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News update
The baby came! It’s a boy!

Last week, Nicole was getting cramps and told me she thought it was close enough to call her dad so he could be here for the delivery of his baby. I contacted him and he drove 1000 miles this weekend to be here. You should have seen the looks on their faces when he arrived. Those two were total bliss.

I took care of my own two children by taking them to the zoo and aquarium, leaving Frank and Nicole to be alone for the day. I know they had to have had some wonderful pregnant sex with the entire house all to themselves, but I was content knowing she was in good hands with her father there. Besides, it was his baby that she was having, so he can deal with her now. I’ve been dealing with her hormone swings these past few months, so it’s his turn now.

However, I have to say that Nicole’s pregnant body is absolutely divine! Her swollen belly protruding out with the roundness of her dad’s baby inside coupled with the darkened and elongated nipples which are being to lactate is a true turn-on for me, and I know Frank has to be having flashbacks to when he got her pregnant as a teenager when he looks at her. I can only imagine how luscious she had to look then, especially if people knew she intentionally got impregnated by her own father.

As you may be well aware, the skin of pregnant women is so smooth and silky as their hormones kick in, and Nicole’s is no different. Her hips have spread to allow for the baby to slide out, but her ass remains so inviting to the touch. She loves for me to fuck her doggy style, and I enjoy grabbing her hips and slamming my dick into her, trying to flood her pregnant womb with my seed, though there isn’t any seed, and besides, it’s too late to change the outcome now. She will still cry out calling me “Daddy”, but I’ve accepted it and have realized I get the benefit of fucking her while her dad now only gets to do so during visits.

The labor pains were beginning Sunday afternoon when we returned from the zoo, but Frank was right alongside her on the couch. Nicole’s head was in his lap as she lay naked in the fetal position. She was facing him with her back toward me. He was running his fingers through her hair and he smiled at me when I came back downstairs after putting the kids to bed. They were exhausted and ended up sleeping through the night! It was then that I noticed two things: 1. Frank was naked, too, and had been getting sucked by Nicole all the while, and 2. She had a line of clear fluid leaking from her ass and down her left butt cheek. While we were out, he had fucked and cum inside her ass. Had Nicole been facing outward, I wouldn’t have ever seen it, but she was nursing his cock in a post-coital embrace. I grabbed a tissue and wiped it from her ass to avoid it getting on the couch. She reached out and smacked my hand as I did. Apparently, she liked how it felt, but I didn’t want his cum on the furniture.

For a guy in his 60s, Frank sure can blow a wad of cum. I’m guessing it was one of many loads he blasted into and unto my wife that day. She was a true cum slut, but was specific in that the only cum she ever had were Frank’s and mine. I’ve got an idea in my head, but don’t want to say anything just yet to avoid jinxing it, but my best friend is coming for a week-long visit next month. Perhaps, she’ll let him join in and let my fantasy come to fruition. I guess it will all depend on how quickly she heals from this birth.

So, on Monday morning, she went for her weekly checkup and the nurse told her she was 3 cm dilated. Nicole was admitted to the hospital, given a private room, and I took the kids to the babysitter. Frank sat beside her holding her hand through the labor pains and wiping her forehead as the beads of sweat came through her pores. He is a very caring and loving father, and I know he will care about this one as much as he does her and their first boy.

I suppose I should have been the one doing those things, but I feel it’s his responsibility, and they were the ones who wanted this moment to come. From the last visit he had here, they had both expressed a desire to continue this trend, but as we all know, the actual process of labor and the financial burden brought about with a baby can change minds rapidly, regardless of the amount of love shared by the parents.

At 6:13 PM, Nicole pushed out Jack Frank Jr. We were all happy because that allowed me an opportunity to raise a boy, it gave Frank a sense of pride knowing his seed would carry on another generation, and Nicole was glad that she may eventually introduce their son into their family lifestyle. I think it also was a relief that she could now raise her dad’s baby the way she wanted to years ago, but was unable. She could be the mother she wished she could have been as a teenager.

The lactation specialist came into the room and asked if Nicole was comfortable with “Grandpa” being in the room while she helped Jack Frank Jr. latch on for his first meal. Nicole responded, “If it weren’t for Grandpa, this moment would’ve not been possible.” I don’t know if the lady understood, but the three of us certainly did. Frank leaned over and kissed his daughter squarely on the mouth right in front of her while his son was suckling at her right breast. I sat at the foot of the bed and took pictures.

I went to bring my children up to see their new baby brother, and to them that is what he is, because I don’t want them confused, nor do I want them spreading the word out that their grandpa was the father of their brother, so they will never know as long as I am alive. However, I could sense the pride and boastful attitude coming from Frank as I took pictures of him holding his offspring while his daughter was resting in the bed.

Frank said he will stay here with us for two more weeks to help Nicole however he can. I have decided to not miss out on work, so it will be up to those two to see that the baby boy is nursed, changed, dressed, and whatnot for the next couple weeks. Knowing that it is a 24-hour job, I have allowed Frank to sleep in my bed beside Nicole when she arrives home tomorrow until he leaves. I’ll sleep in the guest bedroom so I don’t disturb them when I get up and continue to take care of my kids.

Incidentally, Frank called Carol, Jean, and Brandy. They all congratulated him, though Carol, to this day, doesn’t realize that he’s the father. She is married to him, but oblivious to what is going on. Jean and Brandy know full well that he’s the father, and spent time talking to him and Nicole as they shared the experience with them. Frank said I would be emailing them pictures, but I was so exhausted last night that I wasn’t able to get it done. Maybe I will today.

So, although it hardly seems like 9 months have passed since I first found out about the exploits between my wife and her father, the result of their tryst has arrived. I will love him and care for him as if he were my own, but in the back of my mind, I will always know that my wife’s womb and body will never be totally devoted to me. I expect she’ll allow her dad to suck the milk from her breasts, but I want to do that, too. I am sure she’ll be giving him oral sex and handjobs until she can have vaginal sex again, but I will let her know I want to have her in a threesome with my friend next month. I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for the well wishes and your thoughts these past months. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. Please continue to let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions I can answer.

I’ll keep you posted about her and Frank, as well as if my fantasy comes true next month!

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2014-03-10 16:32:01
"My Wife Had Her Daddy's Baby Today" - Nicole and Frank - (Daughter and Married Daughter)

The writer never elaborated on why Nicole was haveing a baby with her father Frank. Is Nicole's husband sterile or been fixed (since "he" has two children)? Is it that Nicole always wanted to parent a child with her father?

Anyway, the context of the characters and their willingness, for whatever reason, for Nicole and her father to have their consummated and incestual child, is totally awesome. The story is well written, the chacters are great in their roles, and grammar errors are minimal. The story took a turn left that disappointed me--Nicole's husband is going to demand she have a threesome with his best friend. That sucks, that demeans and makes a great story into making Nicole a slut and whore. Three somes and moresomes are definitely not a subject that makes father and daughter incest stories great and respectable!!!


2013-08-06 23:46:47
Excellent story, it reminds me of my cousin and her father, they have a son and daughter.

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-24 12:31:00
While my Dad never fucked me, the situation is very erotic especially with the husband allowing it to continue.

anonymous readerReport

2011-12-30 01:55:44
writer of 2010-11-17 09:20:04... thank you there's at least one person that thinks this is weird, disgusting, and wrong... dude and he even got ur wife pregnant... you live a fucked up life... *shaking my head* EWWW

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-23 18:17:10
I was marred for 2 years before my wife told me about her Dad and Her it happend one night she was very Drunk and I was finger fucking Her I said how hot it would be if she let Her Dad play with her , then she said he been playing with her since she was 13 , she would sleep between her mom and dad and He would play with Her pussy one night Her mom cought them . after that night we would all get together I would fuck her mom and she would do her dad

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