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First Time Older Male Teen

Car Dealership Fiat

This is my first time writing. The story happened to me when I was younger.
I would appreciate constructive criticism.

I was 15 and my mom insisted that my brother, sister, and I get involved in constructive activities while school was out for the summer. Ugh, one boring summer coming up. I was two years older than my sister and brother and had a different outlook on life since they were just 13. The activities chosen by my mom ended up being summer school and tennis. The tennis I did not mind at all, in fact I usually stayed at the high school for hours just hitting the tennis ball against the building by myself. I became quite good from the practice.
From the high school to my house was a 10-minute walk. One day I decided to take a detour since it was so hot out. At least I would get the benefit of the shade trees that lined the street going this way. A little further up I saw the car dealership. It was the only one on this side of town. A woman from my church just bought one of their cars. It looked really sharp and sporty. I decided to stop in the Fiat car store. As I walked in, the cool a/c hit me reminding me of the sweltering heat outside. My clothes were kind of damp from perspiration.
The cars in here were nice and I could see myself in any of the models on the showroom floor. I was more than ready to get a car even though I did not have a driver’s permit yet. Nonetheless, I checked out the cars they had available on the floor. A white convertible really caught my eye. It was a two-seater with a five speed transmission, booming radio system, and felt great as I sat in it day dreaming. A sales representative walked up to me. He was Italian, seemed to be middle aged, wore glasses, with, salt and pepper hair. At first glance, the hair would make you think senior citizen, but his face was younger and he had a pretty good body. He was slender and somewhat tall, 6 feet two inches perhaps, with a muscular build. I was a few inches shorter than him. He asked what I thought of the machine I was sitting in and I told him I thought it was great, I wanted it. We struck up a conversation and he had asked me what I liked. I told him tennis and explained how it was part of my “summer program.” He then asked me what else I liked. I said baseball, cars, basketball, food, swimming, biking, and traveling. In fact, I expounded, my family was going to travel to St. Louis for my older brother’s graduation from college in a few weeks. The sales representative then asked me what else I liked. I was definitely running out of things to say since he kept asking what else I liked and I knew there was something else but I did not want to say. Sure, I had already scoped out the slight bulge in the front of his pants. I found it impossible to look at a guy and not look there first. Before I looked at a guy’s face, I looked at his crotch. Since the first grade, I have liked guys in a “special way” that I myself did not understand. Since that time, the feeling had grown stronger. I even like girls. In the second grade, I had a girlfriend and was supposed to get married to her when we became of age. Yeah, I gotta problem and need to figure it out, but on with the story. He then told me to go into the waiting area for customers, which was in a smaller room off the sales floor. I was the only one in the room. I sat on the couch. He later came in and stood in front of the unisex bathroom door. “Come here,” he said, and I did. He closed the door and unzipped his pants. Out popped a big dick that was semi hard yet still big. This was all new to me and I knew this was what I liked but just could not bring myself to say. I guess you could say this guy read my mind. Upon seeing this I instantly got hard and could not take my eyes off the tool he had just unleashed. This is what I spent hours dreaming of while jacking off, only his cock was bigger, and now it was right in front of me in real life! He asked me to drop my pants and eyeing his slightly curved erect cock, he did not have to ask twice! My head was swimming. I could not believe what was happening. Ok, my dick was raging wild standing at a full 8 inches. Precum was no longer dripping, it was now flowing from my love-starved dick. My hormones were out of control and I began to see stars. He asked me to turn around and started to line his very responsive cock up with the crack of my twitching ass. I did not know what was happening to my ass or what this guy was going to do. I guess I was excessively na? and green. This was stuff I had only experienced in my dreams and now it was actually happening! I thought I was going to pass out. I felt his cock on my ass crack.
The next thing I knew, some stuff was dripping down my butt cheeks. He had cum before even penetrating me! In a way, I guess I was lucky cuz he would have ripped my ass apart with that huge uncircumcised tool of his. His voice brought me back to reality. Aagh, I did not time it right, he said. He had been too eager. However, this was not the last time.
A few days later, I stopped by again. As before, it was not busy and he asked me to wait in the waiting room. I learned the sales person’s name was Steve. When he came in, he asked me to come into the bathroom and closed the door. I had been hard since I came into the waiting room from anticipation. I had a sizable wet spot in the front of my pants from my precum overload. My dick was aching from being confined in my BVD underwear and finally I was able to let it out. Steve unfastened his pants and I saw his silk boxer shorts. They fell to the floor on top of his black pants. Steve asked me to kiss his cock with my mouth. After a few kisses, I started sucking his warm delicious flesh. I did not know if my method was right or wrong as I continued to suck with passion, I had wanted this for so long and was finally getting my chance. I barely heard Steve’s moans above my slurping and sucking noises. I had trouble getting his large tool in my mouth but made a valiant attempt. I managed to get half of his 12-inch dick in my mouth. I was so hungry for this and I made love to his dick orally. I squeezed his nice firm ass cheeks, which were quivering uncontrollably now. His balls kept slapping against my chin and had precum juice on them, which I licked clean. Steve’s balls had the scent of cologne or something on them and I just could not leave them alone. I sucked on one and then the other admiring how one hung lower than the other. DAMN ! I could not get enough of this man. I licked his shaft all the way around and went up to the tip. I licked the inside of his uncircumcised tip, which had a sweet and tangy taste. I then reached around and began playing with his nipples, which were taut and protruding. The hair on his chest drove me wild. FUCKING SHIT! This was my first taste of a man and I totally loved it. I never wanted it to end. After taking a tour of his muscular chest, I went back to his engorged rod. I licked it gently. What a whore I am, I thought. My next thought was that I was a happy whore and continued with the business at hand. I licked Steve’s pole up one side and down the other. My mouth seemed to be all over his dick at the same time. His dick was a drug and I just could not get enough of it. I went back to his balls sucking on them with an unquenchable thirst. At this point, Steve was moaning louder and saying yesss, yessss. Lick dem balls. Dem balls are on fire. Oh baby those are your balls. I became saturated with lust and more desire. Steve was the only thing on my mind and I was living out a dream I thought only existed in my mind. Thrusted back to reality, I was scared someone would bang on the door and demand to know what was going on in the bathroom. Fuck dem punk assed motherfuckers! This was my moment and I did not give a damn assed fuck who might hear or be around. I went back to working on Steve. After about another 15 minutes of intense passion, Steve shot about a cup full of cum into my mouth. I drank about a cup full of cum. This was my first experience with the creamy nectar and I wanted to take a bath in it. It was sweet, warm, and milky colored with a hint of lime. Steve was leaning against the wall unable to speak or move. He kept licking his red lips as if enjoying afterglow. He seemed quite pleased with my performance and had an unmistakable smile on his flushed face. I felt elated, happy, drained, and excited all at the same time. My eyes drifted down to my briefs and there I saw a large puddle of white cum- from me! I did not even jack off! More was oozing out of my partially limp dick.
Steve leaned over to me and I began to get nervous. What was he doing? I never kissed a guy before! I found myself leaning toward him and his lips found mine. They were soft and gentle. Next, he was probing my mouth with his tongue. So this is tongue kissing I thought. I liked it. I explored every nook and cranny of Steve’s mouth until I knew it just as well as I knew mine. He held me firmly and I felt so safe and secure. This is where I wanted to stay. In Steve’s arms was a whole new world I had found. His large arms enveloped me locking out everything that had me confused or concerned. I started to get erect all over again. I could not help it. Never in my whole life had I experienced anything like this and I wanted to keep it in my heart, mind, and soul forever. Steve reached out and put his hand on my cock just holding it. That is when it started to pulsate wildly. I no longer had control over my body. This felt strange. In the next minute without any warning, I was convulsing uncontrollably with multiple orgasms. I began to lose my footing and my knees went weak like jelly. It seemed I was falling in slow motion then Steve grabbed me tight and held me up so I would not hit the floor. I did not want him to stop touching me EVER. I was in love with a man and never wanted him to go away. Steve held me and we just stayed there embracing. His scent was now all over me and I did not want to bathe again. I had a new smell, Steve’s love juice smell. I became intoxicated by it as I continued basking in my fantasy that just came to life. This was not going to be a boring summer, not by a long shot!


2009-10-10 09:28:21
hot fucking story

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2009-09-21 13:40:16
sounds like BS 2 me 2

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-21 21:05:58
Hey Singlestim. The story is true and the sizes are true. How big are you?


2009-07-12 21:40:13
Wish people that are going to make up a story then post it in the "true" stories would not all have huge dicks. The average is close to 6 " but when you read all these stories, the average must be near 9" ......what a bunch of crap. Mostly a good story, but put it in the fantasy section and space out the paragraphs.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-11 17:31:32
OMGGGGG. Im in love with Steve and Ive never met him!! Keep writing please! Im officially a fan <3

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