A young teenager can't believe what a slut her sister is
"God, Bobby, yes! Fuck me hard!" Kerry thrust her hips up against Bobby's as his cock sank into her pussy. He had a big cock, at least compared to the other boys from school she'd fucked, and she liked the way it got so far up inside her. She wrapped her legs around his hips, her arms around his neck, and pulled him tighter against her as cock drove into her again and again. Her body began to vibrate, she moaned and gasped.

"Yes, Bobby, make me cum!" Kerry felt her pussy spasm, then all the muscles in her lower belly. "Yes, I'm cumming! Uh uh uh!" She stiffened, her body shaking.

"Shit, baby, I'm going to cum in you!" Bobby went rigid, and she felt his cum spurt out into her throbbing pussy. She purred as she felt it fill her up, squeezing out around Bobby's dick. She relaxed, spreading out on the bed.

Bobby rolled off of her, saying, "I gotta go take a leak." He headed for the bedroom door, thinking about how hot Kerry was. She was sixteen, his age, about 5'4", with long blond hair, the face of an angel, and a tight body with a flat belly and round B-cup tits. He was also thinking about how great it was that she let him shoot in her. Most of the girls at school made him wear a condom or pull out, and it just wasn't the same.

Bobby opened the door, stepped out into the hall, and almost tripped over Kerry's little sister Crissy.

"Shit, Crissy! I mean, shoot! I didn't know you were home. Damn." Bobby figured he was probably blushing, standing there naked in front of a fourteen-year-old girl. He lowered his eyes and headed for the bathroom.

When Bobby walked out of Kerry's room, Crissy couldn't help but stare at his cock. It was the first one she'd ever seen. Not that she'd do anything with one. She couldn't believe her sister was such a slut. It wasn't just Bobby, Crissy was sure Kerry was having sex with three or four other guys that she went to school with. It was disgusting. As Bobby walked off toward the bathroom, Crissy looked into Kerry's room and saw her sister laying on her bed, naked, legs spread. Crissy shook her head and headed down the stairs to get away from what she'd seen.

Kerry thought about what a tight-ass little prude Crissy was. It was hard to believe they were sisters. By the time Kerry was fourteen, she'd been fucking for a year, and sucking cock longer than that. She honestly didn't think Crissy had ever so much as kissed a guy. Probably never even held hands. What a waste.

Oh, well, as long as Crissy didn't decide to rat her out to their parents about catching her and Bobby in the act, Kerry didn't care what her little sister did or didn't do. And if she stayed away from the boys, that just left more for Kerry.

Bobby made it back from the bathroom and said, "I better get going. Don't want anybody else showing up that we're not expecting!"

"Okay, see you later." Kerry figured Bobby would be too nervous to get it up again anyway. She watched him get dressed, then gave him a kiss. Kerry was still on the bed, naked, when Bobby left.

Crissy thought about telling her parents about Kerry and Bobby. She knew Kerry was having sex before, but she never really had any proof. Now she did. She'd seen both of them naked, and if she told her parents about it, Kerry would be grounded like forever. She'd lose her phone and would never get a car. But Crissy decided to wait. If she said something now, it would be over, and Kerry would hate her forever. If she kept her mouth shut now, she'd have something to hold over Kerry, in case she ever wanted something from her older sister. Yes, it was better to keep quiet now, and save this one for another time.

For the next week, Kerry kept guys away from her house. She was glad Crissy hadn't said anything to their parents, but she didn't want to press her luck. She figured Crissy was plotting something, and she didn't want to give her tight-ass little sister any more ammunition than she already had.

That didn't mean she wasn't getting any. Kerry had lots of places she could go to be with guys. She could always go to their houses, of course, but there were other places they could sneak away, too, even some spots at the mall or at school where they could get after it without anybody seeing them. And fucking in strange places always turned Kerry on even more.

On Wednesday of that week, Kerry snuck off with Bobby right after school. They went to the old abandoned hospital building that was just a couple of blocks from the school. It was supposed to be locked up, but there was a broken lock on one of the doors so anybody who really wanted to try could get in.

There was nothing in the room they snuck into except a concrete floor and some old cardboard boxes that had been broken apart and left sitting in the corner. Kerry and Bobby were pawing at each other as soon as they got inside, kissing, groping. Bobby pushed Kerry back against the wall, reached down to undo her pants. He shoved his hand into her jeans, sliding it inside her panties, and dug a finger into her pussy. He didn't know or care much about foreplay, he just wanted to get Kerry good and wet and get his dick inside her.

Kerry took his finger inside her, pushed her hips out against his hand to make sure it was all the way in, began grinding against his hand. She was almost always horny, and she'd been thinking about cock all day. She'd actually been ready to sneak off into the boy's bathroom with another guy at lunch, but a teacher had walked by and the guy got scared. Now she was humping Bobby's hand while she worked on getting his pants down. Finally she freed his cock and wrapped her fingers around it, gave it a couple of strokes.

"I want you in me, right now!" She didn't just want it, she needed it.

Bobby turned her around so she was facing the wall, pulled her pants down around her ankles. Kerry bent over slightly, braced herself with her hands against the wall. Bobby moved in behind her, she felt his cock slide into her pussy from behind.

"Yeah, Bobby, fuck me!" She gasped as she felt his cock begin to move in and out of her. No matter how many times she fucked, she never got tired of how a cock felt inside her pussy.

Bobby fucked Kerry for all he was worth. He usually got to have her about once a week, and tried to make the most of it. He'd been with a couple of other girls, but not lately. Kerry was the only girl he was fucking regularly, so he had to take advantage of every chance he got. Although ever since Kerry's little sister had seen him naked, he'd been thinking about what it would be like to get Crissy into bed. He knew that wasn't going to happen, though. That little bitch would probably die a virgin.

Bobby had his hands resting on Kerry's ass to brace himself, like he usually did when he fucked her from behind. This time, though, he pulled outward on her ass cheeks, thinking he'd get a better look at his dick sliding in and out of her pussy. He did, but he also got a really good look at Kerry's tight little asshole. Bobby had read about fucking girls in the ass, but he'd never done anything like that himself. He wondered what it would be like. But he knew Kerry would never let him do that. But maybe he could get away with something else.

"Uh uh uh uh! Yes, fuck me! I - what the fuck are you doing?!" Kerry felt something pressing against her asshole. She'd never been touched there, was shocked and a little scared.

"It's just my finger." And then she felt part of the finger slip inside the tight ring of her anus. It felt weird, things were supposed to come out of there, not go in. But Bobby's cock was still plowing into her pussy, she was close to cumming now, and feeling Bobby's finger wiggle in her ass actually made the sensations in her pussy stronger. Bobby grunted, groaned, buried his cock in her cunt, she felt his cum start to squirt out into her. At the same time his pushed his finger deeper into her ass, about half if it inside her now.

"Fuck yes I'm cumming!" Her pussy and ass spasmed together, her chest and belly heaved as she sucked in huge breaths. Her feet flexed, pushing her up off the floor, then relaxed. A monstrous shudder shook her whole body, then her muscles uncoiled as she felt her pussy take the last of Bobby's cum and his cock and finger slipped out of her. She turned around to face Bobby as she pulled up her pants. He was grinning from ear to ear.

"Hey, baby, maybe I can put my dick up your ass sometime."

"If you ever try it, I'll fucking kill you, you little pervert!"

Crissy was starting to get worried. Ever since she'd seen Bobby and her sister naked that day, she'd been having funny dreams. I started that same night, when she dreamed pretty much what she'd seen that afternoon. Bobby standing in front of her, naked, his dick just hanging there. Her sister laying on the bed, her legs spread apart, showing her pussy. When she woke up the next morning she didn't really think much about it. She figured it was normal to dream about something like that, it had been a real shock and would take a couple of days to get over it.

But the dreams didn't stop. In fact, they got worse. She started having things show up in the dreams that hadn't really happened. Like, when Bobby walked out of the bedroom, his dick wasn't just hanging there, it was hard and sticking out at her, like it was reaching for her. And it looked huge. Crissy didn't really know how big a guy's cock got when it was hard, but she knew that it got bigger. She might not be interested in having sex, but that didn't mean she was stupid.

Then she had a dream where Bobby walked out of the bedroom, his dick hard, and instead of trying to get away, she moved toward him, reached out with her hand to touch him. After that dream she woke up sweating and breathing hard. This was starting to get bad.

Things really got nasty Friday night. The first dream was the same kind she'd been having, Bobby coming out of the bedroom, dick at attention, she reaching for his dick. Except this time she actually took it in her hand. She woke up, shuddered, went back to sleep.

The next dream was worse. She was watching from the doorway as Bobby had sex with her sister. She could see his dick moving in and out of Kerry. Bobby was grunting, Kerry was moaning. She woke up again. This time it took a while to get back to sleep.

The dream of Bobby and Kerry having sex came back. Except this time her position in the room had changed. Instead of looking from the doorway, behind Bobby, she was inside the room, to the side of the bed. Bobby and Kerry were clutching at each other, Bobby was kissing the side of Kerry's neck. Then Bobby lifted his head up so Crissy could see Kerry's face. But it wasn't Kerry. It was her.

Crissy snapped awake, her body shaking. And realized that her hand was between her legs, her fingers pressing against the crotch of her pajamas. There was no more sleep that night, as she lay in bed trembling until morning.

God, she couldn't believe it. A whole weekend with no parents in the house. Mom and Dad were going away, leaving Saturday morning and wouldn't be back until Monday night. Kerry could do anything she wanted to. Yeah, Crissy would be there, too, but Kerry had decided that her sister was too much of a wuss to say anything to their parents about what she was doing, so she wasn't going to worry about it. Mom and Dad must trust them, or they wouldn't leave them alone.

Kerry thought they were never going to get done with giving instructions on what to do while they were gone and just get the hell out. Finally they were in the car headed out of the driveway. As soon as Kerry got back into the house, she was on the phone with Bobby, telling him to get his ass over there right now.

Crissy thought about saying something to Kerry about having Bobby come over, maybe threaten to tell their parents, but her heart wasn't really in it. She was still worrying about the dreams she'd been having, especially the ones the night before. She couldn't understand what was happening to her. She was afraid she might be turning into a slut like her sister. God, what if it ran in families? Crissy headed for her bedroom to read and try not to think about it.

Bobby got there in a few minutes, and Kerry dragged him up to her bedroom. She always liked to get fucked, and now she really wanted it on her own bed, where she could be comfortable, instead of in the corner of an abandoned building, or a restroom stall at school.

They stripped each other as fast as they could, and Kerry flopped down on her back on the bed, pulling Bobby on top of her. She let out a deep sigh as she felt his cock open up her pussy, felt his weight press down on her. It was so nice to have her back pressing against a soft mattress.

"Yeah, Bobby, fuck me! Make me cum!" She curled her legs around his hips and pulled him closer.

Crissy couldn't concentrate on reading. She couldn't concentrate on much of anything lately. She sat on her bed staring at the wall for a few minutes, then decided to just get up and walk around a little. She headed down the hall, and in a few seconds was standing by the door to Kerry's room, gaping at the Bobby and her sister having sex. This wasn't a dream, it was the real thing. She watched Bobby's hard dick plowing into Kerry's pussy, heard them both grunting and moaning. She could smell their bodies.

After a few minutes, Bobby grabbed Kerry's hips and rolled over quickly, sitting Kerry up on top of him in the process. Crissy heard Kerry squeal, then watched her start to bounce up and down on Bobby's dick. In this position, Crissy had a better look at his dick. Her dreams had actually been pretty accurate about how big it got when it was hard.

Suddenly, Crissy realized that while she'd been watching, her hand had crept between her legs. Her fingers were curled up against the crotch of her jeans, and she was rubbing herself. There was a new, strange feeling deep in her belly, and her panties felt damp. She gasped, felt herself blush. Crissy pulled her hand away from her crotch, ran to her bedroom. She sat down on the bed, pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Crissy began slowly rocking back and forth on her bed, sobbing.

Kerry had been surprised when Bobby rolled over so she was on top, but when she felt how deep Bobby's cock went into her when she sat on, she didn't mind a bit.

"Fuck, it's a long ways in me!" She braced her hands on his shoulders, began riding up and down. Kerry lifted up, then just let herself fall down onto Bobby's dick. He drove up inside her, and her clit banged against him with every bounce, sending little shivers through her. She could feel the tension starting to rise in her body, knew she was close.

"Fuck, yeah, I'm cumming!"

"Me too, Kerry, here it comes!" Kerry dropped down onto Bobby's cock again, felt her pussy muscles start to contract. She gasped for breath as her chest and belly heaved, then shuddered as she felt Bobby's cum squirting into her.

"Oh, god, yes, uh uh uh!" Kerry trembled, felt the muscles in her arms give out, and collapsed on top of Bobby, feeling his cock start to shrink inside her.

Bobby grunted as he emptied his balls into Kerry's cunt. It had been easier than he'd thought to get her up on top. He'd wanted to do that for a long time. There were lots of other things he wanted to try, too, but for a girl who like to fuck as much as Kerry did, she was pretty straight-laced about what she'd do. Well maybe he'd try again. He whispered in her ear as she lay on top of him.

"You gonna let me fuck you in the ass today, baby?"

Kerry pushed herself up off of him, a look of horror on her face. "I told you before, no fuckin' way."

"Then can I cum in your mouth?" She never let him do that, either.

"God, no! You never give up, do you? But I'll suck your dick till it gets hard so you can fuck me again." She grinned at him.

"Okay, get to it then." Kerry scooted down, and Bobby sighed as he felt her lips close around the head of his cock. Her tongue swirled around the underside, then she bobbed her head down and about half of his cock slid into her mouth. Bobby grunted.

"Hey, let me get up on my knees and you get in front of me." Kerry sat up, let Bobby get into the other position without saying anything, and Bobby pressed his dick into her mouth again. Kerry wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. She always did that when she blew him, so he could only get so far into her mouth. He'd gotten a blowjob from an older girl one time, and she'd let him stick his whole dick into her mouth, until he could feel it hitting her throat. It was the best thing he'd ever felt. He wished Kerry would let him do that.

Kerry got a little disgusted with some of the perverted ideas Bobby came up with. Like putting his dick in her butt, or shooting his load in her mouth. She wanted a guys cock where it belonged, in her pussy. She'd suck guys because she knew how much they liked it, but she wouldn't let them cum in her mouth. One time a guy had shot all over her chest and some got on her face. She'd tasted a little bit of it when she licked her lips, and it was disgusting. No way was she going to take a whole load in her mouth. And she wasn't about to let anybody put a dick in her ass. Even if it had felt kinda nice when Bobby put his finger in there at the abandoned hospital.

Now she could feel Bobby's dick starting to get hard again in her mouth. She let her tongue roll around the head, licking and tickling it. She kept her fingers wrapped around it so she didn't get too much of it in her mouth. She was afraid she'd choke if she ever took the whole thing in. She heard Bobby's grunting as he shoved his dick in and out of her mouth. She felt him put his hands on her head to hold her, trying to stick his cock farther inside. He'd tried that before, but she never let him, he always backed off when she resisted.

He'd already shot once, so she figured it would take him a while to cum again, it usually did the second time. Except now she could already taste the bitter stuff leaking out of his dick that told her it was time to get it out of her mouth. She started to pull her head back, but Bobby held her in place with his hands. She pulled back harder. Bobby not only wouldn't let her go, but pushed forward with his hips, squeezing her fingers together around his cock and getting another inch or so of it into her mouth. Kerry began to panic as she felt it push against the roof of her mouth, back toward her throat. She gagged a little, made a strangled noise around the shaft.

"Shit, baby, I'm gonna cum in your mouth!" Kerry tried to scream at him, but couldn't say anything with his cock filling her mouth. Bobby pulled back a little, shoved forward again, pulling her head to him at the same time. Her fingers were forced together again, she felt his cock reach back toward her throat. She thought she would retch. As Bobby grunted loudly, she felt the first shot of his cum flow into her mouth, pouring over her tongue, splashing against the back of her throat. It was strong and salty, as disgusting as she remembered from the one little taste she'd had before. She tried again to pull back, but Bobby was too strong. The next shot spurted into her mouth, and she had to gulp it down to keep from choking as it filled her mouth. She gulped again and again, thought it would never stop. Finally, Bobby sighed deeply and let go of her head. Kerry gulped one more time to get the last of the junk out of her mouth, spit Bobby's now-limp dick out, and gave him the dirtiest look she could manage.

"You fuckin' prick! I told you not to do that! What is wrong with you?!"

"Kerry, I..."

"Shut up! Get away from me! Get out of my room and leave me alone! I'm going to go take a bath and I don't want to see you until I say so!" She thought about telling him to get out of the house and never come back, but she still wanted his cock inside her some more this weekend. In her pussy, where it belonged.

Kerry watched Bobby walk out of the room, then headed for the bathroom, still trying to get the taste out of her mouth.

Bobby wandered down the hallway, not even thinking about that he was still naked. He didn't know why Kerry was such a tight-ass when it came to doing anything but straight fucking. It was really starting to get on his nerves. She was hot and all, but it's not like she was the only girl in the world that would let him stick his cock in her. Maybe he needed to start looking for one that'd let him put it someplace besides her cunt.

As he walked by an open door, Bobby glanced in and saw Crissy sitting in the middle of her bed. She was curled up in a ball and looked like she was crying. Damn, why was she even here when Kerry asked him to come over. He wasn't sure if he should say something to her, close the door so she could be alone, or just walk away. Before he could make up his mind, Crissy looked up at him.

Crissy didn't hear anything, but she sort of sensed that somebody was there. She pulled her head up off her knees, looked up, and saw Bobby standing in her doorway. Naked. Again.

"God do you just wander around my house naked any time you feel like it?" She was trying to pull her eyes up to his, or to the wall, anyplace but his dick, but it wasn't working.

"Sorry, I didn't know you'd be here. Your sister got all pissed off at me and told me to leave her alone. She's taking a bath."

Crissy had sort of vaguely registered the sound of her sister screaming at Bobby, that must be what he was talking about. "Why did she get pissed off?"

"I, uh, did something she didn't like?" Bobby didn't want to be too specific with Kerry's little sister. She'd gotten spooked enough lately, and he could still see tears on her cheeks.

"Like what?" Crissy wasn't sure why she asked. Maybe to try to get more ammunition to use against Kerry with their parents.

"Uh, I came in her mouth." Bobby wasn't sure she'd even know what he was talking about.

"Ewww, that's gross! I don't blame her for being mad!" Crissy knew enough about sex that she was pretty sure she wouldn't want a guy doing that in her mouth. She wasn't even sure she wanted them doing that where it was supposed to happen. "I saw you, you know."

"What? You saw what?" Bobby looked a little concerned.

"I saw you and Kerry in her room, having sex." Crissy was still trying to tear her eyes away from Bobby's dick, and still wasn't having any luck.

"Shit, you're not going to tell your parents, are you?"

"I didn't tell them before when I saw you naked, did I?" Crissy wasn't sure why she was even talking to Bobby. She should have chased him off and closed the door. But his dick was starting to get hard. And that made her stare at it even harder. Worse, she was starting to feel that flutter in her belly again. She sucked her lower lip in between her teeth, chewed on it lightly.

"I'll leave you alone and go wait for Kerry to get done with her bath. Maybe that will calm her down." Bobby started to turn away, but Crissy stopped him dead with what she said.

"Why is your dick getting hard again?" She was really curious about that. He turned back, and she could see that it was still stiffening, starting to stand out away from him now.

"That's what happens when I'm around a hot girl." Crissy blushed. Nobody had ever said she was hot before. The fluttering in her belly was getting stronger, and her panties felt wet again, the way they had when she'd been watching Bobby and Kerry having sex. She shouldn't feel that way. It was wrong. Crissy was starting to get scared. Bobby walked closer to Crissy's bed, and she could see his dick more clearly.

"Want a better look? You can touch it if you want to." Crissy licked her lips as he got closer. She reached her hand out, shyly. Just like in her dreams, her fingers curled around Bobby's dick. She felt how smooth it was, how hard. It was sticky, and somehow she knew that was because of what he'd been doing with Kerry.

"That feels really good, Crissy. Rub up and down on it with your hands." Bobby had a silly grin on his face. Crissy began stroking his dick with her fingers, and the grin got bigger. She figured she must be doing it right, because he was enjoying it. Suddenly, Bobby grabbed her hand to stop her.

"Crissy, I want to see you naked." Crissy's eyes widened in shock. Oh my god, what was happening?

"No, I can't let you see me like that." She was having trouble catching her breath.

"Sure you can. Because if you don't, I'm going to tell your parents that you were playing with my dick. What's going to happen to you then?"

"No, you can't!"

"Yes. Now, are you going to take off your clothes, or am I going to tell?" Bobby had a really nasty expression on his face, and Crissy was sure he'd do it if she didn't do what he said. Bobby backed off so he could look at her. "Get off the bed and start getting undressed."

Crissy realized that she didn't have the upper hand any more. She couldn't threaten to say anything to her parents about Kerry and Bobby. If she did, Bobby would tell them about her. And she was a lot more worried about her parents finding out than her sister and Bobby were.

Crissy stood up, kicked off her sandals, and peeled out of her T-shirt and jeans pretty quickly. She was still staring at Bobby's dick. He was stroking it himself now. She didn't want to look at his face, because she knew his eyes were on her. She felt tears start to roll down her cheeks again, and she hesitated, standing in front of Bobby in her bra and panties.

"Take off the rest of it. Unless you want me to come over and take it off for you." Crissy reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, let it slide off her arms to the floor. She crossed her arms in front of her breasts to cover them. This time Bobby didn't even say anything, he just shook his head at her. She lowered her arms, felt his eyes boring through her body. Crissy let her hands drop to her waist, slowly pulled down her panties until they slid to the floor. Bobby looked from her breasts to down between her legs, back again. He stepped over so he was standing right in front of her.

Bobby put a hand on the back of her head, pulled her face to his. She closed her eyes, shame and embarrassment washing over her again, as she felt Bobby's lips push against hers. His mouth opened and she could feel his tongue wiggling against her lips. She didn't want it, but she was afraid to do anything that would cause him to tell her parents, so she opened her mouth slightly and let his tongue slide in. She was disgusted as Bobby's tongue wiggle inside her mouth. She tasted him, a little stale, like when she hadn't brushed her teeth for a while. Then a jolt shot through her, and her body jerked.

Crissy realized that Bobby's hand was between her legs, and his finger was up inside her. She moaned low in her throat, pushed her hips out against his finger, felt it slide deeper into her. Then the understanding of what was happening hit her, and she put her hands against Bobby's chest, tried to push him away. Bobby just laughed at her.

"You've gotta do what I say, remember? I've got lots of stuff I can tell your parents now if you don't."

He pulled her back close to him, and she could feel his dick bumping against her leg. His finger slipped inside her again, she gasped, and her hips moved towards him. She didn't want to do that, but couldn't seem to stop herself. Bobby took his finger out, and she felt something else touch her between her legs.

"Omigod, Bobby, no, you can't put it in me!" She was breathing heavily, on the edge of panic, tears were rolling down her cheeks again.

"Don't worry, Crissy, I get plenty of that from your sister. You're going to do something else. Get on your knees so I can put it in your mouth."

"Ewww, you're kidding, right? I can't do that." The thought of putting that into her mouth was nauseating. She figured she'd throw up.

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" The look on Bobby's face almost scared Crissy. She figured she better do what he said. She was starting to think he might do more than just tell her parents. Crissy slowly sank to her knees in front of Bobby, looked at his dick, hard and straight, almost hitting her in the face now. "Put it in your mouth and suck it!"

Crissy took his dick in her hand, like she had before, steadied it. She opened her mouth as wide as she could, guided Bobby's dick so the head slipped between her lips. Crissy closed her eyes, tried not to think about what she had in her mouth. It was warm and a little slimy. It didn't taste like anything else she could think of, but it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. She let her tongue touch underneath it, and Bobby twitched a little. She wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do with it, but Bobby started moving his hips back and forth so his dick was sliding into her mouth a little more, then pulling back so just the end was inside. When he pushed it in the head bumped against the roof of her mouth and slid back almost far enough to make her gag. Crissy kept her hand around the bottom to try to make sure she didn't get too much of it into her mouth.

Bobby said she was supposed to suck it, so she did. She did it like she was sucking a Coke or something up through a straw. She wasn't sure if that was the right way, but Bobby was moaning and not complaining, so she figured she must be doing okay. Not that it should matter, but she thought if she did it wrong maybe he'd tell her parents anyway, even if she did what he said.

Bobby couldn't believe that he actually had Crissy sucking his cock. She wasn't too bad, either, especially for a newbie. And she'd do anything he wanted to keep him from telling her parents what she'd already done. He put his hands on Crissy's head like he had with Kerry, to steady her so he could shove his cock in and out between her lips. Then he had an idea. He pulled Crissy's mouth off his cock, looked down at her.

"Take your hand off. I want to be able to put the whole thing in your mouth." He'd only done that the one time with the older girl. Even earlier tonight with Kerry, when he'd cum in her mouth, he still hadn't gotten it all inside. Crissy looked shocked, and scared to death at the same time.

"God, no! It won't fit! I'll choke!" She was starting to cry again.

"I won't let you choke. And you have to do what I say, remember? Or you'll get in so much trouble you'll never be able to do anything you want to."

Crissy moved her hand off Bobby's cock, opened her mouth. Bobby pulled her head toward him, slid between her lips. He pushed it in as far as he'd been before, then pulled back, did that a couple more times. Then he let it slide a little farther back in Crissy's mouth, groaned as he felt it wedge between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. A couple more strokes like that. Then he pushed harder, holding Crissy's head, shoving as far back into her mouth as he could. He could feel her nose brush against his pubic hair, his balls slapped against her chin. Shit, he had his cock all the way in her mouth. The head pushed back into her throat. Fuck, that was so tight! Crissy gagged and her throat closed over the head of his cock. Bobby's balls throbbed. Bobby pulled back and Crissy coughed, choked, trying to get her breath. He drove back into her throat. She gagged again, he body jerked. This was better than anything Bobby could remember, even better than when that older girl had sucked him, because Crissy's throat was smaller and tighter. He pulled back until just the head of his cock was in her mouth, heard her gasping for air, then thrust in again. This time his balls tightened, pulsed.

"I'm coming, Crissy!" He pulled her head forward even more, felt his cock move deeper into the girl's throat. Her nose was pushing against his belly just above his cock now, as his balls pushed spurt after spurt of cum down her throat. Feeling Crissy's throat pulsing around the head of his cock made this the strongest orgasm he'd ever had. Finally the last of his cum shot down Crissy's throat, and he pulled back, let go of her head. He looked down at her, saw the expression of shock on her face.

"I've got to go see if your sister is done with her bath." He turned and walked out into the hall, closing the door as he went.

Crissy was still sitting on the floor, trembling, gasping for breath. She still looked shocked. She couldn't believe what had happened. Bobby making her touch his dick, kissing her, putting his finger in her pussy. Making her suck his dick. She could still feel it opening her throat as he shoved it all the way in. Could still feel the terror at not being able to breathe, the relief when she found she could still get air through her nose while her mouth was full. Could still feel Bobby's cum sliding down her throat while he held her head.

And the shock on her face was because she'd loved it. Every bit of it. And couldn't wait until Bobby came back again.

The first thing Kerry did when she got to the bathroom was brush her teeth, then rinse with mouthwash. Lots of it. She was about ready to kill Bobby then, which was one reason she'd wanted to get away from him for a while. Once she'd gotten most of the taste out of her mouth, and wasn't feeling nauseated any more about what she'd swallowed, she started running some hot water into the tub. A hot bath always relaxed her and made her feel better. She put her hair up in a clip so it wouldn't get wet, then slipped into the tub, letting the water cover her up to her neck, her muscles going lax all over. Kerry sighed deeply, rested her head back on the edge of the tub. She'd thought about playing with herself while she took a bath, she did that a lot, but she decided she just wanted to relax. Besides, Bobby was going to have to make her cum a lot later on to make up for what he did.

Bobby thought he'd died and gone to heaven. He not only had Kerry to fuck as much as he wanted, but now Crissy had to let him do whatever he wanted so he wouldn't tell her parents. So it didn't matter if Kerry wouldn't let him cum in her mouth, because Crissy would. Would have to, in fact. And he didn't have to fuck Crissy and take a chance on getting her pregnant, because he got to stick it in Kerry's pussy. Damn, he had it goin' on. And as he walked back towards Kerry's room he saw her come out of the bathroom, still naked. Yeah, this weekend was just getting started!

"Where the fuck have you been?" Kerry sounded like she was still pissed.

"Shit, you told me to get out of your room, so I did. I just wandered around a little, it was better than just standing there outside your door."

"Well, I hope you can get it up, 'cause you need to give me good fucking."

"Can I do it from behind?" Bobby was feeling a little feisty after feeding Crissy her first load of cum, and wanted to see what he could get away with.

"Yeah, but you better not touch my ass, pervert!"

"I won't, don't worry." And he planned to keep his word. This time, at least.

Bobby woke up with a start. What the... oh, yeah, he'd been fucking Kerry all afternoon, until they pretty much just fell down on the bed because they were worn out. Must have fallen asleep. Yeah, there was Kerry, curled up in a ball next to him. He glanced at the clock. Just after ten. They'd been asleep for a while, but now Bobby was awake. And he had a boner again. He looked over at Kerry, thought about waking her up, but decided he wanted something different again. He rolled off the bed and padded down the hall to Crissy's room.

The door was still closed. Bobby just opened it walked in, re-closed the door behind him. Crissy was awake, sitting in the middle of her bed, reading. She'd put on a T-shirt, but no pants. Didn't look like she had any panties on, either. Bobby licked his lips and felt his cock twitch as he looked at her. Crissy looked up at him. She didn't look surprised to see him, but he couldn't tell if she was scared or not.

"Are you going to put it in my mouth again?" Crissy was chewing on her lower lip. Bobby wasn't sure if she was afraid he would, or afraid he wouldn't.

"No. Not this time." He was going to put it in her mouth again some time, but he had other plans now.

"God, you can't put it down there. I can't do that." Crissy looked genuinely scared now. She really didn't want to get her cherry popped.

"No, I'm not going to put it 'down there' either." Bobby chuckled a little bit. Did she know what he was getting at? Apparently not.

"Then what are you going to do?" She really didn't know. This was going to be fun.

"Take off your T-shirt, I want you naked again. Then get on your hands and knees on the bed."

Crissy did what her told her to. He knew she would. She knew she had to. When she was on all fours on the bed, Bobby crawled up behind her, took her ass cheeks in his hands, spread them open. Crissy whimpered.

"You said you weren't going to put it down there." She sounded like she was almost crying.

"I'm not." Bobby moved the head of his cock between Crissy's ass cheeks, positioned it against the tight ring of her anus. Crissy squealed.

"Omigod, Bobby, what are you doing?" Bobby didn't answer. He held his cock in his hand to steady it, and pushed it forward against Crissy's ass. He groaned as the head popped inside her. Shit, it was so tight! He pushed again, got a couple of inches of his dick in. Fuck, yes, he knew fucking a girl in the ass was going to be the best thing ever!

"Bobbeeeeeee!" Crissy was almost wailing. He was afraid Kerry would wake up and find out what was going on.

"Shut up! Don't make any noise!" He slapped Crissy's ass. Damn, he felt her twitch when he hit her. Might have to try that again. He grabbed her hips with his hands to brace her, shoved his cock all the way up her ass, and began fucking the little girl.

After she spent some time sitting on the floor trying to get over what had happened with Bobby, Crissy pulled on her T-shirt and crawled into bed. She read for a while, which was what she usually did when she was upset. She took a nap, read a little more, napped again. At some point, she wasn't quite sure when, she wandered downstairs and had something to eat. She could hear Bobby and Kerry having sex again.

When she woke up from her latest nap it was dark. Just after 9:00. She tried reading again, but it was getting harder to concentrate. She kept thinking about what Bobby had made her do, and that she should feel disgusted about all of it. And she did. But she was excited at the same time, and wanted him to come back and do it again. And she couldn't understand that.

When the door finally opened and Bobby walked back in, Crissy felt shivers shoot through her. A mixture of fear and anticipation. She took a deep breath as she looked at him. He was still naked, of course, and his dick was sticking straight out. Was he going to put it in her mouth again?

He said he wasn't, but he wasn't going to put it between her legs and have sex with her, either. She was afraid of that, she should be a virgin when she got married, besides, she didn't want to get pregnant. She wondered sometimes if her sister was on the pill, but she must be because otherwise she'd have been pregnant by now with as much sex as she had.

Bobby made her take off her T-shirt and get on the bed on her hands and knees. She still didn't know what he was going to do, and she was afraid he was lying when he said he wouldn't put in in there. When she felt his dick pushing against her butt-hole, she almost screamed. He wasn't really going to put it in there! Yes, he was. Crissy felt her butt open up when Bobby put the head of his dick in. Pain shot through her. And something else, something that made her tingle, even more than she had when Bobby's dick was in her mouth. More like the way she'd felt when he put his finger in her, but more intense. He pushed in farther, more pain, more of the tingles. She squealed with the pain, and the other, and Bobby slapped her on the butt, like spanking her, and told her to shut up. When he hit her, the shivers rushed through her again, she felt the muscles in her butt tighten around Bobby's dick.

Bobby shoved again, and Crissy felt like something was coming apart inside her. She was sure he had his whole dick in her now. It felt like she really had to go to the bathroom and couldn't. She felt Bobby pull his dick most of the way out of her butt, then slam it back in. Again. And again. Crissy buried her face in the bed and mewled in pain and humiliation. And pleasure. Crissy now knew that the more it hurt, the more disgusting it was, the more she liked it. Crissy felt something in her pussy, realized with a start that it was her own finger. Her hand had moved between her legs without her thinking about it again, except this time there was nothing between her fingers and her pussy. She wiggled her finger a little, slid it in farther, then pulled back, the way Bobby was doing with his dick in her butt. She was gasping into the bed now, her body shaking.

A shock jolted her body. She'd grazed her finger over her clit as she pulled it back. Now she put her fingertip on the little bud and pressed down.

"Oh, god, yes!" She rubbed furiously now, and between her finger on her clit and Bobby's dick up her butt, she couldn't think, could barely breathe.

"Oh god, fuck, uhn yes, god, shit, oooohhhhh!" Words exploded out of her with each stroke of Bobby's dick up into her bowels now, some of the words she'd never used before. Bobby wasn't saying anything about her making noise any more, probably because her face was still buried in the bed so nobody could hear her anyway. Then her body went into spasms.

The muscles in her butt, and her pussy, and her lower belly all seemed to jerk at once. She gasped, couldn't catch her breath. One hand clawed at her pussy, the other balled into a fist around the bed sheets. Her head snapped up off the bed and she stared straight ahead, unable to focus her eyes. She could vaguely hear Bobby grunting, then he cried out.

"Shit, yeah, I'm cumming in your ass!" Crissy felt Bobby's dick jerk inside her, then her bowels were flooded by his cum. She buried her face in the bed again and moaned as she felt his cum wash through her insides, causing her body to tremble. She couldn't hold herself up any more, slumped forward onto the bed, Bobby collapsing on top of her. Bobby's cum squished around inside her butt, and she wondered what it would feel like in her pussy.

"What the fuck are you two doing?!" It was Kerry. And she was pissed.


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