Story continues, just pretend the end of the last part never happened.
Let me say this, the last section of part III was not good at all. I really didn't want to write it then, but everyone seemed to complain about the short cliff hanger in part II, so I felt pressure to give you more. If you will allow me, I will do that justice and continue. As always, if you didn't like the other stories, hit back, now!

Before I begin, let me tell you where this story came from. It's actually different events combined into one story, with a bunch of made up details to make it interesting. The true parts of this story, involve a young girl, a dog, and me helping her, or really convincing her, to do the dog. When I caught her, she was only letting the dog dry hump her, with her clothes on, and letting him spray her with his clear fluid.

I derived the pissing events from something that happened with this same girl and a cousin. Years later, I had sex with all of this girl's best friends, one of her friends mothers and eventually, sorry mom, with her. Everything else was made up to make it interesting. Everyone was a willing and enjoying participant, and that's the way I like it. I don't even imagine about men with twelve inch pussy crushers, forcing a young girl to have sex.

Back to the story:
The day after my sexual ecstasy with Jasmin, the teenage goddess, and her sibling prodigy, my mind drifted to all the different sensations. I imagined the feel of Jasmin's breast, her gripping inner pussy walls, the scent of her ass pressed against my face, her hot stream of pee hitting my hard penis, her spasming bowels on my cock as she orgasmed, and the feel of my new young friend's lips slurping my cock as she suctioned my sperm from me. Could it ever be matched, I wondered? My dick got hard at every thought, but my resolve was to save my load for the day I had sex again, with a real person.

I had experienced so much in such a short period of time, I could hardly comprehend that it was all real, but I knew it was. What I didn't know, was where my next experience would take me. Would I finally satisfy Susan's incredible need to have her love hole stuffed? Would I fill her mouth, would I splatter her face, send my seed deep in her young body or would I get to fill Jasmin's greedy cum hole with a flood of my saved up juice? I didn't know for sure what my next adventure would be, but I sure couldn't wait.

As I walked in front of the house, I noticed some girls down the street, I smiled, knowing that I was going to be a more confident high school student when school started. Jasmin's words, "nice cock", floated through my mind, and I smiled again.

Susan leaped onto my back and wrapped her legs and arms around me, sending me stumbling forward and then down in a heap on the grass. My confidence was somehow taken down a bit by the laughing twelve year old, who just scared me, and took me to the carpet with her scrawny body. However, her warm crotch pressed against my body made me smile. I looked up at her lips and pictured them stretching as they sealed around my flesh. I wondered what it would be like to kiss her and eat her.

My fantasy was interrupted by her slapping me and saying, "don't forget, we have a deal! I did my part, you better do yours." I smiled and said, "you sure did, and even more. Are you sure? Will you be, you know, ready?" Susan smiled real big, pleasure, satisfied pleasure rolled across her face. Her body pressed against mine seemed to warm as she continued. "Last night after I went inside, I looked in the refrigerator, as soon as I spotted it, I knew what to do, and I got the fattest carrot from the bag. I got excited as soon as I ran my finger down the length of it, I headed for my room."

Then she said, "By the time I get back from my aunt's house, I'll be ready, and then you owe me." Her words stunned me. When I get back.... I remembered she had told me, Jasmin and her were going to their dad's sisters for a week, with him. Susan reading my disappointment said, "don't worry, it's just six days, and my mom will be here." Susan jumped up and said, "I got to get read, see you soon."

I mowed the grass in front of the Davis house, I was so hot, and so horny. It had been four days and five nights since my great sexual exploits with my neighbors, and now I mowed their lawn, picturing Mrs. Davis's huge hanging jugs. I had not expected her to call me over to her front yard, but even more I had not expected to feel my cock surge the second I got near her. Something was different, I had seen her naked, I had seen her service her husband's massive tool, and then I saw her aim his rod toward Susan's face while it spewed cum.

Mrs. Davis was wearing a long, loose shirt, her massive tits were free to swing and her nipples were making two points in her shirt. "Joe, would you mind mowing my lawn too?" Her words snapped me back to the present, and I nervously squirmed, hoping my erection wasn't actually making a tent in my shorts, or worse, finding its way out the bottom of my shorts, because I had no underwear on. I said, "sure Mrs. Davis, I can do yours too." As the words left my mouth, I realized what I had said, surely she wouldn't take it the way I was imagining. Yours too, like I did your daughter.

"Joe, don't." I froze.

Mrs. Davis said, "don't call me Mrs. Davis, you can call me Chris." Then she continued, "just knock on the door when you're done, and I'll give you something."

My cock was hard as a rock, I walked back and forth with almost five days worth of cum stored up in my balls, I might mess my shorts just from my thoughts. What did she mean, "I'll give you something?" Susan's words came back to me, "my mother will be here." What did she mean by that? It seemed strange now that I was picturing my cock sliding between her mother's tits, and spraying her face. I fought the thoughts off, knowing that if I convinced myself that she was going to fuck my brains out as payment for doing her grass, I would very likely be disappointed at best and worst, make an ass out of myself standing at her door with my hard cock standing up in my shorts.

After the third time I knocked, I figured she wasn't in the house and thought I'd just try the back gate, if it was open than great, if not, I'd see her later. The latch snapped, the gate opened, so I entered the backyard. Clearly surprised, Mrs. Davis jumped and tried to grab something to cover her nude body. I closed the gate quickly, and with all the fake courage I could muster, I said, "Oh, I'm sorry, you didn't answer the door, so I figured you were back here. I was wondering if I jumped in your pool, to cool off?"

Chris laid flat on her stomach, once she realized there wasn't anything near by to hold in front of her. Apparently, she was more concerned about me seeing her melons, then her round, naked ass, which was right there in front of my eyes, or maybe she wanted me to see her, I wondered.

Mrs. Davis said, "Sure Joe, you can take a swim, but will you do something for me first?" My brain flew through a thousand possibilities, from eat my pussy, to shove your hard dick in my mouth. She said, "Can you put some sunscreen on my back?" Cheesy porn line or not, I said, "sure, Mrs Dav, I mean Chris." It felt strange calling her by her first name, but then again, she was not your average parent.

I stood at the foot of her chair with the lotion bottle in my hand, I admired her perfect ass, the soft fuzz on her lower back, and her breast meat, which squeezed out from under her. Even the back of her neck was sexy to my thirteen year old hormones, my boner was throbbing. At light speed my brain processed all of the possibilities, she wanted me, she would tell my parents I touched her ass, she planned this whole thing, because she needs a dick while her husband is away. I don't know if it was because of how horny I was, all the stories Susan told me about her parents, or having seen her sucking Mr. Davis right here on this very chair, but whatever it was, I removed my shorts before I straddled her chair. I looked down past my erection at her ass, and suddenly realized I was nude standing over a woman. Not some high school girl, this was a very experienced woman, and not only that, she was my neighbor, my moms equivalent, I wanted to run like hell. I forced myself to stay by remembering Susan's words, "my mother will be here." It had to be a special message, a code for me to know that I'd have a chance, a chance to fuck her mom.

I covered my hands and reached for her shoulders as nervous as a turkey the day before Thanksgiving. Like a kid trying to spread peanut butter on soft bread, I fumbled at her upper back. I thought I might have heard a sigh, but it registered as a moan of pleasure, so I moved lower down her back, as scared as I could be I worked some lotion on her sides just above her breast meat. I was an inch from touching them, but I chickened out, I moved lower. Her back muscles were firm on each side of the sexy groove that marked the center of her back and lead straight to her ass crack. I squirted some more sunscreen in a circle over the fine blond hair that marked the start of her ass mound.

I was so close to her wonderful round ass, but what should I do, does she want me to sunscreen her butt too, or should I stop? My palms started that the top of her ass hill and smeared the slipper cream towards her back. I still wasn't down as far as her crack, but there were only two choices now, touch her ass cheeks, or leave. Joe, "make sure you go all the way down my legs." My heart raced, surely this means including her ass. I watched as the drops of creamy as they fell from the bottle towards her bottom. It was like slow motion as they hit her soft skin and spread out from the impact. I waited for a reaction, but nothing, she wants me to touch her ass!

I slowly squatted down, almost ready to black out from the implications of what I was about to do. First my left, then my right testicle touched down on her warm flesh. I circled them through the droplets and then slid them through her ass channel. When "Chris," didn't flip out, I placed my gorged rod between her checks and used it to smear suntan lotion through the length of her butt channel. Oh, it felt so good, I had to freeze for a minute to keep from dumping my own lotion on her back.

I stared at my dick sunk between two pieces of ass meat, surely Mrs. Davis realizes that my dick is touching her, she must want to get fucked, what if I just shove it in her? I started humping her butt crack again, while pushing her cheeks together. I'd ride up until I felt my balls press into the channel at the bottom, then I'd slide down until my cock tip reached her asshole, then back again.

A voice that reminded me of Jasmin's when she told me to eat her, came from Chris, "Fuck me Joe, fuck my asshole. I can't let you fuck my pussy, but fuck my asshole." I didn't wait for any clarity, on my next forward stroke, I slightly changed the angle, and my cock head pressed into her ass ring. I pushed her cheeks apart and watched as my dick pushed in, and then it popped through and sank deep into her body. I shoved hard against the tight grip of her hole and my dick went in a little further. Mrs. Davis said, "wow, that's a big one for a boy your age, let me get a look at it."

I reluctantly extracted my tool from between her cheeks and dismounted her. Chris rolled over and sat up in front of me. Her massive melons swung around and hung halfway to her belly button. Dark nipples covered the tops, with a hard center the size of large raisins, standing proud. She smiled and said, "that's a beautiful cock, young man, very impressive. Let me have a taste." She took hold of my dick and pulling it toward her waiting mouth, she licked the tip, then the side, then around the whole top, before sucking my purple head into her hot mouth. She took it out and licked her lips, as if she were savoring the taste of her own asshole, then she inhaled the full length, all the way to my balls. She came all the way off and then back to the base. She did that a few times, leaving more of her mouth juice each time. Finally, she removed it and said, "now it's ready, let me turn over." She got on her knees and leaned on the chair, and said, "Go ahead, fuck my ass, but not my pussy."

Chris reached back, guided me to the entrance of her bung hole, and then held her ass open. My penis brain center touched the dark circle, I pushed forward, then a little harder, and with a snap, I sank inside Mrs. Davis's hot body. Once I broke through the tight ring, I never stopped until my body smacked into her cheeks. The scared silly, thirteen year old boy disappeared, like a wild animal running on instincts, I took hold of both her hanging tits, and drove the length of my cock in and out of her ass. I groped at hand fulls of huge breasts, while slamming my dick into my neighbors hungry ass, as she thrust her ass backwards to meet my forward motion. With complete recklessness, I plowed her, and she slammed back with equal force, accompanied by loud grunts, as she tried to fill as much of her needy hole as she could. I released her tits and took her by the hips to help me slam her even harder.

My balls had lasted longer than I could have ever hoped, considering they were days waiting to release, and I was now doing the most incredibly sex woman, in her asshole. I felt my nuts tighten, and my dick expand as I pulled it all the way out and then shoved the full length all the way in, our bodies crashed together. I felt it coming, it was one of those orgasms that you can't control, you couldn't stop it if a gun was pointed at your head, you just have to cum. "Fuck making it last, just cum," my dick's brain told me.

One last thrust was all I needed, I pulled back until I saw my dick head surface, I shoved forward but hit the space between her little hole and her pussy. My rod bent, cum splattered, then my dick sank to the bottom, of her pussy. It was unbelievable, her pussy walls surrounded my sensitive meat, it was better than her bowels, I held her hips tight and let my dick pump its cream deep in her tunnel. Like a million tiny fingers touching my cock, I groaned as my orgasm intensified and my young cock flooded her insides with days worth of fluid.

Mrs. Davis's cunt hole felt like it was milking my jerking cock of every last drop. She moved forward to break the bond our bodies were locked in, and I watched as my erect pole slid out of her pink flesh. My dick was standing straight out in front of me, glistening with all the fluids that covered it. Chris sat up on the chair, her face right in front of my cock. She took me into her steamy mouth and cleaned every drop of our orgasms off my rod. She sucked hard as she pull her head back off my cock, with a big smile, she licked her lips and simply said, "yummy."

While still holding my erection in her tight grip, Chris laid back on the chair. I stepped over her so I had one foot on each side of her body. She raised the backrest half way and then pulled me by my cock towards her cleavage. She spit on my cock as she guided it between her tits. The groove between the massive flesh mounds was covered with a mix of her sweat and lotion, so my tool slid nicely up towards her face. Mrs. Davis lifted each side of her jugs and pushed them together, so they easily wrapped around my cock. The friction was just right as my sensitive meat forced its way through her cleavage, up towards her chin. Once my head broke out the top of the flesh channel it was met by her hungry mouth. A quick suck and then it slid back down, disappearing behind her tits.

I had a pretty good pace going as my rod plowed through her soft flesh, and hit her warm mouth, but then she took hold of my ass cheeks and held me over her face. She then took my hot hanging balls into her mouth, she sucked them hard and deep into her mouth and my knees almost buckled. I took a deep breath and squatted over her face while she explored every part of my testicles. I was sure my nuts were being sucked into her throat. Her finger nails digging into my ass cheeks allowed Chris to easily direct my position. After my wet balls came out of her mouth, they dragged across her nose and then one rested in each eye socket. My ass followed her fingers guiding, and then her tongue shot into my asshole, sending a wave of unprecedented pleasure through my young body. I squatted harder, trying to send more of her mouths tool, inside my quivering body. My cock stood straight up against my stomach, my balls pulled up and I just about sent a load into outer space, but Chris realizing what was about to happen, pushed me up, and said, "Not so fast, this time I want your cum in the correct hole, I want to eat every drop."

I stepped back as she sat straight up in the chair, pulled my dick towards her mouth and sucked it in. As she worked her tongue around the head, and up and down the length, she cupped my balls and massaged them in her silky soft hands. The wonderful sound of her slurping lips sent a shiver down my spine, while her fingers explored the underside of my ball bag and the soft area between my balls and my asshole. I gasped as her finger forced its way into my virgin hole. Chris, took a break from my cock in order to sucked her ass explorer, in and out of her mouth my finger went. Once it was good and wet, my dick found its way back between her lips, and her freshly lubed finger opened my shitter once again, only this time it had a friend.

My nuts couldn't take much more of these feelings and they would surely be filling my new friends mouth with their juice any minute. While sucking hard and fast on my cock, Chris's fingers forced themselves deeper and deeper into my hole. I took a wider position with my feet and held my ass open with my hands, while rocking my hips in rhythm with her sucking face. Faster and faster fingers plowed into my ass, while a thumb was forced against the base of my balls, which seemed to hold my load inside, at least for the moment.

Chris replaced my cock once again with her fingers, savoring my ass taste as she seductively sucked them in and out. Then she spit on her hand and worked it around my asshole. In perfect unison, she took my cock into her throat and plunged her fingers up my ass. Again, my knees buckled, forcing her fingers even deeper. Her head went up and down my rod, with my balls in her grip, and her fingers being shoved in and out of my hole.

My balls were ready, I knew it was coming, and so did my lover, she released my balls, grabbed my shaft with one hand and with the other, she shoved at least four fingers as deep as they could go in my ass. I felt my tiny hole stretch wide around her hand as my sperm raced up my dick, and shot onto their target. The first blast went straight into Mrs. Davis's eye, the second on her cheek, the third in her open mouth, the forth on her closed lips. My whole body was shaking while my ass gripped at its intruder, my balls pulsed and my dick head oozed cum.

With the same hand that had just been removed from my asshole, Chris wiped her face, licking every drop on cum from her ass fingers. What a nasty lady, I thought to myself, what a wonderfully nasty woman. I smiled as I sat on the end of the chair.

Mrs. Davis looked at me very seriously, then she said, "You can never tell anyone about this, nobody, even if it happens again and someone else is there, this still never happened! Got it?" I said, "OK, it never happened, I promise." She smiled and said, "Joe, that is very important, and I'm sure we will be doing this again. You have a very nice cock, and I'm sure I'll be tasting it again. And Joe, its not average size, so be careful when you get ready to shove it in someone."

I wondered later what did Mrs. Davis mean. Did she know something? Did she know I was planning on spreading her daughters legs and taking her virginity?

I opened the front door and a very excited Susan was there. "I'm back, and you're not going to believe what happened while we were at my aunts!" I thought to myself, you're not going to believe what happened here, either. Too bad I can't tell you.

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