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I wrote this story awhile back but refrained from releasing it due to my editors grossly misinterpreting the ending. After some minor fixes and deliberations though, I feel that very few, if any, of my stories are actually fully understood by the vast majority of my readers, so I'll release this anyways. I originally started this story as a quick stroke story but it somehow became what it is now. This is probably more of a guy story in its forthright honest nature, but is still diverse enough to satisfy anyone with interests in the labeled themes. Warning, this starts out slow (No sex in this chapter).
Pre Mature

-- A story of four underaged, over-cultured girl friends.

----- 1 --

Jeff’s worn body fell back into his super soft, barely made, California king sized bed. The giant, thick comforter bounced and melted around his shape, absorbing him into a warm, snuggly hold. The bedroom lights dimmed under the increased weight on the mattress, bringing the oversized master bedroom to a low orange glow. The faint sounds of young girls giggling and running around downstairs back dropped the pure and absolute silence that was his room.

Madden led her three friends from the kitchen back into the living room loaded up with snacks.

“Madden, get your computer,” Kimmy commanded while the giant television turned on, almost doubling the light in the softly lit space. Eager to cram more entertainment into their day, Madden raced up to her bedroom.

Up the stairs she made a slight detour after hearing a loud squeal downstairs. Coming to the end of the hall, she slowly opened the door before her.

“Are we being too loud daddy?” she asked watching as his lifeless body basked so insignificantly in the massive bed.

“You’ll have to try a lot harder than that to keep me from falling asleep tonight.” There was another sharp squeal.

“Thank you again so much. This was the best birthday ever.”

“You’re welc-,”

“Hurry up Madden!” a yell came from downstairs.

“Gotta go.”

Jeff sighed as the door closed. Best birthday ever? He had barely spent any time with her. He was more the chauffer than anything else. Thirteen years old and the best thing he could do was to stay out of her way.

Madden pounced onto the bed of sleeping bags layering the shaggy carpet. Her laptop was pushed before her.

“You’ll never guess what I found the other day. It’s the biggest thing ever,” Kimmy reeled, building suspense.


“Here, I have to show you,” she continued, pulling the computer toward her. She opened the internet browser and immediately loaded a dating website.

“Why were you on a dating website? You’re thirteen,” accused Keri.

“Doesn’t matter,” she defended, filling out the ‘Looking for’ information.

“Probably looking for older men to send her gifts in the mail,” Jena laughed.

“No, she wants more than just mail,” Madden deduced. “It’s guys from this city.”

“Shut up and just look.”

“Is that, Mr. O’Brian?”

“Oh my goodness, it is.”

“Aaah, I hate him; stupid, ‘Let’s have Year-End math notebooks so you can write about what you learn in math and how it applies to the world around you, every month for the whole year.’”

Everyone giggled to Madden’s terrible attempt to mimic him.

“It probably would be hard for a math teacher to find a girlfriend.”

“Read his profile. And his interests,” Kimmy said with confidence. All the girls obeyed, reading it vigorously.

“Ooo,” was a sound that popped up more than once from the girls.

“If he mentioned some of this stuff in class, he would be much more popular,” Jena remarked after finishing.

“I always suspected there was more to him than just being a quiet math teacher. He has that shy adventurer aroma about him.”

The three other girls looked to Kimmy in shocked confusion.

“I mean, let’s just click the ‘back’ button.” As she clicked it, Jena pulled the computer away from her.

“You have a crush on Mr. O’Brian,” Madden spat.

“You should send him a message,” Keri ogled between sarcasm and curiosity.

“You can’t unless you have an account and pay,” Kimmy regretted saying.

“Says here you can get a fifteen day free trial,” quoted Jena while she scanned through the other guys listed.

“There you go,” said Keri, “just enough time to ask for his email address and you can flirt with him whenever you want. And tell him to go easier on his students; then throw in a few girlish winks and Xs and Os.”

“Umm…” Jena moaned in shock.

It didn’t take long after hearing that tone where, one by one, each set of eyes from the girls moved onto the computer screen. They all went silent.

“I swear I didn’t know; he must be new,” Kimmy said in soft disbelief.

Madden could feel her own heart beating against her rib cage as she stared at the man’s profile picture. She was just making fun of one of her teachers for being on a dating website. Now she was staring at her own father. She couldn’t decide if she was more embarrassed or utterly furious.

Jena quickly closed the browser under the tension of the situation.

No matter how much Madden put on the face of upbeat happiness for the rest of the night, she couldn’t get that image out of her mind. And she knew that neither could her friends. An hour past they all went to sleep, she still laid awake almost in tears. How could he do that to her? How could he be so selfish and embarrass her like that? What if the rest of the school found out? He was going to destroy her entire reputation. She couldn’t be more angry with him.


By morning, or rather, by the next afternoon when they woke up, the first thing Madden wanted to do when her friends were dropped off was to scream at her dad to take his profile down. Kimmy seemed to have seen this in her eyes while they ate brunch and acted suspicious with her father walking around the house. The first moment she got, she pulled Madden aside.

“Madden, you know very well about the relationship between me and my dad. I may be stubborn, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I hate him so I choose not to make things better. But I don’t want you to end up like us.”

Madden was not looking amused by this talk.

“Look, just think about it. Has yelling at your dad ever really made him do something to your advantage? It’s probably just going to get you grounded and we won’t be able to play. Besides, you got a bigger problem than that profile anyways. I’ve seen it happen before.”

“What’s bigger than that? What if the whole school sees it? They’ll print it out and pass it around. They’ll probably suggest that he and Mr. O’Brian hook up, and then they’ll say that Mr. O’Brian is my second father. It’ll never end.”

“Wow, seems like you did think about it some. But still, he’s not going to take it down if you yell at him. What you need to worry about is him taking it down for another reason.”


“If he takes it down because he finds somebody. Think about that. I’ve seen stuff like that happen. What if he finds a new mom for you?”

Madden gulped hard. Her anger was quickly shifting from one reason to another. Kimmy caught this as well.

“You’re just an angry person when it comes to your father, aren’t you?”

“No, that’s why I’m mad. I’m a great daughter and this is how he repays me. I love him as much as a girl can love her dad.”

“If you love him so much, why don’t you marry him?” Keri smart remarked coming from around the corner.

“Well, that was a poorly placed joke,” Jena scoffed tailing right behind.

“Why don’t you do what Kimmy’s planning to do with Mr. O’Brian and message him? Make him your boyfriend.”

“I’m not going to do that!” Kimmy barked.

“Heck, I’d do that to your father if you gave me permission. Wouldn’t mind at all to hear how he talks to adult women, especially if he’s talking to me,” Keri added.

“You don’t have permission, ever at all!” Madden jumped at her.

“Fine, fine, he’s your father, you get dibs.”

“I’m not doing that!”

“You guys are weird,” Jena spoke out.

“It’s not me,” Madden defended.

“Psshh, don’t play innocent, you’ve told me before that Madden has a hot father,” Keri dragged her in.

“Jena?!” Madden broke.

“What, it’s okay when Keri says something like that but it’s a big deal when I do?”

“It’s not okay for any of you. That’s my dad.”

“Not technically,” Kimmy butted back in. “He’s your uncle.”

“Who raised me since I was one. His brother, my real dad, and him are identical twins; you can’t get closer to the real thing than that.”

“But, I’m just saying, he’s technically not your dad.”

“Legally, he is. And I’ll never consider him anything less.”

“Maybe if you considered him something more, you could keep him.”

An awkward silence.

Keri coyly broke it. “If we were all boys, this seems like the time Madden would punch you in the face.”

“You’re not helping,” Jena spat to her.

“I’m just saying,” Kimmy stiffened in defense, “we’re all here for you. We’re your best friends and we’ll help you do anything you need to do in order to stop your dad from replacing you.”

“You’re not the greatest with words,” Keri remarked.

“Neither are you,” Jena input.

Madden’s knuckles were white with tension when her father walked into the room.

“Alright girls, time to go,” he announced.


After dropping her friends off at their houses and returning home, Madden retreated to her bedroom. She was instantly on her computer and staring down her father’s profile.

So he was lonely? She wasn’t enough for him? He was the greatest dad ever. She knew her friends were often jealous of her over him. They either had no fathers or someone who they barely considered a father. And as much as she craved boys, she heard everywhere around her that boys craved girls five times more, at least. Popular media showed that grown men never grew past that stage.

She couldn’t deny her father needed more feminine attention. She had been growing away from him in the recent past, relying more on her friends. But that in no way whatsoever meant she was going to give her dad away to another girl.

Her eyes dried out staring at the profile, memorizing every detail her father made public about himself. Some things surprised her that she hadn’t known already. Her mind over-clocked to piece as much as she knew together. Boys need girls; that was obvious. Daddy was a boy; she understood that. For the first time, she forced herself to link those two together.

Daddy had a girl though, herself. But what happens when boys don’t get enough attention from their girls? They find another one. Kimmy said he would replace her. His profile was relatively new, which meant that this was a recent problem. Or at least only recently did he have the time to think about it. And act on it.

She was thinking about it now. But how to act? She knew her father more than any other girl in the world, so she had to have an advantage there. But he never showed an interest in her. But then again, she had a pile of magazines devoted to turning friends or random boys into love crazy heartthrobs for you. And then she struck onto the fact that that was going a bit too far.

“Ooooh,” Madden groaned dropping her head to the desk. “What do you want from me dad? What do you want in a girl? Obviously attention, but it’s boring to act like a little kid to make you happy. Maybe I should sign up and pretend I’m an adult. I could ask him then and he wouldn’t pamper his words like he does to my face.

“Aaah, I hate this. I’m thirteen; there’s no way dad would be interested enough to talk to a woman with the intellect of a high schooler. And yes I do think I can pull off a high schooler. And now beyond talking to myself, I’m replying to myself. Aaahg.”

She closed her eyes and thought harder. She had a mission to complete; or at least start. Her computer chimed and she looked up. A new email. She opened it. It was a stupid forward from Kimmy. As she scanned it to kill time, in a near random instant, her heart flared in temperature as she got an idea.

Quickly she raced to logout of her messenger. Immediately after, she frantically began creating another profile. Skyne13. Her new alias. She forged the rest of the information, mindlessly checked the ‘Agree to Terms of Use’ box and boom, she had done it. Her heart was pounding almost out of control. The next step. Add Friend. VxHvn. Daddy.

Her fingers reverberated as if icing over while she typed her first contact with him. Those first five letters. H-e-l-l-o. Would he reply? What to do if he didn’t? What to do if he did?!

She waited a few minutes before her patience drew too thin. At that, she almost sprinted from her room to find where her dad was. It said he was logged in, yet ‘Away’, but she knew he often kept himself on ‘Away’ simply because he wasn’t the talking type online.

Her father turned the television off as she marched into the living room.

“I’m getting a snack,” Madden said in an apparent need to justify her being present.

“I’m going to my office,” he replied humorously as he stood up.

Madden listened as he walked upstairs. She pulled a yogurt from the refrigerator, grabbed a spoon, and broke into a run for her room.

Jeff sat down at his desk and keyed in the password for his screensaver. Curiously, he found a message asking to add a new friend he had never heard of. And in that curiosity, he let it pass, accepting it. It said ‘Hello.’

Madden’s eyes were glued to the screen. She hated the word ‘patience’. And then the reply. The classic repeat - ‘hello.’

Skyne13: Hi

VxHvn: Who are you?

Jeff meanwhile was running an IP check on the username to get a feel for the location of the mystery person.

Skyne13: I found ur email in a fw among a huge list. I liked it so I wanted to talk 2 u.

VxHvn: I’m flattered.

Intrigued was much more the word after seeing Skyne13’s IP address. It had looked familiar at first, but after a very interesting location reveal and a double check of his own IP address, the situation became very intriguing.

Skyne13: You’re welcome.

VxHvn: Are you 13?

Madden’s blood pumped faster. Why did she use the number thirteen? Her dad would never talk to some random thirteen year old online. But she didn’t want to lie too much or she would risk losing a viable story.

Skyne13: No, I made this account when I was 13. Im 16 now. Wat about u?

She thought too that she had probably better start increasing her grammar and spelling. Her dad seemed to be using proper English in chatting so he would probably be more entertained with someone who did the same.

VxHvn: 36/m

Skyne13: Ok

VxHvn: You m or f?

Skyne13: Female

VxHvn: And you’re okay with talking to a 36/m?

Jeff was very interested in this. He knew his daughter had his email. The same IP, even her normal account was logged off while she was on this one. But what did she want with this new secrecy? With it she thought she had all the power in the world; she could say anything and get away with it because she was nobody to him. But the fact that he knew what she was doing actually gave him all the power in the world. He could say anything and she could never admit it, or at least he could always deny that he knew it was her, so it would make it ‘more’ acceptable.

Skyne13: Yeah. Are you ok with 16/f?

VxHvn: Sure.

Skyne13: So we’re good.

VxHvn: Yep. Was there something on your mind when you wanted to contact me?

Skyne13: Kinda.

VxHvn: What was that?

Skyne13: Well, I guess since your older, what do you look for in a girl?

VxHvn: Why, are you into older guys?

Jeff was walking on a tight rope. No way would he have said that to just any random girl. But this was his daughter, and she thought she knew it was him with him not knowing it was her. She wanted something out of him and he was curious to cut to the chase.

Madden squinted to herself reading that. One answer was safe, but would lead to no good information. The other answer was an incriminating lie, yet it would set the foundation to learn so much. She had to get over the looming fear that her father knew it was her. He thought she was some random sixteen year old girl. She was that sixteen year old girl now. She had to talk through her, not as that man’s daughter.

Skyne13: Maybe.

Jeff was becoming flooded with what he should do. Should he talk to her knowing that he was her father and he still held that responsibility, or should he talk to her in a manner he would talk to any curious sixteen year old girl, but with the knowledge of safety in what he could get away with? It was a chance to educate his daughter in a way he could never pull off otherwise; a controversial education, but you can’t have controversy if there isn’t a good side to it. Most of all, she was clearly begging for the education, and thankfully from him rather than some creep; or what was growing in the back of his mind, some ‘other’ creep.

VxHvn: So are you asking what a man looks for in a woman, or what he looks for in a girl?

Skyne13: Umm, a girl I guess.

VxHvn: And is it like for a friendship, or more romantically?

Skyne13: Uh, I’m not sure. Just so the man only wants the one girl and nobody else.

VxHvn: Well, if you want exclusivity, then you’re going to have to go for the more romantic type.

Jeff was having a hard time with some of these words he was saying. Was he getting ready to teach his daughter how to seduce an older man? But that deafening fact that she was talking to him, and she knew she was talking to her own father, wouldn’t let any of those suspicions hold much ground. She could get that information from somebody else, anybody else. Why was she asking him this?

Skyne13: How much romantic?

VxHvn: Well, I personally wouldn’t be satisfied until I had someone that I could call my own and she could call me her own.

Skyne13: So, like, all the way?

Madden gulped. Did her dad want sex? She never saw him with an actual girlfriend. He probably hadn’t had sex in all the years that he spent raising her. And all those years he wanted it just like every other guy.

VxHvn: Well, yes, but more than just having sex. It’s someone to sleep with and wake up to. To kiss randomly throughout the day with sudden bursts of passion that come from just seeing them. Someone to hold and cuddle with. And of course, she could and would do the same to me. Run up to me and thrust her arms around me, taking my lips into hers.

‘I better tone it down a bit,’ Jeff thought to himself.

Madden shifted very uncomfortably. Daddy wanted all of that. The way he said it, she wanted all that too. Probably not with daddy though. She could do the cuddling thing, but that wasn’t enough to keep him for just her. She did though like the thought of him having sudden bursts of passion and picking her up, swinging her around, and maybe kissing her. She got uncomfortable though thinking about kissing him like grownups kiss.

Skyne13: So your saying that you want that all from a girl. Like a girl my age, even the sex and stuff.

Jeff gulped. His imagination seemed to have forgotten that they were talking about a mere teenager.

VxHvn: I guess I did get carried away there. For someone like your age, things would be different. But that’s why I don’t think I could go for someone your age.

Skyne13: Why not?

VxHvn: Well, because we couldn’t have sex. We couldn’t do much any of that stuff. Not unless it was a very special and unique relationship.

Skyne13: So you don’t want a relationship without sex?

VxHvn: You’re sixteen, I’m sure when you look at a boy, sex is somewhere in your mind. I’m 36; imagine living a whole another lifetime without having that one thing you want more and more. Then finally you’re presented with a boy, but he says ‘you can look, but you can’t touch.’

Skyne13: That would suck.

VxHvn: Yes. But it’s more than just that. With a woman, if she wanted to wait for marriage, that’s acceptable. But with a girl, she’s still very young and marriage probably won’t happen, so the whole relationship is pointless anyways. Unless it is that very special and unique relationship.

Skyne13: What would be that special and unique relationship?

VxHvn: Well, it would be almost relative type. The two would have to be connected with a lifelong bond outside of that romantic relationship.

Skyne13: Relative? Like brother/sister, or daddy/daughter?

Madden couldn’t believe she had typed that last part. It only confirmed that the fear of her dad knowing who he was talking to had not left. Her heart beat was rising even faster. She struggled to put herself back into the shoes of the sixteen year old. She was her; she was Skyne13, not Madden.

Jeff’s heart nearly stopped, reading that last part. Was that what his little girl wanted from him?

VxHvn: Yes, those would qualify.

Skyne13: Sooo… in let’s say a daddy/daughter relationship, would you still need the sex and touching like adults do?

VxHvn: I’m sorry; I have to go start on dinner. Maybe we can talk tonight or later on. Bye.

Skyne13: Bye.

Madden quickly added her last word before she guessed her father would race away from his computer. She sensed a scared urgency in his words. She was doing more than just learning from him, she was teaching him. Was she putting thoughts into his mind that were never there? If so, could she actually manipulate her dad to love her more? Wasn’t that what she wanted from the beginning?

She heard her father coming down the hall, pass her bedroom, and head down the stairs. There was a lot for her to think about now.

Her mind was overflowing with new information. Daddy wanted sex. He hadn’t had any for a really long time and he didn’t want a girl that wouldn’t give him any. If she wanted to steal daddy back, she would have to have sex with him. What was confusing her most about that aspect was that she didn’t want to do it, but nevertheless, she didn’t really mind about it. When it came down to the base facts, it was just sex. Sure she wanted to save herself for The One, but if it was daddy, it wasn’t that bad. It was acceptable; and it would actually make daddy feel really happy without hurting her at all.

Besides battling between those conflicting thoughts, it was the rest of the relationship that bothered her. The kissing, touching, sleeping with him. Like the movies, taking a shower with him.

She spent a good hour in debate before being called down to dinner. Her father seemed flushed. It looked as though she had an effect on him. And he said or did nothing that gave her any indication that he suspected her. But still, after dinner, she didn’t get back onto that username. She was scared. There was already so much information flowing through her mind. So much so that she accidently fell asleep with her clothes on over her covers while she laid in thought.

Her dreams didn’t give her any relief either. The drama running through her mind just before she woke in the morning played out in no lack of detail. Her father was embracing her from behind; holding her back snuggly into his chest like she had always fantasized some boy would do to her. It was her father, but not; he was some person she didn’t recognize, but she just felt that it was him. She felt safe and so warm. It was an odd position but not threatening odd. At least not until his lips nipped down her ear and his hand ran over to hold one of her smallest breasts. She inhaled sharply and her body flared.

Her eyes popped open to her father leaning in her doorway telling her it was time to get up.


In the lunch room at school, Madden hurried to sit with Kimmy who had regularly packed her lunch. She decided only today she would too. Keri and Jena raced for a half-decent spot in one of the two long lunch lines.

“You got to help me Kimmy. Yesterday afternoon about two hours after you guys left, I made up a new messenger account and contacted my dad. I said I saw his email in a forward you sent me, well, not yours but a forward. I said I was a sixteen year old girl and I wanted to know how a girl like me could make a guy like him happy.”

“That’s bold. What’d he say?”

“Basically sex, and stuff. Like an adult relationship.”

“That would explain why he put his profile up in an adult’s only dating website.”

“Ha ha,” Madden remarked sarcastically.

“Well, what do you need my help for?”

“Umm, I don’t know. I need another opinion. What should I do next? You sounded like you might know from before.”

“What’d we miss?” Keri asked as her and Jena sat down. To Madden’s deepest misfortune, Kimmy explained it all.

“Thanks for telling the world,” Madden exasperated.

“I didn’t know it was a secret, sorry.”

“How is that not a secret?”

“Hey, why’d you try to keep it from us?” Keri asked disgruntled.

“Kimmy just seemed like the person to ask. The fewer people who know I actually did that, the better.”

“Well, we promise we won’t tell anybody,” comforted Jena.

“That is low of you though, seducing your own father,” Keri remarked, “but it’s so hot. If I help you, do I get a cut of the outcome?”


“But I don’t have a dad, that’s not fair.”

“Me neither,” cooed Jena in a fake whine.

Keri took a bite from her corndog seemingly disinterested in the comment she had just made. Madden was glowing between mounting anger and embarrassment. Keri finished chewing and spoke up.

“Look, we’re best friends, and we’re not going to let you lose your dad because we know that you wouldn’t stand for one of us losing our moms, and probably would help get rid of Kimmy’s dad, if there was anything you could possibly do to stop it. Your father is one fine piece of meat,”

“Keri,” Jena interrupted.

“A fine man, I mean. One of the best, no, the best father in the world. And pretty much, he’s the closest thing to a father any of us three’s got; pretty sad, but true. He’s just a cool guy.”

“Better said.”

“And he’s freaking hot, loaded, and knows all the best amusement parks.”

“And you’re going back down.”

“Look,” Kimmy disrupted, “the point is, we’ll go to any lengths to make sure no other girl gets a hold of your father. Any lengths...”

“I guess the underlying question then is how far this will go,” Jena spoke up.

“It seems like having sex with him is the farthest, and not just once, a lot,” Madden said depressingly.

“Well, that’s not bad at all,” Keri rebutteled.

“Really,” Madden fought back. “Think about it. Giving up your virginity to him, having sex with him like every week or even every day, lying naked with him while his kisses you all over and sticks his thing inside you until he cums in you or on you. I’ll probably have to suck him and swallow his sperm.”

“And you get to take showers with him and he’ll wash your naked body for you,” Keri continued in a daze. “Honestly if you don’t want that, I’ll be happy to trade you places any day.”

Kimmy and Jena were thoroughly flushed.

“You’re not really thinking about it. You’re just saying it because it sounds good,” Madden assaulted. “What if you walked into my house right after school and he wanted all that right then? Would you be ready?”

“Calm down. It’s not going to happen all at once. Besides, look around you. Would you rather you lose your virginity to any one of these kids, or give it to him? A man who knows what he’s doing, and will never leave you because he found a hotter girl? You’re his daughter. You’ve probably vomited and pissed on him a dozen, dozen times when you were littler and he never broke up with you, he never spread rumors about you, or made you feel embarrassed. It’s not like you have to give the rest of your life to him; just keep him company until you graduate.”

“What? Where? Where do you get this stuff?” Jena huffed to Keri’s speech.

“I’ve been reading a few stories on the subject. Knowledge is power.”

“I’ve read a few stories myself,” remarked Kimmy, “and I strongly suggest that Madden not look into that source of knowledge. Look, regardless of how far you’re willing to go in the long run, there’s no harm in continuing cautiously.”

“Screw cautious,” butted Keri, “you can do whatever you want and when you decide to stop, just stop. He’s not going to know it’s you anyways.”

“What if he wants pictures of you, guys love pictures,” Jena spoke. “Some won’t even talk to you if you refuse to give them pics.”

“Find some online,” Keri said.

“She needs to be careful how much she lies. She doesn’t want her dad falling in love with a made up person. She needs to be able to transition the made up girl into her,” Kimmy started. “Also, if you want to turn him on to you, I’d suggest that any pictures you give him make him think twice the next time he sees you. Not like ‘that girl on the internet might be my daughter’, but like, ‘my daughter’s shape is giving me the same vibes as the girl from the internet.’”

“So like take pictures of my chest and send them to him?”

“Well, not in your shirt, because he might recognize that.”

“In my bra?”

“That’s one option, or nothing would be the safest. I know you don’t have any birth marks that would give you away.”

“In your shirt would be pointless anyways,” Keri scoffed pulling the corndog stick she was chewing from her mouth. “Who wants to look at a picture of someone’s shirt and only their shirt?”

“What if he sends me a picture of his you know what?”

“Send it to me,” Keri burst with no hesitation.

“I don’t know about all of this,” Madden started second guessing herself.

“Look,” Kimmy started back up, flattening her lunch bag, “pictures shouldn’t be for awhile. But they will come so be ready to do it or end it then. Keeping to your own body will keep away suspicion and be easier to deny him webcam footage. And from my experience online, don’t back down. It’s all or none. Playing it safe and only being friendly will make him into a friend, and you already have that with him. Use this alias only for the one goal you want, whatever you decide that is.”

“Can I have your tator tots?” Keri asked Jena.


“It’s almost the end of lunch and you haven’t touched them.”

“Oh crap.” Jena dropped her half eaten corndog and went to work on the potatoes.


Skyne13: Do you have a wife?

VxHvn: No, do you have a bf?

Skyne13: No. Do you have any children?

VxHvn: Yes, a daughter. Do you?

Skyne13: No ; )>

VxHvn: That’s good.

Skyne13: Very. Do you wish you had a wife, or a mother for your daughter?

VxHvn: Sometimes. My little girl is growing up so fast though, I don’t know if she needs me much anymore. Don’t know if she needs a mother either.

Skyne13: Are you looking for a wife?

VxHvn: Eh, I wouldn’t complain if one came around. I would never put her above my daughter though. She’s always first in my life.

Skyne13: That’s sweet : )

VxHvn: Thank you.

Skyne13: Is your daughter not enough to satisfy your need for love by herself?

VxHvn: She’s got her own life to live. I’m sure I alone am not enough for her. She’ll want a boyfriend soon and who am I to say she’s not allowed a relationship with the opposite sex?

Skyne13: How old is your daughter?

VxHvn: Thirteen.

Skyne13: Is she pretty?

VxHvn: She’s the most beautiful girl in the world.

Skyne13: : )

Madden had heard father tell her that so many times but it never lost its meaning. She could look at him, the way he looked at her when he told her it, and she knew it was always the truth.

Skyne13: Why don’t you pretend that she’s your gf and take her out to dinner and stuff? Would that satisfy you?

VxHvn: It takes more than pretending to satisfy love.

Skyne13: So then having sex with her will satisfy you?

VxHvn: You seem to like the subject of sex…

Skyne13: Who doesn’t?

VxHvn: Love is more than sex.

Skyne13: And you love your daughter?

VxHvn: In a much different way.

Skyne13: OK, back to me now.

VxHvn: Okay than.

Skyne13: What could a girl like me do to turn a guy like you on?

VxHvn: Umm, I don’t know.

Skyne13: You have to know.

He was backing out. Madden couldn’t let him do that. He was driving their relationship into friends, she wanted more. She needed to know his secrets. There was little choice but to pull on her trump card prematurely. She had to send him the test pictures she took earlier.

Pulling up the Send box, she highlighted the two best pictures of her chest laden with the bra she had bought with her friends a while back. She gulped hard. There was no turning back after this. Her eyes squinted under the tensing of her chest and she hurried past her consciousness and just clicked send.

Her heart reverberated shockwaves through her body as she watched the sending progress bar grow towards one-hundred percent. And then it was done.

Skyne13: Does that turn you on?

Jeff opened the pictures and his body spiked in temperature. He was looking at his thirteen year old daughter’s chest covered with a not so appropriate bra. He couldn’t peel his eyes from jumping back and forth between the two pictures. How was he supposed to reply?

His mind was clearly developing ulterior motives in this relationship. He could preach at her for the pictures, lie and say they didn’t do anything for his circulatory system, or be pretty damn honest, but so wrong.

VxHvn: Are you sure you’re sixteen?

Skyne13: Yea, why?

VxHvn: Is that you?

Skyne13: Yea.

VxHvn: You look amazing!

Skyne13: : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

VxHvn: Do you have anymore?

Jeff wanted to break all his fingers for typing that just then.

Skyne13: Not right now but I can get some more for tomorrow maybe.

Madden was overcome with euphoria. Her father just gave her the greatest compliment in the world and he didn’t even know it.

VxHvn: Please…

Skyne13: Are you going to masturbate to those?

VxHvn: I’d need more than that to be able to get off on.

Jeff’s hormone flooded mind was breaching every security protocol he had set up to protect his daughter from this kind of thing.

Skyne13: Oh.

Skyne13: Like how much more?

Madden’s pelvis was swimming with confused butterflies as she asked that question.

VxHvn: More skin, probably all skin, or you in your panties. But you don’t have to do that. That’s just me.

Skyne13: Um, I might be able to get a quick shot of my panties maybe.

Madden for some unexplained reason just wanted to have her dad jack off to a picture of her in her panties. It was a high rushing through her for multiple reasons. Taking a picture of herself in her panties, then sending that picture over the internet, to her own father nonetheless, and having him unknowingly jack off to it, his own daughter.

As she unzipped her pants and dropped them to her ankles, Jeff did the same to his own. As Madden pulled the digital camera off her desk, her father retrieved his manhood from his boxers.

Madden spread her legs slightly ajar. There was clearly a wet spot on the fabric accentuating the slight indentation that was her fissure below. It was definitely embarrassing but she told him she would get him a picture.

Holding the camera with one hand and lifting her shirt with the other, the light flashed and she was looking at a still of her next to naked pelvis. That single part of her body that felt like it was floating down a never ending hill in a car ride.

Without hesitation, her shivering hands plugged the camera in and immediately she sent the image to her father.

Jeff stared disbelievingly at the panty-clad virgin slit that was so very well preserved between his thirteen year old daughter’s legs.

Skyne13: Are you jacking off?

Madden didn’t have to wait long for a reply. No more than two of the longest minutes ever.

VxHvn: That was the most intense orgasm I can ever remember having.

Jeff instantly wished he had waited another ten seconds before typing that. Now that his mind was clear of all the hormones. Now that he remembered that was not only his daughter in those pictures, but she knew that he, her own father, was on the other side of the chat. She had just heard her own father say that the most intense orgasm he could remember was to a picture of her in her panties.

But that picture was merely a minute old according to its timestamp; and she was wet.

Skyne13: : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

VxHvn: I’m sorry, I have to go now. Thank you so much though.

VxHvn: Bye

Skyne13: Thank you so much. Bye : )

Madden fumbled from her chair kicking the pants off her ankles and fell to her bed. She drove her body, particularly her hips, hard into the mattress. She felt on top of the world and her hazed out superego wasn’t about to win out over that feeling. Not as her hand ran the length of her belly and dipped into her underwear.


“So, how’d it go,” Kimmy asked seeing a distinct expression in Madden’s face.

It was before the morning bell rang to let the students wander to their classes, so everyone early was scattered outside the entrance doors to the middle school. Keri’s mom was just pulling into the long line of cars dropping children off. Madden looked around cautiously before bringing her mouth to Kimmy’s ear and giving a short synopsis of what happened.

“Wow! You don’t waste time, do you?”

“It got out of hand. He gave me amazing compliments and I couldn’t say no. And he doesn’t know it’s me so he’s not just saying that to be a good dad.”

“Well, even if he did know, I don’t think he would say stuff like that.”

By the time Keri left her mom’s car, Jena’s bus had just let her off and the morning bell rang. The two girls came running up to Madden and Kimmy.

“What’d we miss?”

“Well, it looks like by this weekend, Madden’s going to have her cherry popped.”

“What!?” Keri and Jena exclaimed together.

“Don’t worry though, we’re having another sleepover at Madden’s this weekend,” Kimmy continued.

“We are?” Madden asked confused.

“We are now.”


“Daddy, ugh dad?”

“There’s nothing wrong with calling me daddy.”

“I’m thirteen, dad.”

“I just think daddy sounds more personal. More caring. Dad sounds detached, like your independent and don’t really need me except for money.”

“Fine; Daddy?”

“Yes sweetheart?”

“Can we watch a movie tonight, together?”

“Sure we can; what movie?”

“I don’t know. How about you pick.”

“What kind you in the mood for?”

“Hmmm, how about a scary one. Super scary one. I think that sounds more personal, more like I don’t rely on you for just money, but security too.”

“Did you want to sit in my lap as well?”

“If it’ll make you feel big and strong, how can I deny?”

Jeff laughed at that. “Then it’s a date.”

“Well, if it’s a date, as the girl, I want to choose the food. I want pizza.”

“A night in with pizza and a scary movie, where do you kids get these unheard-of ideas?”

“Ha ha,” Madden scoffed walking from the room.

It was Wednesday; an entire day passed by empty. Madden sat on her computer religiously the day before, waiting for a response from her dad, but there was none. She watched him go into his bedroom and into his attached office. He was at his computer, but he never replied.

There were a new dozen potential pictures on her computer ready to send. She had put on skirts she rarely wore and took picture up them with her knees high and slightly open. She searched her restricted internet for more ideas. By the end of the night, she had gotten so bored that she actually removed her bra and took pictures of her bare breasts. It was further than she wanted to go, but she would give those to him in a heartbeat if he would just answer her. Why was he not talking? She was so beyond scared that she had frightened him off somehow. Or maybe he was on the computer chatting with somebody else. Maybe they offered more.

But it was Wednesday now. A new day, a new tactic. Keri suggested something shockingly obvious that she was sure she was ready to take on.

It was becoming too ingrained into her mind that Skyne13 was a different person than her. But she wasn’t. They were the same girl, or at least, they were part of the same team. And as such, to be effective, they needed to work together to achieve the same goal. Madden had to try to push her dad back to Skyne13.

She spent the time up to the movie chatting with her friends online. Finally her father called her down when he arrived home with the pizza and movie.

Flying down the last few stairs, Madden bolted to the pizza. She was starving, eating dinner almost three hours late. Her dad put in the movie and walked back to the couch. He turned the lights down remotely as the film started and the two of them ate straight from the box, each with their own 20-oz colas.

About twenty minutes into the motion picture, Madden thought the idea of a scary movie probably wasn’t the best idea she had, at least not for her mind. Between the two of them, the situation was probably good, but she didn’t care about that; she was beyond too scared to care about that.

Her body was soon engulfed in her father’s as she increasingly climbed further and further onto his lap for more warmth and comfort.

Before she realized she had fallen asleep, she woke up heart pounding and skin sweating to a nightmare. She was in her bed, under her covers, all by herself in her dark bedroom. She could hear her own heart beating through the deafening silence.

It grew louder and louder as memories of the movie replayed through her mind; worse than that, as the images and sounds of the dream she just came out of filled her imagination. The hair on her legs rose giving a feeling of something creeping up her. Her toes began phantom itching.

There were noises growing that she wanted to believe were the bedsprings below her pulsing under the pumping of her veins, but she just couldn’t convince herself. She was thirteen years old. But she didn’t care.

Her arm flung over to her alarm clock and slammed on the snooze button. The lights in her room beamed to maximum output. As quickly as she could, she flailed the covers off her body and sprinted from her bedroom, into her daddy’s.

She flipped the lights on and leaped into his bed, waking him up quite abruptly.

“Daddy, can I sleep with you?”

Jeff took a hold of his daughter who was shivering in fear.

“Sure you can, just let me put on my pajamas. Get on under the covers.”

As Madden obeyed, her eyes followed her father climbing out of bed wearing only his boxers. The rest of his toned body bore all to her vision. She watched as he opened his dresser and sleepily put on his pajama pants and shirt. Quickly, she looked away as he glanced to her before coming back to bed.

He climbed in, faded the lights off from the nightstand panel, and pulled his daughter’s body into him. Under the combined warmth and comfort the two made, they both swiftly fell asleep.


“So how’d the movie idea turn out?” Keri asked.

“Bad idea. All it did was scare me past being able to do anything. Worst of all, I got scared in the middle of the night and ran into his bedroom to sleep with him. He’s going to view me as nothing more than a little girl now.”

“Well, seems to me you can use that to your advantage.”


“Say you’re scared tonight and sleep with him again.”

“I probably will be scared again tonight. I’m never letting him pick a movie again.”

“The point is, you try to make it a regular thing. He may see you as a scared little girl at first, but no guy can deny a developing girl’s body forever.”

“I think Keri might be on to something,” Kimmy intervened. “Too bad I can’t come to the sleepover this weekend.”

“You can’t?” Jena cried.

“Apparently, I forgot to do some chores that were supposed to get done from the last sleepover.”

“Well, we can’t have a sleepover without everyone, that’s pointless,” Keri said. “We’ll just have to push it back to next weekend. And do your stupid chores.”

“Fine. And by any chance does someone want to come over today after school to help me give my dog a bath.”

“Uh, I got to wait on any messages,” Madden said in alibi.

“Um, I’ve got to study for the Social Studies quiz next Tuesday.”

“I will,” Jena said in excitement.

“You can always tell your true friends from the posers simply by asking them if they want to give your dog a bath.”

“Sure…” Keri remarked.

“I thought you said help give a bath.”


VxHvn: Hi.

Skyne13: Nice to see you back.

VxHvn: I was only gone two days.

Skyne13: I know, I’m just an impatient person.

VxHvn: So Ms. Impatience, was there something you wanted to get off your chest?

Skyne13: Well, actually, I thought about it, and if you want, I can send you a picture or two like the first ones I sent you last time, and in these, I do take something off my chest.

There was a long wait, a long agonizing wait with no reply from him. Madden was about to go crazy. A wait wasn’t a good sign. She was underage. She didn’t think her father would specifically ask to be sent illegal material. She had better just go ahead and send them before he backed down. As fast as she could, she sent them.

Skyne13: Tell me if you like.

Jeff’s heart had near stopped as he gawked at his too young, teenager’s bare, littlest chest staring back at him. By no means did he have a small monitor and under no circumstances did his daughter have a cheap digital camera.

Encapsulated in a thirty inch higher than high-definition monitor, he was looking at his daughter’s breast at twice the size they actually were. He was zooming in and scanning the texture of her most private skin. His optic nerves were absorbing detail in the tiny nipples their own owner couldn’t even see from her naked eyes.

Skyne13: Are you there?

VxHvn: You’re soo damn beautiful it’s not fair.

Skyne13: What does that mean?

VxHvn: It’s not fair that something so beautiful is something I can never have. Yet you tease me so.

Madden all of sudden felt guilty. She was leading her dad on when he had no release.

Skyne13: I’m sorry.

VxHvn: It’s not your fault.

Skyne13: But you’re alone and I’m teasing you. I’m sorry.

VxHvn: Well, I hope not to be alone forever. Hopefully there’s someone out there for me. Just like hopefully there will be someone worthy enough for you.

Given the nature of the growing relationship between the two of them, it was becoming easier for Jeff to desensitize himself, easier to let go of the fact that he was indeed talking to his daughter. In a way, it was a defense system, it was a fantasy he could never have, and that was that. The end.

Skyne13: Have you talked to your daughter about finding her a new mommy?

VxHvn: I would never consider any woman I met to be my daughter’s mother. It would always be my daughter and me, and then the other woman and me.”

Skyne13: What if your daughter didn’t approve of the woman?

VxHvn: I would tell her that if she promises that she will be alone for the rest of her life, then I will too.

Skyne13: Why can’t you two be together?

VxHvn: What, like a couple?

Skyne13: Maybe

VxHvn: With all the sex and other mushy stuff?

Skyne13: Maybe

VxHvn: Would you do that with your dad?

Skyne13: Maybe

VxHvn: You’re saying you would have sex with your dad?

Skyne13: Probably

VxHvn: Well, you must have a very good and loving relationship with him.

Skyne13: He’s the greatest person in the world. I would do anything for him.

Skyne13: Would you have sex with your daughter?

VxHvn: I could never even ask for something like that from her. Just implying that I wanted it would unfairly sway her because she loves me so much.

Skyne13: What if she asked you?

VxHvn: I don’t know. I wouldn’t believe that she truly understood what she was asking for.

Skyne13: So even if she asked you, you would say no to her?

VxHvn: She’s only thirteen. If she asked for sex from me, I would suspect that she’s thinking it would accomplish something else. Not because she actually wants to have sex because she loves me.

Skyne13: So you want love, and sex. Not just sex.

VxHvn: Of course, wouldn’t you want that in the man of your dreams?

Skyne13: Yea

Skyne13: But… what if, you could tell that, she really did love you?

VxHvn: I don’t think even then I could ever make the first move. Even if I knew with my entire being that she truly loved me so, for her own sake, I would do nothing. If she wanted it above all else, she would have to learn that she’s the one in full control, that she has to act. I could never trust myself with the decision on when she was truly ready. Only she could do that.

Skyne13: So even if she would always be too scared to act, you would let the relationship die because you don’t want to hurt her? Even if it would actually help her?

VxHvn: I never claimed to be a brave man.

Skyne13: Do you want me to never send you pictures again?

VxHvn: You can send me anything you want to. As much as it hurts to see so much beauty, it’s also too amazing of a sight to pass up.

Skyne13: : )

VxHvn: Well, I should be putting my daughter to bed now and getting some sleep myself.

Skyne13: OK, bye.

VxHvn: Bye.

Madden’s mind raced frantically for something to do rather than be on the computer when her father showed up. Coming up with at least something, she grabbed her digital camera and leapt half her body under the bed.

“What’re you doing?” she heard her father question from the doorway. She backed out leaving the camera behind.

“Dad, have you seen my digital camera? Keri wants me to take some pictures for her but I can’t find it.”

“No, I haven’t seen it. And it’s time for bed so you’ll have to search for it in the morning. A clear mind might help you think better.”

“Fiine…” she carried out as her father left.

As Jeff brushed his teeth and disrobed down to his boxers, he was torn between her cleverness and her so forwardness in lying to him. Although, he couldn’t be too surprised by the lie given everything else that was going on.

Settling underneath the thick covers as the lights finished dimming down, his eyes met his little girl walking into the room. She wore a thin nightgown that flowed down her body so well, even in the low orange glow, he could make out that she wore no bra.

“Daddy, can I sleep with you again tonight?”

“Aren’t you a bit old to be sleeping with your dad?”

“I saw a spider on my pillow just now and it ran away before I could kill it,” her eyes welled up. “I don’t want to sleep in there with it.”

“Oh, it’s okay honey,” Jeff feigned sympathy. “You can sleep here tonight. Tomorrow when you’re at school, I’ll despiderize your room.”

“Okay,” Madden sniffed as she climbed up the bed.

“Let me just put on my pajamas.”

“No. I don’t want you to have to do something uncomfortable just for me. That’ll just make you dread it more.”

“Eeh, true, but it’s not that often.”

“Daddyyy… Besides, I’m old enough to not care about you being in your boxers.”

“Old enough, or too old? I think you would care less when you were younger.”

“Daddy, if you make a big deal about it, of course I’m going to start caring.”

“Fine, fine. Besides, it’ll give me the advantage. If a spider’s crawling on me, I’ll feel it and wake up to protect you, unless it’s on my boxers. That’s not a good thought.”

Madden let her dad talk to himself as she climbed under the covers with him.

Jeff turned out the lights completely and hugged his daughter into him. Sneakily, one of his fingers traced up her spine ever so lightly.

“Dad, stop it.”

“Huh, stop what?” he faked a half asleep voice, still moving up her back.


Madden squeezed tighter into his body, forcing her bottom knee between his upper legs and draping her top knee over his hip. Her top arm wrapped around his back tightly and her face smooshed into his shoulder.

“Mmmm, stop it daddy,” she groaned.

The smile she gained in hearing him gulp from her new position quickly died into panic when she felt her nipples piercing into her father’s chest. She wanted to back away but beyond belief was that position so, so comfortable and so incredibly warm.

But finally when she was past doubt of whether to leave, her dad snuggled her into a situation almost impossible to move from without disturbing his apparent mounting sleep. So it was either wake him to the presence of what she wanted to die over, or let him fall into unconsciousness, hopefully not realizing that growing hot, wet spot on his leg.

Her indecisiveness ultimately picked the waiting game. And finally in time, his grip loosened enough for her to roll away. She didn’t know much about guys, but she did know that when they were horny, their penises got hard. She hadn’t felt anything out of the ordinary down there. Did he get hard? She wanted to check for sure, but couldn’t bring herself to touch him.

Instead, she settled on taking the hand from his top arm into her own two. She played with the fingers for awhile before rolling onto her back, sighing, and casually dropping his palm to her belly.

She waited and kept close track of his breathing. He was still asleep. Her eyes closed and she took his fingers back into hers. Painstakingly, she carefully lifted his arm up and slowly set his palm back down onto her breast.

Her dad was touching her breast, just the thinnest cloth between his hand and her nipple.

“You deserve this dad,” she whispered in the lowest voice she herself could hear. “You raised me since I was one year old, even though I’m not even yours. You gave me everything. No, you don’t deserve this, it’s your right. I shouldn’t even have a say, I’m just being selfish.”

Tears began running down the sides of Madden’s face into her hair.

“You don’t even want me. You want someone your age, but I’m selfish and want you all to myself. But I can’t stop being selfish. I can’t let you go. I know you at least have the ability to love me, even if it’s not your first choice, but I’ll make sure it’s worth it. I’ll try my absolute hardest to make this all worth your time. Even though you want more than me, I want only you.”

Madden rolled to her side, dropping her father’s hand and facing him.

“I’ll do anything it takes to raise myself up to your standards. Just promise you won’t replace me or make me share you with anybody else.”

Smearing her moistening face into the aroma of her father’s intoxicating shoulder, she fell asleep.


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