A New School
Notes: Well, this is my first story I've written on this site, so hopefully it will come out alright. This story also features sexual themes involving under-aged minors and teenagers, including non-consensual situations, so if you don't like that, turn back now and leave. I have warned you so don't complain if you have a problem with that.

Anyway, my story is also written in the third person, not in first person like most other stories I've seen on this site. Just to let you know.

The first chapter is also more of an opener to set the scene for things to come, so if there isn't much in the way of action, that is why. Please just bear with me and give it a chance to develop.

Here it is...



"Are you sure I have to go now? I really, REALLY don't wanna go!"

"I'm really sorry honey, but you'll just have to get used to it. I know moving to a new school is scary, but you'll be alright. I promise..."


I promise...

Mark gave off a small huff of annoyance as his mother said the very same two words she always used to end any argument between them. Two simple words that he could never find an answer to, and two words that had always spelled trouble for the young 11-year-old boy in the past.

Every time his mother would say those words, it usually meant "this isn't up for discussion so just drop it"... and that would be the end of the story. Only this time, things were a lot worse than before.

For young Mark, the new year was something that scared him immensely. He and his family had just moved to a new town and with it came changes in his school as well. The young boy was forced to leave everything he knew and loved behind, including his long-time friends and neighbors, all so that his father could get a new job in management and a step up in his salary.

"This move is for the best of our family..." He could remember his dad saying to him the night he broke the news to a very distraught pre-teen. "If I earn more money, we can live a better life and finally do things that we never could before. I could even take you to Disneyland some day, wouldn't that be fun?"

But Mark didn't care about all of that, he was happy the way things were before, back in his old hometown. However, now he was nothing more than a sulking child, sitting in the passenger seat of his mom's car as she drove him off to his new school. The blond-haired, blue-eyed youngster simply slouched in his chair before folding his arms defiantly, an act of rebellion often used when something didn't go his way, but his mother simply ignored the charade and shook her head despondently.

It was only a few minutes later when they finally arrived at their destination, in what could be described as full blown silence between the two, before stopping right in front of the entrance to the school.

Mark quickly peered over and outside the window on his side of the car, only allowing the top of his head to pop into view as if he was afraid of being seen, before looking at the other numerous children that had gathered outside the gates. There were many around his age of 11, but also many that were a bit younger and even some that were a lot older as well.

A few of them looked to be about 16 or 17, from what he could tell, and that did a bit more than unnerve him knowing that he would be around so many kids that were a lot bigger than he was.

"Mom, do I really have to go?" The boy wined again, sinking back into his chair and out of view of the school grounds. The boy's mother just let out a deep breath, displaying a mental and physical state akin to that of exhaustion.

"Yes honey, you have to go. Just give it a try and see how it turns out." She sighed again.

The woman then gently clasped Mark's chin in her hand before steering his head to face in her direction. After gaining both of his crystal blue eyes, both filled with a reasonable degree of panic and concern, she smiled softly and ran her free hand over his cheek, caressing it gently in an effort to soothe him.

"Just please give it a try, for me. I promise it wont be so bad."

The boy just nodded his head numbly in defeat before letting out a deep, shaky breath.

"Alright mom, I'll try..."

Mark's mother lit up with another brief smile, pleased with the answer she had managed to squeeze out of her son, before rubbing the boy's shoulder in comfort and praise.

"That's my boy. Now lets get you inside before you are late for your first day."

And with that, Mark reluctantly opened the car door and stepped outside onto the pavement, his mother following shortly after before moving around the car to where he was standing. After one last hug goodbye, she sent him on his way, watching after him as he slowly and nervously made his way through the gates and into the schoolyard.

The young boy paused for a brief moment, before looking back to her and waving one last heartfelt goodbye and turning forward gain. He then took a deep breath to calm his nerves and continued onwards.


Of course, Mark was understandably nervous when he was introduced in front of what would be his new class for the rest of the year ahead, but he was delightfully surprised to notice that all the other kids seemed to be pretty neutral towards him.

There were no mean stares or whispers, no tags or papers thrown at him from the back of the class, nothing out of the ordinary at all (so to speak). It was almost surprising for a boy of his stature, who was somewhat used to being picked on for his size.

No-one was exactly swarming to greet him either, but he didn't mind that. He was just relieved to get passed the first, and what he considered the most frightening, hurdle of the day intact and he had done so with a great deal of overwhelming relief. One girl even managed to smile at him as he walked over to his seat once introductions were done with.

She was a pretty girl, with fairly long, flowing hazel brown hair that fell just passed her shoulders, and her eyes were a light, sparkling green in colour, starkly contrasting against her other features and creating a mesmerizing effect that managed to snare the young boy that gazed upon her in a subtle hypnosis.

But what really caught his attention, the one thing that stood above all of her beauty, was her cheerful smile. It felt so warm just seeing such a kind gesture being directed towards him, the new boy in their class, and he couldn't help his own smile as it crept up onto his face, nor the red tinge of his cheeks as they flushed with nervousness and a hint of childish embarrassment.

Unfortunately, such moments of bliss often served to blind young boys to the rest of the world around them and a predictable misstep caused Mark to knock his knee painfully into the desk he was passing at the time, eliciting a painful but unintentional yelp of surprise and almost causing him to tip over in the process.

The resounding bash, and his small whine of agony that followed, did little to hide his mistake and soon the entire class was aloof with the sounds of small chuckles and vibrant laughter, causing the boy's reddened cheeks to flush even more despite his efforts to hide it. Mark quickly corrected himself soon afterwards and stumbled awkwardly over to his assigned seat, limping somewhat from the discomfort caused by his recent fallout with the desk, before plonking himself down and sinking his head into his folded arms, if only to hide his embarrassment from the rest of the class.

Even worse still, as if to tease his self-consciousness, luck would have it that he was sitting right next to the very object of his newly formed crush, who was just one row across from him. When he peered up from his hiding place to look over to her, he also noticed that she was blushing slightly as well, although for what reason, he could not fathom in his young age.

Soon afterwards, their assigned teacher walked over to his own desk and brought calm back to the class, announcing his call for silence with a heavy, exaggerated cough and introducing himself as Mr. Edwards. After that was dealt with, their first lesson for the day began, starting what would be a very long first term for a certain young boy.


The first few lessons of school had gone pretty much as expected for Mark; very, VERY slowly, but nothing particularly frightening or bad had happened yet. For that much, the boy was most certainly pleased, but he still couldn't help the nagging feeling that gnawed at the pit of his stomach.

It was now recess, and his entire class had gone out for their lunchtime, disappearing into the field as the rest of the school made their way out into the sunlight for a brief moment of freedom. Mark simply strolled out of the class after them, taking his time to absorb the scene that met his gaze.

A number of children, both younger and older than he was, huddled up to form small groups as they dotted around the field, forming chains of friendship and companionship as they went about socializing in their respective manners. Most of the younger kids were content to fool about and play games of tag or hide-and-go-seek, while the older teens simply loafed around and shared stories or passed words of gossip between one another.

There were no individual fields to separate the younger children from the teenagers of the more senior years, so most of the groups tended towards either one side of the field or the other, with most of the older kids grouping up on the far side, while the younger ones stayed nearer to the school buildings, closer to the safety of the teachers that watched over from nearby.

Mark, having not made any friends yet, simply slouched his shoulders depressingly and made his way onto the soft green grass that met his feet.

"I guess I might as well just sit somewhere." The boy mumbled sourly to himself, before making his way further into the field. After wandering around aimlessly for a few minutes he finally let his rear fall to the floor in exhaustion, with little concern for his location, before taking out his lunchbox that his mother had packed for him that morning.

Mark then took out a single sandwich from the small plastic container and began to munch on one corner, savoring the flavor and allowing his taste buds to tingle as the much needed nutrition was ingested slowly before tickling the back of his throat. Another muffled sigh managed to escape his mouth as he ate there quietly, despite the presence of food still pressing up against his cheeks, but he paid little attention to it as small crumbs escaped his lips and fell to the floor.

There was only one thing on the boy's mind at this point in time, or to be more accurate, one person. The young lad couldn't help his thoughts as they wandered back to the same girl he had seen only moments before. He just sat their for what felt like an eternity, continuing to think about his first few hours at school and how well they had gone so far.

"Maybe mom was right." He mumbled softly to himself, allowing a smile to creep up onto his face once more. "Maybe things won't be so bad after all." The boy just wallowed in his thoughts about the girl of his dreams, reciting their very first quiet meeting through his mind over and over again.

"She was so nice and pretty and... and that smile..." Once again, a deep sigh of bliss left the boy's lips, as he took another bite from his sandwich, but his euphoria was sharply interrupted as a small, sweat voice spoke up from nearby.

"Who's so pretty?"

Mark's head shot around so quickly that he could have sworn it would have snapped right off, and his eyes immediately fell onto the the same smiling face that had greeted him earlier that morning. Hazel brown hair and light green irises easily identified the girl that spoke to him as she knelt down to meet his gaze, her smile never once disappearing from her face.

The poor boy was so frightened by the sudden interruption that he almost choked on the piece of bread that still inhabited the back of his throat, and a sharp cough and urgent thud on the chest later had him forcing the rebellious morsel back down into his stomach where it belonged.

The young girl beside him just leaned her head over curiously to the side as she watched the boy take a sip of his orange juice in an effort to wash away the remaining debris, before taking a deep breath to administer much needed oxygen to his lungs. Once the unusual performance was over, he then turned to look back at her, swallowing a gulp as he did.

"Um... *Cough*... sorry about that. I was just surprised, that's all." The young girl just widened her smile and shook her head at the gesture.

"Don't worry about it, I shouldn't have given you a fright like that in any case, so it's really my fault. Anyway, mind if I sit down with you?"

Mark almost felt like his heart would explode in his chest as he heard those words. She wanted to sit with him? The shy boy who was never really good at getting a girls attention? Provided this particular boy was still a bit to young to be falling in love, or to even really know what love was for that matter. In fact, he hardly knew anything about relationships at all, but that didn't stop his feelings from taking their natural course.

"Yeah, sure..." He responded meekly, before moving over slightly to the side to allow her some room.

The girl took the invitation with a hearty grin and quickly plopped down beside him, before pulling out her own lunch and taking a bite from the apple she had neatly stored away. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, at least uncomfortable for Mark anyway, the girl finally spoke up again, her voice still retaining the same mischievous cheer it had only moments before.

"So, who was this girl you were talking about just now?" She prodded teasingly, nudging the side of his shoulder as if to push for an answer.

Mark immediately felt his heart jump up into his throat again and he could already feel the blood rushing to his cheeks in an attempt to betray his shy embarrassment. The red flush of his face stood in stark contrast to his blue eyes and light blond hair, but his traitorous voice fared little better as he tried to respond.

"U-um, it w-was n-n-no-one!" He stammered frightfully, before sinking his head back into his knees as he hugged them up against his chest in an effort to hide his dilemma.

The young girl beside him just giggled playfully, before leaning over to him and pulling down his arms from his hiding face, revealing his deep blue eyes as they came back into view. She could easily see the panic reflecting back in them, but a soft smile on her part quickly diffused the situation.

"You're really funny, you know that?" She announced whimsically. The boy frowned slightly at that announcement, thinking that she thought of his as strange, but she quickly continued to reassure him.

"But, that's what I like about you. Its nice to meet a boy who doesn't try to just be the cool guy all the time and who is a bit more friendly."

Mark lifted his head curiously at that, wondering what she meant when she said she 'liked' him. He couldn't help his stomach as it fluttered hopefully, but he quickly suppressed his curiosity on the matter and changed the subject before it caused him any more embarrassment.

"So, you're from my class, right?" He began lamely, stating the glaringly obvious in an effort to make some conversation. "Um, I mean, I remember you from this morning."

"Yeah, I remember you to." She responded jokingly. "But that's easy because you're the only new boy this year and you also bumped into my desk this morning. My name is Amy, nice to meet you."

The young boy across from her quickly hid his blush as a small hand lifted up to greet him.

'Damn, she remembered that...'

But he quickly pushed away his nervousness and took her hand into his own before giving it a small, friendly shake.

"Um, my name is Mark, its good to meet you to." He then pushed his face into a wide grin, causing his dimples so show that much more as his glee was clearly broadcasted in an affectionate display. Amy simply giggled at the amusing gesture, a reaction that Mark couldn't help but return in kind as he continued to grin stupidly.

And with that, the boy's first friendship was initiated in a kind gesture of unlikely companionship and the rest of that break was spent talking and smiling in the warm sunlight that touched against them. For the first time that day, Mark really felt happy, like everything would be alright and that there was nothing to be afraid of anymore.


Unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end and soon the bell to signify class-time rang throughout the school grounds, alerting everyone to attention and prompting them to return back to the main buildings.

"Well, I guess it's time to go back then." Amy sighed, before standing to her feet and dusting herself off. Mark followed shortly afterwards, nodding his head in agreement, and the two then made there way back across the field.

They were already half way to the school building when Mark suddenly stopped in his tracks, causing the girl beside him to follow suite as she turned to face him curiously.

"Oh wait, I forgot my lunch tin!" He yelped in surprise. "You go back to class so long. I'll be there soon, I just need to go fetch it quick otherwise my mom will kill me."

The boy didn't even wait for a response and soon he was darting off again, leaving Amy to traverse the rest of the field by herself. The young girl just shook her head humorously and giggled as she watched him sprinting down the field, before turning and continuing on her way.

"He really is funny." She chuckled lightly to herself.

Mark was back at the spot they had inhabited that break in no time and he was relieved to find his empty lunch tin where he had left it. The boy quickly leaned down and scooped it up onto his hands, before dusting the grass off of it and closing the lid.

He paused for a brief moment, allowing himself to become lost in the silence that now enveloped the entire area, thinking on what had just happened.

"She... she's really nice to me. I never thought any girls would be so nice to me."

Now Mark was not a bad looking boy, in fact he was actually very good looking for his age. He had an average build for a young, preteen boy and a nice, lightly tanned look to his skin. He wasn't particularly tall, but he wasn't too short either, and his blue eyes and blond hair made him stand out amongst most other boys his age.

Many other parents would say that he was a 'cute' kid and his mother often emphasized the point to an alarming degree whenever the opportunity presented itself, much to his own childish distaste. She would often make a concerted effort to embarrass him in front of her friends whenever they came over to visit, praising his adorable features (as she would put it) while planting kisses on his cheeks to emphasize her point.

It was enough to drive any self respecting 11-year-old boy to insanity and it was often the cause of many an embarrassing family photo, but Mark just never really saw himself that way.

He had always been shy and very self conscious from an early age, mostly due to the fact that his looks often attracted him much unwanted attention from many of the other kids he grew up with. He was often bullied by many of the older boys in his other schools just for that reason alone.

There was never anything serious, mostly just teasing and sometimes a bit of pushing or a mean prank, but nothing too severe. However the cruel taunts and degrading mockery did make him feel less than happy about himself and greatly affected his self confidence.

His shy nature and reclusive demeanor made him less noticeable to those around him and most girls simply avoided him altogether. The trouble he seemed to attract from the other, older boys also made it difficult for him to form friendships, for fear of that unwanted attention being mysteriously contagious.

The few friends he had made were now gone and he was almost afraid that he would not be able to find any again, but this girl, Amy, was kind to him and made him feel happy once more.

"I should get back to class now. I don't want to be late." The boy whispered to himself.

Mark quickly shook of his wandering thoughts and stood to his feet again. He was just about to make his way back off the field when a voice called out to him, averting his attention once more.

"Isn't it dangerous for a little kid to be alone out here, all by himself?" The said blond quickly turned to face the new arrival, only to see a boy much older than him approaching in his direction.

"Um... well..." Mark couldn't find the words to respond and simply stepped backwards, slightly from fear and a sudden sense of nervousness. Seeing his reaction, the older boy, who looked to be about 15 or 16, just smiled wryly.

"What's wrong little guy. Am I scaring you?" The said boy just shook his head furiously from side to side, in an effort to deny such a claim, but the way his body was shaking easily gave away the truth of the matter.

Seeing that the boy was still moving towards him, Mark continued to backtrack, but soon his body bumped into another solid figure, bringing him to a halt.

"Oh com' on Shane, can't you see you're scaring him?" A new voice spoke out, belonging to whomever it was that the young boy had just bumped into.

Soon, two larger, calloused hands fell onto Mark's shoulders, holding him firmly in place and immediately preventing any chance of him moving away again. The boy's quivering only grew worse after that and soon he was shaking like a leaf. He knew that these boy's were a lot bigger and older than he was and that he was now alone with them on the field. If they were bullies that wanted to hurt him in any way, there wasn't much he would be able to do to defend himself against the much stronger looking teens.

The panicked youngster quickly looked up to the new arrival that was holding onto him tightly, noticing that the taller boy was staring back down at him with a mischievous grin plastered on his face, before he resettled his gaze back forward again as his friend stepped up to his position and knelt down to meet his height.

"W-what d-do you w-want with me?" Mark stuttered uneasily, his quivering now getting even worse. The other boy whose name he now knew as Shane simply smiled again.

"I just wanted to say hi. I can tell you've just arrived, because I would have recognized a face like yours immediately if you had been in our school before now. There aren't many boys who look like you, ya know."

Mark took another deep gulp as Shane moved his hand over to his cheek and patted it lightly, flinching slightly as the firm hand touched against the side of his face, almost as if he was expecting to be hit.

"I guess you could say that me and good ol' Gruff here are here to give you a proper initiation." The older boy continued, before removing his hand again and placing his elbows down onto his now haunched knees.

"An... initiation?" The younger boy gulped again. "What is that?"

Mark new that he wasn't in much position to do anything rash, so he assumed it was in his own best interest to just go with the flow and hope for the best. He watched curiously as Shane brought a hand up to his chin, scratching it in thought for a moment, before finally answering.

"Well, I guess you could say that it is a special way of saying hello to someone, by making them do something... interesting."

"Interesting? Like what?"

Shane's grin widened even more at that, something that made the boy in front of him even more nervous than before.

"Don't worry about it, how about you just let me show what I mean, hm?"

With that, the older boy began to lift his arm up towards him again and Mark immediately felt the hands that rested on his shoulder squeeze even tighter, holding him firmly in place. His panic now escalated to new heights and soon he was trembling violently.

He didn't know what was going on, but something felt wrong about the whole situation. Something in his chest was throbbing painfully, screaming for him to run away, but he knew he couldn't, not now. All he could do was stand there, terrified, as Shane's hand made its way over to the top of his chest, falling down just where his heart was now racing against his ribcage and pressing firmly against it .

"Hmmm, you must be nervous." The teen smirked. "I can feel your heartbeat easily."

His hand then ran further down Mark's chest, slowly stroking it as it made its was to the base of his shirt, before grabbing the bottom of it and lifting it slightly.

The youngster simply squirmed in place as his naval was exposed to the older boy's gaze, before Shane smiled with glee.

"You're nice and slim too, I see. Your mum must make sure you eat all the right food." Shane then moved his hand under the thin layer of clothing and began to run it over area of Mark's belly, stroking it soothingly and eliciting slight moans as his actions tickled the youngster slightly.

I sharp shiver ran down the boy's spine as the older hand continued to work its way up to his chest and his quivering increased even more, matching his hastening breath as the cool touch continued to caress firmly against him.

"No, please stop, this doesn't feel right."

Mark quickly moved his hands forward to push the older teen away, but before he could get far, the two hands that were on his shoulders quickly moved down to his arms, grabbing them firmly and pulling them back behind him.

Once they were locked in position behind his back, Shane continued with his efforts now unhindered moving his hand to where Mark's heart was beating once more.

"You need to relax kid." He teased as Gruff continued to impede his efforts to squirm. "You're shaking like a leaf in a hurricane, it isn't that bad. It will all be over with in a few minutes, just stand still and enjoy it."

"But I'm gonna be late for class and I'll get into trouble. I need get back now, so please let me go." Mark pleaded again.

Unfortunately, his desperate words fell on deaf ears and Shane simply continued to caress his skin once more, before moving his hand over to the boy's nipple area and tickling them gently with his fingers.

The young boy whimpered as the rough, calloused hands continued to play with their new found toys, squeezing and twisting them playfully while eliciting light moans and whimpers from their captive. Mark tried to struggle against it, but could not escape the retrains that held his arms in place.

"See, that feels good doesn't it?" Shane whispered gently, before moving his other hand under his victim's shirt and beginning the same process with his other nipple as well, rubbing them both with his hands for a brief moment and then moving down the rest of his stomach.

Mark just shook his head in defiance, before swallowing a heavy sob that had somehow managed to catch in the back of his throat. Seeing his obvious discomfort, Shane's smile grew even wider, as if he was aroused by the boy's panic and fear, but instead of continuing, he quickly pulled his hands out from under the boy's shirt again.

"Alright, lets do something even more fun then."

The senior then motioned his head towards his friend, causing the other boy to pull on Mark's arms and lift him slightly, so that he wasn't leaning bent over any more. Once his body was straightened out to the point where his feet were almost lifting off the ground, Shane then moved his hands back to the bottom of his shirt and proceeded to lift it up again, only this time he didn't stop at the boy's belly button, instead going further until it was eventually pulled over his head to rest on the back of his neck, leaving his entire chest exposed to both teens' prying eyes.

"W-what are you d-doing?" The young boy stammered again.

By know he was in a complete state of alarm and desperately trying to squirm his way out of his prison. Only, despite his efforts, the larger arms fastened around him had now constricted his movements completely, destroying any and all hopes of escape. He was now at the complete mercy of his captors and there was little he could do to stop them from having their way with him.

"We're just having some fun." Was the only response he finally received before two hands once again began to travel along his chest and stomach, following the contours of his ribs and then moving down to his abdomen. They settled there for a brief moment, rubbing gently against the smooth skin that greeted them.

"Hmmm, you're not badly built for a kid. Quite good looking to." He smirked teasingly, removing his hands once more. It was then that he noticed the goosebumps that had now begun to scatter across the smaller boy's skin, now doubt a result of the sudden chilly breeze that had picked up moments before. The mere sight of it only served to arouse him even more as the small bumps continued to multiply.

"Yes, not bad looking at all... but lets see how you taste."

The boy then moved forward on his haunches, until his head was right up against Marks stomach, before he opened his mouth and began to wiggle his tongue up against the soft, smooth skin that met its slippery surface before pushing it into his naval.

"Mmmm, tastes good to..."

The tongue then proceeded to run up along his naval and out of his belly button before following the small contour along the center of his stomach all the way up to his sternum, causing the blond to shiver slightly as the wet appendage continued to tickle against his skin.

"No.... please stop... this isn't right..." Soon, tears began to trickle down from the young boy's eyes, running down the side of his face and over his cheeks, before slipping down into his shaking shoulders.

He didn't know why, but the strange, moist contact with his skin felt pleasurable, almost to the point where it was enjoyable, but at the same time it felt so very wrong. Something inside him knew it was wrong and he felt ashamed and embarrassed at having been exposed to such degrading treatment.

He tried to wiggle and squirm again, to shake himself free as his tears continued to stream from his eyes, but still he could not move. It was all becoming too much now, too much for him to bear anymore and soon he was breaking down into full sobs. His breathing hastened even more and shortly afterwards, his body was going into full out panic.


In his panic, and seeing no alternative to escaping, Mark finally let out a sharp, desperate cry for help, hoping that his scream would be heard by someone despite how far out in the field they were, but a hand quickly fell over his mouth before so much as a peep escaped, muffling the attempted cry and keeping it within the bounds of his lungs.

"Now, now...." Shane sneered, looking up from his motions too look into his captive's tear filled eyes. "That was very, very naughty of you. We don't want to ruin the fun so soon now do we?"

The older boy then stood up to his feet again, still keeping his hand firmly over Mark's mouth, while the boy's tears continued to stream over his hand. The young blond followed his captor's movements with panicked eyes, alarm growing in his heart as he wondered what punishment his actions, or at least his attempted actions, had earned him.

"You know what happens to naughty boys, don't you?" The teen continued, his voice now dropping into a far more cynical tone. Mark just shook his head as best he could, despite the hand that now pressed up firmly against him, trying his best to alleviate the situation and lessen the severity of whatever might happen.

In response, Shane stepped up closer until he was just about brushing up against the youngster, a sickening smile smeared across his lips.

"Gruff, make sure he can't move at all. I want to make sure he learns his lesson completely."

The other boy just nodded his head and grinned menacingly, pulling Mark's arms even tighter, to the point where it was now beginning to hurt him. The small cries of pain that left his mouth were little more than silent muffles as they were dampened by the hand that covered it and his panicked, tear-srewn eyes were now watching carefully, waiting for what was about to come.

He couldn't help the sudden alarm that sank into his chest as he saw Shane's other free hand move over to his stomach, falling just over where his belly button was situated and touching against the still dampened skin lightly, before moving down to the top of Mark's pants.

"You'll definitely remember this one." He sneered mockingly, before pushing his fingers through the opening where the fabric met the boy's skin, allowing it to travel under Mark's pants and boxers at the same time.

The boy's eyes suddenly widened in panic as he realized where the boys hand would take him and he struggled furiously against Shane's efforts, trying to pull away from his touch and screaming his lungs out for all they were worth. But it was all futile. Nothing he did would help and the hand pressed against his mouth pushed even harder than before.

The other hand simply continued to explore the boy's pants unhindered, slowly making their way to their target while building up the anticipation of what they were about to find by massaging his skin. However, before it could go any further, Gruff suddenly spoke up, interrupting his friend's obvious fun.

"Hold up Shane, I think Mr. Edwards is coming."

The other boy quickly peered over his friend's shoulder, only to huff in annoyance as he saw the said teacher walking up across the field towards them.

"Damn, and the real fun was just about to start..."

The teen quickly removed his hands from Mark's boxers and knelt down in front of the boy again, until his dark, menacing eyes were locked with the panicked blue ones of his captive.

"Alright, look kid, we don't want anyone else to know what kind of fun we've been having. That will stay our little secret, am I right?"

Mark just nodded his head tearfully, for lack of any better response, knowing that he had little choice in the matter at that time.

"Good, now I'm going to let go of your mouth, but you can't scream or cry. If you do, it will cause a lot of problems for you."

Shane then slowly removed his hand, but was satisfied that the younger boy did as he was told. After that he pulled Mark's shirt back over off his neck and over his exposed torso and then wiped away his fallen tears, hiding any evidence of his ordeal from view.

Soon afterwards, Gruff let go of his arms and allowed him his freedom once more and providing relief to his aching muscles, before the three boy's turned to see the teacher arriving at the scene.

"May I ask what the three of you are doing all the way out here on the field during class-time?" Mr. Edwards began, speaking in a stern voice that clearly betrayed his frustration.

Shane was the first to respond, stepping forward ahead of the other two.

"I'm very sorry sir, but we were on our way up to class when we saw this boy wondering around the bottom end of the field. We went to see what was up, and when got to him, he said he was lost. I think he's new here."

Mr. Edwards nodded his head thoughtfully, before settling his gaze back down towards the boy in question.

"Ah yes, you are the new transfer that joined my class this morning. I came out looking for you after you didn't show up for class. Is what he said true? Were you lost?"

Mark quickly looked over to the two two boys standing on either side of them, noting the stern, cold looks they sent back to him. He then looked back to his teacher and swallowed a heavy gulp, before nodding his head in defeat.

He didn't know why he did it, why he felt the need to hide what had happened. He knew he could have just told the truth and had both boys suspended or even expelled for their actions, but something inside of him would not allow such action.

Some terrible feeling inside made him hate what had happened, made him hate himself for letting it happen.

He felt humiliated and embarrassed and he was too ashamed to even tell anyone, not even his teacher. He was too afraid of what people might think of him if they heard what had been done to him so instead he decided to keep it to himself.

After giving his wordless answer, the boy sniffed slightly, before bringing his hand up to wipe the side of his face, trying to hide the evidence of his recently fallen tears, but Mr. Edwards caught sight of the motion and was immediately drawn to his reddened eyes.

"Have... you been crying?"

The older boys beside him immediately tensed up at the mention of those words, but Shane, who was steadily proving to be the brains of the pair, quickly manufactured a workable excuse.

"Well sir, he was crying when we found him. He was probably just scared, maybe he thought he would be punished for being late."

The teacher before them just nodded his head in understanding, before kneeling down in front of the young boy set before him.

"Well I can understand that you were scared." He offered gently, placing a hand on Mark's shoulder. He was surprised, however, when the boy flinched at the sudden contact, before relaxing again soon afterwards. But he brushed it aside for the time-being, instead concentrating on the youngster.

"Coming to a new school and then getting lost on your first day must have been a pretty scary experience, am I right? I'm sure you just got a fright, that's all, but you won't get in to trouble for something like that."

Mark just nodded his head, but before he knew what was happening, the tears began to leak from his eyes once more. he didn't know why they fell, whether it was from fear, exhaustion or simply his overwhelming emotions.

Why was it so hard to just say something? Why couldn't he just tell the truth and say it was the two older boys who had kept him there?

Why did he feel so worthless inside all of a sudden?

Mr. Edwards just stared curiously as the boy in front of him continued to cry, as if for no apparent reason at all, while Mark tried his best to wipe the tears from his face despite how briskly they fell off his cheeks. The older man then took a hold of his hand and stood up again, before looking up to the other two boys that were still standing nearby.

"I must thank you two for finding him." He announced gratefully. "You should get to class now. If your teachers ask where you were, just explain the situation you told to me and if needed you can send for a letter from my office to verify your stories."

With that, the man then turned away from them and proceeded to make his way off the field and back towards the school building, pulling a still distraught youngster closely behind him. After giving himself some time to calm down, Mark wiped the last few tears from his eyes and daringly looked back again, noting with a heavy frown that Shane and Gruff were still standing on the field, watching him carefully.

The former was still smiling wickedly despite nearly being caught out and spared a brief, mischievous wink in his direction, prompting him to sigh disdainfully before turning to face forward again.

He had a feeling that this wasn't the last time he'd run into the two of them and he couldn't help but become somewhat frightened by the prospect of what would happen if they ever caught him alone again.


Notes: That is the end of chapter one. Although I intend to continue, whether or not I do so depends on the reaction I get and whether it is worth my time.

Sorry for all the details, but I prefer telling a 'full' story, rather than just jumping straight into the chase. I know some people are impatient, but that is just the it is.

In the same breath, this was a very 'light' chapter in regards to any obscene content, but its main purpose was to set the stage for more things to come.


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