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Carrie gets the rest of her punishment, please read part 1 first or you'll be lost.
Carrie spent most of the night tossing and turning wondering what was going to happen the next day. She wondered if her neighbour would return. She had left the butt plug in and she could feel his hot cum trying to leak out around the plug. She realized just how horny she was and started rubbing her clit. She glanced over at her sleeping husband as she started to cum. She laid back and tried to get some sleep.

Her husband’s alarm clock woke her up at 4 am. He kissed her good bye and made her promise to tell him all about whatever happened later that day. She agreed and at 5am he left for work.

Five minutes later her phone rang, it was Steve, her neighbour. He told her to come next door to his house. She said she would get dressed and be right over. He told her no to come in whatever she was already wearing and not to argue the matter. She hung up the phone and hoped at 5 am there wouldn’t be many people about. She slipped on a pair of flip flops and walked out her door, naked except for a pair of panties.

The cool air made her nipples hard as she walked next door. She knocked and he opened the door standing in her way so she would still be visible from the street. He told her to remove her shoes and her panties and to give them to him. She complied and handed them over. He made her turn around so he could check to see if she had kept the butt plug in.

“What a good little slut, bend over!” He told her.

She bent over and he removed the butt plug and shoved a finger in her ass. A car drove by and she scrambled up and tried to cover herself. He slapped her hard on the ass.

“Did I tell you to move?” He yelled pushing her forward into her previous position. He worked his finger back into her ass feeling the remainder of his cum. He told her to stand up, and when she did he stuck his finger into her mouth. She knew what he wanted so she sucked it cleaning the remainder of his cum off of his finger.

He told her she was a good little slut and told her to come inside he had a surprise for her. He led her down the hallway to his bedroom. His wife (Sarah) was lying naked on the bed legs spread and fast asleep, she froze. He told her to get up there and eat his wife’s pussy, and not to stop until his wife came.

He smacked her hard on the ass to prove he was serious.
Carrie crawled into the bed getting between Sarah’s legs. She turned towards
Steve almost looking for reassurance and he motioned for her to get to work. Carrie was no stranger to eating pussy so she turned back to Sarah’s pussy and started gently running her tongue up and down her slit. She flicked her tongue over Sarah’s clit and a moan escaped Sarah’s lips.

A few minutes of sucking and licking Sarah’s hot pussy that was getting wetter by the second Carrie felt hands on her head holding her in place. She heard Sarah moaning and begging her not to stop. Carrie attacked her pussy licking and sucking on Sarah’s clit. Sarah’s moans turned to desperate cries begging for release Carrie slipped a finger into her soaking wet pussy. Sarah came, her hips bucked and she locked Carrie’s head in place. Carrie continued to suck and lick until she felt Sarah’s hands trying to push her away. Carrie gave her one last lick before sitting up on the bed.

Sarah motioned for her to come up and lay next to her. Carrie looked back at Steve and he motioned for her to go ahead. Sarah wrapped her arms around Carrie and held her close.

“I’d never had a woman eat me out before; I have wanted it for a long time. I had been watching you since you moved in next door.” Sarah told her.

“Not much going on at my place” Carrie replied.

“That’s not true I often see you and your husband in the bathroom after you’ two have showered together, and a few times I have seen you with a busty brunette, I assumed she was more than a friend.” Sarah whispered.

“She is a lover that I like to have over once in a while, sometimes I share her with my husband but mostly she’s mine.” Carrie whispered back.

“I’ve wanted you for a very long time; it was so hot watching Steve pound you.” Sarah confessed.

“You could have just asked.” Carrie whispered into Sarah’s ear.
Steve was still standing in the doorway watching the ladies talk and cuddle. He adjusted the light so he could see them better. Carrie could finally appreciate the woman who was lying next to her. Although Sarah was about 15 years older than Carrie, Sarah had firm tits and a slender body, her blonde hair was messed up and curling around her face. She had deep blue eyes and gorgeous lips.

Steve started to say something but Sarah had pressed her lips to Carries and they were lost in a deep passionate kiss, their hands were roaming each others bodies. Steve cleared his throat and both ladies looked at him.

“We have some business to attend to; Carrie still needs to be punished for being such a tease.” He reminded them.

Carrie sighed as he motioned for her to come to the door, she followed him and Sarah was right behind her. They went downstairs into the basement. Carrie gasped when she saw the room; there was a large table with straps for legs and arms, a set of stocks. Whips and clamps, along with other things she had never seen before adorned the wall opposite her. She turned to leave before things got out of hand but it was too late. Sarah was behind her and grabbed her. Steve took her from Sarah’s grasp and dragged her over to the stocks. He easily bent her over and locked her into place. He walked over to the wall and selected a crop.

He walked behind Carrie and hit her ass hard with the crop. She gasped as she felt him hit her over and over. Red welts covered her ass, he told her to tell him she was a bad slut.

She screamed over and over that she was a bad slut and eventually his abuse to her ass stopped. He rubbed her ass slowly, his rough hands stinging her already burning ass. He returned the crop to the wall and returned with a set of nipple clamps. He opened one and placed it on her right nipple, she gasped as pain shot through her breast. He opened the other clamp and placed it on her other nipple. He unlocked the stocks and stood her up; he grabbed the chain between the clamps and led her to the table. Carrie followed quickly so he couldn’t pull too hard on her sore nipples.

He lifted her onto the table, and pushed her back so she was lying flat on her back. Sarah locked Carrie’s arms into the straps, then moved to her feet and locked them up too. Carrie squirmed a little but realized it was useless she couldn’t move more than an inch or so. Sarah leaned in and licked at Carrie’s pussy, causing a few soft moans to escape Carrie’s lips. Steve removed the clamps from her nipples and sucked one into his mouth while his wife ate Carrie’s pussy.

Carrie was moaning and about to finally reach orgasm when Steve and Sarah stopped what they were doing. Steve moved down to the foot of the table and unlocked Carrie’s feet. He got on the table and pushed Carrie’s feet up to her hands and Sarah locked them in place. Carrie now looked kind of like a pretzel her ass was up off the table to accommodate how far her legs were pushed up. Steve slid forward and shoved his cock deep into her ass. She let out a little scream.

Steve decided he didn’t like the noise and sent Sarah to get a gag. Sarah put the gag on Carrie and now all she could do was make muffled cries as Steve assaulted her ass. While Steve pounded her for all she was worth Sarah ran a vibrator over her clit and sucked on her nipples. Carrie was no longer screaming behind the gag, she was moaning and in pure ecstasy. Watching this couple fuck her for all she was worth was the biggest turn on of her life, so far.

Steve was getting close and with a final thrust he filled Carrie’s ass with his hot cum. He pulled his cock out of her ass and Sarah rushed over and started licking and sucking Steve’s cum out of Carries ass.

Steve released Carrie from the gag and unlocked her feet. Carrie’s body relaxed and she lowered herself back onto the table. Sarah started to eat her pussy and she started moaning. After a few minutes of Sarah exploring her pussy, she found her clit. Sarah sucked on Carrie’s clit, teasing her with her tongue. Carrie screamed and came all over Sarah’s face.

Steve was jerking his cock and was surprisingly hard he shoved his cock into Carrie’s mouth and fucked her face. A few minutes of this and he blasted a load down Carrie’s throat.

She swallowed his load and looked up at him wondering what would be coming next. Sarah released the cuffs from Carrie’s wrists and helped her sit up on the table. Steve asked her if she had enjoyed herself, she had and she told him so. Sarah chimed in telling her it was good that she did because they wanted her to come back. They headed up the stairs and into the kitchen.

Carrie told them she would come back but she was going to busy for a while. Steve told her that she would have to make time for them as she was now their little slut and if she disobeyed he would have to punish her. She said she understood and he told her she could go home if she wanted, she asked if she could borrow something to wear from Sarah.

Sarah looked at Steve and he firmly told her no but she could have her panties and flip flops back. She put them on and headed for the door. Sarah rushed over to Carrie and kissed her and rubbed her breasts. Carrie broke off the kiss and said she needed to get home. Sarah frowned a little but told her it was okay as long as she came back. Carrie promised she’d come back and she glanced out the door, she couldn’t see anyone so she stepped out side and walked next door. She had covered herself with her hands as best she could and passing cars slowed down to get a better look.

She stepped in her door and went straight for her bedroom; it was already 4:15, her husband would be home shortly. She removed panties and laid on the bed thinking about the day. She was rubbing her clit when the door opened and in walked her husband.
He stripped off his work clothes and lay naked with her. He asked her about her day and as she started to tell him he got on top of her and slid his hard cock into her well fucked asshole. He moaned and fucked her ass slowly listening to every word that spilled from her lips. As she told him about Steve filling her ass with his cum, he moaned a little and his hot cum sprayed into her ass. He lay down on top of her with his cock still buried in her ass. She could feel his cum leaking out of her as he kissed her neck and she thought to herself “How did I get so lucky?”

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2010-08-15 03:06:23
they could stab her boobs with needles!!!!!!!!!!! and fist her ass and pussy!!!!!!!!!! remember make then abuse her bad in these storys


2010-07-15 22:51:09
i'm cumming in my panties

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2009-10-27 23:23:35
Basically good, but the stories could use more dialogue and descrition.


2009-06-05 18:18:11
ohgirl! you know that i think this is a phenomenal little life that Carrie has...insert smiley here...and i hope that you write more about her education and orientation into this world of discovery. please do continue....kudos from this reader. k/h


2009-06-03 05:58:55
WOW, how goods that, just keep em cummin

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