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Room mates experiencing fun
This is a true story that happened to my wife while we were separated some years ago. Sue had a room mate named Susan and they were both nice looking ladies and still are for that matter. They were similar in appearance, build. hair color, breasts size and could pass for sisters. Hell I wanted to do Susan myself but it was too close and could have killed what we still had. They were regulars at a local bar and dance hall and most every weekend you could find them there dancing and boozing it up and also flirting with the men. Occasionally they would take a man home for a night of fucking and believe me, Sue could fuck a man till he moaned to stop.
One night they got together at the bar with one of Sues old friends from school (John) and he had a friend with him (Ben). They all danced with each other, switching partners thru out the night, the booze was rampant and all were buzzed to say the least.. They decided at closing time to take the party back to Sues house so off they went.
Upon arriving home the men made drinks while the ladies changed into sweat pants and tee shirts to be more comfortable. When they returned to the living room the lights were dimmed and the drinks were made and drank very quickly by all. Sue turned on the stereo and John said he ’d like to slow dance with her and they started slowly dancing, she stated he was grinding into her mound so hard it massaged her clit as they danced and it was turning her on. She glanced at Susan and she and Ben were dancing but also kissing very deeply and his hands were all over Susan’s breasts and ass. She remembered John kissing her and their tongues intermingled and both were breathing hard at this time, his hands were searching for her breasts also and did find the nipples under her tee shirt hard and erect. The song ended and they all sat down for another drink and small talk but the air was hot and heavy.
Sue needed to go to the bathroom and she left them 3 drinking while she went. When she exited the bathroom John was standing in the hall and he smiled and asked if she was having a good time and she replied “yes” at which he grabbed her and as he started to kiss her he pushed her into her semi dark bedroom. They were kissing and he took her hand and placed it on his hard cock and said , “do you want some of this” and she replied “oh yes” He pushed her onto the bed and went to the foot of the bed and began to pull her sweat pants off . She lifted her hips to help him and as the cool air met her wet hot pussy she made an involuntary intake of her breath. Then he came to head of the bed he smiled down at her and removed his shirt, unsnapped his jeans and they fell to the floor and she reached to slide his underwear down and revealed an hard 6” cock. He pulled her tee shirt over her head and bent down to suck her hard nipple causing her to intake a deep breath. He massaged her breasts and rolled her nipples between his fingers which she dearly loves.. She reached between them to massage his cock and they kissed and touched.
Suddenly the door opened and in walked Ben and he was sort of pulling Susan behind. John stopped kissing Sue and said “Hey why don’t you two join us?” and they went to the opposite side of the bed and he laid Susan on the bed. John was still rolling Sues nipple and he said “you two need to catch up”. Ben went to the foot of the bed and started pulling Susan’s sweat pants and she didn’t have any underwear on and both men whooped a bit at the sight of her curly brown pussy hair. Ben told Susan to take her top off and she did as instructed. His hands were sliding to her pussy and he asked her to play with her breasts and nipples which she did. Sue said it turned her on more to watch her room mate touch and massage herself and she grabbed John’s cock even more firmly. Ben began to finger fuck Susan and she was withering all over the bed which was really turning Sue on more.
John asked Ben to stop and he rose from the bed and said “Girls we’d like to watch you two make out”…Sue said “whoa, we aren’t like that” and he said “oh come on just once, we‘ll never tell anyone”. Both men were stroking their cocks and Susan rolled to her side and said “oh come on just once, it‘ll be fun”. Sue rolled to Susan and they touched lips and as soon as their lips touched their mouths opened and the tongues were swirling against the others. Sue said she reached down to touch Susan’s pussy as Susan did the same to her and they began to finger fuck the other.
Both girls were deeply fingering the others wet pussy and touching the others clit like only women know how. The girls were really starting to get into it and the guys were loving it. Both girls lost track of the men and was fingering one another passionately and moaning loudly and kissing like wild women.. John grabbed Susan and maneuvered her into a 69 position on Sue. She said she started to get up but the hot smell of Susan’s pussy made her even more hot, She felt Susan’s tongue on her pussy lips and she drove her tongue deep into Susan’s pussy causing her to grind into her lips and tongue harder. They both quickly achieved an orgasm and collapsed onto the bed still holding onto the other. Susan moved along side of Sue and they kissed lightly.
Both men clapped and John said “more is on the way” . He told Susan to rest and he went to Sues side of the bed with hard cock in hand and told her to suck him, she needed no encouragement and took it deep into her mouth as she sucked him long and hard.. She sucked his balls into her mouth and swirled her tongue around them and repeated the long slow sucking she was giving him. Her tongue swirled around his cock head and sucked him deeply many times. Ben went to the foot of the bed and gently pulled her legs apart and positioned himself between her legs. She arched her back and felt the head of his cock at the entrance to her already wet pussy and he slid it slowly into her making her really suck hard on John’s cock. Susan was fingering herself with one hand and rolling her nipple with the other while she watched Sue’s mouth and pussy at work. Both men got into a tempo as they fucked her pussy and mouth. Her hands were holding the shaft of Johns cock and she was moaning as she sucked,. Ben let his cock slide out of her pussy which made her grind her hips searching for the hardness, he lifted her hips and legs upward and let the tip of his cock touch her asshole and slowly entered her ass. Sue really liked to be fucked in the ass. John seeing what Ben was doing suddenly climaxed and filled her mouth full of hot cum and she swallowed as much as she could and letting the rest flow down her chin and neck.. She pushed downward on Bens cock driving it into her ass deeper. Her mouth lost Johns cock and she screamed “ Awwwwwwwww fuck my ass, oh god fuck it hard“. Ben was pounding into her ass, the others watching as her legs were held high and Ben’s cock impaling her ass. Susan was climaxing just from watching this and John went over to her and pushed his cock into her mouth and she greedily sucked it in.
Sue had a face covered with cum and Ben pulled out of her ass moved to the side of the bed and shot his load over her breasts and face. Sue rubbed it all over herself as she again climaxed. She and Ben laid on the bed and rested as they watched Susan suck Johns cock. He pulled it out and let his load shoot into her opened mouth. Everyone laid back and rested and even being a bit embarrassed by what they had done both girls were still hot. The guys were sure happy with what had occurred.
John said he had always wanted to fuck Sue while in school but the wait was worth it. Ben said “yeah your ass is great too”. She laughed and said things had changed a bit and she wasn’t a prude. Ben broke in and said “girls you sure like to fuck right?” Both nodded and agreed. He asked “okay have you ever been with more than 2 guys before?” Both girls said this was the first time for even with 2 and they even liked it. John saw where it was going and asked, “what about having more than 2 guys at once?” Sue and Susan said they never really thought about it.
John said “I can make a call and have a group of guys here in ½ hour”. Susan said “you mean pulling a train?” and He said “yes”. Sue asked Susan if she was serious and Susan said “yes but only if the guys watch out for us and stop when we want to”. Sue said “well okay but if we get scared you have to stop”. Ben suggested they shower and he started calling his friends. The girls showered and washed all the cum off one another’s body.
John asked them to wait in the bathroom until he called for them. About ½ hour went by and Sue could hear the door opening and closing. After a while John asked the girls to remain nude and come into the living room, embarrassed they walked to the room and they saw a room full of men, there was standing room only and everyone yelled and was amazed at the girls good looks. The men ranged from white, a couple blacks, a oriental and even a Spanish looking guy.
Ben announced “Okay guys the girls are not sluts, they want to experience this once, no abuse, no physical harm, no telling everyone later, OK?” They all agreed. Ben asked the girls to kiss, Susan turned to Sue and they melted into the others arms and kissed while the guys yelled approval. When the kiss was over he escorted the girls to the bedroom, laid them down and a line formed in the hall, in walked the first guys.
Sue began by sucking a guy as another started sucking her nipples, Susan was rolled onto her knees and a guy entered her while a guy sat in front of her as she sucked his cock. The guy Sue was sucking moved her and he laid down and pulled her onto his cock
Which slid up and deep into her, he bent her forward and she felt a cock at her ass. She couldn’t object so she backed into it and it slid in her ass. Another guy joined the duo and she started sucking his cock. The cock in her ass and the one in her pussy got into a rhythm and other cock that was in her mouth was probing her throat. Sue glanced at Susan and saw that she was sucking a huge black cock and had both hands holding it as it gagged her by going so deep in her mouth. Another guy was fucking her while he hallway seemed to stay full.
The men in her ass and pussy climaxed and filled both holes with cum, the one in her mouth erupted also. They all withdrew and she was laid back and others took they turns with her. She saw a black guy walk to her and recognized him as one who made snide remarks to her in school. He told everyone to leave her to him alone. He said “I always wanted your white pussy but you’d not have anything to do with me so now you are mine” She started to get a bit scared and looked at Susan who also seemed scared. He lowered his pants to reveal a cock that took her breath away, it was about 11” long and as wide as her wrist.. He said “bitch suck this cock”, she slowly grabbed it with both hands and the head wouldn’t fit her mouth but she somehow got it in her mouth and she felt her pussy getting hot while she sucked him. He told Susan to come over and lick his balls while he fucked Sue’s mouth which she did. Everyone was yelling and encouraging the girls which made them both Horney and anxious to do what they were told. This went on for a few minutes and Sue’s mouth was aching from the size of his cock.
He told Susan to sit on the side of the bed and suck everyone’s cock that came to her which she started to do. He told Sue to stop and lay back which she did. She felt totally in his control and he placed a pillow under her hips placing her open pussy visible to all the other guys who looked. The black guy got between her legs and she felt herself sliding towards his cock. The tip of it touched her pussy and she climaxed from that, not being deterred he slowly slid the monster into her pussy. She didn’t think it would go but somehow it did and bottomed out with only ¾ of it in her. For some reason her climaxes were coming one after another, he began a fucking motion and her legs were held high in the air, her head moving side to side until a hard cock touched her lips which she engulfed. He black guy fucked her for a long time and she felt it twitch and it erupted so much cum that it streamed out of her pussy. The guy she was sucking erupted also and she swallowed what she could. She collapsed and the black guy withdrew from her pussy which again made her climax.
She glanced at Susan and saw her sitting on a cock as another one fucked her ass. She was holding another cock. They fucked her and cummed all over her. Sue couldn’t do anything else and was sore so she told Ben she was thru. He said “okay” and the men went to Susan instead. Sue watched Susan get fucked by all the guys until she could only lay there while they fucked her. John announced to all that the night was over and they all told the girls thanks and left. John fucked Sue once more and Ben fucked her ass. They left and Sue and Susan fell asleep.
At the end of the week Sue got a call asking if they wanted to come to a party of frat guys at the nearby college. She declined and this was never experienced again.

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2011-10-28 16:53:22
This story was hard to read, you need paragraphs. Having said that, I did stumble thru to read about a big black dick.....and I want one NOW!!

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2010-09-10 14:31:21
I broke up with my boyfriend who had a 9 inch cock to date the guy with the small 4.5 inch cock. He's a sweetie, very handsome, but damn, if I had it to do over I would stick with the big cock!

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2010-09-10 14:29:20
VERY hot! My fantasy! I'd love to pull a train, and to be DP'd, how awesome! One thing I want to experience is an 11 inch, thick, big, black cock. I'm small and probably couldn' t take it all, but my pussy wants it so damn bad! I'm married to a white man with a 4 1/2 inch cock, and it's not that thick, so it doesn't satisfy me. I tried to convince myself that size didn't matter, that I'd adjust, lol.................WRONG, big cocks are best!!!!


2010-04-22 07:32:48
why does all the niggers have to have big cocks white men do to.......

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2009-09-06 16:12:59
Women are sluts, but it has to be a rush to get fucked relentlessly by a room full of people, with an 11 inch cock thrown in for good measure. That black dick was so big it make Sue come when he took it out of her. Makes you wish you could have a pussy sometimes. Thanks for a hot story. Don't be afraid to use paragraphs, it's easier to read that way.

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