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Half way through a 12 month tour of duty in Iraq I get to come home for 2 weeks of R&R
Diaries of a Soldier - R&R (part 1)

The first real feeling of being home comes when you see that thin line of land appear over the horizon of the Atlantic Ocean like the rising sun. You feel the butterflies when the mechanics move underneath you as the landing gear opens and the plane descends. At this point I think every returning soldier says to himself, "Please don't let me die on this runway after making it home from the desert." The tires touch down, the brakes kick in to a sudden stop, the cabin cheers. Home! I exit the plane and make my way through customs with the feeling only veterans of war know, to be home. But yet it's bittersweet for I'm only on my 2 weeks R&R and will return to this same airport for a plane back to Iraq in 14 days, the plan is to make the most of my 2 weeks home. I moved along with the river of soldiers, all of us flowing to baggage claims, all of us looking in the waiting crowd for that one face we have been urging to see, maybe a mother, a father, child, or friend, for me it was my wife, Kimmie.

I seen her standing lost in a sea of Army uniform and unfamiliar faces, she looked so beautiful standing there. She was 5'1'', 120 lbs., her hair was dark brown longer then I remembered, now coming to her shoulder with beautiful matching brown eyes. Her body was voluptuous yet firm, her DD sized tits might have been big for her frame if it wasn't for her perfect hourglass body that slimmed in her midsection then her curves shaped into the most beautiful hips and ass that really kept her proportionate and sexy. What can I say, I'm a ass man. I looked at her for almost a minute before her eyes found mine, a smile can across her face as she ran into my arms. We hugged in the terminal letting the last 6 months wash away from memory, hoping we could ignore my inevitable return to Iraq for as long as possible. For now things were good.

We got in my car that I left for her and she drove us home. I had never seen her new apartment because she had moved in after I deployed, so a tour was in order she thought. She helped me with my bags and we both walked inside. The living room was large and very welcoming but there was only one room I wanted to see. Kimmie started giving her tour saying something about how she got the kitchen table on craigslist when I came from behind her and picked her up in my arms.

"Bedrooms down the hall to the left" She said. She knew what I wanted and she needed it just as bad, we had both gone 6 months with no sexual release or attention and I was ready to put an end to that. I carried her down the hall and kicked her bedroom door open, the bed was made up so we could just jump right in so I tossed her on the bed and stood above her looking at my prize of war. This is what I had earned, this homecoming fuck, this tight pussy that kept itself unsatisfied for 6 months until my cock came home to fuck it again.

"You know I was worried I wouldn't be able to fuck you right since it's been so long." I told her. "I probable wont last 5 minutes in your tight pussy."
"That's ok baby." She said. "We have 2 weeks to get all we need from each other."
"Well so I would last longer, I actually rubbed one out on the plane right before we landed" I laughed.
"Aww your so thoughtful. But that's good because my pussy needs to cum on your cock baby." As she said this she leaned over the edge of the bed and began to undo my combat boots, one then the other. After the boots were off she slithered her entire body off the bed and on to her knees in front of me as her hands found my belt buckle. Undoing the belt my pants slide down rather easily, pulling my pants down she took my boxers as well and my 7" cock bounced right up into her face.
"That's what I've been waiting for" She said with lust in her eyes. Her hands ran up the sides of my legs and in one hand she cupped my balls and the other took a firm grip on my member and began to stroke. Looking down at her she never took her eyes off mine as she stroked my hard prick, stopping only for a second to lick her palm very sexy and slowly then grabbing my cock again stroked harder and faster with the saliva helping her get things going.

"You want me to suck it baby?" She asked quietly. "Did you miss my mouth?"
"Oh yeah Kimmie, I missed it bad. Your lips are so good to my dick, I need you to suck it good."
"I missed you sucking my clit baby, I had to buy a vibrator to take care of myself"
"Well maybe I can take care of you if your a good little slut wife and take care of me first"

With that said she took my 7" down her throat in one full motion. I wanted to cum right there. She slowly took my cock from her throat and let her tongue run down the shaft and wrap around the head. Working it like her favorite Lollipop she licked and sucked my cock like the dream I had jerked off to many times alone in my bunk. I looked down at her, her nose continuously rubbing the hair running up my stomach which usually always tickled her. But not today, today she was in her own different world, I had never seen her so determined to suck my cock dry. I took the rest of my uniform off as she sucked my dick like every porn star I had ever wanted to fuck. Her hands worked my balls while her mouth tightly moved up and down my cock. I needed to fuck. I reached down under her arms and lifted her to her feet. Kissing her hard and passionately I removed her clothes with my free hands until we both stood there, completely naked kissing in each others arms. She looked into my eyes,

"Baby I need you to fuck my pussy" she said in a pleading voice
"Get on the bed and show me it."

I let her go from my arms and she laid back on the bed on her back. Legs spread she reach down and ran a finger up and down her shaved slit, rubbing her clit and slowly fingering her hole letting me see all that I had been missing. I watched with anticipation not wanting to rush this moment I had been waiting so long for. She took her finger out of her fuckhole and it was dripping wet. With the wet finger she motioned me to come on the bed and I moved closer. She took her finger as I moved in and let me suck her pussy juice off it. I was ready to fill her with cum and she was ready to be fill. She held her legs high in the air spread wide as I positioned myself between her thighs. I knew once I started fucking her there would be no stopping my climax so I once again took my time. I took my cock in my hand and stroked it gently, rubbing the head against her wet clit. I watched Kimmie's eyes roll into the back of her head as I began stimulating her clit. I did this for a good 5 minutes building up her orgasm and her lust for my cock to pound her hole like a horny slut.

"Baby I need your cock in me" She whined
"Your not ready for it" I teased
"Please baby fuck me, I've waited so long for you cock"
"You want it Kimmie?
"FUCK Yeah baby fuck my pussy like it needs"

I continued to rub the head of my shaft hard against her clit letting her beg for my dick for another 30 seconds or so then rammed it in her with no remorse. Surprising her she gasped loudly and instantly began grinding back into me as I pumped her box hard and fast.

"Is this what your pussy needs baby" I asked her
"Oh yeah baby I waited so long for you to fuck me like a slut again. Your cock is so good to me, I would wait forever for your cock to fuck me."
"Oh yeah your good slut wife Kimmie, take this dick baby"

Like a jackhammer pounding the pavement I went to work on this tight pussy I had wrapped around my cock. 6 months of stress, anger, war, loneliness, sexual frustration, and plan boredom was all being fucked out of me...and her. We both needed this fuck, we both waited and thought about this homecoming fuck for a long time and now that it was here, I was not going to disappoint, I rubbed her clit as I fucked her like some whore that charges by the minute. Her teeth were clenched so tight she couldn't talk, only a loud moan that sounded like it came from some wild animal. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer so I needed this whore wife of mine to cum soon. I reached over to the end table and grabbed this 7" vibrator I had been ignoring since I came in, and without missing a beat turned it on and rubbed her clit with it as I pounded her harder and faster.

"Is this the dick that has been taking care of my pussy while I've been gone?" I asked
"Oh god I'm gonna cum baby, YES, yes fuck me I missed your cock in me" Kimmie yelled as loud as she could. "AHHH I'M CUMMING!"
"That's it get what you need from that dick baby Daddies home" I now knew it was my turn to cum so like a dog in heat I turned up the pace. In a lustful trance I fucked my pussy, fucked my pussy as hard as I could until my balls exploded into her trembling hole. Squirt after squirt filled her used box as she gridded my still cumming cock.

"Fuck baby YEAH!" I yelled as I slowed to a stop and tried to catch my breath
"Oh god baby I can feel every drop in my pussy" She said as she reached down to her fucked hole and got a big gob of jizz on her finger and brought it to her mouth.
"MMMmmmm god I so wanted your first load in my mouth." She looked up at me as I looked down at her and I collapsed on the bed.
"That was so good Kimmie. Your pussy is so worth the wait."
"Remember that." She said with a satisfied smile

We both were spent, and I was still a little jet lagged so we fell asleep in each others arms for the first time in a long time.

To Be Continued...


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2009-06-04 20:33:15
I enjoyed your story; your writing skills are very superb, and I hope that you will use them in other business aspects. I also spend a great deal of time away from my spouse and even at 42, I fuck like a 19 year old after long periods of no pussy. I read your story on Korea as well and that was one fine piece of literature. I am going to read your next stories, thanks.

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awsome story dude. I came like six times!

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