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I head off on vacation with the sexy twin sisters
Precious Gem Twins - Chapter 6 - On Vacation

Well after the Sybian Night at the strip club success, the owner begged us to do another due to demands from customers, so we did another but featuring Diamond as the center of attention, and we pulled nearly $40,000 profit for ourselves that night, a couple weeks after the first one. We also came up with plans to have a monthly 'party' that guaranteed me a nice monthly bonus, so i was looking forward to hosting that.

The girls and I ended up booking a 3 week vacation at a big resort in Punta Cana in Dominican Republic. It was a five star resort with lots of great reviews. We did a lot of shopping in preparation. The girls bought an insane number of bikinis and thongs, plus some very hot dresses for when we went out dancing. We also had lots of fun going sex toy shopping. We bought a couple strapons, a variety of dildos and anal toys, plus lots of other accessories. I'd hate to think what the guys running the scanner would think when they saw the contents of our suitcases!

The day finally came, and we were headed south for our vacation. It was an early flight, and due to the girl's normal work hours, they were barely awake. We had sprung on flying first class, so the coffee and breakfast got them roused and then they were chattering away excitedly. Turns out they had both worn a bikini under their outer clothing so they could be ready for the weather as soon as we arrived.

At one point, I was watching a movie on the entertainment system, and I saw the girls flip a coin. It seems Diamond won, as she giggled and appeared excited. Then she grabbed my hand and pulled me up and guided me to the washroom at the front of the plane. Without any shyness, she pushed me inside and then followed me in, not subtle at all about what she intended. We were joining the 'mile high club'!

It was still quite cramped, but she got on her knees and pulled out my cock and started sucking away. The thrill of what was going on got me stiff very quickly, and once my cock was rock hard, I grabbed her and pulled her up off her knees. We traded places so she was over the toilet now, and I bent her over and lifted her skirt. I got on my knees and pulled her bikini thong aside and began to lick her pussy and ass. She was already wet before I dove in, so I could see that she was just as turned on as I was about placing our club membership.

I stood up and asked her "Pussy or ass?"

"Pussy, and then ass" Diamond giggled in reply.

It took me just 2 seconds till I was buried to the hilt in her wet fuck hole, pounding away hard and holding on her hair, treating her roughly as she liked. It took less than 3 minutes of me driving hard into her pussy before she had an orgasm. She cried out loudly, and I'm sure half the airplane could hear us. After her climax finished, I pulled my cock out, and positioned it at her tiny ass. I pushed hard, and she let out a loud gasp as I also buried my cock to the balls again but this time in her back door. I fucked hard and deep in that little bathroom, and after just a few more minutes, I tensed up and shot my load deep inside her ass. Normally I would take my time, but the intensity of this quickie on the airplane was amazingly satisfying.

We cleaned up and exited, getting many stare and a few glares. We just smiled and sat down, but this time with me between the girls. Ruby gave me a kiss as we sat down, and then she raised her hand from between her legs and put wet fingers to my mouth and I licked them off as I stared at her.

"I hope you aren't expecting to have a turn right away!" I laughed

"Nope, but you are mine on the return flight, which is an over-nighter" Ruby said with a twinkle in her eye.

The rest of the flight was fairly uneventful, besides all of us on the plane being excited about arriving. Finally they announced our decent, and we cheered, and once we landed, we gave the crew a round of applause. At the airport, we stood in line to get our photos taken with a couple of welcoming girls, who Ruby and Diamond kissed as the picture was taken, and everyone laughed a bit nervously. As we waited for our bags, the girls asked if I could take care of collecting the luggage while they went to freshen up. I told them why not.

Well 20 minutes later I was still waiting for them anxiously near the buses, getting a bit annoyed, figuring they were having sex or something like that. Then I heard some whistles and lots of chatter, and I turned to see the twin sisters walking along wearing high heeled shoes, matching white bikinis, and a small sash around their waists to partially cover their asses. The bikinis weren't covering much, so I can understand why they were getting so much attention, and they were loving it, chatting it up with the guys as they walked along. Finally they got to me and each gave me a kiss, then I directed them to our bus that would take us to the resort.

The bus ride was fun, as they were charging everyone up about this vacation, and at one point Diamond flashed her tits at a few of the guys on the bus. I knew they would hunting her down on the beach later!

Once we arrived to check in, the girls told me to go sit at the bar and have a drink, as they were going to see about getting our rooms upgraded. I watched as they worked their charm on this tall young guy at the reception desk. Lots of talk was going on, and looking at various pamphlets. It helped that the girls were Mexican and could speak Spanish as that was the local language as well. Then at one point the three of them left the front desk and entered through an office door. About 10 minutes later, they all came out, and they seemed to finish up their business and he handed them the keys.

As the girls approached me they began laughing and giggling. I asked what had happened, and it turns out that they had to offer some incentive to the guy to get us a private cottage. They had taken off their tops and sucked him off together, and promised him a private session at our place one evening during our stay. I laughed too, though glad that my sluts were so willing to do whatever necessary to get us better accommodations.

We had a private cart drive us and our bags to the cottage on the beach. It was a magnificent 2 bedroom beachfront building. One bedroom faced inland and some nice gardens, and another had a big window facing the beach, both had bathrooms attached and had king sized beds. Also there was a generous living room with kitchen and eating area attached. Off the kitchen was a small room with a single bed, TV, and phone. Outside was a small patio and 4 deckchairs with a table. I think I was going to enjoy staying here, and we opted to put our bags in the inland facing bedroom, leaving the beachview bedroom for a social and play room.

The rest of the day we just checked out the resort and the beach, with endless guys, and some girls too, checking out Ruby and Diamond as we walked along. That night we decided to check out the entertainment they put on, but found it silly and boring, so we headed over to the dance club they had on the resort. It was quite busy and mostly with the younger tourists, and I was nearly the oldest person in the place. I found a place to sit and watched the dancing generally just looked around. The girls were getting lots of attention here too, and many guys with grabby hands were getting to them. Eventually they disappeared for about an hour and when they returned, I noticed that they were wearing each others cloths and returned with 3 girls who left giggling. Later then told me how the 3 girls had asked them to have sex with each other while the 3 of them watched, and eventually everyone was tangled together and there were orgasms being had all around. I was sorry I missed it, but this trip was mostly for them to enjoy pussy, with a bit of cock on the side when they wanted it, or if I was going crazy out of my mind and pounced on them, which I did once we got back to our cottage.

The next morning about 10am, we were awoken by a knocking at our door. As I was the most dressed, I was pushed out of bed to answer it. When I did, the fellow from the front desk was there with 4 women with him. He told me that he had brought our candidates for our maid, which was included in having this cottage. I was surprised, as I didn't know about this, but I liked the idea. Each of the girls was attractive, and it didn't hurt to have more eye-candy around. I went and got Ruby and Diamond up, telling them about what awaited us. Once they heard, they were excited like little kids and it turned out they did know about this, but didn't know we got to choose.

The three of us went out to the living room and the girls chatted with the guy in spanish for several minutes. Afterward, the guy got up to leave, and 3 of the girls went off to the bedrooms, while one stayed with us in the living room.

Ruby told me that they were going to conduct most of the interview in spanish, but there was also going to be a 'physical inspection' part that all of us got to participate in. My interest was piqued and I figured I'd just follow their lead.

The first woman was curvy without being chubby and had large breasts. She actually flunked out during the interview part and Ruby sent her on her way.

We then went to our bedroom to interview the second woman, and when we entered we found her under the sheets and her cloths laying on a chair. The girls laughed and jumped into bed with her and began playing with her breasts while they chatted. It soon became obvious that she wanted me to join them and wasn't so interested in the attention that Ruby and Diamond was paying to her, so that got her the boot.

The next girl was sitting in the other large bedroom, wearing just a string bikini now. I could see she had very tiny breasts and was very slim and I liked what I saw. They talked for awhile in spanish, and I could see an erotic dance of body language going on. Then Ruby leaned in and began kissing her while Diamond got down in front her her and began spreading her legs. Things were getting pretty hot, but this girl got weirded out when Ruby and Diamond began kissing each other too, so that was the end of that.

So that left us with just one girl to go. We went back to the small room off the kitchen, we found her just sitting there, waiting for us. She asked in fairly clear english what we would like her to do. The girls chatted with her in spanish for a few minutes, and I could tell she was very quiet and seemed too conservative. Then Diamond went out and came back in with handcuffs, and they handcuffed this girl and began tugging hard at her cloths until she was nearly naked. They asked me what I thought of her body, and I had to say I liked it. She was very slim, a little taller than Ruby and Diamond, and with nice firm C cup breasts, a shaved pussy, and a really hot ass. Ruby told me that this girl enjoys being submissive and used and has been sucking cock and pussy since she was quite young, though she does prefer women.

With that, I grabbed her arms and we took her to our bedroom. I had Ruby and Diamond lay down on the bed naked. Then I took this girl and bent her over in front of Ruby's opened legs and told her to start licking. She dove in eagerly and Ruby really enjoyed it. After about 30 seconds, I took my cock and shoved it hard into her pussy as she was still licking Ruby's pussy. She let out a bit of a scream and I pumped my cock in and out roughly. Then I told her that she had to give each of the girls an orgasm by licking them before she was allowed to cum herself. She understood and began to lick Ruby all the more eagerly.

It wasn't long before Ruby started to cry out loudly as she felt her orgasm crash over her and I smiled as I kept fucking this new sex slave of ours. So I moved her over to Diamond, who had been fingering herself while watching the action. I knew it wouldn't be long before she came, so I really started to bang away hard at this girl.

As I expected, Diamond lasted less than 2 minutes before she cried out and nearly crushed the girl's head between her legs.

Then I told her it was her turn, but I pulled out. She looked a bit confused, but then I told Diamond to get down under her and lick her pussy and she smiled. As Diamond licked her shaved pussy, I was feeding her my cock, and just as she began to orgasm, I pulled out and shot my own load all over her face and tits. What I loved is that she didn't even flinch as my cum got all over her face.

I looked down at her, admiring my 'work' and asked her what her name was.

"Sepha" She replied.

"Well Sepha, for the next 3 weeks your name is now Sapphire, and you will do exactly what Ruby or Diamond or myself tell you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do. I am completely at your disposal"

"Good. And just so you know, you may be called upon to service our guests as well. Is that a problem?"k

"No sir. I am belong to all of you completely for the duration of your stay"

"Excellent. For now, go get yourself cleaned up, then we will have you serve us some drinks. And stay naked for now. The girls will chose your outfit for you each morning, so don't get dressed until they instruct you" I was enjoying this, and I knew Ruby and Diamond would too.

"Yes sir" Sapphire replied as she headed off to the washroom.

And so began our vacation of fun!

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