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Teen comes on to man and gets fucked by her dog
Mark purposely took his time working on the project with Jim in the hopes he would
invite him back over to finish it another weekend. He wanted a chance to see Ginny
again although it didn't mean they would be left alone again. Mark said he had to go
and told Jim that he could come back next weekend to finish the project if he wanted.
Jim agreed.

All week all Mark could think of was Ginny and how he could get her alone in the house
again. When Friday rolled around Mark said he would come over mid-morning in the hopes
maybe Jim would offer to go buy them some lunch and leave him alone with Ginny.

Mark rang the doorbell at Jim's and to his luck Ginny answered. She smiled at him and
told him to come in as she gave him a quick little kiss on the lips. Mark was startled
and hoped Jim hadn't seen that. Ginny yelled at her dad that I was here and she went
upstairs looking back and smiling at me as she did. She had shorts on this time and
again she looked good enough to eat. Jim greeted Mark and they went to the table and got
to work. Around noon Mark stood up, stretched, and stated "man I'm hungry - let me go out
and get something to eat and I will be back". Jim got up and said "no let me go. What are
you craving"? "I could go for some Chinese". I said that because I knew the nearest Chinese
place was about half an hour away. Jim said there was a place about half an hour away. He
then called up to Ginny and told her he was going out for lunch and would bring her something
also. Ginny came downstairs and told Jim what she wanted. After he had both their orders he
said he would be back in about an hour or so.

As Jim left, the husky came downstairs and into the kitchen where Ginny was. She petted him
and came out and sat in the living room. The dog followed her. Ginny turned on the TV and
Mark noticed the dog was sniffing at her crotch. Ginny laughed but did not push him away. "Bad
dog". "Max is always horny" she told me. "Do you want to see him lick my pussy"? I almost died
just picturing that scene. I gulped and said "sure". She sat back down and spread her legs. Max
immediately stuck his snout in her crotch and started licking. Ginny pushed him away and slid
off her shorts. I already had a raging hard-on. Ginny then slipped her panties off and sat back
down spread eagle. Max went to work on her pussy as Ginny began to moan. She saw me fidgeting.

"I can suck your cock while Max eats my pussy". I didn't need a second invitation, I stood up
and rushed to her, unzipping my pants. I stood on the sofa making sure not to disturb Max and
lined my cock with her waiting mouth. I drove into her sweet mouth as she engulfed my cock and
started sucking. I could tell she was close to coming from Max's insistent licking and I wasn't
far behind as I shot a load down her throat while she was in the throes of her orgasm. She then
got on the floor on her hands and knees. Max walked up behind her and climbed up on her putting
his paws around her waist. My hard-on was back as I realized Ginny was going to let Max fuck her.

"Fuck me Max". Max started humping and soon was in Ginny's pussy pounding away as she moaned. I
could see her pushing back meeting Max's thrusts. I went around in front of her and with my dick
hard as a rock put it in Ginny's mouth again. I was fucking her mouth as Max was pounding her pussy.
I saw Max grip her tighter and figured he was ready to shoot in her. That triggered my orgasm as I
came for a second time in Ginnys mouth. Max pulled out of Ginny and I could see a clear liquid
shoot from his cock.

I quickly moved around and took Max's place and drove my dick into Ginny's awaiting cunt. I was
driving it into Ginny when I felt Max jump on my back. I pulled out of Ginny and backed off. "Looks
like Max wants to fuck you Mark". "Yea well I don't think I'm ready for that". All the while I never
lost my hard-on and Max suddenly gave it a lick which made it bounce. "See, you like that, so you might
like being fucked by him". "Start fucking me again and let him do his thing". I was reluctant but I
wanted to drive my cock back into Ginny's sweet pussy so I did. She started to moan and meet my
thrusts. Max circled behind me again and climbed up on my back. I felt him grip my waist and start
humping. After a few misses I felt him penetrate my ass which made me suddenly drive my cock deeper
into Ginny who started coming. Max drove his cock into me hard and started humping away a mile a
minute. It actually felt good. I kept pounding Ginny as Max kept pounding me. I felt Max grip me
tighter and then felt him shoot his load into me which triggered my shooting into Ginny.

As Max finished shooting his come into me he pulled out and I collapsed on top of Ginny and then rolled off her.
"That was awesome". Ginny then said we better wash up and clean up before her dad got back. We did
and she went off upstairs with Max as I looked on. I wondered if Ginny was going to let Max fuck her again
now. I also thought about how I actually enjoyed getting fucked by him.

Jim came in just as I sat back at the table.

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2011-12-15 05:34:38
Kinda creepy... I no longer trust my chihuahua...

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2009-05-28 12:38:15
Good short story. Take a little more time and add details to a third chapter.

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