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A little bit of truth and some fantasy spawned this story, hope you enjoy
The Motorcycle Accident

By Dunchad©

I was riding my motorcycle home from work when it happened. For some unknown reason, the second car in front of me decided to hit their brakes instead of driving through the yellow light. The car behind it hit their brakes and went to the right. I hit my brakes and went left and then the next thing I know I am on the ground and hurting. Oh yeah, did I mention that I was driving my Anniversary Edition Harley Davidson V-Rod when this happened. So needless to say I was not in the best of shape. Surprisingly, after I was able to focus, I realized that my motorcycle was in good shape and was only leaning on the fender of the car in front of me. Seems that I put my foot down to help slow down my motorcycle and I ended up breaking my leg below the knee. I was in a lot of pain and was taken to the hospital.

It was determined that my only injury was the broken bone below my knee. I was taken to get x-rays. After a long wait the doctor arrived and checked everything out. Then he scheduled my leg for surgery the next morning. He said he had to put in a metal plate shaped like the number seven with screws so the bone would mend correctly.

The surgery went fine and after a few days I was released. For once in my life I was grateful for having a large family and we were all close. Since I could not walk on my broken leg I was for the first time in my adult life in a bind. I didn’t have a girlfriend or wife to help take care of me so my family stepped in. My cousins would come over and help me with preparing food. My brother was able to get a ramp put together for me so I could get in and out of my house. They were all great and ready to help me out. We set up things I needed all close to a recliner that my parents gave me so I could sit in front of the TV and keep my leg elevated. Needless to say I was about to become a couch potato, or in my case a recliner potato.
I watched a lot of TV and was grateful that I had a satellite dish so I had a lot to choose from. For dinner a cousin would come over and cook for me or someone would come over and take me out. I couldn’t even drive my own truck at this point, so I was pretty much disabled. Well, one night my favorite cousin came over to make me dinner and hang out to visit, so I had some human interaction, and man did we ever interact that night. So here is it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

My cousin Tabitha called me during the day asking what I had planned for dinner. Well I am a bit of a smart ass and told her I was planning on cooking a magnificent feast and asked if she would join me. She laughed and said she would be over after work and fix me dinner and hang out for a while. I asked her why, since she is always spending time with her boyfriend. She has been one of the cousins that have not done a lot for me so far. Anyhow, she told me that she and her boyfriend were having some problems and she was taking some time away from him to make sure that he was really right for her. I smiled and had some evil thoughts, but kept them to myself and told her to come over and she could hang as long as she wanted.

A few hours later Tabitha arrived and I was rather blown away. Tabitha has always been really sexy in my opinion. She is about 5’6” with long legs and a thin build. She is very athletic and health conscience. She has long brown wavy hair that hangs to about the middle of her back, beautiful blue eyes and a delicate mouth that always looks like she is ready for a kiss. She is not that well endowed, I guessed she is a 36B maybe C cup at most. She was wearing tight jeans and a loose baggy shirt with her hair down loose. My body didn’t listen to my brain tell it she was my cousin, because I instantly got an erection. She came in and leaned over my recliner and gave me a kiss on the lips then sat down next to me.

She looked me over and commented on my condition. She said she was sorry that she was so busy with her loser boyfriend that she didn't come around sooner. I shushed and told her not to worry about it. We talked for a while and she told me about everything happening and why she was taking the break. I told her she was making a smart decision and should indeed think about things so she didn’t end up like her sister and marry an asshole. She laughed and I saw her eyes sparkle and brighten. I felt all warm inside for making her laugh and smile. Then she got up, stretched and reminded my poor cock that she was an attractive woman and went into the kitchen to see what she could cook up for us. I got up out of my recliner and went into the kitchen with my crutches and sat at the table in the combined dining room.

She rummaged through the cabinets and the fridge and again my cock responded to her presence. After a few minutes she found some food that we agreed upon and started cooking. As she got busy and into cooking I went back into the living room to get my leg propped up and waited for dinner. I listened to her whistling and humming and it made me feel something odd inside. Almost like something was missing up until that exact moment.

I started watching TV and after a while she stepped into the living room and asked if I was able to sit at the table or if I would rather eat in my chair. I told I could eat in the dining room as long as I had my leg elevated. I already had a stool next to the kitchen table with a pillow on it for when I ate in there with family. She set the table and placed the food and waited for me to get to the table. As I sat down she got my meds I needed to take and something to drink. We sat and ate and talked. It was the greatest meal I had had in a very long time. I didn’t even realize my leg was hurting until I went to move.

She came over and helped me get up and get back to my recliner. As she walked next to me I could smell her perfume and the shampoo she used as well. Once again my cock got the better of me and was at full attention. This time I couldn’t hide it as she brushed across my lap reaching to set my glass on my table. She looked me in the eyes and smiled wickedly. “Well I guess that wasn’t hurt in the accident now was it.” We laughed and she sat down next to me again.

We sat and talked about our childhood after that and all the embarrassing things that we did. I then realized that it was late and asked if she needed to leave. She looked at me and said she was fine she didn’t have to be at work until late the next day. I then looked at her and blushed. She smiled and asked me what was wrong.

I told her that I smelled kind of funky, which was true, and I needed to shower before bed. I told her it was a task that I did need some help with, but if she was embarrassed I could understand and wait until my mother came over in the morning to help me. She looked at me and batted her eyes. Then she said, “Are you trying to get me naked with you?” I looked abashed and blushed even deeper. I honestly hadn’t thought about it, especially since my mother didn’t get in the shower with me, she just helped me get in and would hand me things as I needed them and helped to dry me off and make sure my leg stayed dry through it all.
So I told her that she didn’t have to get in the shower with me and what my mother did to help me out in the mornings. She laughed and said that my mother was only being polite since I was her kid. I blushed again and asked her what she meant. She asked me how long it had been since I washed my back or the bottom part of my leg. I admitted that not since the accident. She sat there thinking and I figured she would refuse and I would just wait till morning. She then looked up and said, “Ok sport I will help you take a shower and get you all cleaned up, but if you tell anyone I will beat you to an inch of your life.”

I was surprised and agreed and then wondered why she stated it that way. I got up and we headed into my room. I had a nice big bedroom and master bathroom as well. I was lucky, since I needed all the space now. We got everything prepared; I had a large industrial plastic sheet that one of my cousins got for me and would wrap it around my leg and secure it with Velcro to keep the water off my leg. So I got as naked as I could on my own and positioned myself into my huge shower and onto the bench. Tabitha stood outside the shower and asked what I needed next. I was ready to scream because again my cock got hard as such wickedly naughty thoughts filled my mind. I told her I needed help getting my underwear off and then needed the hand held shower nozzle so I could wash.

She stepped into my shower and helped slide my underwear off. I was immediately embarrassed as my cock was so hard it actually slapped her hand as she slide the material away. She looked at me in shock. I didn’t know if it was because I was erect or because of how long and thick I was. Now so you don’t get the wrong idea I had not thought of anything sexual about Tabitha since we were teenagers. Also I am not that well endowed, I am at most six and a half inches long, but I am very thick and have measured it to be a good three and a half inches around at the base and three inches around at the head.

Once again I saw that wicked look in her eyes. She smiled and handed me the shower nozzle. She stepped out of the shower and pushed the door closed. I sat there looking at her and hoped she was not planning something mean. I started the water and proceeded with my shower as I usually did. Suddenly the door opened and Tabitha stepped in and she was completely naked. I was stunned to say the least.
She grabbed the nozzle from me and started to wash my foot and made sure that she kept the water away from the plastic as best as she could. I was in awe, she was more gorgeous then I had ever thought and this time I didn’t care if I got hard or not. I watched her in the shower and how the water flowed over her skin and then I noticed that her nipples were hard. As I watched her, I noticed just how hard and erect they were and as I watched her more, I wanted to suck one of her nipples into my mouth.

She finished washing my feet and lower legs and looked up to see me staring at her breasts and nipples. She smiled and jiggled her chest for me and then leaned forward to kiss me. She looked into my eyes and then her hand slide down my wet chest and she wrapped her hand around my hard cock. She grabbed the bar of soap and lathered her hand and started to wash my crotch and balls. Swirling her fingers around my heavy balls and then around the base of my cock. She washed my pubic hair and then helped me to stand long enough for her to reach around and wash my ass and into my asshole as well. Something I hadn’t ever done before. When she did my cock spasmed and throbbed in excitement.

She rinsed me off thoroughly and then washed my hair. Her chest was in my face the whole time and finally I couldn’t take it anymore and sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how long her nipple was; it had to be close to half an inch long and seemed to be very sensitive. As I sucked and nibbled on it she started to moan and push her chest into my face harder. I sucked hard on her nipple and started to bite down on the base and flick the tip of my tongue over the tip of her nipple. She moaned loudly and her knees buckled as she orgasmed. I had never had a woman orgasm from me sucking on her tits before. She quickly recovered and pushed my head away from her tit as she rinsed my hair out. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I certainly hoped that it wouldn’t end.

My cock was so hard that I knew that if it didn’t get any relief soon that I would be in some serious pain. I didn’t say anything to Tabitha and let her finish washing me. She would stroke my cock whenever her hand came close to it and then she would stop. Not long enough for my desired need, but enough to keep it hard and wanting her. She finished washing me and then she quickly showered in front of me. And let me tell you, if you have never watched a sexy woman shower before, you need to do so as soon as you can, because it is hot.

She finished and turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. She grabbed a towel and started to dry me off. We made sure that I was fairly dry before removing the plastic sheet and then made sure that no water got into my leg. During this, I admit I was not thinking of her being naked in front of me and my cock started to soften. When she noticed, she leaned over and sucked it into her mouth as quick as she could and sucked it hard. As it grew in her mouth and got nice and solid again she removed her mouth and licked her lips. Then I got up and grabbed my crutches and hobbled naked into my room, and it was odd doing so with my stiff cock bouncing before me too.

Tabitha followed quickly after with a towel drying herself off, but not covering herself at all. I got to my bed and immediately put my leg up so it would not hurt or start to swell up, I had enough swollen parts as it was. As I sat on the bed and watched her she looked for some lotion and poured a generous amount onto her hand and started to work it into my foot and lower leg. Next she did the same to herself and I admit I was envious of her hands. Once we were both lotioned she leaned over and kissed me. This kiss was not like any I had gotten from her before. It was passionate and sensuous all at the same time. As we kissed I felt her press me down on the bed.

She hopped up on my big California king size bed and slid to the other side of me. She continued kissing me and kissing my face and neck. I had to admit that this was a pretty good sensation, no wonder women like it when we men do it to them. She kissed my chest and down to my throbbing cock. Before I knew she had swallowed me whole on her first intake. I immediately felt the back of her throat and had to fight myself to not just explode right then and there. She pulled her mouth up and started working my cock like it had never been worked before.

She sucked and swallowed and swirled her tongue and did things that I don’t think I readily recall or even know how to fully describe to be honest. All I do know is that it felt amazing and I was ready to explode in her mouth in no time. She pulled her mouth from my cock and looked me in the eyes, “Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

I nodded my head and she attacked my cock, and I say attack because I can think of no better word for what she did. She sucked and swallowed and pumped and twisted and bobbed and the next thing I knew I was exploding in her succulent mouth. It felt amazing; I had never experienced such a sensation like this ever before. All I knew was that it felt great, she felt great and she swallowed every ounce of cum too.
As she slowly pulled her mouth from my cock and moved her head from below my waist I grabbed her head and pulled her to me to kiss. I tasted myself on her tongue and lips and kissed her even harder. After a few minutes I released her head and her gaze was stunned. I don’t think she had ever had a man kiss her after she had done what she did to my cock. I pulled her down on the bed next to me. We cuddled for a long time, silent yet content.

Finally, she got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. Several minutes later she returned and was fully dressed. She stopped at my bed and helped me silently get my sleeping clothes on. She didn’t say anything and when I tried she shushed me by placing a finger on my lips. I could smell her finger and knew that she had pleasured herself with it at some point, I just didn’t know when. After I was dressed we walked to my door and she gave me a big hug. She looked so content and happy and then she left. I stood at the door with my crutches supporting me and watched her pull away and leave. I locked up and went to my room. On the pillow she had left her bra and panties and I saw that her panties were still a bit damp.
The following morning my mother came over and helped me with my morning shower, but it was nothing like it was with Tabitha. My mom and I had breakfast and she cleaned up. She asked who cooked for me last night and I told her Tabitha came over and cooked and we hung out. She tsked and said it was a shame that she and her boyfriend hadn’t worked out, but she was sure that Tabitha would be fine. Mom finished and got me settled for the day and she went off to work.

Later that day I got a call from Tabitha asking if she could come over again tonight for dinner after she got off work. I agreed and she laughed. She told me that she had ended her relationship and was going to take a break from dating for awhile; she said she had better things to do with her time, like spend them helping her favorite cousin get better and stay well feed and properly cleaned. I laughed and knew that for now, I was going to be well taken care of and much happier.


2016-05-02 19:48:17
cute little romantic/sex tale, i liked it!

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2014-07-31 23:58:54
you were lucky to have someone to help you when I was hurt my family just about ignored me. I could barely get out of bed had no phone near me and couldn't even sit long enough to eat yet they all took off every day leaving me alone, shows who really loves you doesn't it.

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2013-10-25 19:59:48
un36np Very informative article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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2012-10-05 02:44:04
Damn lol, where could I find a girl like that lol. I had surgery on my right leg so I no how it feels. Keep up the good work


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Hi good first chapter realy enjoyed it how about chapter two.

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