I know this is long but to shorten it up would do this jight justice. SO i thinksits definately worth the length!
This is the story of one of my fantasy’s becoming a reality! I know this is long but to shorten it wouldn’t do this night justice. As my husband of 10 years as already posted (under shelby9) the story of how our sex life went from being wonderfully sensual and exciting to mind blowing this is about the continuation and progression of where we are taking things. Just to be clear the names that follow have been changed so as not to infringe on any ones privacy or use without consent.

As my husband “John” said in his telling of our first foray into having sex with another person our sex life was absolutely great. We’ve been married ten years and our lust for each other has never waned at all. From the day we first started having sex til now if we only have sex 3 times in a week it was because he was traveling for work. Before he came home early from a business trip and walked in on me having sex with “Lisa” to his complete surprise we have talked about our fantasy’s and sexy dreams that we’ve had but just never followed thru to make them come true! So bare with me as I lay down the ground work to what are sex life has come to!

Now keep in mind we are an attractive couple., I’m 5’6”, 120lbs (most of the time) with long curly brown hair and hazel eyes. I know that I’m not stunning or gorgeous by any stretch of the imagination but I am pretty/cute with a very infectious personality. Up to five years ago I was a small 36b until I was introduced to a wonderful plastic surgeon and now I’m a much happier 36C! Plus as my hubby would say I have great legs and a perfect bubble butt, which in his mind I don’t show off enough! John has that outdoors rugged look, being 6’ and 200lbs with a very athletic build. He’s got these dark caramel colored eyes that can just mesmerize you and let me say on fabulous dick. I’ve never been with someone who’s dick get that hard and when he cums he cums a lot, which I absolutely love!

One of my fantasy’s, well actually it was his fantasy, but it has since become one of my more desirable ones to have happen. Now I’m not going to tell you all our fantasy’s we’ve talked about now, we’ll save those for other stories, but this is about him watching me being ravaged by two or three other guys. When he first told me this fantasy of his I was shocked just because he’s always been protective of me but not in a controlling way, he’s always just gone out of his way to make sure I’m safe. So when he said “Bree” it turns me on when I think about watching you be with other guys especially two or three at once my heart began to race thinking of how hot and sexy that would be again. Its been since college that I’ve done anything like that and it was so erotic then. Since John and I started dating we’ve had wild and exciting sex but my days of being carefree and having one night stands were over. Although from the beginning when our sex talks turned to having multiple people involved John never seemed too enticed by it, not even two women being together, so I always hid that part of my past from him. I wanted to tell him more about my past but even though we were crazy in bed and what not , he always had this perception of me that I was just your girl next door type.

So before he caught me with Lisa he always believed that I only had sex with men. Afterwards I came clean about my attraction to women and my past experiences he also wanted to know if hadn’t told him about anything else. Of course there was so I proceeded to answer all his questions about what I was like before we met. You pretty much could have classified me as a bonafied slut in my college days. The one big question he had was had I cheated on him throughout our marriage or while we were dating. That answer is no, as long as he wasn’t counting what Lisa and I had been doing for the last 7 years. I never really had a steady long term boyfriend in college, for one it would have literally cramped my style!! When I’m dating someone I DON’T CHEAT!! So if I wasn’t dating serious I could have all the guilt free fun I wanted. So I told him that I had slept with ten or eleven girls during college and roughly 30-35 guys. I could tell when I told him about the amount of guys I was with he was astonished but throughout telling him my true sexual past I could see it in his eyes that he was getting more and more excited about the things I had done. I guess you could say there wasn’t anything I didn’t do or try in college. Again those are stories I will have to write up another time!

Now as John told me about wanting to watch me have sex with other guys I became extremely wet and even more so when he said what really gets him excited is the look on my face when I’m completely overcome by sexual desire and satisfaction. Ever since our first experience with Lisa and multiple others since, John has stated that what makes him cum the hardest is when he is watching me being pleased by Lisa. So when he wanted to watch me with a couple of guys at once I jumped at the chance to make it happen. Since he first mentioned this fantasy I have had multiple dreams about it and one of the things that makes me the horniest is looking over at John while I’m being ravaged by multiple men and seeing the delight on his face. As we decided to finally put this into action one of our sticking points was finding guys to do this with. We didn’t want to ask any of our friends ,even though we has a couple of sexy ones, because we want to keep this out of that circle of people we know. We finally decided to try an adult web site and see what happens. At first I didn’t think we would ever find any one because even though we describe exactly what we where looking for we kept getting reply’s from men who didn’t come close to what we wanted. Finally after about a month we got two hits from men in their early thirties that seemed perfect. Since I’m not a big fan of condoms we made it abundantly clear that they need to be disease free and prove it or everything was off. After corresponding for a couple of weeks we finally met at a local hot spot. We told them although I found them attractive I had final say in what was going to happen so if I didn’t like their personality or there was no connection things wouldn’t progress.

As we got ready for our little rendezvous John was dressed casual but very nice and I decided to wear one of his favorite outfits. He knows I don’t really feel too comfortable dressing like this because I’m not in college any more and I’m 34 not 21but I wore this ultra short, medium blue, mini dress he bought me that is quite form fitting so it really amplifies my chest and butt. Plus it shows a lot of leg and if I bend over too far you’ll get a sneak peak of what color my panties are, which that night I wore white cotton thongs! To top it off I wore a pair of black open toe 3 inch heels. I must say for being 34 I did look pretty damn sexy and I made quite a few girls in their early twenties jealous that night!!!

We decided to get there about thirty minutes early so we could pick out a good spot to sit and talk with out our conversation being overheard. We ordered drinks from the cocktail waitress, who was absolutely adorable, and John excused himself to use the men’s room. After he left our waitress came back with our drinks and proceeded to sit down next to me to ask where I got my mini dress from and made no attempt to hide she was coming on to me! With everything else that was planned for the night and what we were about to go through with, getting hit on by this 21 year old adorable little waitress, sent my sexual energy through the roof. I was already turned on by anticipation of the night but now my pussy was so warm and I could feel my juices building up and I knew I had a nice wet spot on my panties! As John returned “Jenny” our waitress got up and left me there fully flushed and horny.

As we waited for our drink companions to arrive and I told John what happened with “Jenny” and we ordered a couple more drinks to relax ourselves. Each time Jenny came by to deliver our drinks she still made no attempt to hide her flirtatious behavior towards me. I guess you could say I encouraged her with my flirtatious remarks as well. Now as we finished our third round of drinks “Carl” and “Mike” showed up within minutes of each other. We all introduced ourselves and I was given many a compliments from the guys! As we started off making small talk things were going great, there was now awkward moments, just fun chit chat about what might occur.
Carl was about 6’2” but thinner then my husband with black hair, clean shaven with brown eyes and a very cute smile, and from his pictures he a very nice body to boot! Mike was the same height as John and not as muscular but was very toned, as you could tell from his strong jaw line and the way his veins showed easily on his arms. Mike had very light brown hair, with blue eyes and had a goat-tee, which I found very sexy on him.

Since we had a nice little corner table our conversation turned more and more sexual. Once the talk turned to this Carl who was sitting on my right put his hand on my knee, and an instant jolt went right through me as he started to lightly trace his fingers up and down my leg. John was sitting on my left squeezed my hand and gave me a reassuring nod and smile. While this was going on Mike sitting across the table moved his chair to have a better view so not to be blocked by the table. Now the only person I think realized what was going on was our waitress Jenny. When she came by to get our next drink order she realized how close Carl was to me and his hand wandering over my legs. Once she left with the order in hand John excused himself again, which we had planned, and Mike took the opportunity to take his seat next to me. When John returned he took the seat across from me and watched me as things progressed. Luckily the great correspondence from the email carried over to this night and I was completely at ease with these to guys we just met. As the night wore on the talk turned even racier and things were heating up in the booth.

By now Mike and Carl became very handsy with me and the more they touched me and talked about licking my pussy and making me suck their dicks I could feel my panties soaking thru from my juices. We sat there for maybe another hour with Carl and Mike next to me and John soaking everything in. Thankfully by now it was dark enough were only John could see what was happening, as Carl uncrossed my legs and was massaging my inner thigh and running his hands over my pussy. Once he did he immediately felt how wet I was and as he pulled his hand back you could see his finger tips glisten from my juices. At this point they were both rubbing their hands all over my inner thighs and finally Mike pulled my panties to the side and slide his fingers inside me. As he did this I gasped and spread me legs to make it easier for him. Little did I care we were in a nice little upscale bar, I just didn’t want the feeling to end! Now picture this, here I am with my husband in a corner booth at a bar with two guys, who we basically just met for the first time. I’m wearing this ultra short mini dress, which didn’t hide a lot to begin with, and now I have my legs dangling over each one of their legs, so now with my legs spread in this manner anyone who walked by could see what was going on, since now my mini dress covered NOTHING!!

At this point things were moving very rapidly, Carl and Mike fingering me right there, I’m grabbing their hard dicks and rubbing them thru their pants, and my husband with this look in his eyes that said he couldn’t wait any longer to watch them fuck me, or me fuck them, depending how you looked at things. We waved Jenny over to settle our tab so we could take things back to our house to finish what was started. As John paid the bill Carl and Mike left to get their cars so they could follow us to our house. On our way out Jenny stopped me to say something so John said he would wait for me at the valet. Jenny grabbed my hand and said: “you forgot something” as she put a little piece of folded paper in the palm of my hand. Then she winked at me and walked away. I read her note on the way to the valet station and my already raging sexual appetite grew larger! Her note said; if you couldn’t already tell I think you are an extremely sexy lady and when I saw you sit in my section I couldn’t believe my luck. Please call me, I want you in the worst way! Jenny xoxox. When our car arrived the valet attendant ran around to open my door I gave him what he was hoping for. Since we took John’s sports car it quite a challenge to enter that car being classy and lady like and since I didn’t care at that point I just sat down without a care in the world to who saw what. And by the look in his eyes I’m sure he saw A LOT. And a lot being my legs all the way to my ass and my whites thongs with a very obvious wet spot!

Thankfully it was a short drive back to our house and as John fingered me throughout the drive I asked him if he was sure he wanted to go through with this. His response was an immediate and an overwhelming yes. He followed that up with “you looked so sexy all night long and the images of them having their way with you is driving me crazy!” As we pulled into our garage, Mike and Carl followed us in, and John offered everyone drinks which we all accepted but I don’t think any of us actually drank them! We had the guest bedroom all set up for the night activities so John went ahead to turn on the music in the room and when he returned all of sixty-seconds later I couldn’t take it any more and already tore Carl’s pants off and engulfed his hard dick in my mouth. This gave Mike the opening to come up behind me and start playing with my pussy.

As John watched for a bit he finally said as much as I want this to continue I think we should move to the bedroom where it will be much more comfortable. We all agreed and headed back. Once in the room I started to take off my mini dress and in unison I heard “NO LEAVE IT ON!” So I did what I was told and only took off my thoroughly soaked panties but left the dress and heels on. Now John sat in the chair off to the side with just his boxers on and his hard dick in his hand watching very intently. Up to this point everything was so hot and then it only got better! I pushed Carl onto the bed and went right back to sucking his dick and with my ass up in the air Mike got behind me and began licking my soaking wet pussy. I was in total ecstasy as I forgot how much I enjoyed having two men at once.

After sucking Carl’s dick for a while I got up and took off my dress, (to no objections this time) and sat down on him reverse cowgirl style. Now I could have him fucking my pussy while I sucked Mike. I knew Mike had a very large dick from rubbing him at the bar but I had no idea how big. Where as Carl’s was much like John’s, about same girth but a little shorter, Mikes was the same length as my husbands but enormously fat! As I sucked his fat hard cock Carl was moving his hips and thrusting into my pussy perfectly where I knew I was going to cum very shortly. The closer I got to coming the harder I worked Mike’s dick in my mouth. I couldn’t get much of him in my mouth so I had to use both hands to rub his shaft while I could only get about the last third of his cock in my mouth.

When I was on the verge on cumming I started bucking wildly on Carl’s dick and my entire body started tingling and then my first of many orgasms started. Normally my pussy gets very juicy when I cum but when I’m this turned on I literally ooze a clear syrupy liquid from my pussy. Now I’m not a squirter but when this happens you can see my cum pour right out! At this turn of events Mike was utterly amazed at my gushing pussy and bent me over the bed so he could lick my pussy clean . He was very good using his tongue and fingers and in no time I had another orgasm, just on a smaller scale. As more of my juices oozed all over his face he worked his way up to kiss me and I could taste myself. Little did he know how much that excites me being able to taste my own cum! While he still had me bent over the bed I looked at John and saw nothing but pure animal lust sitting in the chair and he mouthed to me “I Love You!” I did the same and then I went back to sucking on Carl’s dick and cleaning off all my cummy juices. While I was thoroughly absorbed into sucking Carl’s dick Mike finally stopped licking me and slowly slide his enormous cock in my pussy! Thankfully my pussy was as wet as it was because otherwise I don’t think I could have taken him!

Mike, knowing how large he is, was very slow and deliberate and gentle entering my quivering pussy. As I felt the head of his dick enter me I sucked in a deep breath and I was thinking how much more am I going to be able to take? Now I have my toys and some of them have some nice girth to them but he surpassed even my largest toy. As I worked feverishly on Carl’s dick with my mouth and hands I felt Mike slowly but surely slide the rest of his cock in me. Once he was all the way in I almost came immediately. That’s why John loves when I use my largest dildo because after just a few thrusts with it I’m cumming like mad. Now as Mike started to move his hips and on his first thrust in I came harder then I think I ever had before! I completely drenched his cock with my overflowing pussy juices and it made a nice little pool right there on the sheets. As he built up a nice rhythm I came two more times from that lovely dick and I could tell he was about to cum himself and he asked if he could cum in my pussy. I looked right to my husband he nodded eagerly. I was so glad he agreed to it because I couldn’t wait to feel his huge cock throbbing in my pussy as he’s cumming. After a few more strokes he quickened his pace then tensed as I felt him explode into my pussy. The feeling of him cumming inside me and Carl’s dick in my mouth made me having another wild orgasm. As I could feel his dick throbbing in me I could now see Carl was close to losing it as well! I asked him where he wanted to cum and he said “as much as I would love to cum in your pussy I want to cum in your mouth.” As a genie would say, my response was; “ your wish is my command!” So I got on my knees I took Carl back in my mouth and began sucking like crazy. As I felt him tense up to cum I was deep throating him, since he was much like John and I loved doing that to John. I felt him grabbed the back of my head and I took his first spurt of cum down my throat then I finish him with my hands and he finished cumming in my mouth and all over my face while it dribbled down to my tits! Of course I swallowed what was in my mouth and collapsed onto the bed and rubbed the rest of his cum into my body.

As I laid there in complete ecstasy Carl and Mike excused themselves and John escorted them out. And told them we’d be in touch if we wanted another go round. When John returned he just stood there and watched me as I continued to rub Carl’s cum into my tits with one hand and with the other I was sloshing it in and out of my cum filled pussy! With my legs still spread wide my husband got on top of me and slide his extra hard dick into my gaping pussy. Normally John has pretty good stamina but this night after about 2 minutes he tensed and I felt his dick pulsating as he over filled my pussy with his cum and I had another orgasm! As he rolled over he kissed me long and deep and said “baby I love you so much and I never seen you look as hot as you did all night long and thank you for giving me one hell of a night!”

Not to end this on a sappy note but when he said that it made the night even more spectacular! At that point we just dozed off to sleep, me resting my head on his arm and the feeling the warm cum oozing out of my pussy and down my ass, with one really big satisfying smile on my face!

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Smoking hot story but lousy spelling and grammar!!!

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GREAT STORY..... I'm off to read your others now.

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love your stories, wish I had the will to actually go through with my fantasy's like you!


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This story has dreadful spelling, grammar and punctuation, and you didn't even proofread it.
It's hard to believe that it was written by the author of "My First Lesbian Experience"!

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