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A better man is always one call away...
“I don’t really give a shit, these tickets are too good to pass and she giving me a ride, too. Stop being insecure, I’m coming home to you ain’t I?” CLICK.

Monique set with her cell pressed to her ear in angry silence. She couldn’t believe her boyfriend Darnell had just hung up on her to go be with his “best friend”…another woman who obviously had other intentions. This was the third time this month that they had been out to a damn sporting event, or at least that’s what they said. Each time, Darnell disappeared for hours….cell phone off and nothing telling where he was until the door creaked when he snuck back in early in the hours of the morning.

Just as Monique was starting to wonder why she put up with his bullshit, her phone began to vibrate as it rang against her cheek, snapping her out of her angry thoughts. She glanced at the screen reluctantly. She didn’t really want to talk to anyone and she definitely wasn’t in the mood to hear her girls go on and on about their dead beat baby daddy’s. Her eyes brightened a bit when she saw Reggie’s name flashing across the screen. Reggie was her brother’s best friend from college. The two of them built a friendship during her freshmen year. He showed her the ropes and helped her get settled into college life; she always hoped he’d settle into something himself. Reggie was the type she liked…brown skinned, with hanging braids…about 6’2 with a cut body below the baggy clothes he wore well. She liked dudes with the thug look, and though Reggie had it, he was well educated with the slang to his speech and making legit money. That made him much sexier than the about-nothing rough necks she usually ended up with. She answered the call.

“Hello?” she said, trying to hide the anger that was still caught in her.

“Hey babygirl, what’s good with you?” he asked. He knew something was wrong but didn’t wanna start in on it.

“Just chillin’ at the crib, what’s good?”

“I’m actually not too far from your crib. Me and your bro was sposed to ball at the park but he bailed last minute. You think I could come through?” he asked.

She loved the sound of his deep voice. She closed her eyes as he spoke and imagined him next to her, running her hands over her shorts and grazing her clit underneath. She got so caught in her imagination that she almost forgot to respond. “Oh…uh, I’m sorry what’d you say babe?” she said, opening her eyes wide in shock at what she’d just called him.

“Like that? Well like I said, I’m tryna come see you,” he said, enjoying her voice.

“Yea, the park’s like fifteen minutes away, just knock when you get here,” she said, hangin up the phone. She was feeling a little hot. All the times she had a chance to be alone with Reggie in college had gotten interrupted before she could work something but now she had a chance. But…what about Darnell?

“Fuck him,” she thought. If he wanted to spend his time with another woman, there was no reason for her to be trying to stay loyal, besides Reggie always made her feel like the most important woman in the world when they were together. She slipped out of her pajamas which only consisted of shorts and a cut off sweat shirt, stepping into the shower. She let the warm water slick over her body as she lathered it with soap and imagined Reggie all over her body. The thought of him making love to her swept over her and before she knew it, two of her fingers were gliding in and out of her wetness, driving her to climax as the water rinsed the soap away. As she stepped out of the shower, she wrapped a towel around her and walked into the bedroom, allowing the towel to drop in front of the mirror outside of her closet. She admired her body…5’7 with a milk chocolate tone, C cup breasts with perky nipples on dark areolas, a slender waist and plump booty. She began to massage her breasts and think of Reggie. Just then, the doorbell rang.

“It’s open,” she called, putting the towel back around her and walking into the living room. There stood Reggie, staring at her body, dazed for a moment.

“Um, should I give you a minute?” he asked, hoping she’d say no.

“Don’t trip, I just got out the shower,” she answered. “You’ve seen me in a bikini before and it’s almost the same thing. Now give me a hug.”

They came together in a lasting embrace. As her arms hung over his strong shoulders, the towel loosened and was only held up by the pressure between them. Suddenly she drew back allowing the towel to fall, exposing her beautiful glistening body.

“Oops,” she said, sliding the towel over and bending to pick it up so that Reggie got a good view from behind. “I guess I should get dressed. You wanna wait here, or in the room with me?”

“The room?” he asked.

“Come on, don’t be shy. I mean, you already seen my ass anyway,” she said flirtatiously striding to her room dragging the towel behind her, swishing her hips as she walked. She was seductively glancing back to see if he was watching, and he was.

As he entered the room, she stood with the towel half wrapped around her, just enough to show her ass. “Can you tie this in the back for me babe? I don’t see a reason to put on clothes now,” she said.

He stepped forward grabbing the towel. “I got you,” he said, taking in her scent. He couldn’t help but stand closer, she looked so damn good. Before he knew it, he had thrown the towel to the floor and began kissing her neck as he massaged her breasts. She smiled hard and closed her eyes in pleasure as he bent her over the bed and the bulge his jeans quickly became is thick rod inside of her.

“Wait,” she said stopping him. “You know I got a dude, I’m not sure if we should do this.”

Reggie didn’t respond, he just drew back and slammed deeply into her over and over in slow strokes. He let her moisture cover his staff as he slightly picked up the pace. “You still wanna stop?” he asked her, digging in her harder,

“Ah…ah…ah….no….NO….NO! Fuck me hard daddy, give it to me,” she screamed as he plowed into her, picking up speed and nearly knocking her forward with each thrust. He leaned back and let her drive back into him as she rode the pleasure into her first orgasm, repeating his name at the top of her lungs.

“You know I want…I wanted you since college,” Reggie said to her through his moans.

“Yea baby, me too,” she said.

“Well Imma make sure I keep you,” he said. “You gon have my baby?”

“Yea daddy, yea I want to,” she moaned in surprise.

Reggie flipped her on her back, placing her legs on his shoulders and stroked her quick and hard until he released in her after causing her second orgasm.

“I love you Nique,” he whispered.

She closed her eyes and said “I love you too.”

As Reggie lay there holding her, she wondered what would happen when Darnell got home…part of her didn’t care. She had finally gotten what she wanted and more, and she wasn’t gonna give that up for anyone. She hoped Darnell was enjoying the game..


2009-06-15 05:05:24
Loved it!!!!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-17 22:21:00
man....i loved the was short and sweet and hot.....i hope reggie is still there when darrell comes home.....oops could you give me a few more hours..... go take in another game or something

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