A very dirty and disheveled Indian goes up to the front door of a whore house and says to the madam, "me want woman. I never had anyone before." The madam takes one look at him and smells the Indian and realizes that she doesn't want him near any of her women because he is so dirty and malodorous. Trying to be polite however, she tells him that he should practice first and then she will let him in. She tells him to locate a tree nearby with a knot hole and use it for practice. The Indian listens to her advice and leaves but in three days, he is back at the madam's doorsteps as dirty and smelly as before.
When the madam answers, he says to her, "me practice and now me want woman." The madam realizing her predicament decides to let the man go upstairs and have sex with one of the whores. While upstairs in bed with the whore getting ready for sex, the Indian hauls off and kicks the whore squarely in the butt. "Ouch," screams the whore, "why did you do that to me?"
"Me check for bees first," replies the smelly Indian.
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