Gina Meets Old Friend, And They Renew Their Friendship, and Much More
As Gina looked through the rack of women's slacks, she heard a familiar voice behind her. Gina turned to see Rita, someone she hadn't seen in years. The two hugged and kissed each other on the cheek, and immediately left the store and went to a nearby cafe. The two talked for over an hour, sharing tales of husbands and kids.

Gina was pleasantly surprised when she leaned that Rita had moved into a house, just a couple of blocks from her. Both women were in their mid forties, the kids now grow and in college, and their husbands busy with their careers leaving them alone most of the time. As they went to leave, they agreed to get together again, Rita told Gina,

"You know Gina, you still have a great figure, it's pretty obvious that you kept in shape after having kids."

"Thanks Rita, and look you great yourself, you still have that great body, and those long sexy legs."

Rita thanked Gina, and then paused saying,

"You know what...we should get together Friday night, and go our for drinks, you know, kind of a girls night out."

Gina thought for a second, "Ya, that sounds good, why not."

"Frank is leaving on a business trip Friday morning, it'll be fun."

"OK then, see you Friday."

The two women gave each other a friendly peck on the cheek, as they left going their seperate ways. Friday afternoon, Gina prepared for the evening out. After her shower, Gina looked at her naked body in the mirror. She cupped her breasts in her hands, tweaking her nipples and watching them become stiff as she looked in the mirror. Satisfied that her breasts were still firm and attractive, she noticed that she needed to do something about that "jungle" between her legs.

After painstakingly trimming and then waxing her bikini area, it was time to pick out what she was going to wear. After about an hour, Gina had settled on a snug fitting pair of light gray jeans, and a low cut black top, that showed off her ample cleavage. Grabbing and matching waist length coat, Gina drove over to Rita's. Rita answered the door inviting Gina in. Rita held Gina at arms length saying,

"My you look sexy, you still have gorgeous breasts, and those jeans really highlight that sexy ass of yours....I'm jealous."

Gina blushed, "Thank you, look great as well."

Rita turned running her hands over her ass and hips,

"You think so?"


"Good, lets go, we'll take my car."

Once at the bar, Rita and Gina grabbed a table, and started talking. The bar was drak and a bit dingy, and the music was loud. Rita snapped Gina from her thoughts saying,

"Hey, lets dance."

Gina paused, "Ah, lets get a drink or two first."

Rita and Gina walked up the the bar each having three shooters when Rita grabbed Gina by the arm saying,

"Come on, I want that dance."

Gina was still a little reluctant, but the shooters were soon having their desired affect. Soon the two women were dancing, with Rita pushing her pelvis into Gina's ass, her hands on Gina's hips as the two swayed to the beat of the music. As they continued dancing, Gina noticed the men in the bar staring and smiling as they watched. Gina was beginning to feel a little self conscious, although the exhibitionist in her was starting to come to the surface.

Rita turned Gina around so the two were facing one another. As they continued to dance, both women felt the men's eyes on them, watching, hoping something would happen. Gina looked at Rita saying,

"Look at them...expecting a show."

Rita smiled, "Well, let's give them one."

Before Gina could react, Rita pulled her close, their breasts mashing together, as Rita pressed her lips to Gina's. For some reason Gina didn't pull away, it was as if she wanted Rita to kiss her. When Rita tongue slipped past her lips, Gina's body melted into Rita's, it was as if they were alone all of a sudden, and she didn't care who was watching. Gina felt her pussy begin to tingle, and her nipples harden as Rita's tongue gently mashed against hers. The men started whistling, making cat calls, finally making them break the kiss and go back over to the bar.

As Rita and Gina stood their gathering their thoughts, a waitress with a tray of drinks held high above her head, slipped or tripped, spilling the drinks over Gina's head, some of which went down her back. The waitress started apologizing profusely, with Gina telling her it was alright, but inside she was livid. Rita grabbed her telling they should leave and go back to her house where Gina could clean up.

Once in the house Rita told her,

"Come on, you can take a shower and wash your hair."

"Maybe I should just go home."

"Nonsense, you can shower here, and I can put your clothes in the wash, you don't want to drive home with sticking clothes on do you?"

Gina followed Rita upstairs to the bathroom.

"Here, get out of those clothes while I get you a towel."

Gina took off her top, followed by her bra giving them a toss in the corner. Gina unbuttoned her jeans and was about to pull them off when Rita came back in with the towel in her hand. Rita handed her the towel, looking Gina's body up and down. Gina had to admit she liked Rita looking at her half naked body. Gina thought back to the kiss at the bar. She'd only kissed a woman once before, and that was only because she'd lost a bet, but there was something special about that kiss. Rita interrupted her thoughts asking,

"Would you like me to wash your hair for you?"

"Oh, I can do it."

"OK, but you know how good it feels when you go to the salon and the girl washes your hair, and massages you scalp, it makes you feel so good doesn't it?"

Gina nodded. "Come on then, get in the shower, I have some special shampoo you'll love."

Once again, before Gina could react, Rita was pulling Gina's jeans off, along with her black lace panties. Then Rita took off her clothes as the two woman stepped into the shower. The warm water felt so good as it pelted own on Gina's body, as she titled her head back, the water splashing on her face. She heard Rita squeezing the shampoo out of the bottle, then felt her hands lathering the shampoo into her hair. It did feel good to have someone pampering her, washing her hair.

Gina felt Rita's hands move down her neck to her shoulders, massaging her as she leaned back into Rita. It all seemed to natural as Rita's hands moved over her shoulders, slowly moving down and, cupping Gina's breasts in her hands. Rita gently squeezed and caressed Gina's breasts, while strumming her nipples with her fingers. Gina's nipples felt like hot embers as the passion welled up in her body. Rita continued, now rolling Gina's nipples between her thumb and forefingers, as Gina moved her hands behind her, caressing Rita's ass while Rita moved her hands down Gina's flat stomach, easing them between Gina's legs.

Gina gasped as Rita's finger slid over her clit, pausing long enough to tease her clit, making her pussy start to spasm. Just as Gina thought she was going to explode, Rita moved her finger, sliding it between her creamy lips, penetrating her sex, followed by another finger. Rita was now kissing Gina's neck, running her tongue up and down her neck, and shoulders as Gina totally surrendered to her lust. Gina's body started to shudder as one orgasm after another washed over her body.

Gina realized that Rita wasn't finished, not yet. Rita began kissing her way down Gina's back, running her hands over Gina's ass as she kissed her way down, running her tongue over the dimple just above Gina's ass. Gina gasped, she never felt anything so damn erotic. Gina parted her legs as Rita eased her hand between them, cupping Gina's pussy in the palm of her hand, running her tongue up and down Gina's ass. Gina moaned, parting her cheeks, pushing her ass against Rita's face. Rita eased her tongue between Gina's cheeks, running her tongue up and down Rita's ass, teasing, and then penetrating Gina's ass.

"Oh yes, oh shit Rita, tongue my ass, fuck it, fuck my ass, Oh it feels good."

Rita worked two fingers into Gina's pussy, bringing her off numerous times. Gina turned, raising her hands above her head, holding onto the shower head, placing her foot on the edge of the tub so that Rita would have access to her pussy. Rita looked up and smiled, then leaned forward, running her tongue up and down Gina's pussy as Gina squealed,

"Oh ya Rita, suck my pussy baby, you do it so good."

Rita slid her tongue deep inside Gina's pussy, while sliding her finger into Gina's ass. Soon Gina was cumming, nearly screaming as Rita brought her to one orgasm after another. Gina pulled Rita to her feet saying,

"That was wonderful, you have no idea how good that was, now it's my turn to do you."

Gina pulled Rita to her, kissing her, and rubbing her breasts against Rita's, their nipples touching as the two women kissed and caressed. Gina lowered her hand, sliding it between Rita's legs, easing one finger and then another into Rita's sex. She felt Rita's pussy clamp down on her fingers, as she searched for Rita's 'G' spot. Rita's breathing was becoming more and more labored as her arousal turned into pure lust.

"Oh fuck Gina, Oh fuck yes, make me cum, oh ya that's it, make me fucking cum."

Gina began teasing Rita's clit with her thumb, while humping Rita's thigh, rubbing her pussy against her taunt muscles. Rita gasped and started cumming, as Gina reached another orgasm herself. Wanting to pleasure Rita as Rita had pleasured her, Gina knelt down as Rita draped her leg over Gina's shoulder. Gina paused long enough to look at Rita's pink pussy, marveling at how beautiful she looked. Then she started running her tongue along Rita's pussy, sliding it between Rita's folds and lapping up Rita's juices.

Rita was beside herself with lust as Gina took her clit into her mouth, while sliding a soapy finger into Rita's ass. Rita was moaning, her body shaking as more orgasm washed over her as Gina sucked her hot pussy. Finally, the two women got out of the shower, drying one another off, kissing and caressing the whole time. Rita lead Gina to the bed where the two women laid down, sucking one anothers pussies.

The women looked up when they heard someone clearing their throats. It was Rita's husband staring at the two of them on the bed. Rita laughed saying,

"Are you alright Dear?"

"Ah, ya I guess so."

"This is Gina, an old friend from college."

"We went out for drinks and as you can see, things got a little out of hand, you don't mind do you?"

"Ah no, I guess not."

Rita's poor husband was obviously dumbfounded by the sight before him.

"Would you be a Dear, and give Gina a ride home?"

"Sure, I guess so."

"Alright then, we'll be down shortly."

Albert left wondering what he had just witnessed. Rita and Gina giggled as they kissed and cuddled.

"Well, I guess we better get dressed so you can go home."

"Yes I suppose so, but I was wondering, will we get together again, I really enjoyed this."

Rita smiled, "I'm glad you did, of course we will."

"We girls need a break now and then from the same 'ol same 'ol if you know what I mean."

"Oh I do, believe me I do."

Gina and Rita kissed one more time, then Gina dressed and thanked Rita again as she left for home with Albert driving. When she got home her husband was there asking,

"So how was your night out with your friend?"

"Oh it was OK, we'll be getting together now and then to go out and shop, girly things like that."

Gina just smiled to herself as she went upstairs to get ready for bed, looking forward to her next time with Rita.

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