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Chapter 8

A hightened sense of my surroundings gripped me as I gazed at what lye on
the floor of our safe room. Chris and Josiah cowering in the corner of
the room naked shaking like leaves. AJ standing holding a gun with his
jaw hanging open to the floor in awe. I snapped out of my daze and lifted
my gun and pointed it ahead. "AJ cover me I'm checking it out." I said. I
crept forward with my guard up and approached the pale colored form lying
on the ground. I too the barrel of the gun and put under the body and
rolled it over to face up. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed. "Is that what I
think it is?" Chris asked. "Yea I think so." I replied. Pale skin, large
dark colored eyes, a small mouth, abnormally large head compared to its
body size, and over all small in size, it was an alien. Not one of the
beastly creatures that invaded our world, it was one of the kind we use
to hear about for years that abducted people and did experiments on us.
It seemed to be hurt badly and didn't make any attempt to come at us. It
just simply lye there breathing heavily. "Come on AJ help pull him over
here." I said telling him to help me pull the alien to a blanket. "No way
dude! What if he tries to vaporize us or some shit?" AJ whined. "I think
it's ok, I think its hurt and needs help." I replied. Reluctantly AJ let
down his guard and help me move the things body. Once we had it on the
blanket Chris and Joe who had both now put shorts on came by us to. We
all stood hovering over this alien's body staring at it like the marvel
that it was. The alien the moved, it rose its hand and gestured for me to
move down closer to it. I kneeled down next to it and it then took my
hand. The next thing I felt was like no feeling I had ever felt before.
It was as if my consciousness was being shared with the alien. Some how
he then began to speak through me. "Thank you earthlings for not
destroying me. I fear I do not have much longer before I expire. I am a
consult from my world sent here to asses the future of humanity after
your world was invaded. My ship was severely damaged and I was forced to
evacuate it. I have been hunted by your invaders for days now. One in
particular injured me severe enough that I will not survive. If you wish
to survive the eminent destruction of your world you must listen to my
words now." I said. I was hearing the words come from my own mouth but it
was not me saying them. The alien had some how in making contact with me
taken control of my body and was speaking through me. He went on to
explain some things that may be useful to us in the future, like the crop
circle that we had seen days earlier was from one of his peoples ships
landing. "As a final act of good faith to you humans I leave you with a
gift." I said for him. He then pointed to AJ, "You take my hand." As AJ
took the aliens hand, "To you I give the gift of sight beyond sight."
Then AJ felt a surge of energy rush through his body and his eyes began
to have a burning sensation. He let go of the aliens hand to rub his eyes
then. "The pain will pass it is temporary." It said. It then pointed to
Josiah, "To you I leave the ability of living health." Then Joe felt a
sensation deep inside of him like nothing he had ever felt. The alien
then took Chris' hand, "For you earthling I unlock the key to sensing
your environment." Chris then began to feel his ears and the inside of
his nose begin to hurt like he was dying. He fell to the ground sneezing
and clutching his ears like they were on fire. "I am sorry for the pain I
cause to you young humans, you will need these abilities to defeat your
invaders. He then looked to me. "For you whom I speak through I leave the
most precious gift. I unlock the inner most deepest abilities of the
human mind." I then felt a surge that felt like being electrocuted run
through my body. It caused pain that I had never felt before in my life
and hoped to never feel again. The next thing I knew I felt myself black
out and collapse to the floor.

"Derrik! Derrik.. are you ok?" I heard some one saying as I began to
regain consciousness. I opened my eyes to see Chris kneeling over me. "Oh
god that hurt. What the hell happened?" I asked. "You passed out. don't
you remember?" he replied. "No last thing I remember was feeling like I
was electrocuted." I answered. "You've been out cold for 3 hours."�
"Really I've been knocked out for 3 hours?" I asked Joe. "I didn't say
anything." Joe replied. "I could have sworn I heard you say that." I
said. "No I didn't say it. I was thinking it though." He replied. It was
at that point I began to feel the inner workings of my mind turning on at
the inner most levels that I didn't even know existed. I had just tapped
into Josiah's mind and knew exactly what he was thinking as if he had
said it himself. "That's so awesome dude." AJ said giggling. I glanced to
him and was shocked at what I saw. His eyes had turned to a dark color
like black onyx's from the bowels of hell its self.� "Wow dude your eyes
are wild looking." I told him. "Yeah it's weird. I mean I can see all
kinds of strange things now. Like I can go out into the mine shaft and
see in the dark like I was outside. It's kool." He replied. "kool so you
can see at night and stuff now that's a big help for us." I said. "What
about you guys? What can you do now?" I asked. "I can hear the slightest
little pin drop now. And I can smell stuff to, by the way dude you stink
you need a bath hahaha." Chris said laughing. "I have no idea what I can
do yet." Josiah said with a sad look. Something deep inside told me to
tell him, "Joe stand up and jump up and down." "I can't remember my
foot?" he said. "Just do it." I commanded this time. He did as I said
this time and was astonished. "Holy crap it doesn't hurt anymore." He
said now happy. "You don't get it do you? It gave you the ability to heal
yourself." I told him. "How is our new friend?" I asked just now
remembering him. "Afraid he didn't make it. Right after you passed out he
let go of you hand and he let out his last breath." Chris answered. "Well
he definitely gave us some ammunition in the fight against those
monsters. We have our eyes now, referring to AJ's new ability. We have
our ears and nose now, referring to Chris. And we have our own unkillable
boy, referring to Josiah. Not to be bragging guys, but he gave us the
most important gift to, knowledge." I said to the other boys. "Knowledge?
What do you mean?" AJ asked. "Dude he gave me knowledge of his people and
of ours. Stuff like how we can use the alien techknowledgy if we get our
hands on it. It's like my mind is going in a hundred directions at once
and I can keep track of al of it." I said.

Without warning I jumped up and ran out into the mine with a flashlight.
AJ came running after me, "What are you doing?" he asked. "Going to the
monster and checking it for gear." I replied. "Wow man this is wild I can
see you like its daylight in here." AJ said. "Well good because I can't
see shit without this light." I told him. I then began to search the dead
alien for anything we can use. "What the heck is that?" I sensed AJ
thinking. "I believe it's a data recorder. I took and pushed a few
buttons on it and it came on and projected a hologram upward showing some
weird writing, but I could read it like it was plain English. "What the
heck's it say?" AJ inquired. "It's a record of our alien friend in there.
This monster was a tracker. He was hunting the alien in our room. Seems
like they don't like the little white dudes much, can't imagine why." I
said sarcastically. I went on into the device and found out some thing
about our invaders. "This thing says that they are here to harvest food.
Only bad thing is, we're food." I told AJ as he swallowed deeply. "It's
ok dude. I think we have a whole lot better chance of making it now that
our little friend in there helped us out." I told AJ as I wrapped my arm
over his shoulder. I then sensed him think something that maybe I wasn't
supposed to know about. He was thinking that he loved the feel of my
touch on his shoulder so I squeezed just a bit. I then gave him a quick
kiss on the cheek. He then thought "Oh my gosh I loved that." I think
this new ability of mine to read minds is going to come in handy for us,
especially me. I then grabbed another device off the monster and knew
right away what it was. It was a sensing device that the monsters used to
track life signs nearby. "What's that?" AJ asked. "Some kind of tracking
device. It scans for life signs. And from what I can tell I can't read
through iron. That would explain why they didn't see me hiding in the
furnace. It also only scans in a side to side motion. That's why they
didn't find Josiah when he fell into that hole." I told him. The monster
had a few other things on him so I stripped all of the still usable gear
off it. Probably the most important device we got from it was its
cloaking armor. It projected a field around the user to render them
invisible. I switched it on, but for some reason it didn't work on AJ.
"Dude I can still see you." He said. He and I then walked back to the
room and I went in first. "Where's Derrik?" Chris asked. "He's rite
there." AJ replied pointing to me. "Are you ok Adam? There's no one
there." Josiah said. I then switched the device off revealing myself to
the others. "WOW!" Chris and Joe said together. "You could see me with
that thing turned on?" I asked AJ. "Yeah just like I can see you rite
now." He answered. "Well, well. Seems yet another ability you have AJ.
You can see those fuckers when they have their armor activated. We can't
see them." He smiled and the others were thinking "Kool". "Well guys I
don't mean to be a spoil sport, but we need to get our dead friend out of
our home before he starts to decompose and stink." I said. The four of us
then got up and we all picked up our small white friend and carried him
out of the room out into the mine shaft by the dead monster. "Doesn't
seem right to leave it here next to this THING like this." Chris said.
"No but we don't have much choice now it's too late to start digging
outside. I don't care if we can see or sense those monsters coming now or
not. I don't want to try and fight them off if they come in force." I
said. With that agreed upon we walked back to our room with AJ leading
the way since he could see in the pitch blackness. As we grew closer to
the safe room the light level increased and AJ began to squint his eyes
adjusting to the light level.

Now in or room we all sat down and ate what dinner we could for the night
and made small talk about our new abilities as if we were real life x
men. As the boys sat and chatted I studied the information in the
monsters holographic device. "Hey guys it says in here that the monsters
and the little white aliens have been mortal enemies for years. Looks
like the white dudes have been studying us to find way to help defeat the
monsters. Guess we know now that they found some good stuff in us didn't
they." I said laughing about our abilities. I then sensed Chris thinking,
"Yeah I'd love to have some good stuff inside my mouth right now." Then I
glanced down at his stiffening dick. "Dude come on stop that. It's not
fair." He said once he seen me smiling at him. He knew I had scanned his
thoughts about having play time. "Well tell you what how about we all get
naked and have a little fun? I think we deserve it after what we've been
through in the last few days." I suggested. "I don't know dude. I mean
I'm pretty worn out after all this stuff today." AJ whined. In a way I
agreed with him, but since I had a few hours nap after the alien zapped
me I was ok to stay up for a while longer. "Ok well if you guys are tired
go ahead and crash I'm going to stay up for a while and see what else is
in this information device. Maybe there's something in there that will
give us an edge over the monsters." I told the others. In total agreement
Joe yawned really big then rubbed his eyes. The yawn was contagious since
the other 2 yawned as well.

Hours went by as the boys soundly slept with Lucky at their feet as I
scanned through the device trying to find something that might be useful
to us. Finally around 3 am I decided to call it a night as well. I
stripped my clothes off and slid my naked body under the covers next to
AJ. He only slightly stirred as I draped my arm over him and he snuggled
back against me. Sleep took me faster than I expected. As I slept I had
dreams unlike any I had ever had before. Other worldly visions haunted my
sleep that night. Visions of the monsters decimating whole worlds in
their quest for food and resources. Visions of monstrous brutality to
creatures that must be other aliens. And the ultimate vision that woke me
from my sleep. I sat straight up in a cold sweat as the other three boys
were already awake and asking me if I was ok. "Dude are you alright? You
were having a nightmare or something." Chris asked me. "Oh fuck." I said
as I tried to catch my breath while wiping the sweat from my face. "I
don't think it was a nightmare. I think it was more like visions of the
past, or maybe a warning of the future." I told them. "It was so real
like I was actually there, but not like a dream. I was in space watching
a planet that kinda looked like earth but then I saw the monsters ships
fly away from it then the whole damn planet blew up. I think it was
another world that those things invaded then destroyed when they were
done with it." I told the boys kind of freaking them out. "You mean you
think their going to blow up the Earth?" Josiah asked with a scared look.
"I dunno Joe, but I'd have to say it's a possibility." I replied. The
boys then all got a sick fearful look on their faces. "When do you think
it's going to happen?" Chris thought as I scanned his mind. "I don't know
Chris. It might be tomorrow and it might be in a 100 years from now. I
just don't know. I think the best thing we can do for now is to carry on
with our lives and try to survive until we know something more. There's
no since in worrying about something that we don't know is going to
happen for sure." I told them. Seeing my point they calmed down then. I
looked at my watch as I wiped the sweat from my body and it said almost
7am. "Come on guys let's get dressed and get the hole dug outside." I
told them. I stood up and stretched as the boys laughed at my naked cock
pointing straight at them. "Like you guys have never seen it hard
before." I said laughing with them. I read their minds and knew exactly
what they all thought about it. They all wanted to have fun but didn't
want to tell the others at the moment. "Ok guys tell you what, let's get
the work we have to do done ant then we can kike down to the pond and
take a dip. Since we can tell when those things are close I think it's
safe enough to go out a bit further than usual." I suggested. The boys
were all smiles agreeing completely with me. We all got dressed then
headed out into the mine shaft to retrieve the remains of the two aliens.
We decided to just burry them both in one grave rather than dig 2 holes
to save our backs from aching more than anything else. AJ and I carried
the smaller white colored alien out first then we went back in and the 4
of us carried the monster out. "Fuck this thing stinks already." Chris
whined. "It's not the monster, it's the cave. You're smelling sulfur from
the mine." I told him. we dropped the monster outside the mine where
Josiah kicked its corps hard. "That's for making me fall in that hole you
fucker." He said as he kicked. Following suite Chris did the same, "Yea
that's for invading Earth." Then AJ kicked, "That's for our families you
alien bastard." He said as he began to cry. I could sense he was missing
his family a lot, especially his little brother who he loved dearly. I
draped an arm over his shoulder to comfort him. He calmed down in a few
minutes and we began to dig. We dug 2 at a time to give the other 2 a
chance to rest until the hole was about 5 foot deep or so. We shoved the
monster in first not being to gentle with the corpse. Once he was crammed
in the hole we lifted our alien friend and placed him on top of the
monster and said our thanks and goodbyes to it. The four of us then began
to fill in the hole until the bodies were covered. We placed a large rock
on top to mark where the bodies were, a grave stone of sorts.

Now that we had the bodies of the aliens disposed of we went back in the
mine to pack some supplies for a hike to the pond. We all packed some
clean clothes and some food in a back pack and we all grabbed a gun. Just
for good measure I grabbed the aliens cloaking shield and tossed it in my
pack to. Chris put Lucky on his leash and we headed off to the pond
between the mine and town. As we walked along we tried our best to keep
quiet even though we could now tell when something was coming. Lucky of
course had to piss on every tree he came to as we made our way to the
pond to. Finally we reached the pond and we all began to strip naked and
were eager to jump in. we all striped naked about the same time and began
to run towards the pond to jump in when AJ yelled, "STOP! DON'T JUMP IN!"
that froze us in our tracks. "Why not?" Josiah asked. "There's something
wrong with the water I can see it. I can't describe how or what I see but
the water doesn't look right." AJ replied. "He's right. I can smell
something, and it is weird like it shouldn't be there." Chris said
kicking in his new super smell. I took a stick and stuck it in the water
and the water began to boil. All of our eyes grew large at the site of me
pulling the stick out and it's bark being stripped off from where it was
in the water. "Holy shit it's like acid." I said. The four of us were in
awe at how close we almost came to ending our own lives just now. "Good
eyes AJ. If we had jumped in there we'd be dead now." I said thanking
him. He smiled and looked at me through his squinting dark eyes. The sun
was almost too much for his sensitive eyes to take. "Hey guys since we're
so close to town let's walk down there and just check things out. We can
grab a few things we need to." I said since we weren't that far from
town. "Yea we're almost out of toilet paper." Chris said. "Yea and I need
to find some dark sunglasses so I can see out here." AJ replied. We all
then put our clothes back on and walked the rest of the way to town. A
short time later we were at the edge of the woods on the outskirts of
town. "You see anything AJ?" I asked. He opened his onyx colored eyes as
much as he could and scanned the area for anything not normal. "Looks ok
from here." He said. "Yea I don't hear anything either." Chris said using
his super sensitive ears. And myself I reached out with my mind and
didn't sense any thing abnormal either. "Ok guys lets go." I said as we
headed into town. We walked through the decimated town and headed to the
stores to get what we needed. AJ got his sunglasses, Josiah grabbed some
food for us and dog food for Lucky, Chris got the much needed tp (toilet
paper), and I gathered a gas can with some gas in it from the shed where
we found the atv. We were definitely going to need fuel since the atv was
running on fumes now. Now with our packs loaded down we headed back to
the mine to get washed up and eat, maybe even have a little fun
afterwards. On the trek back to the mine I took Lucky's leash giving
Chris a break from him for a while. We walked in pairs side by side with
AJ and I in front and Chris and Joe in back. AJ was on the look out as we
headed back while my mind was going over thoughts. I then sensed Chris
having a loving thought. He then moved his hand to take Josiah's so they
could hold hands as we walked along. Chris really did love Josiah more
than just a friend and I now knew that. I turned to sneak a peek at them
and Chris noticed. I smiled and winked at him and knew I sensed what he
was feeling. He was really in love with Joe. Joe however was mixed up in
his emotions. He liked the contact with Chris, and he really liked the
sex play but he wasn't sure if he was really gay or not. None the less he
kept holding Chris' hand. AJ's mind was centered on watching for trouble
and thoughts of his little brother haunted the back of his mind. "STOP!"
Chris said sternly but quietly. We all stopped and looked to him. "I hear
something coming. It sounds like a ship." He said. We ran for cover in
the tress and brush as fast as we could. We then crouched down in the
bushes as I remembered the cloaker in my back pack. I took it out and
told the guys, "Guys get really close together I mean like right on each
other in a hug. I'm gonna turn this thing on I just hope it works on all
of us." I told them. We all huddled close holding each other tightly as I
switched the device on with one hand and held the dog close with the
other. The device came on and we disappeared from normal sight. I could
now hear the ship getting close and looked up to see the sunlight being
blotted out by the massive object. AJ took his glasses off and looked
around. "I see like a beam running over the town. It looks like they're
scanning or something." He whispered. I then picked up on something in my
mind that I hadn't felt since the alien was in contact with my mind
talking through me. "Guys there's something else out there. I don't know
what it is though." I whispered. AJ then looked up to see another ship
fly over at a high rate of speed. It seemed to be disc shaped just like
the flying saucers of old we have always heard about. AJ was the only 1
who could see this second ship though. "Oh FUCK!" he said then. We were
in the dark at what he was talking about. "The monsters ship just shot
it. It looks like its crashing that way." AJ said pointing to the
mountains in the opposite direction that we were going. "You think it was
more of the good aliens?" AJ asked. "I don't know could be." I answered.
The larger ship then began to lumber off in the direction of the smaller
ship as we felt a slight thud in the ground. "I think it just Crashed I
heard it. But it is a long way away from us." Chris said. Now that the
ships were gone we uncloaked ourselves and continued on to the mine.

"Was that a good alien ship he saw? Could there be survivors? Is there
anything in the wreckage that can help us?" these thoughts ran through my
mind constantly as we walked home. "Guys I think that we're going to have
to make a special trip to find that crashed ship. There might be
something there we can use or need." I told the group. The boys
reluctantly agreed that we did need to go. "You're right, but rite now
all I want to do is get back to the mine I'm starving." Josiah said as
his belly growled. We walked on and soon we were back at our make shift
home. We walked back in the mine and dumped our gear and unleashed Lucky.
We all got ourselves something to eat then I stripped my clothes off. I
had all 3 sets of eyes on my body as I took a rag and wiped the sweat off
my body. "You guys can always join me you know." I said sensing they were
all watching me and were all hard as rocks. That was all the invitation
Chris needed, he stripped naked and joined me in my rag bath. I washed
his back off as his 3 inch rod pointed away from his body. AJ then smiled
and stripped as well. He walked over to his cousin and pulled him to his
feet. "Come on Joey it'll be fun." AJ said. Josiah smiled as he let his
cousin unbutton his shorts for him. The boys then continued undressing
each other as I washed Chris' naked body off. When the others were naked
they walked over to Chris and me so I began to try and wash all three
boys at once. As I was washing Chris' back with one hand I was washing
AJ's chest with the other, that's when I felt a hand encircle my hard 4
inches. I wasn't sure who's hand it was and I didn't care it felt great.
Only after reading a few minds I knew it was AJ's fingers around my dick.
"That feels great you know." I said in a low tone. He smiled with his
devilish eyes as my hand slid down from his chest to his hairless groin.
I began to gently rub the tips of my fingers along the top of his stiff
rod. That's when I noticed Chris and Joe in a lip lock kissing
passionately. I then leaned in by Chris' ear, "Go for it make each other
feel great" I whispered to him. Chris then led Josiah to the bed and
gently forced him down with out ever breaking their kiss. I then looked
into AJ's now sexy black eyes. Our faces grew closer and closer until our
lips met in a light kiss. "Oh my gosh! That's so good!" I sensed Adam
thinking as our lips touched lightly. I then broke the kiss and smiled an
evil grin to him. I sank to my knees in front of him then looked to the
right behind AJ and saw the others already in a 69 position sucking away
at each other. I looked up to Adams coal black eyes and he was smiling
from ear to ear waiting for what was to come. I opened my mouth and
engulfed his stiff boy cock as he sighed with pleasure. I was finally
going to finish what I attempted before we were interrupted by aliens. I
slowly sucked on his small stiff cock as I heard the other boys sucking
making slurping noises and moaning. I then let AJ have some tongue play
on the tip of his little dick. I whipped the tip of his dick with my
tongue while I kept it in my mouth sending him into over drive. "Oh gosh!
That's great! Don't stop!" he moaned more than said. I tongue lashed his
piss slit a minute more then my hands found their way to cup his tender
but cheeks. Once I had a good hold on his smooth but I began to slam his
boy staff in and out out my mouth at a fast rate. His hands then wondered
to the top and back of my head I think more to steady him than it was to
guide my sucking. "alllllllmosstttt tthhheerrrrrreeeee!" I sensed him
thinking as he strained to hold back his orgasm. I then began to suck at
a feverish pace. He couldn't hold it back any longer and I felt his
perfect dick pulsate and twitch in m mouth as he moaned loudly, "Oh
YESSSSSS!!!! OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!! UUUUUGGHHHHHH!!!!" A few seconds later he
collapsed in my arms exhausted as I released his toy from my mouths grip.
"Feel good?" I asked. He smiled with his eyes closed and nodded yes while
he was still half in orgasm land. Then I heard both of the other boys
begin to moan deeply as they were still sucking each other. It appeared
they were getting off at the same time. As Adam lay in my arms I couldn't
help but rub his tender chest with my finger tips making him smile. He
then opened his eyes and looked at me. "Thanks that was sooooo awesome! I
never thought it would feel so good." He said. "Glad to make it a good
one for you." I replied. He then hugged me and gave me another quick kiss
on the cheek. We then sat and watched as Chris and Josiah finished their
fun. They let each others cocks slide from their mouths with a pop sound.
They both then began to pant breathing hard. "How was it?" AJ asked.
"Great!" they both replied together making AJ and I laugh. Now that the
younger boys had gotten their rocks off I was content to just cal it a
night, but they weren't having that.

Adam regained enough composure to get up off of me and I then went over
to lye down by the other 2 boys on the bed. I laid down on the left with
Joe in the middle and Chris on the right. As I lay there with my still
mostly hard cock pointing up I saw all three boys still looking at me and
grinning. I sensed they all three had dirty intentions on their minds. In
seconds I was surrounded by three adorably cute naked boys. Chris on my
right, Josiah sitting by my feet, and AJ now kneeling to my left. I then
raised my hands to the boys to join me in a big naughty group hug. They
all did just that. They all lay down on the bed and snuggled up against
me. The feeling of their naked bodies against mine seemed to change my
mind about wanting some cock attention as my dick began to stiffen up.
Josiah's smooth tender body lying on top of me seemed to notice my hard
on first. He looked me in the eyes and smiled. He then sat up straddling
my thighs as his little boy dick was now inches away from my own rock
hard 4 inches. Within a second I had 3 hands exploring and fondling my
cock and hairless balls. I simply closed my eyes and let the boys go to
work on me. I let my hands find their way down to Chris and Adams now
hard again dicks. I then began to rub them as they all three did me. I
sensed Chris had other things on his mind though. I looked at him then
and said "OK!" as I read what he was thinking. He smiled and said, "I
thought you might want to do that."� The cousins Adam and Josiah looked
at each other puzzled. Chris got up and traded places with Josiah on my
lap. "This is what I was talking abut guys." Chris said as he got up on
his knees and pointed my hard cock at his love tunnel. He spit on his
hand then wrapped it around my 4 inches for lube. Once he was satisfied I
was slick enough he began to slide down on my pole slowly. Every little
centimeter I slid in him was heaven. Adam and Josiah watched in amazement
as they saw my dick disappear up into Chris' hole. A short time later I
was all the way inside of Chris with my small sack now against his crack.
He then began to rise up and sit back down riding on my dick. It felt
like heaven since we hadn't done this in a while. I had my hands on his
hips guiding him up and down as his sphincter pleasured my cock shaft. I
soon moved both hands t his hard boy dick ad began to stroke him at the
same pace he was riding me. As I let Chris impale himself on me I noticed
the cousins move to sit next to each other on our bed as they watched. I
then sensed Joe thinking, "I wonder what that feels like?" and I also
sensed Adam thinking, "Man I always wanted to try that!" I then spoke for
each of them as I grunted, "Try it you two. Adam, Joe is wondering what
it feels like. And Josiah, Adam wants to try it. Why don't you guys try
it together."� They looked at each other then and shrugged to say why
not. The only problem was they didn't really know what they were doing.
"Ok guys wait till we're done." I suggested as Chris began to ride faster
and faster. I could tell he was getting close to orgasming for the second
time tonight. About a minute later he moaned out loud, "Oh FUCK!!!!" as I
felt his hole clamp down on my dick. That was the extra urge I needed to
send me over the edge. I felt my dick then pulsate in him as I was
bursting a dry orgasm in his as. "OH GOD CHRIS!!!" I yelled out as I
forced my dick in him as deep as I could. He then collapsed laying on my
chest in a sweaty heap as I kept bucking in and out of him finishing my
orgasm off. We lay there a few minutes sweating and holding each other as
my cock went limp and slid out of his boy pussy. He then looked in my
eyes and smiled. "Thanks dude that was great!" I told him as I kissed him
quickly. I then smacked him on the but to let him know to let me up. Now
it was time to school the cousins a bit.

"Ok guys you 2 ready for some real fun?" I asked. They both smiled and
Adam nodded yes. They decided that since AJ was a few months older that
he got to go first and Josiah would receive. I told Joe to lye on his
back and raise his legs up by his chest. AJ then got in between his legs
on his knees. I got into position next to AJ to show him what to do.
Since the boys were only about 3 inches long hard it wouldn't be much of
a problem to just slide in each other with out much adjusting. I took my
finger and rubbed it across Joe's pucker making him shutter. He thought,
"Ok that's new." I then began to rub it and work my finger in slowly. It
took no time to get him relaxed enough to slide my finger all the way in
him finger fucking him. I sensed he was enjoying it so far. It was now
time for the real test. I positioned AJ where his pecker was lined up
with his cousins' sphincter. I took hold of his shaft half way down and
maneuvered it as I told him to gently push forward making the tip of his
dick slide inside Joe. He pushed a bit more and now the head of his
smooth mushroom slide inside. Now that he had the head in I let go of his
rock hard 3 inches and let him push in the rest of the way. In seconds
Josiah's smooth ball sack was against Adam's tightly belly. "You ok?" AJ
asked his younger cousin. Josiah smiled and said, "Oh yea. Go ahead."
Adam then began to slowly with draw his boy meat with my help to just
before his head slid out, then pushed it back all the way in. he did that
few times slowly with me guiding him then he got the rhythm down and was
doing it on his own. He slowly fucked Joe as his hand found its way down
to his dick and began to stroke him just as I did for Chris. Not long in
to the session I read their minds. "Oh my gosh this feels better than I
ever thought it would." AJ was thinking. "Oh wow it feels so good in me.
I want to do him now." Josiah thought. The boys were loving boy on boy
sex and wanting it more by the second. AJ's pace began to pick up as he
was now slamming his little cock in and out of his cousins' hole and he
was breathing heavily. "Oh god Joey!" he moaned. Then,
"UUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHH" Josiah grunted as his second orgasm hit just from
the feeling of his cousins cock inside of him hitting that ole so sweet
spot inside. AJ then felt the effect of his cousins orgasm as he felt his
dick being squeezed by Josiah's hole. A few more pumps in and out he felt
his own orgasm rack his body. "OH JOEYYYYYYYYY!!!" he screamed this time.
A few seconds later AJ collapsed on top of his cousin just as Chris had
done me. They held each other until they regained their senses. While
holding each other Adam had slid out from his cousins' pucker and now
they were in a loving sweaty embrace. "Thanks bub that was awesome." AJ
said to his cousin as he kissed him on the cheek. "You guys up for
switching now?" I asked. O already knew the answer, but I let them say it
any way, "No I'm done for now. I can't do anymore." Joe said exhausted
now. "You sure? I let you if you want to do me now." AJ said. "Yea I'm
tired now, it felt so good though. How about I do you tomorrow? I don't
think I got the energy to go again tonight?" Josiah said. AJ kissed him
on the cheek again and agreed. They lay there for a while longer just
holding each other like what they were, they only blood family they each
had left. Chris and I instead decided to wipe the sweat off our bodies as
the other boys relaxed. As we cleaned ourselves I looked and saw the
cousin's now asleep holding each other in a naked loving embrace. I knew
rite then that they would probably die for each other. They were more
like brothers than cousins, and even closer now after tonight. Chris
noticed to and smiled. We then decided to join the cousins I the bed. I
turned the lantern off then laid on the left of the bed and snuggled up
to the back of Josiah and Chris did the same on the other side with AJ.
We then pulled the covers up and I felt Lucky lay down on the bed at our
feet. We were truly exhausted and tired after today's events. I for one
would have a hard time of finding peaceful sleep tonight, but the others
would snooze like babies.

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2012-04-18 23:39:43
hhhhmmm grow their dicks:) a little tooo wordy


2009-06-11 13:26:47
It's a great combination of sci-fi and fantasy. Like a book you don't want to put down.


2009-05-29 01:41:56
I'm sorry, but you've lost me. You crossed a point from science fiction to fantasy.

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Can't get enough.

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