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Understanding Our Choices
I shut the door behind me and slowly walked upstairs to our bedroom. The nightingales had stopped singing and the sky was beginning to lighten, it would soon be dawn. When I walked into the bedroom I thought I’d find my wife asleep. She was in the same position she had been in when I’d seen Roger to his car.

My penis became hard just looking at my wife’s ravishing body. She was incredibly desirable, from her sensuous face with her full, pouting lips to her ripe breasts capped by her large mauve-colored aureoles with long thick nipples. Her narrow waist, her muscular thighs and her toned body, made her look like an advertisement for Keys Fitness or Natalus Systems. Her creamy breasts were swollen and if you looked closely at them you could see the bruises and red finger marks all over them. There were hickeys and bite marks on her neck and on the aureoles of her swollen nipples. Similarly, her widely parted thighs revealed her swollen lips and her oversized clitoris that resembled an upside down capital “V’. Her engorged clit looked like a little baby’s penis as it stood proud and tall. Her lips had opened like a flower in bloom and were full of Roger’s potent semen. My wife had that freshly fucked look of contentment that a woman has when she’s been sexually satisfied. Janet was oblivious or didn’t care about his jungle juice slowly leaking out of her cunt.

The normal tiny mouth to her vagina was now gaping and I saw she was still awake, although, she had to be exhausted. I closed the drapes to two windows where the sun had begun to enter our bedroom and I admonished her, “Honey, you need to get some sleep.” Her legs remained open and she ignored my comment. When she spoke her stern tone in her voice surprised me, “Sweetheart! Haven’t you’ve forgotten something?” I was taken back, what had I forgotten? Then, I understood what she meant and my dick, which I’d abused all night, began to harden in my pants. I took my jeans off and my penis was at half-mast, as hard as it had been when I’d watched my wife’s lewd coupling with Roger, earlier. When we were first married and I shared my feelings with my wife about her fucking other men she’d been adamantly opposed to the idea. Now, she was addicted and enjoyed dominating me and this excited me for reasons I was unable to understand. I crawled up on our bed and lay on my stomach and fucked the sheet with my penis while I buried my face between my wife’s thighs and my mouth closed tightly on her well-fucked pussy. My hands moved under her tight ass as I pulled her firm cheeks apart to give my tongue access to her cute little anus and I bathed her rosebud with my saliva. I gently licked and sucked her anus before I stuck the tip of my tongue up her ass and fucked it in and out of her until it wouldn’t go any further. Then, I slowly stuck one finger and then two fingers up her ass as far as I could, slowly stretching it, while she moaned, softly. My tongue moved upwards and inched its way to her swollen vagina and her gaping vulva. I placed my mouth on her pussy and slowly licked and sucked and sucked. My penis grew harder as I tasted Roger’s cum and I swallowed what seemed like mouthfuls of his semen as I stuck my tongue inside of her wanting more. I moved to her abused clitoris and licked it. She was so sensitive that her thighs involuntarily jerked upwards and I gently, very gently and very quickly, began licking it, the way she likes. Her thighs began undulating upwards as she began fucking my face. She was moaning louder now as she approached her orgasm and thinking about Roger. She softly whispered, “Darling, Did you see the way he fucked me? He fucked me so good, Sweetheart, much better than you’ve ever fucked me! I want to fuck him again, all right? I need him to fuck me again! Baby. I need him to fuck me a lot, Baby! Don’t you want to watch him fuck me, Sweetheart?” My dick was leaking when my wife stiffened and began her second orgasm. I continued licking her swollen clit until she orgasmed again.

I looked up at her. She was sound asleep with a smile on her face. I pulled the covers up over her naked body and slipped into bed beside her and before I fell asleep, I thought of our journey. It had been quite a journey, and finally my wife had begun to seriously explore her sexuality. After years of begging, my wife Janet had agreed to have sex with other men. I knew many people would ask me why I would want another man to touch her? My answer was just that nothing was more exciting than watching other men fucking my wife and driving her crazy with desire. At this point in time, four other men had fucked my young wife and her womb was full of Roger’s cum and she was sleeping contentedly after his violent lovemaking. There was something undeniably exciting watching my wife coming on another man’s cock, especially a black man. Last night was proof to me that black guys dominate the male lover category.

Probably a lot of people wouldn’t believe it, but when I’d met Janet, I’d been a cunthound, a real cocksman. I was always chasing pussy and getting more than my share. Janet had been so innocent, attractive and desirable that I’d quickly fallen for her. I’d moved in on her like a duck on a June bug and after a two-year engagement, we’d been married. Sure, I’d read those articles in magazines about married women, ‘hot wives’, who preferred sex with men other rather than their husbands. These women preferred sex with ‘Alpha Males’, whoever they were. The idea had been titillating to me and I couldn’t deny that I’d thought about it all the time. I wasn’t certain that I wanted to slink around in the shadows and play with my leaking penis while I watched other men fucking my wife and making her orgasm repeatedly on their huge cocks. But, I’d been the one who’d coaxed and encouraged her. I had this irresistible, uncontrollable compulsion to share my wife with other men.

Now it had become clear to me, I wasn’t corrupting my wife back then. What I was doing was surrendering all the control and authority that I possessed, everything I had, to her. I’d known when I married Janet that I was submissive, but I had no idea that she had been aware of it, too. She’d trained herself to be sexually independent, she didn’t need my penis and I’d eagerly helped her out by bringing home hundreds of dollars worth of sex toys for her to use and pornographic movies for her viewing enjoyment. She’d masturbated so frequently that she really didn’t need me much at all. And, I’d helped her out further by providing real men for her liaisons. My perceptive young bride had picked up on my submissive nature, which I’d gone out of the way to conceal by lifting weights and scuba diving. In retrospect, I saw Janet had carefully evaluated the reality of our relationship. It wasn’t a situation of ‘Janet establishing dominance within our marriage, but rather one of when and how she’d assume control of our marriage’. I thought I’d been training her, but it was the other way around. I’d helped her change her appearance when she went out. I bought her all that sexy club wear along with her revealing tight fitting clothes, her high heels, her makeup and perfume, her gym memberships and I’d even encouraged her not to wear underwear. She’d never worn a bra to begin with, but she’d quit wearing panties at my suggestion. She began sending a signal to me that she’d changed and she sent that signal to herself and to every man she encountered, as well. I was lusting after my wife all the time and then I began to notice that other men were craving her, too. That boosted her self-confidence and increased her sexual energy, which she’d channeled into power. I thought that I’d encouraged her to flirt with other men, but she’d been doing that all along. She’d look into other men’s eyes and smile suggestively and she’d go out of her way to talk with them, especially if I was with her. She seemed to derive a perverse sense of pleasure in constantly showing me that other men were interested in her. It became apparent that they didn’t care if she was married or not and they obviously didn’t care whether if her husband was with her. This excited me.

She began by asking me to wash out her bathtub for her on Friday evenings when we went out and soon I was cleaning the entire master bath, cleaning her counter, makeup, hanging up her clothes and lighting scented candles. Shortly, I began to set out clothing for her to consider wearing that evening, which would be a turn on for other men. She praised me and that made me want to serve her even more. Then, she assigned additional ‘chores’ for me to perform. When we went clubbing she suggested that I drop her off at the door so she didn’t have to walk two blocks in her high heels and then she suggested, “That I give her an hour and a half, before I came up to her so she would have time to dance with other guys.”

Then, we’d been scuba diving in Mexico when Janet had told me, “In the future, I’d swallow my semen whenever she performed fellatio on me and after we had intercourse, I would eat my seed out of her. Before it was all over, I’d swallow more than cum than I’d ever dreamed about.” She followed through and took great pleasure in teaching me to swallowing my cum in front of her. Every time I filled her mouth with my semen she’d smile and wiggle her finger at me telling me, “Come kiss me Darling and swallow your cum like a good boy.” She didn’t want me to just swallow my semen; she wanted me to swallow it enthusiastically! She’d been excited when I eagerly began swallowing my semen and she’d praised me for doing it. Then, after she’d seen I’d become addicted to swallowing own semen, she began to save other guy’s loads of cum she sucked off when we had another couple over and then she’d kiss me and feed me their semen, too. That’s when I overheard her at the club one weekend telling her friend Stacy, the second girl who’d gotten into her panties, “Charlie’s become such a cumslut!”

She made the first move that evening with Kevin at Kempi’s. She’d been testing my progress in my training when she’d permitted me to watch Kevin fuck the shit out of her. When I didn’t complain or utter one disparaging word about her behavior, I passed her test. She decided it was time she assumed greater control because I hadn’t resisted or complained. She continued to move forward and I went out of my way to satisfy her. One night she was sucking my penis. I was on my knees on our bed and she was on her knees by the side of the bed. She really had me going and I was about to explode in her mouth when she unexpectedly took my right hand and wrapped it around my penis. I didn’t miss a stoke and immediately began jacking off, masturbating in front of my wife while she smiled at me and looked at my penis as my hand moved rapidly up and down its length. Our lovemaking soon evolved into me satisfying her orally as many times as she wanted then I’d fuck her with her favorite dildo, the oversized black one. She’d always mention, “That it was so much bigger than my penis and how much she enjoyed having a ‘real cock’ inside her. I began jacking off in front of her while she watched more and more, after satisfying her, orally. I was beginning to understand when she said, “Let’s have sex,” that she would lie back and I’d lick her pussy and afterwards, when I’d completely satisfied her, she’d suck my dick or I’d jack off for her while she watched me.

Then, there was that evening at Ecstasy when I’d been licking Marty’s pussy and satisfying her orally. Janet had been sucking Bob’s, her husband’s, dick. She’d smiled at him, leaned back and spread her thighs widely apart and he’d guided his enormous penis inside her. She orgasmed again and again on it and when Bob saw me looking at him fucking Janet, he’d rubbed his fingers on her clit and then lifted them to my mouth and asked me, “If I wanted to taste how excited my wife was?” Janet had continued my training by displaying my submissiveness to others. In effect, she said, “I could satisfy other women orally, but I wasn’t permitted to have intercourse with them.” Marty picked up on this right away and instead of allowing me to view Bob fucking my wife, she’d pushed me back onto the sofa and straddled my face. I continued to eat her out while listening to my wife’s moans of pleasure as Bob fucked her senseless. When we got home the first thing that Janet had me do was clean Bob’s seed from her swollen pussy and then she’d kissed me and thanked me for the wonderful evening that she’d had. I was still excited and she’d sucked my hard dick and I ejaculated in her mouth. I lay back on our bed and she sat up, her face six inches above mine, and as I opened my mouth, she smiled and drooled my semen into it and I eagerly swallowed every drop. Bob had been yet another step in my training and I didn’t even know it. Janet had carefully analyzed my reactions and determined that it was time for her to accelerate my training.

Next, was that evening at Sans Souci when I invited Kim and Stan to come over to our house so that Kim and Janet could be together. But, in reality, it had been Stan and Janet at our house that evening. Kim had been with my wife and she’d made her orgasm in back to back orgasms. Kim had dominated me by making me eat my semen off of her thigh while we’d watched Stan fucking my wife. Bob and Stan weren’t guys who’d gotten Janet hot and then scored by fucking her into a state of ecstasy. Janet wanted that, certainly. But, she wanted something else, too. She wanted to observe my behavior as I watched her having sex with two absolute strangers. She saw my excitement while I jacked off watching her. She was training me for bigger and better things down the road. Almost imperceptibly, Janet had shown me my place within our relationship. I’d learned to assume a new in our marriage regardless of my wants or desires. My young wife taught me to be mindful of her wants and desires. Now, whenever I saw her flirting with another man, my penis became hard. I’d never thought that I’d be happy in this kind of relationship, but my young wife had come to grips with this fact even before we married. In our contract, I’d deferred all rights to her, in all these areas. Janet had deliberately planned to establish dominance over me and I loved it. Now, I wanted to do what ever pleased my wife and after last night if it meant watching Roger take her and eating his cum out of her, I was thrilled to do that.

I fell asleep beside my wife and when I woke up it was almost four o’clock in the afternoon and I was in bed by myself. I got out of bed and shuffled downstairs to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee and began to work on waking up. Janet was in the backyard, naked as the day she was born, soaking up the powerful rays of our hot Texas sun. She was lying on a chase lounge by the pool sipping a glass of Countrytime lemonade while reading a Playgirl magazine. She’d placed a beach towel over the recliner and her beige crop top and white short shorts, which she’d discarded lay on the tile beside her. She looked radiant and it was apparent that the previous evening’s activities had agreed with her.

My lovely wife was one hell of a piece of ass. When we’d married she was a scrubbed-faced all American girl and she drew guys like flies. But, she’d been modest, demure, and occasionally downright prudish. I’d encouraged her ‘to explore her sensuality and sexuality’ telling her how exciting it would be to watch another man make love to her.

Janet quickly discovered how much she loved making love with another woman. My wife was a born bisexual and over time she’d been with many of the ‘hot’ women at the club. She’d always loved oral sex and often said, “Sixty-nine was her favorite number.” We’d moved on to being with other couples and she’d gotten it on with several buff and hot guys, too. Several of them had tripped her trigger, big time! Jerry of Mary and Jerry had made her come ten times in a row and she’d swallowed his cum four times that evening. She and Mary, another hot wife were in a sixty-nine with Janet on the bottom, when Jerry fucked Mary from behind. I had pictures of Janet removing Jerry’s cock and licking off their juices and then putting it back inside Mary’s cunt. She’d continued her exploration and eventually, as of last night, she’d fucked four other men. And, now she’d told me she’d found it to be incredible! She’d said to me, “That she’d never been more turned on before in her entire life and that she’d loved every minute of it.” But, I’d always fucked her afterwards…until last night.

Sitting by Janet and looking at a Playgirl magazine, Janet surprised me by asking me to take my tee shirt and shorts off. I said, “Sure enough,” thinking she wanted to have sex, but after inspecting my penis she commented, “Baby, you have a great body, you know, but Sweetheart, remember when I said your dick was perfect?” I replied, “Sure.” She continued, “You know, Darling, I really do love your dick, but Roger’s penis is better,” and then she stopped and corrected herself… I mean, “Roger’s dick is much bigger than yours and he touches places inside of me that yours will never be able to touch, Baby.” She continued, “So, I’ll revise my statement, a bigger dick is a lot better, after all.” I was surprised as I pulled my shirt over my head and slipped my shorts back on. Janet went on, “I don’t want this to sound strange, but you do remember telling me about that adult book store on Mockingbird Lane and how you used to stop? You told me about all those guys who sucked your dick and you said eventually you sucked a couple of guys off, too?”

I remembered that’s where I discovered what glory holes were. A lot of guys had sucked my dick there on a lot of different occasions. Several of those guys sucked my dick better than anyone ever had in my life and that included my young wife Janet. The name of the bookstore was ‘The Adult Fine Arts’ and that’s where I’d played with other men’s penises, jacking them off and eventually I’d been curious and I’d sucked another man’s penis. Truthfully, I sucked several guy’s penises and I‘d swallowed their cum. There had been the first guy who stuck his huge black cock through the hole where mine had just been and then there was the stud who’d come into my booth on that Sunday afternoon when I’d been jacking off. He began jacking off in front of me and I stared hungrily at his huge cock until the head of his penis was rubbing against the head of my penis and then he’d uttered two words, “Suck it.” I kneeled and sucked his cock while he’d throat fucked me. Then there was the night that I felt that I just had to suck a hard dick or I thought I’d die. I’d gone to the bookstore and barged into a young guy’s booth I’d seen come into the bookstore. I locked the door behind me and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and removed his hardon and sucked it into my mouth. My tongue had teased his pee hole and I’d sucked his balls before I took his penis all the way into the back of my mouth. I milked his penis thoroughly and he fed me his penis until it was buried deep within my throat. I deep throated him and licked and sucked his cock until he ejaculated in my mouth. He’d given me his phone number and one night on a whim I called him up. He remembered me right away and suggested that we meet the following evening for a beer.

Chip was a young guy, ten years younger than me, but he was very cute. We went to a park by Cedar Springs where a lot of gays and lesbians hung out. Chip wanted me to go with him to a gay bathhouse on Swiss Avenue. I’d never been to one and I said, ‘Why not?’ We went to this place several times and shared a room. It was fun to go with him and take our clothes off together. For some reason this seemed so wicked that it always made my dick hard. I don’t know why, I wasn’t gay. But, I think it was the same thing that had turned Janet on about having sex with another female. It was such a social taboo, two men together, that it was perverted and that turned me on. I had fantasized about being used and forced to suck off several bear’s cocks while they made disparaging remarks and played with my penis. They’d play with it and tease me, but they wouldn’t let me come. Usually, we worked out together, Chip had a great build, and then we’d take a steam bath. When we went into the steam room there were always other guys and some guys were always sucking other guys off. Chip wanted me suck his dick in front of the other guys there, but I didn’t want to. But, the second time we were there, I sucked Chip’s dick in front of every guy who was there while I jacked off.

We showered and stopped for a drink at J.R.’s before we went back to Chip’s apartment. Chip lived three blocks off of Cedar Springs. That’s located in the gay center of Dallas if there is such a thing. We took our clothes off and we’re watching a gay pornographic movie in which two studs were ‘necking’. Until a few months earlier, I’d have found a movie like that disgusting. I didn’t want to kiss another guy like that. I considered that to be queer. I’d never made out with a guy before, but we were both naked and Chip began playing with my nipples and they became really hard. My nipples stick out like eraser tips on a number two yellow pencil when they are aroused and I have nice pectoral muscles from all the pull-ups that I do. Chip got up from the sofa we were sitting on and went into his bathroom. When he returned he brought back a metal can of Tiger Balm, which is like Deep Heat only much stronger. BDSM groups use it sometimes as a tool in tit torture and he rubbed it all over my nipples. All of a sudden my nipples became erect and they stayed erect even though no one was touching them.

I have never had any hair on my chest or back and as I said my pecs are well developed because of lifting weights and the five hundred chin-ups that I do each day. I couldn’t resist sucking his penis until it was waving in the air and we’d both laughed while he jacked my penis up and down and then slapped it and it bounced back and forth. Chip sucked my penis for a few minutes while he played with my balls. He gently rolled me over onto my stomach and spread my legs apart before coating his penis with a silicone-based lubricant. That scared me and I started to protest, I didn’t want another guy’s dick up my ass. I didn’t think I could take a dick as big as Chip was up my ass. I pleaded with him, “No, Chip, Please don’t fuck me! Please don’t fuck me, Chip, you’ll tear my ass up.” But, Chip wouldn’t be deterred. And, when he found out I had never been fucked before there was no way that I could talk him out of it. He was insistent and he told me, “I’ll be gentle, Charlie, but I’m going to fuck you. I’ll teach you to love my dick up your ass. It won’t be long before you’ll want me to fuck you every time we’re together and you’ll need it, too.” Once I realized that he was going to take my cherry, I asked him if he was going to wear a condom? Chip smiled and said, “I want you to feel it when I fill your ass with my cum, Charlie. Finally, I knew I was powerless and I spread my cheeks apart, but I still jumped when he placed the head of his penis against my anus. Chip was gentle, but it still hurt when he began to enter me. I guess it wasn’t that painful though and I opened and closed my anus until my sphincter muscle relaxed and his penis slowly began to slide inside me. Soon, I began to get used to his penis in my ass because it started to feel better and it didn’t hurt any longer. I guess that’s when I realized that I enjoyed the feeling of fullness that I was feeling. Chip withdrew until only the head of his penis was inside me and then he slammed into me much harder and deeper than before. I groaned and then I realized that I was moaning with pleasure when I felt his balls strike my asshole. That’s when his penis began hitting my prostate gland every time he fucked his hard dick inside me. The sensation was overwhelming, he felt so big and strong inside me, and I’d never felt anything like it in my life before. I hadn’t expected it to feel as good as it did. I knew that I wasn’t queer, but I realized that one time wouldn’t be enough for me. I wanted more and I needed more. I heard a voice and then I realized it was my own. I was begging him, “Fuck me harder, Take me, and Use me like a woman, Chip.” He withdrew until only the head of his penis was inside my anus and then he pummeled me again. His hot cock felt so good inside me and he told me, “If I wanted it, I’d have to fuck myself on it because he wasn’t going to move and he just stayed there. I guess he was smiling as I began fucking back on his penis. I didn’t care if it was humiliating and I began begging him, “Chip, please fuck me, fuck me hard.” I was screaming that I was going to come. My dick was as hard as a rock and neither of us even touched it. When I came, my anus tightened and squeezed his penis milking it until he ejaculated deep within my ass. He was fantastic and I knew that I’d let him fuck me like that anytime he wanted me. I’d thought those experiences were ancient history and I certainly didn’t want my wife to know about Chip or that a guy had fucked my ass and that I came when he’d fucked me.

Janet went on, “I was reading an article in PLAYGIRL that gave some staggering statistics on the number of heterosexual men who are really bi-sexual and that figure is shocking. You know, I’m bi-sexual and I love eating pussy. I was thinking how erotic it would be to watch you suck another guy’s penis. You know we’ve had several threesomes where I was with another girl and then you fucked both of us. I don’t think that there would be any difference if you were with me and another guy and you sucked his dick and then he fucked me, you might even be underneath me while he fucked me doggy style and you know, you could lick my clit and his dick at the same time like I used to do with Mary and Jerry. Remember how I took his dick out of Mary’s pussy and sucked on it for a few minutes before I put it back inside her?”

I almost choked, “Suck another guy’s dick? No.” Janet persisted, “But you’d do it to please me wouldn’t you, Sweetheart? I mean if I really wanted you to, you’d do it because you love me, wouldn’t you, Sweetheart? Then, she paused and went on, “You know it’s in our Agreement that you willingly signed, Husband.” I thought about the phrase that Janet had inserted, ‘In consideration of Wife’s wishes and his commitment to such wishes, Husband understands that he is subordinate to Wife’s male sexual partners and that he will actively and enthusiastically perform fellatio upon them, if directed by Wife, and that he will do so without the use of condoms and receive either oral or facial ejaculation, without hesitation or trepidation when ordered to do so.” for a minute and I knew that I was committed to satisfying Janet completely, without reservation. If she wanted to watch me sucking another man’s penis to completion, I had no choice but to do so. “Darling, you know that I’ll do whatever you desire and I agreed to do that when I signed the Agreement. I guess I was just surprised.” My head was spinning as I tried to understand where she was coming from and then I remembered inviting Roger back that evening. I told Janet that I’d invited Roger over for a few drinks and she said, “That’s wonderful, I wanted to see him again, I mean I really need him, Sweetheart. I’m so happy, Sweetheart.” Did I tell you he told me, “He loved the fact that I was married?” He said, “Married woman make better lovers and he loved to fuck a white wife and make her come in front of her husband while he masturbated and watched them.” He told me that he was going to tell you, “He’d take care of me sexually and emotionally and you could take care of me financially.” I think he was just joking, but it would be a nice gesture on your part if you sucked his dick, Sweetheart. I’d love you so much more, Baby.”

We had a light dinner and Janet went to Gold’s Gym to work out while I took my clothes off and began my ritualistic cleaning of the master bathroom for her. I cleaned her mirrors and polished the marble countertops, emptied her small trashcan and swept and mopped her tile floor. Thinking of the previous evening, I glanced down while mopping her floor and my rigid penis was at half-mast. Hurriedly, I washed her bathtub and polished the brass handles, drew her water and added extra bubble bath. I lit her favorite candles and sprayed incense around the room, before I dimmed her lights. The atmosphere was perfect and thinking of the coming evening my penis was leaking pre-cum, I could hardly control myself as I adjusted the video camera, before I went to the work-out bedroom for a light workout myself before I showered and shaved in the work out bathroom. I pulled on a knit shirt and dried my hair before selecting a new pair of Levis. I was getting dressed when Janet came home and undressed and enjoyed her bubble bath as she relaxed. I brought her a Long Island Tea, her favorite, and I made it a double. There was enough alcohol in that drink to make her a little high. It was almost ten when Janet slipped into the skimpy black dress that she’d worn the previous evening.

I whistled when my lovely wife came downstairs. She looked so damned hot! Her mascara was heavier than usual, almost slutty. She was wearing the dark red lipstick she liked along with her lip-gloss, which accentuated her sensuous lips. The blue glitter below her eyes, on her neck and between her cleavage made my dick harden. She sat down on the sofa and I put an interracial porno movie that I’d rented in our DVD. Then I made Janet a lighter Long Island Tea and poured myself a glass of wine. We sipped our drinks as we watched the movie. A muscular black stud with a huge cock was fucking a young white woman with a wedding ring on the third finger of her left hand. The black bull was on his feet in a squatting position about eight inches off the bed and the young wife had her hands under his ass as if trying to support him. The next scene showed the wife on her back with her legs spread wide apart and her nipples standing erect on her breasts, which were flushed. It was apparent that she’d just come. Her hands were parallel to her shoulders and the black stud had each wrist pinned to the bed. You could see his thick cock buried in her widely stretched pussy. She was in a different world; eyes closed, mouth open, toes curled, obviously in the throes of ecstasy as she enjoyed this gigantic cock buried deep within her vagina. The look on her face told me that this black penis was touching places inside her pussy that her husband would never touch. It was like that with Roger and Janet, too. We heard a car out front and a minute later the doorbell rang. I answered the door and greeted Roger as he came in. He ignored me and walked straight over to Janet who’d just stood up. He held her possessively, his hands on her ass and she kissed him hungrily, her mouth opening for his probing tongue.

I asked Roger what he’d like to drink and he replied, “Get me a beer, Charlie.” I went to the kitchen and got Roger a beer and returned to the living room to find that Janet had switched the movie to one that I’d recorded of her recently where she’d been playing with herself. She lay on her back in the middle of our bed, her legs spread wide apart. She was masturbating with her eyes closed as she fucked her pussy with three small fingers while rubbing her swollen clit with her other hand. This went on for about ten minutes and from time to time she sucked her fingers for lubrication before she resumed fucking herself. Suddenly, her hips rose up off of the bed and she was on her shoulders and her heels as her hips gyrated wildly out of control, her face a mask of lust as she climaxed three times in rapid succession. When, I handed Roger the beer bottle Janet said, “Sweetheart, you’ve got better manners than that! Bring Roger his beer in a glass!” I apologized and went into the kitchen and poured his beer into a glass. When I came back into the room, Janet was sitting next to Roger playing with her hand on his pants and she was rubbing it through his pants while he teased her erect nipples through her black clingy dress as they watched her masturbating on the DVD. I sat down on the other side of Roger and didn’t say anything. My dick was throbbing and I wanted to take it out of my jeans and jack off, but that wouldn’t do.

Janet stood up and led Roger by his hand upstairs. I gave them a couple of minutes and then followed after them. I wouldn’t miss anything because my camera had already been turned on and I was recording their encounter. When I quietly slipped into the bedroom, my wife had already pulled his muscle shirt over his head and removed his jeans. She was on her knees in a deep knee-bend stance with her dress half way up her thighs. She’d pulled his jockey shorts down and whispered softly to his massive black penis that pulsated in front of her mouth, “I remember you!”

She took his oversized black cock into her mouth without using her hands just like I’d taught her. I’d told her touching a man’s penis takes some of his pleasure away…always use you mouth and never forget that your mouth is supposed to feel just like your pussy. My innocent young wife had listened to me better than I’d thought. She sucked his dick for about five minutes, her head bobbing back and forth, back and forth as she worshiped his huge penis. His hand held the back of her head; pulling her face against his crotch until her dark red lips were almost buried in his wiry pubic hair. Then, she stood up and in one quick movement and pulled the clingy black dress she wore over her head and now she was naked except for her high heels. They looked so erotic standing there like that, Roger’s powerful black body holding Janet’s small white body against him with his huge cock pointing straight at her. She put her arms around Roger’s neck and she was going to kiss him, but first she had to take his ten-inch penis and bury it between her thighs because it was separating them, it was so strong and thick. She kissed him passionately while his hands cupped her lily-white ass cheeks as he held her against him. As they embraced and she hungrily ground her thighs together on his penis, teasing both of them.

She stepped back and he walked over to our bed and, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that scene, as he turned to face her, his rigid oversized penis jutted menacingly, pointing directly at my wife. It was as if it was saying, ‘Your mine and I’m going to fuck you because that’s what I want and you need it as bad as any white woman has ever needed a black cock.’ I couldn’t get over how big and thick he was; he was almost unreal. He didn’t bother to look at her as he lay down on his back on her side of the bed. Janet walked over to him wearing only her three- inch black heels until her thighs touched the side of the bed. She placed her arms on either side of him palms down on the bed and leaning over, she took his penis into her mouth. This was my wife’s way of showing Roger that she was hungry for his dick. She didn’t touch him as she crawled onto the bed, too, her legs on either side of his face. I was naked by that time and I walked up behind her and removed one of her high heels and then the other one as she climbed higher upon Roger until her hands grasped the headboard of our bed. Her long legs straddled his head and her moist pussy was directly over his mouth when his thick tongue slipped inside her lips and began to lap, lick and tease her clit. Within a minute and a half she moaned and began grinding her pussy frantically against his mouth. I listened to his loud slurping noises as he licked and sucked on her swollen clitoris. His hands went up to her tits and he roughly twisted her nipples, but she obviously enjoyed his manipulations. His tongue continued to tease her clit and she fucked his face harder as he pinched her nipples until she winced with pain, but she made no effort to stop him.

Suddenly, my wife paused momentarily and glanced over her shoulder in my direction and said, “Sweetheart, remember our discussion this afternoon?” Of course, I remembered what we’d discussed. She’d explained to me in no uncertain terms that she wanted to watch me sucking another guy’s cock. And, in our Agreement I’d agreed to do just that… ‘To actively and enthusiastically suck other guy’s cocks when so directed.’ Janet went on, “ I want to watch you suck Roger’s cock, Honey, suck him! Suck his dick while he eats me out!” All sorts of thoughts went through my head and I remembered those dicks I’d sucked at the Fine Arts Adult Bookstore not that long ago. I stood up and moved to the side of our bed beside Roger. I made myself comfortable on the bed and leaned over his muscular hips and took his enormous black penis in my hands. It was so big and hot and hard! He was huge! I realized that Janet was right. Roger was an awesome physical specimen and I had no right to deny my wife of any of the pleasures that his penis provided her. I couldn’t compete with him and I had no right to deny her anything after all I’d encouraged her to do, I reasoned. I slowly lowered my mouth to the head of his penis and my lips encircled his huge helmet before I teasingly began to swirl my tongue around his head, licking it like a popsicle. I was surprised at the smooth, rubbery, texture of his penis and how good it felt stretching my mouth out of proportion. He was huge! I took more of him into my mouth as my tongue tried to enter his small piss hole. My brething had become strained when I applied more suction and felt him twitching in my mouth. I’d abandoned any sense of self-respect that I might have had left. I almost felt like I was possessed.

Janet was looking over her shoulder as she watched her ‘he-man husband’ worshiping Roger’s gigantic black cock. I licked under the head of his powerful black penis before I swallowed his helmet. I did this as I sucked him and fondled him like a little faggot. I bobbed my head up and down until I had almost four inches of his ten-inch penis inside my mouth before I nearly choked. He was so big and even though I was becoming more and more turned on, I couldn’t take more than half of his chocolate club. Roger made my young wife orgasm and since she always comes quickly after her first orgasm, she came again almost immediately, only this time he made her come much harder. He began to take her to her third orgasm while his fingers teased, pinched and pulled her long thick nipples. I couldn’t watch my wife and suck Roger’s cock at the same time, but I heard her whimpering moans of ecstasy each time she came. I concentrated on sucking Roger’s enormous penis and I did things to him that girls and guys who’d sucked my dick had done to me. I twirled, I guess that’s the right term, my tongue around and around the head of his penis and I concentrated on rubbing his frenulum with my soft tongue. I knew he was enjoying my cock sucking because he began bucking his hips upwards forcing me to take more and then even more of his penis into my mouth. I hadn’t thought about it, but now I remembered how much I’d enjoyed sucking another guy’s penis and teasing and exciting him. I’d forgotten all about Roger pleasuring my wife while I was satisfying him. But now I began to think about Roger and my young wife, Janet. After I’d pleasured his enormous cock enough and when he made Janet orgasm until she was ready for him, he was going to breed her. He’d given her plenty of opportunities to witness my humiliation and now he was going to fuck the shit out of her. Janet needed him to fuck her; she needed his huge penis to hammer her insatiable cunt and so did I. I wanted to watch him skewer her tight pussy and stretch her vagina the way he’d done the previous evening. I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t, I was a slave to my passions and I had an irresistible desire to watch other men violate my wife. I guess that’s because I knew that once a guy made her hot and got to her, she’d fall victim to her own lusts and she’d give him everything. She may have refused my request when we married, but I’d seen her fuck four other guys now, all of whom made my seven an a half-inch look small. And, she’d done things with them she’d never done with me. She discovered that she was bisexual and I guess I enjoyed cock just as she enjoyed pussy.

Roger roughly pushed my head away and my wife replaced me and began to suck his tough chocolate dick. “Your husband is an excellent cocksucker, Mrs. Sanders and I’m not the first man whose dick he’s sucked, but we’ll discuss that later. I told you I would fuck you again last night and here we are. I want Charlie to suck my dick again and milk my black cock, but I have some guys that I hang with. It wouldn’t be fair for him to suck my cock and not suck theirs, too. Of course, I think my brothers will fuck you too, Janet. I think that what you and Charlie need is an old-fashioned gangbang. Charlie, I know you’d love watching some really big dicks fucking your little woman. Wouldn’t you Charlie? I know what you’re thinking, Charlie, you and your wife are a couple. Well, I wouldn’t leave you out; you can suck those dicks before and after they’ve been inside your wife. Of course, I know that Janet will want to suck them, too. Another thing Charlie boy, your wife is already hung up on black cock. I think you should plan on me picking your wife up next Friday night at around 8:30 PM. I’ll bring her back Sunday evening around 8:30 PM and I’ll make you a promise, when I bring her home, she’ll crave black cock. I’m going to fuck her all weekend and I might even have some of my friends help me!” Upon hearing his words my dick quivered. “However, tonight, you’ll just have to content with watching me fucking your wife. What a far out threesome! Hubby sucks my dick and then I fuck his old lady. What a beautiful marriage, Charlie, now I’m going to fuck your wife while you watch me.” Roger moved between Janet’s widely spread thighs and he supported himself on his muscular arms as he lowered his face to my wife’s and she put her arms around his neck and they kissed each other and then they kissed each other again. She smiled up at him and he lowered himself on Janet and his erect penis entered my wife. His penis knew where it was going; after all, it had been there the night before. Before he’d bottomed out in her vagina, my wife raised her head raised off the mattress and began shaking up and down as her eyes rolled back in her head; she was coming, already. She wrapped her right leg over his and her left leg was open the same way. Her right arm and her hand were on his left shoulder as she caressed his heavily muscled arms. Oh my gosh! I thought to myself, he’s so deep he must be in her uterus. Roger made three more thrusts, pummeling her pussy and she was coming again. Janet moaned when Roger had first entered her and his muscular ass began a rhythmic pounding motion as he began to piston in and out of her. Her cries filled our bedroom, “Ohhhh, Uhhhh, Uhhhh!” She’d put her hands behind her head and he lay between her thighs, his ass rising and falling, as he fed her pussy some serious cock. She cupped his ass and whimpered, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Ohhhh!, Yeah!, Yes, Ohhhh!, Oohhh!, Yeah, Yes, Yes!” Roger was breathing deeply, “Oh Yeah!” and he kissed her as he put it to her even more violently. Janet exclaimed, “Oh God!, Oh God!, Oh my God!, Ohhhh! Oh God! OH yes! Oh my! Ooh Yes! And she screamed each time she climaxed and that was every few minutes. “Oh yes! You’re going to make me come! Oh yes! Oh! I’m coming! You’re making me cum! I’m cumming!” Roger’s massive penis looked like there was come all over it, but he hadn’t come yet. His black cock was coated with Janet’s secretions since she’d creamed on his penis every time he made her come.

Roger surprised me by asking me to join them. At first I thought he was being a nice guy, but I soon realized he wanted to humiliate me further in front of my wife. He had me lie down on our bed and he had Janet get on all fours with her knees on either side of my head with her pussy above my mouth. In this position I could lick her swollen clit while he fucked her doggy style. Of course, this meant that I’d be licking the underside of his penis, too. In addition, Janet could suck my dick while Roger fucked her from behind. My wife tried to suck my dick, but she was being slam-fucked so hard that she ended up just holding on to it for support. I concentrated on licking her clit and Roger’s penis. Occasionally, I removed his cock from her pussy and sucked their juices off it and then I put him back inside of her. Roger didn’t need to point out that when he came, his cum would run out of my wife’s pussy and directly into my mouth, but I wanted his cum, anyway. Janet was jacking me off with her right hand. I couldn’t take it and came all over her hand. That was about the same time that Kevin emptied his baby batter inside her and while she softly moaned, his semen began flooding my mouth and face. They rolled over on their backs and as they lay basking, I ate his cum out of Janet’s widely stretched pussy. She came twice while I was licking her pussy clean and Roger told me to get off the bed, he wanted my wife.

Janet spread her legs apart and I could see her shaven pussy was dripping wet. Roger moved between her open thighs and began running his huge black penis up and down her gaping lips, teasing her protruding clit and her swollen pussy lips. My wife was arching her hips up and down; her pussy wanted to be fucked so badly it hurt. “God fuck me with your big black cock, Roger.” I heard Janet whimpering, “Please fuck me,” begging him for his dick. Roger began pushing the enormous head of his penis into Janet and she was crying like a baby. In spite of the fact that she was wet she moaned, “Oh fuck! God you are so big!” My wife screamed in ecstasy as he pushed the head and several more inches into her pussy. Her head flopped from side to side as more and more of his thick black cock filled her vagina. Roger looked over his shoulder at me and said, “You don’t mind if I open this pussy up a bit for you, do you?” Roger had bottomed out inside her when she moaned, “Ohhhh godddd! Feels so good inside me, so full!” Janet’s tightly stretched pussy milked Roger’s cock and she was going crazy with pleasure. I had never heard her moan and whimper like she was doing. Just then she cried, “Oh my gosh! I’m coming, Oh I’m coming so good!” Slowly Roger began working his cock in and out of her pussy, fucking her with more and more force until he was fucking her harder than I’d ever seen anyone fuck. My wife was now whimpering and screaming in ecstasy, as her pussy was turned inside out. “Oh god, can’t stop cumming, soooo goooood, yes fuck me hard, I love your big fucking black cock in my pussy,” she screamed. Roger pounded my wife until his back glistened with sweat and she orgasmed under him again and again. “Oh yes,” she screamed each time his heavy balls slapped her defenseless ass. I barely heard him say, “You love that big black cock, don’t you Baby, as he buried his middle finger up her asshole. “Oh god, I love it, I love black cock,” she replied as she wiggled her ass on his finger that fucked in and out of her anus. I knew that he was getting ready to fuck my wife in her ass. I was a little jealous because I’d never fucked her there, but I couldn’t do anything about it now.

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