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A contine on my daughter's conception
When baby girl could finally feel him back behind her, she grew frightened. Then she started screaming as a sudden infringement on her body caused her to faint. Peanut stopped and grabbed her hair. With a powerful pull, he yanked her head back and smacked her stupid. The shock threw her back into reality. The pain that caught her off guard was from peanut jamming deep into her anal cavity.
Peanut thrashed about her in ass like a rabid dog. Humping, and thrusting into her till she bleeds. Her cries of pain and the blood are still no motive for peanut to finish her torment. His dick rips threw her muscles, a pain like no other she has felt before. Finally peanut moans in a strange tongue, and busts a relief nut into her ass.

The last shot of power put peanut down. He collapsed causing baby girl to fall. After about 45 minutes peanut began to stir. He arose from baby girl’s back, and studied the past scene. Baby girl just lay in front of him quietly sobbing at her pains and throbbing muscles. Peanut leaned over and untied baby girl. She slowly retracted her limbs and balled up. When Baby girl balled up, peanut truly saw the damage he caused her body.

The sheets were cover in her blood, soaked from his sweat. Her pillows were drenched with tears, and her hair was knotted from his pulls. Baby girl slid her hand down and reached for the blanket. Peanut took her hand causing her to jump, and flinched up. Peanut become flooded with guilt at her condition.

He caressed her skin and tried to calm her tremors and whimpers. She embraced his touch and lightened her tension. Eventually they covered up and she nudged down into his arms.
Days went on and she walked a very straight line. Although something in her allowed him forgiveness, nothing in her could forget the painful acts of that night’s attacks. Months went by again and they break their ties slowly only to end up connecting again. There were several outside forces causing tension in the air around, Nov of 2007. So Baby girl parted ways with peanut once again.
Baby girl returned to her family in Nov once again pregnant. Her mother didn’t catch on right away, and by the time she found out, Baby girl had already had an abortion. So Baby girl played it off till she left. She moved out to the country and held on to another life for a little while. When she then once again returned to peanut.

Baby girl left out on the truck with peanut once more. This trip had been the same as others; she got her ass beat, and was raped on a regular occasion. She finally got it down that if she didn’t move and beg when he pursued her, he stopped because it wasn’t exciting anymore. So Baby girl became a dead fish when he was attacking her. She started hating herself for forgiving him so much. In her mind she knew it wasn’t long before things got so out of hand, he might put her in the hospital, even death. After that trip, she parted once again. This time Baby girl didn’t stay at home and bored. Instead she set out on the road by herself with other drivers. She had so much fun, till she met a driver, that wouldn't accept NO for an answer.

Baby girl had helped a driver tarp a load and they were sitting at a truck stop. When the other driver approached her about sex. She denied his actions, and this set his temper off. The other driver yanked Baby girl to the back and restrained her with his bungees. Baby girl began kicking and screaming. The driver hit her with such force she couldn’t open her eyes. He continued slamming his fist in her face till she bled.

Baby girl was able to get one of her hands loose, and other driver yanked down on it immediately. This caused her wrist to break. Finally he stripped her clothing and began his plan to conquer her body.

The driver forced himself inside of her with such force she bled. He had no regards for what this beating was doing to her body. Baby girl cried and wiggled to try and get away. With every attempt came another punch.

When he was satisfied with the beating her pussy had sustained, he got a new gleam in his eye. She knew that look before, and braced herself for the pain. The driver turned her on her side and lined up on her ass. Once again her anal path was being tore apart. The driver ended up beating her to a point near death and released her. He was later arrested and tried for his crimes.

When peanut heard of the intrusion on baby girl’s body, he grew a sense of worry for her. Baby girl refused offers to come back right away. She was ashamed of her appearance and hid in the comfort of her private life.

After a brief visit with her family, baby girl returned to peanut once more. She set out on the road again as always. Baby girl thought peanut would have developed a form of compassion, since he knew what she had been through with the other driver. Instead she found him as cold as ever. Though he controlled his urge to strike her, for sometime; it didn’t take long for him eventually beat her again.

Peanut had struck her till she blacked out in a dirt parking lot. She hadn’t even been the source of his anger that night, but still she felt his wrath. Eventually she went back to prostituting and things got worse than ever between them.

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2013-02-18 18:03:30
U sick fuck. U should be a prison bitch so u no how it feels.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-13 13:39:59
I completely agree. Please STOP writing!!!!! YOU ARE DISGUSTING!!! How could you get off with the thought of a girl bleeding?! This story is just too much.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-02 16:48:29
Coherency, plot, enjoyable deions... all things this story lacks. For the love of all that is good stop writing. To bring a comment back from the first story "WTF was that?!?". And for anyone that would say "why the hell did you read them all then", well I was hoping you would redeem yourself somewhere (fail) and they were short enough to not really be too big a waste of time.

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2009-10-31 08:54:00
I would say violent sick and detail where a 240 volt probe should go. But there is a chance u would Get Off on such. As for what the real truckers would do, possibly a bit more painful than skimming this. Perhaps if it was presented as a social psychology piece on deviance some good may come of it.

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