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This is the story about how I became bi-sexual.
It was over 3 years ago when my first gay experince happend and it is a experince that I will never forget.

It was christmas day and me and my family where walking out of the church. My cousin Aaron who was 13, Tanned, Didn't have abs yet but was well on his way and a 8 inch cock yelled out to me " Your it when we get back Chris! " I just smiled and got into my dads car. We where driving in the camry when I got a text message from Aaron " Hey man have you ever heard of Ill show you mine if you show me yours " I automatcly texted back " Yeah man why you ask? ". Aaron texted me back saying " You wanna play that in the forest when we get to vovo's house? " I texted back saying " Yeah man I would like nothing better ".

We both then pulled up to the drive way, Aaron and I both explained to are parents that we where going to the park together. Me and Aaron where both walking and we passed the park and I looked at him. Aaron just grabbed my ass and said " This is mine, You are mine and no one elses you got that bitch ". Me being as smart as I am just nodded and said " Yes master ". Aaron and I both entered the forest and got deeper and deeper. I could tell Aaron wanted to be alone and for some reason had a napsack with him. We got deep enough into the forest and Aaron threw me to the ground. He told me to take off my pants, underwear and to spread my but cheeks. I did as Aaron asked, He then unziped his bag and told me not to move one bit, I did as he said because I was now his full time bitch. He got out a dildo and shoved it into my mouth so I wouldn't be heard and then he got a 12 inch by 4 inch dildo and without hesitation shoved it deep into my ass. All 12 inches went into my ass and I started to cry because of the massive amount of pain. Aaron laughed and said " You are going to be the best bitch ever ".

Aaron then pulled out some fake hand cuffs, grabbed both of my wrists and connected them with the cuffs, Aaron then did the exact same thing with my legs. I was helpless and he could do whatever he wanted to me. Aaron quickly turned out the 12 inch vibrator in my ass and then he took his hand and slammed it right onto my left butt cheek. He did them 5 times on each side, I was still crying but not from the dildo because I was enjoying that now but because of the brutal spanking. Aaron then ripped out the dildo and shoved 4 fingers into my ass and was moving them around to quickly. I was moaning like a mad man and before I knew it Aaron had shoved his hole fist into my asshole, He was pumping his arm in and out of my ass and I was enjoying it. I was becoming such a fucking whore.

Aaron removed his massive fist and as fast as he removed it put his cock in. To my suprise my asshole attached to Aarons cock, Aaron then started rapidly fucking my ass. In and out. Aaron was spanking each of my but cheeks. I was moaning so hard to Aarons cock and brutal spanking, My asshole was so loosen and but my cheeks where so red. Aaron was screaming " OH MY GOD YES CHRISTIAN YOUR ASS IS AMAZING! " I spat out the dildo and moaned " YES YES HARDER! ". I coudln't stand it anymore and I came all over the ground. When Aaron saw this he also came, but deep into my asshole and I loved it as his hot luiqed shot deep into my ass. Aaron then pulled out his dick and walked over to my face. I saw his cum covered cock and he told me to suck my dick. I did exactly as he said. My mouth automaticly surronded all 8 inches on his cock, My tounge swiling around the massive meat and I enjoyed every second of it. It tasted so good and I loved every second of his cock in my mouth. He was moaning " Christian your such a good cock sucker, This is your full time job now. Whenever I tell you to give me a Blowjob you must. I don't care where it is or who is infront of us alright? ". I pulled my mouth away from his cock and when I did his cock let out 5 loads of cum all over my face and I said " Yes master whatever you wish ".

Aaron then grabbed me and turned me around, He pulled out the 12 inch dildo again and shoved it up my asshole " You are not to take this dildo out of your asshole intill you must take a shit, when you have finished your shit you are to put it back in your asshole and turned it on ". With that Aaron turned on the dildo and the vibrations sent so much pleasure through out my body. Aaron saw this as my hips buckled at the same time as every vibration occured. " Your such a filthy boy arn't you? " I moaned " Yes master, Oh yes! ". Aaron uncuffed my legs and arms. This hole time my cousin Ashley was watching what we where doing and knew that she would have so much fun in the future with this.

I lifted up my boxers and pants, Aarons cum was being held in by that massive 12 inch dildo. I couldn't belive how much pleasure I got from today and I knew that it was never going to stop. Me and Aaron started to walk back out of the forest and ashley saw that we where leaving, She pulled her fingers out of her soaking wet pussy and ran out of the forest. Aaron and I looked at eachother and shared a very passionate kiss.

Shall I continue with a next chapter?

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2014-03-27 04:14:30
lol, story wasn't believable dude, but keep it up don't listen to those assholes. Practise makes perfect.

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2011-10-26 21:14:49
you are ass holes man just keep writing do lisen to them there mother fuckers

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2009-06-30 17:38:03
This is a fucking awesome story! Right more dude and don't listen to these stupid dickheads! x

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2009-05-25 20:06:21
It's just not believable. I know I'm reading sex stories, but I at least have to be able to rationalize them.

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2009-05-22 13:30:03
This is all right, second chapter would be good

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