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meeting mary
This is my first attempt at writing in this forum so constructive criticism is required a**holes are not. I will start slow but this story has many chapters to it so be patient.

I never had many friends growing up, especially female ones. On a lazy Saturday night I was chilling on the couch when my mom says " Tony need you to do me a favor, your cousin Mary is in town for the weekend her college is having a group tour of our region. I would like you to show her around". " OK mom, where is she staying at". " she is staying at the Carleton downtown". Usually I would have put on something nice to go with a girl but being it was a cousin I never met stayed in my jeans and T-shirt, just grabbed my leather jacket and headed out the door.
Here is a little deion about me I am 5" 11 brown golden eyes with short brown hair almost military cut. I am 200 lbs work as a full time mechanic since I was 16 after I graduated from high school. Now at 18 I look half decent, nice smile and can get any women I want problem is I am shy and awkward around women.
Back to my story as I made my way through the lobby, I heard my name being call " Tony, Tony over here". As I turned I knew at that moment their was a god and here was one of her angels. Before me stood a young girl about 17 or 18, 5"9 maybe 140 lbs large and I mean large breasts maybe 44 DD in cup size full white smile and little dimples on the side of her cheeks when she smiled. " Hi I am Tony, you must be Mary my cousin right". As I put my right hand out to shake her hand she jumped in my arms and gave me the biggest hug I got since Lisa my last girlfriend last month. " silly, I now who you are I have seen your photo at our grandma's house, you are a little bigger that what I thought you would be though". She giggled. Now this hug lasted a while and I could feel all of her body leaning into mine and my cock grew to it's full 7 inch length and was poking her. Now I never had any incestuous thoughts about any person in my family before and I might be a big perv but I am a respectful perv, I ask first before I start perving on someone. As she released my body I was not sure if that was an insult or not but as she looked down at my crotch she had a sly little grin on her face that disappeared so fast it was almost like it was not there. I knew that the next 2 days were going to be either the most fun I had in a long time or they would be the most painful for me as my cock would soften as much as I thought about sports stats or old nuns or anything.
For the rest of the night we spent sight seeing and holding hands I felt like I was on a date, I had to recondition my thoughts and remember that this was my cousin and not my would be girlfriend. I really felt like she was my soul mate she laughed at all my corny jokes and had the same opinions as I did about sports, politics and in life general. As the night ended we made our way back to the hotel she told me that they were having a party in their room tonight. It was only 11 pm and I was hoping this night would never end, so I said " sure that sounds like fun". What I didn't know that her tour group was only women, 15 young women and I would be partying with them.
When we arrived at her room # 69, talk about coincidence the party was in full swing. 15 women in their bra and panties drinking out of dixie cups 2 kegs were in the middle of the room and on 2 beds were 5gorgeous vixens I was introduced to the five girls one by one. First was Sarah she was 5' 1 athletic body of a swimmer with 32 A breasts and fiery red hair. Next was Tina a latina dream with a nice phat ass 36 C breasts a chronic masterbaters dream. Her raven locks and pouty lips were made for BJ's. Then their were Candy and Andrea or as she was referred to as Andy. Twins both looked like they were Scandinavians sorceress short blonde hair and deep blue ocean eyes 6 feet both of them with perky 36 B breasts and long legs that met heart shaped asses that matched their faces. The last one was Koi a small japanese geisha looking girl her almond eyes and petite frame belied her enormous breasts at 4" 5 and only about 100 pounds she had 40 DD breasts that made her look like a tit fuck dream come true. They welcomed me with warm smiles, but I was informed by Koi that I was over dressed to stay at this party I would have to loose the clothes and strip to my boxers. Here I am 18 years old about to undress in front of 6 of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, was I nervous my face looked like a red apple


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2013-01-09 07:44:00
So asshole,you only want constructive criticism?
Stop trying to write stories you are shit at it.

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2012-06-05 20:47:14
Dude, you said your dick was 6 inches in your other true story. I guess we know how true it is.

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2010-12-06 11:32:57
total crap go back and learn a girl that is 4' 5" with a 40DD chest is fat as hell someone that small and light would normally have a 32 or 34 inch chest not a 40 incher you sound like a ten year old grow up and learn before writing anymore

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2010-08-09 10:02:56
I just read this story and it said NOTHING! When writing you build up the plot but at least get into the plot before letting one hang. You wasted time writing this if this was all you were going to include in your story.


2009-06-01 04:29:17
longer, much longer

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