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I got raped for no reason, but it was weird
My name is Lily, and im 18. I have a good job as a babysitter, which I baby-sit for the Johnson family. It’s weird to baby-sit a 19 year old, since im more like a sex-toy than a babysitter. Im here to tell you, about my story

It was a stormy night when the Mr. and Mrs. Johnson went out for dinner, leaving me with Mike, their son. He was being good for sure, watching television as I cooked dinner.

I called him for dinner, but he never responded, so then I went to the living room to see what's happened. To my astonishment, he had fallen asleep. I sighed and carried him towards his bedroom, but stumbled a lot since he was bigger than me.

I laid him in bed and tucked him in like a 5-year old. As I turned around to go downstairs, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bed.

I tried to scream, but he kissed me before I could. His tongue played chase with mine, and his hands rubbed my breasts. I couldn't move at all, until he finally got off me. I thought he was going to leave me alone; instead he went to his cupboard and got out a knife.

"Mike...W...what are you doing!?" I screamed. He just smiled and came closer, until the knife was by my throat.

“Lily, you wouldn’t want to move, or else the knife will be in your throat in no time.” He threatened. He pushed me onto the bed again, and this time he started to undress me.

He took off my blouse, revealing my bra. He then took off my bra and started to squeeze my nipples really hard.

He squeezed one as he sucked on the other. I have to admit, it did feel good. I could feel his dick rubbing against my pussy, wanting for more.

His hands then started to take off my mini-skirt, which they succeeded in ease. He pulled off my panty and started to rub my clit.

I moaned softly as he started to undress himself as well. After he had taken his boxers off, there he was, fully naked with his dick sticking straight up in the air.
“Suck it” he commanded me as he edged his dick closer to my face. I shook my head, but then he pressed the knife towards me. “I said suck it” he repeated.

I slowly took the knob of his dick into my mouth, and then he pressed my head, making it into a deep throat. Again and again, the cycle repeated.

Finally, with a low grunt, he spunked into my mouth. “I say Lily, you better swallow my spunk, or I’ll just have to have you suck my dick again.” He said.

I tried to swallow all his cum, but there was more than I expected, so some dribbled out of my mouth. He then lifted me up and placed me face down on his desk.

He aimed his dick carefully, and then with one thrust, his dick was in my pussy. A sharp pain whizzed past my head, and my virginity was then gone.

He slowly pushed his dick in and out of me, while picking up the pace. He started with short quick thrusts, but then it turned into slow, deep push-ins. I felt my cum coming out of my pussy, and Mike saw it too.

He held my hip with one hand and started to massage my clit with the other. I was reaching my climax, and more cum flowed out.

Then with one low grunt and a deep into, he spunked all over my pussy. He pulled his dick out, while he looked at my cum-filled pussy.

“So Lily, that didn’t feel too bad, did it?” he asked. I nodded, but then shook my head again. “So you’re saying you want it in the ass this time do you?” he asked. I didn’t reply, I just lied there, lifeless.

He then picked up his cell phone and I heard his mutter something like “Come over to my house….yeah….” When he finished his chat, he then looked at me and said “Looks like you’ll have double the fun, my friend Jack’s coming over.” He said.

I didn’t hear what he said, I was just too tired. 15 minutes later or so, (Mike was rubbing my clit and playing with my tits in that time) I heard a doorbell. Mike pulled himself off me to go answer the doorbell.

When he came back, he was with another person, suppose it was Jack.
Jack looked at me, and then he turned to Mike and said “Wow, she sure is a slut, how did she feel?” Mike smiled and replied “She was sure tight, you may wanna try her.” I opened my eyes wide, unbelieving what I just heard. Mike came over to me and lifted me up while Jack got a chair ready.

Mike laid me on the chair facing down, while Jack started to get undressed. Mike then took off the clothes he had just worn after fucking me.

Jack got behind me while Mike got in front, both fully naked. Mike pushed his dick into my mouth, and forced me to suck it hard.

Jack then licked my pussy, causing a wave to go through my head. I moaned into Mike’s dick as Jack kept eating on my pussy.

Then Jack got up, with my thrust, he slipped his dick into my well-oiled but still tight pussy. “She sure is tight!” Jack said as he started to fuck me fast.

I moaned as they both fucked me, and they could tell I was reaching my climax. “Let’s swap places; I wanna spunk in her mouth.” Jack suggested. Mike didn’t object, but he took his dick out of my mouth anyway.

As both dicks were out of my body, I felt a wave of emptiness. Before I could stop myself, I bursted out “Fucking bastards! How could you take all that cock out of me? You better fuck me hard!”

Mike got behind me and immediately pushed his dick into my pussy as I moaned. Jack then inserted his dick into my mouth, pushing it into my throat, causing me to gag.

Again and again, they fucked me until Jack gave a low grunt and Mike roared out loud. They then spunked into my mouth and pussy, making me scream.

“Next time I might call my other friends over, they shouldn’t miss out on this little slut.” I heard Jack say.

I’ll continue if you guys want me to.

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