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Tina - YoungerOlder - 2


Chapter 4 - The Birthday party


Jim Phillips had to make a trip out of town for a week so Tina was not
able to make her daily visit with her older lover. The little pre-teen had to
satisfy herself with her newly learned skills at masturbation. Every night
she put herself to sleep with multiple orgasms as her fingers beat a staccato
rhythm on her small, hairless cunt. It was frustrating because she had to hold
back when she came for fear of making enough noise to wake her 9 year old
sister Mary, sleeping in the bed across the room. She'd never resented
sharing a room with her little sister, but now it was a distinct frustration.

Then on Thursday evening, her Tina's mother called her after opening
the mail.

"Tina... I just got a letter from Mr. Phillips up the street."

Tina's heart skipped a beat. What would he be writing in a letter to
Tina's mother?

"He said that his little niece is having a birthday party, and that
her and her father are new to the area, so she hasn't made alot of friends
yet. He's inviting you to her party on Saturday."

Tina's heart started again. The PARTY!! She was really looking
forward to that.

"I guess it would be ok for you to go. Your FATHER's going fishing
again. Fishing... HAH!" She was taking that sarcastic tone again when Tina's
father was mentioned.. Looks like another fight tonight! "And I have to shop
for some new clothes before I go to the hair dresser... hmmmm... I guess I can
drop you off there before I go, Sound ok?"

"Oh yeah.. I'd love to go to a party."

"Ok.. I'll make sure I can get a sitter for Mary ..... Good. I'll
call Mr. Phillips and let him know your going to be coming."

That night Tina's orgasms were particularly strong, thinking about
Jim Phillips sucking and fucking her.... At one point she almost died
trying to suppress her moans when she heard her little sister shifting on
her bed just as she was cumming, but Mary didn't wake up, and so Tina fell
asleep with visions of hard adult cocks filling her thoughts.

On the day of the party, Tina's mother insisted that she wear a
party dress and patent leather shoes. "But Mommm.. This makes me look
like a little girl... "

"Well, you are a little girl, sweetheart, and I want you to look
nice if you're going to a party. Now, you know to be polite, right!"

"Yeah... I know.. Please and Thank you and May I..."

"That's right. Mr. Phillips was nice enough to invite you, so you
be sure to thank him right off.. got that."

"Yeah.. I got it", she said. 'I'll be sure to say thanks for you for
getting me out of your hair for the day too', she thought to herself.

It's not that Tina's mom was a bad mother... she was just ...
preoccupied with herself. Today she was going clothes shopping and hair
dressing; expeditions which normally entailed dragging Tina along in the
long and boring pursuit of the perfect look! Tina was just a glad not to
have to go this time.

At 2:00 in the afternoon, Tina's mother took Tina to Jim Phillips
house. Both Tina and her mother went to the front door, but a small sign
on the door said, "PARTY IS OUT BACK... COME ON AROUND!!", so both mother
and daughter walked to the back of the house.

The yard was decorated for a kids birthday party, with crepe paper
and HAPPY BIRTHDAY signs strung from the back deck to the nearby trees.
Jim Phillips was just lighting the bar-b-que grill. There were several
adults sitting in lawn chairs and a group of youngsters who were
attempting a game of badminton, though with little success.

"Hi, you must be Tina's mother! I'm Jim Phillips." He came
walking over to Tina and her mother hand outstretched and smiling. "It's
so nice to finally met the mother of this sparkling little girl!", he said
taking her hand and shaking it.

Tina's mother, was instantly bowled over by his charm, and smiled
back, "Oh, yes. I'm Livina West... just call me Livvy. I'm glad to met
you too. It's very nice of invite Tina to this little party."

"Well, I'm glad she could come. I see your daughter when she cuts
through the yard on her way home from school. She seemed like such a nice
young lady that I thought of her right away for this."

"Tina, you shouldn't be cutting through peoples...."

"No.. No.. Honestly, I don't mind. I used to cut through my old
neighborhood all the time when I was a kid. Shortest distance between two
points and all.. Besides.. It means that I finally get to met her charming

"Oh.. well...ahh." It had been so many years since anyone had been
charming to Livvy that she didn't quite know how to handle it. She was
going to make it a point to get to know Jim Phillips better. "Well..
ahh... I want to thank you again for inviting Tina."

At that moment a rather handsome muscular man walked up to the
trio and introduced himself. "Hi.. I'm John.. Seems Jim here wants to
keep you all to himself!"

"Jim, this is Livvy, Tina's mother. Livvy, this is John, father
of the birthday girl."

"It's nice to met you", said Livvy.

"Nice to met you too. Opps.. Can't talk long... see that woman
over there... the one giving me the evil eye.. That's my wife Evelyn.. She
always watches close when I talk to another pretty lady!", and with that
he chuckled because his wife was just grinning and waving at the group,
knowing what her husband ALWAYS said to new, female acquaintances.

"Well, I have to run. It was nice meeting you. And don't worry,
Tina can walk home, I have a sitter at the house till this evening. Take
care, and thanks again!"

"Oh.. your welcome. Don't worry, I'll be sure she gets home safe."

Evelyn West left the party thoroughly charmed by Jim Phillips and
his friends. She didn't give a second thought how Tina would be spending
the rest of her day. She did, however begin to have thoughts about
spending time with a certain charming neighbor while her husband went fishing.

"Come on, Tina. I'll introduce you to everyone!", said John,
taking the pre-teen by the hand and leading her over to his wife.
"Evelyn, this is Tina. The one I told you about."

"Tina, I so glad to meet you!", she said, taking hold of the 11
year old girl and giving her a hug from her chair.

Tina didn't know what to think. She had expected a party of a
completely different type. How were she and Jim Phillips, or even she and
John going to get any time alone for sex play if John's wife was here?

"And Tina, this is Cathy.", John said, introducing her to another
woman sitting next to Evelyn.

"Nice to see you, Tina. I'm Betty's mother... The little one
trying to hit that badminton."

Tina turned around to see a very young girl holding a badminton
racquet, and swinging wildly at the shuttlecock, while the other girls
giggled at the attempt. Her long blond hair shone in the light, and she
giggled too in her futile attempts.

"Let's see, you already know Dave, Tom, and Howard.", and each man
nodded at little Tina as he said their names. "So I guess I better
introduce you to the rest of the kids! Hey kids.. Come on over.. This is
Tina!" Tina was instantly surrounded by a group of laughing young girls,
most younger than her. "Tina, this is Betty, she's the baby of the group"

"I am not a baby! I'm 6 years old and I hate being called the
BABY!", she said, but she grinned the whole time she was saying it!

"Whooooaa.. Okay! I'm sorry little princess.. I won't let it
happen again!", and everyone, including the adults chuckled. "And this is
Trisha, she's Dave's niece."

"Hi, Tina."

"Hi, Trisha"

"And this is Julie, and finally the birthday girl, Jennifer."

"Hi, Jennifer, Happy Birthday!"

"Thanks, hey.. wanna play badminton with us? You and me against
Julie and Trisha!"

The little girl in Tina immediately jumped at the friendliness in
Jennifer's voice, and at the chance for play. "Sure..."

"Ok. Betty, you're the referee!" And the small knot of little
girls ran off to play, while the adults turned back to the barbecue.

Tina really enjoyed playing with her new found friends. There was
alot of laughing and squealing as the little girls played at badminton,
mostly mock arguing over who got a point, or if it was "out", etc. After
about half an hour, the girls were called over to eat, and everyone sat
down at various tables to enjoy Jim's attempt at Cajun chicken.
Eventually all the girls opted for the hamburgers instead, causing much
ribbing of Jim's cooking abilities from the other adults.

Eventually, meal finish, Jim told everyone that the party was
going to be moving inside, and so everyone made their way into the house
to the living room.

"Ok, everyone, since this is Jennifer's birthday, I've put
together a special video of the birthday girl that I thought you'd all
love to see. Come on, gather round the TV here. Ok, here goes!"

Jim popped a cassette into the VCR, and took a seat next to Tina.
Tina noticed that each of the girls was seated next to one of the men,
with little 6 year old Betty sitting on Howards lap. Jim Phillips took a
seat next to Tina, and urged her to sit on his lap, which she did. The
two women were seated on the love seat together, talking in low tones.

The video started, with the title, 'Jennifer at 6'. It showed a
very young Jennifer, sitting in her father John's lap, smiling at the
camera. "HI" said the child on the tape. "I'm a big girl now, right
Daddy?", she said, looking back at her Dad. "That's right, honey! Why
don't you show them what you can do?" "Ok!", and with that the child
jumped off her father's lap and began to pull her clothes off. She
struggled a little, getting her tee-shirt off her head, but eventually
managed to get all her clothes off except her small cotton panties. "You
do it, Daddy!" "Ok, honey!" And John reach out and pulled the 6 year
old's panties down her legs until she was revealed completely naked.

Tina, was surprised. She looked over at Evelyn, Jennifer's
mother, and saw that she seemed to be enjoying the film of her little
daughter being stripped by her father! Tina had never heard of incest,
and hadn't imagined the concept until just this second. But no one in the
room seemed to think it was strange. In fact, each of the men had
snuggled closer to the nearest girl, and was starting to pet them lightly,
while the video played on.

The little naked 6 year old stood proudly in front of the camera.
"Come here, honey." Said John, reaching up and pulling the tiny girl back
into his lap. He reached over her head and took one of her knees in each
hand, and pulled her legs apart. Laying the girl in his lap with her head
leaning on his stomach, he lifted her legs into the air, and exposed her
tiny pussy to the camera. "Show them what you look like, Jenny!" He held
the girl open to the camera, which zoomed in on her small hairless pussy.
Her small cunt was so tiny and pink, the inside glistened a little from
moisture. Little Jenny giggled at being held open to the camera like this,
but didn't protest in the least.

After a minute, the youngster on film said, "Your turn!" and John
released his grip on the her. She turned around and began to help John
out of his sweat pants. He stood up and his erection popped out over
little Jennifer as she pulled his pants off first one leg, then the other.
Then little Jennifer stood up, and John's erection was right at the level
of her face. "Ok, honey... Show them what you can do!", he said, touching
the child on the shoulder, and pulling her closer to his hard cock.
Little Jennie smiled and reached up for the penis bobbing inches from her
face. With both hands she was barely able to encircle the erection. She
stroked on John's penis for a moment or two, and then leaned forward and
kissed the end.

Tina could feel Jim Phillips erection beginning to grow under her
bottom. His hand was wandering up and down her thigh, slowly making it's
way closer to her own hairless cunt. Looking around, Tina noticed that
everyone's hands seemed occupied, even as they watched the video unfold.
Fat Howard, already had his hand inside little Betty's panties, and was
whispering in her ear. She giggled at whatever it was he suggested, but
never took her eyes off the TV screen. Even Evelyn and Cathy, the two
adult women, were beginning to fondle each other while watching the screen.

On screen, the 6 year old Jennifer, was using her tongue to taste
the pre-cum fluid that was seeping from the end of John's hard-on. At one
point, as her mouth came away from his penis, a string of fluid maintained
a connection between the adult cock and the little girls lips. When it
snapped, Jennifer grinned up at her father, whose face was now out of the
picture, but whose hands, reached down for the child's head, and slowly
pulled her mouth onto his cock. "Open your mouth, honey.... As wide as
you can...." The child complied, opening her mouth as wide as she could,
and still keep her teeth covered. Slowly, the head of John's penis slid
into the 6 year old's mouth. It looked huge, and if little Jennifer had
not opened her mouth as far as possible, it never would have gone in. The
camera pulled back for a second to show the full length of this man's hard
cock as the head disappeared into the child's mouth. The picture was
amazing. A little 6 year old girl, jaws stretched open, with a pole of
hard, veined meat pushed into her small mouth. Her lips were stretched
tight around the penis in her mouth. "Ready, Jennie?" And the little
girl bobbed her head up and down a little. "Ok, sweetheart, here goes!"

John placed one hand behind the small girls head, grabbing a
handful of her brown hair. He held her head still as he began to slowly
push his hips at her face. Unbelievably, another half inch of hard cock
pushed into the 6 year old's mouth. Jennifer winced a little, but made no
move to protest or struggle. Slowly, John began to fuck his young
daughter in the mouth, holding her head in position, and swaying his hips
to and fro, pulling his cock out until the head was completely exposed,
and then pushing it back into little Jennies mouth, until no more would
fit into the child.

By now, Jim Phillips had worked his hand up into Tina's panties,
and was slowly running his finger around her young cunt, sending small
shivers of pleasure up her body. Again, looking around, Tina could see
that everyone else in the room was similarly occupied. Howard was in the
process of removing little Betty's panties, and Trisha had a hand in Tom's
open zipper, stroking his member while he whispered encouragement. Over
on the love seat, Cathy was stroking Evelyn's crotch, while that women
watched her 6 year old daughter servicing her husband on the screen. John
had the real Jennifer sitting on his lap and was whispering in her ear
while stroking inside her panties. Jennifer was smiling and nodding her
head to whatever it was that her Dad was telling her.

On screen, John's pace was accelerating. He no longer pulled his
cock all the way from his daughters mouth. Instead, he was fucking her
mouth harder, and pulling out until just the ridge of the head of his cock
could be seen surrounded by her tightly stretched lips. On each inward
stroke, this ridge could be clearly seen outlined in the 6 year old's
cheeks as it was pushed deep into her mouth, stopping near her jaw line,
and pausing while John pulled on her head in a futile attempt to shove his
whole cock into the child's mouth. Jennifer winced now and again, and you
could tell that she was taking care to coordinate her breathing with his
out strokes. But she didn't protest, or struggle. The slender 6 year old
simply stood there, hands on her father's thighs, letting him fuck her
small mouth.

"OOOOOOhhhhhh... Okay, sweetheart... Get ready....." His
movements were getting jerky, and his inward thrusts more forceful.
Jennifer opened her eyes and tried to look up at her Daddy, knowing he was
getting ready to come. "Yeah..uh..Yeah... Yeah.. BABY! UHHH OH SHIT!!!
HERE IT CUMMMMMMMMMSSSSS!!!!", and he pulled his cock out of her mouth,
holding the end pointed at her face, as the first gush of semen shot from
the end of his penis, spraying little Jennifer's nose and cheek with white
ropy strands of cum. Jennifer, for her part didn't flinch from the
spitting cock in front of her. She kept her mouth open, and thrust her
tongue out to catch his hot sperm as shot after shot splattered her face
and mouth. John's cock shot load after load of cum onto his small
daughter's face, coating her with his juice. It ran down her face, and
fell onto her chest, where it rolled down her flat body. Finally, as the
last of his sperm dribbled from the end of his cock, the man pushed his
throbbing penis back into the 6 year old's mouth, "Suck it all out,
sweetheart! AAAhhhh". His body flinched as the little girl complied,
sucking hard on his now less rigid cock. They remained that way, both man
and girl standing; the little girl not even having to bend over to take
his penis into her young mouth; the man shivering now and then as the 6
year old sucked on the end of his rapidly deflating cock, sucking the last
of his hot semen. As the camera closed in on Jennifer you could see her
throat move as she swallowed her Dad's sperm. Finally, John release her
head, and his prick fell from her mouth. The scene faded with a close up
of little 6 year old Jennifer's cum covered face smiling into the camera.

"I remember that day!", said Jennifer, loudly.

"So do I!", exclaimed her Dad, and the whole room erupted into
giggles, laughter and applause.

"Well, then you'll really remember this next scene", said Jim, and
all heads turned back to the screen. Well, most heads, it seems that
Trisha had finally managed to extricate Tom's large cock from his pants,
and was kissing the tip. Tom for his part, let his hand rest on the back
of her head, and watched the next scene unfold on the TV.

The screen title said, "Jennifer's First Time - Age 7", and opened
on a scene where little Jennifer lay in bed naked next to her mother, who
was also naked. Mother and daughter were kissing, and Evelyn was stroking
Jennifers exposed little pussy. The little girl was holding her legs
open, with her tiny hairless vagina exposed to the camera. The moisture
on her little pussy was clearly visible, and it was obvious that the small
girl was beginning to enjoy the stroking on her cunt, because her hips were
undulating in time with her mothers stroking fingers. Her mother broke
off the kiss and said, "Are you ready, honey?"

Jennifer looked into her mother's eyes and said, "Yes mommy. I
really want to!"

"Okay, sweetheart. It's going to hurt some, but you be brave

"I promise! I'll be brave." And with that her father, John,
entered the picture. He was stroking his already erect penis, and the tip
was moist with pre-cum in anticipation of fucking his virgin 7 year old
daughter. Jennifer's mother laid her back on the bed, and told her to
spread her legs wide. She then positioned herself at her daughter's head,
in a yoga sitting position laying the child's head in her lap. Jennifer
looked up at her mother and gave a small fearful smile as John positioned
himself between the tiny girls legs.

"Give me your hands, sweetheart.", said Evelyn as John began to
rub his hard cock against the little girls hairless cunt. Jennifer
complied and her mother pulled back on Jennifer's arms, pinning them to
either side of her knees, holding the little girl down so she couldn't
struggle, should she so desire. From the back, the camera was able to see
the head of John's cock as he rubbed it up and down between the little
girls hairless vaginal lips. His large cock almost completely covered the
small opening between Jennifer's legs. As her rubbed his cock on the tiny
child, her small cunt lips would spread out around the head of the cock.
He rubbed his pre-cum up and down in the child's pussy, stimulating both
Jennifer and himself in the process. Finally, Evelyn looked up at her
husband and said, "Fuck her, John! Fuck her HARD!"

John positioned his hard cock at the center of the 7 year old's
opening and shoved hard. The tiny slit pushed inward with the head of his
erection, but gave way as he forced it hard into the small child.
Jennifer cried out, but neither John nor her mother paid her any heed.
John used all his weight to press his erection into his second grade
daughter. On his first shove he was able to press half of his 8 inches
into Jennifers tightly stretched cunny. Jennifer was crying, sobbing, "It
huurrtts!", over and over again, and throwing her head from side to side
in her mothers lap. John looked up at his wife, and the look on her face
was pure lust. "Go on, Darling, Fuck it in her!! Fuck that hairless
little pussy, like my father fucked ME!" John leaned up and kissed his
wife passionately, leaning more weight on his large cock, and sliding
another fraction of an inch into the sobbing little girl. Jennifer was
crying softly now, having overcome the initial pain of her brutal
penetration. But now, encouraged by his wife, John was determined to
feel his young 7 year old daughter engulf his entire cock in her virginal
cunny. He began to buck his hips up and down, grunting with the effort of
pushing his adult penis into a small, badly stretched 7 year old vagina.
With each down thrust and grunt, Jennifer cried out again, feeling her
insides stretching before the invading member. The camera had moved to
the side and now zoomed in on Jennifer's face. Tears were clearly running
down the side of her face as she cried out her pain. ".... OOOOWWWWW....
.... OOOWWWW...... Please... OWWWW!!.... UH... UH.... ... OHH... OW!"
Nothing coherent was coming from any one in the picture. John like a bull
kept thrusting and grunting. Evelyn kept a firm grip on Jennifer's hands,
pinning them to the bed; her face contorted in lust and she watched John's
full length disappear into her daughter's now bleeding vaginal cavity.
And Jennifer still responded to each thrust with an "OW" of pain or surprise.

Tina was a little shocked at the scene. How could Jennifer's Mom
and Dad do that to their own little girl? The scene was hot, and it was
turning Tina on ... well, Jim Phillips continuos rubbing of her clitoris
probably had alot to do with that as well. Tina looked over at Jennifer,
but the little girl was just watching the scene; sitting on the floor with
her dress up around her waist, her panties pulled down and her legs
spread, her Daddy, John, was pushing his finger in an out of her small
hairless cunt, his eyes also on the scene unfolding before them. Tina
looked over at Evelyn, Jennifer's mother, and was surprised to see that
the woman was completely naked with the other woman, Cathy on her knees
between her legs, licking her cunt. It seemed that this video was a real
turn-on for Jennifer's mother, and Cathy was going to assist her in
enjoying it to the fullest.

"Let's slip your panties off, Tina", said Jim as he began to pull
on the waist band of Tina's white cotton panties. Tina complied by
lifting her butt off the his lap while he used both hands to slip her
panties off her bottom. Then she lifted each knee in turn and Jim deftly
skinned the panties off the 11 year old, thus giving him full access to
his young lover's bald cunny. He took full advantage of this access and
began to caress little Tina with one hand while kissing her ear. Tina
shivered as he caressed her, and could feel his erection throb under her
small bottom.

On screen the deflowering of Jennifer continued. The girl was
bleeding, but that seemed to help the process. The blood provided enough
lubrication that John's immense penis was finally making progress into the
7 year olds tight hairless passage. With one final grunt, John managed to
ram the last inch of his cock into his small daughter. Jennifer was
sobbing, but not as much as previously.. Her mother looked down at the
little girl, "You did it, honey! Look.. Look down.. It's all in you now,
honey!" And Jennifer raised her tear streaked face and looked down to
where her father's hairy crotch met her smooth, bald mound, with none of
his cock showing between. "You did it, Jenny!", her mother continued to
praise the little girl. Finally, Jennifer looked up and tried to smile
when she said, "I did it..."

"Yes you did, sweetheart!", said John. "Now I can fuck you
whenever I want, baby! Isn't that great!"


"Fuck her now, John. Shoot inside her. Make her feel what it's
like to have a man cum in her." Evelyn encouraged. "You want that, right
Jenny? You want him to fuck you, right? Fuck you whenever he wants, right!"

"Uh.. huh....", and in a real small voice the child said, "Fuck
me, Daddy."

And so, John began to pull back on his hips. Jenny gasped as his
cock stretched her torn hymen again. Then he surged back again. Little
Jennifer was hurting less, and didn't cry out as loudly when John began to
rhythmically thrust his cock in and out of her. The camera pulled back to
show all of John fucking the tiny second grader. With each in-thrust, her
small body would slide up the bed, bumping her head against her mother's
belly. With each out-stroke, the tightness of her small cunt on John's
larger than average cock, would pull her body down the bed slightly. Her
belly could be seen expanding as his penis was shoved up into her little
girl body. Eventually, little Jennifer stopped crying out as her father
fucked her, and she began to watch her father for signs of his oncoming
orgasm. She didn't have long to wait. John's fucking became even more
determined. He slammed his erection into the little girl, bouncing her
legs widely, and pushing her down into the mattress. Jennifer's mother was
chanting an encouragement to him as he slam fucked his daughter, "That's
it. Fuck her hard! Fuck her, John! Fuck that little girl.. your own
little Jenny.. your own little girl.. Fuck that little slut... Shoot her
full of cum, John.. 7 years old and you're fucking her, John.. Push it all
the way into her.. She's never had a cock in her before, John.. She wants
you to fuck her, John.. Use her.. Use her mouth! Use her Ass! Use her
little cunt!..." It went on and on... Finally, little Jennifer looked up
at the man fucking her and said, "Cum inside me, Daddy! Please.... I want
to feel it! Shoot your cum in me... ". It was too much for John to bear.
He slammed his full length into little Jennifer, and bellowed out his

AAAHHHHHHHHHH.....", he yelled as his cock sent stream after stream of hot
spunk deep into his willing 7 year old daughter. He collapsed on the
child and humped her as he shot wad after wad of sperm up into her
hairless twat. Her small vagina couldn't hold John's load and so it
seeped out around his cock, dribbling down into her ass, mixing with the
blood there to form a brown stain. The child had completely disappeared
under the collapsed man; all that was showing were her arms, still pinned
to the bed by her mother. Evelyn let go, finally, of Jenny's arms, and
the little girl wrapped then around the still humping, spasming body of her
father as he shot the last of his semen into her. John continued to
twitch for a minute, but finally regained enough wits to lift himself off
his daughter to give her room to breath. "GOD, JENNY!! That was
un-fucking-believable! I don't think I've ever cum so hard!!!"

Slowly, John pulled his cock from the young girl. It came out
covered in semen and blood. He moved up the bed and kneeled over
Jennifer's face, offering his cock to his daughter, who took it wordlessly
into her mouth and began to clean it with her tongue. "Oh.. honey.. we
should have done this years ago....", John said to his wife. Evelyn
laughed, "Are you crazy!! You just barely fit her NOW!! A year ago you
would have KILLED her!! God, your such a sex maniac!" And with that,
both adults laughed and rolled to the side. Jennifer sat up on the bed
and looked at her parents, chuckling and tussling on the bed, and then at
the camera, still running and still focused by the unseen cameraman. A
small smear of blood and semen was on her cheek from her father's cock,
but she gave a quick smile to the camera and then turned to make the
wresting match on the bed a threesome. The last thing heard as the scene
faded was Jennifer saying, "Tickle him, Mommy. We always win when you
tickle him!", and then the sound of John's laughter!!



The men and women in the room broke into shouts of approval. They
all turned to Jennifer and her Dad and applauded. Tina too, though she
was still a little shocked by the scene, clapped for brave little
Jennifer. For her part, Jennifer stood up and took a bow to each corner
of the room. Someone shouted, "Speach.. Speach..." and so Jennifer looked
very serious for a second and said, "I'd wanted to fuck my Daddy for a
long time. It did hurt the first time, but now, my Daddy is the best
lover in the WORLD!" And with that she turned and hugged her father.
John took his daughter in his arms and hugged her in turn, slipping both
hands under her party dress and grabbing her naked butt. He pulled her to
him and kissed her deeply, fondling her ass as they kissed.

"Hey you two!", shouted Jim Phillips, "We got one more scene to go
here!! Settle down... settle down.... Hey Trisha.. better save that for
the contest!"

Little 8 year old Trisha looked up from sucking on Tom's hard cock
and said, "What contest?"

"You'll see.. just don't let him cum while you watch this next
scene! Got that?"

"Okay.", said the little girl as she proceeded to fondle Tom, but
stopped sucking him. Tom just raised his eyebrows at Jim, but didn't say
a thing. He knew that Jim Phillips always planned his parties well, and
if he had to restrain himself now, he knew it would come to something
interesting later.

"Okay, folks.. last little tribute to Jennie the birthday girl!",
and Jim Phillips hit the remote again!

The scene opened with Evelyn, Jennifer's mother, laying on the bed
nude. Her shapely, well-tanned body was fully exposed to the camera,
except where a small, slender girl lay between her legs, obviously licking
her pussy. A title superimposed on the scene -- DILDOE GIRL!!! -- and as
the title faded, Evelyn reached down for the little girls head with both
hands and pulled her face tight into her cunt. "Yeah.. Ohhhh.. Yeah..
That's it.. Lick me! .. Oh God!! HARDER!!" She was using both hands to
rythmically pull the small girls face deep into her cunt. The little girl
looked to be about 7 years old, and was having a hard time getting a
breath since both her mouth and nose were buried deep into Evelyn's cunt.
Fortunately, it didn't take long for Evelyn to cum, mashing the childs
face deep into her open cunt she began to moan, "Ohhhhhh YEAH!..
Ohhhhh... Cummmminnnnnnngggggg..... AHhhhhhhhh.. Oh, yeeeeeeaahhhhh.
Oh yeah.. keep moving your toungue... Oh yeaaaahhh....." It wasn't a
violent orgasm, but it certainly looked pleasureable, and as she relaxed,
Evelyn release the little girls head, and the child was able to breath

After a minute in which the girl kept licking Evelyn's cunt, but
not as hard, Evelyn said, "Come up her honey... Give mommy a kiss!". The
little girl rose up from between her mother's legs, and crawled beside her
to recieve her kiss. Now you could see that the little girl was again,
Jennifer, much the same age she had been in the previous scene, 7 years
old. Her body was small and slender, almost skinny. She had no hair on
her small vaginal opening, and no breasts under the flat nipples on her
chest. Her hips had no roundness, and in fact looked a little bony. She
lay down beside her mother, who proceeded to kiss her deeply, making a
show of inserting her toungue in little Jennie's mouth. After a long
kiss, she looks at Jennifer and said, "Would you like to be pleasured too,

"Yes, Mommy."

"Okay, sweetheart. Roll on your back. That's right.. Now, me and
my little helpers are going to make you feel real good..." Jennifer had
rolled on her back, her body looking very small and vulnerable on the
large bed. Her mother reached over to the side table and grabbed what
looked like a shoe box. She opened this and took out a vibrator, which
she immediately turned on. She then looked off camera and said, "Okay..
send them in." There was a pause for a few seconds while off camera a
door could be heard opening and closing, then Evelyn spoke again, "Come
here, kids. Come on.. don't be shy... Little Jennifer needs our help..."
From the left of the screen, 2 naked young children walked into view. The
first was Julie, Jennifer's older sister, and the second was a young boy
of about 5 years of age. Julie had been involved in kiddy porn since she
was 3 years old, and so didn't pay any attention to the camera, but the
little boy walked into the picture and turned to face the camera, not
knowing what to do. "Eric, come on.. It's okay, baby.. We're gonna take
some pictures, but right now, we're going to have some fun with Jennifer
here. Come on, climb up here next to your Aunt Eve..." And as she patted
the bed next to her, little Eric turned and ran over to the bed, climbing
on and bouncing up next to Aunt Eve. "What we gonna do?", he asked,
looking down at Jennifer.

"We're going to have some fun with Jennifer! Here.. Climb onto
her chest with your knees on each side...... That's a good boy. Now push
your pee-pee close to her mouth... That's good. Jennifer, why don't you
lick Eric's pee-pee for him... Yeah.. That's good." The camera moved
around to show little Eric straddling Jennifer's slender chest, his small,
baby penis pushed up into her willing face. Little Jennie was licking the
5 year old's penis and small balls. Eric seemed to like what his cousin
Jennifer was doing because he pushed his penis closer to her mouth.

"Suck him, honey... You can suck his whole cock, sweetheart",
directed Jennifer's mother, pushing on the little boys rear end to bring
his tiny organ into full contact with Jennifer mouth. Jennifer opened her
mouth and let the little boys penis slide in. The size of his organ was
easy for the 7 year old to handle, considering that she'd sucked on many
adult cocks in her few short years. "Push it into her mouth, Eric. That's
a good boy. Push it in as hard as you want! Jennie likes to have a boys
pee-pee in her mouth. Feels good, doesn't it!"

"Uh..huh..." Little Eric was enjoying the sensations his cousin
Jennie was giving him. He tentatively thrust his hips at her face, and
his small penis slipped fully into Jennie mouth. He fell forward, winding
up on his hands and knees and started to hump Jenny's face, not knowing
exactly what he was doing, but knowing that he liked the sensation. The
camera showed his small, tight ass moving up and down as he pushed his
little erection into Jenny's mouth. Evelyn reached down to fondle his
small butt for a few seconds, letting her middle finger slide into the
crevice of his tiny ass and feel his small rectal opening. After a second
of this, she called to Julie, "Come up her, Julie... between Jenny's
legs... That's it.. Here.. Take this", she said, handing the 8 year old
the vibrating dildoe from the bed. "Here.. you stick it Jennie while I
hold her pussy open.."

Julie bounced up into position, and immediately bent to the task
of inserting the vibrator into her younger sister. Evelyn place one hand
on each of Jennifer's hairless cunt lips and spread them apart. At first
Julie had some trouble inserting the vibrator into her younger sister.
"Lick it and spit on it so it goes in...", suggested her mother. Julie
licked the vibrator, and left a gob of spit on the end. She then
re-aligned the device with her little sisters cunt and began to push it

Jennifer reacted immediately to the insertion of the vibrator. A
muffled "MMMMPPPPHHHHHFFFFFF" could be heard from her end of the bed, but
nothing intelligible could be heard because 5 year old Eric was happily
humping her face with his little hard-on. He wasn't old enough to have
and orgasm, not quite yet, but he loved the sensations emanating from his
little penis, and wasn't about to stop. Julie, for her part, worked the
vibrator slowly up into her sister, twisting and turning it as she pressed
it in. Jennifer's pussy lips were stretched thin around either side of
the man sized device. They move in synch with each twist of Julie's
wrist; and buckled inward with each forward thrust. Slowly, the vibrator
disappeared into the 7 year old, inch by inch, until only 3 inches of the
end were left hanging outside her pre-pubescent little cunny.

Once the vibrator was fully inserted, Evelyn reached into the shoe
box again, and pulled out an anal probe. This was much skinnier than the
dildoe in Jennifer's tight little pussy, but just as long. She handed
this to Julie, who took it without a word. Then Evelyn straddled
Jennifer, her butt bumping little Eric's over the little girl.
She reached down and grabbed one of Jennifer's ankles in each hand and
pulled them up to her, placing them under her arms. Jennifer was now bent
at the hips, with the white end of the vibrator hanging obscenely from her
pussy. Having pinned Jennie in this fashion, Evelyn reached down and
spread the 7 year old's ass cheeks, exposing the small brown hole of her
rectum. "Julie.. Lick her asshole and get her wet... Go on.. lick it so
we can shove that other dildoe into her." Julie bent down to lick her
sisters rectal hole. The camera couldn't find an angle that showed her
tongue on Jenny's rectal orifice, but you could tell that she was
licking her sister's ass. At one point, Evelyn reached down and pushed on
the back of Julie's head saying, "Push your tongue into her.. Get her wet on
the inside.... She likes to have her asshole licked..." The white
vibrator stuck out from little Jennifer's cunt, just above where Julie's
face was planted against her sisters ass. The little 7 year old was
squirming, obviously aroused by all the attention being lavished on her
small hairless genitals. Julie's tongue up her ass made her squeal, but
it still came out as a muffled, "EEHHhhhhhmmmmmmmmpppff" because little
Eric was still humping his hairless penis into Jennifer's face.

"That's enough.. let's stick it in her!", said Evelyn, touching
Julie on the back of head as a signal to stop her licking of Jennifer's
small asshole. "Here.. Give me that," she said referring to the anal probe
that Julie held. Julie handed the slender rubber rod to her mother who
immediately pressed the head into Jennifer's tiny rectal opening. More
muffled squeals could be heard coming from Jennifer as her mother worked
the probe up into the 7 year old's bottom. Her small rectum puckered
around the probe and was pushed inward as the probe was pushed up into the
child's rear entrance. Jennifer's mother didn't hesitate to push the
slender dildoe completely up her daughter's small ass, inserting and
rotating it into the 2nd grader until the handle was firmly pressed
against little Jenny's tight butt!

"Okay.. Eric.. Come here, sweetheart... Aunt Eve is gonna make you
feel good now..." The little boy stopped humping Jennifer's mouth and
climbed off of her. But there was no respite for little Jennie. Evelyn
immediately moved her body up the bed until her own hairy cunt was
hovering above Jennifer's face. "Lick me now, Jennie!", she said, and
lowered her pussy onto the child's open mouth. Aunt Eve then told Julie
to stand and hold Jennifer's legs up and spread. Little Eric was placed
standing over Jennifer, facing his Aunt Eve, who immediately lowered her
face to his crotch and began to suck the 6 year old's penis into her own
mouth. Using one hand to support herself, she grabbed the end of the
vibrator penetrating her daughter and began to move it in and out of the
small child. Jennifer's reaction was instantaneous; she started to
squirm and muffled cries could be heard from where her face joined her
mothers crotch. Julie in the mean time had dropped to her knees between
her sister's legs; placing one leg on each shoulder she reached down with
one hand and grabbed the dildoe wiggling up and down in Jenny's small
butt. She began to pump it in and out of her sister, causing more moans.
Little 7 year old Jennifer was being fucked in both her tiny holes by
dildoes sized for an adult! The second grader couldn't protest or
encourage because her lower face was completely covered in her mother's
wet pussy. Evelyn was getting turned on from sucking the precious little
penis offered her by Eric, and fucking her own daughter's hairless cunt
with a vibrator, that she began to hump her little Jennifer's face;
pressing her sopping cunt down onto the girl, who did her best to keep

As the scene progressed, Evelyn started to moan as her orgasm
approached. By now she was humping Jennifer's face, and thrusting the
vibrator harder into the little girl. Jennifer too, appeared to be
getting ready for an orgasm. Her small body was squirming under her
mother's humping hips; her legs were quivering in the hands of her older
sister, who held them apart so the camera could clearly see where the
large white vibrator entered the child's small hairless cunt. The
vibrator pulled at the little girls cunt lips; in and out, in and out;
turning the outer reds red with friction. The probe in the 7 year's
bottom bobbed up and down with the contractions on her tiny rectum.

Finally Evelyn took her mouth off little Eric's cock and moaned,
"I'm cumming... Oh.. God YEAH! LICK ME, JENNIE... LICK MOMMIES CUNT!!!
AAAAHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMppppfffff...." She plunged her mouth back down onto
little Eric's 6 year old erection, sucking his penis hard as the waves of
her orgasm passed over her. Her hips smashed down onto her 2nd grade
daughter's face, bruising her lips as they were pushed hard against her
teeth. She humped Jennifer's face once.. twice.. and her whole body
contracted to force as much of her cunt into her daughter's mouth as
possible. Little Eric started to lose his balance on the bed, and his
only alternative to falling was to grab the back of Evelyn's head with
both hands. The camera pulled back to show the entire erotic scene; A
little boy pulling on the head of a grown woman, pushing his small penis
deep into her mouth as she shuddered in orgasm, smashing her cunt into the
face of a slender 7 year old girl who was having her own orgasm from the
vibrator that Evelyn now had jammed hard into her hairless little cunny,
and the probe that her older sister was still working back and forth in
her anus. Everyone in the picture was moaning. It was wonderful!

As the scene had played out, more clothes were removed from the
various members of the audience. Tom had managed to strip little Trisha
down to nothing, and had the little 8 year old sitting in his lap, with
his cock sticking up between her legs where he slowly rubbed it back and
forth on the 3rd graders small expose cunt, letting his precum lubricate
her hairless lips and pleasuring both himself and the small blond child.

Little Betty, too, had been stripped, except for her white socks,
and was now laying with her head in Howards lap. He'd taken his pants off
and was stroking his erection in the 6 year old girls face, holding her
head in place with one hand on the back of her head, while he stroked his
cock against her lips. Betty, for her part, kept her lips slack, and
frequently would dart her tongue out to lick the head of the large penis
that was being stroked against her mouth.

Jim had not attempted to strip Jennifer any further than removing
her panties, but his masturbation of the girl had intensified. He was now
pushing his finger deep into her young vagina, stroking her clit with his
thumb as his finger probed her warm, tight little pussy. Jennifer was
close to cumming from his ministrations and the erotic scenes played out
on the video before her. Just a few more seconds and she knew she was
going to come, regardless of the crowd around her.

On the TV screen, Evelyn's orgasm was winding down, but she wasn't
done the scene yet. She climbed off little Jennie and reached for the box
once more, this time pulling out a life like plastic cock that flopped in
her hand as she rubbed juices from her own pussy on it to lubricate the
plastic member. "Eric, take the vibrator... That's it... Take it and push
it back and forth... Good boy!.. Yeah.. That's it.. Push it in deeper,
honey. You have to make sure she feels it!" Under Evelyn's guidance,
little Eric began to fuck Jennifer with the vibrator, obviously fascinated
with the white plastic tool disappearing into the smooth hairless lips
between 7 year old Jennifer's legs. You could almost hear his thoughts,
"I wonder where it's going in there????" The small boy was obviously
happy with his assignment, and soon began to really fuck the 2nd grader
hard with his new tool. Julie, in the mean time, was still fucking
Jennifer's anus with her probe, sometimes in time with Eric's manipulations
and sometimes in purposeful counter-point; doing her best to make her
little sister feel good while being plugged with 2 plastic peckers.

Evelyn shifted her position on the bed and lay down next to little
Jennifer, her face inches from the child's lust flushed face. "Are you
gonna come, Jennie? Are they fucking you good? Hmmmmmm? Tell Mommy that
if feels good, honey.. Come on... Does it feel good?"

The child was now holding her own legs up, one in each hand,
holding herself open to the proddings of the little boy and girl between
her slender hairless legs. Her breathing was ragged and it was obvious
that she was close to cumming from the teasing her small cunny and bottom
were taking. "uh... Yes, Mommy.. It feels .... good."

"You like it when they fuck you, don't you Jennie?"

"Yessss....... I like to be fucked!" The 2nd grader flat chest
was beginning to flush red; her breathing was ragged.

"Open your mouth, sweetheart. I want you to have all your holes
filled!" And Jennifer obeyed, though her she could hardly keep her mouth
closed while she panted. Evelyn fitted the tip of the plastic penis into
young Jennifer mouth and slowly pushed it deep into the 7 year old's face.
Inch after inch of the pseudo-penis disappeared into the child's face,
bulging the sides of her mouth and then the top of her throat as the
ersatz member hit bottom. "Swallow it, honey! Pretend it's your Daddy,
sweetheart! Pretend your Daddy is fucking your little cunny AND your
mouth at the same time, sweetheart. He's pushing it into you at both
ends, baby. Your Daddy's going to fuck your throat and make you cum!!",
and with that Evelyn pushed even harder on the fake cock in her daughter's
mouth. The muscles on her arms became more visible as she applied obvious
pressure on the end of the dildoe, forcing the bulge at the top of young
Jennifer's throat to deeper.

Jennifer had closed her eyes and was trying to imagine the scene
her mother described. She'd been fucked many times by her father, and
loved the feel of his long cock embedded in her small cunny; loved the way
it stretched the skin of her hairless vagina tight over her clitoris. She
almost always came when her father fucked her. She'd also sucked his cock
many times, and though not as pleasurable as fucking, it made her glad to
know that he enjoyed fucking her face and that he loved to shoot his semen
into her mouth. So the picture her mother described was a perfect turn-on
for young Jennifer. She started to cum just as her mother forced the
plastic penis beyond the entrance of her throat. Her body convulsed with
her orgasm, the pleasure from Eric's thrusts into her young pussy enhanced
by the feel of the probe up her tiny bottom. Her orgasm swept over her,
and she couldn't control the urge to cry out. But this only open her
throat for penetration by her mother. The rubber cock surged down her
small throat, bulging her neck out and cutting off her air. Jennifer's
orgasm came at the same time as she started to gag. Her 7 year old body
squirmed wildly on the bed, both wanting and not wanting the 3 invading
members to continue abusing her young openings.

From the camera's point of view the scene was really hot.
Jennifer was spread wide open and was obviously cumming and gagging at the
same time. Her hips twitched, and her flat belly bulged outward each time
the little boy shoved the vibrator into her small cunt. Her sister's hand
was a blur as she pushed and pulled the anal probe rapidly to and fro in
Jennifer's bottom. Jennifer's face was turning red from the orgasm and
from choking on the fake penis shoved into her throat. Her lips were
stretched tight around the ersatz cock. "Yes! Yes, Jennie... It's your
Daddy fucking you! Fucking your mouth!! Fucking his LITTLE GIRL!!! Take
your Daddy.. NOW!", and with that Evelyn gave one last shove on the
dildoe, and it disappeared further into the little girls throat, stopping
only when Evelyn's fist was tight against little Jennifer's mouth.

Watching the scene, Tina began to cum. Jim Phillips stroking of
her small cunny had finally had the desired effect. Tina's body
stiffened in his lap, and she moaned out load, causing some heads to turn
her way. But she was blind to anything but the finger which rubbed deeply
on her clitoris, sending wave after wave of pleasure up her 11 year old
body. Jim Phillips held the little girl around the waist with one arm as
he continued to stroke her convulsing body. Her spasms caused her tiny
bottom to push up and down against his still clothed cock, and he thought
for a second that he would cum right there in his pants. Little Tina was
one of the hottest little cunts he'd added to his kiddy harem, and he
loved to make her cum!

On screen, the little girls orgasm was ending now, and the
struggle to breath was becoming more important. Jennifer began to twitch,
and her hand flew up to her mother's hand. Evelyn relented and pulled the
rubber cock slowly from her daughter's mouth. When it popped free,
Jennifer gasped for breath, coughing as she tried to breath. Evelyn
reached down and stopped little Eric and Julie from further battering the 7
year old's crotch. She stroked Jennifer's forehead saying, "That's my
girl... That's my baby... It's okay now, sweetheart!" She kept muttering
endearments until Jennifer had stopped coughing and caught her breath.
Then she whispered in the little girl's ear. As the camera zoomed in for
a close up of the 2nd grader's face, the youngster looked straight into
the camera and said, "Would you like to use my mouth too? I like sucking
on a hard cock! I'd really like to suck yours!" And then the scene faded
to a THE END sign.

The adults in the room erupted into applause. They all turned to
the birthday girl and clapped, with calls of "HOT" and "FANTASTIC" from
some of the men. Jennifer, now completely naked, stood up and took a bow.
She turned and bowed to all sides, showing her slender naked bottom to all
sides in the process, her hairless vaginal lips peeking from beneath her
anus as she bowed deeply. John, sitting on the floor next to his
daughter, took the opportunity to reach up and stroke the child's bottom,
rubbing each tight little ball of flesh and stroking his middle finger
over the girls small exposed rectum. Jennifer simply turned around and
smiled at her Daddy, loving the way he looked at her small body.

When the applause died down, Jim Phillips moved the recovering
Tina West from his lap and resumed his job as master of ceremonies. The
room was filled with panting bodies, both adult and child. Little cotton
panties lay where they had been dropped by the men removing them from
their little girl lovers. Some of the man had managed to slip out of their
pants to give the youngsters better access to their hard cocks. Little
Jennifer still stood in the center of the room, and Jim walked over to
her, putting his arm around the child. "Okay, folks. That was the first
bit of the night entertainment. And, seeing as how our birthday girl has
already donned her birthday suit, I suggest that we all join her and get
comfortable!" And with that everyone in the room began to strip off the
remaining clothes they had on.

Tina was a little embarrassed at first; after all, this was only
the second time that she was going to take her clothes off in front of a
group. But since no one else seemed to hesitate, she began to undo the
laces on her shoes. Jim Phillips walked over to her and helped her with
her shoes. He then helped her pull the dress up over her head, and laid
it over the back of the couch. The little naked second grader then looked
up at him as he took her hand and laid it on his belt. "Help me undress,
will you, Tina?!", he said. Tina didn't hesitate at all, but immediately
undid Jim's belt, pants and zipper. Jim nearly lost his balance as she
tried to help him out of his pants, and both of them wound up laughing as
he hopped around on one leg while the little girl tried to get the other
leg free. Next she helped him strip his shorts off, and when she looked
up his hard penis waved only inches away from her face. He put his hand
on the back of her head, pulling the child's face toward his erection and
said, "Give me a little kiss, huh, Tina!" And with that his hard-on
butted up against her smooth lips.

The salty pre-cum coated her lips, and Tina gave the end of the
man's cock a kiss, darting her tongue out after to taste the fluid on her
lips. The pressure on the back of her head did not ease off, so Tina
figured that he wanted her to kiss his cock again. She did, only this
time, she let the head slip between her lips and sucked on the very tip of
Jim Phillips erection.

"Ohhhhh... Man.. Better stop this, Tina, or we'll ruin the next
part of the party!!" He let go of little Tina's head and walked back out
to the center of the room. By now, everyone in the room was naked. Each
of the men had a large erection, and each of them had a small young girl
next to them that they were fondling.

"Okay, folks. Seeing as how this is a birthday party, we gotta
have a birthday cake... RIGHT!"

"YEAH!" "Right on!" "Can't have a birthday party without a
birthday cake!"

"That's right, and I had one all made up special, just for young
Jennifer here for her 9th birthday. So... CATHY", he called out to the
kitchen, "is that thing ready?"

"Here it is!!", and the woman Cathy came out of the kitchen
pushing a push cart with a large chocolate cake on it. The cake had
chocolate candy flowers on it, and was inscribe "Happy 9th Birthday,
Jennifer!", but the candles weren't lit.

"Hey, you forgot to light the candles!", squeaked little Betty from
Howards lap.

"That's right, Betty", said Jim. "We gotta light the candles, but
first I gotta explain something about this cake. It's made special for
all you little girls! But it's missing the one ingredient I know you all love."

"What?", said Trisha.

"Loads of hot semen, that's what!", and he laughed. Everyone in
the room chuckled, even little Betty.

"So here's what we're gonna do. Jennifer, Trisha, Julie and Tina,
you all come over here and sit at the four corners of the table here."
Cathy had produced 4 folding chairs after pushing the cake out from the
kitchen. The little naked girls complied with Jim's instructions and each
one sat in a chair next to a corner of the chocolate cake. "Now, here's
what we're gonna do, each of you lovely little beauties will pick one of
these handsome men to be your partners."

"I want my Daddy!", said Jennifer right away.

"Okay, sweetheart. Now, it's going to be your job to use your
mouth to get your man to cum. Guys, it's going to be your job to try to
put out the candles on the cake when you cum! Does everyone get it?
Girls, you have to try your best to get your man to cum as fast as you
can, because the candles will be burning and getting shorter. Guys, you
have to have a good aim when you shoot to try and get as many candles as
possible! I got prizes for the little girl who makes her man cum first,
and the guy who's the best shot and puts out the most candles!!"

"Hey.. What about me?", the 6 year old, Betty said.

"Oh, you get the best job of all, Betty. After each man shoots
of, you get to be cleanup girl and suck ALL the cocks clean. You get to
taste them ALL. How's that, sweety?"

"Okay. I like tasting cum."

"Good, honey. Now.. Jennifer's already chosen her partner. Let's
go in order of age... Trisha, your 8, who do you want as your man?"

The little 2nd grade blond put on a serious expression for a
minute and looked at the hard erections that surrounded all the children
like she was choosing sides in a school yard game. "Tom!", she said
finally, grinning up at the man, one missing baby tooth showing a gap in
her smile. "All RIGHT!!", said Tom as he waked over next to Trisha, his
penis bobbing up and down.

"Ok...", said Jim, "Julie, your 10 and your next.. Who's it gonna be?"

"I want Trisha's Daddy, Dave! I think he's ready to cum already!"

"You're right about that, Julie.... Just wrap that sweet little
mouth of yours on my cock and I'll put out a burning building!!" Everyone
laughed at this as Dave took up his position next to the little girl who
was going to suck him to orgasm.

"Okay, Tina.. You're the oldest... Who's do you want to suck?"

"uhhh.... you...", she said in a small voice. Tina had never
experienced such open sexuality before. Her last visit to Jim's house had
ended in a gang-bang with all the men using her small body for sex. But
this laughing and playing games was completely new to her. It began to
dawn on the little girl that sex didn't have to be serious all the time,
and the it was fun to have fun with sex as well as pleasure!

"Good choice, little lady!! Okay, Howard.. That makes you, Cathy
and Evelyn the judges. Remember everyone....... NO HANDS... just mouths
and dicks.... Yeah, that includes you Tom!" He took a slap at Tom's hand
as he began to rest it on the back of Trisha's head.

"Hey.. I was just making sure the aim was right!!!"

"Yeah.. Right... Howard.. Anyone who uses their hands, except to
aim at the candles is disqualified. Okay?"

"You got it!"

"Okay. Girls are you ready?"

"Uh huh." "Yeah"

"Okay.. Guys are you ready?"

"You bet!" "Ready, Captain!" "Engines HOT!"

"Okay.. we're about to give a new meaning to the idea of blowing
out the candles on a birthday cake. Ladies, if you'll light the targets!"

Cathy and Evelyn both reached in from the side with lighters and
lit the 9 candles on the cake. Howard stepped up and said, "Ready, set....
.... GO!"

At the go, 4 little girls immediately plunged their young mouths
down over 4 erections. Howard wondered to himself if he was really going
to make a good judge, since he couldn't keep his own hand from stroking
his hard-on at the sight of this group blow job between adult men and 4
pre-teen little girls. Their young mouths stretched to hold the erect
members that were thrust into their faces. The men had a hard time
keeping their hands off the youngsters heads as they tried to push their
cocks deep into the girls mouths. The girls had a hard time keeping their
hands off the large cocks that were being pushed at them.

Tina tried sucking on Jim's large cock, but she was much less
experienced than the other girls. Her young mouth was not as used to
being penetrated by a full sized adult cock as the youngsters around her.
So after a futile attempt to suck on Jim's erection, she settled into a
rhythm of bobbing her head and moving her tongue as Jim swayed his hips,
slowing rubbing the head of his penis back and forth in her pre-teen
mouth. Peeking at the other girls, Tina could see that each of them had a
very different style of sucking cock.

Eight year old Trisha might have been the youngest of the little
girls sucking on a man's cock, but she seemed to work at it the hardest.
Tina could see that the 3rd grader little blond would push her face as
hard as she could down onto Tom's 9 inch cock. With each down thrust, her
face would turn red as the little girl tried her best to force more of the
adult erection into her mouth. The top of her throat actually bulged as
she fought to deep throat the hard penis that Tom obligingly shoved into
her face. Once out of breath, little Trisha would mover her mouth back
until just the tip was between her small lips and, taking a quick breath,
plunge down on his cock again. Her blond pony tail swayed back and forth
with each attempt by the little eight year old to swallow the erect penis
in her mouth. It was an obvious effort on Tom's part not to grab that
swaying shock of hair and use it to force more of his hard meet into the
little pre-teen.

Julie, being 10, had two years growth and experience on Trisha.
She didn't just try to fuck Dave's hot cock with her face. Instead she
varied the strokes to the penis in her mouth; at first letting just the
head sit in her mouth while she rubbed the underside with the flat of her
tongue; and then slowly pushing the her face down onto his hard penis,
letting it slip into the tightness of her more experienced throat, until
her lips touched the pubic hair at the base of his 7 inch erection. There
she tried to hold it until she needed a breath or could no longer fight
the gag reflex, at which point she would quickly slide off Dave's erection
until the head was back in her mouth, where she would start the process
all over again. It was obvious that this little 5th grader had been
sucking off men for years, and had her own technique for getting them to
fill her warm, pre-teen mouth with spurting gushers of semen.

Jennifer and her father seemed to have a little trouble getting
coordinated at first. When the little 9 year old had first opened her
mouth and plunged down on her daddy's hard penis, he'd thrust his hips
hard into her face. The result was a gagging little 4th grader who
almost, accidentally, took a bite out her own daddy's hard cock. "Daddy!",
said Jenny between coughs. "Sorry, Baby.. Here.. I'll hold still.. You
suck me... Ahhhhhh Yeah...That's it...." Once started, the birthday
girl's technique was a combination of Trisha's and Julie's. At times she
would just try to fit as much of her father's cock into her young mouth as
she could, and at other times she would just tease the head of he erection
with her mouth and tongue.

Words of encouragement could be heard from all 4 men as they all
enjoyed the sight and feel of these slender pre-teen youngsters sucking
their hard cocks. "That's a girl..... Ohhh yeah..... Yeah.. Now deep...."
"Oh man.. I feel your throat, sweetheart.. Push it in harder, sweetheart."
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... God that's TIGHT!" At one point, young Tina felt a
hand on the back of her head, urging her head down deeper on the organ
penetrating her face, slowly pushing it past the entrance to her throat.

"HEY!!.. NO HANDS!!", yelled Betty, and she swatted at Jim
Phillip's hand on the back of young Tina's head.

"Opps.. got carried away", said Jim kind of sheepishly.

"uhhh.. Penalty.. Gotta stop for 5 seconds." This from Howard who
had missed the infraction while watching to see if little 8 year old
Trisha would actually manage to deep throat Tom's boner.

"Okay.. Okay...", said Jim as he pulled his hard meat out of
Tina's mouth. It pulsed a inch in front of her face, gleaming wetly with
her saliva, seeming to count the seconds.

Cathy and Evelyn, both giggling, took up a count down. "5....
4..... 3.... 2.... 1..... SUCK!!!!" and with that the wet penis pulsing in
front of Tina's face was pushed back into her mouth where she started to
suck once more, hoping to elicit Jim Phillips hot sperm.

The words of encouragement began to turn to moans of pending
orgasms. The men, already primed by the hot video of little Jenny's
various violations, were getting ready to unload their hot cum into the
mouths of their young pre-teen lovers. "Ahhh.. Just a little more, honey..."
"Oh.. Fuck.. Suck me, harder, baby!.. Ahhhhh" "Ummmm Ummmm Ummmmm..."
Each man was fucking his own little girl's mouth harder, using the small
girls as jack-off devices. They were beyond caring if the youngsters
could take their adult cocks, all they wanted to do was to shove there
erections into the warm mouths of these pre-teeners, and fill them full of

"Hey.. GUYS!! Remember.. The Candles... Ha ha ha", Cathy laughed
as she reminded the men of the point of the excersize before any of them
could flood any of the little girls mouths with cum.

"Oh.. yeah.. OH ... YEAH..... OHHHH YEEEEAAAAHHH.. NOW!!! YEAH!!",
and with that, Tom pulled his throbbing cock out of little Trisha's mouth
and aimed the head at the nearest candle on the cake. He stroked his
cock, once.. twice, and the first gush of his white semen came spurting
out the end, hitting the candle, but missing the flame. The second gush
passed through the flame with a little sizzle and wound up as a white rope
across the face of the cake. The third spurt smacked the head of the
candle dead-on, and the flame was winked out. Before he could line up on
another candle, Tom gushed again, sending sticky ropes of cum across the
chocolate icing on the cake. By the time he got aimed at the second
candle, his orgasm was reduced to a dribbling stream that ran down the end
of his cock and onto his hand underneath. He let as much as he could drip
onto the cake, and then dipped the end of his penis into the icing.
Before he could even recover his breath, he felt a taping on his hip, and
turned to see tiny 6 year old Betty standing there, "I get to be the
clean-up girl!!", she said, looking up into his face and then down at his
cock which was now covered in chocolate and sperm.

"Oh.. (whewww).. by all means, little darling", said Tom as he
turned to offer his still weakly pulsing penis to the sweet little 6 year
old girl with the long, golden blond hair. Betty, just stood there and
opened her mouth, her eyes gazing up into Tom's. He took his cock in hand
and guided the end to her widely opened young mouth, where he pushed it
into her sweet young mouth and let the little girl suck the last of his
sperm into her. Tina was so small that she didn't have to
stoop to suck on Tom's cock, just stand there with her mouth open until he
pushed the chocolate covered wiener into her face. The 1st grader loved
the taste of his semen and the chocolate together. She never took her
eyes off Tom's face because her mother, Cathy, told her that men loved to
watch a little girls eyes while the little girl sucked their wieners. But
after a minute, there was no more chocolate, and his cream had stopped
leaking out the end, and besides, the 1st grader could hear the moans that
meant there would be another wiener to clean up in a minute. So she let
Tom's penis slip from her mouth. "Thanks, sweetheart!", said Tom,
stroking Betty's long blond hair. "Your welcome!", said the always polite
Betty before she ran, giggling to the other side of the table where John
was about to take his turn at playing fireman.

"oHHHHH FUCK... Yeah, Baby.. Here IT COMES!!!", and John too,
pulled his cock from the 9 year old birthday girl's mouth, but just a
second too late, because the first blast of cum splashed from the end of
his penis across Jenny's cheek, and onto her shoulder where it began the
slow trickle down the little girls flat chest to her belly. "NO!! NO!!",
she squealed, "the CANDLES!!" And so John took his best shot at the cake,
though once again, coating the cake with spurt after spurt of hot sperm
proved easy while hitting the flame of a birthday candle proved much
harder. He managed to douse one, and gutter another, but it gamely stayed
lit, and eventually he too ran out of fuel for the fire hose. "Sorry,
sweety", he said to his daughter.. "That's okay, Daddy. It was fun!"
And so John too, dipped the end of his cock into icing and offered his
rapidly deflating penis to 6 year old Betty, whose slender form easily
slipped between father and daughter to suck the sweet offering.

A few seconds later, and almost at the same instant, Jim and Dave
both began their attempts to play Smokey the Bear. What he lacked in
accuracy, he made up in quantity as Dave blasted spurt after spurt of cream
over the surface of Jenny's birthday cake, striking several candles, but
not managing to douse a single one. Jim on the other hand seemed to have
the accuracy of Wyatt Earp as his first huge spurt doused one candle, and
his third spattered the life out of a second.

Little Betty ran to Dave first, but had to pointedly remind him to
dip his "wiener" in the icing first, otherwise she wouldn't suck him.
Having just cum strongly, and being none to stable, Dave nearly fell over
laughing at the sight of this tiny, naked little 6 year old standing there
in front of him, arms akimbo, telling him he had to cover his cock in
chocolate before she she'd suck him clean! "OKAY!! (chuckle).. OKAY!!!
Hey, you're the boss, sweetheart.", and with that he swiped the end of his
still erect penis deeply into the chocolate on the cake and offered it to
the demanding 1st grader. "Thank you.", Betty said, trying to sound
strict, before she opened her mouth wide and began to suck on her
chocolate covered penis treat! When she finished with Dave, she looked
around to where Jim was standing, but found him collapsed on the couch.

"Over here, little lady", Jim said, waving his penis with one hand
and spreading his legs to give the youngster access, "I got it all ready
for you!" And indeed he had. Not only had he swabbed the end of his cock
in chocolate icing, but he dipped his finger and cover parts of his
balls as well. "Come on over and get treat from the bestest, if not the
fastest, dick in the west!"

"Ummm Looks good!", said the slender little 6 year old as she walked
between Jim's parted legs and knelt down in front of the man. First, she
took the end of his penis into her small mouth and sucked the remaining
semen and chocolate from the end of his prick. Then she started to lick
his balls, her long blond hair cascading down her slender back to just
above her small bottom. The tiny 1st grader licked Jim's large hairy
testicles with long strokes of her small tongue, starting just above his
rectum and working her way up to the base of his cock. She held his
semi-flaccid cock in her small hand to keep it from resting on the top of
her head while she worked.

Howard, who had a particular fancy for very young girls, could
hardly contain himself at the sight of the tiny 6 year old avidly licking
Jim's balls. He made a mental note to himself to try that chocolate trick
sometime and then said, "Okay!! Contest is over... The judge declares the
following winners. Trisha as the wins for getting her man to cum first!"
And everyone applauded little Trisha for the 8 year olds cock sucking skills.
"And Jim for putting out the most candles! Now, uh.. Jennifer.. before
those candles burn all the way into the cake, why don't you make a wish
and blow them out the more traditional way." And so the little girl did,
making a big show of making a secret wish before she put out the remaining
5 flames.

"Okay.. So what did I win??!!", asked Trisha, as soon as Jenny had
put out the candles. Little Betty had finished "cleaning" Jim's penis and
balls, though she had a significant amount of chocolate on her face to
show that she had more enthusiasm than accuracy, so Jim sat up and said,
"Well, honey. You just won the starring role in my next big video production!"

"Oh.. Really! You mean like that one you made with Lisa 3 months
ago? Where she got to Disney Land!!??"

"That's right, honey, only this one's not in Disney Land. This
one's gonna take place at the Grand Canyon."

"OH WOW!!! DADDY", she said, turning to Dave, "CAN I REALLY GO,

"Sure, honey. School's over in a month anyway, so you've the
whole vacation to travel the west with Jim."

The other girls were impressed! Of them, only Julie had starred
in one of Jim Phillips special "full-length" kiddie porn productions,
though they all knew about them except Tina. Jim Phillips made about 1
major production a year with locations and scripts that went far beyond
his living and bed rooms. The youngsters knew that any young girl that
starred in one of his big pictures got to travel to the locations and see
all the sights, and generally got treated like a queen. They also knew
that the "star" of the film had to fuck and suck ALOT of strange men, and
usually had to do things that didn't happen around the neighborhood. When
Julie had starred in a film at the age of 7, she'd gotten introduced to
bondage and golden showers. They all envied little Trisha.

Jim had told all the adults in the group what the "grand prize"
was going to be for the kids before the party had begun, so he knew that no
matter which girl had won, he already had his next little star. The only
problem would have been if his newest young lover, 11 year old Tina, had
won. But he hadn't expected her to since she was still pretty new to
this game, and not used to group sex just yet. Now he knew that
Dave's youngster, little 8 year old Trisha was going to be his next young
star. His script was nearly complete, and many of the arrangements had
been made with some of his contacts in the west. Little Trisha was going
to explore the Grand Canyon with a group of men that Jim was lining up,
and, in keeping with the mode of transportation in the Grand Canyon, was
going to learn an awful lot about the sex organs of a donkey!! That pony
tail of her's was going to look nice hanging down next to the long dong of
an excited donkey.

"Hey.. So what's the Man's prize?", asked Jennifer.

"Well, since I won, I guess I get to be in the movie too!", and
everyone laughed because they all knew that, like Alfred Hitchcock, Jim
always made an appearance in his big video productions, even if it was
just from the waist down!

Tina was amazed at the prize that little Trisha had won. Like any
young girl she'd always had dreams and fantasies of becoming a movie star,
but never realized that the reality could be so close to home. Course,
she wasn't too sure that she'd really want to become a "star" in one of
Jim Phillips films, seeing as he had already tricked her into "starring"
in one. But still, a trip to the Grand Canyon sure sounded nice!! Maybe
next contest she'd try a little harder.

"Okay, kids.. Before you dive in and eat that cake, the guys get
to eat their desert first.... YOU! So come on over here and line up on
the couch. Come on.. You too, Betty!!" All 5 little girls walked over to
the couch and sat down next to each other, wondering what Jim had planned.
"Okay.. Now you all put your rears toward the front.. Slide forward!
That's good. Guys.. Hey.. COME AND GET IT!!!", and with that, Jim knelt
down in front of Tina, grabbed one of her knees in each hand and lifted
then up and apart. Tina fell back with a squeak as her slender legs were
parted revealing her hairless cunt to Jim's gaze. He wasted no time, but
immediately dipped his face down to contact her bald mound and
probed her hairless pussy lips with his tongue, and immediately
concentrating the small clitoris that peeked out from the top of her
smooth slit.

"All RIGHT!", said Howard as he made a bee line to Betty, grabbing
a small leg in each hand, almost lifting her off the couch and planting
his face into the 6 year old tiny crotch. Betty squealed that it tickled
and squirmed under Howard's attack on her tiny vagina, the lips so smooth
and small that his tongue covered her entire opening and actually
stretched her labia as he probed her tiny recess with his oral probe.
There was only one thing Howard like better than licking a very young
girl's, smooth opening, and that was having them lick him until he blasted
their faces with his hot cum. For Howard, the younger the better and no
holds or holes barred.

The other men quickly joined in the group cunnilingus fest with
much giggling on the part of the little ladies involved. Cathy and Evelyn
looked up from cutting the cake to watch the scene before them; 5 slender
naked little girls, all lined up on the couch, legs held in the air and
tender hairless cunts exposed to 5 adult men, who kneeled before them as
before an alter, each man tasting the juices that his pre-teen's pussy
offered. For the little girls, the giggling soon stopped and the moans
soon began as each man did his best to give his little girl an orgasm.

Tina quickly lost her shock at the assault on her little cunt, and
began to feel the waves of pleasure from her small pussy. After initially
concentrating on her clit, Jim had moved to massaging her entire pussy
with his tongue, pushing it deeply between the folds of her hairless
labia while putting pressure on her clit with his upper lip and teeth.
Tina reached down and stroked his head between her upraised legs, trying
to send the message that she loved what he was doing to her. After a
minute, he reached for one of her hands and placed it on her own leg,
showing her that he wanted her to hold her own slender legs in the air.
Tina did it, placing a hand behind each of her knees, freeing Jim's hands,
and immediately the man began to probe her small cunt with his fingers as
well as his tongue. With one hand he spread the small bald lips of her
11 year old vagina while inserting his finger slowly up into her cunt.
Tina could feel her young passages stretching to allow his finger access
to her interior, probing her inner reaches like a small cock. It turned
her on to feel his finger manipulating her inexperienced pussy. The lips
of her pre-teen opening held open by his other hand, exposing the coral
inner reaches of her cunt to his hot breath sent shivering sensations thru
her young body. Next to her, 9 year old Jennifer was beginning to breath
hard, and without even realizing it took Tina's hand in hers and held it
tightly as Tom licked her closer and closer to orgasm.

The scene on the couch was a young lovers delight. 5 small girls,
the oldest only 11; each with her legs waving up in the air, moaning as 5 grown
men licked and fondled their small, hairless pre-teen cunts. Some of the
men held the youngsters legs apart as they moved their faces up and down
on the child's smooth pussy. Jennifer and Tina each held their own legs
up, knees spread and back while their young vagina's were probed and
prodded by their elder lovers. Howard used one arm across both of Betty's
small legs to hold them up in the air, while his tongue probed her tiny
cunt opening, and the pinkie finger of his other hand tried to enter her
impossibly small rectum. The 6 year old gave a little "OH!" of surprise
when her sphincter finally succumbed and Howard's pinkie finger enter her
back door to the first knuckle. Howard, with visions of ramming his
throbbing erection either of Betty's 6 year old openings, licked the
youngster all the more, even though she was too young to have an orgasm.
Betty, still enjoyed the sensation, and knew that she was turning Howard
on by giving him access to her privates. She also new that later, Howard
was going to make sure that the 1st grader got his pent up load of hot cum
in her mouth!! The tiny blond child looked forward to it.

All at once, Julie began to cum; her moans getting loader and
turning into a screech as her hands flew to Dave's head and pulled his
face deeper into her hairless pre-teen opening. "GUHHH GUHHHH GUHHHHH",
she grunted as the spasms of orgasm jerked the 10 year old child. Her
head snapped forward and back with each spasm of her cunt. Dave pushed
his face deeper into the 5th graders pre-pubescent vagina, loving the way
the inner walls grasped at this probing tongue, and the way her sweet
pre-teen juices coated his cheeks and chin!

Julie's orgasm seemed to set off a chain reaction with first her
sister Jennifer starting to spasm, and then Trisha groaning as if in pain,
but instead in ecstasy. Jennifer opened her mouth, but no sound came out
as her eyes flew open, but didn't see anything. Her hips bucked up and
down and it was all John could do to keep his lips in contact with her
twitching pre-teen cunt. She squeezed on Tina's hand so hard that it
brought Tina back from the brink of her own dance with convulsive pleasure.
Down the couch Trisha was shouting, "YES... I'M CUMMMIIIINNNNGGGGG...
AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ......" Cathy was amazed that an 8 year old could
cum so hard, and said as much to Evelyn. Both women were amazed at how
hot the little 3rd grader was as they watched slender legs straighten and
bend with the rhythm of her pulsing cunny. Even Betty seemed to be really
getting into having her tiny sex opening licked and massaged by Howard;
the 6 year old had one hand on his head, holding onto his hair, while the
other hand had reached back under her bottom and was firmly grasping one
of her small ass cheeks, holding her tiny ass open so that Howard could
probe even deeper into her unbelievably tight rectum with his pinkie
finger. Her body squirmed under the fat man's assault on her small sex

The whole couch was filled with small girls, thrashing and
convulsing in orgasm; pouring out the juices of their pre-teen cunny's to
the waiting mouths of these men who loved sucking and fucking little girls.
Tina could stand it no more; her head snapped backward and her mouth
opened in a long deep moan as immense wave after wave of pleasure radiated
from between her open legs to travel up her body, through her belly and
flat chest, and explode just behind her eyeballs. Her legs snapped
straight out, the muscles taut; her chest flushed deep red; her jaw
twitched but no coherent sound came out.
say, and then she began to convulse, her hips moving in short, sharp
jerks up and down into Jim's mouth. Jim could feel each convulsion on his
finger, now inserted deeply into her fresh, school-girl cunt. Her vagina
was sucking on his finger, in.. out, with each contraction of pleasure
that wracked the little girl. Tina without realizing it was now squeezing
back on Jennifer's hand as hard as Jennifer had been squeezing her. In a
small part of her mind, Tina thought that if felt good to have the company
of other little girls when having sex, this being the first time that
she'd ever had sex with another little girl around (not counting of course
her masturbation in the same room she shared with her little sister). It
made her feel less strange to know that she wasn't perverted for letting a
grown man lick her pussy to orgasm, and that she wasn't the only pre-teen
girl to like having orgasms with grown men.

Tina was the last to begin recovering from her shuddering orgasm.
When she brought her head back to a normal position and looked down the
couch, all the youngsters were panting and letting their legs fall down on
their older lovers. The men for their part had stopped their intense oral
manipulation of the children's cunts, and were now mostly just rubbing
their partners hairless opening's with their hands and fingers, and
commenting to each other on how the kids had cum so hard. Tina still
didn't have the concentration to pay attention to what was being said,
other than to get the impression that it was complimentary!

After a minute or two of post-orgasm recovery, Caty and Evelyn
announced that the cake was cut up and ready for consumption. Betty, of
course, was the first one up to grab her piece of cake. She was still
just barely too young to have and orgasm, and so did not have to recover
her wits like the other girls. But one by one, each of them got up off
the couch and went to get their piece of cum covered birthday cake.

"Damn, that was nice Jim! How is it you always manage to plan the
best little parties?", asked Dave.

"Hey, creative mind!! And besides, I get alot of ideas from the
other film makers I've met."

"Speaking of which", said Dave, "how long before your next trip to
Amsterdam to sell a new batch?"

"Well, I was planning on going at the end of the month", he said,
turning away from the VCR where he'd just popped in a fresh tape of kiddie
porn, "but now I think I might hold off a little and see what I kind of
material I can work up using Tina. I think, Tina has some real potential,
and just the right looks, you know, with the school uniform and all, to
really sell well!"

"Yeah, she's hot alright. Hey, if you need any help in that
department, let me know."

"Count me in TOO!"

"Hey.. Me too!" All the men piped up. When it came to fucking or
sucking Tina, all these men were anxious to help in her belated
introduction to every sexual perversion that could be captured on film.

"HEEEYYYY .. Have I ever forgotten you guys? Don't worry about
it. Believe me, if I need the help, I'll call you guys first."

On the other side of the room the little girls were having their
own conversation.

"You know.. you can't even taste the cum on this cake."

"Yeah.. I know. I can see it, but it doesn't taste like anything
when you mix it with the chocolate."

"You can taste it if you lick straight from a man's wiener!", said
little Betty, who knew whereof she spoke. This comment evoked general
laughter from the kids, and comments that Betty must know what she's
talking about. The little girls, being children, quickly consumed their
first portions of cake and most asked for a second, smaller piece, semen
coating or no!

Tina sat down next to Jennifer, wanting to ask the girl some
questions about the video's she'd seen her in. "ahh Jennifer.. ahh
didn't it bother you to, like, have someone film you all those times?"

"No. I been on film LOTS of times, since I was 4 years old in

"But.. well, it seemed like they hurt you pretty bad. Didn't that
bother you?"

"well... uh. Yeah. I guess it hurt sometimes, but most of the
time my Daddy or the other men treat me real good. My mom says that
sometimes men like to hurt little girls cause it turns them on, so when it
hurts, I just think about how much it's turning my Daddy or whoever on,
and it never lasts very long anyway. Mom says it makes me more attractive
to men when they know I'll do whatever they want. Doesn't your Dad ever
hurt you?"

Tina felt suddenly embarrassed. Her Dad didn't even know Tina knew
anything about sex, let alone ever HAVING sex with his little girl. One
part of Tina knew that this was normal, but the other part wanted to fit
in with her new found group of friends and found it awkward to explain
that she DIDN'T have sex with her father. "well.. uh.. My Daddy never...
I mean.. We never.."

Julie jumped in to save Tina, knowing what she was trying to say.
"She doesn't do it with her Dad!"

"Why? Don't you love him?", asked Jennifer.

"Well, Yeah I love him, but he never even wants me to learn about
anything. I don't think he'd want to, you know, do it with me."

"Oh.", said Jennifer. Now it was her turn to be a little
embarrassed. She'd been involved with sexual activities with her father
and others from the time she started to talk! She'd always been told
NEVER to discuss it outside the home because there were lots of people who
weren't as loving as her family and that those other people weren't
normal, even if they were the majority! She never expected to meet
someone from one of those families as one of Jim Phillips parties,
especially when that someone was sitting next to her naked and eating
chocolate cake with semen splashed all over it. "I guess that's okay, I
mean I love my Daddy alot, so I'll do anything he tells me too. Maybe
your Daddy will love you like that someday too, but I guess it's okay for
now." Then she brightened, "Hey.. You got US! We can all do things
together, I mean at least for today, and if you can ever come over to our
house our Daddy would love to do things with all of us."

Tina thought it a strange invitation, but liked the feeling of
instant acceptance from Jennifer and her sister Julie. It would be nice
to be part of a really loving family, especially if it involved orgasms
and more sex. Her own family was starting to look shabby in comparison to
the loving attention that everyone paid the little girls in Jim Phillips
house. "Yeah.. I'd like that..", and the children exchanged addresses,
Tina realizing that Jennifer and Julie lived only 2 blocks away across the

"How come I never saw you in school?", asked Jenny.

"I go to Our Lady Catholic School.", Tina answered.

"Oh... No wonder. Hey!! Look at this!!", she said, pointing at
the TV screen.

On screen a little, naked, dirty blond girl of about 5 was
standing in the middle of a group of 6 men. The men were each stroking
their large cocks, some rubbing them against parts of the child as
masturbated over her. One man reached down and grabbed the child by the
hair, not pulling, but controlling her movement of her head. He pushed
her face forward until her lips were pushed up against the head of one
particularly large penis, the head of which was purple and looked ready to
pop. And pop it did, sending a geyser of white semen into the 5 year old's
open mouth. Spurt after spurt of cum shot from the large erection, and
the man moved his cock all over the pre-schoolers face as he covered her
pretty features in his sperm. No sooner had he shot his last than the
child had her face pushed up against another man in the group, who
immediately shot a wad of jizm into the child's right eye. The 5 year old
flinched back, but could not escape the onslaught that splashed onto her
face. Her small hand reached up to rub her eye just at a third man began
to spray the left side of her face, hitting the side of her nose and even
sending a spray of love juice into her left ear. Still, the man didn't
let go of the little girl, moving her to face another man who was
masturbating furiously. The little pre-schooler managed to get her eye
clear just in time to have the forth man shot an immense load of cum
across the lips of her mouth. Someone reached in and pulled down on the
little girls chin, reminding her to open her mouth, and the little girl
obeyed, as a second large load shot right into her mouth, missing her lips
completely. The man's accuracy and volume both dwindled quickly, and the
rest of his load wound up on her neck and chest, where it rolled down her
body. The fifth man stepped up to the little girl and tried to shot his
load into her mouth, but instead of shooting from the end of his cock, his
semen seemed to dribble out the end, coating the man's own fingers more
than getting on the small girl standing waiting for his cum. Finally, the
man just rubbed his cock on the girls face, and rubbed the semen from his
hands onto her forehead where it began to drip down over her left eye.
When that man stepped back, the sixth man moved around to the front of the
child. He never lost his grip on her head, and as he jerked he pulled her
mouth closer to the end of his swollen erection. The youngster's eyes
moved from watching the cock being beating off in front of her to the
face of the man jerking off over her. He must have given her some verbal
instructions because the girl opened real wide, and the man shoved his
penis into her pre-school mouth. He pulled on her head once.. twice, and
though only the head of his cock would fit in her mouth, you could tell by
the jerking of his large organ that he was cumming in the 5 year old's
mouth. The youngster's eyes were wide open, focused on the base of the
erection that was shoved into her stretched mouth. Her head jerked a
little, moved by the spasms of the spitting penis in her mouth. Suddenly,
and explosion of sperm shot from the side of child's mouth, it seems that
the man had flooded her mouth with the first load, and the second had no
where to got when it was forcefully pumped into her little mouth. Sperm
was running from all sides of the 5 year old's mouth, coming in waves as
it was pumped into her mouth from the churning testicles of the man
towering over her. Finally, the man backed off from the girl, shooting one
last load onto her upper lip. The little girl coughed up some semen that
had gone down the wrong pipe, and then the hand, that had never left the
back of her head, turned her to face the camera. Her sweet, smooth 5 year
old face was covered from top to bottom in a rapidly drying coating of
male cum. Large strings of cum were dangling from her chin, some falling
to the floor, and some sticking to her flat, almost sunken chest where it
rolled down to the hairless crevice that peeked out from between her
skinny legs. The scene faded to black, and then the next scene in the
montage tape started.

"Do you know how that was, Tina?", asked Jennifer.

"I know!! I know!!", said Betty.

"Hush.. I asked Tina!! Can you guess?"

"uhhh.. Was that you?", she asked Jennifer.

"No.. It was ME!", said Julie. "That's like one of the first
times our Dad let me on tape! Uncle Jim filmed it right here.. well,
upstairs anyway."

"How old were you there.. you looked real young?"

"I had just turned 5! It's like Jenny said, Daddy started loving
us when we were real young so I already knew what cum tasted like. He
wanted me to taste different men, so we had a bunch of men come here and I
did it with them. Not bad for my first time on film, huh", she said with
obvious pride.

"You got to do a movie with Mr. Phillips one time too, didn't you?"

"Yeah. I got to go to North Carolina, to the Smokey mountains.
Jim had rented a cabin way back in the woods where we stayed and we go to
see all the sights. I liked the swinging bridge on Grandfather Mountain
the best!"

"What was the movie about?"

"Oh.. I was all about how backwoods people used to live before
there was lectricity and all that stuff. We all got dressed up in real
old clothes and stuff, and pretended we were backwoods people. I was the
only girl in a family with 8 really big brothers.... they weren't really
my brothers or anything, it was just the movie. Anyway, in the movie I
got, like, caught by each one of the brother's, and they all forced me to
do different things."

"Tell her about the deer!!"

Julie laughed, "Yeah.. one time we were shooting this scene where
two of the brothers chased me into the woods and were like ripping my
clothes off.. they were both naked already, and we were filming this scene
and all, and this deer comes running out of the woods and like almost
trips over one of the guys! I don't know who was more scared, that guy or
the deer. He let out a scream and fell backwards on his ass and rolls
over trying to get away from this deer. The deer sorta spins around and
shoots off in another direction faster than I've ever seen anything run.
So everyone cracks up, we're laughing an all, and suddenly this guy is
yelling and jumping up and down holding his bottom. Everyone runs over to
him and he's bleeding all over the place from a cut on his ass!" By now,
all the other girls are giggling because they'd heard the story before
and Julie is laughing while she's telling it, so Tina begins to chuckle
along too. "Anyway, they all decide he needs stitches, so we all get
dressed in our real clothes, walk back to the car and drive to the local
hospital half an hour away. We're all sitting in the waiting room,
waiting, when this doctor comes out and asks Jim what happened. Jim says
that we were all sitting on the porch and that this guy leaned against the
rail and it gave way, and he musta cut himself on a nail or something.
That's the story we all agreed on, when we drove into town. The doctor
looks at Jim for a second, not sayin anything Then he says, "Uh huh.
Okay.. That's what he said, and I guess it's none of my business, but I
sure can't imagine how he managed to get a cut that needed 20 stitches on
his butt when there's no sign of a hole in his pants! Sure beats me."
Then he starts to walk off, but just before he goes through the door back
to the surgery area, her turns to Jim and says, "By the way, that porch of
yours. You might want to cut back some of the vegetation a bit. Seems
your friend not only got hisself a nasty cut on the rear, but somehow,
he's managed to get poison ivy all over his utensil on the other side, if
you know what I mean. And there ain't no hole in that side of his pants,
either!" And with that he walks back into the other room. So anyhow that
guy didn't get to be in any more scenes in THAT movie, if you know what I mean!

All the girls cracked up, Tina with them. Julie had told this
story a dozen times and had it down perfect. The adults across the room
looked up at this explosion of laughter from this group of naked little
girls, and wondered, briefly, what was so funny, but they quickly went
back to their "adult" talk, mostly a running commentary on the scene after
scene of kiddie porn that was playing on the TV. Jim had amassed an
amazing collection over the years, not surprising considering that was how
he made his living. His camera was almost constantly running, and every
few months he would make a trip to see his friends in Amsterdam to sell
them the latest clips. They paid generously for his loops, and even more
for one of his "features". Jim might spend $10,000 in making a feature,
though he re-couped some of that by charging some of the men involved who
wanted to be "actors". His features were scripted, costumed, and filmed
at various sites around the United States. The young girls he starred
were invariably there with the permission of their parents. He always
tried to come up with a theme for each film, and the plot and location
revolved around the theme. Jim Phillips thought of himself as Roman
Polanski at heart, with the only difference being that HE wasn't afraid to
use the little girls sexually in any way that he thought would sell. Jim
Phillips drew the line at making "snuff" films, though he'd been offered
immense amounts of cash for that type of movie. But just about anything
else was considered Okay. If bondage was required, then some small girl
would get tied up. If a little pain was appropriate, then a young
pre-teen would be sure to feel it. If the scene called for a really
innocent girl, then Jim had ways of getting inexperience virgins to use.
Golden showers.. no problem. Gang bangs... no problem. Animals.. no
problem. Rape.. no problem. Age and experience didn't matter to Jim.
The youngest girl he'd ever used had been 3 years old. He'd gotten a
group of 15 men to jerk off in her mouth, and then had tied her up to be
fucked by a Great Dane! The oldest woman to appear in one of his films
was 63, a grandmother who got off on using a whip on her own granddaughter
while the youngster was begin fucked by her grand-father. It was all
grist for his roving video camera, and money in his pocket!

Jim, of course, had to be careful as his pursuits weren't exactly
legal. He kept ALL his kiddie porn on easily erasable video. He'd built
a special room in which to store his collection. This room needed a
combination to open, though there was no lock on the door. If the door
was opened without the combination, then a transformer was tripped off
that generated a powerful magnetic field in the room. In a second, every
tape and disk in there would be "de-gaussed"; erased, and no physical
evidence would be available "... to be used against you in a court of
law." Jim didn't worry about accidental erasure. He had copies of most
of his stuff in a storage locker under a false id. If he ever needed to
re-create the best parts of his collection, then he could have it all back
and copied again in a week or so.

Jim's friends had a vague idea that this was how he made his
money. They didn't pry, but they did enjoy the fruits of his labors.
There was a core group of men that Jim Phillips would invite over whenever
he had a new little girl that needed teaching, like Tina. Tina's
education had really only just begun, and the men were all looking forward
to helping her in her up coming lessons.

Everyone enjoyed talking for a while, no one bothering to get
dressed. The kiddie porn played on as a background, the way some people
put music on in the background. Scene after scene played out with kids of
all ages involved with men of all ages. There were scenes with single
young girls and multiple adult men. Scenes with a young boy and adult
women. Scenes involving light bondage; no real pain involved so that the
party mood would not be ruined. There was one scene where a grown man
stood and pissed all over the front of 12 year old girl whose small
breasts were just beginning to form; Tina had her back turned and failed
to see that scene, otherwise she would have been shocked. The other girls
had either seen such scenes, or been the targets of some hot streams of
piss before, so they didn't think to mention it, even if they did see it.
The effect on the men was to cause erections to begin to rise again, and
thoughts to wander back to the group of small nude girls giggling on the
other side of the room.

"Okay folks.. As the official host of this party I guess it's time
for the next little game. It's called Who's That! Come on over here
girls ... Come on.. gather round. Okay, here's how it works!", Jim said
as he pulled a box down from one of the bookcases at the end of the room.
"Each of you girls has to wear a blind fold." Jim opened the box and began
to take out a set of leather blind folds as he spoke, "then you're all
gonna line up here on the floor on your hands and knees. Then, us adults,
and that means Cathy and Evelyn too, are gonna take turns fucking you.
When you hear Betty say 'NOW!' you have to shout out who you think has
their cock in you!"

"uh.. How are Cathy and Evelyn .. uh.. gonna.. do it?", asked Tina
in an embarrassed voice.

Then from across the room everyone heard, "TA DAAAAAA!!" from
Cathy as she and Evelyn walked across the room proudly displaying their
newly attached, rubber hard-ons. The fake dicks swung back and forth as
the women walked across the room, and Tina's question was instantly
answered by the sight of these strap-on dildoes.

"That's how.", said Jim. "Now, here's the catch. Any adult who
gets 'caught" twice has to drop out of the game! They lose if you girls
can guess who they are twice. But you cant reveal that you are out of the
game by talking. You girls lose if you guess wrong three times. The last
two people left fucking will be the best guessing girl, and the hardest to
guess adult! For them I have another little prize all set up. Sound like

"Oh, yeah!" "Sure sounds good to me!" "Wait while I disguise my
dick!" These comments from the adults standing around the clump of 4
girls. "Okay!", said Jennifer, and immediately stepped up to be
blindfolded. The other adults each grabbed a blindfold and tied them onto
the willing, youngsters. Once blind folded, except for Betty, the 4
pre-teens were placed next to each other on the floor on their hands and
knees. "Now, Betty, when I point at you, you say 'NOW!', and then you
girls have to guess who your partner is then. When all of the girls have
guessed, we all switch partners again. I've got my darkroom timer set up
where we can see it. You fuck for 1 minute, and then switch every time the
minute hand reaches the top. NO TALKING!! Otherwise these bright little
girls are gonna use your voice to know where you are! Okay, everyone got
the rules?"

Everyone agreed that they had the rules pretty much down pat, and
another minute was spent applying K-Y jell to hard ready cocks, and small,
hairless, young pussies. When each of the little girls had been
sufficiently prepared to receive a hard adult erection, Jim said, "Ready...
Set.. FUCK!" and the seven adults each made a bee line toward the
youngster of his or her choice. Needless to say, with seven adults ready
to fuck, and only four pre-teen cunts to be filled, a little silent
negotiation took place before each girl had an adult behind her, prodding
her small opening with a long hard cock. Cathy, Jim, and Tom were forced
to sit out the first minute of fucking, but still got to enjoy the sight
of each of the little pre-teens gasping as their young vagina's were
stretched by the invading members.

"AAAhhhh", said Tina as she the cock that had been placed between
her smooth, 11 year old labia penetrated deep into her tight pussy. A
pair of large hands grabbed her slender waist and pulled her forcefully
back onto the erection. Tina was not as used to being fucked as the other
young girls, and so still felt immensely stretched by the hard adult penis
being shoved up into her. The cock seemed much longer than any she'd ever
had before, and the large hands on her waist suggested to her that it was
not one of the women with the strap-on cocks that was now starting to fuck
the little 6th grader. Of course the give-away was the grunts of passion
she heard close to the back of her head as her partner leaned over, almost
laying on Tina's back, and began to hump her hard. It certainly seemed
like more than a minute, but after humping little Tina for a time, the man
straightened up, and removed his hard penis from her soft young cunt.

Tina was actually disappointed. The fucking had started to feel
good, and for a second, Tina had forgotten that it was a game. It was
strange to be fucked while blind-folded. It made the sensations in her
young pussy feel that much more intense. But before too long, a few
seconds, really, Tina felt another large pole being pushed against the
smooth outer lips of her vagina. The head of the new cock popped past the
entrance to her tight, young cunt and the shaft slid slowly into the small
girl. Suddenly, she heard Betty shout "NOW!", and her mind went blank.
Who was that? It shocked Tina to realize that she was begin fucked and
she didn't have any clue as to who it was!!! Just a week and a half ago,
she had been a good little catholic school virgin, knowing nothing about
sex except for the furtive conversations between the other girls in her
6th grad class. Now, she was on her hands and knees letting anybody who
wanted to fuck her moist, pink, hairless cunny! With all these thoughts
suddenly in her head, she didn't even hear Jennifer as she went first to
shout out her guess as to WHO'S THAT!

"Wrong...", said Betty when Julie guessed Tom. "Now you, Tina."

"Uhhh Uhhhh.. I don't know!!"

"You gotta guess!", insisted the little 6 year old.

"uhh.. Okay.. uhhh, JIM!"

"Wrong... Okay.. Julie and Tina.. you each got one wrong. Okay..

And suddenly the person in Tina's pussy began to fuck her in
earnest. A pair of slender hands grabbed her hips, and she suddenly
realized that it was one of the women that was fucking her. She could
feel the leather straps holding the dildoe in place as they pounded
against her butt. The plastic cock stretched her insides, and she began
to feel good again, when suddenly it was pulled from her clutching
pre-teen cunt. 'Damn, this is frustrating!', Tina thought to herself,
just as it begins to feel good, the fucking ends and the adults all
re-arrange themselves.

Large hands took hold of her small round ass cheeks and spread
them apart as a hot cock bumped up against the lips of her small cunt.
This man wasted no time in shoving his cock hard up into the 6th grader.
He moaned, but that didn't give away his identity. Once again, Tina
didn't realize who was fucking her young cunt. Not until the man reached
around the 11 year old with one arm, hugging her small body to his much
larger form. Then she realized that Howard, the large overweight man, was
fucking her small body. He grunted as he humped, shoving his erection
hard into the little girl causing Tina to be jerked back and forth under
him. If it weren't for the fact that he was holding onto her, Tina would
have gone sprawling forward on the carpet from the force of his thrusts.
And once again, though the fucking she was getting was rough, Tina began
to feel the pleasure starting again. Howard's hard thrust were stretching
the skin of her labia and stimulating her clit so that Tina knew she could
cum, if the fucking lasted long enough.

But once again, they heard Betty shout, "NOW!". This time, Tina
didn't hesitate, but shouted out "HOWARD!!" before anyone else. Jennifer
and Julie quickly too their guesses, and both were declared wrong! Trisha
guessed Cathy, and wasn't told that she was wrong. Suddenly, Tina
realized something and spoke up, "Hey.. that's not fair. We know our
scores, but what about the adults!!??"

"That's part of the challenge, Tina", she heard Jim's voice from
across the room. Even if one of us gets caught twice, we don't declare
ourselves out of the game! That way, unless you've already been keeping
count, you can't figure out how many of us are still back here ready to
take our turns!! It means you have to fuck and think at the same time...
and that's what makes it such a challenging game!"

"Ohhh MAN!" "AAwwwww" And other moans of sudden realization came
from the bent over little girls. But before they could protest too much,
each was being battered again by an adult, each getting fucked so that
they couldn't keep all the necessary numbers straight in their minds.
Tina knew she had guessed right and that it was Fat Howard that was
holding her around the waist, and humping her. His cock, felt good and,
though each youngster had been liberally greased with K-Y before the game
started, Tina could tell that her own natural lubrication was becoming
more copious between her reddened labia. And once again, the man stopped
and left the 6th grader panting, wishing that the fucking would not end.

Another set of hands on her hips, and another cock was inserted
into young Tina. By this time, all the girls were getting turned on.
Tina could hear them panting and moaning next to her as they too began to
get turned on by the fucking cocks. She could hear the sound of small,
round pre-teen butts slapping against the thighs of the adults doing the
fucking as the young girls were pulled back hard onto the penetrating
poles of hard meat. The men doing the fucking weren't silent either, as
grunts of effort, and moans of pleasure could be heard all down the line.
Tina's own pussy was starting to twitch, and she could feel that an orgasm
was just around the corner, when once again, Betty called, "NOW!". Trisha
blurted out Tom's name, and was called wrong. Jennifer guessed Evelyn,
and was also called wrong. Julie took a stab and also said Evelyn, and
this time, she wasn't called wrong. When it came to Tina's turn, she
didn't have a clue. The cock in her had not stopped it's slow rocking
back and forth in her small cunt. She took a guess and said Tom, and was
not called wrong. "Gotcha..", she said over her shoulder, and was
answered with a couple of hard thrusts into her young pussy. The hands
tightened around her waist again, and the pounding began again. The
youngsters were really beginning to get turned on, and Julie was beginning
to moan loudly with each breath. After another minute, the men all
stopped again, and withdrew. "NO!! Fuck me some more! Please keep
fucking me!", said Julie, her pleading indicating that she was close to

Another switch in partners, and Tina felt herself in a powerful
grip. The hands on her hips were large, and her slender body was slammed
back hard onto a long pole of cock. The cock had no trouble entering the
11 year old girl; her well-used pussy was lubricating copiously in
reaction to the hard sex. The power of the slamming that Tina was getting
made her lose all ability to THINK straight. She forgot about the game and
concentrated instead on the orgasm building in her pre-teen cunny. The
man humping her reached up with both hands and took her smooth shoulders,
using them to drive the little girl back onto his hard cock. "Nuuuhhh
Nuhhhh Nuuuhhh", said Tina with each hard thrust into her body; the air
was being driven from her lungs as the cock inside her used up every spare
centimeter of space in her pre-teen belly. Suddenly, her cunt convulsed
hard on the large erection, and Tina began to cum. "AAAAAEEEEEIEIIIIIII",
she cried as her small body spasmed hard, and the pleasure swept thru her
small frame. Even Tina could the insides of her cunt gripping the large
penis there, milking it, sucking it, squeezing the hard member within her.
Whoever it was had stopped slam fucking the little girl when she started
to cum, and now he just kept his erection help deep in her. He held her
shoulders, though it was difficult with the way young Tina was convulsing,
and pulled the 11 year old back onto his cock; making sure the little girl
stayed squewered on his hot pole.

Down the line, Julie too was cumming and convulsing; her hairless
quim jerking hard on large penis shoved into her 10 year old form. Both
little girls moaned and jerked and convulsed and shouted as their small
pre-teen bodies were racked with orgasm. Tina finally collapsed, her arms
no longer able to hold her face off the floor. She let the front of her
body hit the carpet, the nipples on her small pre-breasts just touching
the ground. Her lover let her fall, but quickly grabbed her hips so that
she wouldn't fall completely off his still throbbing penis. Again, he
began to fuck the little girl, who was no helpless. The fucking got
harder, and 11 year old Tina was pushed about like a rag-doll, her face
moving back and forth on the carpet as the man drove his cock into her
hairless slit again and again and again. She could hear Julie sobbing as
she too was continuously fucked through her orgasm. "My GOD!", thought
Tina, "I really LOVE THIS!" Nine year old Jennifer was saying, "Fuck me..
Fuck me.. Fuck me.. Fuck me.." over and over again, obviously getting
ready for her own orgasm.

"NOW!", said Betty and Trisha shouted out Jim's name. Jennifer,
"Who, Jennifer? Who should keep fucking you?"

"I don't CARE! Fuck me.. uhh Dave!"

"Okay, sweetheart. You got me. I'm gonna FUCK.. YOU.. HARD", and
with each word, Tina could hear that he slammed himself home in the 9 year
old birthday girl.

"Tina... who do you guess?"

Tina was still face down on the floor, and it took all the
strength in her to lift herself up. Given the power of the wonderful
fucking she had just received, Tina softly said, "John" and knew that she
was right. Only his big powerful arms could have shoved her small 11 year
old body around like that, using her entire pre-teen form as a
masturbation tool, as a hot, wet, tight clamp around his cock.

"Okay.. Julie.. Julie! You gotta guess."

Still panting from her orgasm, Tina heard Julie softly say Dave's

From somewhere nearby, Jim said, "Sorry Julie, that's 3 wrong.
You're out of the game. Here.. Lemme take that blind fold off and you can
watch the rest of the game." He went over to the young girl and undid her
blindfold. As soon as it was off, Julie turned to see who had screwed her
to such and orgasm and was surprised to see Cathy looking down at her; the
plastic cock still stretching her tight hairless cunt. Cathy put her
finger to her mouth to silence Julie's gasp of surprise and removed the
dildoe from her. All the other girls could hear was Julie getting up and
walking over to the couch to watch while the rest of them continued to
play the game.

On the couch with Julie were Howard and Tom, both of whom had been
found out twice already and so were out of the running. They wasted no
time in starting to fondle the naked 10 year old, and began to play their
own game on the couch. Meanwhile the 3 youngsters remaining in the game
began again. After a few more switches, and a screeching orgasm by Jennifer,
Evelyn, Cathy and John had been found out. Jennifer had also been
eliminated so that finally, Dave and Jim were left humping Tina and Trisha
in the middle of the living room. Betty had been enjoying her role as
master of ceremonies, though she hadn't been keeping score, and one of the
adults was always coaching her on what to say and when to say it. Now
most of the group was enjoying the screwing being given to the little girls.

Tina was starting to get tired. Not that she wanted to stop
fucking; the pleasure in her young cunt was still ever present whenever a
hard cock was being pushed into her. But her arms were tired of holding
herself up in a kneeling position. She had 2 wrong points and so did
Trisha. If either of them guessed wrong this time, the other would be the
winner. When Betty said, "Okay.. NOW!", Tina was in a quandary. The
person fucking her felt familiar, but she didn't want to be wrong! Being
as how she had only been having sex for a week and a half, the only
'familiar' person to her would be Jim, and so that's what she said. And
she was right! Then when Trisha guessed, she said "Tom", who answered her
from the couch, "Sorry little lady.. but I'm way over here, and my dick
don't reach that far!"

Tina was the winner for the girls and Dave was the winner for the
Adults. Each man reached down and undid the blindfolds on the girls bent
over in front of them, then leaned down and kissed them before withdrawing
their still hard cocks. "So, what's the prize?", said Dave as he helped
Trisha to her feet. The 8 year old wasn't to steady, having
been fucking for the last 20 minutes with only short breaks between partners.

"Well, I guess that you and Tina here get to star in one of my
short subjects! How's that sound, Tina.. Want to be the star of a short

"Sure.", she said as Jim helped her to her feet and gave her a big

"Great. I'll let you know all the details when I get it arranged."

"Hey, Man!", called Howard. "Like now that all the prizes have
been given out do you think I could have a chance to cum. I've been
watching you guys all afternoon, and I'm ready to BUST!"

"Sounds good to us!", said both women; not surprisingly, since
they hadn't managed to keep their hands from each other all day anyway.

"Hey.. I'm ready to pop again" "Let's go for it!" and similar
comments were made by the other men.

"Okay, kids.. I guess it's a free-for-all!", said Jim, and he
immediately took Tina over to the couch. "Come here sweetheart. Now,
lean over the back... That's good. Now spread your legs, honey." Jim had
guided the little elementary school girl to the bad of the couch, and then
made her lean over it, resting most of her weight on her stomach. Her
feet left the floor as the child fell forward and caught herself with her
hands to keep from falling completely over the couch. Jim Phillips wasted
no time in spreading her legs and pushing a finger deep into her bald
quim. "Yeah, honey. Keep those legs spread for me. I'm gonna fuck you
so deep, honey. Just you wait." But Tina didn't have to wait long. She
soon felt his finger replace by his much larger cock, which he slowly
pushed up into the 11 year old, spreading her hairless lips with his
invading member. "NUH", grunted Tina as Jim rammed his large cock home
into her pre-teen, bald cunny. His hands held her small, bony hips firmly
as his cock pistoned in an out of her roughly used littl cunt. Even
though her head was being jerk back and forth by Jim's thrusts into her
small quim, Tina had a good view of the rest of the goings on in the room.

Howard had immediately grabbed the smallest child, Betty, and laid
her on the floor. He then straddled the little 6 year old, pinning her
arms at her side, and waving his erection in her face. The tiny girls
body almost disappeared under the expanse of the big man's ass. Only her
legs and the top of her crotch with it's tiny, hairless lips could be seen
behind the man. He was rubbing his large penis all the 1st grader's face,
stroking it against her lips, and urging her to lick it. Little Betty
complied with the request and her small toungue darted out to stroke the
underside of the fat man's erection. Her lips already glistened with a
coating of the pre-cum fluid that was seeping from the slit in the end of
Howard's wang. "Oh, yeah, little baby! Am I ever gonna unload on your
face! Tell Howard how much you want to my load on your face, baby. Tell
me you really want to taste my hot cum, baby." "I love to taste cum!",
answered the 1st grader to the man masterbating over her sweet young face.
"You can cum in my mouth as much as you want!", she said, grinning up at
Howard, and then once again, licking the underside of his penis.

A glance to the left, and Tina saw that Julie was pinned under the
2 women, Cathy and Evelyn. Julie's face was no where to be seen as Cathy
had straddled the 10 year old's face, with her cunt and ass pressed down
on Julie's mouth. She was jerking her hips back and forth across the
girl's mouth, obviously enjoying whatever it was Julie was doing to her
under there. Evelyn had her face in Julie's smooth crotch and was going
down on the youngster with relish. Tina could see that Evelyn was pushing
her fingers up into Julie's small twat, and was also working a finger into
the girls rectum as well. Julie's slender hips bucked under the invasion,
but no sound could escape her mouth which was full of Cathy's cunt.

Just down the couch, John and Tom were both using 8 year old
Trisha for thier pleasure. John had straddled the 3rd graders flat chest,
and shoved his large cock into her willing mouth. He held the back of her
head with one hand and pulled her face rapidly on and off his cock,
shoving it deep into the little girls mouth with each stroke. His large
thigh muscles pinned Trisha's small arms to her sides and his ass rubbed
back and forth across her flat nipples as he rocked his hips in time to
the pulles on young Trisha's head. Tom, in the mean time, had one hand
under each of Trisha's small knees, and had bent her legs apart and up
till they were almost by the girls sides. He let his weight rest on her
legs, causing her small, hairless young opening to spread for his invading
cock. Her clit protruded from the top of her bald slit, and the lips of
her cunt were stretched thin and tight around him. He too, rocked his
hips back and forth, sawing in and out of the 8 year old snatch. His cock
glistened with pre-teen lubrication as inch after swollen inch disappeared
into the tiny 3rd grade girl.

From her vangtage point, bent over the couch, Tina could not see
Dave and Jennifer, but she could hear the 9 year old birthday girl around
the other side of the room. "oooOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW, oooohhh Sloweer,
Please... OOWW.. Please don't push it in my bottom so HARD OOOWWW!...
Okay...... Okay.... Uh.. Okay... Okay, fuck my bottom now.." Jennifer was
obviously getting Dave's hard meat in her rear entrance. Tina could
picture it in her mind; little Jennifer bent over, her brown hair hanging
down into her face, grimacing as her small round bottom was spread, and a
large cock pressed against the tiny brown hole thus exposed. The cock
would bend under the pressure of trying to penetrate the pre-teen's small
butt, but eventually, the large round head would slip past Jennifer's
shpincter muscles, and inch after large round inch would be pressed into
the 4th grader's small hole. Tina had only been butt-fucked once, and so
wouldn't have believed it if she had been told that Jennifer had actually
asked to her her small bottom reamed saying, "Please fuck my bottom. I
love having a large dick in my ass!" But that was exactly what had
occured, and Dave was determined to fuck the little slut's ass until she
couldn't walk right.

Her own cunt was reacting to Jim's violent thrusts. Though Tina
was a little sore after the fucking contest just ended, still the large
erection plunging into her tight canal was starting to overcome the
soreness and build to a new orgasm. Anyone watching the 11 year old would
have thought she was a total slut as she started to use her hands on the
couch to press herself backward onto Jim's hard thrusts. She could hear
the sound of his flesh slapping against hers and small "uh"'s escaped from
her mouth each time his penis pushed it's way up into her small body,
hitting and then stretching aside the entrance to her womb. 'Oh, God.
I'm going to cum again!", she thought, and couldn't believe that her body
would respond this way, when she was a virgin just a week before. Her
school girl body, though slender and undeveloped, seemed to be built for
sex, and she loved the feeling of a large adult cock being shoved into her
hairless 11 year old cunt.

In the mean time, Howard had moved his fat body forward until his
the cheeks of his large butt hung over little Betty's face. He was
pressing down on her face with his ass, telling the little girl to lick
his asshole while he jerked on his cock. His testicles bounced up and
down on the 6 year olds head as she toungued his ass. She had done this
for Howard before, and knew that he loved it when she pushed her small
toungue as far as she could into the man's ass. So she would stick out
her toungue in a sharp point and push her face deep into the crack of his
ass, barely driving the tip of her toungue past the large man's sphincter
and into his ass. She could feel his sphincter clench and unclench as he
masterbated, and knew that it wouldn't be long until he moved back and
shoot his hot load all over her face, or even into her mouth.

Cathy was crying out and cumming, her hips pushing down hard on
Julie's face. Cathy writhed over the little girl, her breasts bouncing up
and down as she stroked the child's face with her sopping wet pussy, over
and over again. Evelyn hadn't stopped performing cunnilingus on the
pre-teen. She continued to lap the 10 year old's smooth lips,
concentrating her efforts on the swelling clit at the top of the
youngster's adorable twat.

John's fucking of 8 year old Trisha's mouth was becoming erratic.
He was just on the verge of cumming and his hips bucked of their own
accord, driving his large erection deeper and deeper into the little girls
mouth. Trisha was doing her best to stimulate the large penis that filled
her mouth, but the speed of John's fucking, made it difficult, and she
eventually gave up, finding it enough of a challenge just to breath under
and suddenly, his cock swelled again, punishing Trisha's jaws to open
enough to take him. His first load of hot semen exploded into her mouth,
almost drowning her with hot spicy cream. Trisha swallowed his cum, but
before she could finish, his second shot of jizm poored into her mouth.
There wasn't enough room for it, and so it seeped out around her lips, and
began to dribble down, falling off her chin and coating her soft, flat
chest. John's muscular thighs were soon coated in semen as burst after
burst of his hot spunk filled the little girls mouth and, what she
couldn't swallow, dripped down onto her chest where his flexing thighs
rubbed back and forth, fucking the child's mouth.

Tom too, was about to unload his pent up cum into Trisha's tight,
warm depths. He still held her legs pinned back with both hands, and her
small feet thrashed back and forth as his weight shifted, moving his cock
rapidly in and out of Trisha's hairless sex hole. All at once, Tom
stopped moving, his penis completely embedded in the 8 year old girl. His
butt clenched and trembled, and the cords of his neck stood out. Then he
He was completely incoherent as his balls pumped spurt after spurt of cum
deep into the fully impaled 3rd grader. His ass clenched and unclenched
as he filled the little girl with his hot semen, flooding her insides to
capacity with cum. Her immature body couldn't hold his fold and it seeped
from her stretched quim and dribble down to coat her small puckering rectum.
Trisha couldn't respond to the throbbing penis in her because her mouth
was filled with a spurting cock. The tiny girl's body was being flooded
with 2 hot loads of cum; both shot deep into her tight immature pre-teen body.

Howard now lifted his ass of Betty's face, and repositioned the
himself so that his distended penis rested on her small lips again. "Open
your mouth, Betty. You gotta open it as wide as you can!" Betty
complied, though her 6 year old mouth was no match for the giant erection
that Howard feed to her. The head of his penis just barely fit through
the tight "O" of the 1st grader's lips. Howard muttered encouragement to
Betty who had to really strain to keep her mouth open wide enough to
accept his now throbbing pecker. "Oh, sweetheart.. Betty.. I love your
mouth on my hard cock, little girl. You're a really bueatiful little
girl, you know that, honey? You look great with my prick in your face,
baby! I'm gonna push now, sweety. You just keep your mouth open and try
to relax. Gonna.. UH.. push it.. UH.. in your mouth.. UH.. come on,
Betty." Howard was starting to pump his penis into the child's mouth,
using his wieght to try and force his oversized prick into Betty's
immature, and much-to-small throat. Tina could see that Betty was no
longer holding her mouth open; rather, there was no place for her mouth to
go. Howard's penis in her 6 year old mouth, held her jaws stretched to
the limit as it was, but his downward thrusts didn't seem to help in
getting any more hard cock into the youngster's mouth. Her cheeks bulged
outward as Howard shoved down because the head of his erection was
pressing against the entrance to Betty's tiny throat, and expanding
sideways under the weight to bloat her cheeks. "Oh.. Shit, baby.. UH..
That feels great! UH.. Now, look, I know you can take it, so I'm gonna
push real hard now.. Just open your throat! UUUUUHHHHHHHYYEEEAAAAHHHH!"
Unbelieavably, when Howard really leaned onto his erection, Tina could see
that it slowly slipping deeper into the small girl's face. Betty's throat
bulged large, and the tiny child began to struggle under the large fat
man. Her legs began to kick in an uncoordinated fashion as she struggled
for breath. Her chest spasmed with pain, and panic as Howard's penis cut
off the little girls air supply.

Evelyn had heard Howard's triumphant cry as the head of his prick
penetrated the tight opening to Betty's 6 year old throat. She quickly
got up, but instead of coming to the flailing child's aid, she walked over
and sat down on the little girls legs, straddling the child's knees and
pinning them to the floor. She then reached out and grabbed Betty's hands
in her own and stopped the tiny child from her futile beating at Howard's
ass. Cathy, Betty's mother, was finally recovering from her own orgasm,
and rose off of Julie's sopping face to crawl over to her child. She
knelt next to the man who was struggling to fuck her daughters face and
said, "Feed it to her, Howard. She's never done a deep throat before!
God look at her throat! I can see your cock in her throat! Oh, yeah! You
opened her, now push it all the way into my little girl!" And with that,
Cathy reached a hand back to the top of Betty's tiny exposed cuntal slit,
and slid her finger down past her little girls tiny pink clit and up into
her immature little cunny, fucking the 1st grader with her finger.

To Tina it looked brutal, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from
the sight of this fat bloated man viciously pushing the last 3 inches of
his engorged penis down the too-small throat of a struggling 6 year old girl.
Howard had moved his legs back until there was one on each side of the
girls body and he was no longer on his knees. Tina could see the boulders
of his ass clench as he pushed his cock into the young mouth under his
hips. All the eyes in the room were on the fat man and the tiny slip of a
girl whose throat was being raped. Howard was out of control, his passion
overriding the good sense that should have told him the 1st grader was too
small if not too young. The sensation of tightness around his erection
that came and went as Betty gagged was milking him to a powerful climax.

"Do it in her throat, Howard!! Fill her, man!", came a call from
Tom on the couch. Howard didn't hear. His cock was just getting ready to
explode and with one final lunge his coarse pubic hair butted up against
the tiny child's button nose, and his testicle hung down covering her chin.

Howard screamed like a bull as his penis pulsed once, twice, and then
started to shoot it heavy load of semen into the small girl. There was no
question of Betty swallowing his spurts of white jizm. His massive cock
filled her throat and there was no place for it to go but down. Tina
watched Betty's throat, and could actually see it pulsing as Howard's cock
expanded and contracted within it, pumping load after load of gooey cream
into the abused little girl. His hips, after the first few spurts, began
to buck up and down in an uncontrollable and unconscious fucking motion.
Betty's throat was to tightly impaled to release the man's penis easily,
and so her head bucked up and down with his hips, the back of her head
striking the carpeted floor repeatedly and her long blond hair slowly
spreading out around her angelic, penis impaled face.

This continued for about 40 seconds before Howard gained enough of
his senses to realize that he might be hurting the child whose mouth he
was so violently fucking! He began to pull his penis from Betty's mouth,
slowly and with much grunting because of the tightness of her oral sheath.
Betty, in the mean time, had passed out, so her body was completely limp
and her lips were as slack as they could be and still surround the adult
penis. Her head moved up with Howard's hips, at first, and then began to
slip down his cock. Her head hit the floor. Her lips were pulled away
from her face, almost as if the little girl was trying to keep his cock in
her mouth. But Betty wasn't thinking anything. She was unconscious, and
when the head of Howard's prick was pulled free from her teeth dripping
semen on the girls cheek, her mouth did not close, but went completely

Realizing that he had gone too far with the immature child, Howard
quickly climbed off of her and put his ear down to her mouth. She was
still breathing, and he smacked her face a few times to try and bring her
about. He sprang back suddenly when the little girl gasped and then began
to cough. She was back from her faint, and her body was trying to inhale
as much oxygen as possible while her throat was coughing up large gobs of
newly deposited cum. Her coughing sent semen and spittle flying all over
her flat, heaving chest which Cathy proceeded to massage into the skin
surrounding her small pink nipples.

After coughing for a minute, Betty began to cry. She sounded so
childlike while crying that Tina's heart went out to the tiny little girl.
Before she had heard that cry, it had seemed almost normal for a large
adult man to use a small girl to vent his raging lusts. Now she wasn't so

Hearing the child crying in pain and fear turned Jim Phillips on
and he began, once again to fuck Tina's pre-pubescent cunt. His hands
gripped her hips tightly, and pulled hard; smashing his erection deep into
the 11 year old's hairless opening. Jim had heard many little children
cry and he'd always found it to be a turn-on. Now his own raging passion
was going to be expelled into the innocent 11 year old impaled on his hard
cock. He looked down at the girl he held, watched the way her small
bottom open and closed as he pulled her back and forth on his penis.
Watched the way her hair was flung back and forth as she swung her head in
time with his strokes. Watched her smooth slender back become taught and
slack as she moved her body to gain pleasure from his fucking. 'OH FUCK!
I LOVE FUCKING LITTLE GIRLS!', he thought to himself, and exploded into Tina.

Tina felt Jim's cock begin to throb in her cunt. She heard him
whimper incoherently and then felt the hot flood of liquid spurt into her.
Her doubts of a few moments before disappeared as she thought 'OH GOD! I
LOVE GETTING FUCKED!'. She too began to convulse; her cunt muscles
massaging the erection that was held within them.
both man and child began to orgasm into and onto each other. Tina's
juices ran down Jim's thigh's as his juices flooded her interior and
coated the pink lips of her hairless cunt. Both man and child jerked as
if they had grabbed live electric wires. Tina's arms gave out and she
fell forward, her face hitting the couch seat and resting there as her
stomach jerked and jerked. Jim fell forward on Tina's up turned butt,
mashing her two round orbs of flesh into his abdomen and rubbing his
course pubic hair against her small brown ass hole as it contracted in and
out in time with her cunt. It was quite a while before either man or girl
was coherent enough to pay any attention to their surroundings, let alone
begin to disengage their spent bodies.

When Tina did come back to reality, she could hear the climax of
Dave and Jennifer's anal lovemaking around the other side of the couch.
Jennifer was whimpering and crying out, but not protesting in words the
fucking of her tight 9 year old ass. Tina could her the 'slap.. slap..
slap..' of Dave's flesh ramming into the pre-teen girls small round ass.
"I'm CUMMING, BABY!! OH... OH.. YEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!", she could hear
him cry. "Yes, Daddy! YES.. CUM IN MY ASS, DADDY.. CUM IN.. OH.. OH,
UH.. UH.. FILL ME, DAADDDDDDDEEEEEEE!" Tina could hear both voices
degrade into a series of loud moans and grunts. She finally heard the
sound of two bodies, one large and the other quite small, hitting the
carpeted floor completely spent and breathing hard.

Tina gave a small moan of disappointment as Jim's half flaccid
penis was pulled from the clinging lips of her smooth cunt. He reached
down and, putting and arm around her waist, help Tina stand again, and
held her until she got her balance. Looking around, Tina saw a whole
group of children and adults, all completely spent from fucking, sucking
and cuming in and on each other. Dave and Jennifer lay on the floor on
their sides, him behind her, his now limp cock peeking out from between
her slender thighs, dribbling the last of its white spittle onto her thigh.
Trisha lay spread-eagle on the couch, her chin and the top of her flat
chest covered in drying semen. Her 8 year old nipples were coated in the
glistening goo and both of them were erect. Her eyes were closed and she
looked as relaxed as could be. Between her spread legs, the lips of her
smooth, pre-teen cunt were reddened from having John's course pubic hair
ground against them. They too glistened from a mixture of her own little
girl lubrication and his hot adult sperm. The two men both lay on the
floor next to their 8 year old conquest, their limp penis' covered in
child lubricant and saliva. Evelyn and Howard both lay on the floor
breathing hard. There was not sign of Cathy and Betty, and Tina concluded
that the 6 year old's mother must have taken her to another room to make
sure she was okay. Tina didn't care though. She stumbled to the other
side of the couch and flopped down next to the worn out Trisha wanting
nothing more than to relax and catch her own breath after the fucking and
shattering orgasm she had just undergone.

It was quite some time before anyone stirred themselves from the
positions they had fallen in after sex. The kiddie porn video still
played on silently on the TV; lots of little children sucking and fucking
adults for an audience that was quite used up. Innocent faces covered
with gouts of sperm; slender young legs spread to reveal tiny pink slits
that were soon impaled by large erections; small round bottoms, spread by
large hands and probed by fingers, tongues and cocks. The video played
on and on, mesmerizing the exhausted watchers, lulling them into a relaxed
state while at the same time, filling their minds with visual images that
would come back to provide stimulus then next time their cocks got hard or
their pussies got wet. Providing both hypnotic relaxation and fuel for
further debauchery.

"Hey, folks. I think she's gonna be okay." It was Cathy walking
down from the upstairs, little Betty holding her hand. The childs eye's
were still puffy and red from crying, and her free hand rubbed the front
of her throat, trying to rub away a soreness that she felt on the inside.
Howard immediately jumped up and walked over to the little girl he'd raped

"I'm sorry, Betty. I really didn't mean to hurt you!", said the
fat man, kneeling down next to the little girl.

"It hurt, but I guess it's okay. Mommy explained to me how men
really like to stick their wieners into a tight place and that a girls
throat is really tight. She said I should be proud that you really wanted
to do that with me, and that I was able to do it. I got real scared.."

"I know, honey.. I should have warned you more."

"It.. It's okay. I really did have it all in my mouth, didn't I!?
I mean, I 'member your hair hitting my nose and my chin touching your balls."

"You sure did, sweetheart! You took every inch! You were fantastic!"


"So, you're still my special little girl friend, huh Betty?",
asked Howard, reaching out and pulling the small 1st grader to him.

"Yeah! I guess I am...hahaha", and Betty broke into giggles as
Howard began to kiss her smooth neck and shoulders, tickling her bottom
with one hand, and stroking a finger up and down her tiny hairless slit
with the other. Cathy had succeeded in convincing Betty that what had
happened was a good thing; that having deep throated a man for the first
time, the immature slip of a girl was growing to be sexy, and that because
of the event, more men would find her desirable. Betty was convinced that
Howard had done her a favor by brutally ramming his large cock into her
and filling her with his cum load. If he asked to do it again, she would
have submitted to him in an instant. Betty had lived her whole life as a
tool for other people's sexual gratification and today was a major
milestone in the little girls life to becoming her ideal: a complete slut
who could be used in any hole at any time by anyone!!

The other people in the room verbally congratulated the 6 year old
on her "accomplishment"; Jim Phillips going so far as to walk over and hug
the little girl, though with the difference in their heights and his not
stooping over, Betty mostly got a face full of his flaccid penis from the hug.

"Who wants some ice cream?", said Evelyn, and several people
agreed. Cathy urged Betty to eat some to soothe her throat, and the girl
accepted the advice. Jim began to play host again, making sure that
everyone had either a beer or soda depending on age and preference. He
wouldn't have cared if the kids drank beer, having frequently relied on
getting young kids drunk in order to have sex with them, but he sure
didn't want little Tina going home with alcohol on her breath and possible
causing a stir. It's a good thing CUM didn't linger on the breath! Soon
the room again was split into 2 groups, children and adults, each talking
about it's own topics.

"I remember the first time I swallowed a whole cock.", said
Trisha. "I wasn't as young as you, Betty, and I still had a hard time. I
threw-up afterward!"

"Yeah, so did I.", remarked Julie.

"It hurt alot, but I didn't get sick or nothing. Mom says I
fainted and that's why I can't remember much. The biggest thing I
remember was I coud'ent breath!"

"You gotta learn how! I couldn't breath either til I learned how.
You gotta time, like, when to take a breath and all. I think that's why I
got sick my first time.. I couldn't breath enough and I gagged ALOT!",
remarked Jennifer.

"How about you, Tina? How do you do it?", asked Trisha.

Tina didn't know what to say, so told the truth. "I.. uh.. I
never did it before last week. Jim Phillips did it to me last week, right
here. And then the a few days later, Dave, and John did it to me too."

"Just last week!?", said Jennifer incredulously. "You mean you
never sucked ANYONE until last week?"

"Uh, huh."

"God, that's amazing. We've been sucking our Dad for as long as we
can remember.", said Julie, nodding toward her sister.

"That's right. So have you, haven't you Betty?", asked Jennifer.

"Uh huh. I 'member I used to suck my Daddy's when I was three. I
couldn't get it in my mouth then, but I used to rub my lips on it while he
rubbed it and tried to shoot in my mouth. Most of the time I got it all
over my face.", this last she said with a giggle.

This was amazing, thought Tina. Look what she'd been missing all
her life. The conversation went on in this vein, each of the
youngsters recalling various sexual events in their life for the innocent
and inexperienced Tina. Julie recounted how she had her first gang-bang
at the age of 7, with 15 men all taking turns humping her mouth and very
small cunt. Jennifer recounted her first memory of her Daddy's cock; she
didn't know the age, but he used to come in and masturbate onto her face
when she was still in diapers, or at least that's what she thought.
Trisha told the tale of the time she got picked up by some 4 men who
drove her to a remote spot to rape her and who wound up getting worn out
by the little girl. They eventually drove her home after making her
promise to meet them all again in a week. It had gone on for a month
until one day the men didn't show up; Trisha never knew what happened to
them since she was too young to take an interest in reading the paper. If
she had she would have seen that immediately after their last sex session
with the 6 year old, all four men had been killed trying to beat a train
at a railroad crossing. One was still wearing Trisha's small panties on
his head when they extracted his body from the wreckage - though that part
was never printed in the papers.

"Hey, girls, why don't you go play out in the backyard for a
while.", suggested Jim. "We have another surprise, this one especially
for the birthday girl, but you have to go out back while we set it up, okay?"
The 5 young girls agreed, though they all wanted to know what the surprise
would be. Eventually, Cathy and Evelyn got them dressed and herded out
the back door to begin again their disorganized game of badminton.
However this time, the children were too tired to play for long, having
spent alot of energy in letting their young bodies be used for such hot
sex. Eventually, all the girls wound up on the deck, sprawled out in the
deck chairs there. They once more took up telling stories about their
various sexual adventures. Tina may have been the oldest of the group at
the tender age of 11, but Julie at 10 had the most experience in the group.

"What was the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?", asked Trisha.

"The weirdest.. uh.. I guess it was that time when Mr. Phillips
wanted to make a movie with witches and stuff. So we all went out to this
real old graveyard he'd found. These guys got all dressed up in, like
uh... Holloween devil costumes and these real gross masks an stuff. I
was 8 years old at the time an they dressed me in one of those school
uniforms, you know. You wear a uniform to school, right, Tina?"

"Uh huh. I hate it."

"Hey, my Dad says that he thinks girls in those uniforms are like
really cute an' that they give him a real hard-on!", added Trisha.

"Really?", asked Tina.

"Yeah. He says it makes 'em look innocent and stuff. He even
bought me one and he makes me wear it once in a while when he fucks me."

"Huh.. So what happened in the graveyard?", asked Tina, turning
back to Julie.

"Well, then they like filmed this ceremony where they killed some
chickens and let the blood drip all over this alter they had set up."

"They killed them!?"

"Yeah. Cut their heads off with an ax. Anyway, 4 of these guys
grab me and carry me into the picture. Jim told me to struggle alot, so
I'm kicking and squirmin' and stuff. Then they put me on this alter and
tie my hands and feet with these ropes they got on the corners. Then this
guy with a goat's mask on starts using a knife to cut off my clothes. I'm
supposed to scream, and when I do, they gag me. They left it lose, so
that wasn't too bad, and Jim told me to stop screaming, but to keep
squirming in the ropes. Okay, so anyway, they get all my clothes off and
I'm still squirming, and I got this chicken blood all over my back and
stuff, and they kill another chicken and let the blood poor all over me!"

"Oh, GROSS!", said Tina.

"Oh, it wasn't too bad. It was warm and felt good because it was
kinda cold outside and they all had clothes on and I didn't. Anyway, goat
man starts like chanting about sacrifices an stuff and all these guys
drop their pants. Then goat man takes my gag out and sticks is penis in
my mouth. I can't see a thing because he's got my head falling backward
off the alter and his dick's in my mouth. Next thing I know, one of the
guys is fucking me while goat head keeps chanting. One after another
these guys all come up and fuck me and squirt their stuff all over my
belly and chest."

"How many?"

"I don't remember. So when they get done, goat head fucks my
mouth until he cums on my face. I lift my head up and look at myself and
I'm covered in blood and cum. I'm mean it was a real mess. So then they
set up to shot this picture where they cut me open and take out my heart."

"WHAT!", said Tina.

"You know, like in a horror movie. They fake all that stuff.. you
know. Like Nightmare on Elm Street. It was kinda neat how they did it.
First they took a picture of the knife slashing down toward me. They
had this other knife that was sawed off halfway up and dull. They put
that one against my belly so it looked like it went in. Then they took a
picture of me screaming my head off with this knife sticking in me. Then
they took a shot showing the knife from the side moving right up the
middle of my chest. They got this tube on one side of it connected to
this big bag of fake blood and its pouring out around the bottom of the
knife so it looks like the are cutting me open. Then they shot the part
where they guy reaches into me and pulls out my heart, only he just had
his wrist bent so it looked like it was in me. He slowly pulls it out..
they had this calves heart or something that they had covered in fake
blood.. and like, he's squeezing it to make it look like it's pulsing and
all, and I like jerk around a few times and die. You shoulda seen it
after it was all finished and they put it together. They added some real
close up shots of some guy gutting this deer and it really looked like
they had sliced me open an all. Man it was grosser seeing it on film
later than it was filming it. In fact, filming it was kinda boring cause
they had to keep changing the camera angle and get everything set up an
all. An it was cold and all."

"And that's the end. They just kill you and walk away..", asked
Tina, who hadn't ever seen this particular film.

"Nah. They stuck in some scenes were the guy with the goat head
eats the heart.... It was fake!", she said, seeing Tina's horror. "They
had a fake one made outa.. I think it was just colored bread or dough or
something. Anyway, they did all that, and then goat man starts to chant
again about it being a good sacrifice and that now they had to purify the
offering. So all these guys line up around me.. and I'm playing dead so I
can't move, and they all start to piss on me."

"Huh?!", said Tina.

"They all held their dicks out and like suddenly I'm getting all
covered in hot piss. Jim's like reminding me not to move, and this one
guy is peeing right on my face! I didn't move, but it wasn't easy..
specially when it went up my nose a little. I was soaked all over when
they got done."

Tina didn't know what to think. Part of her kept telling her that
Julie was lying; making up the story just to lead Tina on and try to shock
her. But the other girls simply nodded their heads like they had heard
of this... one person peeing on another.. before. 'No.. People don't do
that...', she thought. But another part of her reminded her that just the
week before she didn't think that people sucked wieners and cunnies
either. Before she could begin to question Julie more closely to see if
she was telling the true, a voice called from the back door.

"Hey, kids.. Come on in, it's all set up!!"

Five little girls couldn't rush fast enough to get back into the
house to find out what Jennifer's special surprise was going to be. At
the back door, Cathy handed Jennifer a red ribbon and told her to follow
it into the house. The 9 year old birthday girl did just that, quickly
reeling up the ribbon in her hands until she got to the living room and saw
where the ribbon lead. There, standing in a line before her, were 9 men,
all naked with the ribbon wrapped around the first man's erection and
leading to the next man's hard-on, and so on down the line.

"Nine men for my Nine year old little girl!", said John, urging
Jennifer on to the first man. "Go on. Take a quick taste of them all.
Right down the line!"

So the slim, brown haired girl, unwrapped the first penis and put
her lips to the tip, letting the head slide into her mouth. The man
shuddered a bit, but otherwise didn't move or say a thing. She moved to
the next man, unwrapped his cock and took him into her mouth as well. She
worked her way down the line until she'd taken all 9 cocks in her mouth
for a few seconds.

"Okay, sweetheart. Me and your Mother both know how much you love
the taste of cum, so, with Jim's help, we arranged for you to get all you
need on your birthday. These guys are ALL gonna fuck you in the mouth and
give you some large loads of cum! Right, guys?", he said turning to the
line up.

"You bet." "That's right!" And other affirmative signs were
heard from the line up of hard cocks. What John had failed to mention was
that each of these guys had paid $50 or more to the privilege of pumping
their hot loads into a pre-pubescent girl. These guys weren't part of Jim
Phillips inner circle of peadophiles, but they were all guys he knew and
who he sometimes hired as actors in his films. Today's little oral fuck
fest was going to be filmed and later sold in Amsterdam at a nice price.
The cameras were all set up, and Jim was watching a set of monitors so he
could control the zooming in for close-ups and cum shots; though most of
those were going to take place in Jennifer's throat if all the men obeyed
John's instructions to fuck his 9 year old daughter deep and hard in her
willing open mouth.

"Come on, sweetheart. Time to strip again!", said Evelyn, and
Jennifer wasted no time in pulling off her little dress, kicking off her
shoes and socks, and pulling her white cotton panties down to show this
group of men, HER men, her small hairless sex slit. "Go ahead. The rest
of you may as well not be the only ones dressed!", and the rest of the
kids stripped off their clothes as well. Some of the men, whose hard-on's
had started to flag after Cathy and Evelyn's fluff job, grew back to full
rigidity on seeing this group of small girl children, giggling naked
before them, there hairless labia peeking from between slender pale

But one girl in particular held their attention. Jennifer was
led, by her mother past the group over to where a foot stool had been set
up in the middle of the living room. She laid Jennifer down on it, and
told her to hang her head backwards over the edge, thus putting her throat
in line with her mouth for perfect fucking. Trisha was led over to one
side of Jennifer's head, and Julie to the other, both about 2 feet from
the sprawled nude girl. Tina was taken and knelt about 2 feet directly in
front of Jennifer's upside down face. Betty was led to kneel between
Jennifer's spread legs, right before her 9 year old cunt.

"Okay, Julie and Trish, you're gonna be the fluff girls. If
anyone needs some quick mouth work to get hard, you do that. The guys
will come to you if they need it, so just stay in the positions your in
now. Tina, your job is to stroke the balls of the man whose fucking
Jennifer in the mouth. Just make them feel good so they can cum in her
mouth. Betty, you lick Jenny's cunny, okay, sweetie. Guys.. you already
know what to do... give her as much jism as you can. Okay, everyone.
HEEEERRRRRREEEE WEEEEE GO!", and with that the men cam walking over,
dividing into 2 lines on either side of the laid back girl. 2 men in line
knelt down on either side of Jennifer and took her wrists in their strong
hands. They pulled down on her arms until her hands rested on the floor
behind and below her. The first man in line knelt down in front of the 9
year old and without a word began to push his erection into her
willingly open mouth. He entered her slowly, letting her mouth get used
to the size of his cock. Then he spit in his hand and rubbed it all over
the 4 inches of his penis that remained outside the tender young pre-teen's
mouth. Leaning his hands on her flat chest, he shoved hard with his hips
and the rest of his boner was jammed rapidly into Jennifer's throat.

In reaction, her hands tried to spring upward, but they were
pinned to the floor by strong arms, keeping the 4th grader from making any
escape attempt. Her feet jerked out as well and were quickly grabbed by 2
men further down the line and help apart in the air, letting 6 year old
Betty continue her lapping of the hairless cunt before her. The man began
to hump Jennifer's face, his cock stroking in and out of her mouth.
His hands held onto the little girl's chest, one on either side, his
thumbs rubbing back and forth on her small, pink nipples. From behind,
Tina watched the man's hard butt clench and unclench, moving back and

"You have to help, Tina!", said Evelyn in her ear. Tina jumped a
little in surprise since she had been mesmerized watching the hard ass
pumping her new friends face. "Here, give me your hand. Now just reach
through and stroke his balls. Yeah... That's it. Just hold them and rub
them lightly. That'll make him cum a gallon! Just you wait and see!"

Tina's hand had been guided between the man's thighs to touch his
swinging testicles. Once there, her fingers began to stroke and fondle
the swinging sack on their own. She had to be careful that she didn't
poke Jennifer in the eye since the man's large balls were bumping against
the 4th graders face each time he pushed his cock into her. Tina couldn't
see very much from her vantage point, but she could feel the man's nuts
start to clench as, after only a minute of humping, he began to shoot his
load of cum into the child's mouth. "OH FUCK!", he said as he pushed in
and held his position, his ass clenched, his hands gripping the small
breastless ribcage before him. His testicles pumped and squirmed in
Tina's grip and she swore she could feel the sperm gushing up through the
underside of the man's penis to be sprayed deep in Jennifer's tight, 9
year old throat.

After nearly collapsing forward on his victim, the man
regained his balance and slowly eased his penis from Jennifer's gripping
mouth. The cock glistened with sperm and saliva, as it popped free from
the girl's mouth. Drops of cum fell from the end and landed on her
cheeks, but Jennifer didn't seem to care. She was in heaven, having taken
just the first of what she knew would be many more loads of hot semen to
come. She opened her eyes as the man stood up, seeing Tina upside down in
front of her, and smiled at her new friend.

Jennifer's smiling face was quickly obscured from Tina's view when
the second man knelt down in front of her friend and began to feed her his
hard muscle. Again, Tina reached between his legs and began to stroke the
balls she found there. Looking to either side of the man now humping
Jennifer, Tina observed that Trisha and Julie were both busy doing their
jobs. The men who were next in line were standing before the kneeling
girls, and the girls were giving them the best blow jobs they could
manage. On her right, Trisha was holding the man's cock with one hand
while massaging his balls with her other. The 8 year old had to kneel up
straight to get her mouth up level with the man's crotch. Tina could see
Tina's tongue lapping around the head of the fat penis each time Trisha
moved her head back. Then Trisha would push the fat log into her mouth
and suck hard on the head. Tina watched for a second and realized that
there were skills in giving blow jobs that she had yet to learn. Turning
the other direction she saw that Julie was having a rougher time of it.
The man in front of her had grabbed her brown shoulder length hair in back
of her head as was savagely pistoning his erection in and out of Julie's
mouth. No skill here. The man was simply using Julie's mouth to
masturbate with until he could get his turn at her younger sister,

After a minute, the man in front of Tina grunted and he too shot a
load of goo into the immature child's face. He stood up and moved aside
and the savage man took his place. "Open up little whore! I gonna feed
you good!", he said as he slowly pushed his erection into Jennifer's
mouth. In contrast to the way he'd treated Julie, the man slowly pushed his
hard cock down into Jennifer's throat. Never increasing his speed or
thrusting it home, he just kept slowly pushing inch after inch into the
restrained, 9 year old's mouth. Tina couldn't see it, but everyone else
watched as a visible bulge started at the top of the small girl's throat
and sank lower toward her flat chest and belly. When his pubic
bone butted against Jennifer's lower teeth he let out a sigh, "Ahhhhhoooww
Fuck, that's a tight little throat you got, whore. Swallow.. go ahead..
swallow my dick you kiddie whore!" He didn't move. He didn't flinch. He
didn't do anything, and soon Jennifer was starting to gag. Jennifer who
had been sucking cocks for some time had learned how to breath on the out
stroke, but since this man wasn't pulling out, her breathing was all
messed up and her gag reflex kicked in.

"MMMMMMMmmmpf.. MMmmmmmpf..", was the only sound escaping from the
9 year old as her throat clenched to expel the invader. "OH YEAH..
LITTLE WHORE! That's nice! My little kiddie whore wants to be FUCKED
HARD, HUH? Okay, you little bitch... I'll fuck you. I'll fuck you good
and HARD!" And so he did. Collapsing forward on the tiny girl, the man
held his face above her hairless mound, forcing Betty out of the way. His
hands went back to grip Jennifer under each arm pit. His weight was
completely on the 4th grader as his hips began to slam fuck the child in
the mouth.

To Tina the sight of the man's muscled ass grinding up and down on
her young friend was a turnon. Without even realizing it, her free hand
wandered down to the hairless cleft between her thighs and began to tease
her small round clitoris. Her other hand reached out and stroked the
clenched testicles that flopped up and down over Jennifer's stuffed face.
Without thinking, Tina ran her hand upward to the base of the man's balls
and beyond til the tips of her fingers ran over the man's anus. "Oh,
yeah, little girlie.. Play with my ass while I face fuck you're little
whore friend.", said the man. Tina was hypnotized and let the tips of her
fingers wander back and forth along the crack of his ass, knowing that the
man was enjoying it; watching his brown anal opening clench when her
fingers brushed over the sensitive hole.

"Why don't you kiss my ass, sweet cakes? Bend on down and rime my
asshole.. Come on.. Lick my ass you little teasing bitch!" All at once, 2
of the men came to stand on either side of Tina. They each gripped one of
her arms and quickly bent her forward, pushing her face between the
humping ass cheeks before her. One man put his hand on the back of Tina's
head and pushed down until her face was in solid contact with the bucking
butt. "Lick me, bitch!", she heard the man say. "Go on.. It's not so
bad. Lick his asshole.", one of the men beside her whispered in her ear.
Tina was not sure what to do. Her nose was closed because it was in
contact with the skin of the man's ass. She was going to have to open her
mouth to breath eventually. She'd never kissed a man's ass before, though
she'd seen little Betty doing it earlier in the day and everyone in the
room had seemed to accept it. 'Try anything once...', she thought as she
opened her mouth and let her tongue stroke the opening of the man's ass.
It didn't taste bad, the man was clean; it was sorta pungent, but not in a
bad way. Mostly sweat, she figured, and so she began to lick up and down
in the crack of the man's ass.

"Oh YEAH! Oh, man, you're a little whore too, huh baby. Yeah..
Lick my ass, girlie. Nothing better 'n having your ass licked by a little
kiddie whore! Uh.. Your gonna make me cum, bitch. Your gonna make me
fill your little girl friend with cum, bitch. You want that? You want me
to cum in the birthday girl for you?"

Tina didn't know if she liked being called a "whore" by the man.
She'd heard the word before and it had always been meant as a bad word,
something that you didn't want to be called, though the exact definition
had never been given to her. She didn't know what it meant, but she could
tell by the tone of the man's voice, the sound of his breathing, and the
pace of his humping that he was getting turned on by what she was doing,
and that's all that mattered at the moment. The feel of his ass against
her tongue was strange. She could feel his rectum clenching when her
tongue ran over it. It was strange to say the least, and kind of

The two men on either side of Tina had released her when they
realized that the 11 year old, pre-teen didn't need to be held down to
give their friend a rim job. Jim Phillips, watching from the side, was as
surprised as the two men. It usually took him some time to get a new
pre-pubescent girl to lick a man's ass without all sorts of protests and
squeamish behavior. One or two had to be really forced into it. But Tina
seemed to take to it, no problem. Once again, he marveled at the ability
of this innocent 6th grader to accept almost any kind of sexual activity,
and even get turned on by it. He watched as she rested one arm on top of
the humping man's ass, just above her forehead, and her other free hand
once again found it's way between her legs to rub her bald gash. Tina was
going to be very valuable to Jim Phillips in the future, not only as a
sweet little sex object in her own right, but as a lure for some of the
other little girls that Jim had an eye on, but hadn't yet figured out how
to approach.

With a tight 9 year old throat wrapped around his hard cock, and
an 11 year old slut willingly licking his ass, the savage man didn't
couldn't last long. His chest jerked up off of Jennifer's belly and he
bellowed as the first flood of sperm gushed from his heavy balls into the
he yelled as load after load of his white hot cream shot into Jennifer.
Tina felt his ass cheeks clench as if they were trying to grab her face as
he bucked downward with each shot of his semen. His rectum shrank inward
with each pump, and at one point, Tina could swear she felt his balls
clenching against her chin as another gush of sperm went into her young
friend. Jerking and twisting, the man filled the 4th grader with his cum,
humping until there was nothing left and he finally collapsed forward
onto the slender little girl. His friends had to help him off when they
realized and once again Jennifer was starting to choke on his erection.
They lifted their buddy off the little brown haired girl and let her
breath and cough for a minute by way of recovery. Then, with military
precision, the next man in line knelt down before the restrained little
girl and fed her her next erection to suck.

Having done it once, all the men after the savage man, wanted
little Tina to lick their assholes while they had their cocks sucked by 9
year old Jennifer. Having done it once, Tina saw no way to object and
obediently bent forward to place her pink tongue against the brown rear
openings. She found it interesting that each man's asshole would clench
so hard as he came. By putting her tongue right on the rectal opening
when the man came, she could tell how strong the orgasm was. It was all
so strange because it was her first time; it was almost a dream. Ass
after ass knelt down in front of her. Man after man asked her to lick
him. One after the other they all bellowed and yelled and shuddered and
humped as they came.

One after another, 9 naked man came forward to kneel in front of
the 9 year old birthday girl, presenting erections of all sizes to her
mouth. One after another 9 men pushed their throbbing hard-ons deep into
the willing mouth of the small, brown haired pre-teen girl. One after
another 9 men man stroked his penis into her pre-pubescent throat until,
one after another, they made the tiny 4th grader swallow their pulsing
loads of hot semen. Julie and Trisha each tasted those cocks before they
were pushed up into young Jennifer, but each man saved his boiling semen
until it could be spurted deep into the restrained 9 year old's throat.

Jennifer was totally worn out after the last man pulled his
dripping penis from her mouth. Her face, covered in sweat, saliva and
semen, was a shiny mess. Her hair, which some of the men had used as a
rag to wipe off their dicks, was sticky and sweat soaked. Even when the
men on either side let go of her hands, they lay there, palms down on the
floor, the 9 year old girl being too exhausted to raise them. Her father,
John, came over and helped the naked, cum covered, girl child to a sitting
position on the foot stool. The small child leaned her slender naked body
against her father's muscular form, enfolded in his large arms. For a
while they sat like that, naked man and little girl, not moving, just
allowing the Jennifer to catch her breath after having swallowed 9 large
loads of hot male cum. Everyone else in the room seemed to be exhausted
too, and they all flopped down on the rug or the various peices of
furniture in the room. Everywhere Tina looked there were naked men, some
of who's cocks still glistened with Jennifer's saliva, laying about

Breaking the relaxed state of the room, Jim Phillips got up and
said, "Well, guys. I want to thank you all for coming over and giving
Jennifer her special birthday present. Believe me, next time there's a
birthday, you guys will be the first to know."

"Hey, man. You're welcome!" "My pleasure.. and I really mean
that!" "Any time, Jim." The group of men stirred themselves and each
wandered down to the den where all their clothes had been stored while the
kids played in the back yard. While some got dressed, others socialized
with Cathy, Evelyn, Jim and the other adults in the room. Each of them
wandered over to where little Jennifer sat in her Daddy's lap and wished
her a happy birthday. Jennifer, having recovered some energy, smiled at
each man and thanked him for coming. A couple of the man even thanked
Tina for the way she had licked their assholes while they humped
Jennifer's face. Tina, a little embarassed, muttered 'Your welcomes' to
each of them. The men left pretty much as a group, and once again the
room was left to the 5 naked little girls and 7 adults.

"So, everyone... How was that for a birthday party?"

"I had a great time!", enthused Howard.

"Best ever.", said Tom.

"I hope we have a party like this on MY birthday!", piped little
Betty, walking over to where Howard sat and climbing into his lap to
fondle his limp cock.

Other signs of approval came from the group, and Jim said, "Well,
I'm really glad you all enjoyed it, but there comes a time when all good
things must come to an end, and frankly, I'm all fucked OUT! Huh!?"

"Yeah.. me too!" "I sure am"

"Hey! I'm not! I sure would like to stick my dick in some cute
little girl, hey!", said Howard, giving Betty a big hug and bouncing the
naked 6 year old on his knee. Betty smiled back at Howard, knowing that
he wanted to fuck her skinny body, and please that he was so attracted to

"No way, mister!", said Cathy in a mildly reproving tone. "You've
had your quota of little 6 years on your dick today. This little girl is
going home with me!" A few of the people in the room chuckled at the big
look of disappointment that Howard put on, even though he broke out into a
grin immediately after. He gave Betty a final hug as the little girl
clambered off his lap, leaving him with an erection that waved in the air.
"Anyone else want to come home with old Howard? Hum?", he asked, in a
mock beggin tone.

"Trisha can go with you, if that's okay with her?", said Dave,
Trisha's father. "What do you say, Trish? Wanna go spend the night with
Howard and help him with is little problem?"


"Sure, Daddy.", said the cute blond 8 year old. "I can help him
out with his 'LITTLE' problem!"

"Hey! This ain't no LITTLE problem from where I sit!" Everyone
in the room was laughing by now at the pun's being used on Howard. Howard
too, chuckled at his own expense, but was please to know that he would
have a nice young 8 year old companion for the night. He would enjoy
fucking and sucking the small, blond several times that night and in the
morning too, before he had to bring her back to her father. Howard and
Dave had shared Dave's daughter before, and so this wasn't a new
arrangement. As payment, Howard would always bring Dave in on a new
conquest that he made on his own. Howard's conquests were invariably very
young and very innocent, and there was nothing Dave loved more than
joining Howard in a young girls first double fucking session.

Having settled that, everyone began to get back into their
clothes, and group by group they drifted toward the front door. Dave and
Tom left together, Dave saying good by to Trisha who left holding hands
with Howard. Cathy took Betty out to the car and the little girl waved as
they drove off. John and Evelyn said their goodbyes, with Evelyn telling
Tina that she enjoyed meeting her. Jennifer and Julie re-stated their
invitation for Tina to come over to their house after school some time
since they only lived 2 blocks away. Tina said that she would be glad to
come over and promised to do so after she checked with her mother. Once
they left, Jim Phillips and Tina were left alone. Jim closed the front
door and turned to Tina saying, "Well, what did you think of the party,
huh? A little different from any of the others you've been too, I'll bet!"

"Yeah.", said Tina. "It was kinda neat!"

"I'm glad you liked it, Tina. You're a very sexy girl, and I
kinda thought you'd enjoy our little get together. You sure seemed to
like licking those guys assholes. Tell me, what did you think of that?
Did you like it?"

Tina was a little embarassed, talking about it seemed harder than
doing it had. "uh.. well. It was kinda, you know.. weird at first, but
it didn't, like.. taste bad or anything. So I just kinda did it because
they said it felt good."

"That's what it's all about, sweetheart. Feeling good! Hey, it's
about time I got you home."

"I guess, though my Mom probably won't be home for another couple
of hours."

"Well, I have to clean up, and then there are some errands I have
to run this evening, otherwise I'd just as soon stay here with you and
fuck some more, though I was telling the truth about being pretty much
worn out."

"I'm kinda sore down there too.", said Tina.

"Well, I guess that settles that. You be sure to come back here
in a few days, say.. Tuesday after school, then we can have another little
party of our own, just the two of us, sound okay?"

"Okay!", answered Tina brightly.

"Here, let's wrap up some of this left over cake for you to take
with you, then I'll drive you home."

"You don't have to do that.", said Tina, "I can walk."

"No, honey, I want to. It's no problem."

With that, Jim Phillips led Tina out to his car, making sure that
she buckled up, even though it was only a block down to her house. He
drove her down the block to her house, stopping in front and getting out
to open her door. Tina had never been treated so well, and it made her
feel special. She jumped out of the car and turned to say her thanks to
Mr. Phillips when she heard a voice call out from across the yard.

"Hey, Tina.. How was the party?"

Tina's little sister's came running across the yard from where
they had been playing to greet their older sibling. Both little girls had
light blond hair, like Tina, though Lisa's was longer and had bouncy
curls. Both 9 year old Mary and 7 year old Lisa came panting up to Tina,
asking how the party was. Tina gave them a disparaging look, not wanting
her few minutes alone with Jim Phillips interrupted by her bratty sisters.
"It was fun."

"Hey, what's this!"

"Oh, that's just some left over birthday cake we had.", said Jim
Phillips, handing the foil wrapped package to Tina.

"Hey, can I have some?", asked little Lisa.

"Oh, I think there's enough to share, don't you, Tina? I think it
would be nice if you gave some to your little sister's. It's chocolate
with a special sauce I think you'll really like", he said, winking at

Tina caught Jim Phillips wink and almost giggled with their shared
secret about the special sauce on the cake. "Uh.. Sure.. we'll all have
some after we get inside."

"Tina, why don't you introduce me to your pretty little sisters?",
he asked.

"Uh. oh, yeah. This is Mary and this is Lisa, she's the youngest."

"Hi, girls, I'm Jim Phillips, it's so nice to meet such pretty
little girls! I guess good looks just run in this family! Say, Mary, how
old are you?"

"I'm 9. I'm gonna be 10 in 3 months."

"That's nice, and how about you, Lisa. How old are you?"

"Seven. You live up the street, right?", asked the pert little
2nd grader.

"Uh huh, I sure do, how did you know?"

"Oh, I've cut through your yard to get to the park sometimes. I
like to play in the creek."

"She's a Tomboooyyy!", taunted Mary.

"I AM NOT A TOM BOY!", shouted Lisa, the response coming back
instantly because this was an old and well used taunt by both her older

"Hey.. Hey.. Such a pretty little girl can't possibly be tomboy?
Besides, the creeks a fun place to play for everyone, doesn't matter if
you're a boy or a girl. Mary, you shouldn't make fun of your little
sister that way, you know." Jim Phillips mild rebuke was made milder by
the fact that he grinned while he said it, and gave Lisa a small wink when
he met her eyes. "And you know, Lisa, you shouldn't be cutting through
peoples yards without their permission. That could lead to all sorts of
problems.", and this time he gave a hidden wink to Tina, who KNEW what
cutting through Mr. Phillips yard could lead to. "Next time you want to
cut through my yard to go to the park, just knock on my door and I'll be
sure to give you special permission! Okay?"

"uh.. Okay? I'm sorry."

"Hey, sweetheart, no harm done. I just want to get to know the
kids that use my yard so I can keep an eye on things. It's really not a
problem." Jim Phillips was turning on the charm again for these little
lovelies that stood before him in their dingy play clothes. His minds eye
had already stripped young Lisa and Mary bare, and was imagining both
little girls sucking on his huge erection and having his hard pole slip
between their tender pink nether lips. Already he was planning how he
would seduce each of the tiny pre-teens, and how he could use Tina to help
turn these little girls into his willing sex slaves. He thought how
especially nice it would be to film some scenes with 7 year old Lisa
because little girls with long blond curls always seemed to turn on his
buyer in Amsterdam. Something about blond curls on a small girl being
fucked by grown man three times her size and weight really sent the price
of a video up in that market. And Lisa with her wide eyed innocent look
was going to be particularly fun to use. His dick began to stir just
picturing her small face lying on a bed looking up at him with tears in
her eyes as he pushed his fat cock deep into her virgin interior; how she
would sound as her broke her tiny hymen and gave her the first fuck of her

"Now you kids go on inside and share that cake, I have to go.
Remember, Tina.. Tuesday."

"I'll remember.", she answered as Jim walked back to his car, got
in a drove off.

"What's Tuesday?", asked Mary.

"Nothin. You guys want some of this.", she asked, holding out the

"Yeah", they both said in unison. All three girls ran into the
house where Tina doled out the cake on 3 paper plates. "You know you're
gonna ruin you dinner", said Janice, their baby-sitter, but she made no
move to stop the young girls as they each ate a slice of the chocolate
cake with the semen sauce still on it.

"What's this stuff?", asked Lisa, looking the white cream that
clung to the icing on the cake.

"It's a special sauce that the guys ..uh .. made at the party. Go
ahead and eat it. It's good for you."

"Taste's okay, I guess. It's not very sweet, I woulda thought
they'd put sweet stuff on a cake.", commented Mary.

"It's mostly decoration.", said Tina, who chuckled inwardly with
the secret knowledge of what her two younger sister were really eating.

"Well, I kinda like it.", said Lisa.


Chapter 5 - The Mary Learns A Lesson


That night, Tina fell asleep immediately, exhausted from her days
sexual adventure. But by Sunday night, Tina was beginning to feel horny
again, and couldn't resist reaching down between her parted legs and her
pulled up nighty and starting to rub the small pink button of her
clitoris. Her rubbing got faster and harder, and her breathing began to
come in short pants. She almost moaned, but stopped herself because she
didn't want to wake her 9 year old sister Mary just across the room. Her
small hairless pussy began to lubricate and she dipped her finger down
into her inner lips to get some of the moisture there to rub over her no
enlarged clit. It was coming to her.. coming.. it was going to be
strong.. strong... STRONG.... "MMMMMMPPPPPPhhhhhffffff.. Mmm Mmmm...oh..

"Tina?! Are you okay?", came a small voice from across the room.

Tina was still convulsing with her orgasm when she heard her
sister's question. She tried to stop cumming long enough to answer, but
her reply came out as, "'Ts oKAY.. I'm .. uh.. Okay.. uhhhh"

In an instant, Mary was out of her bed and across the room.
Tina's voice sounded so strange that she thought something was really
wrong and she had to come help her big sister. She leaned over Tina's bed
in the dark and put a hand out. Her hand landed on Tina's heaving belly,
and Mary got even more frightened. Little Mary had been in a class one
day when one of the other kids had had an epileptic seizure. The boy had
fallen on the floor and convulsed violently for a few seconds before the
teacher had come over and told the class to back away for a minute. The
seizure hadn't lasted long, and afterward the teacher had taken a long
time to explain all about epilepsy and just what a seizure was, and that
it was nothing to be afraid of, but Mary had still been very scared. And
now her big sister was laying here, seemingly in convulsions of her own.

"I'll get Mom!"

"NO!", Tina snapped out of her orgasm at the thought of her sister
bring her mother into the room. "No!", she said much quieter, "I'm okay.
Honest! Mom doesn't have to know."

"Know what? Tina are you okay?", her 9 year old sister asked
again, genuinely concerned.

Tina was touched by the concern of her sister, but also afraid
that her sister would tell their mother what happened. She decided that
honesty was the best policy. "Honest, I'm okay. I was just.. Well, I was
doing something and.. It's kinda hard to explain.", she ended weakly.

"What's hard to explain? I've heard you a couple of times in the
last week or so at night. At first I thought you were crying or something
and I didn't know what to do. Then I thought maybe you were in pain or
something, but you always seemed ok in the morning.. not sick or nothing."
Then suddenly a horrible thought popped into the Mary's mind. "You're not
.... well, gonna have a baby, are you?"

"NO! God, Mary, you don't have a baby in 2 weeks! No I'm not
pregnant or sick or anything."

"So what were you doing and why were you shaking like that?"

Tina decided she had to bite the bullet and confess, at least part
way, "I was doing something that feels real nice, in fact it feels so nice
that sometimes I can't help it that I make noise or shake."


"I was rubbing my cunny in a special way."

"Your cunny?", asked Mary in a disbelieving question. Like Tina,
9 year old Mary had been taught that her "cunny" was an area of her body
that was off limits for answers to any questions, and even off limits to
questions. She'd come to think of it as kinda dirty, and so couldn't
understand why her sister would want to rub it.

"Yeah. When you rub it a special way it feels really good!"


"Well, you sorta take your finger and rub it near the top...
there's a spot there that sorta sticks up.. well, you rub it like up and
down and it feels good."

"You're lying to me. Are you sure you're not sick or nothing,
cause you gotta tell Mom or something..."

"I'm not sick!", Tina interrupted. She didn't want her sister
telling their mother about Tina's discovery of masturbation. There was
only one way to make Mary believe. "Here.. look, I'll show you. Get up
here on the bed with me." Though it was night, the room was not dark.
The girls had always slept with night lights, and the combination of the
streetlight outside and the full moon cast light in both the windows of the
room. Mary climbed up on the bed, and Tina put one of her legs on each
side of the 9 year old girl. Then she hiked her nightdress up revealing
her spread, bald cleft to her little sisters skeptical gaze. Mary had
seen her sister naked before, but never with her privates to brazenly
displayed; she felt a little embarrassed.

"Okay.. look.. right here...", said Tina putting two fingers on
her hairless labia and spreading them for her younger sister. "See the
bump at the top. That's called your clit. When you rub it, it feels
really good." Being spread before her sister's gaze became a turn-on for
Tina and she began to stroke her hard clit while her younger sister looked
on. "It really does feel good."

Mary watched as Tina began to masturbate before her. Not knowing
what to say or how to respond she simply watched, flabbergasted, as Tina's
hand began to stroke faster and faster, sawing in and out of her bald
slit. Mary could see Tina's vagina beginning to glisten with young
pre-teen sex juice. Tina's breathing became ragged; the orgasm which had
so abruptly been cut short before was rapidly coming back. It was obvious
to Mary that Tina had been telling the truth about rubbing her cunny
being the source of the noise, but to Mary, Tina's heavy breathing and
uncontrolled twitching didn't look like it felt good. But then, if it
didn't feel good, why didn't she just stop. Mary was confused. A second
later, Mary was surprised as Tina arched her back, suppressing a moan. Her
legs on either side of Mary lifted, bending at the knees, shaking. Her
stomach muscles when taught. Her hand flew in and out of her cunny as
slowly, the moaning died down, and her older sister's legs flopped down on
the bed.

"Are you okay?", asked Mary.

"...(pant)..Yeah.. I told you....(pant).. I'm okay. That was
great!", then the thought occurred to her, "You should try it!"


"Yeah... You really gotta try it.... You can't know what it feels
like til you do."

"I don't know."

"Come on.. What can it hurt? Here.. Lay down.." Tina was up and
next to her sister, urging her to lay back. Mary did as directed, and
soon, her older sister had her on her back with her nightdress hiked up to
her small waist, and was tugging her light blue colored cotton panties off
her small hips. Mary lay there embarrassed by her sister's attention to
her privates and squeaked when she felt her sister's hand touch the smooth
bulge of her mons and slip down into her narrow slit, probing her 9 year
old virgin cunny. "Spread your legs a little, Mary. Come on. I gotta
show you or you won't believe me!" Tina had reached down with her other
hand and pushed on the inside of Mary's thigh, spreading the little girls
slender legs just enough so that she could dip a finger in to her small
cunt and rub her sister's small pink clit.

The instant Tina's probing finger found Mary's small clit, a shock
of electricity went through the 9 year old girl. A few stabs from Tina's
finger, and Mary was jolted from her silence, "STOP!", she said.

"What? Did you feel it? It feels good, right?", asked Tina.

"It.. It's weird.", said Mary, not really know how to characterize
the feeling from her clit. Tina had stopped rubbing when little Mary had
said 'Stop', but her hand remained touching the 4th graders small hairless
cunt. Mary's whole pussy tingled from the touch of Tina's hand.

"Just let me show you how to rub it, and you'll see. It feels
great!", and with that the 11 year began to masturbate her little sister
in earnest. Tina had found Mary's small clit, and now she tortured it up
and down with the middle finger of her hand, while holding the little
girls legs apart with her other hand.

Mary was again electrified by the sensations emanating from her
tiny clit. Her smooth flat belly spasmed uncontrollably each time Tina's
finger stroked upward on her cunny. It felt really strange, but at the
same time, she didn't really want it to stop. Her small buttocks clenched
with the tension building in her lower body, and without knowing it, she
spread her legs more so that her older sister could have better access to
her virginal opening.

Tina was fascinated by her sister's reaction to her constantly
moving finger. She'd never touched another girl before, and it was
interesting to see that she could make her little sister react just by
touching her. She was kneeling over Mary's small body, her finger
stroking the 9 year old's clit at a rapid pace. She noted how Mary's but
had clenched and how her slender legs had spread. She even noticed that
Mary's small cunt was beginning to get a little wet with excitement. She
bent down to have a closer look as she continued to masturbate her
pre-teen sibling. It was her first really close-up look at another girl's
cunt, and she got close enough to smell the sweet aroma of Mary's small,
virgin opening.

When Mary felt Tina's breath striking her hairless cunny lips and
her hair touching her small, flat, naked belly, the slow buildup of
tension in her loins suddenly began a rapid boil. Not knowing what to
expect, Mary was suddenly scared and expectant at the same time. "Tina..
It feels.. strange.. uh.. Tina.. I feel like.. like I'm gonna.. pee..
or sumthin.. uh.. " Mary was breathing harder now, and she didn't know
what was going to happen. Tina didn't help her when she said, "Cum for
me, Mary. I wanna see you cum." Mary didn't understand what Tina meant.
Where was she supposed to come to? What was gonna happen? "Tina.. Tina..
I.. uh I... It.. What?.... AHHhhhhh", and suddenly it didn't matter
anymore. Mary's hands flew up to her mouth and her body was suddenly out
of control. She felt something jolt her whole body from inside her
private's all the way through the top of her head. Her eyes rolled up in
her head and her face became contorted. Some great beast was jumping up
and down on her, only it didn't hurt, it felt GREAT! Each time the beast
landed another convulsive shock wave ran through her, causing her to kick
out her little legs and arch her back again and again and again. It felt
like it was never going to stop, and she never wanted it to.

Tina watched closely as she brought her little sister to her first
ever orgasm. She particularly watched Mary's tiny cunt as she saw and
felt the opening to her virgin depths contract and pulse with each wave of
the little girl's orgasm. Now Tina suddenly understood why Jim Phillips
liked it so much when she came on his cock; because a little girls cunt
would literally suck a man's cock during orgasm. Tina also noted how
little Mary's body shook, just like hers, and how her younger sister also
had trouble stifling her moans of pleasure. 'No wonder she heard me
coming if that's what I sound like.', she thought to herself. She
continued to massage her 9 year old sister's clit until she felt Mary's
body go limp. Then she turned to the girl and said, "Well, that's what I
mean by it feels good. Get it?"

Mary could barely recover enough to respond, "uh huh..." After a
few seconds of deep breathing she said, "That felt really good. You were

"Told you."

After a few more seconds, Mary said, "I guess I don't need to tell
Mom after all, huh?" At this, Mary giggled, and Tina giggled with her.
Tina lay down next to her sister, both girls with their night skirts up at
their waist, and relaxed for a while. After about 5 minutes with no words
exchanged, Mary asked, "Will you do it to me again?"

"No.", replied Tina.

"Why not?", asked the 9 year old, suddenly hurt.

"I won't do it to you, but we can do it to each other!", offered Tina.

"Huh? How?", asked Mary.

"Here.. I'll lay with my head at toward your feet and then..."

Tina got into position, and the girls spent the next 5 minutes
masturbating each others hairless cunts. Mary came first, but Tina wasn't
far behind her little sister. Both little girls rubbed each other to
orgasm again and again that night. Finally, exhausted, Mary crawled back
to her own bed just before dawn of the next day.

It being a school day the next day, both girls had a hard time
making it out of bed a 2 hours later, and getting ready to go to school.
The day seemed to drag on endlessly for both of them, though for Mary, the
thought of going to bed now included something else; the thought of
masturbating with her sister and getting that great feeling again. Sister
Julia noticed how tired Mary seemed and asked the 4th grader if she was
sick. Mary replied that she wasn't, "Just tired, I guess.", but nothing
else was said to her that implied that anyone else knew her new found
pleasure. The 9 year old had been a little worried that it somehow showed
on her face, but this worry quickly evaporated.

That evening the two girls ate a listless dinner and both wanted
to go to bed earlier than usual. This set well with their parents because
it just meant that they were out of their hair for the evening. So
shortly after the 7 year-old Lisa was sent to bed, Mary and Tina went up
to their room and changed into their night dresses. This night, neither
girl wore panties underneath, and both could hardly wait until their
parent got done with their nightly good-night kisses.

Livvy came up and gave each girl a perfunctory good night kiss,
breezing in and out in her usual style. But when their father came in he
noticed the discarded panties on the floor and something in him stirred a
little bit. He sat on each girls bed and gave them both a big kiss,
resting his hands on each girls waist as he did and wrestling internally
with the images his mind was offering. He walked out of the room, with a
last look back, and went off to the room he shared with his wife, still
bothered as to why he would suddenly think of his own kids in that way.

After waiting a while, Mary came over to Tina's bed. Tina, who
had started to fall asleep was surprised when a small body slipped into
her bed and said, "Do you wanna do it again?"

"Huh.. Oh, yeah. I musta started to fall asleep. Sure, we can do
it again, but... not all night. I almost got detention today for falling
asleep in Sister June's history class!" And so, once again, the 2 little
girls began to fondle each other's open, hairless cunts. After a while,
Tina told Mary to lay still while she tried something.

"What?", asked Mary as her older sister parted her skinny legs and
moved down between them.

"You'll see.", said Tina mysteriously as she positioned herself
between her 9 year old sister's spread legs and lowered her mouth to
the smooth pink lips of her cunt. It was the first time Tina had ever
tried licking the pussy of another girl, and she wasn't to sure what to
do. She began by running her tongue up and down in her sister's smooth

"TINA!", her sister almost shouted between clenched teeth.

"Shhhhhh! Do you want Mom 'n Dad to hear us?"

"Sorry.. What are you doing?", Mary asked again in a whisper.

"Doesn't it feel good?"

"Well.. yeah, I guess, but.. You're not supposed to do that with
your mouth!"

"Says who?"

That stumped little Mary. "uhhhh .. I don't know."

"That's right, you don't know. Just relax for a minute and it'll
feel really good. Lay down...", and she put her hand on her sisters flat
chest and pushed her back down on the bed.

Mary didn't know what to think as her older sister began to probe
her narrow slit once more with her tongue. It didn't seem right. That's
where pee comes out, for heavens sake. But it sure felt nice. In fact it
was feeling better by the minute. When Tina began to concentrate on
Mary's clit, moving her head from side to side as her tongue whipped the
small protuberance, Mary decided that it felt great, and had to pull a
pillow over her face when she began to cum for fear of screaming load
enough to cause their parents to investigate.

For her part, Tina could tell right away that she was "doing it
right". Her little sister's hips began to buck up into Tina's face, and
when Mary came, Tina could feel the strong contractions of her 9 year old
pussy sucking at Tina's chin. The taste of her little sister was not
unpleasant, not as strong as a man's cum. In fact, Tina thought it was
kinda nice, and she wondered if that's what she tasted like to Mr.
Phillips. When her little sister had done cumming, Tina crawled up her
body and lay down next to her.

"Wha'dya think of that? I told you it would feel good."

"uhhhhh huh", said Mary, still trying to catch her breath. This
was amazing. Her 11 year old sister was opening up a whole new world for
the 9 year old, and she wondered where Tina had learned it all.

"We better go to bed, I'm really tired.", said Tina.

"Okay.", said Mary, re-gaining some of her composure. "Tina, can
I ask you something?"

"Sure. What?"

"Where did you learn to do that?"

'Uh Oh', thought Tina to herself. "I uh.. I just sorta .. uh ..
Made it up!" Tina couldn't think of anything else to say, and she eve
sounded to herself like she was lying.

"I don't believe you. Where'd you learn that? Is that what they
teach in those 6th grade health classes?"

"No, dummy! Besides, remember Mom 'n Dad wouldn't let me go to
those classes anyway!" After saying that, Tina realized she should have
kept her mouth shut and let her little sister believe that. 'Opps', she

"Okay, so where?"

"I can't tell you."

"Why not?"

"Cause I promised."


"I can't tell you."

"Aw, Come on, Tina. I'm your sister! Can't you tell me?"


"Why not?"

"Cause it's a secret, and I promised not to tell, that's why!"

"I never told the secret about who broke the Tiffany lamp, did I?
Mom 'n Dad still think it was that dumb neighbor dog we let in! 'Member
we both got punished, and I didn't tell or nothing!"

"I know.", Tina replied feeling guilty.

"Okay, so why can't you tell me how you found out about this stuff?"

"I just can't, and I wish you'd stop asking me, OKAY! I can't."

"Okay, but I don't think that's fair."

"Well, maybe I'll tell you later, but I gotta check first, Okay?"


Tina felt guilty about not telling her 9 year old sister that it
was Mr. Phillips up the street that had taught her all about sex. She
and her sister were very close, and had shared everything. They'd never
had secrets from each other before, and it felt bad to have one now. She
resolved to ask Jim Phillips if she could tell her sister the next day
when she went to see him after school. Mary had sulked over to her own
bed, and in a short while, both little girls were fast asleep.

The next day after school, Tina kept her appointment with Jim
Phillips. As always, it wasn't long before both man and little girl were
stripped naked. Jim gave Mary an orgasm by having her sit on his face.
He then had her suck his cock until he shoot a large load of cum into her
mouth. He made sure she swallowed it all, telling her that it was good
for her, and that it would make her breast grow big. He never let Tina
take her mouth off his penis. Instead, he kept moving her head back and
forth on his cock until he was rock hard again, and ready for another cum.

Today's lesson was how to fuck a man with the girl on top. He had
Tina stand over him, and slowly lower her hairless, pink pussy down onto
his upright cock. He guided the tip of his cock into the entrance of her
tight little orifice, and then let her lower herself slowly down onto his
cock until the pre-teen was stooped down over him with his erection fully
engulfed by her bald cunt lips. He had her start bounding up and down,
her feet on the bed on either side of him, and her hands on his chest for
balance. Her warm tight hole milked his hard cock, and her nearly came
again before stopping her. He then had the 11 year old stand over him
again, only this time with her small round butt facing him. Once again,
he told his 11 year old lover to lower herself down onto his prick. This
time he made her guide it in, wrapping her small hand around his slimy
throbbing cock and rubbing the large head of his penis against her cunt
lips until they spread to admit him. Again, she lowered herself onto the
man and began to fuck him with her bouncing motions.

For his part, Jim Phillips reached down as the little girl bounced
up and down and began to probe her small anus with his index finger. He
grabbed some lotion from the head of the bed and lubricated the small
opening and his finger. He then began to push his finger into the little
girls tiny anus; first knuckle... second knuckle.... Deeper.. Deeper.
Tina was beginning to grunt, but hadn't made a single sound of protest.
She was getting more used to the strange acts that Jim Phillips wanted to
perform, and his finger was certainly much better than his large cock
being pushed into her bottom, so she didn't complain, though it sure felt
tight. Jim began to fondle his own cock inside the girl, feeling his dick
through the membranes that separated the pre-teen's anal and vaginal
walls. Shortly thereafter he began to cum, pushing deeper into the 11
year old's ass and cunt, and using his free hand to grab her hips and pull
the girl down onto his spurting cock. Tina nearly lost her balance, but
stayed upright while the man filled her small uterus with his hot load of
ropy white semen. When he released her, Tina climbed off, her cunt
dripping juice and cum, and lay down next to her adult lover, with her
head on his chest.

After laying like that for a while and letting Mr. Phillips catch
his breath Tina said, "Uhhh Mr. Phillips.. I.... uh.. got a problem."

"Call me Jim, Tina. What's the problem?"

"Well, my sister, Mary and I, we share the same room an all, and
.. well the other day she caught me, you know, masturbating 'n all. And
she thought I was sick, so she was gonna tell Mom, and I told her not to,
and she wanted to know what I was doing, and so I showed her, you know,
just so she wouldn't tell Mom 'n all." It was all tumbling out of her at
once. Tina had been worried about what to say, and so she just let it all
spill out before she could have second thoughts about asking Jim Philips.
"So then I show her how to, you know, do it, and we do it with each other
all night. Then the next night she asks me where I learn it all, and I
tell her I can't tell her, and she keeps asking and asking, and I didn't
tell her or anything, but she kept wanting to know, so finally I told her
I'd see if it was alright. I didn't tell her anything, so .. well .. but
what I wanted to know was.. "

"What you want to know is if you can tell her about you and me?"

"Well, yeah. She knows how to keep a secret. We've always told
each other everything 'n she's never told one of my secrets."

"Well, Tina. That may be true, but this is kind of a special
secret, don't you think? I mean, if this one were to get out, an awful
lot of people would get hurt, including you, you know."

"I know. I just.. I don't know.."

"I know, sweetheart. It hurts to keep a secret from your sister,
especially when your parents are so mean, huh? It's like you and your
sister are a team in your house, right. All for one and one for all, huh!"

"Yeah, I guess.."

"I understand. But, no. You can't tell your little sister about
this secret. However, instead of telling her, you could let her IN on it,
and then she would have as much reason to keep it as you."

"What do you mean? If I tell her, she WOULD be in on it?
Wouldn't she?"

"No, Tina. She would know your secret, but she wouldn't be in on
it. If she ever did tell, she wouldn't be a part of it, so it wouldn't
matter if she told or not. But if she had a part in it then she probably
would be even better at keeping our little secret. Get it?"


"It's simple. If you tell her, she can tell someone else, and
it's no skin off her nose. She probably would too. Remember how shocked
you were just two weeks ago. She'd be just as shocked. But, on the other
hand, if you brought her here, and SHOWED her our secret, then got her to
do it with us, then she'd have to keep it to herself because she'd be in
just as much hot water as the rest of us."

"You mean bring her here and we all have sex together?"

"That's right. I'd love to have your little sister; how old did
you say she was?.. 9 right; sucking my cock while you sat on my face.
Think about it! You'd have someone you share this with, and your sister
would have her curiosity satisfied."

"I don't know..."

"Hey, don't be jealous. You were at the party the other day,
right! None of us in our little group believe in jealousy. It just
messes things up. It would be fun to teach your little sister, don't you
think. Didn't you already like teaching her how to masturbate? How'd you
like to teach her how to suck a cock? Or how to get fucked? Admit it,
you'd love to see that, wouldn't you?"

"I guess..."

"Good. Then why don't we do it then. You can bring her here on
Thursday after school, and we can both show her what she wants to know.
It's a deal?"

"uh.. Okay. I'll bring her here after school on Thursday. Are
you gonna try and fuck her, she's smaller for her age."

"Tina, you should know by now that I love to fuck small girls.
There ain't nothing better than the look and feel of a large cock slipping
into some tiny little cunny, all stretched and tight.. ... um um um.. makes
me hard just thinking about it. Roll over, sweetie.", and Jim Phillips
rolled Tina over on her stomach, then pulled her up on her hands and knees
and entered her from behind. His hand reached around to fondle Tina's
clit while he humped her hard and deep. Tina soon was in heaven and cried
out in orgasm. Feeling her small round butt and tight vagina clenching,
Jim too began to cum and spurted yet another load of semen into his
pre-teen sex toy.

As they were gettin dressed, Jim reminded Tina to bring little
Mary with her on Thursday, but not to tell Mary anything before they got
there. "I will.", said Tina as she once again left by Jim's back door.
Watching her skip off in her plaid school skirt, Jim's mind quickly began
to flash images of what it would be like to fuck a 9 year old virgin while
her 11 year old sister held her down. "UM UM UM..", he said out load.
"It's turning out to be a great month!", and he closed the back door as
Tina skipped out of sight.


Chapter 5 - Mary's First Day


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----------- List of Characters thus far ----------

Jim Phillips
Producer of Kiddie Porn and seducer of young girls and boys. He
sells his product in Amsterdam to buyers he meets 3 to 4 times a year. His
tastes run to pre-teen girls, though he has used young boys now and again.
He has almost no scruples when it comes to using pre-teen children in his
movies. He has never made a snuff film, but he has participated in
kidnapping, torture and rape. One of his big production films might sell
for as much as $50,000 while his smaller loops run at least $500 a epic.
He has no job, other than making and selling child video pornography.

A muscular man, body builder type who enjoys sex with young
girls. When he married he made sure to chose a wife who would not object
to his sexual tastes and who wouldn't mind him having rather brutal sex
with his own daughter's. John and Jim have been friends since they were
teens and raped a 7 year old neighbor girl together, and then shamed her
into having sex with their friend Howard.

John's wife. Raped by her father at the age of 5, she was abused
for many years by a series of uncles, and friends of her fathers. She
came to think of sex between young girls and men as completely normal and
encourages her husband to engage in sex with their two daughters.

John 10 year old daughter. Brown hair, shoulder length, brown
eyes. Has starred in one of Jim Phillips major porn productions and has
been the subject of many of his short loops. She does not shy away from
any type of sexual encounter and has been involved in group sex, anal sex,
sex with various animals, golden showers, bondage, and S&M, both giving
and receiving.

John and Evelyn's youngest daughter who just turned 9. Has also
been in many of Jim's kiddie porn shorts. Brown, shoulder length hair.

A friend of Jim Phillips that he met while in Amsterdam during one
of his early trips. Originally from the West coast, Dave moved to the
Annapolis area to help Jim in producing Kiddie porn.

Dave's 8 year old niece. She has been in a few of Jim's
kiddie loops starting when she was 6 years old. She has long blond hair
that she wears in a pony tail most of the time. She has not had as much
experience with sex as Jennifer and Julie because she only gets to live
with her Uncle Dave when her parents take one of their extended vacations
in Europe.

Tom meet Jim Phillips via a computer bulletin board. They
exchanged stories and photo's and eventually met in person in a motel
where Tom brought a young girl he had been having a relationship with for
several months. Both men took turns molesting the 12 year old while the
other ran the video camera. Tom had a knowledge of video that Jim lacked,
and so they became quick friends with Tom providing Jim the expert
knowledge he needed to edit his video loops into full-fledged porn.

A friend of Jim's in High School, Howard quickly put on weight
after college. He is a frequent guest on Jim's videos where his large
size contrasts well with the small girls he has sex with.

Was a friend of Jim's in High School. She had always wondered
about Jim's proclivities, but was never sure until last year when she had
moved back to town after an acrimonious divorce. She had custody of her
daughter Betty, and had decided to look up her old friend. She had
noticed the attraction of Jim to her daughter right off, and decided to
ask him point blank about it. Jim had lied to her, but Cathy didn't
believe him, so to test him she had him baby-sit with Betty for a few
weekends. At the end of that time she grilled her daughter and found out
that he had indeed taught her the art of masturbating men with both her
small hands. Far from being disgusted, Cathy found herself turned on by
the idea and when she next confronted Jim told him of her interests. Jim
and Cathy then became sometime bed partners with little Betty helping
their lovemaking where ever she could fit in.

Cathy's daughter; 6 years old with long golden blond hair. She had
never seen a naked man until the night she had "caught" Jim Phillips
masturbating over her sleeping form while he was "baby-sitting". He had
told her how special it was that a little girl like her could get a man
all hard, and that it meant she was a very special little girl. Not long
after that she was invited to shared her mother's bed with Jim and to
begin appearing in some of his video's.

Tina West
If you read TYO_01 then you know her story. Tina is 11 years old
and attends 6th grade at a local Catholic Elementary school. She has
light blond hair that is shoulder length.

Mary West
Tina's 9 year old sister who becomes more involved in the story in
the next chapter.

Livina West
Tina and Mary's mother. She feels trapped in a dull marriage to a
man who ignores her. She fills her life with shopping and trips to
various beauty salons and parlors. Her dissatisfaction has caused her to
ignore her children's need for love. Jim Phillips noticed that the West
girls where being ignored by their parents and so this made him target
them in the first place. Livina, or Livvy, is easily charmed and now has
a definite attraction for Jim Phillips which he will use later to his


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local Jr. High Football team.
- Livvy is seduced by Jim Phillips who then turns her on to sex with
young boys. All this leads up to the day when Livvy offers her
youngest daughter, Lisa to Jim to keep her terrible secret.
- Tina's Dad catches her and Mary in a 69 and begins to punish the
2 girls, but winds up being seduced by them.
- Jim plans a new major film around the entire West family.



2009-06-04 14:01:45
we are going in order with story / stories so no adding other things

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-03 14:30:18
use a man with a small dick like mine to fuck betty for her first time


2009-06-01 21:28:46
i am working on a new true story from my past so hang in there

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-31 20:59:35
The younger the better. Even if the girl is 3. had one once best hed i had.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-05-31 08:17:30
i would love to tead more of the eleven-twelve yo old range, with the whole sexual spectrum.

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