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This is my first story, I was bored and wanted to try this out. Its based on a true desire in my junior year in High School, however it didn't happen like this. I'm sure you will find a few grammar mistakes, I'm not the best with spelling either. Please forgive me if I make mistakes on small words :). Any kind of feed back is encouraged even the "You Suck!" and "That was a waste of time" kind of comments.
Seanna was on the phone with her boyfriend. Seanna was 5'5" with a carmel skin complexion. Her tits were about 36C, all her previous boyfriends seemed to love them, but they loved her firm round ass more. Seanna was a fan of anal sex but none of her boyfriends before Devon, her current boyfriend, was into it. Her long curly brown hair fell to the middle of her back and her stomach was flat, but she was a beautiful thick girl. Her legs were curvasous and long.

"Hello? Devon? Hey baby what's up?"
"Nothing baby just watching the game, you know me. What you doing?"
"Just got out in the house I was wondering if you wanted to stop by."
"Uh, after the game iight ma?
"No babe yo necesito ahora por fa. I'm so damn horny I've been wanting you all day"
"Damn girl, you know I want to but, I can't" Devon was 3 years older than Seanna, while Seanna was in her junior year of highschool. Devon was in his sophmore year of college.
"Baby I'm nearly 18 I can handle myself, if your saying no cause of all those times you wanted my lips wrapped around your 8" dick, I'm sorry but tonight I'd give you all the blowjobs you wanted, if you just stop by and fuck me baby" Hearing those words made Devon instantly get hard, he started rubbing his dick through his shorts.
"mmmmm I mean uh... Baby.... imma leave now."
"Yesssss baby alright I'm going to leave the key under the mat just let yourself in" Seanna said as she hung up the phone placed the key under the mat and went to the shower. She couldn't resist touching herself. Even before she stepped into the shower her pussy was dripping wet from all the thoughts of finally getting Devon to fuck her.

They've touched and felt each other before and once reluctantly eat her pussy, well he wanted to he just wanted something in return. She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't even hear Devon walk into the bathroom. She stuck two fingers, barely, into her pussy after letting the water run over them. She fingered her self with one hand and rubbed on her tits with the other. She occasionally removed the pussy juice covered fingers from her pussy and sucked on them. Devon let out a small groan as he watched her. Seanna immediately turned and stopped when she saw him.

"Mmm baby no don't stop. I love watching you pleasure yourself, keeping going." Seanna smiled and and kept going soon she was throwing her head back moaning as an orgasum rushed through her body. "Damnnnn, ohhh yessss!" She screamed. Devon by now had his dick out and was stroking it. When Seanna recovered from her orgasum she climbed out of the shower wrapped herself in a towell and grabbed Devon by the hand. She lead him to her bedroom.

Once there she closed and locked her door and pushed sat him down on the bed and climbed into his lap then whispered in his ear.
"Take control of me daddy. Make me your little slut." Devon took control instantly, she flipped her over and laid her on her back on the bed, he then ripped open her towell to devour and feel those tits of hers. He licked around her dark arelos, blew on her rock hard nipples. He teased her like that for a few seconds then sucked on her nipples, he even bit them softly. Seanna was loving every second of it and could feel his dick pressing aganist her pussy through his pants.

"Damn Devon you have to let me see that dick! I want to taste it so bad, daddy!" Seanna said in between her moans. Devon didn't hesistate and quickly unzipped his pants and pulled them and his boxers off. His 8" long and 3" thick dick, sprang out and Seanna grinned. She took it in her hands and licked from his balls to the head of his dick. She then sucked the head of dick and swirled her tounge all around it, making him groan. His sounds of pleasure made Seannna so wet she began touching her pussy, too. Devon put his hands on the back of her head and pushed her further down on his dick, she gagged but didn't take her mouth off that dick. Feeling like her couldn't hang on much longer Devon slid his dick out her mouth.

"Lay down on the bed and spread those legs apart, baby" Devon said softly stroking his dick. Seanna did as she was told, Devon kneeled between her legs and started licking her inner thighs and worked his way up, he completely skipped her pussy and licked up to her belly button. He slowly made his way back down and started to breathe on her pussy.
"Spit on it baby." Devon heard her say, or maybe it was his inner dirty voice, either way he did. He then spread the lips of her pussy open and licked it up and down her inner lips avoiding her clit. Occasionally he would flick it with his tounge once but never more than that until he started squrming underneath him. Then he would suck it until she shook as the orgasum sent her into convulsions. "OOO yess baby! That feels soo good oh my god. I want you to fuck me ooh baby FUCK MEEEE!" She screamed. "You don't have to tell me twice" He replied grabbing his dick and thrusted it into her wet and hot pussy. Damn she is so tight! He thought to himself and he fucked her like a wild animal, causing the bed to shake and her big tits bounce all around. He took a hold of them and used then to thrust into her deeper.

She held onto his muscular arms which she loved, and had a fetish for, as he poked her G-Spot causeing her to cum all over his dick. "Fuck baby, shove that big dick in my ass! I want you to fuck my ass baby!" Seanna got on all fours and Devon took his dick that was coated in her heavenly jucies and placed it at her anus after spliting on it. He got 2 inches in without out her screaming out in pain, he took that as an invitation to go further and by the time she tensed up 6 inches were already invading her luscious asshole. He slowly pulled in and out of her ass then when she was ready he starting pumping his dick in harder and faster filling her with the entire 8". He tried holding onto his load but her moans of pleasure was getting him close, he could feel his cum boiling in his balls. "I'm about to come baby, where do you want it?" Seanna without words opened her mouth, he pulled out of her and pumped his dick at the entrance of her mouth. The first stream of cum made her gag, she then took the nice streams easily and swallowed them. Then she took his dick into her mouth and sucked all the cum out of it. The both were startled when they heard a moan other than their own at her door. Seanna looked and saw her older sister getting off to the two fucking
"Janell, Qu?st?haciendo!? [What are you doing?]" ...

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2009-05-28 06:51:57
you asked for comments, you can't spell and the grammar is crap which ruins the whole story


2009-05-27 14:44:43
i would also just like to add to my previous comment, it is really annoying when people give a negative rating and dont explain why, and it offends me as an author on this site, that you write a story and it can take some time, and the people who give negative feedback wont even spare a couple of moments to give a comment.


2009-05-27 14:42:08
That story is great! Well done, especially for your first story.
Sure there is couple of grammar mistakes, but for me the story was just the right length and got me hard.

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