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you exit the bathroom dressed only in your towel, an go into the bedroom you start looking for what to wear, you hear the bedroom door open an turn to see me entering, just finshed work in my skirt an blouse. without a word i step forward an softly press my hot lips agaisnt yours an guide you sit down on the edge of the bed. as i stand up, i run my fingers sexily through my hair, looking you straigth in the eyes, as i run my hands down my neck an down over the front of my blouse, i undo the buttons as my hands move down slowly. seductively opening my blouse exposing my red lace covered cleavage, running my fingers between my breasts an slowly over my nipples, you watch my blouse fall down my arms an float to the floor. i slide my hands down over my stomach to my skirt, you hear the faint sound of my zip before watching it fall to the fall round my ankles, revealing my red lace shorts. i smile sweetly as i stand before you in just my lingerie an high heels.

i can see your towel tenting up consealing your arrousal. i can tell you want me, you're within touching distance an that you're mesmerized with my body. i wanna make you wait a little longer....

i smile sweetly before turning my back to you. you watch my hands slide slowly up my back an unclasp my bra, you watch the straps slowly slide off my shoulders an down my arms. i look at you seductily over my shoulder before holding it out to the side an dropping it on the floor.

i run my hands over my bum, moving my fingers round my curvasious ass. your eyes hypnotised as my hips move slightly. you watch my fingers tuck underneath the thin lace an into the waist band. you watch the lace move downwards over my hips an slide slowly down my smooth legs.

you cant help yourself, you undo your towel revealing your stiff hard shaft. you hold your hands an i feel your soft touch of your hands up the back of my legs. as your hands slide round my waist you pull me gently back into your lap an i sit down, i moan as i feel your hard stiffness sliding neatly between my thighs. i move my hands over yours i interlock our fingers an guide your hands slowly round my waist, up my stomach, up to my big round breasts. you feel my erect nipples under your hands, an i squeeze your hands against my tits, using your hands to massage my breasts. my eyes closed lost in a moment of pure pleasure. i turn my head over my shoulder an you move slightly so our lips can touch, kissing softly an tenderly as we play....

the door opens again, neither of us is startled, your girlfriends stands there dressed only birthday suite looking hot, sexy, with her nipples errect an pussy nicely shaven. she walks in holding a bottle of champange an 3 glasses. she smile excitedly at the sight of me with her boyfriend on the bed infront of her.

she places the glasses down an pores the champange, she brings 1 of the glasses over to us on the bed, we watch her take a mouthful before moving in to suck on my breasts. i moan an arch my back against you, feeling the bubbles from the champange fizz against my sensitive nipple, she sucks tenderly slowly moving from 1 nipple to the other. as i move against your girlfriend tender touch you maon as you feel the tip of your dick moving further between my pussy lips. i move slowly in your lap as your girlfriend plays. you jump an moan as he hand slowly glides up the inside of your thigh, an you feel her soft fingers brushing over your balls. you watch as your girlfriend lifts the champange glass an slowly pores it over my stomach, i flinch an giggle softly as the bubble pore an fizz over my skin, you moan as she continues to pore, you feel the champange dripping onto your cock.

she places the glasses on the floor an lean forward between our legs, we both moan as she starts to blow over my pussy an your cock, she licks us both. i move my hips againt her face as she starts to suck on my clit, as i move forward you feel the tip of your shaft enter my pussy an you slide half way in. as your girlfriend sucks my clit you feel her fingers wanking the base of your dick into me, you cant help but moan.

she moves her head up an i start to kiss her passionately. you feel her fingers still playing with your cock, brushing against your balls, causing you to moan, you body feels like its gonna explode with excitement as both me an your girlfriend play with you. she takes another mouthful of champange before pulling your face towards hers an passionately kissing you. your hands move between my breasts an hers.

you feel my silky pussy riding you up an down, squeezing tight round your shaft, grinding my hips into your crotch feeling your full lenght slide in an out of my wet pussy as your girlfriends fingers gently milk you into me. you feel your balls start to tighten at the sheer delight of 2 hot horny girls enjoying your hot sexy body. you feel completely lost in heaven. you feel so turned by watching me an your girlfriend wrapped in hot horny sensual french kissing. playing with each others firm pert tits rubbing our nipples between our fingers. all of us moaning in sheer pleasure of this hot threesome. you wanna make it last all night but you know you're gonna explode soon, you can feel your cum boiling up into your stiff lenght. keeping up the constant, slow, sensual, teasing an fucking of your hot fit body.

you lie back on the bed as i continue to ride you, you look down an see my pussy lifting up so only the tip tremains inside me before slowly lowering down your full hard cock, you feel my hips grinding into your lap before lifting once again, slow, deep, full lenght strokes of your dick in an out, in an out of my hot, wet, throbbing pussy, while your girlfreind kisses me, hot passionate moaning, her hands playing with my breasts an over your balls, willing you to cum....
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