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My name is Lilly and Im now 20 years old I first started writing this as iv read a few of these stories and I thought “hey why not tell you random people mine” so here I am writing my life (or rather the naughty bits that lead me to this cold wet day in may) everything in this story is totally honesty and the truth about a naive 14 year old girl (me) who learns very quickly and roughly about sex and the raw passion a man feels for a woman, so I hope you enjoy and there will be more parts to this if I get good feed back…….I hope you enjoy please feel free to be as honest as you want all comments are welcome xx
I was 11 years old and lived with my mum and her new boyfriend mark my mum and dad had been split up since I was 2 so it wasn’t anything new staying with my mums boyfriends on my own they never bothered me or even cared what I did while my mum went out, they would just sit there drinking slumped out in front of the TV…that was till mum met mark! He was tall, dark and handsome he had a very pretty face almost too pretty in my opinion and was built like a house full of hard bulging muscles I liked him he was so much different from my mothers previously car wrecked relationships mark actually helped me with my homework and was like a second dad to me…

“Lilly will you tidy your room im going to see Nana G and mark is going to look after you ok hunny, I’ll see you later” my mum calls “ok mum see you later”

“Hey kiddo what ya doing up there now?” mark asked as he walked up the stairs

“Mum said I have to tidy my room but there’s so much to tidy and it wasn’t all my doing Janey messed it up as well, it’s not fair why does she get out of tidying up!”

Janey was my older sister and a pain in my ass, she was the favourite in my mother’s eyes and everyone knew it especially Janey and I hated it. Janey was the eldest at 20, my brother Erick was 17 and I was the youngest at 14 we’ll hear more of them later on.

“C’mon kiddo how about we make a deal I help you out then you have to do something for me?” thankful for the extra help I agreed, half an hour later we had tidied all of my room “thank you daddy mark it looks so tidy better than mum ever did it” I beamed and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek

“Right now kiddo remember you agreed to do something for me, yeah?”

“Yeah I do daddy mark what you want me to help you with?”

He sat down on my bed and patted next to him I obedient sat next to him on my big wide bed

“Now that your getting to be a big girl we have to have a talk about boys and things like that, do you know what I mean kiddo?” I blushed and nodded no one had ever told me about sex but I had heard daddy Mark and my mum quite a lot and it sounded painful and very loud. He put his arm around my shoulders in a fatherly hug

“You know when a boy and girl like each other they like to show it by kissing and touching?” he looked at me and I nodded

“Have you every kissed a boy kiddo?”

“No, none of the boys in school want to kiss me” it was true I was a pretty little girl I had just started to get boobs they were becoming a nice healthy rounded A cup and I loved them I had long cherry brown curly hair, bright blue eyes the colour of a sunny blue sky in summer. I was slim with a rounding pert bum even though I was only 11 I had all the womanly curves of a matured teenager I could pass for 16 if I tried hard enough and was proud of that fact, all the boys were too shy to kiss me and I was the popular girl so I wasn’t short of male attention, my mind snapped back to reality as Mark lay his hand on my leg

“Right well you can practise on me then, go on kiss me like I was a boy at school that you liked it’s ok I thought Janey how to kiss boys and she has a boyfriend now doesn’t she?” I blushed, nodded and started to giggle as I leaned in feeling all grown up.

I kissed his lips with my mouth closed (as first kisses always are) and pulled away quickly and instantly started to blush “see now that wasn’t bad but you have to stay there a little longer, ok now do it again”

So I did and rested a bit longer on his lips “now open your mouth a little” he whispered against my mouth as I did he stuck his tongue in my mouth and started to work the kiss, my tongue responding to his tempting caresses, I couldn’t get to him properly so I pulled away and shuffled closer to him on the bed to get a better balance he spotted what I was doing and lifted me onto his lap, my legs straddling his

“Just like that yes see you can reach, now isn’t that better” as I looked doubtfully at him but admittedly it was better “right now try again like I showed you” I leaned in and opened my mouth to his.

This time the kiss was a little bit harder and sent tingles all the way down to my toes I could feel something poking between my legs but didn’t know what it was Mark moved his hands down from my face round to my back then down cupping my little bum I stopped kissing him and he brought his hands back up to my face and framing it he held it as he kissed me a little more harder than last time it was faster and more urgent than last time it felt like a bolt of electricity went right through my 14 year old body

Before I knew it I was on my back and his hand was running up under my school skirt and up the inside of my leg as he kissed me, god this felt good he moved his hand and cupped my boob through my school shirt, slowly moving his hand in circles I felt a sudden rush between my legs and an urge to feel his ‘thing!’ then I heard a car and my mum’s voice telling Erick not to be such a child and help Janey with the bags.

Mark quickly got off me as I moaned in protest “don’t worry kiddo we’ll come back to this later, but this is our secret for now ok?” I nodded and said ok and he went down stairs to greet my mum…

Later that night!

“Right come on girlies, time for your bedtime, say good night to Mark and give us a kiss and go get tucked up into bed I’ll be up later” mum said to me and Janey we went and gave them a kiss and headed upstairs an 20 minutes later Mark came into my room “goodnight kiddo me and your mum are off to bed but we’ll be up for a while and she might be abit noisy” he kissed me like earlier, my mouth willingly opening to his probing tongue and his hand on my boob lightly stroking me, a moan escaped my mouth (god he was a good kisser) he smiled as he stood up and fixed hi straining penis in his pants

“See what you do to me, your so beautiful kiddo” he then turned and walked out of my room leaving my door open and went into my mums room and left her door open my room was across from mine and I could see her bed from myne were she was lying. I closed my eyes and went to sleep…

I woke up a little while later to moaning, grunting and a rhythmic banging I didn’t know what it was but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw, I was still half asleep and sat myself up in bed and looked into my mums room.

What I saw was my mum on her hands and knees on the bed with mark kneeling in front of her, her mouth was open and was guiding marks ‘thing’ into her mouth he groaned and thrust in her mouth I watched as he held her head and repeatedly rammed all of his ‘thing’ into her open mouth each time he did he groaned louder. His thing looked all big and swollen I knew what a penis looked like but this was really big and fat.

I must have made a noise as he looked straight at me as my mother continued to swallow his length he smiled and blew me a kiss as he again rammed my mothers mouth with his meat this time harder and faster as he watched me watching him fuck my mothers mouth he told my mother to get on her back, she did and he positioned her legs on his chest and rammed his cock into her pussy she squealed in delight and began to move with him I was transfixed and wanted to get closer but knew I would get in a lot of trouble.

With each thrust she moaned and Mark was kissing and biting her legs as he held onto her bouncing tits then he let go of her legs and put them behind his head like he was stretching as he continued to slam harder into my mothers pussy his muscles stood out strong and golden he then pulled out and kneeling over her told her to close her eyes and keep them shut he started to wank his rock 9inch cock into my mothers open waiting mouth as he watched me.

I soon realised my hand had gone underneath my pyjama bottoms and was fastly stroking my very wet young clit mark could see what I was doing and blew me another kiss, “finger yourself you naughty girl” Mark said out loud and my mothers hand moved between her legs and began to finger herself, I knew he meant me so I slid my finger inside my tight hole (I had done this many times before but never while my mothers boyfriend was watching me) I could feel my body pulsing and one final push with my finger had my flying over the edge and my body stiffened as my head flew back onto the pillow as my orgasm lashed out in my tiny body “Mmmmm yes baby that’s it, im gunna cum now get ready” Mark said to me but my mother would think it was to her but I knew he was saying it to me, he was soon bucking his hips and shot his hot creamy load into my mothers waiting mouth she swallowed every bit that found its way into her mouth….

I lay back as my mother sat up to go to the bathroom and clean her mouth “shit Mark the doors open, I thought you shut it?”

“Don’t worry babe there asleep they cant hear or see, my mind was a little preoccupied when I saw you there looking so sexy and horny I had to have you”

I closed my eyes as my mother peeked into my door then went back to her room and shut the door. I went back to sleep thinking about what I had saw and how much I liked watching Mark and how big his ‘thing’ was….

This routine of me watching Mark and my mother went on for 4 months until I had decided I wanted more. I wanted to watch him in front of me I wanted him to show me it and I wanted me touch his thing I wanted to see how it felt in my hand so I waited till my mother and Janey went out Erick was away at his mates for the weekend and I was left in the house with Mark and his mates they were round watching the football match on TV so I shouted him

“Mark! Can you come fix my TV please it wont go on, please”

“Yeah ok be up in a bit kiddo match has nearly finished” I went to the top of the stairs god men are so thick

“But mark im missing the Simpson’s ppllleeeaaassseeeeee”

I could hear him coming up the stairs and I stood by the bed, he went straight to the TV and began to fiddle around with it “its not plugged in, you silly thi……” he stopped mid sentence as he looked at me I had decided I wanted him today I stood there taking first my top off as he watched me I could see the bulge in his pants so I ran my hand down my stomach and gave him a cheeky smile then I took my tiny tight shorts off and stood there in front of him with just my white lacy underwear on, he walked straight out of my room and went down stairs and I thought I had made a complete fool of myself and offended him or worse going to get one hell of a telling off then I heard the front door shut and footsteps coming up the stairs fast!.

Mark walked straight up to me and lifted me in his arms and pressed me against the wall

“Lilly what are you doing to me” he whispered into my hair holding me against the wall with one hand he fumbled to open his jeans with the other hand

“This will be hard and fast the first time baby and it will hurt a little bit but it will be ok afterwards” I nodded as he pulled my panties to one side and lowered me onto his massive cock he lightly pushed the head of his cock to my opening already wet he met resistance with each thrust then without warning he plunged me down onto his shaft impaling me on his meat “Ouch! Mark stop it hurts, please stop!”

“You’re a virgin? Mmmmm what a present you have given me, I love you”

“Mark I love you to but you have to stop your too big for me please stop!”

“I cant kiddo just try to relax, Mmmmm fuck me your little pussy is tight”

He lifted me all the way off his cock and again pushed me hard onto his shaft then carried on pounding me! Stretching me wider and wider he was so deep in me that I thought I was going to split in half from his pounding. He widened his stance and lowered me down and put my knees on his chest my back and neck were supporting me against the wall as I was pressed again to the wall he actually went deeper this way I had started getting used to his size he must have knew and started to pound me at lightening speed I could feel myself orgasm mounting and I could tell that it was going to be a bigger one than I have ever achieved on my own! He slipped a finger into my ass, finger fucking me as he pounded me he slipped in another and my body erupted into orgasm I was screaming “Maaaaarrrrrrkkkkkkk im cummmiiiiiiigggggg” he pounded harder

“Mmmm…fuck baby your little cunt is milking my hard cock im gunna cum in you now”

“Yesssssssssssssss” I cried to him

“Take it all you dirty little girl take my cum Uuuuuuggggghhhhhhhhh…” I could feel his hot cum filling me as he held himself deep in my pussy pumping his cum into my virgin pussy there was so much that it started to leak out of me a few last thrusts and his mouth once again crushed down onto mine it went from hard to soft and loving as his orgasm subsided he carried me to the bed and lay with me kissing and running his hand up and down my back and I could feel him again getting harder

“I want you to sit on it baby just sit on me but put me inside you and I we’ll go nice and slow this time ok” I climbed on top of him and he guided his now hard cock back into my dripping wet pussy

“Now rock backwards and bounce up and down on me”

“Oh baby like that oh your so tight I wanna fuck you always your my dirty little girl now” as I was getting into it and bouncing harder and faster Mark holding my hips helping to bounce me harder and thrust deeper into my tight pussy the door flew open

“What the hell is going on here?” and there stood in the doorway was my brother and two of his friends.

What will happen next will my secret be told or does it get more interesting? Only you will decide that fate…

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2009-05-28 15:26:37
keep going
i came 2

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2009-05-27 19:11:02
This is a good story


2009-05-27 09:00:02
and i was 14 sorry there are some 11's i was typing too fast so did make mistakes this is my first story so will make mistakes!!!!!!! i can asure you there wont be any in the next one :p


2009-05-27 08:58:15
well first of all thank you to all the people who gave me positive comments :) AND to LiarLiar I am not asking people should i write more im asking if they liked it OR NOT!!!!!!!!!

If no1 liked it why would i then post the rest if no1 likes it so if you dont like it fuck off someone else will!!!!!!

The second part to this story will be on soon!!


2009-05-27 07:24:45
How could we decide your fate when this supposed to be a true story? LOL that's like one of those lame books that you read in 5th grade - if you want to follow the whore turn to page 127.. If you think she is a liar turn to 85! Only you can guess what page I'm gonna turn to! Whatever!

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