was feeling, corny or not. It was the truth, and his little girl had been braver than he was. How sad was that? She actually admitted her feelings, which were the same as his. She was only a kid. Some father he was, he thought. “You’re incredible,” he said at last, after a long silence. Alley had been worried he’d reject her after her confession. “I’ve felt that way a lot longer than I’d admit, even to myself, I think. I’m in love with you, too. Maybe I was secretly hoping something would happen, and that’s why I fucked up so many relationships. I need you too.” If this were a movie, I’d be throwing shit at the screen by now. How cornball can you get? But the shoe’s on the other foot. Its me, its really me, and its how I really feel. Its not so much cornball bullshit when its you doing the feeling, he thought, once more kissing his daughter’s lips.

Sweeping her up in his arms, he picked her up and carried her up the stairs and down the hall towards the bedroom, his bedroom. Opening the door with his foot, he set her down on the bed, and kissed her again, not saying a word. After a quick trip to the bathroom, he came back refreshed, and lay her gently back on the bed, crawling up with her. His hands roamed her body, exploring every perfect curve, every little place there was. He worshipped her body with his hands, and then with his lips, kissing her all over.

Parting her thighs, he kissed softly over her labia, pulling them apart with his thumbs and licking softly up the soft, pink flesh of her inner lips. Once to her clit, he sucked it gently in his mouth and then flicked it with his tongue, lashing it in slow, circular motions, growing faster and faster, then dipping to push his tongue inside her and wiggle it around, and then back to the circular motions on her clit. Between his legs, his cock throbbed and protested. It wanted to be inside her, and right this second.

Climbing up, he slid atop her body, caressing her cheek and kissing her lips again. She went to speak, but he hushed her with his fingers lightly over her lips, shaking his head. There would be time for talk later. Right now, they needed to fuck….he corrected himself in mid thought, no, they needed to make love, right now. They had to share this with each other. Sliding between her thighs, he pressed against her opening, and pushed inside, surprised at how amazingly tight she was, and how hot she was inside. His cock burned with the ultimate pleasure as he sunk slowly all the way inside her, until he was firmly lodged inside her. He rested there a moment, letting her body accustom itself to his girth, and then he pulled back slowly, and pushed back in just as slow.

His mouth found her nipples, sucking the thick nubs of flesh into his mouth one at a time, teasing them, and plucking them with his teeth, squeezing her breasts with his hands as their hips danced and joined each other repeatedly, only to pull apart, and push back together. Alley moaned softly against his lips when they found hers again, and she raised her legs, wrapping them around his waist, and squeezed him tightly within her pussy, bucking against him as she came, screaming “Daddy! Oh God, Daddy, fuck me!” at the top of her voice. Every time she’d come down from an orgasm, she’d be pushed right back up into a new one, which elicited a new onslaught of screams, much to Rob’s delight.

Rob’s stamina didn’t hold forever, though. His body worked and moved with hers, pushing himself deep inside her and pulling back only to re-enter once more. He cupped her ass in his hands and squeezed, ramming himself harder and harder inside her as she screamed her need for him, and clenched him like a vise in her tight cunt. Finally, his body shuddered and he moaned her name, calling it out finally as he exploded, sending gushing torrent after torrent of cum flooding deep inside her tiny, tight little pussy. Bathed in sweat, the pair of them lay together, kissing gently and stroking one another, but refusing to move apart. They were determined to make love as many times as they could.

When they finally exhausted themselves to the point where neither of them had anything left, they lay spooned together, and Alley caressed her father’s hand, which was around her stomach and waist, as she listened to him breathing softly, steadily, asleep. Her pussy throbbed and pulsed, completely happy and satisfied like it’d never been before. More than that, her heart was also satisfied. She wasn’t sure where this would go with her father, but she was looking forward to discovering where it’d go. His breath was warm on her shoulder and neck and she smiled, rubbing her ass back against his hips, sawing softly up and down the length of his cock, with a mischievous little grin on her face. The bad thing about having only had sex three times before today was that once she knew how good it could be, the ravenous appetite she possessed reared its head in demand of more. Finally, after quite a while of thought, she drifted off to sleep in her father’s arms, as safe as she could be, and as happy as anyone has ever been.

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