This is a true story but I have exaggerated in a few places to make it more entertaining for the reader I will happily answer any pm's I get about my story and if you have any ideas as to how you would like me to write the next one please be my guest.
All I wont is to make people horny and wet I hope it did the trick for you xx

It started when I was 10 yr old my next-door neighbour would babysit for my mam, although I was an early developer (I needed a bra) dawn always insisted on playing house with me, dawn being 17 was so much more grown up and knowledgeable than me.

It started that she would have to bath me and always rubbed very hard on my tits and pussy (it is only now as an adult that I know the words for my body ) and it always made me feel funny in my tummy, then after she dried me she would feed me like a proper mammy, so she sat down and I would have to curl up on her lap, she would take hold of her naked breast and guide my open mouth to her waiting nipple, there she stroked my head as she instructed me to suck her tits like a baby,

I didn't mind as I still felt strange after the bath, this went on for a while often she would tell me to suck hard as she pulled my head away, stretching her lush ripe breast, quite by accident I found that if I flicked my tongue over her hardened nipple she would moan softly. This made her shudder and run her hands hard all over my body, even playing with my soft hardly formed child tittys, making me tremble with anticipation, but she left me longing for more.

After a few weeks things changed if I did something she didn't like she would bend me over a stool pull down my knickers and slap my ass, this caused a warm feeling to spread through my thighs, the feeling was so intense, better than when she rubbed my aching tits. This went on for many months it got to the point that every time we were alone I would play with her tits and start to rub her pussy, until with shuddering gasps she would pull away and leave me high and dry.

When she went away to collage I was devastated I kept myself to myself, while she was away on many night I awoke in a cold sweat remembering how I felt as she ran her hands over my pubescent body. Always I would come back to the most vivid memory's of her slapping my ass.

As I recalled this memory my hand would move down my naked thighs and slowly I would play with my pussy, and with my free hand I pulled my nipples, my fingers were sticky with my juices, as I neared my orgasm I would pinch hard on my tender hard nipple, the pain and warmth sent me over the edge every time. I new then that pain was something to enjoy.

Then after 2 years she came back to my village and the first thing she did was invite me to stay over in her new flat, I couldn't wait to see her while she had been away she had changed, she had grown into a woman, but she was different harder, as soon as I walked through the door she told me I needed a bath, and that as I was older she would teach me what mammy's and daddy's did, as I was to old to be a baby now.

I got into a nice hot bath and as usual she washed me down but now I knew about sex and started to move against her hand, she slapped me and told me that she was my mistress and that I only do what she told me to, I was a bit taken back at this but I would do anything to please her. Then for the first time she tried to suck my tits, I freaked a little which was strange as I had always imagined her sucking me as I had sucked her so often.

She pushed me under the water, when I came up she said that she would keep me under if I ever said no again, so after that I got used to letting her do what she wonted, but if I was really horny I would pull away from her to make her push me under the water. I would look up at her heaving chest the absence of sound and the struggle for breath brought me closer to orgasm than anything I would have thought possible.

When she pulled me up from under the surface of the water the rush of cold air into my staining lungs sent endorphins rushing from my brain to all the pleasure spots of my body, I was hooked on extrema sex with my mistress She seemed unaware of the way her harsh treatment of me made my life worth living.

So the routine was I would come to her flat and undress at the door, I would put on a studded dog collar and she would slip on my leash I spent many hours pleasing her using my tongue to make her come I would spend an age lapping at her pussy and drinking down her copious amounts of cum juice, it was the best time of my life.

Then one day she slipped on my leash and slipped a hood over my head, there in the cold hall with my head covered all sound and light diminished,she started to suck my tits this was unusual for her , but it got me very excited as I moaned she pulled my leash making it bite into my neck the sudden pain released a flood of sex juices running down my thigh, as my mistress lowered her head to lap up my cum the leash pulled me lower.

Bent over like this my hands found mistresses tits the nipples were rock hard as if someone had already been playing with them, but before I could cum she pulled away and brought me down to my hands and knees with her skill full use of my leash, on all fours she took me into the living room.

I couldn't see anything there was only a hole for my mouth, she said that as I had been a good puppy I could play with the other puppy's, I was frightened because I didn't know what she meant, keeping me on all fours by my leash I felt her push her red velvet piano stool under me, then with some soft silky bindings she tied me to its legs.

I was spread eagled on all fours restrained and helpless, thankfully my tits were hanging down the other side of the stool or they would have been crushed, I had no idea what she had in store for me, she had never done anything like this to me before my expectations were high, secretly I hoped she would thrash my bare ass, whipping me into a frenzy of lust, as these thoughts rushed through my head my body responded by releasing more pussy juice which trickled down my parted legs.

I was so intent on my fantasy of sex and punishment that I did not notice my mistress leave the room, she had left for a few minutes, when she came back I could hear the jangle of dog chains she had 2 other people with her, I could tell as they rubbed up against me that they too were on all fours with there own studded dog collars and chain leashes on.

She told them that I had been a good puppy for many years and that I was to be rewarded, for my faithful obedient service I was to become there bitch. As these new dogs rubbed themselves against me I could feel there soft cocks begin to harden and elongate to some pretty frightening lengths, I had never been with a man before, as I tried to pulled away from them I nearly toppled the stool over my mistress slapped me on the ass and that warm feeling ran down my thighs so I stayed still.

When the men puppy's started to lick and kiss me all over it was mind blowing, I had never felt anything like it before, I couldn't see anything I was tied to a chair, and hot wet tongues were prodding and licking me every were, my mistress was telling the men puppy's what to do she then told the puppy's to go to my head and suck my tits, I nearly pissed myself they dragged heavily on my taught nipples nibbling and biting it was wonderful I thought I would cum right there and then.

As the males tongued and pulled my aching tits I could feel my mistress kneel down behind me, stroking my wet pussy running her hand up and down along my crack from ass to clit, as she played around with my sex I would have forced her hand deep into my pussy if I had not been tied up, I had never been penetrated before but I was desperate for it now.

Even in this sexual ecstasy the feeling of something cold and hard at my virginal pussy made me jump and pull away, this made my mistress mad, I received the hardest smack ever, reaching over my back she grabbed a hand full of my long hair wrapping it around her fist she yanked back pulling my neck taught.
In a rugged voice she raged that I was her plaything and only she would make me her bitch, still pulling my head back she forced her hard plastic strap on cock between my puffy wet pussy lips, the head of the dildo thrust in sharp until it came to my hymen, I let out a yell at the sudden pain.

She yelled at the men to stuff my mouth full of cock to keep me quiet, only to willing they both rushed to be the first in my upturned mouth, as they struggled to get both of there hard cocks through the hood over my head I had a few seconds to decide if I would go with the flow or clamp down and denied them entry.

But at that precise moment my mistress had withdrawn her strap on cock and with a huge tug on my hair she entered me to the hilt, with my head pulled back further my mouth opened allowing a cock to pop inside, with long lunges he worked his cock right to the back of my mouth, it was hard to breath, I had to gasp for what little air I could get when he was on the backward stroke.

no soft gentle entry for me just a brutal shafting, as she broke my hymen I let out a scream which was swiftly cut off by the cock forcing its way deeper into my mouth, in total confusion I was rammed in both ends, at first all I could feel was pain in both my pussy, which felt about to burst, and my mouth as the cock struck deeper into my throat

After the initial entry my mistress slowed down her wild thrusting, my pussy stretched to accommodate this huge tool used to penetrate me, slowly my juices began to flow coating the plastic cock, making it easer to slip in and out of me, my pussy muscles relaxed and soon the sound of squelching could be heard as she rode me to my first orgasm.

With slow deep thrusts I welcomed the force she used, I took to sucking the cock in my mouth deeper causing suction and friction to bring the pulsing organ to its climax, when he blew his load he was so far down my throat that he spurted his seed strait into my gullet I got no taste but felt the heat of his bodily fluid as it slipped down to my stomach.

As all of this was being done to me the other man was back at my tits biting and pulling the nipples I could not hold out any longer I screamed my orgasm out as it ripped through my body every nerve jumped flexed and held hard as I came in wave after wave of pure ecstasy.

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