My name is Jake. I am 5’11”, 160 lbs., brown hair and I’m in good shape. I just turned 18 years old in November and moved out of my parents’ house three months ago in January. I have two full blooded siblings, a younger brother and a younger sister. I also have a step sister who is 4 months younger than I am. This story is about her. Her name is Sara and we have known each other since we were 5 years old. Sara lives with her mom and visited with her dad every few weeks or so. She’s about 5’3”, 130 pounds, blond hair, big tits, I would guess 36 or 38C, a flat stomach and a round ass.

Sara and I have always gotten along pretty well since the time we were younger kids. When we were about twelve or thirteen years old, we used to play games with each other; games I would never play with my real sister. We would play “house” and pretend we were the mother and father of a baby, but the entire game would take place in my bed. We were very secretive of this game because we knew we would be killed if our parents found out. Sara would lie beside me after turning out the lights and pretending to go to sleep. After a few moments she would climb on top of me and begin to dry hump me. We would switch positions every couple of minutes and that would be the end of it. We never took those sexual desires to the next level and it stayed that way, until last month when she came over to my apartment. This is where the story begins.

My step dad had begun to be a bigger dick than ever when I moved out. I think it was because he couldn’t control me anymore and I didn’t come around much because I hated it at his house. The days I would come over, he would tell me how I’m an asshole for never spending time with my family now that I’ve left, so I started hanging out with my sister and brother, taking them to lunch and having conversations with them about how they were doing. It was nice catching up with them and I was glad I took them out. But now Sara was coming this weekend and I would take her out to spend time with her. When I arrived at my parents’ house, I went inside and said hello to everyone and asked where Sara was, my mom said that she might be in her room or outside with my other sister. Since I had not seen her outside when I came in, I went to her room. I saw the light on as I approached her open door and I walked into it. I walked in on Sara topless, with her bra in her hand, with her her big tits exposed, directly facing me. Her tits were perky and her nipples were the perfect size for her huge tits. I immediately said, “oh sorry” and turned around to wait outside of her door. She laughed and a second later told me to come in. She was now in her bra, which surprised me because I have never seen my sisters in a bra before. She asked me how I was doing and how living life on my own had been, I told her I loved it and she had to see my apartment. I could not stop staring at her cleavage from her bra and I felt my dick stiffen a little. She then asked me if she could see it and I told her yes, and that I had come over to see if she wanted to hang out for a little bit anyway. We told our parents we were leaving and we left for my apartment.

When we arrived, I opened the door and she was surprised by how nice it was. She looked around the front area and then went down the hall to my bedroom. She joked about how much fucking must go on in here now that I don’t have to worry about anyone walking in on us. Sara was now sitting on my bed and we talked for a little bit about our lives and then she brought up the game we used to play when we were younger. We laughed and talked about how weird we were back then. There was then a silence until Sara broke it by saying she was so worn out from the long week at school and she laid on her back. There was another silence until she asked me if I wanted to play another game. I asked her what she meant and she said she would love a back massage, and we could pretend that we were at a massage parlor, and I would be the masseuse and she would be the customer. I laughed and said alright.

Sara walked to my closet and grabbed a clean towel and headed toward my bathroom. I didn’t know why she grabbed the towel until she knocked on the bathroom door. I laughed a little because we were playing a game again. When I opened the door she was standing in the way with only a towel over her naked body. I just stood there looking at her and she said, “I would like the full body massage please”. I played along and said, “Yes maim, please lay down over here”. I felt a little cheesy saying that but I was so turned on now that I was willing to go along with anything. Sara walked over to my bed and laid face down, with the towel covering most over her back and legs. She told me to fold the towel so that it only covered her butt, so I did. I had a full raging boner now. I climbed on the bed and sat on my knees to the left of her body. I could not believe this was happening right now, as I laid my hands on Sara’s back. I began to rub the middle of her back and moved to her shoulders and neck. She let out small breaths and whispered, “That feels so good”. I continued to rub her back, and she told me to put lotion in my hand. I grabbed the lotion off of my bedside table and began to rub her soft skin with the cold lotion. I could feel Sara’s body tense up and relax again. I moved my hands to the bottom of her ribs and started to lightly rub up the sides of her body. I swear she could hear my heart pounding when my hands moved to the sides of her breasts. I felt the sides of her tits with the tips of my fingers but she gave no reaction. I continued to move up to her arms that were above her head. I massaged her arms and moved my hands back down to her shoulders again.

I started thinking about Sara’s tits, how big and perfect they were from what I saw earlier. I wanted to suck and fuck them right now. I took my mind off of that for the moment and continued to massage my step sister. I moved my hands to her side again but this time when my hands reached her breasts, Sara moved her body up and my hands touched more of her boobs now. She again had no reaction and I moved back down her sides and back down to her lower back. I started massaging her upper back again and gained the courage to move my hands back to her sides. Sara again lifted her body up and I reached my hands fully around her body and grabbed my sister’s tits. They felt so big and soft in my hands; I felt like I was going to cum then but I controlled myself. She still did not have a reaction, so I kept massaging my step sister’s huge tits. My heart was slamming against my chest as I played with the best titties I’ve ever felt. After a few minutes I moved my hands to her back again and she said, “what about the back of my legs?” I said, “I will now,” and I moved my hands to her calves.

Even Sara’s legs were so soft and turned me on. I massaged her calves and moved my hands to the back of her thighs. I felt like I was moving fast now but I wanted to see how far she would let me go, but her thighs felt so good I did massage them for a couple of minutes. I was feeling more daring now that Sara had let me feel her tits, and I moved my hands higher, to the bottom of her butt cheeks and I asked, “Would you like your butt massaged, maim?” She whispered, “Yes please” and I moved my hands to the bottom of my sister’s ass. I moved the towel off of her, exposing her entire naked body. Her ass was so sexy and round. When I put my hands back down on her ass, my cock grew even harder from how soft and firm her ass was. I began to massage and I could hear Sara start to let out little moans, turning me on even more. She even whispered a couple of times, “God that feels so good.” I had a full view of my step sister’s ass and I could see part of her pussy now. Her asshole was completely shaved and it was driving me crazy. I moved my hands to the bottom of her butt again and with my thumbs, I was massaging the very top of her thighs. Sara was moaning now and I could see how moist her pussy was, so I touched the lips of her pussy with my right thumb, and slowly entered it inside of her. I could feel her tight pussy gripping onto my thumb as Sara let out a louder moan. She continued moaning as I moved my thumb in and out of her wet pussy and I kept massaging her ass with my left hand. Sara moaned, “I’m going to roll over,” so I removed my thumb and she rolled over to lie on her back. My cock was harder than it had ever been when I saw Sara’s entire body naked underneath me.

She bent her knees and placed her feet on the bed. She looked at me and put her fingers in her mouth and then lowered them to her wet pussy. I watched as Sara rubbed her clit with her first and middle finger. When she did this I moved between her legs and started out by kissing her knees, and moving to the inside of her thighs. I heard Sara say, “Oh god. Fuck” as softly licked and kissed her thighs. I moved closer and closer to her pussy, and when I got there, I lightly licked around her cunt, teasing her and driving her as crazy as she was making me feel. Finally I licked inside her pussy and up to her clit. She moved her fingers now and I flicked her clit with my tongue. Sara continued to say, “Oh fuck, oh fuck” as I licked her clit. I brought my two fingers to my mouth and licked them to put inside of her. When I put my fingers in Sara’s pussy, she lifted her hips into my face and moaned louder and she started to move her hips into my fingers. After a few minutes, she moaned, “Oh fuck, I’m going to fucking cum, I’m gonna cum ” and I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers, and relax as she came on my fingers and tongue.

Sara then leaned up and said, “Oh my fucking god, that was so good. Lay down, it’s your turn now.” I laid on my back and Sara pulled off my jeans and I took off my shirt. She started kissing my abs and running her hands up my thighs. I was afraid I was going to explode right then. I looked down at her and saw her looking up at me as she licked from the bottom of my cock, to the top and put my dick in her mouth. Her wet mouth felt so good and warm. She started pumping my cock with the spit that was on it and continued sucking my dick. It felt so good and I didn’t want to cum yet, so I said. “Give me that pussy baby.” She lifted her mouth off of my cock and smiled at me.

Sara and I were both completely naked, and she moved her body on top of mine now. I felt her pussy hovering above my cock and my cock jumped as I looked up at her perfect big tits. I grabbed them and squeezed and ran my thumbs over her nipples. She then set her pussy down on my cock and starting moving her hips back and forth. She was getting my dick wet and I could feel her hard clit every time she moved her hips back. She then leaned her body toward mine, resting her tits on my chest. She had her mouth next to my ear moaning and she whispered, “Do you want to fuck me? You want to fuck this pussy?” I whispered, “Yes, fuck me” back to her as she continued to rub her pussy on my throbbing cock. We did not kiss, although I did think about it, but oddly enough, it seemed too weird to me. Sara then leaned back up and raised her body above my cock. I saw her arm move behind her body and then I felt her hand grab my cock and stand it straight up. She pressed the head of my cock against her pussy. I whispered, “Should we use a condom?” She smiled and said, “We don’t need one,” and she slowly sat down on my hard dick. My cock filled her entirely, and her pussy was so wet and squeezing so tight on my penis. She lifted back up and started moving up and down in a sequential motion now. Her huge titties bouncing above me, listening to her moan and looking down at her pussy taking in all of my 8 inch cock again almost made me cum so I had to switch positions.

I lifted Sara up and moved her back down onto her back. I spread her legs to put them on both sides of me and laid her calves on my shoulders. I then lifted her butt up and moved my body closer to hers. I reached down and pushed my bare cock into her tight, wet pussy again. Sara moaned and closed her eyes. She was moaning louder than ever now as I was shoving my cock in and out of her. She would open her eyes and look down at my dick inside of her wet pussy lips every few seconds and say, “oh fuck, you’re fucking me so good,” making me push harder inside of her. I then pulled out and moved her to the edge of my bed as I stood up in front of her. I pulled her hips close to me and put my cock back in her. After two or three minutes, Sara kept saying that she was going to cum, and finally I felt her pussy squeeze tight on my cock and relax again. Her pussy became more and more wet as I continued to fuck my step sister. I did not want to cum yet so every time I felt like I was getting close, I would move to another position.

This time, I moved back onto the bad and she laid down on her stomach and said, “Fuck me from behind, I want to feel you on my ass.” I obeyed and moved my body on top of hers. I grabbed my cock and moved it again to her pussy, it wasn’t as hard to get it in now and I pushed all the way into her. Sara raised her ass up into me and I continued to push my throbbing cock into her pussy. Her butt felt so good and soft around my dick, and she kept moaning and telling me to fuck her. She was making my cock grow inside of her and I felt like I was going to cum soon, I flipped her back over and again lifted her legs onto my shoulders. I knew I was going to cum and I asked, “do you want me to cum in your mouth girl?” She moaned, “oooh yeah, cum in my fucking mouth baby!” I pulled my cock out of her pussy and moved my body above her mouth and tits. She put her hand around my dick and jacked me off. I was about to cum now and I felt my cock thicken, I exploded my cum into her open mouth and on her huge perky tits. She moaned as I came and slowed her hand on my cock as she swallowed my cum and opened her mouth to show me. I grunted a little as I came. My step sister, Sara, was now the best fuck I ever had.

After I came, we laid down, both of us in amazement and disbelief that we just fucked each other. I was starting to worry that she regretted it and feared that her dad would somehow find out, but when we caught our breath she said, “We should do this every time I come to my dads, that was amazing!” I agreed with her and instantly felt better that she didn’t feel regret at all.

I took Sara home about an hour after we had sex and we told our parents that I showed her my apartment, and we went out to lunch. They had no reason to not believe us and suspected nothing. We smiled at each other and now I cannot wait until the next time Sara comes to her dad’s house.

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2013-09-12 01:22:55
That was realy soo gud. I hope i wuld also b lucky az u in future.
Wish me luck.

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2013-09-12 01:21:02
That was realy soo gud. I hope i wuld also b lucky az u in future.
Wish me luck.

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that was hot dued im 19 and my step sister is17 we fucked at my beach house that i'm renting for this summer 'till fall


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Wtf is up with you changing shit in your true stories.

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dood that nice to know that im not the only one who finds my step sis hot but im 14 and shes 18

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