Sara's Daughetr Kelly Auditions for the Adult Video Industry
It was still spring when I received a message from Kelly, Sara’s bosomy daughter. “This is Kelly, please call me back. I really want to suck your cock and have you blow your load all over me.”
Who could turn the offer down? I returned her call that night after work. “Hey Kelly, so you want a load blown all over your face?” I asked.
“Yeah, but what I really need is some hard cock in my puss and ass. I also want to talk to you about the video deal you offered my mom. If they are willing to pay her cash for fucking in film, they would pay me twice as much I bet. Do you think you could help me out with that?”
“I am not sure you are legal yet, so how about you meet me in a nice public place like the McD’s downtown tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 and we can talk about it, “I insisted. “I will bring my camera and we can film your audition if your ID shows your 18.”
“Bring your camera and $100 dollars and you can do anything you like to me,” she replied.
The next day I arrived at the burger joint a bit early to get a good spot away from the crowd, in a quiet little corner down near the bathrooms. Kelly arrived right on time in clothes she had probably stolen from her mother, because they were too small for her. At 18 she already had a great figure, 40DD-26-36 I would have guessed. Her blond hair wasn’t as long as her mother’s, but she had it tied back in a pony tail that only accentuated her youthful appearance. My first thought was that it would make a perfect handle for getting her mouth down deep on my cock. An all white tank top and no bra only added to her young heat. Every guy in the place took a glance at her and the attention was obviously exciting; her nipples hardened in front of our eyes. She sashayed over and sat down opposite me on at the booth.
“Before I even talk with you, I need to see your ID,” I quickly stated.
She reached into her pocket and pulled out a battered state driver’s license. I compared the date of birth with the number I had figured in my head and sure enough she was 18 by about 3 weeks. I handed her the ID back along with a $100 bill. She pocketed them both and smiled.
“Be right back,” I told her and went to check the men’s room. Luckily it was not only empty, but had a lock on the stall door.
I returned, showed her my mini digital camera, and told her, “The audition starts now. First we need to see how well you follow instructions. “
I turned on the camera and started filming her. “What I want you to do, is to get up, flash me your titties, and then go to the men’s room door. When you get there turn around and make sure no one is watching, wave me over and go inside. Once inside go immediately to the stall and take you top off,” I told her.
She smiled, shrugged, and stood with her back to the dining room. She looked around and then lifted the hem of her shirt giving my camera the first look at those boobs I had witnessed her suckling upon just a week ago. They were as big as I remembered, with nipples that were the size of a silver dollar, as pink as a baby’s bottom, and all perked up from the excitement. She gave them a little bounce and lowered the shirt while heading towards the restroom doors. Once she got there she turned and gave me a classic finger wag that said “Follow Me.” I did as she disappeared in to the doorway behind her.
I followed her into the stall and arrived just as she was sitting down on the stool. She had removed her top as instructed and was just starting to rub her nipples, making them even harder than they had been. I handed her a brown paper shopping bag that I had brought along just for this occasion. “Put both feet into the bag and no one will know you are in her with me,” I instructed her.
As she did I turned and locked the stall. From the outside the only thing anyone could see was a man’s legs at the toilet and a brown shopping bag. I had seen this on a TV show and always wanted to try it out myself.
I checked to see that the camera was still running and told her, “Undo my pants and take out my cock.”
“Yes, sir” she said quietly.
“Next time we film you, you can’t look so much like a slut. We want that innocent look from a girl that looks as young as you. We can get slut from anyone.”
“Yes, sir” she said replied as she undid my belt and started pulling down my zipper.
As she lowered my pants, she let out a small gasp, “It’s even bigger looking up close. “
She knew her role in this situation well. “That’s nothing, wait till you see the guy we will hook you up with, if we like you, and you can follow instructions. Now take the cock into your mouth and you have 5 minutes to make me cum.”
She immediately went to work, slobbering all over my knob and sucking me like her life depended upon accomplishing the mission in that 5 minute period. I filmed with one hand, wrapped my free hand around her pony tail, and helped her get my cock all the way into her throat. She gagged a little, but kept right on, never losing suction on the manmeat in her mouth.
I was slowly stroking in and out of her hot mouth, giving her a good face fuck, when I heard the restroom door opening. She froze and I slid the entire length of fuck pole into her, preventing her from making a sound. The sound of a zipper was heard by both of us, followed by the sound of a man relieving himself in the urinal just feet away. She started sucking on me once again as the man did his business and washed his hands. He left and just as the door closed she pulled off my cock and said, “That was so hot. Blowing you, with him just 3 feet away and never knowing what was going on.”
Kelly pulled my cock from her mouth ,grabbed the base of it, and placed it right between her huge tits. Squeezing then together with both hand she started sliding then up and down the shaft. As I tit fucked her she drooled saliva down from her mouth, dropping it in between her massive mammaries, giving me a fantastic tit fuck.
I continued filming, but told her, “They need to see you getting cum all over your face.”
She nodded and took my shaft back into her mouth, while she wasn’t the most talented cocksucker, I had ever had blowing me her enthusiasm made up for any minor deficiencies in style. I took hold of her ponytail once again sliding my cock all the way to the hilt, banging my hairy nut sack on her chin. She took it all this time without gagging at all. As I felt my cum start to boil within me, I pulled out and she started jerking it just inches from her face. She held her mouth open and I squirted man juice into her mouth, all over her chin, and some even dribbled down onto her chest. She let go and greedily started licking her lips. I stopped her short of cleaning up her chest, I had plans.
“No cleaning up,” I told her sternly, “You are going to walk out through the restaurant following me with cum stains on your face and chest. Every man out there is going to know what you just did in the bathroom, you dirty little whore.”
Kelly nodded, pulled her shirt over her naked torso and followed me out. Just as we exited a man was entering. He took one look at her and smiled. All through the dining room men were looking; first at her great tits with the still hard nipples, then at the stains between them, and finally at the now drying cum on her face.
“Get in the truck,” I told her. “Men all over the city are going to be jerking off or fucking their wives and girlfriends while thinking about you tonight.”
“It’s so cool” was all she had to say.

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This part is even hotter than the first but I still would have liked it better if you had left the young slut whores age at 16.

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nice story. I hoped you would write more.


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nice can't wait for Part 2

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In what way are these characters "Busted again"?

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very hot, very great writing

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