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Three guys, who were old friends were hanging out one day when one of them starts looking at his hands continually. Finally one of the others asks him about this and the friend replies, "Well, I have noticed how small my hands are. I bet they are the smallest men's hands in the world. I was thinking about going to the people at the Guinness Book of World Records and asking them to measure them to see if I can get in their record book. I believe they pay lots of money also.
Then the second guy starts in. He tells the others how small his feet are and relays how he only wears a size 5 shoe and that his feet are probably the smallest men's feet in the world. He inquires about how much the record book pays and when told, decides to go with his friend with the small hands to the Guinness office.
The third guy is listening to the others and decides to offer up his story. He tells the others how embarrassed he is to admit this but that his penis size is so small, he is sure he could set the world record. Realizing how much money he could make if he gets in the record book, he also decides to go to the Guinness office with his friends.
All three are in the offices of the Guinness Book of World Records and the first guy with the small hands goes in.
Finally after two hours, he emerges grinning ear to ear and holding up a big check for $100,000. The other two men hover around him admiring his good fortune. Then the second guy with the small feet goes in and after a couple hours, he also emerges smiling and holding up a big fat check for $100,000.
The third guy with the small penis goes in but he is only inside the interviewer's office for a couple of minutes and when he emerges, there's a glum expression on his face and he doesn't have any money either. The other men ask what happened.
He replies,"Do any of you know who [insert here the name of male friend who is listening to you tell this joke] is?"
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