My secretary wanted a raise, took care of my needs, and improved my marriage greatly.
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The Sexy Black Panties

I walked into my office looking at the paper I had just received. It was the final approval to go ahead with the construction project. As I looked up my secretary was holding a pair of sexy black panties between her fingers.

Pamela said, “Look what I found in your desk drawer.”

I stuttered but managed to say, “I don’t know how they got there.”

Pamela smiled and said, “Then I’ll just have to put them back on.”

She had a terrific but twisted sense of humor. We had made out a couple of times over the past year that she had worked for me and she even let me fuck her once. Other than that she was strictly professional. Besides we were both happily married and neither one of us wanted to screw that up.

I asked, “Do you have to?”

Pamela replied, “Not if I get my raise.”

I had been promising her a raise as soon as I landed that big contract. She knew full well, that was what was in my hand.

I grabbed my crotch and said, “I’ll give you a raise. In fact I’ll do better than that, I’ll give you two raises at the same time. Bend over.”

Pamela knew that I knew her favorite fantasy. She had told me about it often enough and that was what we had acted out the one time that she had let me fuck her. Pamela lifted up her skirt to her waist and bent over grabbing her ankles. Her panties were on my desk. I walked up behind her, took my cock out through my fly, and poked it into her moist pussy from behind. She had told me that she often masturbated at her desk while envisioning herself and me in exactly that position, in the middle of my office, where anyone could see us. She also knew that doing it during lunchtime on payday was the best time not to get caught. I grabbed onto her love handles and thrust into her. I knew that she didn’t want it slow or gentle, that she wanted it quick and forceful. As I thrust my cock into her contorted pussy I told her about her raise (she thanked me), that it would cost her those black panties (she agreed), and that I would have to fuck her once a week from then on. She then started to negotiate for more money. If I expected to fuck her five times a week with her bent over like that in my office and the great possibility of us getting caught, then she wanted three times as much as the raise that I had offered her. That was a lot of money but then again her pussy was certainly worth it. As I pumped her full of cum I agreed to her triple raise.

That afternoon Pamela came into my office, closed the door, and sat down in a chair facing me. She said, “I’ve been thinking. We are surely going to get caught if I bend over ever lunch hour and let you fuck me from behind.”

I asked, “So what do you have in mind?”

Pamela said, “I don’t know. I can’t think of anything much safer. What about you?”

Actually I had been giving it more thought than I should have. That new contract needed my undivided attention. I would be spending a lot of time on the job site keeping an eye on the progress.

So I said, “What if I put an office trailer on the construction site, let you handle the daily routine here in the office, and then each noon you come and give me sex there.”

Pamela thought it over for a moment, then she smiled, and said, “Okay but I want a real bed and dark curtains at the window. Oh and I want locks on the doors too…and it better have a toilet, not one of those portable Johns either.”

I laughed and said, “Anything else?”

She smiled and said, “Yes. I want lunch delivered every day before I get there. If I’m giving up my lunch hour so that you can fuck me then you can feed me too.”

Again I laughed. She sounded just like my wife.

That evening after work I took my wife shopping for a travel trailer. We had discussed a Recreational Vehicle in the past and this way it could be a business write off too. It would provide me with a nice place to work and Pamela with the comforts that she wanted too. I liked the idea of a nice clean place that was heated and air-conditioned. It would be perfect and I could keep it afterwards and take it on vacation.

As we looked at several units my wife got frisky and suggested that she could stop in for nooners once in a while. Oh shit. Anyway she was looking at this whole thing just like Pamela was. She talked me into a forty-footer with a fifth wheel that would attach in the bed of my pickup truck for hauling. It had a queen-size bed up over the front end, a small shower, and a rather nice kitchen. There was a nice breakfast nook that would serve as my desk too. Plus in the back was a regular double bed in a room by itself. When I suggested putting tint inside the windows for privacy my wife liked that too. All I had to do was talk her out of noon hours or change Pamela to a different time frame. If I did, could I handle both women just minutes apart? Damn!

The next day I discussed it with Pamela. She smiled and told me that I would probably be working late a lot and that I should suggest that my wife bring me dinner around six or so and make love to her then. That was a great idea. I ordered the RV, had all of the windows tinted, and then had it delivered to the construction site.

A few days later Pamela and I went to check it out and to christen it properly, at lunchtime of course. Pamela lifted her skirt, dropped her panties to her ankles, and then held on while I fucked her good. That night after work I took my wife to check it out and to christen it too. She insisted on using the queen-size bed and climbing up onto it wearing just her red high heels that I love. As I fucked into her she kept her feet up and managed to poke two holes in the brand new ceiling as she orgasmed. I was not pleased but apparently she was. She got a ball point pen and signed and dated both holes to signify that she had been there.

The following week when construction actually began Pamela stopped in for lunch. She saw the holes in the ceiling and smiled. Then she took me into the end bedroom and fucked me. It seemed that she was equally good at being on top as she was holding onto her ankles. Pamela had bought a sex book and marked off the two positions that we had tried. The kama sutra book had illustrations of Indian folk in various sexual positions. She put it in a drawer. I never gave it another thought until my wife found it. Luckily she didn’t notice the list at the back with two positions marked off. I had Pamela purchase a second book to keep in my trailer office. She giggled but bought another one anyway.

For the next three months everything went along nicely, construction was on schedule, we were under budget, and my sex life was never better.

Then one day as Pamela was leaving the trailer there stood my wife blocking her way. Pamela was pushed back inside, the door was closed, and it was locked. I know I was shaking in my boots.

My wife pushed Pamela all the way into the back bedroom. Both of her hands were on Pamela’s tits as she pushed her. The door was closed and locked. I sat patiently waiting for the gunshot.

It was quiet, too quiet as I waited. It took a long time. For over an hour I awaited my fate. Finally the door opened up a crack and from behind the door my wife said, “Get in here.”

Obediently I walked to the door, pushed it open, and saw both women lying on the bed side by side completely naked.

My wife said, “Pamela and I have worked things out. If she can fuck you then she can fuck me too. If you can fuck her then you damn well better be able to fuck me too. Now I want to see you fuck her in position thirty-seven.”

I looked around for the book and found it turned over and opened so I turned it over and looked at it. It was opened to position number thirty-seven. It was sort of the basic missionary position with the man on top but with the women’s legs over his shoulders. So I pushed Pamela’s knees up to her shoulders and placed my head between them. My arms were on the outside keeping them in position. With my cock in her this gave me the deepest penetration of all the positions. Then I kissed her, crushing her legs into her firm tits, trying to break her spine, and trying to get the head of my cock into her cervical opening. I knew that my wife was letting me punish Pamela and inflict pain on her pussy. I could see Pamela strain at ever thrust so as not to cry out and give my wife the satisfaction. This position was a lot like the one where she grabs her ankle but allowed me deeper penetration, the curvature of my cock to conform to the curvature of her vagina, and for my cock to punish her insides. I was rubbing her clitoris raw, I was giving her G-spot a good workout, and I was definitely bruising her cervix. Just as I was about to cum Pamela let out a scream of pain and pleasure as her third orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.

As I lay next to her, Pamela started to unfold slowly, and my wife said, “I’ll mark that one off for you in the book.”

Pamela replied, “Oh you have got to try this one yourself.”

My wife said, “Okay but tomorrow at lunch. I’ll bring you something special to eat while you watch me.”

Then my wife crawled up Pamela’s body dragging her tits along her body as she went. When their nipples touched my wife dropped onto Pamela. I could see their tits squish as if in a vice…or better yet a mammogram. No, I’ve been told that they are standing with their tits on a shelf then the technician grabs a hold of their nipples, pulls straight out, and clamps the vice on them flattening out their breasts like a pancake. This way they looked like four fried eggs smashed together. My wife then dry humped Pamela forcing her pelvis against Pamela’s pelvis as I watched. I got the impression that she had found a way to stimulate her clit and was masturbating on Pamela. It sure was fun to watch.

After my wife had her orgasm she said, “Give Pamela another raise. If she has to fuck me too she deserves more money.”

That was the start of a very nice relationship. The three of us spent many hours in bed together. I was never frustrated again and the project went off without a hitch. Because of that job I got another one from a different company. My RV made its way through the forty-eight continental states, five construction sites, and it provided us with two beautiful children. Pamela is the Godmother to both of them.

Pamela had a child too but decided not to get it tested to see if it was mine or not. As far as her husband knows, it is his. Ignorance is bliss.

As to the kama sutra sex book there are a couple of sexual positions that we still haven’t tried. Tell you the truth, I don’t think any of us can bend like that unless you are a contortionist in the circus.

The End
The Sexy Black Panties
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