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A guy walks into the drug store to buy some condoms and the pharmacist behind the counter says she can help him. "Just whip it out and let me take a look at it, and I will tell you what size you need," she said to the man. He did as instructed and she grabbed onto it and yelled over the speaker to the front of the store, "cashier to pharmacy, we need one dozen condoms medium size."
A little while later another man enters the store in need of condoms and the lady pharmacist offers to help telling this man the same thing. After he takes it out and she examines it, she yells over the store speaker, "cashier to pharmacy, we need one dozen condoms in large."
About an hour later a sixteen year old boy comes into the store looking to buy condoms and approaches the lady pharmacist. She tells him the same thing she told the other men and he takes it out for her inspection. She goes over and grabs it to see what size is required and then gets on the store speaker and says, "cashier to pharmacy, we need the janitor up here."
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