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George has abducted a girl for his dimwitted brother to snuff
Synopsis: George has abducted a girl for his dimwitted brother to snuff

Warning: this story contains graphic rape and murder. Don't read it if this isn't your cup of tea.

Conversely, if this is your cup of tea, so much so that you think you should try hurting someone in real life, please reconsider, as you are too stupid to get away with it and too soft for prison, where you will be raped more savagely than even my twisted mind could imagine.

If, however, you are somewhere in the middle, then please enjoy...

"This thing," said George, tapping the iron door, "is why we came here. Do you know what it is?"

Lennie wasn't sure, but he didn't want to disappoint his brother so he said nothing.

"It's an incinerator," said George. "It burns things up, into dust. We're gonna put her in there when we're done to get rid of the body."

They took a moment to admire the seventeen year old girl sitting on her knees before them. She was gagged and her arms were bound behind her back, her pretty face streaked with tears. She was wearing the same outfit George had kidnapped her in five hours ago; a tight fitting tee shirt, thigh length denim skirt and flip flops. George had selected her because she was vulnerable and because she had that youthful sexiness he knew his brother liked. Her slender but shapely legs, pert breasts and innocent brown eyes had all doomed her.

She started to stand up, knees quivering, eyes wide with panic, but George caught her by the arm.

"Sit down," he said gently. The girl thrashed about in his grasp, kicking at him blindly. He moved behind her. Then, pressing down on her shoulder, he kicked her legs out from under her, forcing her again to her knees. She immediately tried to stand up and he slapped her hard, forcing her back down and leaving a red mark on her cheek. This time she stayed down, tears flowing from her tightly clenched eyes.

He knelt down beside her, his face inches from hers, and whispered: "I'm sorry this has to happen to you. I'm sure you're a nice girl and don't deserve it. But my brother over there is nice too, even if he's not that smart. He's been very good lately and you are going to be his reward. Nothing personal, just your bad luck."

"George?" asked Lennie.

George looked back at his brother, who looked confused. "Yeah, bro?"

"What do you mean 'get rid of the body'?"

"You know we have to kill her right? Otherwise she'll tell. Then we have to get rid of the body 'cause that's evidence."

Lennie's face got dark. His lips curled into a frown

"What's the matter?" asked George.

"It's not fair! I wanna fuck the pretty girl. You said I could fuck the pretty girl for my birthday!"

"Well of course you're going to fuck her, dummy! That's what she's here for!"

Lennie's face lightened with hope.

"You can fuck her brains out! You can do any damn thing you want to this girl, she belongs to you! Remember what you did to that cat back in high school? You can do that to her!"

Lennie squealed with pleasure and clapped his hands. "Can I start now?" he asked.

"Yeah, we don't have all night! Get at her!"

George thought Lennie would do one of two things: either he would want to fuck her right away, or he would torture her for hours. It looked like it was going to be the former, as he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his dick. But to George's surprise, he kept the girl on her knees, grabbed her by the hair and removed her gag. George didn't like where this was going.

"You might want to wait until she's dead to try that," he started to say, envisioning a sudden unhappy turn of events. But Lennie knew what he was doing. Taking advantage of the girl's surprise, he expertly coaxed his prick into her mouth. To George's relief, she didn't show any interest in biting down. To the contrary, she seemed to be trying to avoid contact with the pungent slab of meat in her mouth as much as possible. Lennie kept her head in a vice grip, so she wasn't able to shake it out. She frequently tried to stand up but Lennie controlled her easily, forcing her back on her knees every time. George was gaining respect for his brother. Clearly he had done this before.

After about ten minutes Lennie came, tickling the girl's epiglottis with his seed. He let her have her mouth back and she immediately started spitting and retching. He wiped his dick on her skirt and let her sit back down.

"I'm impressed," said George. "You clearly know how to get the most from this chick."

"That was fun," Lennie responded.

"You're not through yet, are you? We've got time, take advantage of it. You don't get an opportunity like this every day."

"What should I do now?"

"Well, I brought some tools..."

George had bought a toolkit at Walmart the week before for $30. It contained a hammer, crescent wrench, pliers and two screwdrivers. Lennie didn't need any help imagining creative uses for each. He picked up the wrench and looked hungrily at the girl huddled on the floor.

Whatever she saw in his eyes, she didn't like it. "Please," she begged, her voice shaking, "please don't hurt me."

Lennie put the wrench back and replaced it with the pliers. Satisfied, he nodded his approval, then advanced on the girl. She tried to push herself away with her legs, but in a second he had her on her back, straddling her stomach.

"Noooo! Noooo!" she screamed shrilly. "Get off! Get off me!"

Lennie didn't seem to hear her. He clamped the pliers down on the soft downy skin of her belly and squeezed. She merely whimpered. Lennie was just warming up, though. He pushed her tee shirt up past her chest, then removed her bra. He let her weep softly for a moment, her head turned to the side, eyes closed, as if to hide from what was happening to her. She had firm, well formed little boobs, and Lennie was beginning to get hard again. He let the pliers clamp down on her right nipple, eliciting a cry of pain, then twisted hard clockwise.

"Heeelp!" she cried, her voice cracking. "Someone please help, oh God, oh God!"

Pleased with this reaction, Lennie twisted again, this time counter-clockwise. More screams. He released the nipple, which was purple and bore the impression of the grooves from the pliers. The girl was crying like a child now, in hitches, her chest heaving. Lennie licked her injured breast, rough tongue against smooth skin. He sucked and nibbled, slobbering all over her. Then he moved up, kissing and biting her neck, her chin, her cheeks. He began to kiss her, although she kept her mouth closed, his tongue exploring the outside of her teeth. But he was growing bored. It was time to move on to something else.

He rolled the girl onto her back and began to push her skirt up above her hips, caressing her smooth legs and ass. He sat down on her thighs so she couldn't move, then grabbed a screwdriver. He began to rub it around the rim of her panty clad anus. She looked back in panic.

George had been listening to a football game on the radio, as Lennie seemed to have everything under control, so he was surprised by the ferocity of the scream that suddenly erupted from the girl. He looked back and saw that Lennie had pushed a screwdriver, through the girl's panties, about two inches into her ass.

"Hold on there, Brother!" he shouted, picking up the other screwdriver and handing it to him. "Use the Phillips head. Save the slot for her pussy."

Lennie took his advice and traded screwdrivers. The girl screamed horribly, wriggling her little ass frantically away from the cold steel, but he pushed it in methodically, inch at a time, forcing her underwear into her asshole. He pushed it in past the hilt, about 7 inches, turned her onto her side and picked up the slot.

"Give me a hand, will ya George?" He sat down Indian style on the floor. "I want her cunt right here," he said, indicating his lap. George helped position the girl so her ass rested on Lennie's crossed legs, the handle of the Phillips sticking out and touching the floor between his ankles, forcing her pelvis slightly upward.

He began to trace the line of her crevice with the edge of the slot, caressing the cold metal against the cotton, judging how best to proceed. It was apparent from the noises coming from the girl that she was none too pleased with this development, which was of course irrelevant.

Finally satisfied with his angle, Lennie pushed the screwdriver in, rather roughly, forcing the girl's panties up into herself. She wailed her disapproval, although she was starting to lose her voice. With a little more cajoling, Lennie managed to get the screwdriver in almost all the way, although he did feel a pop at one point as he ruptured something. He sat back and admired his handiwork, the girl holding as still as she could to prevent further injury.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, he asked George what time it was.

"It' almost midnight," said George, glancing at his watch. "You should probably finish her off before too long. We're going to have to wait around to collect her ashes. I want to dump them in the ocean, just to be safe. It could take an hour for her body to full disintegrate."

"I wanna fuck her first!"

"That's fine. Just get to it."

Eagerly, Lennie got to work. He pulled the screwdrivers out, eliciting moans from the girl. They both had blood on them. Then he extracted her ruined underwear, also bloodstained. For all the intimacy they had shared, it was the fist time George had seen her pretty little pussy. He was quite hard now, so he slipped out of his trousers and underwear.

Emotionally drained as the girl was, she still managed to kick out at him fiercely when he came back at her, his ungainly manhood pointed at what it wanted. He caught her by the ankle and dragged her to him, spreading her legs. He pushed her skirt up and positioned his cock against her mound. With a great thrust her entered her, his cock going deeper than the screwdriver ever had.

"Mmmmmm," Lennie muttered, "good." As he continued to fuck her, he tore her tee shirt apart and threw it on top of her panties. He fucked her like that for another ten minutes, savoring her young body, knowing he would soon have to destroy it. He knew the time had come when George tapped him on the shoulder and held the hammer out to him. He took it with a mixture of sadness and anticipation.

The girl saw what was happening and made one last effort to get away, struggling and yelling for help as loud as she could in the vain hope that some passer-by would hear her and come to her rescue. But even if someone had somehow entered the building he wouldn't have heard anything, because her voice had gone completely hoarse.

As Lennie began to spurt he swung the hammer, bouncing it awkwardly off her left temple, dazing her but nothing more. He swung again, but this time he was mid-orgasm and so distracted that he missed completely.

"Come on, snuff her already!" cried George.

Lennie didn't hear him. Straining his pelvis, pushing into the girl as hard as he could, he focused on emptying his balls into her. As he felt the last few spurts leaving his body, he lowered his head, tired but satisfied.

George walked over and knelt down by her head, placing his hands on her temples. "I'll hold her head still," he said. "Just don't hit my hand."

Lennie raised the hammer.

"Why?" the girl started to cry, but was cut off by the hammer crashing into her forehead. Rather than bouncing off, it broke through her skull and embedded itself in her brain. She made a croaking noise, her jaw opening and closing reflexively. Lennie tried to pull the hammer out to give her another whack but it was stuck. It didn't matter, she was dead, her eyes glassy.

"I guess I lose a hammer," said George.

"Sorry George."

"That's okay, buddy." He piled the girl's clothes onto her corpse. "Help me with this, would you?"

They carried her to the waiting incinerator and pushed her inside. One of her flip flops had fallen off, but Lennie picked it up and tossed it with her. "No evidence," he said with a dumb grin.

A half hour later, as the flames devoured her bones, Lennie asked a question. "George, was it selfish of me to kill her. I mean, think of all the other guys who could a fucked her. Now they won't the chance."

"You're sweet brother. No, it wasn't selfish. Those other guys would never have enjoyed her a tenth as much as you did."

Lennie smiled. "Thanks."

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Friendship + Snuff. I love it.


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Maybe Lennie could put the next girl in the incinerator alive.


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best version of mice and men ever


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best version of mice and men ever

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