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This is only the next of many chapters coming out soon
ok you know all the legal stuff, if you're not 18 you shouldnt be here.
if you dont like this stuff you shouldnt be here. this is all fake ok, in
other words its fiction. it has situations and axcts of a sexual nature
between young boys. like i said if you dont like that then LEAVE NOW. if
you do like it then read on by all means. if you like it let me know

Chapter 7

I stood dumbfounded that the two younger boys knew each other on a first
name basis. "You guys know each other?" I asked. Without even answering
they ran to each other and wrapped each other in their arms and began to
sob like babies. Chris looked at them and then to me then shrugged his
shoulders. I returned the shrug since I had no idea what was going on
either. We simply stood there and stared at the two boys embracing like
they were the only two people in the world. After about a minute I kind
of coughed to clear my throat and to also get their attention. They broke
their embrace for a moment to look up at me. "Like I said before, you
guys know each other?" I said. "We sure do! He's my cousin.!" Josiah said
excitedly. "Kool you guys are cousins?!" Chris said more as a statement
than a question. "Did any body else make it? Where's Donny?" Joe asked
AJ. With a tear streaking down his cheek and a sad face he shook his head
no to confirm he didn't think any one else made it alive. This brought
both boys from a happy teary reunion to a sad crying one. I kneeled down
next to them and embraced them both with a slight hug to let them know I
was there for them.

The sobbing seemed to go on for ever, but in fact it was only for a few
minutes till the boys calmed down some. "Who is Donny guys?" I asked
quietly. "He was my little brother." AJ said as he heaved a heavy breath.
I could tell by the look in his eyes that he must have loved him dearly.
He had the most awful defeated look in his young eyes, and I could also
tell he was near the point of exhaustion. He had been locked in that
dungeon for nearly a week without any contact. I placed a hand on his
shoulder and said, "I know how it feels to lose some one you loved. All
of us have lost people we loved. You have to know this now. We have each
other and only each other to get through this. I'm not promising you
anything, but if you stick with us we will be here for you when you need
us." "That's right!" Chris spoke up now with tears in his eyes also. I
the got up and headed for the door and motioned for Chris to follow me.
Out in the mine shaft I told Chris, "Thanks for backing me up in there. I
think he needed to hear that. I want you to help me unload the atv and
stash it before it gets to late. I think we all need to hang around here
today. I think AJ needs some rest, he hasn't had much to eat either. So
when we get unloaded lets go back in and have a decent meal and let him
and Joe catch up." "Ok that's cool with me, but do you think we might
want to tell him about that other little thing about us?" Chris asked
making a good point. "I'm not sure of how to tell him yet. Let's just let
it work out later on and see how things go. For now he needs to regain
his strength." I replied. The two of us unloaded the gear off the atv and
I backed it into the mine entrance. As we were walking back to the safe
room down the mine shaft Chris had a thought, "Hey I got a question. What
are we going to do when it gets cold outside?" the thing my mind has been
racing over for the last few days had came to the fore front. "Well to
tell you the truth Chris, I have no damn idea. I've been thinking about
it for a few days now and I really don't know yet. I mean we can't build
a fire in that little room the smoke would kill us. And we can't exactly
put a chimney in either. It's just something we're going to have to
figure out." I told him. Now that we had two minds thinking on the
subject maybe a solution would present its self faster, especially since
Chris is as resourceful as he is.

As we walked back into the safe room we could tell that AJ was definitely
tired. His eyes were so droopy I couldn't tell how he was staying awake.
"Looks like we're going to have to make our bed a little bit bigger." I
said. "OUR bed? What's that mean?" AJ asked. "It means we all share a
bed. We don't have enough room in here for all of us to have our own
little area so we sleep together to keep warm. Plus we don't have enough
blankets to make a bunch of beds." Chris replied. Not seeming to mind
about the sleeping arrangements any further AJ yawned like a sleepy
tiger, loud and large. "Looks like you need some sleep bud. Lets get you
cleaned up real fast then I'll make you some room on the bed and you can
crash out for some rest. But first lets eat something I know you got to
be starving." I told him. He shook he head yes feverishly. I opened our
food cooler to let him peek inside at what we had left. "No way a pepsi.
I haven't had one in over week." He said as he reached in for one. He
sat down and cracked the can open and slowly sipped and savored the
sugary drink. I prepared a five star gourmet meal for us while he sipped,
peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and potato chips. Well it was gourmet
considering what we had to eat. AJ devoured the sandwich as if he hadn't
eaten in days while the rest of us ate at a normal pace. As he sipped the
pepsi the caffeine in it seemed to have a complete opposite effect, it
made him even sleepier. "Ok bud before you fall asleep on us lets get you
scrubbed down so you can snooze. "How? I mean there's no bathroom here."
He said. "Well you're sitting in the bathroom. The bathroom, bedroom,
living room, and kitchen actually. I said chuckling. "You mean you guys
just bathe in here?" he asked. "Sure do. We all got the same stuff, so
why not." Chris said referring to our equipment. AJ seemed to be unsure
about the idea of undressing in front of us as he looked to Josiah. "It's
kool dude go ahead." Joe told him smiling. Hesitantly he removed his
dirty shirt and shorts leaving him only in his briefs. I asked him to
hand me his clothes that he removed so I could do something with the
stinky things. I then looked at him and waited. "What?" he asked not
knowing why I was staring at him. "The undies to dude." Josiah told him.
He seemed to not want to remove them in from of us. I guess young boy
modesty was still holding him back. "Adam dude just take em off its cool.
Here if you want I'll take mine off to ok." Josiah told him in kind of an
annoyed tone. He then slid his shorts off over his sore foot exposing his
nude form to us. AJ stood and gazed at his naked cousin sitting on the
bed now with his smooth hairless shaft exposed to the world. I looked
down at AJ and could swear I saw him start to get hard. He looked back to
me then he noticed the tent developing in his undies making his hands fly
in front of his crotch to cover it. I figured now was as good as any time
to break the news to him. "Ok Adam, before anything in this room is said
or goes any further you need to know a few things. Number one, you got no
reason to be embarrassed of your dick getting hard. Number two we see
each other naked a lot. Number three we all sleep naked to. And the most
important thing I guess is we all like each other." I told him. "Whadda
ya mean like each other? Joe what's he mean?" AJ asked. Not Knowing how
to ay it without sounding weird Chris just put it bluntly. "Josiah and me
are boy friends. That's how we all like each other ok." He said getting
annoyed. AJ then looked back to me. "Yea he's blunt about it but right."
I said. AJ still stood for a minute before he spoke, "Shoo I thought you
guys were trying to play a joke on me." He said right before yanking his
under wear off. Now standing totally nude with his 3 inches dancing to
his heart beats he smiled at me. "I have always liked boys. I just wish I
knew Joe did before all this stuff happened maybe could have messed
around some." He said smiling now. "Well Adam actually I never really
thought about liking boys before this happened. Chris and Derrik kind of
changed my mind." Josiah said with a red faced smile. "Ok bud I know
you're tired, are you ready to get cleaned up now?" I asked. Adam being
the cute character he is put his hand up like he was reaching for the sky
and smiled. "Wash away." He said laughing. That's exactly what I did with
a soapy wet rag. I scrubbed him from thigh to tip toe. I then scrubbed
him from belly button to finger tip. The very last and best of all I
asked if he wanted the pleasure himself or if he was going to just stand
and enjoy. He looked and me and smiled and placed his hands behind his
wet head. I took that as a sign for go for it so I began to wash him from
belly button to thigh. The moment the rag touched his skin near his
nether region he began to giggle loudly. "That tickles." He giggled out.
I then turned him around instead and began to wash his firm white boy
cheeks. I glanced over to the other boys and they were transfixed on him
and both hard as rocks watching us. I cupped my hand over AJ's ear and
whispered, "Hey watch this it'll be funny." I then slowly reached around
to the front of him with the rage and slowly brushed it past his stiff
boyhood. I knew this was torture for the others since they were in the
middle of getting off when we got home. I brushed against his cock again
but this time no giggles out of him, instead I got a deep groan. That
seemed to be all Chris needed for his clothes to fly off his body. I the
dropped the rag and began to message AJ's tummy just above his throbbing
little cock. The next thing I heard was, "Oh god I cant take it no more."
From Chris then I see him dive for Joe's cock and engulf it in his young
mouth. Now these two could finally finish what they started earlier. AJ
looked on them and smiled as Chris and Josiah moved their bodies into a
69 position and began to suck each others smooth shafts. I wrapped my
free arm around Adam's chest then and said in his ear, "Are you ready for
some fun big guy?" he nodded yes like a mad man. I held him against my
chest as my other hand found its way from his tummy to the base of his
shaft as he let out a soft moan. My fingers encircled his little cock and
I began to stroke him maybe for the first time by another person. "Your
first time?" I whispered to him. He nodded yes and said, "Yea with some
one else." I slowly slid my fingers from the base of his shaft to the
bottom of his tender mushroom headed boy toy making him shutter in
pleasure. I ten gripped him firmly with my whole hand and began to jerk
him with my whole fist slowly and tenderly. I turned him to face me so I
could see the expression o his face. It was one of a blank total
pleasure. I stopped just long enough to say, "Let me wash the rest of you
real quick and I'll give you a little of what their feeling." Referring
to getting his first blow job. He smiled and nodded. I washed his
remaining private area thoroughly then sank to my knees. I looked up at
him as we heard the others slurping, sucking, and moaning. "You ready for
this?" I asked he smiled very big and nodded. I cupped his tender but
cheeks with one hand then took his small boy cock in my fingers and
guided it to my waiting lips. The tip slid in on top of my tongue as he
gasped in pure delight. Once I had him all in my mouth I cupped both
milky white but cheeks with my hands and guided his hips back and forth
as he placed his hands on the top of my head. In no time he started to
breathe heavy and moan slightly. The more he moaned the faster I sped up
my pace as we heard the others nearly finishing as they were moaning and
sucking at a neck breaking speed. Then. "Oh fuck Joe!!" Chris moaned
loudly as he let Josiah's dick slip from his mouth as his orgasm struck.
That made AJ giggle a bit as I began to work the tip of his little prick
with my tongue. "Oh shit!" he let out as I worked his cock head. Christ
then went back to sucking Josiah as his orgasms peak was fading so that
Joe could reach that pinnacle to. A few seconds later Josiah began to
moan as well letting his boy dick pulsate and twitch in Chris' mouth
popping a dry orgasm. I stopped with the tongue work on Adam and began to
suck once more. I felt his hands start to guide and push my head down on
his cock as I knew he was getting close to popping himself. Then all of a
sudden a sound snapped us instantly out of play time and into danger
mode. The jingle bell alarm began to make noise.

Our intruder alarm was active and working perfectly. Something was
outside the mines entrance.
Lucky's head came off the floor and his ears perked up and he began to
growl. We had never seen him do this yet so we kind of got scared. I let
Adam's boy dick slip from my mouth and I jumped up and bound for the
guns. AJ had no idea what was going on. "What's going on why did you
stop? It felt so good." He asked. "It's the alarm something is outside
the mine entrance. If we live to see each other again I'll finish what I
started. If not I had fun and I hope you did to. But right now get over
in the corner and get ready." I said in a whisper instructing Adam to be
ready for anything. Chris and Josiah sat on the bed scared out of their
wits as I got the shotgun ready for action. I motioned to them to kill
the lantern so that the room went dark. I then tossed them each a flash
light and told them quietly to aim the light at the door and wait for it
to open. When it opened they were to turn the lights on and I was
prepared to start blasting away. I braced my self with the shot fun
butted against my shoulder. Just as we sere in position and ready I heard
something I had heard once before and will never forget, the unforgetable
sound of an alien communicating. I tensed every muscle in my body and
prepared to defend my own and the lives of the others from certain death
that was almost in our home. The sounds grew closer and closer to the
door and my heart raced faster and faster. The door began to open with a
slow dry squeak. My finger was poised on the trigger and ready to twitch.
Then the door burst open at full speed as the alien forced it open. The
flashlights came on them BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Silence filled the room now after I let off three bursts of the gun.
"Turn the lantern on!" I yelled. The lantern slowly lit the room to the
sight of a bloody mess on the ground I the door way to our safe room. I
had shot the alien dead center in his torso and now it lay dead. The
younger boys were all now sitting on the bed still nude crying fear of
what just happened and what might still happen. "Shhh! Guys quiet. There
might be more. Chris get the other guns and get ready just incase." I
said quietly. He then got up and grabbed 3 of the guns we had stockpiled
and gave one to the others. I walked up to the monster with the gun
barrel pointed at its head and gave it a swift kick. It didn't budge or
move at all so I assumed it was dead. Still we sat in wait just incase
there were more of them to come. Minutes turned into hours as we sat with
guns at the ready waiting for another attempted attack on our lives.
Finally after about 4 hours we let our guard down and settled on the idea
that no more were coming. "Boys get some kind of clothes on for now. We
might need to make a run for it. I just want us to be ready it we do." I
told them. They complied and dressed all the way even with shoes. I
grabbed a few shot gun shells and reloaded my gun before I grabbed a
flash light and headed in to the mine shaft. I walked cautiously towards
the entrance waiting to see another monster. When I got there the area
seemed clear. I hoped that this lone alien was just some sort of scout or
hunter that was on his own. If that was the case then maybe no more of
the would be looking for him. I resecured the entrance to the mine shaft
and headed back to the safe room. "Guys I think we're safe for now I
don't see any signs of more of them. Let's drag this ugly fucker out of
our home and into the shaft a little ways. We can deal with his body
tomorrow. We need to get some rest now." I told them. Chris and AJ helped
me pull the aliens surprisingly light for its size corps out and into the
mine shaft about 20 or so yards away from our room. Josiah being still
injured sat on the bed with a gun still at the ready. We walked back in
the room and he almost shot at us. "Dammit put that gun down it's us!" AJ
yelled at him. I walked over to him and he handed me the gun and
apologized. I then shut the safe room door and used what ever I could to
jam it shut for the night just incase something else came while we were
trying to sleep. I could tell by now that Adam was barely able to keep
his eyes open. He was sitting leaning against the wall next to the bed. I
walked to him and placed my hand on his shoulder, "Lay down buddy I know
you're tired. Try to get some rest. He crawled onto the bed and stretched
his slender body out on it and in no time was asleep. I myself was also
getting tired from everything I had been through in the last few days.
From making the trip to Kingston, to finding and digging Adam out from
under his home, to bringing him back here, and finally to killing the
invader had all sapped most of the energy from my young body. I was
nearly exhausted now, and my shoulder also now hurt from the kick of the
shotgun. I lay down next to Adam ad got ready to catch some sleep myself.
"How the hell can you sleep at a time like his?" Chris asked. "Easy I'm
tired as hell. If there's any more of them they'll have to break through
the door now to get in. when the start banging on it we'll hear them and
then we'll be ready. If we have to we'll kill every fucking one we can!"
I told them as I yawned. I then lay down next to Adam and scooted up
against him so that we were back to back still fully dressed. Just like
Adam once I closed my eyes I was out like a light.

It seemed like only minutes had passed when the alarm on my watch went
off at 6 am. "Oh fuck already." I moaned as I shut the alarm off. I
glanced over to the other boys and Josiah was still awake and staring at
the door with a gun at his side. Chris was sitting up and his head was
slumped over laying on Joe's shoulder as he was sound asleep. They had
tried to stay up all night and keep guard on us. A true noble effort for
boys so young. I sat up and Joe looked over to me. I could tell he was
tired. He had bags under his easy and he looked exhausted. I got up and
crawled around Adam and over to where the other boys were. "I'm going to
pick him up off your shoulder then lay him down. Then I want you to crash
out for a while to. Thanks for keeping watch buddy." I told him as I half
hugged him. As I broke the hug and pulled away I gave him a small quick
kiss on the cheek which he seemed to like. Then I picked Chris' head off
his shoulder and held him upright so Josiah could scoot away from him a
bit. I held Chris' head and upper body as I pulled his legs at the same
time to force his body down in a horizontal position laying on the bed
next to Adam. As I was moving him he didn't quite wake but he stirred and
let out a whining sound you'd hear from a younger kid as you disturbed
their sleep. Soon enough he was comfortably again enough to be lightly
snoring as he lay next to AJ's cute body. "Give me the gun and lye down
and get some rest. I think it's ok now." I told Josiah. He handed me the
gun then slid his body down on the blankets so that he was lying next to
the other boys and fell fast asleep. Myself I had a lot of work to do
today so I got a start it, but first I had to shoot the golden arch from
my dick on some trees. I called Lucky to follow me and we went to the
mine entrance where we were greeted by a cloudy morning. I walked over to
my usual tree and Lucky went to his now normal tree since he has pissed
on it so much. We both let the urine fly as I yawned from still being a
bit tired. When we finished we headed back in and I got ready to deal
with the dead alien in the mine shaft. Thoughts of how to dispose of its
corps ran through my mind. I though about burning it, but the smoke may
attract unwanted attention. Burying it seemed like the best course to
take to get rid of it. When I got back to the safe room AJ was now awake
and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Good morning sleepy head." I said.
He simply smiled and waved. "How about you come with me today to town. we
need to restock our supplies and get you some clothes of your own. You
cant all three share Chris' clothes. We need to get you and Joe your own
stuff to wear. Here put these on their Chris', but I don't think he'll
mind as long as your getting your own." I told him as I handed him some
of Chris' clothes to wear to town since he didn't have any to wear. He
got dressed being extra careful when zipping up the shorts making sure he
didn't zip mr. happy up in them, OUCH!. When he got to the shoes they
were way too small for him. "Ok problem, my feet are bigger than Chris'
are. His shoes wont fit me." He said. "Guess you'll go bare foot then,
just be careful." I said as I handed him a gun. "For just incase." I told
him. I grabbed the shotgun and I then woke Chris momentarily to let him
know what was going on. Once he was informed he lay back down and went
back to sleep next to Joe. AJ and I then left for town.

This time just as the previous times we stashed the atv in the woods at
the edge of town and walked in to make sure things were clear to proceed.
We walked into town cautiously as usual with the guns at the ready and
scanning for anything that looked out of place. Nothing seemed to be
different this time from the last so we walked back to get the atv and
cart trailer so we didn't have to walk 5 or 6 trips to get all the stuff
we needed. First stop after fetching the atv was wal mart to get the boys
clothes. We went straight for the boys department and AJ picked out what
he liked including the tasmanian devil boxers he liked. Then we went to
the shoe department and he got a pair of shoes that fit him. "I wonder
what sizes Josiah wears. He's got no clothes either, and he's definitely
going to need some." I said. "Well that's easy me and him use to wear
each others clothes al the time. We got the same shoe size to." Adam
answered. Since he made it easier for me I just went back and grabbed a
bunch of shirts shorts and pants that were the same size that AJ had
grabbed. I also got him shoes the same size that AJ did. Once we had
their clothes squared away I decided to just look around inside for
things that may come in handy for us in our current situation. AJ found
the electronics department and remembered looking at the games before the
invasion. "Hey you know you can take what ever you want. No ones gonna
turn you in for stealing." I told him. He smiled and grabbed a psp like I
suggested an as many games as he wanted. I also not forgetting about Joe
grabbed him one as well. We pushed on into the store and the idea that
the car batteries we grabbed before weren't going to keep a charge
forever and we had no way of charging them. That's when a moment of
inspiration hit me. "Come on." I said to AJ as I raced off to the
automotive department. I was looking for one thing particularly. And it
just happened that there were some on the racks. I found those solar
powered cooling fans you put in the windows of your car in the summer to
keep it cool when it's locked up. I figured we could rig them to charge
our batteries some how so I grabbed all of them on the rack. I grabbed as
much wire as I could find as well so we could keep the batteries out of
site as they were charging. Then we got a few other things from the store
like more blankets and more sleeping bags so we could expand our bed some
and headed out. We loaded everything in the atv then left for the grocery
store. We went inside with guns at the ready just incase and checked the
place out first. We decided it was all clear so we both grabbed shopping
carts and began to put things in them. I grabbed things we needed and
things that would last us over time. Adam on the other hand being a
typical 11 year old grabbed nothing but junk food. "Dude we need stuff
that won't go bad. Those chips are gonna get stale after about a week
after they're opened. So will the cookies." I told him as I looked
through his carts contents. I grabbed things like canned food and
dehydrated foods like soups and stuff. Seeing my point he stopped
grabbing junk and helped me find things we needed. "Hey Derrik I think we
need a broom. That cave floor is sure dusty." He said giggling being a
smart ass. "Yea and some glass cleaner to. The windows are so dirty the
light can't even get through." I said laughing in return. While we filled
the carts I grabbed something I knew we wouldn't have much chance of
eating. I handed him an ice cream bar and I opened one for myself. He
devoured his and grabbed another. "Oh god that's great." He said as he
inhaled the second one to. We pushed on through the store grabbing things
as we headed for the door to load up the atv and trailer. "You think we
got enough stuff?" AJ asked. "Nope. There's always something else we need
that we wont get this time." I told him. We loaded up the atv with food
and supplies and I ran in the back of the store for e one last thing, a
few bags of ice for the coolers in the mine. I ran back out tossed them
on the back of the atv and we tore off back to the mine. It was now
nearly 10 am and I figured the other boys would be awake by now so they
could help us unload at least.

A short half hour later the atv was lugging the heavy load on it up the
last little hill to the mines entrance. AJ got off once we got to the
entrance and opened the covering we had put over it so I could pull our
vehicle inside. As I was backing it in I remembered the dead alien in the
shaft. "Dammit we still have to bury that fucker today. I hope you and
Chris are up to helping me dig a hole for it." I told AJ. He smiled and
nodded yes. Just as I stopped the atv and killed the engine, "DERRIK!
HELP!!!!!" both boys in the safe room yelled out. I looked at AJ and he
at me, we grabbed our guns and ran back to the room. The door was wide
open and the lanterns were burning bright. I burst into the room sweeping
from side to side with the shotgun looking for another monster. What I
saw was Chris and Josiah huddling holding each other in the corner of the
room naked. Apparently they had woken up and decided to have a little fun
while we were gone. I turned to my left to see what they were staring at
and afraid of. AJ then came in the room and looked to the left as well.
"Holy shit! They are real!' He said more astonished than scared referring
to the form laying on the ground just inside the room entrance.

I know cliff hangers suck guys but I think you'll like the next chapter.
It gets a little more science fictiony . hope you like it so far though.
and it'l have a little more action to it, although im not sayin what kind
of action lol.

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