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The second chapter of MANIC!, my spin-off of the story REVENGE! that I wrote many years ago. This one is a bit more intense than the previous chapter, and eventually MANIC! will go to extremes that REVENGE! never approached.
-----"Mmm... uhhh" A velvet tone echoed through the bedroom. Rixie's sharp nails dragged across the walls and scraped faintly at the paint, her eyes rolled back in her head, sheltered by the eyelids that closed gently over them. Upon a set of well-toned shoulders rested her thighs, her massive right breast caressed and squeezed in identical rhythm to the patterns of his tongue on her slit. A finger from the other hand had prodded its way inside of her, thrusting rapidly as the red serpent flicked and stroked at her clit before his lips hungrily snacked upon the vulnerable bud. Forcively he moved on to sucking and nipping at the lips, his tongue suddenly giving the occasional deep thrust inside to accompany his probing finger. "Oooh fuck, mmmthat's so good, god don't ever stop!" Rixie cried out to him in her passion, her nearly glowing eyes gazing down at him every now and then through the slivers beneath her eyelids. She bit down tighly on her lip, her canines digging in sharply, and a firm hand clasped onto her lover's hair in a tight embrace, dragging and tugging sharply with each new rush of pleasure.
---With a sudden pressure her lover spread Rixie's legs open wider, gripping firmly on the underside of the thighs as his form rose upward to meet her partial gaze. His lips tightly pressed to her own, and in only an instant she clasped her legs securely around his waist to guide his swollen cock into her depths. A powerful thrust and he was entirely inside, the locking of their eyes broke as well as their passionate kiss to allow her to cry out in a fierce moan. Without hesitation his lips were on her own once again, his teeth biting down upon the lower lip and tugging, the canines locking and scraping at the tender, inner flesh, and his tongue playfully snaking across the rim. Rixie could taste her own faint residue on his lips and tongue and grew to even higher excitement than before. Her powerful hips slammed back against him with an animalistic lust and drove him violently up into her over and over. The firm grasp of his hands was unrelenting and secure, ensuring a sense of safety while enthralling his own lethality. She loved the sensation of knowing the one who kept her safe could take her life, and with each brutal press of his hips came an even stronger wave of the same sensations. Her arms wrapped around his neck and hung over his shoulders, pulling him restrictively to her so that their naked, hot bodies pressed more tightly against one another. Their breath was heavy and heated upon one another, her sharp nails dug and dragged across the hard flesh of his back, and beaded sweat rushed down over them as they released their primal urges in what could only be referred to as a hardcore fuck.
---"Damn... w-when'd you get s-s-so good?" Rixie's tone was faint, distorted by her heavy breath between kisses. Their bodies slammed tight against one another, the young girl's large breasts compacted beneath the bulked exterior of his chest. Faint lines of blood rolled down his back from the ravenous nails grinding into his spine, Rixie's slender fingers smearing the blood in thin layers over the shoulders like crimson streaks. A growl emerged from beyond her lips, her eyes shut tight like weighted curtains, and her body writhed in an agonizing level of pleasure. Rixie found herself in ecstacy, and with this bliss came a rush of orgasmic intensity. Her muscles clenched and constricted, binding her lover close, and with her climax he came as well, his thick, hot cum erupting need into her and coating the inner walls in a soothing, heavy warmth.
---Gingerly he let the girl to her feet. Her knees buckled, she nearly fell, and in a loving embrace he caught her and held her close. She gazed up into his eyes, his own gazing back into hers. Strands of thick, black hair blanketed her vision, a gentle stroke across her cheek clearing it away to be tucked behind her ear, and upon this moment she saw the cold reality of the moment. It had not been her dear Erika that she had just fell into passion with but only someone she had fantasized to be so. He was not her dark lover, her estranged soulmate but rather nothing more than an ordinary young man from her school. What a waste it had been, what a disgusting sacrifice of a perfectly good orgasmic dream. Her eyes flared in a sudden streak of rage and disappointment, her lip curled up faintly as she let out a remote growl, and the expression on her excuse for a lover's face suddenly dissolved into a strange mask of fear.
---An audible snarl broke the otherwise reasonable silence, a tension flared bright between them, and in an instant it had ended before it began. The pitiful boy clenched tightly to Rixie's shoulders, a river of blood smeared downward across her pale, tender stomach, and his frame collapsed to the ground. Limp and lifeless with an extended box-razor dug into his gut. Rixie's eyes gazed in dread and demise down upon her prey, a forcive kick caused the lump of flesh to roll away from her, and the young girl reared back in disgust at the simple thought of his touch. Her electric eyes wondered across his body, his eyes wide in horror and not quite dead enough to glaze over to fate, his torso caked in thick patches of fresh blood near the pooled open gash and the filthy, stained blade standing from the torn flesh. As she gazed down onto his form she noticed her fingers matched his clothing and torso, tainted and covered in newly drying blood. Cautiously, with a curious glaze to her eyes she elevated a hand to her face, gave a gentle sniff, and then licked at the scarlet liquid. Her lips, spattered in a few minor specks of blood, curled into a depraved smirk. Rixie's eyes flared in excitement, her sandpaper tongue curling around her fingers and taking them into her mouth to suck the delicious nectar clean from her skin. Delicately she kneeled down beside the corpse of her prey, wrapped her hand around the handle of the razor to rip it from the oozing mound, and soon she proceeded to lick the shining blade clean. Leaning down she pressed her soft lips against his, already becoming cold. Her hair fell like a curtain over their faces and concealed them in darkness, and from beyond the ebony walls of hair echoed a horrid cackle.

-----"I think I like you better this way..."

~~~The Following Monday~~~

-----People had become worried about Warren Davis, it had been the entire weekend and nobody had seen him since Saturday, and since he had a fairly private personal life nobody seemed to be aware that the last person he went to see was Rixie. Rixie spent the day in a new manner. Her eyes were classy and in a constant daze, her lips curled into a gitty smile as though the entire world had been lifted and she remained elsewhere. The few who attempted to speak to her, inspired by her strange expression, were met with the all too familiar lack of response they had come accustomed to in the past. Teachers continued to neglect her, no further interest or hope than at any other time in the year. Why would they bother? The girl did spectacular work in her classes but refused any interaction whatsoever with those who requested her response or reply. She was a burden to attempt to control, and they had all seemed to simply accept the fact that she would do what she wished and would neglect anything else. So on this day it was seen as only mildly unusual that she should be so gleeful, and it was not until the random moments of cryptic giggling in the corner of the room that truly called any extra attention.
---Many students gazed in her direction, shocked that the gloomy, raven-haired girl they had all known to be silent and arrogant was now so gitty and joyful. Why would she be so happy? Was she truly so far gone as to be happy over the disappearance of their classmate? Could she truly be hoping for the worst or simply enjoying their concerned reactions? Nobody, other than the more paranoid of peers, imagined for even a moment's time she had anything to do with it, but as the day went along and laughter began to burst from Rixie each mention of Warren, the knowledge of what happened in their sister city began to catch up to them. There had been a boy about their age that had been captured for incredibly grizzly murders, a boy that had never been suspected in spite of his abnormal appearance. Far too timid and in the background, it was unlikely anyone suspected him for more than a brief moment. So now a few were becoming curious, although knew the idea was silly. The ones who did not pass it off as a quick theory began to grow fearful, disturbed, and ultimately convinced. Their eyes stared on in contempt, staying at a distance and frightened, doing nothing to approach and yet nothing to condemn. How could they? While they suspected her, their was nothing they could do to prove a thing, or even logical reasoning to be as sure as they were. There was simply too much about Rixie to pass off such an idea, and with the recent events that had taken place in their sister city what else could they imagine?

-----It was nearly the end of the day before somebody finally got a response from her, and how they did it was shocking to everyone. Not only did it lead to the student being suspended, but it created a new level of fear in every peer's heart... as well as many of the faculty.
---"What the hell did you do to Warren?" These words had escaped Michael Davis, the brother of the missing student. It was in Sociology and a subject had come up about the disappearance, as well as the events involving Erika, that had sparked his anger. He knew it was her, his concern had brought him to the point of severe paranoia. Michael also knew that Warren had been hanging out with Rixie in passing, and so to pass up the idea that this girl was not responsible was pure insanity to a degree that matched Rixie herself. Michael had not only asked the question, though, he had announced it in front of everyone with a lethal tone. Some students thought then and there he would kill her, they saw the hatred in his eyes and knew he was convinced of her guilt, but he never made so much as an attempt. Perhaps it was some remaining logic and stability left in his head, or maybe it was the idea that he simply knew he'd be stopped before he got anywhere near her. But what most people imagined was that it was the look in the girl's eyes. While it was a gaze that inspired them all to know she was guilty as sin, the stare was just as strong in its lethality. Could there have been a stronger source of madness in this world? Her electric blue eyes swirled in a cruel, sapphire flame and chilled them to the bone, and in moments she unleashed a profound cackle. "You actually think that I'm the guilty one here? You really think that I would waste my time doing anything to that little cunt of a brother of yours? How dare you insult me that way! I would never even look at your brother, much less assault him. Spilling his blood wouldn't be worth the stains I would have to clean from my fucking floor!"
---Rixie was also suspended.

~~~Later That Night~~~

-----Rixie sat in her room staring out her window into the twilight. A faint glimmer of fresh stars had begun to break the thin clouds, and an eerie glow of the filling moon began to emerge from the fading light of the sky. The girl was in a trance, reflecting on all that had happened recently, and just how badly she wished she could have confessed the murder so that her beloved would hear her name and embrace her forsaken love from afar. But it was too soon, her dark lover could never find love or passion for her after a single death, no matter how malicious it had been. Erika had slain well over five to her knowledge, and she would never be satisfied until she was certain that her count was enough to appease his appetite. After all, the girl would only have one chance to confess, and if at that time she had not brought enough carnage she could never correct her error. What was important is that they were looking now, and that they had started to change how the felt of her. Rixie had begun taking a reputation, she had spawned fear in their hearts and was now highly suspect in their eyes. But what she had done with Warren's body would never be enough to hault her course prematurely. No, they would only have proof when she gave it to them. The reputation and paranoia was good enough for now. The good stuff would come in time.


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