This is about my first taste of being with “Jenny” the cocktail waitress
I met “Jenny” the night my husband and I were meeting two guys from our profile in the adult forum we posted. That night as we waited for the rest of our party to arrive we ended up sitting in Jenny’s section and as she waited on us she made no intent to hide she was flirting with me. What a great feeling knowing I could catch the eye of a twenty year old. Anyways as we were leaving she gave me a little note saying should would love for me to call her.

Once we got to our car I told John about it and he grinned and said I should call her. Ever since John walked in on me having sex with my friend Lisa we have become very open about our marriage. His only stipulation is that I’m honest with him about the women I sleep with. He’s completely supportive as long as I’m not going behind his back about it. It’s a great arrangement because I get to satisfy my womanly cravings any time I want. Plus if the other girl isn’t comfortable with John joining its still ok with him, he just wants to hear all the racy details. Since there has only been two women who didn’t want him to be involved he’s normally joining in on the fun! Besides I love having him there because its an enormous turn on to watch him being pleasured by another woman!

Anyways I decided to call Jenny the following Wednesday afternoon and I couldn’t believe how nervous I was trying to make this call. My fingers were shaking so badly I had to make a couple of attempts before I hit the numbers correctly. When she answered her cell I must have sounded like a complete idiot because I could barely put a sentence together. When I finally was able to say hi and who I was I could tell she seemed excited that I called. She said she just got done with classes for the day so I asked her if she would like to have a late lunch. She readily agreed and told me she needed to change first and would meet me in thirty minutes.

I put on my dressy little short shorts, a tight low cut tight t-shirt, high heels and my favorite perfume and headed out the door. I arrived at the restaurant a short while later and saw her getting out of her car so I parked right next to her. I must say she looked amazing, and I thought she looked incredible that night working. Jenny was wearing a jean mini skirt that was frayed around the edges, a tiny little baby-t that showed just a bit of her sexy tummy and a pair of really sexy heels. Even though she was a tiny little thing those heels definitely made her legs seem extra long! Like I said she is tiny, she’s only 5’1 maybe 100lbs soaking wet, and in my opinion a perfect size and shaped 32b. She has very light brown hair with a cute little bob with intoxicating green eyes. We met in between our cars and I officially introduced myself as we hugged. Feeling her up against me and smelling her sent my hormones in orbit. We got a table outside and since it was after the lunch crowd we were the only ones on the patio. We made small talk at first and that’s when I asked her how old she is and no surprise she said she was only 20. We ordered two glasses of merlot and luckily the didn’t ID her. I still felt a little awkward because of the age difference and she sensed it as well. What she said next put me at ease and for the rest of the afternoon we had a fabulous time. Obviously there was quite a bit of sexual tension between us as we continued to steal glances at each other. As you can guess our conversation turned sexual and she asked about the night at the bar. As I was telling her all the juicy details her hand moved to my leg and began lightly running her hand up and down my inner thigh. I continued to tell her about my marriage and how our sex life morphed into what it is today.

When I asked her what made her come on to me so strongly she just said there was something about me, how I carried myself and the confidence I seemed to have, plus what I wore that night. Since I was so turned on by you I figured what the hell and took a chance and gave you my number. Although I didn’t expect you to call because I am much younger then you. The thing is I almost didn’t call her because of her age but since she came on so strong I said why not!

As we continued talking about se we both now had our hands running up and down each other’s legs and rubbing ever closer to our pussy’s. Once Jenny grazed by my pussy she was able to feel how wet I was right thru my panties. At this sign she tried to pull my panties to the side so she could finger me. I wanted her to do that so badly but not at the restaurant during the middle of the day. As she tried I clamped my legs together and said we need to go. I guess by my sudden reaction she thought I was mad and started apologizing and had this panicked look on her face. I just grinned and said sweetie we need to go because if not there’s going to be a very lurid scene right here and I don’t feel like being arrested! She giggled and I said follow me to my house where we can continue this.

Once we made it to my house we barely walked thru the door and we were attacking each other. Cloths were flying every where, hands were exploring and we were kissing passionately on our way to the bedroom. There she laid me on the bed and began kissing me from head to toe. I was just consumed by the soft touch of her lips on my skin and before she even got to my pussy I had my first orgasm. To say the least Jenny was surprised I came from just her kissing my whole body. But I had been so turned on all week thinking about her I wasn’t shocked that I came so quickly. As I relaxed from that orgasm Jenny began tasting my juicy pussy as her fingers played with my ass. It didn’t take long before she had me on the verge of another orgasm, only this one was going to be much stronger. As I was thinking how wonderful her mouth and tongue felt I came again and this time she got to experience watching syrupy clear fluid gush out of my pussy.

Laying there in my overwhelming state of sexual desire I couldn’t wait to do the same to Jenny. As I slowly began to work my mouth and hands over her young, tight, little body I could feel myself building to yet another orgasm.

I couldn’t believe how easily I was cumming with her! I knew a good part of it was how much younger she was then me and it really turned me on that I was fucking a twenty year old!! Also it was a little taboo being with some one so young, she was barely out of high school, I guess it just made it that much more exciting.

While I licked her delicious pussy and rubbed her clit she started to move her hips in unison with my lapping tongue and was getting louder and louder building to her first orgasm. The closer she got the louder she got, and I’ll tell you she is a screamer, (what a turn on. ) I started to finger myself and right after she came all over my face I had yet another orgasm. This was completely amazing, I always have multiple orgasms, but never this fast and close together.

After Jenny came she asked if I had any toys! My eyes lit up because of course I do and I love using them especially with girls. I told her where the were and unknowingly she picked out one of my favorites, as she did so she also noticed the camera and asked if we could turn it on. I said yes immediately thinking how much John would love to watch this. Little did I know how much I would end up watching it over and over as well.

With the camera recording we started out in 69 with our tongues buried in each other’s pussy’s. After giving each other a small orgasm and knowing her face was covered with my juices I wanted nothing more then to kiss her so I could taste myself all over her mouth. After our passionate kiss we entwined our hips so we could rub and slap our pussy’s together. That is such a soft sensual feeling and one of my favorite things to do I knew I was going to cum again and she did as well. As I came I gushed more syrupy cum all over her pussy. Once I did I instantly positioned myself so I could lick my juices off her warm soft pussy! MMM that tasted so good, it still makes me tingle thinking about it.

What happened next still amazes and drives me wild to this day. Jenny told me to just lay back and enjoy what she was going to do. She took my big fat dildo that barely fits in me and began teasing me with the tip. Slowly she would slide the tip between my lips, take it out and lick me, then slide it a little further in. She kept going like this, teasing me unmercifully, til she finally shoved it all the way in my wanting pussy! Once she did that I screamed in ecstasy and came again! (When I masturbate and need to be quick about it I use this toy because it has that effect on my immediately) She proceeded to fuck my pussy with my fat toy and I continued to have a bunch of mini orgasm. After a bit she stopped and began licking my pussy but not for long and when she started with the dildo again it seemed different. When I opened my eyes to see what the difference was, Jenny had her WHOLE HAND in me! I was being FISTED! Now I’ve seen pictures of that before but never in a million years did I think it was possible for it to happen to me! Granted Jenny’s has small hands, but still! Anyways the sight of her hand buried in my pussy up to her wrist was an incredibly erotic sight. I spread my legs as wide as I could to give her all the access she needed. This was such an amazing feeling, the way she could tickle the inside of my pussy with her wiggling fingers, WOW! As I’m sure you already guessed I came again and this time it was such an explosive orgasm I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t hear me scream. With her hand covered in my yummy cum she slowly pulled it out and I lavishly sucked and licked my juices off her hand.

As we collapsed onto the bed I was quivering all over. My legs were shaking, my heart racing, and I could feel my pussy juices dripping out. As we laid there Jenny lightly ran her fingers over my body giving me goose bumps and all I could say was I felt bad I didn’t give her the attention she gave me. She said not to worry, for all she thought about was being able to have her way with me since last friday. Besides I don’t plan on this being a one time thing. Neither did I, and as it has turned out we continue to get together and she become a great friend and I’ve become her cougar booty call! What can I say, she has total control over me, I end up doing what ever she wants me to and I love it! MEEEOOOWWW!!

When John got home the following day I told him I had something to show him. He already knew about my lunch date with Jenny but I didn’t tell him I recorded the ensuing activities. Now I had already watched the video right before he got home and I was dripping wet. As I hit play John watched in complete awe at what we were doing and especially how quickly and often I was cumming. Once it got to the part where Jenny was fisting me John was speechless. When he did say something all he said was, “Bree that has to be the hottest, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen! Subsequently we had amazing sex right then while we hit the pause button on the scene where Jenny’s hand is being swallowed by my pussy!

I’m so glad I met Jenny as she has become one of my favorite girls to be with, Love you sweetie!

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