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A roman caesar receives a very talented gift - but what talents does she possess?
The horns announce the war party's arrival to the multitude of guests. Caesar Constantine, emperor of Rome, sits at the head of a long, low banquet table, which is flanked with large pillows. His guests line the table, eagerly looking towards the towering double doors for the party's entrance. The doors open slowly, revealing a toga-dressed commander holding a gold chain. The chain trails behind the commander, leading a petite woman of tan skin and dark hair. Her chocolate eyes are full of anger; her attire is a simple white toga with red trim. The commander half drags the young woman through the marble-laden banquet hall, apathetic to the bite of the metal on her neck.

Constantine rises at their entrance, also eager to see his commander's pet. The commander bows and pulls the chain, making the woman stumble to her knees in supplication.

"Oh, Caesar, it is my honor to bring you a gift of the finest quality."

"What have you here, commander?"

"A captured treasure from a conquered province, Emperor. Her skills are rumored to be surpassed by none."


"She is untouched by your legion, your highness."

The emperor raises his eyebrows at this statement. For such a treasure to be captured and not sampled before her deliverance is of extreme rarity and incredibly noteworthy. It means she was kept for the emperor only.

The commander pulls the woman to the emperor's feet before handing him the chain.

"She's got a temper, your majesty-"

"Good," Constantine cuts him off. "Rise, girl."

She glares at him and slowly rises. Though she is barely over five feet tall, she has the presence of a very worthy opponent.

"They say you have skills. What is your name?"

"I am Vittoria," she replies, her glare intensifying, "and my skills are none of your concern."

The emperor smirks, " I see, Vittoria. I assume these skills at least cover dance."

She does not confirm his comment; instead, she crosses her arms over her chest defiantly.

The commander pushes her, "Answer the Caesar Constantine when he addresses you, slave." She strikes at the commander but is restrained by her chain in the Caesar's hand." Constantine, surprisingly, gently tugs the chain to encourage Vittoria to her feet.

"Dance, Vittoria, or die."

Vittoria bites her lip in anger, a gesture that makes the guests and Constantine all twitch in their togas. The musicians begin to play, and Vittoria begins to sensuously move to the music.

Her hips sway as she drags her hands up her body, pulling slightly at the material of her toga. Her bare feet step delicately in the rhythm of the music as she rolls her body like a snake seducing her prey. Her hateful gaze is locked onto the emperor; she wishes it alone could bore holes into his skull.

Constantine feels his blood begin to rush. The temptress is mere feet from his grasp, and yet something about her performance makes him unable to interrupt her. The song ends, and instantly, Vittoria tires to snatch the chain from Constantine's hand. In his spellbound state, she manages to whip the chain from his grasp and bolt for freedom.

Constantine is fast, however, and grabs the end of the chain before she can get too far. He drags Vittoria back to his side, enjoying her whimpered protests. Grabbing her arm, Constantine pulls her to her feet.

"It is time to test your other skills, slave."

In a fury, Vittoria somehow slaps him; the room goes deathly silent, waiting for her body to fall in consequence. Instead, the emperor grabs Vittoria's head and pushes her to her knees.

"I suggest you not try that again, if you value your life. Now, show me why my men felt you were worthy of only me." She slides her hands beneath his toga as the guests watch in suspense.

"As you desire," Vittoria responds, her fingertips teasingly trailing the sensitive skin of Constantine's inner thighs. He pulls the chain, drawing her face closer to his groin.

"It's 'as you desire, Caesar.'"

"As you desire, Caesar," Vittoria dutifully responds, her fingertips caressing the spot where the emperor's legs meet his groin. Not releasing his hold on her chain, Constantine grabs Vittoria's hair on the back of her head, his breath beginning to rag at her ministrations.

Her hands finally find his dick and begin their silky stroke up and down.

"You're obviously skilled at teasing, slave, but that is hardly a difficult task for a woman." At this, the guests chuckle mockingly. Using his hand on the back of her head, Constantine pulls Vittoria millimeters from his hard cock. She parts his toga, her lips kissing the spot right above his dick.

Both of his hands entwine in her hair, encouraging her forward. Not a pin drops as Vittoria leans forward, trailing the tip of her tongue through the emperor's golden hair. Constantine fights a shudder as her tongue slowly laps at his balls. His fingers tighten in her brown hair as his ice blue eyes close in pleasure. Vittoria slides her tongue up his shaft, leaving a cool trail that sends shivers down Constantine's spine.

Seeing the slave in action makes the commander wish he had kept her for himself, at least for a night. All of the guests shift uncomfortably, wanting to relieve their own sexual pressure.

Vittoria's lips finally reach the head, sucking lightly. Constantine suppresses a groan, pulling her deeper onto his cock Vittoria's tight lips hold his massive length captive, only slowly allowing inches into her wet, warm depth. She swallows as his dick reaches the back of her throat, and Constantine's head jerks back in pleasure.

He begins to thrust his hips into Vittoria's mouth, craving deeper and faster movements. She grabs his ass and pulls him deeper, her other hand caressing his balls as they slap her chin. Her fingertips tease the depth of his ass, massaging the muscles pumping into and out of her tight mouth. Constantine looks down into Vittoria's piercing eyes, and he groans before pulling her off his dick.

The guests all begin to quietly complain amongst themselves but are silenced as Constantine sweeps the banquet table clear in front of him.

"Guards, call the harem in to take care of my guests," he orders before attempting to pull Vittoria to a standing position. She struggles, trying to get away, but he hisses at her, "I'm hungry, Vittoria. It would be quite rude of you and a testament against your skills if you were to deny me a taste of you."

He pushes her ass to the cold marble table, laying her flat with her legs dangling over the edge. VIttoria tries to cover herself in vain as the caesar tears her toga apart. His lips make contact with her small hard nipples, and she moans loudly as her back arches from the table. The guests, though they should be easily occupied by the beautiful naked women in front of them, stare as Constantine's lips kiss down Vittoria's body. He reaches her bare pussy, enjoying the sweet scent of her wetness.

A long, slow lick proves her taste is as good as her scent. Wildly, Vittoria thrashes under his touch; Constantine digs his fingertips into her hips, pulling her beautiful pussy tighter to his lips as he feasts like a starving animal. His tongue dips deep into her tight cunt, thrusting in and out as if it were his cock. Using his thumb, he circles her clit and is thanked as Vittoria's whimpers fill the hall.

The commander stares in awe at the lewd display despite the mouth in his own lap. His own mouth drools as the emperor sucks on the delicious clit in front of him. The sight alone causes the commander to cum inside his apathetic companion's mouth. She rudely spits the cum into his goblet while he is still preoccupied with the Caesar and his new toy.

VIttoria's whimpers get louder and more frantic as Constantine teases her clit with the tip of his tongue. Her hands tangle in the back of his head, pulling him closer to her pussy, wordlessly begging him to make her cum.

The emperor stops and smiles up at her, giving her a quick teasing lick. "You're not the only one with skills, are you, slave?"

Her breath rasps in her throat, "No, caesar, you are quite skilled."

He moves as if to back away, and she groans, "Noooo, please, caesar, emperor... please..."

"Please what, slave?"

"Please... please make me cum, Constantine.. please.. ohh god-" He sucks on her clit as she moans his name. "Yess Constantine YESSS pleasedon'tstop YEESSS aaaaaaahhhhhhhh."

Vittoria arches off of the table, gripping the emperor tightly to her cumming pussy. He refuses to quit, licking ever precious drop from her as fast as she can spill it forth. She collapses on the table, panting heavily. As if by cue, the rest of the guests reach their release into the inferior girls of the palace harem.

Though he is tempted to take her as a show of power in front of his guests, Constantine pulls Vittoria off the table. She sloppily attempts to cover herself with the scrap of fabric that was her toga. As she is about to collapse in exhaustion, the caesar picks her up and hoists her over his shoulder. She shrieks, struggling to get away, and is easily silenced by his fingers caressing her pussy only inches from his face.

"Ladies, entertain the guests," he commands, nearly bolting from the banquet room.

His suite is not a short distance from the banquet room, but his speed is fueled by lust. He tosses her onto the low lying, four-poster bed. She watches in awe as he pulls off his toga, revealing a toned body that seems carved from the marble of the palace. His cock is still hard, easily over 7 inches in length. She goes to kneel in front of him, thinking he wants her to finish her earlier performance, but instead, he lays on the bed and leaves her standing in front of him.

Constantine plays with the chain in his hand that is still connected to her neck. He gently pulls, and Vittoria begins to crawl up his body. He tugs the chain again, encouraging her to kiss him hard on the lips.

"Your skills, Vittoria-" Constantine says, "I want you to finish the demonstration."

"As you desire, Caesar."

Vittoria moves back, her pussy millimeters from the emperor's throbbing dick. Her wetness surrounds the very tip, causing him to buck and groan at the feeling. His thrust meets air because Vittoria moves gracefully away from his throbbing cock. Thinking she is trying to get away, Constantine holds fast to the chain. She simply smiles and leans forward to whisper, "I will never abandon you in such a state, caesar."

Vittoria places the tip of his cock back at the opening of her pussy. As she rolls her hips, she allows inch by torturously inch to slowly make its way into her tight cunt. A grin appears on her face as she watches the emperor's hands grip the sheets. His biceps bulge as he tries to physically hold himself back from turning the tables on the temptress.

Constantine captures one of Vittoria's hard nipples in his mouth as she leans forward, bouncing her hips to begin slowly fucking him. She hisses and grips the sheets as well; however, she does not stop slowly sliding her cunt on the caesar's dick. Both Constantine and Vittoria begin to moan as she speeds up her motions.

Her tight walls grip his cock, serving testament to her unused status. "Thank the gods for this..." Constatine thinks as his eyes close in utter ecstasy.

Suddenly, she stops.

The caesar's eyes open. Vittoria is sitting balls deep on his dick, but she's not moving, just smirking. He begins to open his mouth to order her to continue. Vittoria, however, leans forward and traps his hands above his head. She begins to squeeze her pussy walls even tighter, grinding against his body. Though he could easily toss her off, Constantine watches her face in awe as she moans, bringing herself closer to orgasm. He can feel his dick begin to twitch against the pressure of her cunt, his balls begging for release. He realizes, "She's trying to make me cum already."

His pride will not allow him to release himself just yet. Instead, he attempts to flip her onto her back. He is surprised, though, at her strength and determination. Pulling on the chain, Constantine drags her face close to his, distracting Vittoria long enough for him to flip her successfully.

The emperor begins to pound at the slave's willing body. Her moans turns to whimpers and shrieks as she reaches her peak, convulsing beneath him. Her nails dig into his back. He grunts, trying to ignore the pulsating of her pussy around his dick. He cannot resist, however, and shoots his cum.

Through his dazed state, Constantine can hear a melodious laughter. Vittoria lays giggling beneath him, caressing his hair as he attempts to catch his breath.

Angry, he grabs the back of her head by her hair, exposing her throat to him. "What do you find amusing?"

Vittoria bites her lip, and the caesar feels his dick begin to harden again in her pussy. "My apologies, emperor. It.. it is... wonderful to find an equal."

"AN EQUAL?" he pulls harder on her hair.

She gasps but her smile widens, "By equal, caesar, I mean you are as skilled as my reputation claims I am skilled."

He broods, considering this statement. As petty punishment - and to give himself a break - he attaches her chain around her wrists and then to the bed posts, leaving Vittoria kneeling on the bed with her hands above her head. The end of the chain pools on the floor, a a delicate chain fringe on the very end of it.

As Constantine leans back on his pillows, he examines his new toy. The muscles of Vittoria's body are taut, like the body of a well trained horse. He can feel himself getting aroused again as his gaze travels over her pert breasts, pink nipples, down to the bare pussy that had drained him just earlier.

Vittoria's red lips tease him, hiding her previously demonstrated skills. Crawling towards her, he grabs her ass and kisses her hard. She rubs her body against him, the ever ready whore fit for a king.

Still feigning anger, Constantine turns her around and grabs the end of the chain with the fringe whip. Vittoria witnesses this out of the corner of her eye and shudders in anticipation. The emperor whispers into her ear, "Ah, you like being whipped, slave?"

TWACK! The whip echos in the marble of the room.

A red welt swells on the beautiful tan skin of Vittoria's ass. Only a small whimper escapes from her lips. Confused, the emperor repeats his assault. Another blow echos throughout the room. A whimpered moan escapes her lips this time, and a smile crosses the emperor's face. He pulls her body against his, sliding his hand between her thighs. To his amusement, he finds her juices leaking down her slender thighs.

Vittoria begins to shake as he slides his hands between her pussy lips. She moans, but her moan is turned into a whine as she receives three more immediate blows. Unable to resist her body anymore, Constantine slides his left hand around her neck and thrusts into her tight pussy, rubbing her clit as he fucks her fast from behind.

As if magicked by some unseen force, Vittoria screams and cums, shivering uncontrollably. Determined to resist her pulsating cunt, Constantine quickly unchains her wrists and throws her face down onto the bed.

Grabbing her hips, he resumes his thrusts, and is amused to see Vittoria thrusting back at him. Her moans fill the room, and Constantine closes his eyes, reveling in the tight wetness squeezing his cock.

Constantine does not realize the mistake he has made.

Vittoria flips the caesar to his back and begins to ride him furiously. He feels his balls begin to swell, his cock thrust deep into her cunt.

"Fuck... FUCK.. FUCCCKKKK..." the caesar tries to hold back to prove his superiority, despite Vittoria's multiple orgasms.

She leans down, "Scream my name, caesar."

"Fuck you."

Vittoria grabs the whip, dragging it across his abs. She tightens her pussy muscles, threatening to drag the cum from Constantine's dick. "You are fucking me. Now scream my name."

The emperor grimaces, knowing he is too close to cumming to argue. Her name is on the tip of his tongue when Vittoria stops.

"NO! Keep going!!!"

Vittoria just smirks.


"Much better."

Her ass only has to bounce a few more times, sliding her cunt to the tip and back down to the bottom of his shaft before he groans and cums hard, pumping into her.

As he lays panting, Vittoria leans down to whisper, "I overheard the commander say how not a single girl of the harem can make you lose control," she drags the tip of her tongue along his jawline, "I'm guessing my reputation has proven its truth."

Constantine shudders. He knows she speaks the truth, and that both he and possible his kingdom are in danger of utter exhaustion from Vittoria's prowess. His thoughts are confirmed as he feels her chain fastened around his wrists.

A dark smile crosses her face.

"Now it's as I desire, Constantine."

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