Not everything done in Vegas stays in Vegas...
They were gambling debt collectors from Vegas. Allen was the brains, Mike was the muscle. They were flying into Toledo of all places, to pick up a debt.

It never ceased to amaze Allen that some schmuck would go to Vegas, borrow and lose 20Gs, then skip town and think all was forgiven and forgotten. Not all things done in Vegas stay in Vegas.

So, tonight they were flying to Ohio to collect.

They always recovered the debt and it's interest, which they received a commission on. But also turned enough screws to earn a tidy profit on the side.

Todays loser was one Stanley Billings, owing a total of 28 Gs and probably jumping at every shadow he saw. Tonight, they wouldn't be shadows...


They rented a car at the airport and headed out to the address given them by the private dick that traced for them. The house was dark on the first floor with a couple of lights on the second.

Allen produced his lock picks from a pen he carried. They fit precisely into it and always passed security at the airports. Inside of two minutes, he softly opened the door.

They made their way through the house and silently up the stairs. Stanley was in the bedroom and apparently the Mrs. was in the shower. Allen peered into the bedroom and with hand signals, told Mike the layout and instructions.

Mike picked up a vase of flowers and threw it across the bedroom. When it crashed into the opposite wall, drawing Stanleys attention, both men charged into the room. Stanley, realizing what was happening, grabbed for a gun on the night stand.

He never had a chance to point it. Mikes steely fingers were squeezing his with his pinky behind the trigger so it wouldn't move. Then he almost broke his wrist twisting the gun out of his hand.

He then pushed him face first to the floor and secured his hands with a nylon pull strap. He checked the weapon for bullets, flipped the safety off and pulled Stanley back up to a sitting position in a chair.
Mike had one big paw holding his neck, the other pushing the barrel of the gun into his temple bending his head over.

This was the scene Mrs. Billings beheld as she ran into the room asking "Stan, what was that crash?"
She stopped in her tracks when she saw a big man holding a gun to her husbands head and another, a finely dressed man lounging in another chair.

"What's going on?" she asked, bewildered.

All was quiet for a few moments while the men gazed at the woman. She was wrapped in a towel that did little to hide her figure. Her dark hair was dripping and she had a wholesome face that did not need makeup.

Allen was the first to move. He stood and walked towards her, "You would be Mrs. Billings?"

"Yes, I am. Now what is going on?"

"What is your first name?" Allen said directing the conversation.

"Katherine" she said somewhat hesitantly.

"Ah good, Katie is a fine name." He continued, "You see, Katie, your husband owes some money and we are here to collect it."

She glanced at her husband and asked, "How much money?"

"Twenty eight thousand."

She gasped, "Twenty eight thousand? Stanley, how could you?" directing her wrath at her husband. He had gambling debts before, but only in the hundreds. Not in the thousands.

"We don't have that kind of money, we just took out a second mortgage to pay off our bills."

"Not our concern, Katie." Allen said smoothly. "The people we work for want their cash back tomorrow, if not, they want to read Stanleys obituary in the paper."

Katherine was shocked and in tears. "What can we do? We don't have that kind of money!"

Allen seemed sympathetic when he offered, "Maybe we can work something out. You see, Stanley here isn't much good except maybe for a doormat. And that doesn't pay all that well."

That got a little snicker out of Mike.

"But now you, with some effort, could earn that much in maybe a couple of months." With that, he peeled her towel off her leaving her naked in the middle of the room.

She tried to cover herself with her hands, but it was no use. He moved them aside to inspect the goods.
Firm natural tits, maybe 38s. Narrow waist, flat stomach. Slender legs, good muscle tone, way too much pussy hair, needed tips in good grooming. Lacy back in Vegas could make this one presentable.

"You want me to be a prostitute?" she cried.

"Nothing like that, Katie." Allen soothed. "You won't be walking the streets. You come with us, do as you're told, work off the debt and you are free to return home. Simple as that."

"One thing to keep in mind though, is that if you decline and we have to dump Stan in Lake Erie, he will have company. You know, from all the things you have heard here tonight. No witnesses, you understand?"


Before they left, Mike had a little one sided discussion with Stanley. He explained how unhappy he would be if he had to come back to Toledo. Some of the things he would have to do if he came back. How everything in Stanleys world would be better if he did not come back. Stanley agreed...

They stopped at a Marriot on the way to the airport and got a big suite with a jacuzzi in the room. Allen got online to make the flight reservations to Vegas. Mike began making drinks. Katherine stood in the middle of the room looking nervous.

Allen noticed this and said "Katie, get room service on the phone and order us some extra pillows and towels."

She was halfway to the phone when she realized she was already doing what she was told to do. She had always told Stanley what had to be done, now she was on the other end and somehow it seemed more natural.

When the drinks and reservations were made, the men stripped and eased into the hot tub. Katherine was again standing by herself, wondering what was to follow. She had never been in a situation anywhere close to this before.

Allen called "Katie, come on and get in the tub. The water's great!"

She found herself inching towards the tub. It looked inviting, the two guys were relaxed with their arms along the edge of the tub. The big guy, Mike, was built like a tank. The other guy, Allen, was muscular but lean. They both seemed to be dangerous men, but she did not feel threatened by them. Instead, she felt secure being near them.

When she was next to the tub, she began removing her clothing. She did not know what to expect, but what she got was complements and encouragement. She tried to get in the tub with her panties on, but that was not allowed.

She eased into the very hot water, trying to adjust to it and not sure what to do. There were waiting hands to guide her in between the two. There was a strong drink for her, maybe like a scotch and soda.
Why did she feel ok with this? A couple of hours ago, the big guy had a gun pointed at her husbands head. In a short time, her life had completely reversed.

Her life with Stanley hadn't been all that great. He had that gambling problem, didn't earn much at work. As for sex, it was a little groping around in the dark, climb on top, a few strokes and it was over. Snores....
Right now, after her first drink she was feeling warm and fuzzy. In between two men that each had a hand on the inside of her thighs.

Then the doorbell rang...

It had to be housekeeping with their towels and pillows.

Allen said to her, "Get our towels and there's a few bucks on the night stand for a tip."

She got out and tried to put her shirt on but Allen told her to leave it off. She picked up the tip money and went to the door naked.

The housekeeping lady was a young Mexican girl and the guys invited her into the room, the tub and other things before she declined and excused herself.

They had Katie make a new round of drinks. It is always nice to have a nude waitress.

Once back in the tub, Katie was the center of attention.
The hands had moved up her thighs and one was sliding a finger up and down her pussy lips. Another was rolling a nipple back and forth. If she turned one way, she was kissed. If she turned the other way, she was kissed.

She found her right hand directed to Allens cock, hard and very big. Her other hand directed to Mikes cock, hard and just as big, maybe a little thicker. She stroked both of them. Savoring the feel, never had she felt this size, this strength.
All directed at her........

Things would not be the same after tonight.


Later, they moved to the giant bed. The men lay on either side, Katherine on her knees at the foot of the bed. Allen extended a finger and made the come here sign. She inched her way up on her knees until she was between them.

They were stroking their magnificent cocks. Katherine timidly laid a hand on each thigh that was closest to her, unsure of what to do.

Allen began, "Katie, you know we are going to fuck you tonight."

She shook her head up and down slowly.

"Good, do you like to fuck?"

"Yes" she whispered.

"That's good too, because you're going to be well fucked while you are with us. Is that ok with you?"

Again she whispered "Yes."

"That's good, tonight we're just going to take it easy. Forget anything you know about sex and just do what you are told. Most women think they are sexy and a good lay, but really don't have a clue. We will show you. Do you understand me?"

"I think so," she said hesitantly.

With that said, he guided her hand to his waiting shaft and directed her movements. Mike did the same. Both men lay back to watch...

She was a natural beauty, with more cock in each hand than she had ever seen, let alone felt. It turned her on, to have all this desire directed at her. Her pussy tingled, her nipples hardened. She had goosebumps all over.

Allen reached up and pulled her close for a kiss. She stroked both of them faster with the added stimulus. He had a handful of her hair and guided her lips to the end of his rock hard shaft.

There was no resistance, she was sliding her tongue around the head of his cock and then taking the crown inside before she knew it. There was no oral sex in her marriage, giving or taking. This was new to her...

She was sliding her lips up the underside of Allens cock when she felt her hair being pulled towards Mike. Another huge cock in her mouth, how could she possibly please these two?

Back and forth she went. One then the other.

She was on her knees with Mikes cock deep in her mouth when she felt Allen move behind her and begin rubbing the head of his cock up and down her very wet cunt lips. When all was lubed, he eased into her neglected pussy.

She had never envisioned a cock this big, and now she had two inside her. The rumbling of long lost orgasms began to erupt. One pulled her hair to bring her lips deeper onto his rod, the other slapped her ass as he buried himself deeper inside her pussy.

Allen pulled her close, feeling all the contractions of her cunt. She was cumming. He fucked her hard then, her juices were everywhere, forming a little stream down the inside of her thigh.

Slap, slap, slap went the sound of Allens hard frame pounding her ass cheeks. His heavy balls bouncing off her clitoris. That set off another earth shaking orgasm.

At last he pulled out of her. She felt empty, void.

It didn't last long, Mike turned her around facing away from him and lifted her like a toy and positioned her throbbing cunt at the end of his huge cock, settled her slowly down the length of his rod.

She had almost all of him inside when Allen pulled her head back, pointing her face up and began tracing the outline of her lips with his still hard cock. He was still very wet with her juices and she tasted herself for the first time.

It was tangy, not unpleasant, but there were bigger things happening. Mike was fucking her hard now from underneath. One hand was on Allens hip trying to hold on to something stable. The other hand was stroking his cock in a frenzy.

She tried to suck on it, but could only manage licks as her head went by. She did manage to hold his cock against his belly and lick the underside from between his balls to the head.

Her pussy was gushing over Mike, she was so wet. The orgasms came one after the other. When she recovered from one explosion, another would begin.

Katie was limp when Mike lifted her off his pole and laid her gently on the bed. Allen spread her legs and eased into her. The strokes were slow and she welcomed that. Mike knelt by her head and laid his heavy rod across her face. His balls on one side of her mouth, the length of the shaft on the other.

He was very wet with her juices and she did her best to clean him with her lips and tongue. Allen continued to stroke her at a leisurely pace. They were long, slow and deliberate strokes though. Touching places that had never felt that before.

She wondered what was happening here. She had left her husband earlier to work off his gambling debt with these two men. She was in a Hotel room with them getting more and better sex than she ever had in her life. How was this surreal situation going to play out?

Her focus came back to the present when Allen put her legs over his shoulders, changing the angle of his thrusts. The top of his very strong cock was now sliding over her g-spot. Her cunt lips spasmed and she felt the beginnings of yet another cum.

He guided her into it, each stroke a little harder and a little deeper. His hands were on the front of her thighs, pulling her to him, impaling her on his rock hard cock. She saw fireworks when he pulled her tight and made circles around her clit with his thumb.

She went stiff, her whole body convulsed, her cunt gripped Allens cock as he exploded deep inside her. Her lips were an airtight seal on Mikes huge shaft as she sucked the cum out of him.

Fucking incredible! Orgasms were so rare with Stan that they never happened together. Yet now she was part of three people cumming at the same time!

They laid down together, Katie with a man on each side of her that she had never known before tonight.

She smiled and drifted off to sleep....


The next morning she was awakened by the feel of two large and very hard cocks. One was pressed in between her ass cheeks, the other sliding between her tits.

"Mornin, Gorgeous" Allen whispered as he moved a lock of her hair off her face. "Seems like there are a couple of cocks here in need of your attention. We've got just enough time for a good blowjob before we have to go to the airport."

There was no hesitation as she moved to her knees...

That was how Katie started her day.


Later, when they arrived in Vegas and walked through the airport, Mike would lead and people moved out of his way. Allen and Katie followed, her arm in his.

They had just walked outside into the blinding sunshine of the southwest when a black SUV with darkened windows pulled up to them. A woman jumped out and ran around the car and cried "Mikey!" She wrapped her arms around the big guys neck and kissed him passionately.

She was athletic looking, her legs tanned and toned, ended in high heeled sandals. Short skirt, narrow waist and a silk shirt that advertised hard nipples. Her hair was tawny, shoulder length with slight curls. Her face needed very little makeup. Her personality was sparkling.

Next, she said "Allen, Honey" with a slight shyness to it, and kissed him without the slightest trace of shyness.

"And you must be Katie, Allens told me all about you. I'm Lacy, and so happy to meet you!" With that, she kissed her full on the lips. She tasted like strawberrys.

She had never been kissed by a woman before, but then again the last 24 hours had been filled with first time events.

"C'mon, Sweety. We'll go out to the house and get you settled in." Lacy directed her to the back seat and climbed in beside her. Mike drove with Allen riding shotgun. Almost as one, they put on sunglasses.

Katie was squinting at the brightness when she felt her knee being tapped. She glanced at Lacy who was holding a pair of sunglasses. "These are spares, we'll get you a good pair later, ok? We gotta look out for each other, right?"

Katie put the glasses on and noticed that Lacys hand stayed on her leg.

They drove out of the city for about 20 minutes. Here the properties were larger and many had fenced walls. At last, they pulled into one that had a winding driveway and a sprawling single level house.

"C'mon Honey, we're here." Lacy happily announced. The women got out and the guys drove away.
Katie looked at Lacy inquiring.

"They're going to work out. Mikey lifts weights if you couldn't tell. Allen's into a bunch of martial arts. Rule 1, do not upset them."

Lacy led her into the house and said, "Here it is Kiddo, make yourself at home. You've got a lot of questions and I can help. Let's have a glass of wine and talk, Chablis ok with you?" Katie nodded.

When she returned with the wine, she sat on the couch facing her.

"Let me see, if I remember correctly from what happened to me, last night, you were fucked better than ever in your life. You liked it and wonder why. Your husband is a fuzzy memory. You wonder what is going to happen to you. Am I close so far?"

"Yesss" Katie managed.

"The answer, Sweety, is that your life just got better! Now ask me those questions that are bothering you."

Katie struggled when she asked, "Did your husband borrow money he couldn't pay back?"


"So, you are working off his debt now?"

"No, it was paid off months ago."

"Then why are you still here?" Katie wondered.

"Because, life is good here" Lacy explained. "I couldn't go back to my dweeb, pencil dicked husband. Not after balling Allen and Mikey for the last year. Look at me, when I came here, I was unhappy, out of shape, bitchy from lack of good sex, smoked. I was pitiful."

"Now, I'm happy. I've got all the big strong cock I can handle, don't smoke, my bod's kickin, aerobics everyday 'cept weekends when there are other workouts. Wink. There's money in the Bank. Baby I'm not going anywhere!"

"Wow, that's amazing" Katie exclaimed. "So what do you think will happen to me?"

"Sweety, I know what's going to happen to you. The question is whether you welcome it or not, your choice."

"I'm not sure I understand" was all Katie could say.

"Honey, when I came here my orgasms were very far and few between. Now I am multi orgasmic, I discovered that the first time Allen and Mikey DP'd me. I also learned I am bi-sexual. Does that bother you?"

"No, I don't think so." she replied and then added, "What's DP?"

"It's double penetration, means one cock in your cunt and one in your ass. It's pretty intense!"

Katie was shocked.

Lacy said "Let's refill our glasses and take a bath. The guys will be back in a couple of hours. We need to make you ready for them. There will be a bit of a welcome party for you."


In Lacys room, she said "Alright, let's have a look at you."

She began to unbutton Katies blouse while looking her straight in the eyes. She removed it and undid the snaps on her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She reached behind her and deftly released her bra.
Katies full breasts were free and Lacy took a moment to touch them and softly trace her thumbs around the hardened nipples, still looking into her eyes.

Then she knelt in front of her and put her hands on that slim waist and slowly moved them down, collecting her panties on the way. She kissed her navel just below the belly button as she did so.

That awoke every nerve ending Katie had in her body.

Then Lacy licked her pussy from back to front and she felt dizzy.

She did it again... and again....

Then backed off, licking her lips.

"Sweety, we've got to do a bit of grooming" she looked like a cat after a meal, her tongue all over her lips searching for the last drop.

She then stood, removed her own clothing and led Katie to the bed and had her sit on a towel by the edge.
"I used to work in a beauty salon and I know bikini lines" she said with a wink. "First we do a little trim and then we wax around the edges."

Lacy gently pushed her onto her back and eased her legs apart. She produced a pair of scissors and began snipping away at Katies bush. This was an unknown experience for her, she had never trimmed her own. Not to mention a woman she had never known before today doing it.

She had her leg over this womans shoulder, feeling her hair on the inside of her thigh. She could feel the womans breast on the inside of her other thigh. Was it ok to feel pleasure from the touch of another woman? She wondered...

Lacy took her time, it seemed like every hair was important. It was like she wanted her puss perfect for presentation.

At last she stopped her trimming and said "Ok, you're ready. I'll mix up a batch of my hot wax and then we can have some fun. Leave your legs wide open and I will be right back."

Katie laid back with her legs open wondering what could possibly happen next.

That was answered when Lacy came back stirring a little bowl. She knelt between her legs and carefully applied the hot wax along the outline of her recently trimmed bush.

"There, we'll let that cool off for a while. Try to keep your legs in the same position." She paused to sip her wine.

Katie asked, "I've already been with Allen and Mike, but what will I have to do to pay back my husbands debt?"

"Well, Sweety, usually it's entertaining big spenders during their stay in Vegas. Sometimes it's a group of guys, sometimes it's a guy and his wife. You need to be able to do it all and enjoy it."

She took a sip and continued, "You see, this town is full of hookers. It's a business for them and they approach it that way. It's not fun for them and it shows. They come to us because they know we're clean and like what we do. It's only once or maybe twice a week, and we can always keep the tips."


"Oh, yeah Honey! You can bank $1000 a week, cuz all your other expenses are paid for. Allen takes good care of his property and shares everything with Mikie."

"His property?"

Lacy was bit more serious when she explained, "Girl, he owns you now. Do as you are told and never, ever upset him or the big guy. It is in your best interest to keep them happy. It's important, do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand. Can you tell me about them?"

Lacy smiled with fond memories, "They're my guys, there is nothing that I would not do for them. They met in the military, Seals or Special Forces I think, inseparable since. They do the collections thing that you know about, and other stuff like security, personal and otherwise. They've worked with the cops, bringing in guys the authorities couldn't. Do not ask them about it, they will not tell you."

She continued, "But the best part is that they are really nice guys. They will take very good care of you if you do what they tell you to. It's an honor thing, and very rare, I think."

Katie nodded, digesting the information.

"Ok, Kiddo, let's make you smooth." Lacy began to slowly pull off the wax and the unwanted hairs. She was meticulous in her efforts. When she had removed all the wax, she produced some tweezers to pluck any surviving hairs.

When she was finished, Katie was perfectly smooth along her cunt lips with a neatly trimmed narrow V above her clit.

Lacy admired her handiwork, sliding a finger up and down each pussy lip. "You know I'll be waiting for you to repay the favor." She said with a sly smile.

Katie smiled back at her, enjoying the feel of her finger and the sensations of the bare skin, making her feel more naked than ever.

She lingered like that for a while and Katie felt her body begin to respond. Her hips rose and leaned forward to the touch, yearning for more.

Lacy leaned down and kissed her lightly while still fingering her pussy. Katie surprised herself when she returned the kiss and enjoyed it. It was soft and sensual, unknown sensations rippled through her body.

Lacy whispered, "Sweety, let's go rinse and then soak in the hot tub. The guys will be back shortly."


"Honey, it's a quick clean for the insides. A douche and an enema will make you a fresh woman ready for anything."

Katie was puzzled, "I have heard of a douche, but never used one. Why the enema?"

"Darling, you're going to get fucked in the ass. You don't want to feel dirty, do you?"

"Well, no I don't, but I've never done that before."

Lacy gazed at her for a moment and tried to explain. "Most women lay on their backs, allow their man to fuck them and it's over. A good woman inspires her man, encourages him to go beyond wham, bam, thank you maam."

She continued, "The best women love to suck cock and swallow cum, press that artery at the base with their thumb and keep that cock hard. Give him a second orgasm, see? Or after fucking for a couple of pussy orgasms, put that hot rod in your ass. Once you have anal orgasms, you are going to want it always."
"When you use those kind of moves, a man would be stupid to look elsewere." She said with a knowing grin.

Katie was hesitant when she asked, "How did you learn all of this?"

Lacy grinned when she said, "Since I moved in with Allen and Mikey."

"Wow" was all Katie could muster.


The girls were skinny dipping in the pool when the guys arrived. Lacy saw them first, jumped out of the pool, and squealed "Allen!" as she ran up to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him eagerly. Her tits pressed into his chest throughly soaking his shirt.

He held her shoulders at arms length and said "Easy, girl!" He grinned and added "You're a nut case."

She giggled and said "You know it's my boobs. They always get in the way."

"Or maybe it's your shirt getting in the way." She suggested with a sly look. "Let me make it better." She then began to unbutton his shirt.

Mike had a tray of Shish Kebabs and made his way to the barbeque. The big guy was also an accomplished cook.

Katie had climbed out of the pool and was slowly walking towards them as Lacy slid Allens shirt off his shoulders, dropped to her knees and began work on his shorts.

He admired her as she drew near and extended a hand to welcome her. He pulled her to his side and eased an arm around her waist. He whispered in her ear, "I see Lacys taught you some grooming. You're beautiful."

When she turned to look into his eyes, he kissed her full lips. He continued to kiss her while Lacy, having dropped his shorts, was gently nuzzling his balls.

She would take one into her mouth, run her tongue around it a few times and move her head back, letting it pop out of her mouth before beginning on the other. Sometimes she would tongue the area between them.

His hand had slid down Katies ass and his middle finger was tracing the length of her cunt lips. She was surprised to find herself so wet, so quickly.

He continued to kiss her and finger her slick pussy while Lacy had licked her way to the end of his stiffening cock. She cupped his balls with one hand and easily bobbed her head, her tongue on a mission.
Her other hand was resting reassuringly on Katies hip. Sometimes she would stop with her cock sucking and lick and suck Allens finger and the cunt it was spearing. She was a master of making one ready to fuck, both male and female.

It was then that Mike strolled over and pulled Lacy gently to her feet and carried her over to a nearby lounge.

Allen guided Katie to a table with an umbrella on it and laid her on her back across it. Her head hung over one end and her ass at the edge of the other end. He opened her knees and moved her feet in a position to point her toes.

He slid the head of his now rock hard cock up and down her slick cunt lips, coating the head with her juices. When he was nicely lubed, he slid slowly inside.

Over by the pool, the big guy was sprawled out on the lounge with Lacy kneeling between his legs happily sucking his cock. One hand cupping his balls, the other stroking feverishly. Mike could take all she had and still fuck her unconscious. Of all the women that came and went, she was his favorite. When he was good and hard, he pulled her up on top of him to show off some of her cowgirl skills.

Allen was fucking Katie in an almost loving way. At least that is how it seemed to her. As he stroked her, he would fondle her breasts and draw circles around her clit with his thumb. Always keeping her on the brink of another orgasm. They were a parade these days, one after another.

He would slowly withdraw and move to the other side of the table to have her suck his cock. His balls rubbing her forehead, his hands gently caressing her tits. He tapped her lips with the head of his cock before moving back between her legs.

What was happening to her? She felt abandoned when that part of him was gone. She wanted him in her mouth. Then she felt him back in her soaking cunt, deeper than ever before. There were juices, her juices, flowing out of her pussy. She was wondering how this was possible when he slowly pulled out of her.

He began rubbing the head of his cock along the lips of her cunt. Then he would slide the underside of that wonderful tool up and down the valley between her cunt lips. The upstrokes tantalized her clit. Occasionally going farther, coating the area around her ass. She was already wet there, but his probing were spreading the moisture.

He simply said, "Just relax now, I'll go slow."

He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her ass and applied a little pressure. Reminding her to relax and stroking her cunt lips and clit, he pushed gently until the head slipped in. She gasped....

He stayed there until she adjusted. She found that if she relaxed, the natural contraction of her muscles actually pulled his cock into her. He hadn't pushed at all and now had almost half his cock in her.

When she had control of her muscles, he began a short steady motion. The feeling was incredible!

Feeling her relax, Allen went a little deeper each time. When he was almost buried in her, he wet his thumb and touched her clit and she when off like fireworks. She vibrated all over the table, but never lost the invader deep in her ass.

Lacy was possessed with the big guys cock. As hard as she tried, she could not fit all of it into her eager pussy though she gave it a massive effort. Her hips had a mind of their own, circling and grinding as she moved up and down his thick shaft.

Her sex talk was constant.

"Oh, Mikey honey, gimme that big dick! Fuck me good....yeah, that's pussy loves your cock! Gimme, gimme,'re gonna make me cum! A little more, yeaaah, yeaaah, here it comes baby!"

The only time she was silent was when she stiffened and then shook with her orgasm. Only to slowly begin again, her lusty words building with her movements.

Katie watched this from upside down as her head hung over the patio table. Her ass muscles had relaxed as Allens cock pistoned in and out of her. Her bottom end was on fire as he traced her pussy lips and clit with his thumb.

Her ankles were on his shoulders, his other hand on the front of her thigh pulling her towards him as he thrust into her. Never had she felt this used, this owned, this totally possessed.

She had stars before her eyes and she felt dizzy when her first anal orgasm hit her like lightning. The thunder was every stroke after. The rippling contractions of her muscles sent Allen over the edge as well.

"Damn, Baby! Grrrrrr, he growled....... here I come....."

He pulled out and stroked her valley with the underside of his erupting cock. The first streams nicking her forehead and landing in her hair. The second and third exploding on the underside of her tits, the last leaving a trail to her neatly trimmed puss.

She squeezed her legs together to hug her ravisher...

Lacy had rode Mikes cock to two or three orgasms and wanted him to cum for her so she nested herself between his legs and gave him some of her best head.

"C'mon, Mikey honey! Give it to me, I want you to cum in my mouth!"

She stroked him with a fever with one hand, the other caressing his balls. Her tongue doing donuts around the big head of his dick, sometimes taking it into her mouth and making loud sucky sounds.

When he came, there was no cum to be seen. She sucked it all out of him and swallowed it all without ceasing her motions. When he was throughly drained, she looked up at him and smiled.

"Mikey, honey, you had a big load for me!"

He smiled and pulled her up on top of his big frame for a hug.


They cooked the Kebabs and shared them along with some iced Sangria and fresh fruit as a family would. The mood was lighthearted and jovial.

They laughed and told stories. The guys joked about the cold blooded bitch Lacey was when she first arrived.

She laughed it off and told about the Sultan that liked American women.

The guys set him up with Lacey and Nina, another gal working off her husbands debt. They took turns fucking him hell west and crooked, while the guys went back to his hotel room and fucked his harem.

There were six love starved and neglected women who delighted in giving pleasure to the two light skinned visitors. The guys still argue about which one nailed all six of them. When the Sultan left, Lacey buzzed Allens cell and the guys disappeared.

The Sultan comes back for more and the harem eagerly wait for a return visit from Allen and Mike.


The rest of the evening was a blur for Katie. She took a shower with Lacey with a lot of kissing and touchy feely going on. They dressed in sexy outfits that were easily removed. They sprayed perfume on each other. They perfected each others makeup...

They joined the guys in the large living room and snuggled in. This time Lacey next to Allen and Katie by Mike. There were snifter glasses of Grand Marnier and Allen lit up a small pipe with some sweet smelling smoke curling out of it.

Katie had never smoked in her life but felt compelled to try it now. She didn't inhale much but it seemed to expand inside her lungs. She let it out quickly and her head began to spin.

Mike was there for her, one big arm around her shoulder and holding her hand with the other. She melted into him. He stroked her cheek with the finger of one big paw and directed her chin up for a kiss.

First she had never felt so possessed in her life, now she had never felt so secure in her life. Nothing bad could ever happen to her with these two men with her.

She gazed across the room to see Lacey sucking Allens cock. He was staring straight at her. She turned to look at Mike and he grinned at her. She reached up to kiss him again and then moved down between his legs.

She slid her hands up his thick thighs and parted his robe. That magnificent cock awaited her, large already and only semi-erect. She lightly traced the length of it with her fingers and it responded with heavy jerks as it hardened. It seemed to Katie like a bear awakening from hibernation.

She stroked his cock with one hand and fondled the balls with the other. This was not a penis as the wimps call it, this was sheer manhood waiting for a willing pussy. Her thumb and fingers were far apart in her grip.

She licked the massive head, it jerked.

She slid her lips over the big mushroom, it jerked again.

She took as much as she could in her mouth only managing about three inches. She made up for it by running her lips and tongue along the length of it. It must have worked because it got a deep growl out of the big guy.

She could fit his balls into her mouth one at a time and this worked well judging from his reaction. She glanced up to see Allen murmur something to Lacy. She smiled at him, then at her. She got up and went to Katie and led her by the hand to the middle of the carpeted floor.

She hugged her and kissed her, their tits firmly pressed together. She found a hand on her butt cheek, then felt a soft finger gliding along her pussy lips from behind. She also found her own hand on a firm ass cheek, seeking the honey of another womans pussy.

A few days ago, that was unthinkable. Tonight, it was reality. And oh so exciting!

They dropped to their knees as one, continuing the kissing and probing. Lacy separated herself, laid on her back and slid her head between Katies knees. She eased her legs apart lowering a hot cunt onto her waiting tongue.

Katie gasped with sweet contact. She glanced at Mike who was leisurely stroking himself. She looked at Allen who was doing the same, only he pointed down to instruct her to repay Lacys efforts. She found herself in a passionate 69 with a woman she had met only earlier today.

The guys watched the show for a while before joining in. Mike eased up behind Katie and had Lacy suck him hard again. Allen moved between Lacys legs and had Katie nurse him back to form. The girls stayed in the 69, licking and sucking on cocks and pussy lips alike. They rolled over so Lacy was on top. The guys switched ends.

It turned into a Fuck-fest. At one point, Katie remembered being impaled on Mikes thick cock, her back to him and her legs obscenely spread while Lacy licked her clit to another orgasm. She remembered returning the favor when Lacy rode Allens cock.

She lost tract of her orgasms, maybe it one long one she did not know.

At one point, she was on top riding Mikes big cock like a cowgirl when Allen plowed in her ass from behind. She was skewered and the only option was to ride it out. She came and came again, on the third one, she passed out.

Katie collapsed on Mikes thick chest. Allen pulled out while the big guy rolled her off to the side.

Lacy was smiling ear to ear when she took over Katies vacant spot, eased down on Mikes cock, wiggled her ass at Allen and purred "Now it's my turn."

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