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I wrote this one night after hearing the song "I Get Off" by Halestorm. The song is about a woman who is turned on by the fact that someone is watching her through her window and getting off on her. As I said I wrote this in one night, so it's a little short and I'm not sure how well it turned out. Enjoy!
Chloe smiled as she looked up at the monitor of her computer, "Time to start the show." she said to herself as she walked across her bedroom past her huge window wall to crank up her stereo before heading into he bathroom.

She wriggled out of her tight jeans as she checked her make-up in the mirror above her sink. Chloe grabbed her favorite lip gloss adding a fresh coat to her full lips, playfully winking at her own reflection before dancing out of her bathroom in nothing but a pink lace thong and cropped t-shirt.

Chloe was a spitfire natural red head, she had been a dancer from a young age and it showed in her well toned body and long limber legs. She was beautiful and knew it, she wasn't above using her feminine wiles to get what she wanted, it was said, more whispered than not, that she had no shame. If only they knew the half of it!

Chloe went over to her computer, pulling the live video feed from the security camera located outside back up on her monitor. There he was, in his usual position in a stand of bushes just outside Chloe's bedroom window, her very own peeping tom.

Chloe lived on the end of a nice little cul-de-sac, one day a neighbor had mentioned to Chloe that they saw a man they had never seen before walking out of Chloe's backyard the night before while they were walking their dog. Chloe was more curious than concerned, she went to a local electronics store and bought a security camera system, putting a camera out side her bedroom window that looked out over the back yard.

Chloe was beginning to think it was a waste of time and money after over a week and a half of seeing nothing out of the ordinary. On the twelfth night of having the cameras up Chloe got her first glimpse of the peeping tom. She kept an eye on her computer as she went on about her night as usual, doing an hour of Pilate's and forty-five minutes of dancing, a mix of urban, salsa, and belly dancing depending on her mood and the music, to get her cardio in for the day. That night she got hot and bothered as usual, but not from the throbbing beat of the music.

It was obvious that from the movement in the bushes that he was getting off while watching Chloe dance, and instead of being completely skeeved out by it, Chloe actually found herself becoming turned on by the fact that he was getting off on watching her hot sweaty body gyrating around her bedroom.

Once she was done with her workout she went to take her shower as usual, when she got out of the shower and went back into her bedroom he was gone. Chloe lay in bed tossing and turning that night thinking about the man in her bushes and how he got off on watching her and it turned her on like nothing ever had before. She couldn't even get to sleep until she fingered herself to orgasm.

This went off and on for over the next few months, Chloe gradually getting bolder each time, going from wearing her favorite pair of yoga pants and a ratty old t-shirt to shorts and a tank top, before graduating to just wearing just a pair of booty shorts and a sports bra during her workouts.

Chloe had always loved the feeling she got when she was on stage or on the dance floor with a crowd of people around her, watching and cheering her on. That's the feeling she got knowing that he was watching her, only times ten, and tonight she wanted to up the ante as she began to dance wearing nothing but her pink lace thong and tight little cropped shirt

The summer heat was getting to Chloe just after a few minutes of dancing, a fine film of sweat covering her body as she gyrated to the beat of the music. She paused to fan herself with her hand before peeling off her shirt and tossing it aside, as she began to roll her hips as she danced to the throbbing beat of the music.

Chloe smiled as she looked over to her computer, seeing the leaves of the bushes shaking slightly on the live feed as her body moved to the music. She could already feel her pussy becoming wet as she thought of her peeping tom jerking off in her bushes, getting off on just watching her body as she danced.

Chloe's favorite body part, hands down, were her breasts, at a full B cup they weren't that big, but were perky without the slightest sign of sag. Chloe couldn't resist reaching up and cupping her breasts in her hands, rolling her nipples between her fingers as her hips continued to sway and move to the music

Her pussy began to pulse as she danced, a soft moan escaping her lips as she tweaked her sensitive nipples, occasionally glancing at her computer screen to see the bushes shaking furiously, making her already wet pussy throb.

Chloe slowly snaked her hand down her body, slipping it into her panties, her fingers quickly going to work on her clit without missing a beat. Chloe's chest heaved up and down as she began to moan, her breathing already slightly labored from dancing.

Chloe thrusted her fingers into her dripping pussy using her thumb to rub slow circles around her throbbing clit as she felt the pressure of an oncoming orgasm building inside of her as her other hand going back and forth from one nipple to the other, tweaking and twisting her nipples between her fingers.

Chloe went to her knees, rocking her hips against her fingers as her orgasm hit, her muscles clenching around her fingers as her moans filled the room, loud enough that her peeping tom could just barely hear them through an open window in the adjacent bathroom from where he was in the bushes, sending him over the edge, his cum splattering on the ground.

Chloe sat on the floor for a minute, catching her breath and recovering a bit from her orgasm before crawling over to her computer to see her peeping tom sneaking away.

Chloe smiled to herself, "Hope you enjoyed the show."

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2011-06-28 02:15:41
Furrealz? That's mvareolusly good to know.


2009-06-19 21:45:36
A good nights work, I'd like to see more.

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2009-06-12 20:40:28
great story, not jus by masterbating, actually work up enuff courage 2 invite him n and fuk him till he cant take it anymore, have tha footage of him lookin at u thru tha window on tha computer, jus a few suggestions...


2009-05-24 14:51:05
Hmmm : This story isn't going over as well as my others, which is fine, but I'm curious as to why. So if you don't like it, that's fine, but would a few of you maybe tell me why, I'm toying with the idea of expanding the story somehow and I'd like some feedback. Thanks!

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2009-05-24 09:51:46
Short but a good story.

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