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Jerry and I had been in the Lifestyle for a couple of years. Starting with soft swaps and gradually taking it a little further. It took two years for me to discover that I loved being gang banged and Jerry loved to watch. Our friends Tina and Roy had fuck parties almost every weekend and most Saturday nights you would find Jerry watching me take on all cumers (sic) with a cock in every hole and one in each hand. It was at one of these parties that Roy introduced us to Alex and Clare. It was just after a severe fuck session and I was literally dripping with cum and sweat, there were gobs in my hair, my make up was smeared all over my face, I was in heaven. As I leaned back on the sofa and let the room come back into focus, Clare came and sat with me. A large glob of sperm was slowly sliding down my right breast and just as it reached my nipple, Clare licked it up, and continued licking until she had cleaned me up, consuming the nut from at least six guys, the one’s who’s aim was so poor they couldn’t hit my mouth. Alex came over and sat on the other side of me and ever faithful Jerry suddenly appeared with drinks for everyone.

“Brittany, how would you and Jerry like to come out to the farm with Roy and Tina tomorrow for a barbeque? We have a little home improvement project that we would love to show you”

Before I could start to reply Jerry chimed in “Absolutely, we’d love to.” But he didn’t fool me; he wanted to fuck Clare and also hoped to be able to watch me get fucked by a farm animal.

Alex and Clare have a nice place, a large updated farmhouse, seclude heavily wooded property, and only twenty minutes from town. I’m sure Jerry was disappointed there were no farm animals, truthfully; maybe I was a little disappointed too. As we pulled up I was not feeling very enthused, I knew Jerry really wanted to fuck Clare, but I had never fucked Alex but it hardly seemed fair that Roy and Tina couldn’t swap. I need not have worried, as soon as we got to the door Tina and Clare descended on Jerry.

Alex came up to me and with out saying a word tore my dress off. It was only a flimsy little sun dress and he tore it easily into about ten pieces. The only other piece of clothing I was wearing were my panties and I started to pull them down, thinking I would stash them quickly so I would at least have them to wear home but Roy stopped me and taking a pair of scissors cut them up as well. I had never felt this naked before. Not only was I not wearing anything, but now I had nothing to wear.

They led me over to the kitchen table and positioned so me Roy could fuck my face while Alex fucked my pussy. With my head bent over the edge of the table and Roy fucking my throat, I could not see Alex’s cock, but God could I feel it, I swear it had to be three inches thick, I was already juicy with anticipation and he had applied lubricant but on his penetration I thought I was going to tear, he was so big and he didn’t ease into it, instead he just started hammering. As he continued fucking, my pussy relaxed and more easily accepted the giant cock but I had never been so filled. I was rapidly approaching an orgasm when Alex suddenly withdrew and just as suddenly plunged into my unprepared asshole. The cock in my mouth muffled my scream. Roy had my arms firm gripped over my head as Alex held my leg and forced his massive cock in my ass over and over. I struggled, sobbing for breath as Roy kept fucking my face and Alex hammered my asshole. I was lost in the moment as my orgasm ripped through my being. Wave after wave, my whole body shuddered as I bucked under the assault on my ass. As it slowly subsided I realized Roy was spewing into my mouth and he came huge, the stream was so strong that at first I thought he was pissing, but no it was definitely cum, and lots of it. As Roy withdrew from my mouth, Alex came around the table and I was able to see his giant cock. He got the glan in my mouth just in time to release his nut and he came almost as huge as Roy.

As I got up from the kitchen table I glanced over at Jerry, Tina and Clare had just finished with him and Clare (whom I viewed with new appreciation) was still wearing a strap on, which judging from the ginger way Jerry was walking, she had used on him. Alex ushered us out to the deck where he fired up the barbeque. After dinner, Alex took us down a path from the house to show us his home improvement project. It didn’t really look like much, a 40 X 80 pole barn, pretty nonde from the outside, but on the inside, party central. Although obviously still under construction, the bar was nearly finished, and across from it, what appeared to be a buffet line. There was wiring for lights and stereo, video cameras, monitors, you name it. But, what really stood out, on the far end was a separate room with glass panels making up most of the near wall and theater seating arranged in front so that everyone would have a good view of the interior. Above the glass panels was inscribed “Rape Room”

“Well”, said Alex, “what do you think of our little party place?”

Jerry was obviously excited, hoping, no doubt, to be invited. “Wow, this is great. When will it be finished?”

“In about two weeks, Clare and I are planning our first party for the end of the month. In fact, that’s why we asked you over today. Roy thought that Brittany might like to be one of our first subjects.”

I looked back at the “Rape Room” theater area, “Exactly what kind of party is it?

“Well, it’s a rape party. Participants enter the Rape Room and remain for a set period of time. During that time they are forced to perform any number of sex acts. When you enter the room, you will have no idea what’s in store.”

Everyone’s eyes were on me. Tina said, “I’m going to do it, and you know Clare will do anything.”

I was feeling some trepidation but the idea excited me and although I was afraid, I heard myself saying they could count me in.

We made our way back to the farmhouse, had drinks, listened to some music, had another fuck session, and got the details for the party. By then it was getting late and time to head back to town. Jerry, Tina and Roy got dressed. I put my shoes on. It was after 1:00 am by the time we made it back to the apartment and although Jerry offered to go get me something to put on, no one was out so I just walked naked the fifty or so feet to our front door.

The party was not for another three weeks, but as the day approached it was hard to contain the excitement I felt. About a week out, Jerry told me that Roy had showed him the list of “Rape Room” activities and he had that little gleam in his eye that he gets whenever he watches me get gang banged. But he wouldn’t give me any hint about what might be in store fore me and my imagination was going wild. I asked Jerry what he thought I should wear and he told me I would not be allowed to wear anything. I was giddy with anticipation. Then the day before the party, panic set in. What had I agreed to? But Jerry was calming and he helped me shave so there was absolutely no hair anywhere on my body except the top of my head.

We left for Alex and Clare’s at 8:00 am the next morning. I had no clothes. Not even shoes. I wore a bathrobe out to the car and once in, took it off and Jerry ran it back to the apartment. As we drove through town all I could think was what if we got pulled over. Thankfully the windows are tinted so it’s difficult to see in, but driving through town, naked, in daytime is a harrowing experience. Every time we stopped at a light, I could just feel people staring at me. Finally we made it out of town and I started to relax a little when Jerry pulls over on the side of the road and puts the top down. Now I’m really exposed, trucker are honking, everyone in a truck or SUV or van can look down into our car and see me naked. Somehow, thirty minutes later, we pulled up to Alex and Clare’s without being arrested and I was starting to get used to being gawked and hooted at.

The farmhouse is surrounded by car and trucks everywhere, I thought, “Oh god, how many people are going to be here?” We walked down the path to the party barn. On the entrance, Alex had posted a sign, “Ladies, if you enter this door, you must participate! This is your last chance to leave.” I took a deep breath and went in.

Alex had done a nice job finishing place, it looked really good. Alex was behind the bar fixing drinks. There was a porno flick playing on the big screen TV

“Brittany, Jerry, so glad you could make it” Alex came out from behind the bar and guided us back toward the Rape Room. Tina and Clare were there along with Angela, another frequenter of Roy and Tina’s parties, and two other women I did not recognize. As we approached I saw they were handcuffed and shackled to eyebolts in the wall. Alex took out another set of cuffs and as he slipped them over my wrists the full impact of my situation hit me. What was going to happen to me was going to happen. I had no control, I could not say no.

I think the other women were as unsettled as me. We didn’t chat or make small talk; we just stood there, naked, chained to the wall, on display. More men were arriving, a lot more men, and two more women. As men arrived they would come over and grope us. Squeeze our nipples. Slap our buts.

“Attention everyone” Alex had a PA system and he was speaking into it now, “if you would go over to the Rape Room we will have the drawing and get thing started.” Alex walked over to us carrying a bag. “Inside are slips of paper with the order you will enter the Rape Room and the amount of time you will spend there. Your activities will be determined based upon your order number. Ladies, if you’re ready, Clare, would you like to begin?”

Clare reached into the bag, number 2 for two hours. Tina went next; she pulled number six for three hours. My turn was next, it was hard reaching into the bag with handcuffs on but I managed to grab a slip, number 1, four hours. The rest of the drawing was a blur; the only thing I could think about was that I was going first, in moments they were going to take me into the Rape Room. I was in something of a daze. I didn’t even realize Alex was unshackling me from the wall until suddenly he was leading me away.

As we reached the Rape Room, Alex unlocked my handcuffs and pushed me through the door, there was at least 20 men waiting for me. They grabbed me and placed me in an ingenious contraption that strapping my legs into stirrups, immobilized but leaving my asshole and pussy accessible while my face was at the perfect height for face fucking, and fuck they did, for two solid hours. The men who were not actively fucking me at the moment were jerking off and feeding me their cum. They came in me, they came on me, they pried my eye lid open and dropped cum directly on my eyeball. It stung excruciatingly and I couldn’t see anything but white. It seemed to go on forever and I was literally covered in cum but eventually the flow slowed until the last load was squirted into my mouth and I swallowed it. They finally released me from the device and I managed to get up. They led me over to a glass table, someone had cum on the glass and they handed me a straw and told me to snort it like cocaine. I had never snorted cum before and it was really quite pleasant. No big deal since I was pretty well completely saturated with the stuff already.

After I finished snorting all the cum, they hogtied me to a framework. I was only there for a second Alex came in with a small bowl. A took a large golden safety pin out of the bowl and came over to me. In my state of mind it didn’t really dawn on me what he was doing until suddenly he grabbed my right nipple and stretched it out. All I could do was stare in horror as brought the point of the pin and jabbed my nipple several times. A scream tore from my throat as he slowly pushed the safety pin through my nipple. He went over to a display case on the side wall and took out a riding crop. He brought it down hard, smacking my newly penetrated nipple and tearing another scream from my throat.

Now Alex came over and whispered in my ear, “Alright whore, now you are going to do everything I tell you.” He released me from the framework and told me to get down on my hands and knees. I obeyed and Alex went over to a table and got a mouth piece. One of those that hold your mouth wide open and installed it in my mouth. Next he led me over to small bench that he strapped me to. I was still on my hands and knees but my arms and leg were strapped to the bench so that they could not move. There were also wing nut attachments that connected to my mouthpiece so I couldn’t move head at all. The best I could manage was to wiggle my ass a little. Next he went over to a cupboard and got a jar of peanut butter and smeared it all over my face and even on the roof of my mouth. Alex left my field of vision for a moment and when he came back he was leading a dog. A big dog, Mastiff I think. Anyway, a big dog with a taste for peanut butter. He licked all the peanut butter from my face and started in on the glob in my mouth. His long wet tongue reaching deep into my mouth, his cold wet nose pressed hard against my lips as he continued licking the inside of my mouth. By now the peanut butter was gone but he still kept on licking. His tongue washing over mine. Now Alex led him behind me where he began lapping up the cum that was still leaking from my pussy due to the massive gang bang. He licked furiously for a few minutes and I was get close to orgasm when he mounted. The bench must have been designed with dog fucking in mind because I was being held at the perfect angle for him to enter me, which he did in about three strokes. He fucked me furiously and I shuddered with the intensity of my orgasm. As my orgasm subsided his thrusting slowed and I became aware of his knot slowly growing inside me. As the fucking slowed Alex came around and removed my mouth piece just as the dog’s knot slipped out of my pussy.

Alex brought the dog around and griping his cock by the knot, pointed it right at my face. It suddenly squirted and I got a dog cum facial. Alex leaned down and whispered in my ear “Suck it.” I freaked, shook my head and murmured, “No, please, I can’t.” Immediately, the riding crop struck my poor, newly pierced nipple. It caught me by surprise and I squealed in pain. He raised the crop to strike again and I gasped “No, no, no” then thwak. And the cock was in my mouth and I was sucking like no tomorrow. Dogs cum a lot and for a long time. Fortunately their cum tastes good and is not much trouble to swallow. In between squirts I began exploring the dog cock with my tongue and was starting to get into it when I felt Alex shoving a lubricated vibrator up my asshole. It was still pretty loose from my gang banging so it slipped in easily.

As I kept sucking my dog lover, Alex left for a moment and returned with yet another dog, a Labrador. He sniffed at my pussy and began licking, he went to mount me but Alex was there removing the vibrator and guiding the Labrador’s cock to my asshole. He seemed content with the asshole and started humping for all he was worth. The Mastiff was spent and he walked away just as the Labrador’s knot was starting to grow. Alex was undoing my straps and I was free from the dog bench. The Lab finished humping and he went to dismount but my asshole doesn’t have as much give as my pussy and the knot would not come out, I cried out in pain as tried to pull out but my asshole held him in. We were tied, butt to butt, similar to two dogs. Alex connected a leash to the Lab’s collar and started leading him to the door, dragging me along behind. We entered the viewing area and passed by Tina, Clare and the rest, still shackled to the wall, their eyes wide and a look of abject horror on some of their faces. Alex led us to a slightly raised platform by the bar. We were in a mass of leering, ogling men, there had to be over a hundred and they all seemed intent on taking my picture. We stayed there like that for some time, Being ogled and photographed until the Labs knot subsided sufficiently that he wrenched free of my asshole and I collapsed on the platform.

Again Alex was there, lifting me by my arm and guiding me back toward the Rape Room. As we entered I noticed the clock and realized I had been in there for three and a half hours. Thirty more minutes and my turn would be finished. I also notice a horse tethered to the far wall. “One more blow job, do you think you can manage?” asked Alex. I nodded and he said “Go to it.” I walked over to the horse, grateful that I was not going to have to try to fuck him. I reached under his belly and began massaging his cock with one hand and his balls with my other. His cock began extending and I didn’t think it was going to stop, it had to be three feet long. Now that his cock was out, there was nothing left but to go for it and I dropped to my knees and began licking the huge flare at the end of his dick. I managed to get the end of his cock in my mouth and start massaging the shaft with my hands. Alex came over with a large plastic bowel, “Here, this could save you licking horse cum off the floor.” Sitting on the floor I managed to get the bowel positioned under my chin while continuing stroke the shaft and suck on the head. I glanced at the clock, 15 minutes, maybe he won’t cum before my time is up. As though that were the signal, cum started flowing from his cock. I was able to gulp down the first bit but I couldn’t swallow fast enough to keep up. The cock popped out of my mouth and I got a shot in the face before I manage to get the cock pointed into the bowl. I didn’t think that that horse would ever stop cumming. There was a lot of cum in the bowel.

Alex was there again, “Ok whore, drink it down.” I raised the bowel to my lips drinking mouthful after mouthful, ten in all. I even licked the bowel. Then I got up and started to leave when Alex stopped me, “You’re not done yet. You still have 10 minutes.” With that he led me over to an empty plastic wading pool. “Sit down in there, lean back with your head back and mouth open.” I obeyed having no idea what the wading pool was for. My twenty guys filed back in and as they gathered around the pool, taking out their cock on the way. The realization of what was going to happen hit me only moments before first of the urine. In my mouth, up my nose, stinging my eyes. My mouth was overflowing with piss almost immediately. I heard a command from Alex, “Close and swallow.” And I did again and again until finally the flow stopped.

Alex was there again, “Brittany, you were wonderful. That’s it, you’re done, you can go get cleaned up.” I slowly got up from the puddle of piss I was setting in and made it to the door just as Ray and Jerry were bringing Clare in. I made my way to the bathrooms and rushed through my shower. I didn’t want to miss any of Clare’s ordeal.

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