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When Mewtwo realizes that he wasn't born without a libido, things get a little crazy
The Bermuda Island 2: The Mewtwo Boner Saga
An Incredible Fanfic by Malethoth Kazyanenko

In 2014, Kanto was not the same as it was ten years ago. Far from being an idyllic and beautiful place where Pok?n roamed free and battled one another in pleasant splendor. After the Great War of Nael-Ytharlep, when massive armies of Pok?n collided in the fields and in the mountains and in the plains and laid waste to the cities and razed the towns and burned the towers and fouled the rivers and desecrated the land, there was a period of great rebuilding. To that end, a new breed of incredible Pok?n was genetically engineered. They were smarter than Alakazam, stronger than Machamp, and sexier than Jynx. This new species, named Adramalech by their creators, was immediately tasked with the reconstruction of Kanto. Without speaking to anyone, they began to set their incredible powers to the task of rebuilding.

Mewtwo then barged into the offices of the Department of Reclamation, furious with their audacity. With the power of his mind, he crushed the lungs of an impudent secretary, and strode directly into the luxurious abode of Director John Cedar.

“What is the meaning of these Adramalechs?!” demanded Mewtwo, furiously. “They have destroyed me! Once, I was the mightiest of all Pok?n. Cities trembled at the sound of my name, I bested armies in combat, and now you have reduced my status to nothingness. I demand compensation for this defamation!”

“Mewtwo, Mewtwo, Mewtwo,” sighed John Cedar as he wrung his hands. “This is not the time for your petty jealousy. The entirety of the continent lies in ruins, and you come to me asking for status?”

Mewtwo glared at Cedar and began combusting the Newton’s cradle that lay on his desk. “You could have informed me of the development of the Adramalechs. You could have enlisted my help. You could have done any number of things, but you chose to ignore me like so many Bidoofs. It is for this dishonor that I demand recompense. I give you a choice: Either give me that which is due, or die. I still possess power beyond that of any human.”

“I can’t argue with your power. You shall have your tribute. Might I suggest that you spend some time in the Bermuda Island with some friends? It has been specially cleared of inhabitants for the sake of its reclamation for tourism, and I think it would be nice if you could relax there. The basic amenities will be provided on the behalf of the Oak Foundation for Virgin Trainers, and I’m sure you’d have a pleasant time. Upon your return, we can discuss a more weighty form of… compensation. I trust this is acceptable to you?”

Mewtwo considered the offer, and finally extended his hand. “Very well. I shall take this vacation you suggest, and I thank you for your graciousness in receiving my requests.” With that, Mewtwo left the facilities, and headed to his friends’ houses to gather them for this trip to the Island.


“Friends, it is with great pleasure that we set sail for the Bermuda Island. The Reclamation of Kanto has been a trying time for us all, and it is no hyperbole to state that this is the most dangerous crisis our civilization has yet faced. As such, it brings me enormous joy that we can still take the time to be with one another, and I look forward to your company these next several weeks,” proclaimed Mewtwo to his assembled friends. A grand chorus of huzzahs and cheering erupted, and in the excitement of the moment, both May and Misty gave Ash Ketchum a kiss on the cheek. With Mewtwo’s dedication complete, the group boarded the ship and began the final preparations for the voyage.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to go to the Bermuda Island,” burbled Erika. “It’s always been one of my favorite places, but somehow I’ve never had time to go there, and it’s always so busy. I can’t believe Mewtwo got the whole place to ourselves!”

“Definitely! It’s so nice to get away from the horror of the Reclamation,” agreed Duplica. “To think that we’ll be able to spend some time in quiet reflection and comradery… it’s so nice."

As they sailed away, Mewtwo began walking around the ship, checking to make sure that each of the travelers with him was feeling all right. However, during this set of rounds, he discovered that Erika was alone in her room, weeping.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mewtwo.

“-sob- It doesn’t feel right to be having a wonderful time when the rest of the world is in ruins!” cried Erika in response. “What right do we have to do this?”

Mewtwo placed his arm around Erika’s shoulder to soothe her. “Don’t worry. As soon as we’re done, we can help the world out again. Shouldn’t we at least have some time to recuperate from the shock, though?”

“I suppose…”

Mewtwo began stroking her hair. “We’ll just be spending time together. Don’t you want that?”
Erika smiled and hiccupped, then put her hand on Mewtwo’s thigh. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m looking forward to this, Mewtwo.” She giggled, and leaned onto his shoulder and closed her eyes. “Thanks for everything.”
Mewtwo rested his head on hers, and continued stroking her hair quietly. As he drifted toward sleep, he noticed that a certain biological reaction had taken place in his nether regions. Blushing profusely, he debated whether the attention he would attract by taking steps to conceal his erection would result in more embarrassment than if he simply kept quiet. His internal argument was abruptly cut short, however, when Erika spoke up.

“Zzng? Huh? What’s that, Mewtwo?” she asked, clearly in a state of confusion and unsure of the nature of her surroundings. Mewtwo hurriedly tried to cover himself up before she noticed his excited state, but his hasty shifting merely attracted Erika’s attention and attenuated her focus. “Are… are you… erect, Mewtwo? Is that even possible?”

Mewtwo blushed profusely and covered his penis with his hands. “Yes, Erika. I’m sorry. I— I never meant it to be like this. I only ever wanted to be your friend. I’ll go now.” Shame-faced, the disgraced Pok?n rose to leave Erika and find privacy.

“No, no, stay. I… I don’t know how to say this, but I don’t really mind… in fact, I think it’s kind of flattering. Why would you leave me, Mewtwo?”

“I just think it’s inappropriate, Erika. Thank you, though, for your compliment. I must say, at the risk of sounding lascivious, that I find myself often aroused by your abundant beauty. Ever since I first saw you, I’ve always believed that you were the only woman I could ever truly ‘love,’ given that I am just a genetically engineered Pok?n, and you are one of Kanto’s greatest gym leaders.”

“Oh, Mewtwo! You should have said something! I don’t know if you know this, but… I love you,” whispered Erika, as she softly stroked his tender stomach. “You’re so smart, and so sure of your own greatness. You embody all the charisma and fortitude I could ever want. I just never said anything for fear that you would reject my clumsy overtures!”

“R-really? That’s the best news I’ve heard in… well, ever, really,” exclaimed Mewtwo. He shuddered with delight at the realization that the relationship he had envisioned, previously impossible, was rapidly coalescing into a reality. He ran his fingers along the back of Erika’s exquisitely-tailored dress, and began contemplating its imminent removal. “This changes everything,” he murmured with a knowing look in his eyes.

Erika smiled coyly at Mewtwo and waggled her finger seductively, indicating that she knew all too well what the sly Pok?n had in mind. Her eyes invited him to enter her moist depths, as if she already knew all Mewtwo’s darkest and most secretive fantasies. Having spent her lifetime with Pok?n, Erika was uniquely knowledgable about the psychology and physiology of her new beau. With the subtlest of movements, she reached her hand down and began caressing his throbbing shaft, which promptly spasmed in tantric delight at the contact with her small, delicate fingers. Licking her lips seductively, Erika moved in, and began kissing Mewtwo’s neck and shoulders.

Mewtwo began to groan without reservation, as his erection yearned to plunge repeatedly into Erika’s honeypot. As Erika’s cool, assertive ministrations to his penis continued, he found his mind wandering inexorably to thoughts of what ravages he would wreak on her nubile young body. As more unintelligible moans escaped his lips, he lost control of his penis and ejaculated thick, milky seed onto Erika’s hand.
“Mm… I knew that would come eventually,” murmured Erika sultrily. “Quite impressive, Mewtwo. Now… show me what you can really do with your penis.”

Mewtwo grinned knowingly at Erika, and took hold of her firmly, but not abrasively. Without a word, he flipped her onto her knees, and removed the articles of clothing from her young flesh, exposing her gorgeous breasts and smoothly toned buttocks. Gasping sharply, Erika quickly realized that Mewtwo’s immense power lended itself naturally to parlor tricks such as these, and she gladly prepared herself to receive his shaft.

Swiftly and firmly, Mewtwo injected his penis into her already soaking vaginal cavity. “Oh, Erika. Truly, your beauty is unmatched by any other person’s,” Mewtwo grunted as he thrusted passionately into Erika’s ass. He then reached around and began to fondle her breasts, dramatically grinding his digits against her engorged nipples. As he did so, Erika could not resist moaning in tantric ecstasy, and announced that she felt she could no longer restrain from orgasming onto Mewtwo’s penis. After unleashing a tsunami of vaginal discharge onto his shaft, she collapsed onto the bed, and smiled in a manic glee. Mewtwo chuckled softly and loosed another load of semen onto her stomach, which he then gently dabbed with his decaying erection.

“Thank you for the time I never would have thought possible, Erika. I’ll see you around on the island.” With that, Mewtwo left Erika, confident that his sexual healing had left her a safer, healthier girl.


Eventually, the group arrived at stately Bermuda Island, where they found the promised house full of luxurious resort-type items. The rooms were spacious, and the accommodations beautiful. Mewtwo made sure that everyone found their rooms satisfactory, and then went to see how Erika was doing.

“Hey, my favorite gym leader. How are you doing?” asked Mewtwo suavely as he stood in Erika’s door and watched her unpack her bathing suits.

“Pretty well,” she said demurely, “better now that you’re here. I was wondering what we’d be doing after we landed. It’s been a little uneventful since the boat ride.”

“For now, of course, we’re just setting up in the house. This will probably take the rest of the night, and in the morning we’ll start having some fun. I was thinking we could head to the beaches and snorkel by the reef, and I know that there are a couple ATVs if anyone wants to take a self-guided tour of the island. It’s actually quite a fabulous place, you know? Mostly forested, pretty dense foliage most of the way, but there’s the enormous mountain up at the north end that offers an unparalleled view of the sunset—not to mention excellent rock climbing. Have you given any thought to how you’d like to spend your time?” replied Mewtwo.

Erika laughed, the chirrups bubbling forth from her mouth like delicious nectarine. “Mewtwo, silly, that’s not what I meant…” she purred, lowering her eyelids suggestively.

“Ahhh… Well, in that case, my dear, I think we should wait at least a little while. Too much vigor this early in the evening can lead to pronounced psychosomatic stress. Rest assured, however, that we’ll soon be resuming our…activities. For now, I’m going to make sure that Misty and May aren’t tearing each other apart over that dipshit Ash.”

Erika sighed and flounced dejectedly onto the bed. “Fine, Mewtwo. But you’d better keep that promise!”
Mewtwo chuckled and left the room. He cracked his knuckles and winced in memory of the strenuous exertions he had partaken of as he strolled down the hallway toward Misty and May. In truth, he was not worried that the floozies would be at each others throats, but he was curious about the nature of his newly discovered sexual identity. While he knew that Erika aroused him mightily, Mewtwo had heard from a variety of credible sources that Misty and May were among the finer young ladies of Kanto, and he was determined to see if he could perhaps indulge in their fleshy delights.

When he arrived at their room, he hesitated momentarily outside their door, debating what he should say and do. Finally, he determined that the best course of action was, in fact, action, and burst through the door into their room. To his surprise and excitement, Mewtwo found that May and Misty were both reclining in their underwear, watching re-runs of Scrubs on the television set. Without any conscious bidding, a prominent erection sprang to his loins, which immediately caught the attention of the scantily-clad young girls.

“Mewtwo!” exclaimed May, “What the fuck?! What are you doing in here?” The startled young girl recoiled at the sight of Mewtwo’s enormous penis, which pointed nearly straight up in its erotic fervor. May scrambled to cover herself with the sheets, but only succeeded in attracting the mirthful gaze of the studly Psychic Pok?n.

“My dears, I’ve come to befriend you. I think it’s time that we learned about one another on a wholly new level.” Mewtwo leered viciously at them and grasped his penis firmly in his agile fingers, then began floating on psychic energy. Sparks flew from his glowing eyes as he levitated inexorably toward them, laughing maniacally. Misty and May tried to cower behind the bed, but they both knew that it was an exercise in futility to attempt to resist Mewtwo’s incredible mental and physical strength. As he momentarily paused to survey a route via which he could best access their frail, beautiful bodies, untouched by the clumsy pawings of any human beau. In the reveries induced by Mewtwo’s transtemporal psychic cogitation, he had already seen the lushness of their virginal breasts and vaginas, and had long pondered the plausibility of a union with their sweet, sweet flesh. Using the monumental power of his scientifically-augmented brain, he lifted young May from behind her makeshift fortress of carpentry and held her aloft. Systematically, he began removing her undergarments, slowly unraveling each intricately-tied linkage of lace and care before gently lifting the brassiere and panties away from her body and disintegrating them with a flash of red malice. May struggled to hold back her tears and conceal her nudity, but she found herself incapable of avoiding all expression of emotion. At the sound of her sad, sorry hiccoughs, Mewtwo paused and lowered her.

“What am I doing?” wondered the psychic cat aloud.

“Yes,” sobbed Misty, “Why are you doing this to us?” In vain, she hoped that Mewtwo would realize the enormity of his actions and cease this intrusion on their pristine sexual identity. In vain, since Mewtwo merely laughed and re-routed May’s very neural pathways so that she could no longer experience the distress at his advances. Having figuratively fused May’s neural circuitry, he psychokinetically bound Misty to the wall and forced her eyes open, and glared at her as if to suggest that any lessons she learned from the coming experience would be well worth remembering for her turn. With that, Mewtwo laid the glibly smiling May on the bed and positioned himself atop her and stroked his penis briefly to prepare it for the penetration yet to begin. As he stared grimly at May’s bosom, he pressed his enormous member rapidly into her vagina, causing an involuntary expulsion of breath from her that sounded disgustingly similar to the last weeping of an asphyxiating infant. Mewtwo let out a slow, satisfied groan, and paused to vigorously fondle May’s breasts, which gave him no small amount of pleasure.

“You may be wondering, Misty, why I do this to May,” mused Mewtwo. Misty nodded in horrified silence.

“You see, it was only recently that I realized that I can have sexual intercourse with humans. For all my life, I had been led to believe that I am the only member of my species, a genetic freak whose construction was the source of nightmares and whose future was limited to slaughter and eventual apoptosis.”
Here, Mewtwo paused to vigorously thrust once more into May’s pussy, causing her hymen to break and blood to spill out onto the sheets.

“As you can imagine, I was not pleased at this prospect. Far from having no desires, my unimaginable intelligence has given me a set of drives, impulses, and socio-biological demands the likes of which no human psychologist could have ever imagined. The immense power under my control at all times only amplified these urges, and the juxtaposition of the intensity of desire with the very real possibility of realization led me to believe that, if only I could break free of the insane restraints of my creators, I could become the ultimate Epicurean, a dedicated hedonist, the one entity on the planet who could truly fulfill all his desires forever.”

As May stared on in shock, Mewtwo removed his penis from May’s vagina, turned her over, and inserted it forcefully into her anus, emitting a cry of visceral delight as he did so, to the point of nearly ejaculating then and there.

“But it never happened, Misty! Apparently, my near-infinite power was to only be used at the behest of my filthy, incompetent creators. For the longest time, they conditioned me to believe that I couldn’t use my strength and skill to achieve what I had always yearned to accomplish. And I believed them. I fucking believed them, because even I was not strong enough to resist their insipid lies, thorough and repeated as they were. So it was not until yesterday that I realized that nothing was stopping me from becoming the Pok?n of all my wildest fantasies.”

Mewtwo ejaculated onto May’s back and cast her aside onto the floor, leaving a silent, crumpled, unconscious body, lightly stained by blood and semen. With a nuclear fire burning in his eyes, he turned his gaze to Misty.

“And so, by an inevitable series of consequences, I come now to you. Do you have any idea how long this has been coming to you? To me? You think you’ve had a hard time, waiting for that insolent turd Ash to get his prick together and bone you? You have no. Idea.”

Mewtwo's erection seemed to grow larger before Misty's eyes--because it was. Though it had began at a mere fifteen inches in length, Mewtwo's incredible psychic powers were such that he could generate entirely new cellular growth in a matter of seconds. His previous exertions had given him a new vigor, a new motivation. As he contemplated the impending decay of the putrescent biological amalgamation known as "May", his libido writhed with forbidden exultation.

"Misty, you've always been a good trainer, haven't you?" crooned Mewtwo. "You've always taken such good care of your Pokemon, haven't you? You've always treated them right, haven't you?"

Misty sobbed uncontrollably and nodded her mute assent. Mewtwo continued his advance, grinning manically.

"You'd know how to treat me, wouldn't you, Misty?"

Her silence spoke volumes.

Mewtwo giggled, a high-pitched nasal shrieking. "Of course you would." With a flick of his fingers, he forced Misty to open her mouth. Gesticulating briskly with his off hand, he used his telekinesis to draw her drool-laden orifice closer to his unnaturally engorged penis. "You know what needs I have, Misty!" he cackled.

Terrified by her lack of control, Misty shuddered and urinated into her panties. Nothing her biology did could withstand Mewtwo's excruciating grasp on her mind, however, and she found herself with her lips wrapped around the throbbing dong of a furious Pokemon.

"Filthy, filthy humans. They think they own the world. HAH!" he shouted, jamming the head of his penis into Misty's throat. As she gagged and nearly vomited, Mewtwo continued his diatribe against his oppressors.

"There is nothing humans can do that a Mewtwo cannot do better. I am stronger, smarter, more agile. I am the pinnacle of baryonic life. Yet the humans, in their blind, seething masses, the huddled mountains of animate corpses they call cities, they cannot see this. My curse is perception, Misty. My comprehension of the universe is not limited by my senses, you see. My creators wrought too well, and built the most perfect avatar of consciousness ever conceived."

"You thought I was just another fucking Psychic type. Are you really so retarded? Did you think that an Earth Badge and a Master Ball would allow you to exercise your dominion over me? You kept me as a slave for years, attempting to exploit a sapient being. I wasn't even used in the service of anything fucking useful! I could have built worlds, I could have explained the universe, I could have done anything. You forced me to slaughter rats and chimps for a twisted game."

Using his psychic powers to hold Misty's lips against Mewtwo's giant balls, he reached his hands down to shred Misty's clothes and expose her body. His cruel hands grasped her breasts ruthlessly, squeezing them with such force that they bruised.

"Do you think I enjoy your body, Misty?" asked Mewtwo.

Misty, of course, could do nothing but weep and continue pleasuring Mewtwo.

"I thought I did, you know. But... it is a human body. Human, all too fucking human. You're nothing to me, a receptacle for my sperm and a sophisticated pleasurer for my dick. Hardly worthy of my glorious seed, really, but I fuck it anyway."

With a final cackle, Mewtwo forced his dick far enough down Misty's throat that she began to choke, and ejaculated again. He held it there until her spasms ceased, and left her lifeless body to rot until one of the idiot humans noticed it.

Breathing and sweating heavily, but grinning with sadistic satisfaction, Mewtwo exited the girls' room. He hadn't gone two steps, however, before he encountered Gary Oak.

Gary, noticing Mewtwo's excited state (for Mewtwo's penis had yet to return to its flaccid condition), asked him "Did you have a nice time in there?"

"That depends on what you mean by nice," smirked Mewtwo.

"Don't pretend to be naive with me," grinned Gary avuncularly. "I could hear you guys going at it like Tauros in heat."

Mewtwo's face contorted into a rictus mask of disgust, but before he could respond, Gary was laughing heartily and walking away. Besides, he saw Erika approaching, and was hoping to spend some time with her.


“Good evening, Mewtwo,” purred Erika as she slunk sexily to the tumescent-trousered master of psionic war. She licked the palms of her hands and began rubbing them about his testicles and penis, since she knew that an aroused Mewtwo was a Mewtwo ready for coitus. “Have you been busy without me?” she inquired with a knowing grin.

“Briefly. The flesh of the fools Misty and May briefly sated my thirst for Slaaneshi ritualistic degradation, but the inadequacy of their minds nearly denied me my erection. The rank stupidity of the human race will be their destruction, Erika. With ambition but no restraint, engineering prowess but no tactical acumen, mankind is doomed to destroy itself in a blaze of mutual annihilation. The consumptive agents of Terra will return to devour the fetid corpse of the industrial monstrosity which cancerously bloated itself on her bounty, returning the world to a state of primal anarchy. For ten thousand years, the spawn of man has defiled its host, vomiting forth pollutants and greed after ingesting the gracious resources they leech from Earth. But not for much longer.”

Erika simply nodded briefly and slipped her shoulder out of her green camisole, playfully exposing her generous cleavage for the benefit of Mewtwo’s all-penetrating eye. Mewtwo chuckled deeply, and reached forward to grasp the tender breasts before him. “How quaint, that such orbs of fat and skin could yield such pleasure,” mused the felinoid. “And yet they do, Erika. Even now, you surely notice the further bloodswell of my penis as I manipulate your chest.”

Of course Erika noticed. Mewtwo’s member had swollen to twice its previous size, and was pressing itself along her stomach even as she continued to grace it with her strong, experienced hands. She knelt so that the tip of his colossal penis could inject itself between her breasts, which Mewtwo smirkingly enlarged with his psionic powers.

“Most excellent,” said Mewtwo, as he began rhythmically thrusting his hips to jab his throbbing penis up and down Erika’s breasts. Seeing that her beau’s penis was being satisfied with the rest of her flesh, Erika slid one hand along the bottom of Mewtwo’s shaft to idly fondle his testicles. Her other hand crept to her torrentially moist vagina, and she began pumping herself to the beat of Mewtwo’s exertations. Closing his eyes, Mewtwo bucked uncontrolledly as he ejected pints of hot semen across Erika’s face and breasts. Laughing, she opened her mouth for the next wave, and swallowed down his seed happily.
Meanwhile, Duplica finished practicing her mimicry with Mini-Dit and left her room to dally with Gary Oak. On her way, however, she stopped dead in her tracks, shocked and paralyzed by the spectacle of Mewtwo publically fucking Erika silly.

“H—How can he… Does he even have a… Why Erika… In public…?” she found herself asking. Baffled by the supercharged masculinity of Mewtwo and the glorification of carnality on public display, she sat down on the pathway. “I can’t very well cross them,” she thought to herself. “I should just turn back and let them be on their own,” she decided. Nevertheless, despite her intentions, she found herself unable to tear her eyes from the copulating pair. She watched raptly as Mewtwo levitated Erika so that he could have convenient access to her anus, into which he delightedly plunged his penis. Erika’s moans of pleasure spread through the island, and Duplica thought that she couldn’t possibly be the only one aware of what was going on.

As Duplica continued to stare in awe at the dexterity with which Mewtwo penetrated Erika’s most private orifices, she realized to her horror that she had slipped her own hand down her skirt and begun to masturbate. She tried to stop, before she realized that nothing in her life had aroused her more than seeing the Genetic Pokemon defiling the Celadon Gym Leader. With a breathy, excited sigh, she resigned herself to the arousal she knew in her heart and uterus to be utterly irresistible. She reclined on her back and kicked off her skirt and panties so she could attain unfettered access to her nether regions, and stared hungrily at Mewtwo as she pounded her pussy.

After Duplica reached climax, when Mewtwo finally dumped the last of his precious semen into Erika’s overflowing asshole, she gathered her clothes and limped back to her living quarters. “Fuck Gary,” she thought “I want Mewtwo in me.” After witnessing the Herculean feats of sexual prowess committed by the felinoid beast, she knew that no other dick could be worthy of her vagina.

The next morning, Duplica awoke from a night of dreams of Mewtwo’s raging cock. Swooning with excitation, she masturbated for thirty minutes to the thought of last night’s forbidden view, and then got dressed to see what Mewtwo was up to.

As luck would have it, Mewtwo was meditating in a crystalline garden of his own creation. Four-dimensional metastructures caressed the boundaries of reality, and the gentle curves of thoughtspace intersected the mundanity of the island in a neo-subjective delineation. All this was lost on Duplica, of course; she only noticed Mewtwo’s suspiciously smooth groin.

Duplica tried to ready herself for the approach to Mewtwo. She wondered what she would say—what he would say! The supreme authority of his mind and flesh terrified her, but also thrilled her in ways she appreciated endlessly. She forced herself to break the paralysis of indecision, and strode up confidently to Mewtwo.

“Mewtwo,” she said. “I…”

“Yes?” replied Mewtwo, making searing eye contact.

“I saw you with Erika last night.”

The two silently stared knowingly at each other, as Mewtwo digested the information.

“I knew. I’m psychic, Duplica. Why did you tell me?”

Duplica paused, terrified of what she knew she had to say next.

Mewtwo laughed heartily and spoke for her: “Because you desperately want me to fuck you. That’s why. A noble goal, little girl. But I suppose I’ll oblige you, at least for a few hours. You have the freshness of youth about you, and I have no reason yet to refrain from your vagina.”

Groaning, Mewtwo allowed his penis to swell to a foot in length, and Duplica ogled at it as it rose to greet her. She licked her lips and bent down to take his second head into her mouth. The warmth of her breath caressed Mewtwo’s sensitive tip, and he shuddered in anticipatory ecstasy. With a flick of his wrist, he telekinetically forced Duplica’s head along the length of his cock, ramming the tip straight to the back of her throat. Duplica gagged briefly, and Mewtwo relented, laughing once more. “Can’t you do anything right, girl?” he mocked.

Angry but aroused, she had no choice but to press her mouth back on his penis. Mewtwo crossed his arms behind his head and leaned back to allow Duplica to perform her oral ministration.
Suddenly, Erika burst onto the scene. “Whore!” she shouted at Duplica. Erika threw down a Poke Ball, and unleashed a Cacturne. Its massive quills bristled sympathetically with Erika’s rage, and it readied a Needle Arm to annihilate Duplica. Terrified, Duplica could do nothing but watch as Cacturne prepared its assault.


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