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Sorry it took so long, had it written a long time ago and only realized that I had not submitted it.
My Sister in Law #2

My Wife's Reaction
by Dunchad©

When I got back to our house Belinda was already home. I kissed her hello and
asked her why she was home already. She smiled at me and said that Karen was
feeling sick and had to go to bed. I was a little nervous that Belinda would see
that I had done something I shouldn't have done, especially when she asked me
how it went at her sister's place. I don't think she noticed anything and she
went in to the kitchen. I didn't follow her, still a little nervous, I knew that
her sister would call a little later to tell her about what we had done.

Instead I went upstairs to our bedroom, not knowing what to do. I don't know how
long I sat there, thinking of what I had done, but suddenly the phone woke me
from my dreams. I didn't answer it; I wanted Belinda to answer in case it was
her sister. I didn't dare go down and listen to their conversation. Instead I
lay down and closed my eyes, hoping everything would turn out to the best. The
phone call turned out to be a long one, but after about an hour I heard steps on
the stairs. I became paralyzed, what had Susan told her and how would she react
to it? I kept my eyes closed as she entered the room. In fact I didn't have the
guts to open them.

"So," Belinda started, "I hear that you had some fun today at my sister’s place."
She didn't seem angry so I opened my eyes. Belinda stood at the foot end of the
bed watching me with her hands on her sides.

"Well," I answered, "it got a little out of control, I'm sorry."

"I don't know if I forgive you, after all I wanted to see you fuck my sister
real hard and now you have and I missed it,” she said. Now I had to come up with
something great to say but all I could find to say was, "I'm sorry, what can I
do to make it up to you?" Belinda smiled and said, "Let's see, first of all, you
have to fuck her again, this time with me watching."

"Secondly," she continued, "I have always wanted to be fucked by two guys so now
you have to agree that you and Tom fuck me next weekend." I just looked at her,
a bit surprised and then she continued, "I have already discussed it with Susan
and everything is set, we are going to them next weekend to clear this little
problem out." I could just think about my wife being fucked by Tom and me and
asked, "But is Tom into it?"

"Don't worry, Susan is taking care of Tom," she answered, "and the third thing,
when Susan told me about your activities I got real wet, so now you have to fix
that little problem." Having said this, she started to undress. As I though I
had no choice, I did the same and besides all that thinking of my fuck with
Susan had made me horny again. I wanted to fuck my wife now.

When we where both naked, I rose and took her in my arms. My cock was already
hard and I started to kiss my wife. Then I placed her on our bed, still kissing
her. I started to kiss her on her chin, down her neck and finally got to her
lovely breasts. While massaging one breast I started sucking hard on the nipple
of the other breast. Her nipples were hard and stood right out, just as her
sisters did earlier that day. When she began to moan I started to kiss her body,
moving slowly down to her semi-shaved pussy. I could smell that she was real wet
from her juices and I wanted badly to taste her, these lovely love juices of my
wife. First I teased her a little and kissed her on her thighs, but then I
couldn't resist any longer, I had to taste her juices.

Belinda moaned when I parted her pussy lips and stuck my tongue into her sweet
pussy hole. She was real wet and as I tasted her juices I got even hornier. I
started to lick her cunt, while I put two fingers in her pussy. I don't know if
I had ever tasted my wife that wet before, and when I started to lick her harder
and put a third finger inside her she began to twist and turn in bed. I could
not believe it, but she was ready to cum, so I started to lick her harder and
soon she came in a big orgasm. When she had calmed down I stopped licking her
and she sat up and looked at me.

"So you little pussy eater, my sister told me that you loved licking her clean
shaved pussy, do you want me to shave too?" she asked. As I noticed she said
this to tease me I replied, "Yes that would be great, her shaved pussy was even
wetter than yours." Then I added, "I can't believe that you came that quickly."

"Well," she answered, "I couldn't resist masturbating when Susan told me what
you two did, but don't think that you are free to go now, I want some of that
big cock of yours now." When she said this, she placed herself in a doggy style
position, waiting for me to take her from behind. I could not believe that she
had actually masturbated when Susan told her what we did, but she didn't have to
ask me twice to fuck her from behind. I got up on my knees and rammed my cock
into her wet pussy. She moaned a bit and I started to thrust hard and fast with
my hips. Belinda then said, "Okay, fuck me hard until I cum again, but you will
get into trouble if you spill a single drop of that cum of yours."

I only had to try to obey her and I continued to fuck her hard. After a while
her moaning got louder, she was close to cumming again, and so was I. I don't
know how, but some how I did manage not to cum before her. Belinda came with a
big scream and she kept screaming, "Yes," through the whole orgasm. When she was
ready she rose from the bed and said, "Okay, you have been a good boy, now I
will let you have some fun, just let me go get something." She then ran out of
the bedroom and down the stairs. I could not imagine what she was going to get.
After a while she was back with a champagne glass. As I looked at her with a
question in my eyes she said, "I just don't want to miss a single drop of your
cum, Susan told me that she too thinks it taste great."

She then placed herself on her back in bed and said, "As I said, now its your
turn, you can fuck my breasts and mouth as much as you want, the only rule is
that you cum in the glass." This sounded fair and I positioned my cock between
her breasts. Belinda squeezed her tits around my cock and I started to fuck her

When I had fucked her this way a while, she started to lick her lips, showing
how much she would like to taste my cock. I didn't let her down and moved my
cock to her mouth. She sucked a little at first, but then I realized that she
wanted me to mouth fuck her and I started to thrust my cock into her sweet
mouth. I was close now and as I knew Belinda wanted every drop of my cum I took
my cock out and placed the tip of my cock at the opening of the glass. Belinda
watched this with a smile and then she grabbed my cock and stroked it while I
blew my sperm into the glass. When I was empty Belinda licked the last drop of
cum off the tip of my cock and then took the glass and moved it to her lips. It
was real stunning to watch my wife drink my cum from a glass and she did it with
a smile.

When she had got the last drops of it into her mouth she licked her lips and said, "Oh what a nice taste, just a pity there wasn't more for me. I guess its because you screwed my sister twice today, you have to make it up to me some other time."

She didn't have to say that twice, I would love to watch her drink my sperm

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2014-11-09 06:31:02
My best friend was telling me about her new man,,,, she told me his cock was Hugh ... I told her to stop because I hadn't had a cock since my break up.... So we had a few drinks,,, she asked I would like to see his cock,,,,,,,,, thought she was joking.... When he got home she told him I needed cock.... And oh my god,,,,, 9" !!! Now I am fucking three of his Buddy's !!!! And him... After 24 years of marriage ,,,,,, I am now a dirty slut...

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2011-08-14 15:02:52
i love these true story's, thanks for letting us read about it.. do post more.


2009-05-28 09:59:08
Yes, an excellent story, but the poor grammar and failure to proofread detracts from it. A good copy editor should fix that. Thanks

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2009-05-25 20:40:03
Excellent story.

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