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Teen comos on to male
This story is about a guy who sees a girl at a mall who could be about 16
years old and wishes he could eat her sweet pussy.

Mark was hanging around the mall like he usally does. He is 28 years
old, athletic build, blond hair blue eyes, and popular with girls. He
always has girls of all ages smile at him when he passes them by. Mark
was walking around when he saw this blond haired girl, very pretty, pass
him by. She smiled as she passed which made him look back at her. She
had on a mini-skirt and looked good enough to eat. The girl looked back
and saw Mark looking and smiled again. "Boy would I like to dive under
that mini skirt and go to town on that pussy".

Mark later made his way to the food court and to his surprise the girl
was there and sitting alone. Mark ordered something and sat at a table
across from her so he could check her out. He couldn't help but notice
her beautiful legs since she had on a mini. As she crossed her legs, Mark
got a glimpse of her red panties. He got an instant hard-on. She
suddenly looked up and saw Mark at the other table and once again
smiled at him. Then she uncrossed her legs and got up to leave. Mark
again got a glimpse of her pantis when she got up.

Mark thought about that girl all weekend and was still thinking about
her when he got to work Monday. As usual the girls in the office gave
him big smiles and although he had gone out with a few of them and
fucked them, he couldn't stop thinking about the young honey he saw.
As he was going to lunch, one of his buddies (Jim) asked if he could
join him. They went to a burger place and had lunch. Jim was talking to
him about the project they had been assigned and asked Jim if he wanted
to come over during the weekend to work on it together. Mark said ok.

As the week went by his work kept him busy and he forgot about the girl
from the Mall. When Saturday came around he went to Jim's to work on their
project. He rang the doorbell and to his surprise the blond from the
mall opened the door. He stood there staring at her. She was in a mini
again. "Are you here to see my dad"? "Oh sorry - yes". "Come on in - Dad
someone is at the door for you". As Jim came to the door he told Mark to
come in. "This is my daughter Ginny". She said hi and he thought she
winked at him as she turned and walked away and up the stairs. He
looked up as she walked away and saw she had on red panties again.

After Jim and Mark had been working for about an hour, Jim said he needed to
go pick up his dog at the groomer and asked if I minded. I said no problem.
Jim hollered up at his daughter Ginny that he would be back and left. I was
working on our project when Ginny came downstairs. She smiled as she went into
the kitchen. She went into the living room and sat down. As she crossed her
legs I got a nice beaver shot and saw her panties again. She caught me looking
at her and smiled. I was beginning to think she was a tease. Then she said "I
remember seeing you at the mall the other day checking me out. I purposely kept
crossing and uncrossing my legs so you could see my panties". I told her she had
very nice legs. "Would you like to touch them?". My heart sank. "Your dad would
kill me if I did anything with you". "He isn't here and won't be back for at least
half an hour. I'd like you to eat my pussy".

Holy shit I thought. I got up andwalked over to her and sat down on the sofa next to her. I put my hand on her leg
and slid it slowly upwards. She parted her legs and I placed my hand on her mound.
Her panties were wet. I leaned over and kissed her on the neck and kept rubbing her
pussy as she fidgeted. I then kissed her on the lips. As she started to kiss me back
I slipped my tongue in her mouth and she parted her lips and snaked her tongue into
my mouth. I slipped my hand inside her panties and slipped a finger in her cunt. I
began to finger fuck her as I continued to kiss her passionately. She fell backward and
spread her legs even more. I kept kissing her and worked my way down her body toward her
pussy. She began to moan. I reached her pussy and softly licked it. She arched up and moaned
again as I felt her go into an orgasm.

I got up and pulled my pants down. Ginny spread her legs
and I straddled her legs and drove my throbbing cock into her sweet pussy and started pounding
her. She definitely was not a virgin. I planted my mouth on hers again and drove my tongue
in her mouth again as I kept fucking her. She was meeting my thrusts. I then pulled out,
bent her legs backwards and got up and drove my cock back into her from above. She yelled
out "oh my God". I drove into her harder and began to come inside her. She kept moaning and
I continued to hump and squirt my cum into her. When I finished I just laid on top of her
for a while and kissed her again. I then got up looking at how beautiful she looked and said
"we better clean up before your dad gets back". She smiled, kissed me on the lips and said
"ok". After we cleaned up she went back upstairs as I watched. "Damn she is a sweet little fox".
About 15 minutes later Jim returned and I was back at the table working on the project. I saw
him walk in with a male Husky. Ginny came back downstairs, hugged the dog, and they
both went upstairs.

To be continued............

anonymous readerReport

2011-02-24 12:45:21
wicked, more about legs and toes and teasing before giving it up. make him desperate like never before then this young teen gets him to be a slave and dress like a girl in order to get her to let him feel her legs and if hes a good begging slave maybe more?


2009-05-25 11:17:52
Use your spelling checker (comos, thatmGinny), then roofread.


2009-05-24 21:07:46
Introduction: Teen comos on to male

It's never a good idea to misspell words that early in your story.


2009-05-24 03:13:55
Fair story, but it is rather simple to know what is coming in the second installment. The male husky thatmGinny brought up to her bedroom is going to be plowing into her. Pretty disgusting!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-23 13:05:30
add more detail

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