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The morning after is always the hardest. Especially when your conquest is still in bed with you. But what happens when it is two conquests and they both want you for herself?
Mina awoke in her own bed. She wasn’t quite sure how she ended up there, but she knew she wasn’t alone. Actually, her bed felt a little crowded. She was squished in between Tricia and Carrie who both were still sleeping. Each had a big smile on her face.

The three girls shared drinks, truths, and ended up sharing an amazing sexual experience the night before. And all three of them were still naked, lying on top of the covers, which meant they hadn’t even been coherent enough to get in the bed. But coherent or not, the one thing Mina did remember was Carrie’s revelation about her liking Mina a lot, but not wanting to go public with anything. She also remembered Tricia saying the same thing, but not quite in the same words. Tricia had mumbled something about wanting to do things together outside, like movies and things, but to keep the sex private.

Mina could not believe that she had gone from total virgin, with men and women six months prior, to now being caught in what seemed to be a lesbian love triangle. She also couldn’t believe that they all ended up in bed together. But more importantly, she couldn’t believe how badly she had to go to the bathroom, and how badly she did not want to wake the girls.

It was a typical Saturday for Mina. She awoke late, fixed herself a latte, and sat in the living room watching some gossip show. She loved those types of shows, but something in her head kept telling her that life was about to become even more scandalous than the “trash sheets-turned- trash TV” shows were.

Tricia entered the living room in a thin silk robe carrying a coffee mug with steam rising from it. Mina knew it was a latte, as that was Tricia’s Saturday ritual as well.

Tricia sat down extremely close to Mina and let her robe open a little, revealing a toned thigh and an equally toned abdominal section.

“Morning.” Tricia said in an overly sultry tone. Her eyes lingered on Mina as she sipped her warm beverage, making Mina more than a little anxious.

Mina answered her, shifting around in her seat a little bit, careful not to look at Tricia’s freshly washed skin, no matter how much she had wanted to. Instead, she kept her eyes on the TV, only glancing at Tricia as she pretended to be interested in what was outside the window across from her.

After a few minutes, the girls were joined by Carrie, making things a bit less awkward and a lot more awkward at the same time. Obviously having someone else in the room broke the silent tension between Tricia and Mina, but added a bit more when considering that Carrie probably wouldn’t be happy about them sitting so close. After all, Carrie had expressed just as much interest in Mina the night before as did Tricia.

Carrie looked over at Mina and Tricia with a bit of surprise on her face, but she didn’t say a word. She sat on the love seat near the sofa where Mina sat, only looking over when she was interested in what was outside the window. The same window Mina was interested in when she snuck a peek at Tricia.

No one said a word the whole time. They sat in silence drinking their beverages, watching the show, and ‘accidentally’ catching each other’s gaze when they were looking out the window. Mina happened to be the one catching the most gazes, while Tricia and Carrie seemed to only look at each other when they caught the other looking at Mina.
Monday came not a moment too soon. Mina usually hated her schedule on Monday but time away from her two roommates was just what she needed. She needed time to think about what she was going to do, if anything, concerning her new love situation. Unfortunately she wouldn’t be getting too much alone time to do that, she realized, as her Slidekick vibrated in her pocket.

The message was from Tricia, asking Mina if she wanted to go get some coffee in between classes. They both had an hour between their second classes and their was a cozy little coffee shop just off campus. Not too many students seemed to go there, and Mina figured that was why Tricia wanted to go there: alone time with Mina.

As she had promised, Tricia was sitting in a booth with two cups of coffee in front of her. Mina went to her friend and sat down across from her. Tricia then got up and sat beside Mina. Tricia’s almond body wash immediately filled Mina’s nose, making her want to kiss Tricia. The thought quickly left her mind when she remembered that she really had no reason to believe she was into girls. Well, except what happened the last Friday.

“Mina, you look so cute in your blouse. I always loved that purple on you.” Tricia said as she rubbed Mina’s back, inching her way to Mina’s perky butt.

Then without a word Tricia leaned in and kissed Mina on the cheek and then on the lips. And at that moment, Mina forgot about her sexuality and made out with Tricia. No one except for the employees were there, and at that moment, Mina couldn’t have cared less if the gossip rags would have been there too.

“That was amazing.” Mina said as she caught her breath.

Tricia’s chest heaved underneath her skintight halter. Her eyes had that “I want to fuck you right now” glaze over them, and her voice dropped at least one octave. There was no doubt that Tricia was feeling exactly what Mina was feeling. And it was those feelings combined with a disdain for calculus why Mina and Tricia missed their class that afternoon.

Carrie waited for her two friends to show up for calculus, and only because the teacher had a strict policy on tardiness did she go in when the bell began ringing. She was a jealous girl by nature and the fact that this was the first class either girl had missed certainly didn’t help. Carrie had a gut feeling that they were off together doing who-knows-what. But she tried to shake the thought so she could concentrate on her class. After all, if she didn’t help them study they would never pass a test. Carrie was a natural at math, but as a trade-off she always needed Tricia’s help in English composition.

Still, she couldn’t help but let her mind wander to Friday night, and to the thought that Mina may be turning her down to be with Tricia. Sure, Carrie had always been a little hostile with Mina but she explained to her why. She told Mina that she wanted to be with her, but she could never let it go public, and to hide her feelings she just acted as if she didn’t like her.

“Besides, why would Mina choose Tricia over me?” Carrie said to her cell phone as she composed a text message.

When class let out Carrie had still not gotten an answer from Mina. Carrie had asked her in the text if Mina wanted to talk a little that night. Carrie just really wanted to know where things were going to go between them. Actually, she needed to know, or she’d be a wreck for the whole semester.

Tricia and Mina were lying together in Mina’s bed when they heard the door open and shut. Carrie had gotten home and the last thing the girls wanted to do was be caught. Mina especially, as she knew Carrie would be upset if she were to find her in bed with Tricia.

Mina jumped out of bed and put her robe on and headed out into the hallway to greet Carrie. Tricia got dressed and sat at Mina’s desk pretending to be working on something.

“Hey.” Mina said.

Carrie eyed her suspiciously, wondering what Mina had been up to. Mina could tell Carrie was upset but she didn’t acknowledge it.
“Where were you guys during class? And why didn’t you answer my text?” Carrie asked.

Mina walked towards Carrie and led her to the living room. She didn’t want Tricia to hear what she had to say. Most likely because Mina knew Tricia wouldn’t have liked what she had to say.

“I was feeling sick so I came back to go to sleep.” Mina lied.

“That is funny because someone told me they saw you and Tricia in town. They mentioned you two were cozy, but nothing about you looking sick.”

Mina smiled. “I got sick after drinking many coffees. Tricia brought me home to look after me. She is in room studying.” Mina explained.

Carrie didn’t seem to believe Mina but she didn’t push the issue. She instead asked Mina if she wanted to hangout together. Mina said yes, but that she wasn’t sure if Tricia was going to be with them. Carrie tried her best to look disappointed, but deep down she was thrilled. A night alone with Mina meant Carrie could try her best to convince her to further their relationship. And her powers of persuasion were best when in a one on one situation.

Tricia went out for the evening with some friends from her class. She had planned on going out with Mina but she mysteriously became ill. Poor girl just seemed to be getting sick throughout the day. But lucky for her as soon as Tricia left Mina felt all better.

Carrie had conveniently found a movie that had a mature rating for sexual content, and again, she had made margaritas. She even opened the sofa bed so the two could get comfortable.

Mina came from the kitchen with the pitcher of margaritas and a bowl of popcorn. Her hair was pulled in a ponytail that hung down between her bare shoulder blades. Her tank top was barely there, showing cleavage and midriff, and she wore a pair of boy shorts under her silk robe. Carrie was dressed about the same except she didn’t have on a robe. She figured that would be a good excuse for her to get under the covers with Mina.

“Ok, start movie.” Mina said as she placed the drinks on the coffee table.

Carrie poured a drink and drank it fast before pouring herself another one. She then poured Mina a drink as well.

“I wanted to talk to you about umm…” Carrie squirmed a little bit as she tried to tell Mina that she wanted to talk about their future. Or talk about if they even had one.

“I know what it is. I like you a lot, but you can’t tell people you like me, right?” Mina asked.

Carrie nodded and said that it was true she didn’t want people to know she was into girls, but that she really did like Mina a lot. She asked her if they could be together without others having to know about it. Mina didn’t seem to like the idea, but Carrie could tell that she wasn’t totally against it either. It was the perfect time for her to use her persuasion.

Carrie got on the sofa bed and sat beside Mina who was working on her second margarita. Carrie pressed play on the video and the first thing that came up was a scene of a guy and a girl kissing. Carrie turned to Mina and kissed her the way the two people were on the screen. At first, Mina pulled away, but then she kissed Carrie back.

Mina set down her glass and took off her top. Her breasts bounced like the spring in a diving board. She then pulled off Carrie’s top, her perky breasts reacting the same as Mina’s. She then put her salty lips on Carrie’s erect nipples and slid them back and forth, her saliva coating the pink cherries.

Carrie lay back, pulling Mina with her. She rubbed her feet over Mina’s as Mina continued sucking her nipples. Carrie used her hands to pinch and massage Mina’s breasts as well. The feeling was even better than the first time they were together, and this time it was just the two of them, just as it had started on Friday night. At least before Tricia decided to join them.

Mina purred as Carrie played with her breasts. She lifted her head and French kissed her, tasting Carrie’s vanilla lip-gloss. Carrie then pulled down her shorts halfway, letting Mina pull them down the rest. Mina then pulled off her own shorts.

The two girls put their legs together in a scissor position and grinded up and down, their pussies becoming wet, and their juices mixing to create a sexy aroma. They pushed on each other harder with each moan, making the bed creak a little bit. Mina grabbed Carrie’s hand and looked into her eyes as the girls fucked each other.

Mina was the first to cum, her pussy swollen with liquid and delight. Her body tensed up just before her pussy squirted into Carrie’s.

“Oh, that was amazing.” Carrie said as she lay back to catch her breath.

The girls both lay back while their legs stayed together, their pussies still touching. Mina rubbed herself to get every last drop of pleasure out. And the one thing she knew was that she wanted more. They both wanted more. More of the feeling of each other, making love, looking into each other’s eyes, and knowing that they had something no one knew about. They had each other.

Carrie moved over to Mina who was still lying on her back. Carrie put her face in Mina’s crotch and inhaled their mixed scent before putting her mouth on Mina’s sticky mound to taste it. Mina immediately tensed, loving the feeling of Carrie’s cool tongue on her warm pussy. Carrie licked her all over, even down her thighs. And as she did, Mina used her pedicured toes to play with Carrie’s pussy lips. Carrie moaned into Mina’s pussy as she kept her mouth cupped over it.

“I have a surprise for you.” Carrie said as she leaned over the bed and pulled something from under it.
It was a big, red vibrator. Mina had used one similar before, but despite the amount of times she had masturbated she never actually had one of her own. Mostly because her parents were always going through her room and the last thing she wanted them to find was a vibrator.

Carrie smiled as she inserted the big piece of plastic inside of Mina an inch at a time. The vibrator was even bigger than Michael’s cock had been that evening with him and Marlena, making the sensation quite intense. And even though she was in a little pain, the pleasure was far greater, so she didn’t tell Carrie to stop.

When the vibrator was fully inserted into Mina, Carrie turned it on and fucked her. She slid it in and out of her with sexual passion. She thrust it faster and harder each time causing Mina to moan louder each time. Mina’s moans made Carrie even hotter. Hearing her pleasure made Carrie want her even more.

“When I’m done will you use it on me?” Carrie asked.

Mina nodded yes, but she could not get the words out. Instead, she continued to gasp and moan as she felt her walls being separated by the giant vibrating toy. Mina knew she wasn’t going to last much longer with the skillful way Carrie used it on her. But just before Mina felt her pleasure gush towards her pussy, Carrie pulled the vibrator out.
Carrie then turned off the vibrator and put it in her mouth, licking all of the sticky juice that had been on it. Mina rubbed her clit as she watched Carrie sucking the toy, licking her pussy juice off of it. Carrie helped her stimulate her clit as she stuck the toy into her own vagina.

The girls got into the sixty-nine position with Mina on top. Carrie ate her pussy while Mina toyed Carrie with the vibrator. The feeling was so intense for both of them. Mina loved the way Carrie used her tongue, and the way Mina used the vibrator was ecstasy for Carrie. Carrie could feel her pussy contracting, and knew it was not going to be long before she exploded.

“Oh Mina, don’t stop. Keep fucking me.” Carrie said.

Then there was a loud scream followed by a slam. But it wasn’t either of the girls cumming. It was the sound of the door opening and slamming, and there stood Tricia, her mouth wide open but not out of pleasure. It was out of rage. And though nothing was quite certain with the situation, there was one thing Carrie could bet on: she would be going to bed without her orgasm.
The girls went to bed without so much as even speaking to each other. Tricia gave both Mina and Carrie a dirty look before locking herself in her bedroom. Carrie went to her own bed and tried to finish herself with the vibrator but was unable to. She wasn’t quite sure if it was guilt, although she really had no idea how much Tricia liked Mina. Or if it was just not good enough when compared with her time with Mina.
Mina decided to finish watching the movie and she was able to finish herself with just her hand and the video. She even finished the rest of the margaritas, which she would realize was a bad idea when morning arrived.
Her head throbbed and the yelling didn’t help.

“Mina, I want to talk to you.” Tricia said.

Tricia sat down beside Mina and spoke a mile a minute. The only thing Mina was able to pick up on was that Tricia was upset that Mina would go behind her back with Carrie because she really liked Mina. Then she heard something about an ultimatum just before Tricia went out the door to get to her class.

Mina had a lot to think about and not a whole lot of experience to go on. She had never been in that situation with men, much less with two women who happened to both be her roommates. She had no clue what she was going to do except that she was going to go back to sleep. Her classes would still be there the next time.

When Mina awoke, the sky was blue again meaning that it had changed from morning to evening. The apartment was quiet. Too quiet. Normally someone would have on a radio or a television or at least be talking on the telephone. Not this evening, however.

Mina decided to go to Tricia’s room to see if she was in there. She wanted to talk to her and to let her know that she did still have feelings for her. She was just confused and was unsure of how to handle the situation.

Mina knocked on Tricia’s door. Tricia told her to come in. She was laying on her bed and reading a textbook from one of her classes. She had her headphones on and didn’t seem very interested in whatever it was Mina had to say. Even when Mina spoke, Tricia continued reading and listening to her music. Mina tried to speak louder but it seemed to be of no use.

Just as Mina turned to leave the room, Carrie came into the doorway. Her eyes were red and it looked as if she had been crying. Her clothes were all wrinkled and it was obvious that she had been asleep for a little while. Tricia became visibly annoyed at the fact that everyone was in her room but she removed her headphones anyway. She probably hoped they would say what they had to say and leave.

Carrie was the first of the girls to speak. She told Mina that she wanted to know what she wanted and that she wasn’t going to leave the room until she got an answer. Tricia then chimed in, saying the same thing Carrie had just said. Mina stood in between the girls unsure of what she was supposed to say. She didn’t know what she wanted to do. She wasn’t even sure if she wanted to be with either girl, let alone which one. She didn’t want to hurt anyone and she didn’t want to be hurt either.

“I don’t know.” Was all Mina could manage to say.

It wasn’t enough for the girls, however. They both sat on Tricia’s bed with their arms crossed, each taking turns telling Mina why she should leave the other and stay with her. Carrie told Mina that they had an obvious chemistry and that there was no way she would get that with Tricia.

“But we can’t be together in public?” Mina asked.

Carrie quit talking and stared out the window, obviously giving her answer by her actions. And that answer was ‘no‘.

Tricia’s eyes took a devious shape as she began talking. She knew exactly what to say to Mina to get her to choose her. It was so obvious that she was surprised she hadn’t thought about it from the beginning.

“Mina, you and I can go anywhere you want to go and tell anyone you want to tell.” Tricia said.

Mina and Carrie both looked at Tricia in astonishment. Partially because they couldn’t believe how bold she was being, and partially because they couldn’t believe the actual words she had just spoken.

Mina’s face seemed to go from worried to somewhat relieved when she heard Tricia’s revelation. Though she still wasn’t sure about the whole situation it made her feel good to know that Tricia wouldn’t mind letting the world know what they may be. But that was a big “may”. Still, Mina knew that the chemistry she had with Carrie was amazing. Actually, she wasn’t sure if it was the chemistry so much as it was the sex.

As Mina stood pondering her choices both Carrie and Tricia stared at her, both making sure that their eyes never met with each other. The tension was back in the air and it was too much for Mina to handle. She told them that she could not answer them, and that they’d have to wait for her answer. If they cared for her as much as they said they did they would give her the time she needed.

Carrie stood up and nodded sympathetically as she put a hand on Mina’s back. Mina pulled away from her with more force than she had intended. She would have apologized but she was unable to speak. Her mouth would not work, only her legs. And Mina’s legs took her from Tricia’s room to her own room. Her hands locked the door and her body lay down on the mattress.

Carrie left Tricia’s room as well. She went to her own bedroom feeling a little emptier than she had the night that she and Mina got caught by Tricia as they had sex. The one thing that was the same as that night was Carrie’s knowledge of one thing: she would be going to bed without her orgasm. Again!

Tricia sat on her bed with her face in her hands. She didn’t know if the ultimatum she and Carrie presented to Mina would work in her favor or backfire. She didn’t know if she really wanted to go public with Mina. And the hardest part of it was that she didn’t even know if Mina wanted her or not.
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